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Native American Consumers in Counseling and Rehabilitation Research Paper

… Native Americans

Health and Alcohol Counseling for Native Americans

Native American populations are among the more notoriously disadvantaged demographics in the United States today. Following generations of genocide, Native Americans have largely persisted in the sad state of affairs created by relegation to reservation life. Here, Native Americans often live in isolation from broader society and the socioeconomic, educational and professional opportunities present there within. A byproduct of these conditions is the intersection of negative health indicators, negative mental health indicators and high risk susceptibility to drug and alcohol abuse. As the discussion hereafter reveals, the intersection of conditions such as diabetes, alcoholism, drug dependency and depression demands outreach through both counseling and rehabilitation channels.

Before exploring these channels, it is appropriate to acknowledge some…. [read more]

Native American's With Alcoholism Term Paper

… For instance, the rate of diabetic end stage renal disease is as much as six times higher in the Native American population. The number of Native Americans who have had limb amputations due to diabetes is as much as four times higher than in the general population. Among the many possible causes of this situation are poverty, the lack of access to medical resources and comparatively low membership of medical plans among Native Americans.

4. Strategies and Rehabilitation

Both alcohol abuse and diabetes are symptomatic of underlying and extensive problems affecting Native Americans. Therefore, as many health care workers suggest, the strategy and readies to alleviate and deal with these problems requires a deeper understanding of the fundamental roots of the problems. " ... any…. [read more]

Native Americans and Their Health Issues Essay

… Health of Native Americans

The Health Issues of Native Americans

Native Americans -- as a minority cultural group with many subcultures -- have a bleak history in the United States. They have a history of being ignored, or being persecuted, or indeed relegated to poverty status over the last few hundred years. The data available also shows that Native Americans suffer from poor health in many aspects of their lives.

According to Indian Health Services, American Indians and Alaska Natives "have long experienced lower health status" when they are compared with other cultures in the U.S. In fact, Native Americans and Alaska Natives have a life expectancy that is 2.4 years less than all other ethnic groups in the U.S. (74.5 years for Native Peoples…. [read more]

Native American Art Term Paper

… Native American Art

Post-War Native American Art

To evaluate the impact that Native American art has had on the evolution of late Modernism - and vice versa - is not an easy task. It was only in the 1930s that art critics and historians began paying attention to Native American art and that it began to be exhibited in respectable galleries, and it was not until the 1960s that trained art historians began teaching Native American art in American universities. Yet, despite its historical slandering by the art historical canon, art has played a vital role in documenting the Native American experience. While art inarguably has served different purposes for various Native American tribes over time, in the 20th century, many Native artists working in…. [read more]

Native American Expressive Culture Term Paper

… Native American Expressive Culture

The Native American tradition can be seen as an evolving cultural tradition that encompasses countless expressions of creativity, from many varied cultures and expressions of culture. Native American cultural expression has been at various times subverted and reformed. During the 19th century and into the 20th century there was a large movement to force assimilation of Native Americans, in white English speaking culture.


Allison, and Vining 193) the circumstances of this change were developed as a series of boarding schools, where children were taken from their homes and subjected to English only learning environments, where they were barred from speaking in their native languages and barred for the most part from participating in Native American cultural expressions.

Spack 120) This…. [read more]

Native Americans Essay

… The Trail of Tears refers to the path that the Cherokee were forced to take after leaving their land and heading to Oklahoma in the brutal winters of 1838 and 1839 (2010). It is reported that about 5,000 Cherokee Indians lost their lives out the approximately 18,000 that were forced to go on this trip that was over 800 miles long (2010).

Marriage between Cherokee and Europeans were common in the 19th century; however, a well-know figure in Cherokee history is a man named Sequoyah who was of French-Cherokee heritage who came a generation before it intermarriage was common between white and Indian individuals (Waddington 2006). He is the only person who ever came up with a writing system for any indigenous North American language…. [read more]

American Indian Studies Native Term Paper

… "During the last decade, gaming has given Native people an avenue to enter higher education, develop tribal enterprises, tribal courts and health and mental health programs that meet the needs of their communities. Most importantly, Native people have reclaimed their independence" (Napoli, 2002).

Culturally, Native Americans have managed to educate the rest of the American population on their beliefs - and the atrocities committed to them in the past and present - through various means. From Pow-Pows held on Reservations, to PBS specials and Hollywood films, Native American history and beliefs have become widely known and revered. Sweat lodges and 'animal medicine' are commonly associated with the New Age movement, that has excelled their popularity through the decades, nevertheless, they are traditional aspects of Native…. [read more]

Fashion the Misappropriation of Native Research Paper

… It is highly likely that what the Navajo are doing will be the wave of the future. Native American imagery is often highly aesthetic, so much so that Vogue and other haute couture magazines are catching onto the trend and marketing Native-inspired wear. If more and more Native companies can emerge onto the high fashion catwalks, then the scales would be more in balance. As of now, Vogue and other magazines depict models "wearing Native-inspired fashions and including no Native American designers, photographers or other consultants in the process," (Nittle).

One Austin, Texas manufacturer and retailer forged a close tie with the Navajo nation because he wanted to use the tribal name. Fermin Navar and his business partner Phil Brader "signed a 75-year licensing agreement…. [read more]

Alcoholism in Adolescence Significance Essay

… If he is to overcome this and "become strong and resilient.. he requires an empathic environment" (ibid., 346). Consistent research has indicated links between student drinking and social factors.

In conclusion, alcohol abuse remains a common health problem in the United States (Inaba, Cohen, & Holstein, 1997) as well as the most prevalent mind disorder accounting for as much as 40% of the diagnosis in the DSM-IV (American Psychiatric Association [APA], 1994). Many teens are impacted, and effective counseling interventions constructed on research that has proved most effective in ameliorating the condition can be beneficial in breaking the addiction.


Adolescents Substance Abuse Knowledge Base

Brower, K.J., Blow, F.C., & Beresford, T.P. (1989). Treatment Implications of Chemical Dependency Models: An Integrative Approach, Journal of…. [read more]

Culturally Responsive After School Programs for Native American Youth White Paper

… Culturally Responsive Programs

Culturally-Responsive After School Programming

Native American youth are too often overlooked when social workers are crafting programs that reach "at risk" populations. While those programs are generally available to youth in need without regard to ethnicity, Native American youth may have particular challenges and needs that go unmet unless programs are specifically targeted at them. In the state of California, where the second largest population of Native Americans can be found, some innovative after-school and outdoor adventure programs have emerged. These programs were formed with Native Americans specifically in mind as a target population; as a result, they are better able to focus on specific needs and expectations associated with that population. This essay will begin with an overview of the Native…. [read more]

Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity Essay

… To Native Americans freedom only becomes significant after one has been "chained up," either factually or by the representation of rules and restrictions (Nerburn, 2002).

Culturally Supportive Approaches to Nursing

According to Ryan (2000) in his article which basically talks about how nurses have to meet their patients where they are it is important to incorporate concepts for culturally focused nursing care and experiences. With that said, as understanding and familiarity of cultural beliefs and practices grows, holistic methods to counseling and nursing are becoming more predominant in practices and clinics in which the mainstream of clients are Native American. There are numerous methods which are illustrating great potential in helping these clients.


To be effective nurse within the Native American community, it is…. [read more]

Alcoholism Research Paper

… Alcoholism

Alcohol has long been known as an enormous social problem and health problem, and according to statistical data, there are more than 12 million alcoholics in the United States. Alcohol is the number one drug problem in the U.S. And an estimated three quarters of all adults consume alcohol at some level, and 6% of those are alcoholics (Mogul, Google Feedback, 2011). Moreover, more than thirty percent of Americans have had problems due to their consumption of alcohol; in a survey conducted by the journal General Psychiatry, 17.8% indicate they abuse alcohol and 12.5% believe they are alcohol dependent (Reinberg, 2007). This paper delves into the issue of alcoholism, the ramifications of those caught in the addiction, what remedies there may be and other…. [read more]

Parenting Styles in Correlation to Alcoholism and Social Change Research Paper

… Parenting Styles & Alcoholism in College Students

Parenting Styles in Relation to Alcoholism & Social Change

Parenting Styles & Alcoholism

Research regularly Conducted on Parenting Styles & Adolescents' Alcohol Intake

Alcoholism & Its Relation to Parenting Styles

Frequency & Beginning of Alcoholism

Theoretical Implications

Measures for Controlling Alcoholism in Adolescence

Sponsors of Community Awareness Programs

Limitations of the Community Awareness Programs

Lack of Interest from Sponsors

Differences in Other Ethnic Groups & Jewish Community

Ethical Implications

New York Liquor Authority

The given research is intended to develop a relationship between the parenting styles experienced by a child during his childhood and his/her propensity to develop alcoholism during the adolescence especially in freshman college year. Empirical evidences derived from prior researches have helped in developing a…. [read more]

Alcoholism: Children of Alcoholic Parents Term Paper

… However, it is also important to note that many studies of children of alcoholics have methodological problems, such as the composition of the sample chosen for a study. Some samples seem biased due to the fact that the study sample is based on children in treatment or in trouble, which can affect the study results significantly. In addition, studies often are conducted without the benefit of matched control groups. This absence of control groups makes it difficult to generalize results from treatment samples to non-treatment populations (Russell, 1984). All of these limitations can affect the outcome of the study.

Although the research findings discussed above suggest that some children suffer negative consequences due to parental alcoholism, a larger proportion of children of alcoholic parents function…. [read more]

Alcoholism Explored in What We Talk Thesis

… Alcoholism Explored in "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love"

More often than not, art imitates life and this can be seen in Raymond Carver's short story, "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love." The characters in this story are moderate to heavy drinkers that can put away two bottles of gin and still stand up. What we know from Carver's life allows us to piece together that some of the characters in his stories are created from very real circumstances in his life. Carver's experience with alcoholism allows him to write about it from an experienced perspective. Mel becomes obnoxious as he gets drunk and everyone becomes numb. Days and nights becoming a wasted, numbing blur is the message Carver…. [read more]

Alcoholism Within the Native American Community Term Paper

… ¶ … alcoholism within the Native American community and determining whether currently standard methods (12-step programs) of treatment are effective or if it is time to design a recovery program specific to Native American socioeconomic and cultural needs. There was one source used to complete this paper.

METHODOLGY study is only as reliable as the data and analysis that has been collected for its purpose, therefore it is important when designing a study to evaluate several methods of data collection and choose the one that is most appropriate for the current needs. For this study several methods were examined and discarded before the case study method was chosen.

Methods of research that are currently popular and accepted as standard practice include survey methods, case studies,…. [read more]

History of Discrimination and Prejudiced Term Paper

… As Lum (2003) reveals many children for a long period of time were pulled away from their families and communities in an attempt to basically remove their 'savage' nature. Their nature was in fact likely not savage, simply very different from what the colonial and modern Christian idealisms are. I can see now how such trauma and influence of modern hazards might result in rampant alcoholism among native communities.

Up until this point in time I have to admit for the most part I viewed alcoholism within the native populations as merely a scapegoat, a further confirmation of weakness and savagery among an untrained and cultureless people. Now it is easier however to view the native population from a different perspective, and realize perhaps that…. [read more]

Smoke Signals Directed by Chris Term Paper

… As they become easier and closer to each other throughout the film, it is easy to hope that they will not make the same choices their father made. Learning more about him will allow them to make better choices and become better men, and that is part of the point of this film. It is funny, it pokes fun at Native American stereotypes, and it is lighthearted in many ways, but it packs an important message underneath, and that is to break the stereotype and become better men.

The film absolutely had to be made in an American Indian milieu, although the underlying theme is timeless and raceless. It could have been about anyone on some levels, but on other levels, it totally describes many…. [read more]

Colonialism and Resistance Essay

… He built it one pitch at a time. Each strike fortified his resistance to the erasure of a life he would not be able to ever describe, stranger to it as he was. When he was on the pitcher's mound, Hope was able to move out of the stream of time and into another world. Hope was like a shamin with his own tricks use when he is engaged in the sacred game of baseball that should not be confused, as Ezol explains to the reader, "with the one that's been assimilated into America's consciousness." Ezol lays out the difference for Lena. White people play an exclusive game of baseball. At one time, no blacks and no Jews were allowed to play. Whereas native baseball…. [read more]

Peace Keepers of the Northeast Research Proposal

… Peace Keepers of the Northeast: The Iroquois Indians

The Iroquois Indians were a large group of various indian tribes who resided along side the Genesee River, the Mohawk River, and the Lake Ontario regions in New York around 1600. Iroquois is a French word used to mean "a large family." It is not solely one tribe or group of Indians, yet it was a vast series of various tribes, all of who shared a similar culture and language. Five large Iroquois tribes joined together to form a confederacy which was called the League of Five Nations. The five tribes who formed this confederation were the Mohawk, the Oneida, the Cayuga, and the Seneca. Later the addition of the Tuscarora tribe made it the League of…. [read more]

European Colonization of the Atlantic Coast Term Paper

… ¶ … European Colonization of the Atlantic coast and neighboring lands was a very complicated process which can not be regarded as simply positive or negative. This is a very uneasy historical problem which influenced American history and changed the continent but at the same time it caused numerous casualties of Native American population and ultimately Indian tribes were faced conquerors' discrimination or even true genocide. That was a conflict of two different civilizations, two different societies which could not live in peace together as they wanted to be the only owners of those vast lands. Sure, Native American civilization was not as progressive as Colonists' one but we should remember that Native Americans were not only small migratory groups who hunted wild animals and…. [read more]

Racial Issues Between White Americans and Native Alaskans Term Paper

… Alaska Racial

One of the interesting things about stereotypes and prejudice based on racial issues is the relativity. Asian-Americans or blacks write about how difficult it is being raised in an all-white small-town community. Yet, the opposite is true as well, with a white living in a completely non-white community. My situation is a unique one, as well. I am a Filipino-American living in Alaska. Here, I am from a different racial background than both of the majorities -- white and native Alaskan. In another place and time, I may have been the individual who did not fit in. Yet, here in Alaska, if one had a draw a line with only two categories of races -- the whites who came to Alaska and the…. [read more]

One Becomes Familiar Essay

… Hensley shared this interest for the history of his people, Alaskan Native Americans. He was raised in this part of the United States and states that one of his favorite pastimes as a child was to "dig for artifacts" (Hensley, 2008, p. 61) of his native people that existed beneath the soil. This habit would eventually spawn an interest and love for this history, which would come to evince itself in his political endeavors.

The chief difference in the way that these people fostered an interest in politics related to the notion of gender. Mankiller was prompted to take a political stance not only as a Cherokee, but as a female Cherokee Native American. She has been renowned for this aspect of her political career,…. [read more]

Blackfeet Nation Indians Term Paper

… Obesity is another healthcare concern. Over one-third of all Indians are overweight. This can be attributed to a change in eating habits in the last 30 years. Native Americans may also have a genetic predisposition to diabetes. Indians are more likely to have diabetes than any other racial group in the world (Broussard).
Language and Preservation of Culture
Darrell Kipp returned to the Reservation 20 years ago to reconnect with his culture and was surprised to learned that there were few fluent speakers of Piegan, the Blackfeet language. Those that did speak the language were more than 60 years old (Nijhuis). This prompted Kipp and a few fellow Indians to found the Piegan Institute. This organization is nonprofit and works to restore and preserve Native…. [read more]

Movie Smoke Signals Term Paper

… Smoke Signals

The film Smoke Signals tells the story of two young Native American Indians, Victor and Thomas, who go on a journey to Arizona in order to retrieve the ashes of the former's estranged father. Along the way, both must come to grips with certain traumatic events in their past that they were never able to fully make peace with. In addition, they arrive at a new understanding of what it means to be a Native American Indian in this day and age.

Victor and Thomas, although not directly related, were linked by a traumatic event that occurred when they were infants. Victor's alcoholic father wound up saving baby Thomas from a house fire that killed both of his parents. For this reason, although…. [read more]

Reciprocity Inside and Outside Iroquois Confederacy Essay

… Reciprocity Inside and Outside Iroquois Confederacy

How does Fixico's explanation of "reciprocity" in his book, the American Indian Mind in a Linear World, apply to the world of the Iroquois as explained in Daniel K. Richter's book, the Ordeal of the Longhouse: The peoples of the Iroquois League in the Era of European Colonization, in their relations inside and outside of the Iroquois confederacy? Be sure to evaluate reciprocity's outcome by the early 1800's.

In his book the American Indian Mind, Native American author Donald Lee Fixico paints an inspiring but generalized portrait of the idea of reciprocity between fellow Indians, and the ways that Indians conceptualize the past and future as a continuum. However, in many arenas of Native American history, such as that…. [read more]

African-American Women Term Paper

… African-American Women

Oppression, Diversity and the Struggle for Human Rights: African-American Women

The history of African-American women is closely aligned to the history of social and racial oppression in America.

Significantly, the history of this group is linked strongly to the development of the movement in this country against inequality and for civil rights. The history of the African-American women is also intimately bound up with the history and after effects of slavery.

The Black people in the United States are historically composed of various ethnic groups. During the Atlantic slave trade " Over 40 identifiable ethnic groups from at least 25 different kingdoms were sold to British North America... " (African-American) From the very beginning therefore the history of the Black people and particularly…. [read more]

Alcoholism Is Contagious Research Paper

… Alcoholism Is Contagious

Lisa Eliassen

Tara Jill Ciccarone

Alcoholism is Contagious

"The development and practice of alcoholism is an integral and presently unavoidable aspect of American culture (Wilcox, 1998)." This statement, made by an expert on Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), is a perfect description of the current state of alcoholism in the United States. It is not an incurable disease; rather, alcoholism is a maladaptive addiction that "develops" and is "practiced" (Wilcox, 1998). This development and practice of alcoholism is likely so prevalent as a result of the wide availability of alcohol and its acceptance by society. In fact, alcohol use is encouraged by advertising in America; young, impressionable people are especially susceptible to this kind of advertising. "Approximately two thirds of the entire population (in…. [read more]

Native American Alcoholism Term Paper

… European Influence on Native American Tribes

The impact of the Europeans, particularly the English on the Native American culture over the last several decades has been devastating on the Native American people. A once proud and ethnocentric group of individuals, most Native Americans now suffer from substance abuse problems, particularly alcohol abuse and a low overall general heath status.

There have been many theories that explain whey alcohol abuse and substance abuse is so high among Native Americans. At this time there is no one explanation as to why alcohol abuse is so prevalent among Native Americans. However there are many theories that suggest causes for the problems Native Americans realize in today's society. According to several researchers and as stated by Thomason (2000), "there…. [read more]

Alcoholism and the DSM-IV-TR Term Paper

… The members of the support group receive help and support through meetings that convene on a regular basis and through the support of a sponsor. MET is very different from AA, they provide clear advice for behavioral change, and provides the client with a plan for success. The client is given a lot of feedback, guidance and tools for success. Some researchers have found that clients have a better success rate when they are involved in both therapy and a support group. Many therapist works directly with a support group to ensure their clients are getting the necessary support they need to change their destructive behavior. When there is communication between the support group and the therapist the client has a better chance of success.…. [read more]

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