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Natural Remission Term Paper

… In the first instance the subjects are "told that they must enter treatment to recover." However in the traditional 12 step-based treatment patients are informed that they will never fully recover. "This duality seems to be therapeutically unproductive, and largely unnecessary." ( ibid)

Nelson also states that there is ample evidence from various studies that reveal that "... successful natural recoverers fuel their change process with personal, unique motivational themes, and utilize their social networks to gain support." ( ibid) This evidence goes against the formal disease model and the postulation that alcohol and other dependent addictions are necessity lifelong and uncontrollable without formal treatment. Importantly, she also argues against the reliability of the DSM-IV-TR criteria which suggests that social or occupational impairment is a…. [read more]

Machiavelli John Calvin and Thomas Term Paper

… John Calvin, Thomas More & Niccolo Machiavelli

The Degree of Separation and Limits to Power of the Church and the State: Insights from John Calvin, Thomas More, and Niccolo Machiavelli

Religion has served an important function to human society for many civilizations and generations: it acts as a "social glue" that binds people together and unites them under one belief and set of values. While Marx also claimed that religion is a dysfunction in the society, in that it creates the illusion of the maintenance of the status quo, it cannot be denied that religion is an imperative feature of every society or culture because of its ability to create communities among people of diversity.

Moreover, people see their respective religions as "arbiters" wherein it…. [read more]

Europe Transformed 1500-1800? Discuss Political and Religious Term Paper

… ¶ … Europe transformed 1500-1800? Discuss political and religious fragmentation, the creation of monarchies and the genesis of nations, the rise of capitalism, and the rise of secularism, science and technology. Why did Europe progress along this unique pattern of development and what was the impact for world history?

Economic, Social and Religious changes in Europe (1500-1800) and their influences on the modern society

This period of 1500-1800 could be characterized by intense modifications in the structure and the operation of the economic, social and religious system in Europe. Structural changes and reforms represent ideas which would constitute a premise for what Europe, and the world in its assembly, has managed to become today.

Europe played an important on the history of human kind for…. [read more]

Vincent Van Gogh Research Paper

… Van Gogh

In Search of Illumination: An Analysis of the Life and Work of Vincent Van Gogh

If, as Richard Williamson (2010) says, art is a skill and that skill is the "expression of the soul," Vincent Van Gogh's artistic productivity (leaping into life in the final decade of his own) may tell us much about the soul of the man. With an oeuvre of over 2000 works Van Gogh's artistic passion matched the intensity of his religious fervor. Religion and art were, essentially, the basis of Van Gogh's life. And the history of his life is, in a way, a history of modern Europe; in another way it is a history of the prelude to 20th century modern art; and in another way it…. [read more]

Importance of Understanding Atopy and Undertaking Review in Asthma Management Case Study

… Asthma Management Plan: Case Study of 62-year-Old Female

Asthma is a respiratory condition that can be inborn, can develop as a chronic condition early in life or can emerge as a result of persistently negative lifestyle conditions as one ages. According to the Mayo Clinic (2010), "asthma is caused by inflammation in the airways. When an asthma attack occurs, the muscles surrounding the airways become tight and the lining of the air passages swell. This reduces the amount of air that can pass by, and can lead to wheezing sounds." (Mayo Clinic, 1) Treatment will involve a multi-part management strategy for most.

First and foremost, subjects are to find strategies for avoiding triggers of asthma attacks. Such triggers will include physical particulates resultant from smoke,…. [read more]

Separation Anxiety Disorder Thesis

… Separation Anxiety Disorder

Separation anxiety is a very natural reaction and very much a part of the normal cognitive development of a child. However, separation anxiety disorder is an abnormal condition where there is excessive anxiety, which is far beyond the normal level for the particular stage of development of the child. Separation anxiety disorder is a precursor for several psychiatric conditions much later in the adult life. Prompt treatment is essential not only for its remission but also for its effectiveness in controlling the development of future psychopathology. A multimodal treatment program involving cognitive behavioral therapy, family based therapy and appropriate pharmacological intervention if necessary, is the best therapeutic approach to effectively manage the disorder.


Separation anxiety is one of the most common…. [read more]

Jesus' Christian Life, Prayer, and Teachings Dissertation

… Prayer brings redemption. Solomon averred that as soon as he asked for Wisdom, it was bestowed upon him. David, similarly, was given fortitude through the Spirit of God (Psalms 118, 131). Every martyr obtained strength to resist tyrants, and overcame dangers and death through prayer. The above are all examples of this "communication" with God in the true spirit of how Prayer was intended.

St. John Chrysostom weighs in again: "He who uses this great weapon knows not death, leaves the earth, enters heaven, and lives with God. He falls not into sin; he loses affection for the earth; he makes his abode in heaven; and begins, even in this life, to enjoy the conversation of God. How then can you disquiet…. [read more]

Drug Addiction, and Analyze the Novel Method Term Paper

… ¶ … drug addiction, and analyze the novel method of treating addiction, PROMETA. PROMETA is a form of treatment used today, which is targeted at the biology of addiction and addiction related diseases and disorders. What exactly is addiction, and how can one define it? Addiction, in short, can be explained as a disease that is closely associated with the biochemical changes that take place in the brain, changes that are responsible for producing the physical symptoms of an addict, that is, substance dependence, cravings, and withdrawal symptoms if the addict does not get what he craves for. PROMETA is a treatment that is designed primarily to target the adverse changes within the brain and in its chemistry, which would occur with addiction to any…. [read more]

Perception of Helplessness Term Paper

… The problem with these studies was often the sample space of patients. In studies with smaller sample spaces, correlation was observed which raises doubts as to their validities, especially since statistically significant correlations were not observed in studies with larger number of patients. Similar confusing statistics were also observed in cases of studies where stoicism and fatalism were indicated.

On the other hand, methods such as anxious pre-occupation and depressive coping, which means continuous obsessing, were also tried as coping mechanisms. Studies showed that patients that showed higher anxiety had lower survival times. The same results were observed with those who were chronically depressed as a result of the diseases. However, from remission to recurrence, these methods of coping did not have significant affect.

Useful…. [read more]

Relationship Between Culture and Mental Health Essay

… Global Mental Health

One striking characteristic about the state of global mental health today -- aside from the fact that "four out of the ten diseases with the highest burden are psychiatric" -- is that in the developing world there is greater likelihood of quicker remission than in the developed, Industrial world (Kastrup, Ramos, 2007, p. 42). Schizophrenia, for instance, weighs more heavily and persistently in first-world countries than it does in the third-world. While some researchers attribute this lop-sided relationship to the belief that the developing world has a lower rater of reporting and treatment (thus skewing the statistics) (Gilbert, Patel, Farmer, Lu, 2015), others assert that the higher rate in the Industrialized world is due to a host of reasons related to modernization,…. [read more]

Fictional Case of Ms. Jean Harlow Term Paper

… ¶ … fictional case of Ms. Jean Harlow and her need for a treatment plan. The beginning of the paper describes the case in detail of Ms. Harlow and her mental disorder. It describes the events that took place in her life that would lead her to seek the attention of a psychiatrist as well as a more in depth look in how someone with a mental disorder might behave in order to be able to observe and evaluate.

The treatment plan for her mental disorder involves antipsychotic medications as well as antidepressants. She demonstrated symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder with Mood-Incongruent Psychotic Features. This was evidenced by her hearing voices and feeling lethargy and disinterest in her daily life and social interactions.

In the…. [read more]

BP Disorder Bipolar Research Paper

… In the acute treatment phase the focus is on suppressing current symptoms and continues until the patient is considered to be in remission, which occurs when their symptoms have been significantly are reduced and controlled for a significant time period.

2. Continuation treatment is designed to prevent a reoccurrence of the symptoms from the current or from the same depressive or manic episode.

3. Maintenance treatment is designed to prevent a recurrence of symptoms after the last episode has been controlled.

There have been numerous studies that have demonstrated that when treated with medications the relapse rates for bipolar disorder are substantially reduced and the overall improvement of symptoms is quite substantial (e.g., Goldberg, 2004). For these reasons medications will continue to be the first-line…. [read more]

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms Research Paper

… Besides this, due to the CYP450 drug interactions, carbamazapine in combination with sodium divalproex are not suggested for use in combination (Kowatch & Delbello, 2005). Researchers have said about a reduction in manic or depressed symptoms in studies evaluating monotherapy with lithium (only or in comparison to divalproex sodium at the periods of 20 months, then 14 weeks and finally 6 weeks) that these specific mood stabilizers could not uphold over the longer period of time and a second medication was defensible to get reduction in symptoms in some studies (Calabrese et al. 2005; Findling et al., 2005a and 2005b; Geller, Williams, et al., 1998).

In addition to this, for managing a short-term and severe bipolar disorder in children, the use of risperidone, olanzapine as…. [read more]

Trauma Is Considered as 'Mental Term Paper

… It is a disturbance of emotional adaptation. The symptoms of Neurosis include many emotional and mental changes. The symptoms of Neurosis is generally so widespread among people that it is considered often more proper today to speak of them as to their degree of presence or as to the degree of resulting disability than merely as to their strict presence or absence in any given individual. From this modern and enlightened point-of-view, any prejudice towards a neurotically sick person or his stigmatization on this basis is simply inappropriate. There are some types of Neuroses that have a closer causal relationship with Trauma than others.

These, in particular, include: Anxiety reactions: Anxiety Neurosis is an established and more or less chronic emotional illness. It constitutes one…. [read more]

Public Policy Tourism Public Policy Orientation Essay

… Public Policy Tourism

Public Policy Orientation and Tourism in Costa Rica

Just 20 years ago, Costa Rica scarcely registered in a discussion on global tourism. A small republic most noted for its agriculture and its production of tropical export goods such as coffee, pineapple, bananas and palm oil, Costa Rica's appeal was largely to natural history enthusiasts and science tourists. Quite to this point, an article from the time by Laarman & Perdue (1989) portrays the ecologically diverse nation as possessing a "small tourism industry" with "special interest" appeal. (Laarman & Perdue, p. 205) In just the last two decades however, this condition has changed dramatically. Where Laarman & Perdue refer to tourism as an important but modest secondary industry in Costa Rica as recently…. [read more]

Antenatal Education Systematic Review Dissertation

… However, recently, studies have shown an increase in knowledge as a result of these antenatal education classes. These studies have also highlighted the importance of using a wide range of techniques in the classes to improve the health and well-being of the pregnant mother Su et al., 2007a ()

The impact of antenatal education classes on maternal emotional states as one of the psychological well-being factors is an important consideration in understanding the effect of these classes Schachman et al., 2004.

Maternal emotions can influence the health and social well-being of the mother and the baby thus is important in both the behavioral and psychological well-being of the fetus and the mother as well Malata et al., 2007.

One important question to understand is the…. [read more]

Client in Question Is a Relatively Young Thesis

… ¶ … client in question is a relatively young white female. At 30 years of age, she has recently been divorced from her husband of several years. At the present time her ex-husband has custody of her two children she had had during the course of their relationship together. Her children's ages are eight and ten years of age. Currently, she works at a local public school where she is employed as a teacher's assistant. However, she has not yet earned her Bachelor's Degree which results in a relatively low salary due to lack of accreditation. Although her children do not presently live with her, she does share her home with her unemployed mother, whom she solely supports. Despite such economic hardships, the client is…. [read more]

Radioimmunotherapy for the Treatment of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas Term Paper

… ¶ … radioimmunotherapy for the treatment of non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas. Section 1 - deals with the definition and the explanation of cancer, and how it affects the human body. Cancer is the way in which the cells that are always dividing and reproducing within the body, when there is a change in the orderly and organized method in which this takes place, react to the change by multiplying constantly and unabatedly, due to which there would be a lump formed in the region where the cells are deposited. This results in the formation of a so-called 'tumor'. This tumor can either be benign, meaning that it is non-cancerous, and malignant, meaning that it is in fact cancerous. Since it is a well-documented fact that cancer is…. [read more]

Analzying Christianity and the Torah Dissertation

… Christianity and the Torah

History of Christianity

Basic concepts in Christian theology

History of the Torah

Christianity and the Torah

Torah observance at the Table 130

The Significance of the Torah to Christian in modern day 134

It is the Powerful Word of God 134

It Leads Christians to Jesus the Messiah 136

It Deals with the Questions of Life 139

What we Understand about The Law 141

Interpreting and Applying the Law 143

Suggested Christian approach towards the Torah 144

Identifying what the specific law…. [read more]

Military Employee Stress Thesis

… Military Employee Stress

The objective of this work is to compare, contrast and synthesize and evaluate the principles of societal development including an evaluation of the workplace and resulting family stress. In order to understand the effects of how societal development in the workplace has affected the family unit, an evaluation of the workplace and resulting family stress will be conducted. Additionally, this work will compare, contrast and evaluate the work of Weber, Durkheim, Spencer and Marx, the four social theorists upon whose work this study will be based and upon which the integration of current information meaning included in scholarly journals written by experts on family dynamics will be applied to the findings from actual application.


The objectives of the 'Breadth' portion…. [read more]

Bpd Is Related to Secure Attachment Term Paper

… ¶ … Bpd Is Related to Secure Attachment


Overview of Borderline Personality Disorder

Diagnostic Criteria of BPD

Overview of Attachment Theory

Summary of Literature Reviewed


The objective of this work is to write a critical review of the literature about borderline personality disorder (BPD) from an attachment theories perspective. This work will contain references from Bowbly, Ainsworth, and Main in the discussion of secure vs. insecure attachment. Insecure attachment will then be researched regarding insecure attachment as a contributor to BPD. It should also discuss the potential benefits of viewing BPD from an attachment perspective in terms of prevention and treatment of the BPD.

Introduction…. [read more]

Spirituality and Depression What Is Spirituality? Thesis

… Spirituality and Depression

What is Spirituality?

The absence of an adequate definition of spirituality is perhaps one reason why researchers have difficulty identifying the role of spirituality in the treatment of depression. What is spirituality? Every culture, every school of thought, even every individual can differ on this point. For the purposes of this paper, we will work with a variety of perspectives concerning "spirituality" -- but at the same time we may assert a kind of working definition that will help guide our review of the literature which follows. According to Bernard Fellay (2011), a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, spirituality may be defined as "a sense of God."

However, as the modern age is distinctly more secular with regard to science than…. [read more]

Are Non-Traditional Treatments for MS Effective? Research Paper

… Alternative Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis

In today's health field, there is a growing trend to explore different approaches to the side effects and treatment of many diseases, including Chinese medicine, vitamin therapy, homeopathic remedies and other non-invasive techniques. A number of diseases are more readily treatable through nontraditional treatments. Others either require traditional or a mixture of approaches to maintain the best quality of life or to cure the illness. According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (2010), these nontraditional medical treatments that derive from a variety of different disciplines are called "complementary and alternative medicines" (CAM). They include interventions such as exercise, dietary supplements, stress management, biofeedback and acupuncture. When nontraditional approaches are used together with conventional medicine, they are referred to as "complementary."…. [read more]

Newton Did Believe in God Essay

… In this sense, Newton could be called a heliocentrist. He supported the argument that the Earth was not at rest and thus opposed the Ptolemaic model of the universe was geocentric. His explanation of how the planets (including the Earth) moved was found in his theory of gravity.


Newton's four rules of reasoning in philosophy are found in the Principia (preface to Book 3). The 1st rule states: "We are to admit no more causes of natural things than such as are both true and sufficient to explain their appearances" -- by which he means (or at least implies) that the simplest explanation is the most likely. The 2nd rule states: "To the same natural effects we must, as far as possible, assign the…. [read more]

Psycho-Educational Models of Family Therapy Research Paper

… Hence, the individual must differentiate between the intellectual self and the emotional self; he focuses on how the recognition of the self must occur first before differentiation can take place. This also engages other separations like from parents, women, friends, etc. (taken from chapter 8).

Triangles (Brief summary)

Bowen asserts that the triangles are used as a 3-person relationship structure that embodies the expansive emotional structures and is usually structured whereby two persons emotionally involved or in a problematic emotional state are put in a controlled environment using a third person as the interventionist. The third person then serves as the source of reason and one who finds common ground and serves as the link that helps separate the intellect and the emotions (taken from…. [read more]

Role of Spirituality Research Paper

… , 2007, p. 268).

Women are three times more likely to be depressed than men, with 5-12% suffering from major or severe depression, compared to 2-3% of men. Males are also more likely to deny or mask depressive symptoms, less likely to express emotions or seek treatment, and to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol (Hutchinson et al., p. 269). Susan Simonds wrote gender roles, stress, poverty and victimization were all factors in the higher level of depression in women (Simonds, 2001, p. 5). More women fall below the poverty line than men, and this is a well-known 'pathway to depression'. Race, culture, social class and sexual orientation all, "interact with gender to create a complex picture of identity issues" (Simonds, p. 6). During the life-stages…. [read more]

Borderline Personality Disorder Definitions and Historical Foundations Term Paper

… Borderline Personality Disorder

Definitions and historical foundations

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM




Environmental Conditions

Neurological issues

Diagnoses and related issues


Psychopharmacological approaches

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Empirical support

Theoretical aspects of DBT

The dialectical model



This study is intended to present a clear overview of the characteristics, history, etiology, diagnosis and treatment of Borderline personality Disorder. This disorder has been the subject of much contention and debate over the years and has not only been difficult to define but also to diagnose due to its theoretical and practical proximity to other disorders. The advent of Lineham's Dialectical Behavioral Therapy however has provided a more structured and theoretically integrated approach and means of dealing with and treating Borderline…. [read more]

Euthanasia in the Style Essay

… Terri's husband, perhaps the single person who knew her the best, petitioned the Court to remove her feeding tube and free her from what he called "inhuman torture." Terri's parents and a host of conservatives, including President George W. Bush, opposed this and legally sought to block Mr. Shiavo's motion. In total, this case involved over 14 appeals, hundreds of motions and petitions and hearings in the State of Florida, five in Federal District Court and the Florida Supreme Court and four denials of certiorari from the U.S. Supreme Court. Finally, after 15 years of expensive, time consuming and heart-rending legislation, the local Court's original decision to allow Terri to die came in March, 2005. Imagine being in such a state for over a decade…. [read more]

Crohn's Disease in Canada Essay

… 25% of death is under age 45. The period trend for IBD hospital discharge rates experienced in Canada nearly parallel the hospital finding of discharge rate in the united state and England -- Wales. On comparing with survey of epidemiological population majorly give opinion that the rise rate of discharge are due many times to rising in prevalence of IBD in the General population. The latest statistics in Canada put the number of Crohn's patient at 170000 and the mortality rate is rather low.

In the year 2000 and 2001, a total of 8,320 people were hospitalized due to the infection of Crohn's disease. Though, in total these people accounted for 12,248 admissions, signifying that most of the patients were hospitalized more than once that…. [read more]

Falsifiability in Psychology Essay

… Falsifiability in Psychological Science

For a theory to be scientifically valid, it must be testable. The criteria for 'testability' includes a theory's capability of being proven wrong as well as correct by means of an experiment structured upon the principles of the scientific method. This idea of 'testability' is at the core of the idea of "falsifiability." The need for a theory to be subject to the principle of 'falsifiability' is one reason that controls are used in scientific experiments: for example, a teacher could give every child candy before a test and assert that the candy was the reason the children did poorly. There is no way to prove the hypothesis wrong by determining if children in a control group, who did not eat…. [read more]

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