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Nature of American Revolution Essay

… Such unification and reconstruction has never been seen in the entire world history (Medvedev 2012). According to Gordon Wood, it was not a simple physical revolution but a wave of social radicalism which formed the foundation of the American nation and achieved a landmark of first ever republic constitution. He explained that it was not just the discontent from the ruling dynasty; rather it was social and intellectual difference amongst the two nations (Wood 1992). Also, the movement contained an essential element of revolution; violence. Without any violent activity, it is impossible to attain the desired results of the revolution movement. Hence in these terms too, the American Revolution can be regarded as a true revolution in itself (Medvedev 2012).

Although the American Revolution Movement…. [read more]

History as Myth Essay

… This is seen in many national civil wars, which are often particularly bloody affairs, given how well the opponents know one another, and the level of hatred and animosity between the two sides.

This was certainly true of America's own Civil War. Many of the generals on both sides had been educated at the same schools. They all had similar backgrounds, yet North and South were as bitterly divided as Atreus and Thyestes, and would do anything to win the conflict. The battles were particularly bloody and acrimonious: "In two days at Shiloh, on the banks of the Tennessee River, more American men fell than in all the previous American wars combined. At Cold Harbor, some 7,000 Americans fell in twenty minutes" (The war: The…. [read more]

History of Meiji Empire and the Consequent Term Paper

… ¶ … history of Meiji Empire and the consequent role and influence that Meiji regime had on succeeding government and their policies. The article also supports Sugimoto's thesis on presence of cultural fragmentation and diversity within Japanese society, the western influence on the social, political and economic growth is also discussed. The role of Kata Factor and its adoption by the Japanese society are also discussed.

Meiji Era began after the 265-year-old feudalistic rule of Tokugawa Shogunate.

The Era was termed as 'enlightened rule', with the commitment towards giving maximum possible autonomy to the people of Japan.

The introductory reform was the proclamation of FIVE OATH CHARTER in 1868; the chartered was based on the concept of western state. The charter was the key towards…. [read more]

History of China's Importance Research Paper

… The international political scene at this time is not dominated by a great power, nor should it be. Seeing how great powers manifest themselves in terms of political influence, it is basically impossible for a state to exercise the political dominance over the enormous amount of different political forces that are present in the countries around the world. Indeed, most states have engaged in democratic political processes; however, there are important actors on the international scene, such as China, Russia, Iran who refuse to accept the Western style of politics and therefore its influence.

From a military perspective, the existence of a major power cannot be considered to be viable for various reasons. First, terrorist groups have become worthy actors of the international relations, as…. [read more]

Nature of Leonard Williams Levy Term Paper

… Levy may even be said to be arguing that the "original intent" of the Framers was that we should ignore their "original intent" when appropriate. For example, his discussion of the importance of the Fourth Amendment's protection against searches and seizures demonstrates that this amendment was not simply the formalization of centuries of common law ideas (as were a number of the other amendments) but rather a direct response to the particular experiences of the Framers who understood how destructive such practices were from their own experience.

Levy argues that the Framers wrote the Fourth Amendment because of the events of their own times, and thus establishes an intriguing (and I believe valid) argument that the Framers would have expected us to reinterpret the Constitution…. [read more]

History Slavery North Atlantic British Essay

… Furthermore, the culture which developed among the Northern sector of the U.S. was also not necessarily conducive to slavery. The development of industry in these areas created a means of urbanization in which economic livelihood would be based upon common professions such as mariners, merchants, dockworkers and shopkeepers -- none of which have much use for slave labor. In general, the economy of the North (which was largely supported by the efforts of New England) was maritime-based, which is one of the primary reasons that slavery, which once existed in the North, eventually died out.

The surrounding conditions in the South, however, were primed for slavery because they were regarded as being less specialized than those in the North and exceedingly more labor intensive. Interestingly…. [read more]

History of the Modern Middle East Term Paper

… History Of the Modern Middle East

As a result of the Industrial Revolution, during the 19th and the 20th centuries, the Western world as grew more dependent upon the advancement of technology, in every facet of daily existence. As an unintentional result of this economic revolution, the major commercial powers grew more dependent upon the non-renewable resource of oil. The state that controlled oil, in the form of trade routes, or oil-producing colonies, could dominate the other major nation-states. Ironically, as a result of technological advancement, the states that had formerly dismissed the Middle East as backward or significant only in terms of its historical role in the development of Christianity grew progressively more dependant upon the region to sustain a modern economy.

Initially, Britain…. [read more]

History of Understanding the Science Term Paper

… In the Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites (Norton, et al., 2008, p. 20) the authors claim that in November, 1799, a German naturalist, Alexander von Humboldt, and a French botanist, Aime Bonpland, had taken a five-year scientific expedition to South America when "unexpectedly just before dawn on the morning of November 11 the sky lit up with thousands of meteors." The meteors appeared to originate in the constellation Leo, Norton explains; research conducted with local inhabitants revealed that the meteor showers came about every 33 years or so. This was the first time, Norton asserts, that scientists understood there was a periodicity (other than annual) attached to a specific raining down of meteors. Indeed, in November, 1833, the meteor showers reappeared, Norton continues (20).…. [read more]

History Western Civilization a Book Essay

… Wages for workers were able to increase because of the plague's devastating effects, and the plague is also responsible for allowing Europe to develop from an economic standpoint, in response to its lack of laborers.


The city of Istanbul has a fairly lengthy history that has played a significant role in the formulation and foundation of Westernized society. It was originally known as Constantinople, and was at various times the capital of the Holy Raman Empire as well as the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. When it was the capital of the latter empire, it was known as Byzantium, largely due to the fact that the eastern aspect of the Roman Empire was also referred to as the Byzantine Empire. Because of where…. [read more]

Human Civilization, the Unpredictable Nature Article Review

… While historians like Gaddis have always been concerned primarily with observing, recording and archiving an accurate account of significant events, including armed conflicts between international actors, political scientists engage in the tenuous process of constructing theoretical frameworks through which to explain why such conflicts occur on such a consistent basis. As renowned American political scientist Joseph S. Nye explains in Understanding Global Conflict and Cooperation: An Introduction to Theory and History, the perpetually fluid balance of power between states is best maintained through a system of international politics4.

3. Ibid, p. 53

4. Joseph S. Nye and David Welch, Understanding Global Conflict and Cooperation: An Introduction to Theory and History, 9th ed. (New York: Longman, 2012), p. 15

As opposed to the steadfastly reflective approach…. [read more]

Japanese Thoughts and Nature in Modern Haiku Term Paper

… Japanese Thought and Nature in Modern Haiku

Japanese culture is known for its ability to make superb use of space. Japanese architecture melds form with function to keep Tokyo and other urban centers populous but workable, Japanese cuisine creatively utilizes spices and textures to stay fresh and interesting, and Japanese poetry exudes feeling and emotion with a minimal number of words. Centuries old, haiku is a structured and sparse form of poetry with strict rules regarding form. However, the form is only sparse in its word structure; the poems themselves portray significantly larger emotions and images than their size would suggest.

Haiku is highly structured; a haiku poem contains only three lines of seven, five, and seven syllables apiece. (Kawamoto 711) From such a confining…. [read more]

Nature or Nurture Term Paper

… Surprisingly, nativists have argued that this research was scientifically sound, but unpopular.

With selective breeding practices, this aristocracy would become genetically superior to the citizens. Citizens would have their collective IQ raised due to the government-ordained sterilization of the mentally inferior. States passed multiple sterilization laws, the legality of which was upheld by the Supreme Court (Murdoch, 2007). Environmentalists also observed that early nativists were racist and/or sexist. African-Americans were thought to have significantly lower IQs. Consequently, this prevented their ability to perform complex tasks and better suited them for manual labor. During the mid and late 20th century, new scientific evidence cast doubt on nativism (Nisbett, 2009). Research indicated that environment significantly influenced intelligence, thus moving nativists to a minority position.

Personal Reflection

Insomuch,…. [read more]

History of Muslims in Europe and in the US Research Paper

… History of Muslims in Europe and in the U.S.

Islamophobia - the United States and the European continent

The Islam is at the moment one of the most important religious, cultural, and eventually political entities of the world today. According to studies made in 2009, it represents 23% of the global population of 6.9 billion people

Even so, there are numerous accounts in which the Muslim population is the subject of discrimination or political differentiation. At the moment, this entire phenomenon is defined as Islamophobia. The present paper addresses the issue of islamophobia from the perspective of the two most important regions where it developed and where is most visible. In this sense, the research takes into account the way in which the United States…. [read more]

History as Art the Past Thesis

… Forner (2010) revealed many such incidents during this time which demonstrate this point. Forner explains America's adoption of an imperialistic state after the reconstruction era of the country. Forner explains that roots of today's American empire were born in this time, and hence makes it ok and acceptable. American's imperial stance in today's world cannot be underestimated. Hence, we, as a collective have a myth to look to in order to help us understand.

Zinn (2003) also used these tricks with words as he promoted his own brand of populous history. Zinn dared to collectivize the American memory in his book when he wrote " my viewpoint, in telling the history is different: that we must not accept the memory of states as our own.…. [read more]

History of Rosicrucian Order Thesis

… History Of the Rosicrucian Order

Despite being one of the oldest esoteric societies, the Rosicrucian Order remains one of the most mysterious and least well-known of the various groups that arose in Europe over the course of the second millennium. Although Rosicrucianism was one of the key influences on the development of Freemasonry, and, as will be discussed in the findings chapter of this study, has played an important role in the development of Western culture and society, its history, symbols, and legacy have frequently been overshadowed by more popular alchemical and metaphysical movements. For example, while most Americans know that many of the founding fathers were Freemasons, fewer likely know that the first governor of Connecticut was deeply interested in Rosicrucianism from an early…. [read more]

East Asia Ideal and Reality Term Paper

… " Emperor Meiji's word, like Mao's, was law in the new territories -- but Meiji's word was rooted in revolution, not in the ways of old Japan: "All that Japan undertook in its colonies during the first quarter century of the empire was based on Meiji experience in domestic reform" (Schmid 957). The National Mobilization Law saw thousands of Koreans conscripted into the Japanese army in order to fight a foe that was almost indistinguishable from the one that now ruled over it. It was the Age of Empire in East Asia, and though the Empire had many faces, it was always ruled by the same clan -- international materialism. There was no need to set up a lasting model. Revolution was the rule, and…. [read more]

Histories of the World Essay

… This merely fanned the flames of discontent and the coffeehouse is cited as important gathering-place that motivated opposition to the government, which eventually cumulated in the French Revolution and the overthrow of the monarchy. "It literally began at a cafe" (Standage 170).

'Coke is it:' The cultural power of Coca-Cola

In contrast to the other beverages in Standage's book, Coca-Cola seems something of an outlier, in terms of what it represents as a beverage. Coke is a processed, manufactured food, versus the other beverages which have at least some origin in nature, whether in fermentation of grains or fruits, coffee beans, or tea leaves. But Coca-Cola clearly was one of the most innovative beverages of the 20th century (the 21st century remains an open question,…. [read more]

Korean History Essay

… ¶ … Korean social history from the Silla period through the first centuries of the Yi/Choson dynasty.

Shila (or Silla) (668-935 AD) manifested an elite that focused on modernizing its government and strengthening its relations with the recently established Tang dynasty. Defeating both Paekche and Koguryo it combined both regions and established a unified state. Simulating the format of Chinese government, it structured itself into six bureaus each bureau managing a different part of the State and the entire controlled by one ruler. The era was characterized by cultural growth, peace, and prosperity and became one of the most effective and famous eras within Korean general and social history. Eventually, the Shila Kingdom declined and a rebel leader named Wang Kon challenged Shila but peace…. [read more]

History After WWI Through WWII Term Paper

… History after WWI through WWII

In general, world history can be considered a succession of experiments, just as modern science. On the other hand, both modern science and history are studied by gathering facts and figures and by putting together the information this obtained.

Surrealism, Dadaism, Fauvism, Cubism are some of the genres of 20th century art. They reflect, first of all, a quest for individual independence, for breaking rules in terms of the creation process, and an attempt to find new ways of expression rather than the classical ones. They also reflect a continuous experimentation in terms of form, shape and colouring.

Impossible for me to answer, since I don't have the book and don't know what the Shanfei story is.

The Indian National…. [read more]

History of Timepieces Essay

… History Of Timepieces

A Survey of Timepieces of the Western World from 1350 to 1750

The History of timekeeping and timepieces in the Western World must first begin by taking a look into the ancient history of the Middle East. Here, mathematicians and astronomers developed methods of recording numbers, keeping time, and observing the movement of the heavens. Their developments and findings helped shape the practices of timekeeping for centuries, from the use of water clocks to mechanical clocks, until modern science beginning with the Italian Renaissance took timekeeping to a whole new level. This paper will analyze how modern time began to be able to be told from the fourteenth century to the eighteenth by starting with a brief consideration of ancient practices and…. [read more]

Histories of Herodotus Term Paper

… C.E. Although the Histories were written in the traditional epic form, being a strong beginning, an even stronger middle and a powerful climax, its structure suggests that Herodotus was relying upon true events instead of fiction. This clash between the Persian Empire and the Greeks is told masterfully, and is generally broken up into three parts. The first three books concentrate on Persia's westward expansion by conquest until it was adjacent to Greece; the next three deal largely with resistance by Scythia, Ionia and Greece to Persian imperialism, a time when Athenians vanquished the Persian king Darius at Marathon and succeeded in repelling the Persians; the final three books cover Persia's repeated invasion of Greece ten years later under Xerxes and the empire's defeat at…. [read more]

History Book Video Term Paper

… This trend of oppressor-oppressed worsened with the emergence of industrial society, which gave birth to capitalism, widening the gap between the ruling class elite and working middle classes.

Similarly, social developments in human society determine the kind of political and economic organizations that exist in human society. Economic developments are inevitably tied with the kind of society existing during the period; thus, as illustrated in "Triumphant Symphony," the emergence of industrialization led to the development of capitalism as the primary economic model. Capitalism has, unfortunately, contributed to the already existing conflict between the elite and working/middle socio-economic classes. Political developments are also directly linked economic and social changes in the society. As is evident in Part 4, "Bloody Schemes," the social development that is the…. [read more]

History of Suburbs Essay

… Fro developers, the farmland are les expensive there as more farmers are hanging tools and opting for other forms of livelihoods instead of farming. This sprawl has also been occasioned by an increased demand for bigger houses by the home buyers hence the developers have to look for the land in the suburban in order to meet the demands of their clients (Cornel University Department of Sociology, 2010).

This sprawl in that last few years has not come without a significant number of disadvantages to the U.S.A. And governing issues in general. One such significant issue is the aspect of degradation of environment, since the new homes that end up being suburban sprawls are usually built on virgin land with nice forest covers. This has…. [read more]

Since 1500 a History of World Societies Term Paper

… ¶ … 1500 History of World Societies

European average income per person began to rise in comparison with the rest of the world beginning in about Answer:

1450 b. 1650 c. 1750 d. 1850

All of the following statements characterize world economic development in the 19th century except:

industrialization generated global inequity in wealth and power.

railroads drastically reduced transportation costs.

the opening of the Suez and Panama canals facilitated trade.

the world's leader in importing foreign goods was America.

All of the following technological innovations were crucial to European imperialist expansion in the late nineteenth century except:

the machine gun.

the telegraph.

c. quinine.

The airplane.

Causes of the so-called new imperialism (1880-1914) include all of the following except:


a. economic competition in…. [read more]

History of Human Civilization Term Paper

… Through the social contract, there will exist control and governance, wherein the people are to be served by the government rulers. Aside from the power of the General Will, the social contract also "binds" people together in making a functional and orderly society, and wherein every action of Man must be made in accordance to the common good. If the rulers of the society deviate from the preservation of common good, the people must exercise their power to replace the current set of rulers for another one who will agree to the cause and objectives of the society.

Adam Smith had become a significant proponent in contributing to the economic aspect of Utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is a philosophy that is based on the humanistic approach of…. [read more]

History of Crime Measurement Essay

… National Crime Victimization Surveys (NCVS)

Since 1973, National Crime Victimization Surveys (NCVS) has been gathering facts and figures about the private and domestic victimization. This is done through a constant survey of a nationwide representative sample of housing addresses. This endeavor has 4 major purposes including the development of complete information concerning the sufferers and crime consequences, guesstimate of the number and kinds of unreported crimes, provision of standardized measurement of selected crimes and authorization of assessments over time and areas. The surveys also gather necessary demographic information including sexual category, age, race and earnings for crime evaluation within diverse subpopulations.

In short, the victimization surveys are extensively used for measuring the "frequency and characteristics of particular types of crime and the demographic profile of…. [read more]

American Ethnic Literature the Nature Essay

… Ethnic writing comes from a place that is not typically American, so the literature of people who do not necessarily fit the majority mold would necessarily be different. According to Krys Lee (2012), herself an ethnic writer, people from a certain heritage talk about the experiences of the culture. Often, like Ellison, they talk about that experience as it relates to their time in the United States. A country that has such a great amount of diversity that seems to push it into the shadows at times. Ethnic writers would differ from traditional American writers in their use of voice.

Many people who have tried to expand the American literary tradition see the world through a different lens than traditional American writers. This is because…. [read more]

History of the United States Term Paper

… ¶ … history of the United States has been one of the most interesting objects of study for analysts and scholars alike. This is largely due to the fact that the U.S. is in general considered to be the center of world politics, economics, cultural and social life. The purpose of this essay is to consider some examples which proved the above affirmation. They will deal with particular significant events that influenced the last fifty years in America.

The 1950s represented a difficult time in the history of the world. Every major country engaged in the Second World War was slowly and painfully recovering from the disasters the conflagration had produced. The United States and the Soviet Union however created what would be called the…. [read more]

American History From the Origins Term Paper

… The Company's monopoly on the imported tea coming to America had infuriated American businessmen and traders, and this again resulted to a resistance, this time in the form of the Boston Tea Party 9 led by Samuel Adams), a group that expressed their opposition by attacking the cargo ships of the British India Company, and throwing out the cargos of tea into the sea. This rebellious and courageous act had disturbed the British government greatly, and indeed, the over taxation and unequal treatment between the Americans and the British had resulted to a greater resistance by the Americans, and the Revolution against British invasion began. It is evident that before the Revolution, the major problem of the Americans had been economic and social in nature,…. [read more]

American History X An Exercise Essay

… American History X

An exercise in and a meditation upon subversion, the film American History X is at once making a bold social and political commentary on the inherent destructiveness of racism and bigotry. At the same time, one could argue it's a tragic ballad for a family riddled with loss. Simultaneously, the film is a subversive series of photographs that illuminate a defiant culture and renegade civic identity. Just as iconic photographs can work to "reflect social knowledge and dominant ideologies; they shape understanding of specific events and periods…" (Hariman & Lucaites, 2002), the successive images of American History X works to reflect ideologies unwelcome to idealistic American sensibilities and rattle one's understanding of America today. If an iconic photo like the Flag Raising…. [read more]

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