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negative campaign ads but not really Term Paper

… Therefore, Hillary is already appealing to the right demographics she needs but she needs to drive up their enthusiasm so they bring the proverbial five friends out to the polls as well as voting for Hillary themselves (Jones, 2016).

Hillary's Narrative

The following narrative approach emphasizes Hillary's core strengths, showing that she is the compassionate candidate who advocates for all Americnas, especially the disenfranchised. Narrative information is from Biography: "Hillary Clinton," (n.d.))

The narrative format of Hillary's campaign is fairly straightforward, as the story of Hillary's life says it all. She was born in Chicago, and went to Wellesley College for her undergraduate and then Yale University for her law degree. Yale is where she met Bill Clinton, her future husband. Although she was once…. [read more]

1992 Bill Clinton and George HW Bush Term Paper

… 1992 Presidential Campaign Television Advertising

Campaign Ads

Bush apparently opened the floodgates for negative campaigning in his first presidential campaign in 1988 -- the Bush I team was so good at being bad that he became sort of a "poster child of effective attack politics" (Lau, Sigelman and Rovener, 2007, p. 1176) for negative campaign ads. But the Clinton team learned fast, as history demonstrates. What did the Bush team do wrong? The models in use at the time "predicted a landslide victory for the incumbent, President George H.W. Bush," "falsely," it turns out (Haynes and Stone, 2004, p. 1). We can start by looking at what his opposition did right.

"Morning" delivers a clear, feel-good fear message, specifically that "America needs to change from…. [read more]

Teen Drinking Media Campaign Thesis

… Teen Drinking

Media Campaign

A media campaign designed to reduce alcohol use among teens and young adults would be similar to the national media campaign associated with the anti-drug message. The campaign would specifically play off the fact that alcohol use is not only dangerous but is also fundamentally destructive to the individual and community. The campaign would be a combination campaign using radio, television, PSAs, but most importantly it will focus on the infectious media of social networking cites, such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, infectious internet cites like You Tube and cell phone communications. Media ads will reflect the pervasive nature of this modern communication style among teens and how the style itself can interrupt his or her life and possible success.

The…. [read more]

Political News Coverage of Presidential Campaigns Term Paper

… Presidential Election & TV

The availability of televisions in the late 1940's led to the belief that a new period was arising in public communication. Columbia Broadcasting System President Frank Stanton said,

Television, with its penetration, its wide geographic distribution and impact, provides a new, direct and sensitive link between Washington and the people. The people have once more become the nation, as they have not been since the days when we were small enough each to know his elected representative. As we grew, we lost this feeling of direct contact-television has now restored it. (Campbell)

One of the expectations for TV, then, was in its capacity to inform and motivate the American electorate. Large segments of the public had immediate contact with political events.…. [read more]

Mcdonald's Integrated Marketing Campaign Dissertation

… Noe (2006) further stated that advertisements for food and beverages passes on a message that is powerful enough to trigger consumption of the food advertised and positive emotions linked to food consumption. The message conveyed in the food adverts have the powers to act as real-world primes and lead to corresponding eating behaviors. However, given the types of foods, which are mostly fast foods or snacks and consumption benefits that are typically promoted in food adverts, what is primed or activated in the human conscious is usually consumption of those foods that are rather unhealthy. Therefore fast food advertisement that conveys snacking and fun i.e. those mostly shown when children programs are on air, will automatically trigger consumption behavior not only among children but also…. [read more]

Political Ads Essay

… But the ads work on the affective level because they are part of a larger, macro-level narrative. The Obama ad was released in May, so much earlier than the Romney ad, and therefore its macro level narrative is better to explore. The Obama ad seeks to portray a theme that is repeated throughout the campaign, that Romney and by extension the Republicans are the party of the rich, and that their ideas have little merit to the average American. While the core cognitive content of the ad only plays to this a little bit, the Swiss bank account quip is a strong salvo in the direction of creating this overarching narrative of this rich guy who cannot be trusted to govern with the interests of…. [read more]

Anheuser-Busch's Budweiser PR Campaign Love Term Paper

… A decade later, they were placing ads on railroad cars for "rolling billboards." And by the turn of the century, 3-sheet posters had become a primary medium for Budweiser campaigns, featuring slogans like "Budweiser...the great leader " and "Budweiser...everywhere." Later, Budweiser was among the first brands to take advantage of electric spectaculars, and used those innovative signs in large markets such as New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. "Since 1876, outdoor advertising has played a major role in delivering Budweiser's quality message to our key consumers," said Dan Hoffmann, director of Budweiser marketing. "This award is not only an honor, but serves as a challenge for us to continually develop creative, innovative and unique outdoor advertising into the next century. You can be sure that Budweiser…. [read more]

Children's Ads Children's Television Term Paper

… " I asked he had seen the girls in the commercial play with dolls and he said yes. The nine-year-old girl said "I like boys' toys, I like that truck set where the big truck has like these really huge wheels!" she said enthusiastically. The twelve-year-old had a more mature understanding of the differences in the portrayal of gender in television commercials. Her comments about the "pretty" girls in the beer commercials, as well as her understanding of fashion and makeup trends for teenagers clearly demonstrated a paradoxical coveting of the images informing teenage girls' self-image and a budding tendency to deconstruct those images. For example, the twelve-year-old told me, "That girl is too thin, maybe she has bulimia."

Works Cited

Kunkel, Dale, and Wilcox,…. [read more]

Negative Perspectives on the Challenges and Results of Globalization Term Paper

… Globalization (Negative viewpoint)

Globalization/Negative Viewpoint

In the issue of globalization, since the start of the modern round of political moves geared toward increasing it, France has seemingly been the 'mine canary,' reacting first and somewhat explosively against the progress of globalization. It has been followed by Canada (particularly French Canada) and feminists; in short, there is a certain Gallic cultural 'softness' encapsulated in the drive against the 'challenges' of globalization; there is arguably also a logic predicated on the female principle, which is to say, one thing leading to another, rather than a masculine principle, one characterized by might making right.

This may seem like an extreme view, linking globalization with the gods -- arguably of war, although in politicians' clothing -- and anti-globalization with…. [read more]

Republican (GOP) Primaries of 2012 Research Paper

… GOP Primaries /

The 2012 Republican primaries have been exceptionally heated this election cycle. Compared to four years ago, John McCain had already clinched his nomination by sidelining Mitt Romney by this point and seemed to be in a good leveraging position against the still competing democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. This year, however, Mitt Romney is back in the contest and is facing off against three Conservative candidates, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum. Of these three, Rick Santorum has given Mitt Romney the most trouble in his two-year march to the nomination, and has spent countless hours trying to frame Mitt Romney as an opportunist politician who is spending his way to victory. All three Republican candidates…. [read more]

Machiavelli and How Senator Lautenberg Compares Essay

… Machiavelli and Frank Lautenberg

Nearly all politicians, at one time or another, have engaged in behavior that might be described as Machiavellian, and Frank Lautenberg, senator of New Jersey, is no exception. In fact, examining Lautenberg's career leads one to the inevitable conclusion that he operates in a mostly Machiavellian fashion, because in both cases where Lautenberg entered the Senate he demonstrated a capacity for ruthlessness and an astute ability to manipulate the political climate for his own ends. When Lautenberg was first reelected to the Senate in 1988, he won following a blistering campaign in which he followed Machiavelli's advice to get all of the dirty work out of the way so he could spend the rest of his time in power without having…. [read more]

Bush vs. Kerry 2004 "Thinking Mom" Ad Essay

… Bush 2004 "Thinking Mom"

Description of the ad:

The ad begins with a close up a woman looking at the clock in her car as she is driving and realizing that it is 5:30 and she still has many errands to run. She then tunes into what the announcer on the radio is saying. First, he says that John Kerry and the liberals in congress want to raise gas taxes to be ten times higher. There is a voice-over of the woman thinking to herself "10 times? Gas prices are high enough already." She looks very agitated. At the same time, the words "Raise gas taxes 10 times" appear in big green letters on the screen. Next, the radio announcer says that Kerry wants…. [read more]

Advertising and Public Relations Serve Case Study

… Clinton was successful by almost every measure except the one that counted, the delegate votes. So the case study allows the student to look at a highly successful advertising and PR campaign that failed. The second thing that stands out is that the campaign was well-structured according to traditional primary campaigns, but failed to take into account changes in the technological environment, even from the 2004 primary campaigns. This case therefore highlights the importance of adaptability and knowing one's audience. Clinton's campaign was lost on tactics, not strategy, and not money. Sometimes in marketing, the subtle nuances make all the difference between success and failure, and the Clinton primary campaign is a perfect illustration of that.


Cree, C. (2008). Hillary Clinton's approach to social…. [read more]

Critical Thinking and Logical Fallacies Term Paper

… The person who appeals to the "Look who's talking" fallacy seeks to downplay their own actions in light of the speaker's actions, or beliefs. As we approach the political elections in the fall of 2004, this fallacy is often at the core of political advertisements. In a 30 second television add, the ad sponsor does not often have the time to develop a well thought argument, and present their counter argument. Consequently, the approach is to diminish the perspective of the person by associating him with other disliked, or socially objectionable decisions.

For example, the current ads for president Bush highlight his opponent John Carey's record on taxes. The ad recounts a litany of adverse tax decisions made by Carey over the past decade. The…. [read more]

Comprehensive Study of Offshore Financial Centers and Their Effects on Global Economy Dissertation

… ¶ … Offshore Financial Centres and Their Effects on Global Economy

The past 3 decades or so have witnessed the proliferation of offshore financial centres that have drawn both criticism and praise for their cumulative effect on the global economy. These offshore financial networks included 36 jurisdictions by the end of the 1970s that involved three main types of geographical locations, inland enclave states, coastal enclave states and island states. The enclave states have established a global pattern of so-called satellite clusters that are compatible with four main business time zones with linkages to the major global and regional capital markets. The Western Hemisphere is generally served through the New York epicenter by the Caribbean and the Central American Basin; European enclaves, coastal enclaves and…. [read more]

Advertising Geared to the Gay Term Paper

… As one marketing director has pointed out, advertisers "really want to reach a bigger market than just gays, but [they] don't want to alienate them" either (Clark 486).

Print ads have dominated gay advertising for a number of years because their target markets are quite specific, and the ads can be much more open about their content and meaning. One researcher found, "Advertising in gay print publications increased by 20% in 1996 to $73.7 million, according to the third annual Gay Press Report (1998)" (Kates 25). Print ads can be placed in predominately gay publications with little worry, but if they appear in mainstream publications, they can create problems. Alienation is perhaps one of the biggest concerns with advertisers who want to break into the…. [read more]

Integrated Corporate Communication Dissertation

… Integrated Corporate Communication and Corporate Communication

Reflective Analysis Report

Integrated Corporate Communication (ICC) and Corporate Communication (CC) are the major communications and business developments of recent time, could be described as a millennial approach to business. While both have their history in marketing, they are more than simply communications or marketing approaches, but describe a synergistic management approach, in which communication is paramount. The idea that all of a corporation's public interactions helped shape its brand and its reputation led to the development of CC, which required approaching every potential interaction as an advertising opportunity, and reinforcing the brand at each of those opportunities. When the internet exploded, and it was no longer feasible for corporations to keep their internal communications from becoming external communications,…. [read more]

Promising Phenomenon Dissertation

… ¶ … promising phenomenon that lends itself to call centers' ability to improve their own and their other business units' efficiency is the employment of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is an online, distributed problem solving and production model already in use by for -- profit organizations such as Threadless, iStockphoto, and InnoCentive. Speculation in Weblogs and wisdom of crowds theory assumes a diverse crowd engaged in crowdsourcing labor. Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee) and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call. Furthermore, and as crowdsourcing is in some ways similar to open source software production, prior research suggests that individuals in the crowd likely participate…. [read more]

North Carolina and Seat Belt Safety Case Study

… Boosting Seat Belt Awareness and Usage in North Carolina: A Public Health Campaign Case Study

The case study by Williams, Wells, and Reinfurt (2002) entitled Increasing Seat Belt Use in North Carolina examines a number of strategies that North Carolina could implement in order to increase the number of drivers who use safety belts when driving. The study identifies Canada as a nation that had a similar problem of low rate of drivers wearing seat belts until the country implemented a three-fold strategy of public education about "the importance of wearing seat belts," tighter law enforcement in terms of fining drivers/passengers for not wearing the seat belt, and increased publicity regarding the intention of law enforcement to begin cracking down on motorists not wearing seat…. [read more]

Public Relations Term Paper

… ¶ … Public Relations

One of the most important part of our public relations campaign will be to differentiate between Facebook and some of its most important competitors, notably Myspace, and communicate to the individuals and potential customers that Facebook will better fit their own communication needs.

This can be transmitted in the form of articles in online and regular media, communication in online forums that target the youth or other potential consumers and even in the form of direct communication in seminars etc. Practically, there should be no limit in the communication channels, because the information age we live in means that information is able to reach the recipient in its form through any channels.

The communication message and the public relations campaigns need…. [read more]

Social Networking Sites Began in 1997 Term Paper

… ¶ … Social networking sites began in 1997 with a now-defunct site called As of 2007, two sites dominated the industry. Myspace, owned by News Corp, is the industry leader with around $800m in revenue. Facebook was #2, with over $400m in revenue. A host of other competitors exist, but do not at present hold significant market share. Myspace has a similar array of features but is often seen as less user friendly.

Facebook was started in 2004, and by the end of the year had registered 200,000 users. Growth has continued to the point where in 2007 Facebook held a market share of 16% and over 70 million users, making it the 6th most-trafficked website. Founder Mark Zuckerberg was offered $1billion by Yahoo…. [read more]

Digital Marketing Strategy Thesis

… He says, 'There are recommended engines, blogs, start pages and well-connected customers make the internet a better place for shopping than ever before'. Spam marketing is being fast replaced by targeted and user centric advertising via internet. Now segmented marketing is done; in other words relevant marketing is executed related to the audience. With the help of digital marketing, long-term relationships can develop with customers. Now marketing is all about dialogue, one to one conversation and listening-talking to each other.

The general feeling is, 'I don't know you and vice versa'.

The internet provides a shield of obscurity to the users surfing on the internet. They aren't chained by the social shackles of the real world moving like free birds. Real life is different in…. [read more]

Skoda Skoda Acknowledged Term Paper

… Skoda Case Study


Acknowledged at one time as one of Europe's leading producers of quality, highly engineered cars (D & AD, 2003, p. 5), Czech Republic-Based Skoda Auto developed a terrible reputation post World War II after it was nationalized by the Czechoslovakian Communist regime, and began producing low-quality cars. In end 1991, German-based Volkswagen bought Skoda and subsequently transformed the car after investing heavily in the company's production facilities and workforce (D & AD, 2003, p. 5). Volkswagen's involvement managed to turn the company's fortunes around in several European markets. The United Kingdom consumers, however, continued to hold highly negative perceptions of the brand in spite of Skoda cars winning "best in class" car awards and the accolades of motor journalists. Thus, the…. [read more]

Direct to Consumer Advertising History Term Paper


The National Institute for Health Care Management, a nonprofit watchdog agency, estimated that expenditures in pharmaceutical advertising in the U.S. grew from an estimated $55 million in 1991 to $2.5 billion in 2001. While the numbers seem exponential, the Institute points out that the ads represented merely 16% of the entire budget for drug promotions in 2001. A historic perception perpetuated by the drug industry is that costs are driven by expenditures in research and development. This has been considered a valid argument, as advances in drug research are indeed beneficial to humanity. However, recent examination of the industry's expenditures indicates that marketing (34.4%), not R&D (13.7%), comprise the lion's share of the industry's operating expenditures.

Families USA is a nonprofit…. [read more]

Effect of Beauty and Body Image in Advertising Research Paper

… ¶ … Beauty and body image in advertising

It is common knowledge among the advertising world that publicity sells. In order to achieve a high degree of profit in the globalized world, the most interesting and eye catching advertisements usually impact the targeted public and achieve their goals in promotion and selling. However, more and more people are becoming reluctant to certain products precisely because of the sometimes aggressive and even offending publicity. From this point-of-view the present paper argues that the perception of women's body and their comparison to HAMs (highly attractive models) have a negative influence on the advertising efforts for particular products.

The structure of the paper takes into account precisely the impact HAMs and the meaning of the concept have on…. [read more]

Advertisements for Harley Davidson Term Paper

… Firstly, it can be used to sell a specific product or service. Like the Benetton ads, it can also be used to sell a brand or a company without saying anything about the actual product. This is also seen in the many companies that sponsor events. This sponsorship says nothing about the actual product, but ensures the name of the brand or company remains in the public eye. Part of advertising then, is just to make the company name memorable to the consumer. Advertising is also used not only to sell products but to sell ideas. An example is with Greenpeace who advertise to make people aware of environmental concerns. Advertising can be used as a means of making people aware of issues and of…. [read more]

Fast Food Advertising Research Paper

… "It's time America stops calling a burger and fries dinner." (,1).

KFC has grown to be the most sought-after chicken globally ever since Colonel Sanders mastered his Original Recipe Chicken®, cooked with 11 secret herbs and spices almost fifty years ago. "We use real chicken, hand-breaded fresh from scratch in our restaurants every day, and slow cooked to tender, juicy perfection," adds Bachelder. (,1).KFC has suffered from false adverse publicity in relation to the chicken they use. There was an urban myth circulating that KFC had created a more productive and faster system of populating their chicken farms. The process involved scientifically designing its chickens to be born minus heads so that the bodies could be attached directly to machines for automated feeding in the…. [read more]

Use of Advertising on Facebook in the UK Market Research Proposal

… ¶ … Advertising on Facebook in the UK Market

Facebook is highly popular in the UK market today, just as it is in many other areas of the world. That has not always been the case, because Facebook has not been a social media tool for that long. In addition, when it first came out it was only for colleges in the United States. Because of its extreme popularity with college kids, the service expanded to include anyone who wanted to join so that they could connect with friends and family all around the world. MySpace was the popular social media platform (and virtually the only one available) when Facebook first came out, but MySpace quickly faded into the background because Facebook was liked better…. [read more]

Dockers Is a Levi Strauss Essay

… It seems that acknowledging this market, but then attempting to enter the luxury apparel sector is essentially ignoring the market Dockers should be targeting. In a recession, Dockers should be attempting to target this untapped market at the price point for which it is known. While the twentysomethings about whom Riley-Grant is speaking may not be purchasing Dockers, but they are certainly aware what Dockers are, where they are sold and how much they cost. The marketing for Dockers must acknowledge this audience and attempt to persuade them that Dockers are still relevant and what they are selling today is something different that will appeal to the target market. Changing the price and attempting to become a more exclusive product may backfire in the current…. [read more]

Green Marketing Research Proposal

… Green Marketing

As consumers become more aware of an ailing environment and the potential economic benefit that can be derived from 'going green', businesses are increasingly adopting 'Green Marketing' practices to meet the rising consumer expectations and increasing demand. In addition, today's increasingly competitive marketplace means that organizations are looking for ways to differentiate their product, beyond the traditional facets of price, quality, and service. Green marketing can help provide that competitive advantage. The question then becomes -- What is Green Marketing?

According to Ward, Green Marketing refers to the marketing of services and/or products based on their environmental benefits. The product or service itself does not necessarily have to be environmentally friendly. Instead, it can be manufactured with and/or packaged in an environmentally responsible…. [read more]

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