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IBM New UNIX Computer Term Paper

… By contrast, the 'hard' partitions in competing systems require at least four chips, which typically wastes valuable system resources and degrades performance," which analysts note are weaknesses in the Sun Fire 15K and Hewlett-Packard's Superdome ("IBM launches World's most powerful server").

Logical partitioning (LPAR) -- With logical partitioning, users can address multiple system requirements in a single machine to achieve server consolidation, business unit consolidation, and mixed production/test environments. By itself, LPAR does not provide a significant availability increase. It can however, be used to complement other availability strategies. Since each partition is treated as a separate server, you can run a single environment on a single system image. This can provide for a more cost efficient solution ("pSeries 690").

Self-healing architecture -- Built with…. [read more]

Computer Systems Administrator Literature Review

… Computer System Administrator

Systems Administrator

Computer systems administrator

A computer system administrator is a person employed by an organization to operate and maintain computer systems as well as computer networks (Henderson, 2009). They are also referred to as it system administrators or simply system admin. Computer system administrator is usually a member of an information technology or a communication department.

The responsibilities of a computer system administrator are wide and they vary from one organization to the other (Henderson, 2009). In most cases, computer system administrators usually have the responsibilities of installing and supporting servers. In addition, they also maintain servers as well as other computer systems and networks. It is also the duty of a computer system administrator to plan for and respond to…. [read more]

Computer Security: Corporate Security Documentation Essay

… Moreover, management of encryption keys are performed by the system. As management of encryption keys is by far the hardest aspect of key management this is a bonus.

The key encryption hierarchy is shown in the following figure labeled Figure 1 in this document. The database administrator will manage the service master key at the server level and the database master key at the database level. Otherwise, lower keys in the hierarchy are protected by each key's immediate parent and this remains true as the keys move upward in the hierarchy. There is however, one exception and that being when a password is utilized for protection of a symmetric key or certificate. That is the methods used by SQL Server for allowing users to manage…. [read more]

Computer Security Briefly Support Your Own Opinion Term Paper

… Computer Security

Briefly support your own opinion about the ethical principles of the Lamers group before formation of the SecureThink Company. Briefly support your opinion about the ethics of the hiring of SecureThink by the MoneyBags record company.

The Lamers group initially gets formed out of a curiosity and sense of challenge the members have about how to crate robotic software code that can replicate itself, communicate and erase its digital trail. Groups like Lamers illustrate however how widely multidimensional security threats are, as it is impossible to manage the intentions of each member of this group (Landau, 2008). The ethics of the group therefore has to be questioned as their design objective, collectively, is to impact the SoftMicro operating system. Attacking or targeting a…. [read more]

Computer Information Systems Term Paper

… Computer Information Systems

Marketing Information Systems serve as a hub of competitive, market, pricing an product-related information in addition to supporting tactical strategies and campaigns and strategic plans. The use of Marketing Information Systems coordinate new product introductions with other departments, monitor the success of the launched product and keep other departments informed, and also devise plans and strategies for sustaining and increasing sales illustrate the many benefits these systems provide. Underscoring all these functional, process- and strategy-driven areas is the need for ensuring the voice of the customer is heard throughout any organization often and with clarity, to ensure strategies and plans stay on course (Coussement, Van den Poel, 164). The intent of this paper is to discuss the dominant functional areas of a…. [read more]

System Implementation the Implementation Stage Essay

… The other available alternatives to phased installation such as direct installation, or the big bang, can prove to be too much for the organization's employees who may have got used to the old system.

Phased installation simply means that the new system would be installed within the organization gradually, one part t a time (George, Valacich, & Hoffer, 2003). The single location method of installation is also akin to phased installation in that, only a specific area of the organization gets to have the system installation at any particular time. This could be a designated branch, or say, the headquarters of Riordan Manufacturing. The down side to this method is that it may prove hard to establish how the new system best integrates all the…. [read more]

New Electronic Health Records System Research Paper

… They will provide the required treatment information, hence the ease to refer to that information in making a decision. They will also reduce redundancy efforts of the nurses in doing the same activity of searching for the file of patient repeatedly. Most important, they will lower the running costs once implemented. The funds for buying the files and building cabinets for keeping the files will e saved. The relative security of the patients' health information will also be increased.

I acknowledge the fact that there are concerns over the success of this new way of running the healthcare facility, considering that we are used to the old way of paper-based record keeping. I would like to dispel that fear by stating that there is going…. [read more]

Computers Have Revolutionized the 21st Century Research Paper

… Computers have revolutionized the 21st century in that manual activities have become automated. Activities such as reading books have changed with the production of e-books which have reduced the physical load on students to carry many books. E-books have allowed the society to conserve the environment with the demand for paper has reduced. The computer has also enabled the society to share information thus facilitating communication. The storage of information in many organizations, the sharing and manipulation of data is facilitated by computer information system. The computer information system can be described as a network of computer where information in an organization is shared and stored.

Computer information systems software

Computer software is a program that is installed into a computer to enable the hardware…. [read more]

Computer Hacking, Electronic Surveillance Term Paper

… Discussion

Two issues this movie deals with computer hacking and electronic surveillance. Computer hacking is a breach of security and can expose confidential user information to illegitimate use and manipulation. This activity can lead to identity theft, which is a fraud that involves pretention to be someone else with the intent to gain unauthorized information or property. Another possible outcome of this activity is confidential information related to national defense, security and crime if exposed may result in endangering national security and the nation's welfare (Oak, 2011). As portrayed in the movie, some corporations employ computer hackers as part of their technical support staff to take advantage of their skills to find flaws in the company's security system. This helps to prevent identity theft and…. [read more]

Computers Recent Progress in the Sphere Term Paper

… Computers

Recent progress in the sphere of high technologies and computer engineering had set new standards and requirements for software and software design. Today the success of software depends upon a number of factors, which are not simply limited to the successful and effective solution of a particular problem as flexibility, visually, and simplicity of using are essential, too. Such demands are especially high for such software as operational systems, which in most cases define functionality and performance of computer platforms. Today in the world of high competition on software market it's obvious that two products take leading positions: Linux and Windows. Linux and Windows were developing in different directions from the very beginning, yet they are both modern and similar multi-task computer operation systems.…. [read more]

Computer History Research Paper

… Computer History

It is said that before 1935, a computer was a person who was performing arithmetic calculations. During 1935 and 1945, a computer was referred to as a machine but not a person. Its definition as a modern machine tends to be based on von Neuman's concepts: a device that is capable of accepting input, processing data, storing data and producing output.

Earlier there was abacus which was used for mathematical computations. Its importance was just in aiding memory of the human who was performing the calculation. A skilled operator was capable of working on addition and subtraction problems at the speed of an individual who was equipped with a calculator but slow in division and multiplication. People always wrongly attribute abacus to China.…. [read more]

Computer Dependence the Story Essay

… Green energy solutions are feasible. Medical breakthroughs have increased life expectancy, provided cures and improved preventive care.

Our day-to-day lives are made easier by having instantaneous access to information through compatible user interfaces. Regardless of pros and cons, people continue to adapt as technology continues to advance." Although this appears to make sense, this author falsely equivocates advancement with computers and well being.


While the inherent benefits or disadvantages of computer technology are certainly subjective and relative, it cannot be argued that a certain dependence has been created. Material possessions and computer technology have made life become wrapped up in ideas and morals that do not represent the more spiritual and esoteric factions of human existence. It is clear that this is a result…. [read more]

Computer Network for Bistro Bookstore Essay

… Of these areas the most critical is providing a high level of access security and secure networking, both of which need to be designed dot not limit the performance of the network yet also provide enough security to protect users from hacking attempts and internal systems from intrusion (Lehr, McKnight, 2003). Communications security is also essential for the entire store's network to not be hacked or diverted via IP authentication attacks over the Web (Potter, 2006). The maintenance plan for the store's network needs to take these factors into account, with plans along each of the security dimensions mentioned, complete with project plans and a continual series of audits to ensure the systems stay secure. There is also the need to create an ongoing dashboard…. [read more]

Computer Forensics: Generally Essay

… The identification process is followed by the extraction phase where pertinent evidence is removed from the working copy media. Once the relevant information and evidence to the specific situation has been extracted it's distinctively saved in another type of media and also printed out.

The other process in computer forensics is interpretation of the evidence, which is the most significant step in the processes. Interpretation of evidence helps in determining the admissibility of the evidence in the courts and requires relevant knowledge and experience. The interpretation process is followed by documentation, which basically involves recording the information extracted in all the phases of computer forensics investigations and analysis. The documentation process is conducted in from the beginning to the end of all the phases in…. [read more]

Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) Essay

… The research carried out shows that, those people who usually use this form of communication are often multitasking while they converse with their friends online. The use of IM such as, Facebook chat, MSN has contributed to unique structures of different languages communication in CMC. Today, many people spend too much of their time chatting with friends, and this behavior has brought a great significant impact in the way they tend to communicate with other people through face-to-face interaction.

Instant messaging has had a great effect on communication. This type of communication is the same just like when one uses e-mail; however, this seems to be more faster as well as, convenient way of passing information as one does not need to sit back waiting…. [read more]

New Product Plan the Photodrive Essay

… Other storage devices lack the added functionality of the PhotoDrive Pro. Nevertheless, it is expected that a certain segment of the potential target market will not see the value in the PhotoDrive Pro and therefore will continue to utilize these substitute products. Intensity of rivalry is non-existent, but once new producers enter the market the intensity of rivalry will be higher.

All told, the competitive environment is relatively easy at present, but is expected to become quite difficult in a short period of time. The company can expect new competition with similar products within a year, and as a result it must be prepared for both products that enter the market seeking to be cost leaders and products that seek to be differentiated on quality.…. [read more]

Computer / How Soon Till IT's Outdated Term Paper

… ¶ … computer / How soon till it's outdated

The study informs that selecting a computer system to buy is an individual choice, which will differ from person to person. Due to the high rate of technological obsolescence, the value of the computer bought today goes down remarkably in a very limited duration of time period. Therefore the purchase of the Computer must be influenced by the requirement analysis of the usage that the computer will be put to. Therefore, it is wise to buy a computer system which fulfils the present requirement and permits one to upgrade to a better system in future. Prior to going for an upgrade, it is first of all needed to self-question what the benefit from upgrading a particular…. [read more]

Computer Security Systems Essay

… As being revealed in Fig 1, Firewall blocks an unauthorized network to penetrate the enterprise network. One of the benefits of the firewall security system is that it allows organizations to transfer file across the internet in a secured and confidential manner.

Fig 1: Firewall

Several advantages organizations can derive from using firewall. First, organizations can use the firewall technology to disallow the insecure network services from entering the corporate network systems. Moreover, the firewall can be used to disallow specific IP addresses of or IP addresses from specific regions. In essence, firewall is cost effective in securing organizational network systems.

Despite the benefits that organizations can derive from the use of firewall for the network security systems, however, firewall cannot guarantee total network security…. [read more]

Computer Networks Essay

… "Small USB 2.0 flash drives are finally large enough and fast enough to be useful. They're able to backup 4-8GB or more one of these tiny and lightweight drives. I suggest you get a couple of them and back up your data in duplicate or triplicate" (Things everyone should know if using a computer, 2009, Aim for Awesome).

Principle four: Understand what a browser 'is'

In one of the examples of "They've heard them all," a man was frantic because he was unable to access his Internet information, because he had installed a new browser and not enabled cookies (Mears & Dubie 2006:2). Few users understand what a 'browser' is, and how different browser functions affect their experience online. Given that this is one of…. [read more]

Systems Concepts: System Term Paper

… ¶ … Systems Concepts:

System concepts are used to observe the formation of the world around us and it is important to discover these concepts. Information systems are created in order to give information that helps management in making more competent and efficient use of these economic resources that are records to the complete organizational system. From a systems view of point, all records are seen as input to, or output from some other system that is considered as an external entity. The present computer hardware and software, data, and humans taking up the processes to run the computer and work on the data are the vital parts of all business information systems used by the current business organizations. Systems concepts are helpful in accepting…. [read more]

Computer Information Systems Sunlife of Canada Competes Term Paper

… Computer Information Systems

SunLife of Canada competes across a wide variety of very competitive services-based businesses and continues to expand into adjacent businesses that offer greater profitability. The continued deregulation of their industry is forcing the need for much higher levels of individual agent performance and profitability. As SunLife Canada believes that IT is a strategic weapon, the company has invested heavily into enterprise-wide sales productivity systems that could also be considered Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in functionality and scope (Bull, 2010). The pace of their innovation however lags their competitors and most critically, the level of user adoption and enthusiasm for the new systems is mediocre at best. Studies indicate that merely pushing sales representatives and professional through more training is no substitute for…. [read more]

New Devices and Techniques Term Paper

… " (Girvan, 2002) Even if this example seems like an extreme example of a dinosaur code from the age of dial-up, only recently has the widespread graphical user interface of application software, with "sliders, menus, radio buttons, and check boxes," become the norm. (Girvan, 2002)

For example, "Waterloo Maple's Java-based Maplets" deploys visual description of the device scripting to control the user's interaction with the interface's worksheet during a programming session. In other prompted systems, "the Insert Component menu drops a graphical device into the worksheet, where it automatically passes input (for instance, a slider position) to a variable. Pop-up dialogue boxes allow fine-tuning of the layout and the underlying VBScript...GUIs [Graphic User Interfaces] are also easily designed using GUIDE, a GUI layout editor that…. [read more]

Systems Life Cycle and Database Term Paper

… The database planning process incorporates some of the key elements of the systems life cycle as the following image shows:

(Designing Databases

What we have here is Database planning -- the initial idea. We also have implementation, testing, and monitoring with the loop-back process of analysis and design. The core steps are similar. Life systems elaborate on these. In life systems too, the process loops back to initial idea to make sure that the ultimate coheres with original.

In both cases, the mission objective and scope and boundaries as well as expectations of the database system have to be defined in order that developers know what they are intending to build.

It is precisely for this reason that the incorporation of life systems is…. [read more]

Computer Crime Term Paper

… Computer Crime can be classified into two categories: crimes that use the computer as the primary instrument for felonies like identity theft or piracy; and crimes that use the computer and its related systems as the target such as systems hacking or viruses. Therefore, computer crime is a relatively broad designation. Criminal activities like operating black market economies in pharmaceuticals or for unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material do not depend on computers, however. For clarification the definition of computer crime should focus more clearly on the crimes that directly involve computers and their systems as targets. Viruses and hacking are two of the most well-known and potentially harmful types of computer crimes, or cybercrimes. From the teenager experimenting with rebellious software coding to the former…. [read more]

Why Do Companies Find it Necessary to Distinguish Between Network Administration and Systems Administration? Essay


Mankind has long been fascinated with people who are essentially the same and yet present themselves with different characteristics. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel is widely believed to be the author of the concept of "the other." Essentially, the German philosopher suggested that men/women seem to want to put labels on others to establish the "pecking order" in their daily activities. (Hegel, 1807) This philosophical notion has been extended to diplomacy, politics and business. Rudyard Kipling famously said, "Oh, East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet." (Kipling, 1892) Individuals who resist the established order are universally shunned or eliminated. George Bernard Shaw observed that "Great Britain and America are two countries divided by a common…. [read more]

System Security Thesis

… System Security

Every organization which is dependent on computer systems for its vital activities needs to have a certain degree of system security, the level depending on the nature of data and the vulnerability of its system. With cyber-crime and computer-related crime on the rise, system security has become a necessity. System Security can be implemented in hardware, software, network or the information system. Apart from limiting remote and local access to the physical components of the computer system, security also focuses on limiting the coding errors which compromises system security. These source code errors may include buffer/integer overflows, faulty string manipulations, password mismanagement, improper function calls, etc. Servers which contain valuable personal, organizational and system information, and are connected to other vital system resources…. [read more]

Computers Term Paper

… These types of modems also allow for faster downloads.

The drives on the computer include 60 gigabyte hard drive, a 3.5-inch floppy drive and a CDR- DVD drive. The ample hard drive will allow vast amounts of storage. The rewritable CD-Rom will allow them to store pictures and other files associated with the business. The machine also includes a digital sound card and Speakers with subwoofers. ("Select System Components") also added a Cannon F80 Multifunction Printer, USB cable and a surge protector. The multifunction printer is a fax, printer and copier all in one. This will allow the business to print customer receipts and correspond with customers using the fax. The surge protector ensures that the computer is protected from surges in power that could…. [read more]

Computer Hardware -- Feature Comparison and Definitions Essay

… Computer Hardware -- Feature Comparison and Definitions

Critical Features and Capabilities of My Netbook

As a student, I value certain specific capabilities in a laptop computer that differ substantially from my requirements of a desktop computer or a full-feature laptop suitable for general business applications. Specifically, my current needs place a premium on portability, lightness, and battery life, because I rely on my computer in several successive classes and during break in-between classes during a typical day. That makes battery life one of the most important considerations for me. A Netbook such as the Inspiron Mini 10 (1018) Netbook (

is ideal for my current needs because if its lightness and prolonged (7-hour-plus) battery power. However, I have sacrificed various other capabilities in favor of…. [read more]

Computer Technology Assessing the Evolution Thesis

… Computer Technology

Assessing the Evolution of Computer Technology

The advent of the reduced instruction set (RISC) microprocessor and memory platforms set the foundation for exponential increases in processor and memory performance over the last twenty-five years. The previous generation complex instruction set computer (CISC) series of algorithms and memory management approaches set constraints on processing power that did not fully take advantage of the available computing hardware at the time. With RISC-based approaches to microprocessor and memory design, the everyday concepts of virtual memory mapping, pre-emptive and cooperative multitasking, and the rapid gains in virtual memory performance are all being driven by the lessons learned in RISC programming and development. RISC microprocessor development has also led to the development of the dual core technologies (Vanhaverbeke,…. [read more]

Computer Tech When Most Technology Companies Seek Term Paper

… Computer Tech

When most technology companies seek upgrades to their software systems or increases in their bandwidth, the most promising events on the computer horizon include advanced innovation in nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing. In "The Future of Computer Technology," Chris Hertzog explains teach of these fields and their practical applications. Most of the emerging computer-related technologies will help satisfy the need for smaller and more efficient processors. Nanotechnology especially promises tiny, even microscopic, computers. As Hertzog shows, nanotechnology is being explored in a number of different capacities for computer technology applications. Hertzog divides nanocomputers into four main categories: electronic nanocomputers, chemical nanocomputers, mechanical nanocomputers, and quantum nanocomputers.

Electronic nanocomputers are created with microscopic circuits that use nanolithography. Chemical and biochemical nanocomputers are based…. [read more]

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