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New Jersey Convention and Visitors Annotated Bibliography

… The book addresses technical change as it relates to adjustments in business models and strategies, and includes a clear explanation of revenue management as well. Using basic economic principles, the author shows how to use elementary supply and demand analysis to understand changes in the tourism industry, allowing for more succinct financial analysis.

Vantage Strategy. (2010). NJ Tourism 2009-2010: The great recession & tepid recovery…so far. Retrieved September 26, 2011 from:

This report discusses New Jersey tourism volume and spending, performance statistics for 2009 and 2010, along with NJ visitor demographics for business and leisure travelers. The report also discusses the economic impact of the NJ tourism sector, along with a county level analysis of tourism's contribution to NJ jobs, wages, taxes and GDP.…. [read more]

Mark Strat Marketing Strategy: Hawaii Visitor Term Paper

… Mark Strat

Marketing Strategy: Hawaii Visitor's and Convention Bureau

In order for an organization to survive today's marketplace, it must have an effective marketing strategy to remain competitive. The best approach to the largest segment of the market, means a company must remain focused on the customer. This paper will focus on the techniques that make up market strategy for a company. Use of integrated marketing communication or IMC should be used to achieve this goal. This paper will look at how IMC is used as a marketing strategy. IMC as a concept encompasses the use of tools like advertising, public relations and direct marketing in different types of media (Tri-Media 2005). This paper will look at the Hawaii Visitor's Convention Bureau or HVCB. It…. [read more]

Rezoning of Hudson Yard Term Paper

… Proper development of the MTA rail yards.

More than 10 acres of public open spaces and new parks.

That level of rezoning would take time to adjust to, and had to also be planned around making sure people could get access to the various areas that had been rezoned. Without proper mass transit access, the project could become a colossal and highly expensive failure. Fortunately, the city also had a plan for the No. 7 subway line, so people could get to the newly developed area when it was completed.

The value of that was significant to the overall value of the entire project, and something without which the project would not be able to go forward successfully.

Improvement of Mass Transit Access

With the…. [read more]

Mandalay Resort Group 2004 Term Paper

… Mandalay Resort Group

The events of September 11, 2001 have severely affected the gaming industry in Las Vegas. One of the conglomerates that were most affected by these events is the Mandalay Resort Group. However, Mandalay's consistent success and tradition helped the group to survive these events and to reclaim its position as a leader of the gaming industry in Las Vegas. Mandalay has come a long way since its beginning in 1974 as Circus. Its success is probably due to the work of a strong management team that was able to manage crisis situations, to make accurate predictions about trends of the market.

Another characteristic of Mandalay's management team is its empathic connection with the gaming market, on the one hand, and with clients,…. [read more]

No-Fault Compensation in UK Medical Malpractice Thesis

… 2 The survey tried to quantify the frequency and/or severity of adverse effects through a population sampling experienced as a result of their medical treatment. The respondent sample consisted of 3638 men and 4568 women, or a total population of 8,206.

395, or 4.8% (4.8 in every 100) patients felt that they had suffered some illness, injury or impairment, which directly resulted from their medical treatment or care. This figure is slightly higher than the estimates derived using the methodology from the Harvard Medical Malpractice Study, which estimated that 3.7 in every 100 patients suffered "adverse effect." The report noted that the proportion responding "positively declined with increasing age and was inversely associated with social grade." Further, the report stated, "there was…. [read more]

Nursing Law Dissertation

… Critical Care Nursing

Regarding Legal Liability

the critical care nursing regarding legal liability issues

Definition of key concepts

Introduction to the history of forensic nursing

Interaction with patients with legal liability issues

The critical care unit as forensic domain

Recognizing patients with legal liability issues

Wound characteristics

Recognition of evidence

Evidence collection and preservation

Integrating ethical and medico-legal considerations



Informed consent

Living wills and resuscitating orders

Critical care nurse as expert witness and court procedures

Research methodology for the study

Validity of the research process


Ethical considerations


Data analysis

3.10 Conclusion

Chapter 4: Data Analysis & #8230;..26


4.2 Biographical data

4.3 Knowledge base

Results of each item for the entire group 29

4.5 Summary of Scores from entire group 30…. [read more]

Tourist Behavior Toward Nature-Based Tourism Multiple Chapters

… The primary concept that is a part of ecotourism is that it entails consciousness and admiration of the Mother Nature and the activities based on it (Fennell, 2001, 2008).

Another concept that is a vital part of ecotourism is pertinent to the regional communal groups like contribution (Ross and Wall, 1999), prospective advantages (Honey, 2008) and authorisation (Scheyvens, 2002). The next concept is related to knowledge (Honey, 2002) and such tourism in which people consider themselves accountable (Fennell and Dowling, 2003). Lastly, ecotourism fosters maintainability (Blamey, 2001; Cole and Sinclair, 2002) and preservation (Wood, 2002).

Although various experts have investigated the definition, influence and shortcomings of ecotourism, comparatively less have discovered the viewpoints and behaviours of players dealing with the supply chain connecting a traveller…. [read more]

Fire Safety Management Term Paper

… Each year new chemicals are developed and new fire facts exist. It is important to maintain current knowledge and training for firefighter so that they can stay safe and they are well equipped to keep the community they serve safe as well.


The next step in any well run fire safety management program includes education. The education of community members can go along way in the prevention of future fires. Once members of the community are trained they also serve as eyes and ears for the fire department in their community. Many tips have been called in to fire inspectors by community members who are trained to recognize dangers. In addition many community members do not know about fire safety without having…. [read more]

Police and Racial Profiling Term Paper

… Moreover, many celebrities such as Will Smith, Marcus Allen, Wesley Snipes, have complained of arbitrary stops based on their skin color (Trende Pp). And according to a recent survey of the Congressional Black Caucus, eighteen of the thirty-nine members claimed "they or someone in their immediate family had been stopped for no reason other than the color of their skin" (Trende Pp).

The core of racial profiling is a judgement that the targeted group is more prone to crime in general or to a certain type of crime than other ethnic or racial groups (Barnes Pp). Before September 11, 2001, racial profiling was for the most part an issue in investigations of crimes involving guns or drugs, however, today Arab-Americans and visitors from Middle Eastern…. [read more]

James Madison at His Inaugural, Washington Irving Term Paper

… James Madison

At his inaugural, Washington Irving described the 4th President of the United States, James Madison, as "but a withered little apple-John, however, this small, wizened man was known as the Father of the Constitution, and was a staunch advocate for separation of state and church (James).

Born in 1751 in Port Conway, Virginia, Madison graduated in 1771 from College of New Jersey, now Princeton University. As a student of history, government, and law, he participated in the framing of the Virginia Constitution in 1776 and as a member of the Virginia Assembly (James). Madison served in the Continental Congress and participated in frequent debates at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia (James). Together with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, Madison made a major contribution…. [read more]

Use of Force in Law Enforcement Thesis

… ¶ … Force in Law Enforcement

The controversy swirling about Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., a respected Cambridge professor who happens to be an African-American, and Sgt. James M. Crowley, a police officer who arrested him at his home after someone called the police and said someone was breaking into it, is just one example of the wavering gray area which officers have to tread when deciding when to use force or not. When harangued because of his mistake, the officer took offense and the conversation became heated, setting off a controversy which reached the White House. President Barack Obama made the remark in a news conference that the police acted "stupidly" and the incident became a national issue. The New York Times reflected that…. [read more]

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