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Anxiety Disorders Diagnosis Research Paper

… Gelernter et al. (1991) compared the use of alprazolam in the treatment of social anxiety disorders and reported a positive outcome.


Just anecdotal evidence is in support of the efficacy of TCAs in the treatment of the social anxiety disorder (Van Vliet, Den Boer and Westenberg,1994)

Posttraumatic stress disorder

The use of Benzodiazepines

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is noted to be a complex syndrome which occurs after a single or multiple exposure tom traumatic events and it involves a multiplicity of symptoms. The symptoms include flashbacks, avoidance of the specific reminders of a given tragic event, emotional numbering among others. No established form of pharmacotherapy exists for PSTD but there are multiple forms of medications that appear to be very effective in the reduction…. [read more]

Substance Abuse Upon a Fetus Research Paper

… (Curet et al., 2002)

Drug abuse during pregnancy is completely avoidable. The damage that is done to the fetus during pregnancy as a result of drug abuse is again, completely avoidable. When women become pregnant unexpectedly, they still have power over their bodies and their babies. Education and healthy living are key to keeping the fetus safe during pregnancy. Women who are already addicts when they become pregnant have a much harder challenge than their non-addicted counterparts. There are programs that outreach into communities where women who are junkies, from legal or illegal substances are sought out and given assistance; of course it is always easier to help women when they come into a health care facility of their own volition. If a mother cares…. [read more]

Official Legal Definition of Contradiction Term Paper

… ¶ … official legal definition of contradiction is that there exists between two ideas an incompatibility and evident opposition of two idea which share the subject of one and the same proposition. In simpler words, this means that when a party who is accused of a crime contradicts himself, it is presumes that he is guilty, since by definition truth will not contradict itself, being always consistent. On the other hand, falsehood is generally inconsistent and therefore the truth of some facts, which are known to be true, will in turn contradict the falsehood of those, which are not true. Contradiction in any form will essentially weaken the cause, the case or the situation, and as it is seen, can even weaken the truth. If…. [read more]

Alcohol Consumption and Symptoms Literature Review

… ¶ … Alcohol Consumption and Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety are related to cognitive as well as psychological impairments. Both these disorders not only affect the life of the ones suffering from it, but also that of the people in the surrounding. Similarly, alcoholism is also another multifaceted social and health concern. It has been well-documented that alcohol abuse has inflicted every part of the world with problems ranging from relationship, health and social problems (Newlin, 2010). The roots of alcohol consumption can be dated back to the times human history originated. There exist numerous ancient literatures and scriptures that indicate the use of alcohol as medicinal compound (Liu, 2011). However, alcoholism has passed down from generation to generation as a social…. [read more]

Grumpier Old Men Term Paper

… Grumpier Old Men

This movie is a sequel to an earlier movie (Grumpy Old Men), about some friends, Max Goldman (Walter Matthau) and John Gustafson (Jack Lemmon). In this movie, John has married Ariel (Ann-Margaret) and Max pretends that he is perfectly fine, though he acts jealous and lonely. He claims the only joy left in his life is fishing, but the old bait shop is bought by a beautiful woman, Maria Ragatti (Sophia Loren) and her mother, Mama Ragetti (Ann Guilbert) and he and John try sabotaging her efforts to turn the building into an upscale "ristorante." John's lusty old father (Burgess Meredith) shows up again in this movie and flirts with women in a very raunchy way.

Part of the story involves a…. [read more]

Psychology: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Essay

… " (Feldman, 2009). Adverse reactions to abusing heroin include depression, convulsions, coma, financial difficulties due to the cost of obtaining the drug, homelessness, high risk for AIDS/HIV, violence, suicide, and death (by overdose) (Feldman, 2009; Oltmanns, & Emery, 2010).

Analyzing Physiological Effects & Treatments

Addiction begins when a person feels a craving for a substance, which has activated the "pleasure center" of their brain, which are the dopamine reward pathways and endorphins located in the limbic system (Oltmanns, & Emery, 2010). In chronic abusers of substances like alcohol, heroin, or cocaine, these pleasure centers have been so artificially high, repeatedly, that according to Raymond Anton, the brain has been literally "hijacked" by the floods of dopamine, that when the user is not high the limbic…. [read more]

Stress to Students With Disabilities Research Paper

… A close assessment of disabilities of different students illustrates that they are likely to experience high stress levels accruing from the stressing education and family environments. Parents who emphasize on unrealistic educational expectations or the denial about the disabilities of their children are also a source of stress to the students. In addition, peer pressure may lead to increased anxiety levels (Comer & Gould, 2013).

Stress management entails effective means of dealing with stress and stressors; in encompasses varied strategies of coping, behavioral and lifestyle changes and stress releasing methods. Some of the positive strategies of coping with stress for students with disabilities include the ability to prioritize activities, setting realistic goals, and engaging in positive personal talk coupled with playtimes (Mace, Coons & Weaverdyck,…. [read more]

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