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Nike Women's Case Nike's Global Case Study

… For example, it is not only that profitability that can drive this effort, the empowerment of women is another related cause that could be heavily promoted as a congruent objective. Therefore multiple methods of communication and messages will need to be developed in order to ensure that a sense of urgency is created. Involving as many employees as possible during this phase can also foster a sense of urgency. Such tactics might include group sessions in which a consensus is attempted to be reached, brainstorming sessions, best practice development and knowledge sharing, among other items can help facilitate these objectives.

2. Build the Change Team

Building the change team is also a vital component of the organizations initial effort for the new women's division design.…. [read more]

Nike Scenario Case Study

… The obstacles to this are that the team needs to be better aware of the needs and desires of women who exercise and play sports (non-professionally) in today's day and age.

Thus, short-term wins would simply revolve around doing effective research and finding out the greatest method and angle to reach this specific section of the market. The feedback process would involve talking with actual consumers from this portion of the market to determine what they thought and how they felt about the proposed ads. This feedback would help to revise the ads, make them more attention-grabbing, more thoughtful and more insightful so that once the ads to debut to the public, they've become the type of things that mothers want to show their daughters…. [read more]

Nike Hiring Gets Off on the Right Foot Case Study

… Nike: Hiring Gets Off on the Right Foot

Nike Hiring Case

New technologies were implemented in the hiring process within Nike during a recent hiring campaign. The company first acquired an Aspen Tree product to handle the initial hiring process. This system helped break the hiring process into several parts which saved money without sacrificing the potential to find quality applicants. Initial inquiries were then handled by an interactive voice response (IVR) system which screened individual; this system automatically eliminated individuals who did not fit hourly or experience requirements. Favorable applicants who passed the first screening were then required to come into local Nike stores to take an in-store computer interview which had much more detailed questions. All potential applicants who were asked to come…. [read more]

Nike Case Case Study

… Nike Case

Situation synopsis

Nike is beyond any doubt the leader of the shoes industry. It all commenced in restrained and confined facilities, where ingenious minds came up with the design of the Air Jordan -- the best sold shoes of all times. The design part plays a crucial role in Nike's success and throughout the years, incremental emphasis has been placed on improving the design and having it represent the organization.

While the evolution and role of design have followed the consistent path, the same cannot however be said about the evolution of business administration. The company executives have evolved tremendously from the time in which they implemented strategies based on hunches or when they spent tremendous sums of money on marketing alone. Throughout…. [read more]

Nike Case Study

… A driving accident in 2009 opened up the case of adultery that Woods had been having which destroyed his image and he had to take a break from golf. A lot of companies that had been sponsoring Woods to develop their image, which included Accenture, AT&T dropped their sponsorship after the adultery allegations against Woods started surfacing; however Nike did not take back their sponsorship and stood by the player. Charlie Denson, who was the brand president of Nike in an interview, stated that Woods was a good golfer and whatever his image ends up being; he is the main contributor in their business and will continue to be in the future (The Nike Company's position in Athletics, 2011).

This statement of Nike showed that…. [read more]

Adidas Response to Nike S Marketing Case Study

… Nike Case Study

Nike's core strategy is based on the idea of the pyramid of influence. The way that this strategy typically manifests is that Nike partners with top athletes in their fields, and uses the latent influence that those athletes have to market Nike's products. The strength of this strategy, in essence, is that Nike is right. Over time, the evidence is fairly conclusive that Nike's top athletes are worth a tremendous amount in the marketplace. Elberse and Verleun (2012) found that there is a positive payoff to having a celebrity endorser, and it stands to reason that the value of the endorser will increase with their prestige and fame. The authors found that when an athlete has a major achievement, sales increase. If…. [read more]

Nike Case Study

… For example, "In countries like Bolivia, more than 100,000 children and teenagers have organized unions to defend their right to work, demanding government protection and improved job conditions" (Friedman-Rudovsky, 2011). Therefore, while Nike's usage of child labor may be morally troubling, it is certainly not the moral absolute that it appears to be at first glance. As a result, one must examine Ballinger's other critiques of Nike's labor process.

Jeff Ballinger maintains that, even when one takes into account the differences in cost of living and the comparison of the purchasing power of a dollar in foreign countries, particularly Indonesia, Nike is still engaging in exploitative hiring practices. He believes that the calculations that Nike has used to support the idea that its wages are…. [read more]

Nike: From Sweatshops to Leadership Case Study

… An ethics audit holds the firm accountable for the ethical goals it stated, much like a financial audit holds a firm accountable for its financial performance. Nike knew that the textile industry was problematic from the beginning, given the industry's long-standing use of low-wage labor. Ethics auditing encourages organizational learning by providing constant feedback about the ethical performance of the organization. An ethics audit would have enabled Nike to reassess its perceptions of what constituted 'value.' Value can be thought of as finding the lowest-cost method of manufacturing a particular item. However, Nike should have realized the full, problematic extent of failing to be ethically vigilant, given the public relations disaster that occurred when the extent of its lack of ethical conduct was revealed. An…. [read more]

Nike's Open Innovation Strategy Essay

… Nike's Open Innovation Strategy

Nike Innovation Strategy

The following pages focus on presenting the open innovation strategy developed by Nike. The introduction describes the point-of-view that is used in this case. The Open Innovation Strategy section presents important facts about open innovation. The Company Presentation section presents important facts about Nike. The Nike's Open Innovation Strategy section describes Nike's innovation strategy, its advantages and disadvantages. The Conclusions section presents some of the most important issues addressed by the paper.

The requirements of the business environment characterized by increased levels of competition determine companies to develop innovative strategies that can help them create competitive advantage. It has been observed that the most successful companies rely on investments in their research and development process that can help…. [read more]

Hitting the Wall Nike and International Labor Practices Case Study

… Nike Case

Synopsis of the Situation

It appeared that Nike was nearing total market domination in the athletic footwear and casual sports wear markets of the U.S. During the 1990s Nike was nearing the pinnacle of success with its outsourced manufacturing business model to low cost laborers. Nike did not participate in more than a cursory role in monitoring the suppliers and manufacturers that produced products with their brand. This was a gross error according to Jeff Ballinger, a labor activist was a key player who was determined to bring to light the plight of workers in low wage countries (Spar, 2002). He was adamant in publishing work place exploitation in developing countries at the hands of their own governments in cahoots with large corporations.…. [read more]

Quiksilver Case Study

… Quiksilver, Inc. Case Study

Brief Company Description

Founded in 1976, Quiksilver, Inc. (hereinafter alternatively "the company") is headquartered Huntington Beach, California and competes in the global surf- and sports-apparel and accessories industries. The company initially catered to an exclusive market of surfing enthusiasts by providing innovative utilitarian product designs. For example, the company's promotional literature states that, "When Quiksilver boardshorts arrived on the market in 1970, they were the first to use two snaps and a Velcro closure to ensure they stayed on in the heaviest conditions; the first to utilize a yoked waist and scallop legs to maximize comfort and ease of movement; the first to use durable, quick-drying cotton" (About Us 2012, p. 1). Drawing on the success of its initial offerings, the…. [read more]

Nike's Global Women's Fitness Business Driving Strategic Integration Case Study

… Business Management Case Study -- Nike Strategy

Introduction to Organizational Strategy on Women's Fitness

The current organizational strategy of Nike with respect to women's fitness comprises a shift in seven specific aspects of its approach. In principle, it marks a shift away from the previous isolated initiative-based concept toward an integrated portfolio-based concept. That includes establishing a permanent prominence of brand loyalty instead of a series of inconsistent relationships as well as a shift toward concept-based collections instead of color-based selections. Mike also hopes to establish a consistent retail experience at the global level. Finally, the organization intends to rectify inconsistent and inadequate dedication of resources and to move away from the isolated business opportunity-based approach toward an integrated acceleration of global business opportunities.

Outline…. [read more]

Gillette, Inc Case Study

… At the same time, he admits that the company chooses to maintain the same because of its supposedly high pay-off (Socio, 2010).

Towards this end, scores of researchers have delved into the economic aspect of celebrity advertising to determine whether the value generated from celebrity endorsement can adequately offset the cost of risk involved. Gillette, for instance, made considerable losses when the controversy surrounding golfer Tiger Woods, one of the company's star endorsers, began to emerge. According to Knittel and Stango (2012), Gillette's shareholder value fell by a significant 4% within the first two weeks of the emergence of Wood's scandal. However, Gillette was not the only loser in the scandal -- Nike, which used Woods as an endorser for its golf balls, reported a…. [read more]

Nike and Knowledge Management Research Paper

… Nike Knowledge Management

Nike (NYSE:NKE) has successfully transformed knowledge management (KM) into a significant competitive advantage in their company by creating an organizational culture that seeks interpret, use and embed intelligence quickly into each strategic area. Nike is unique in that it has created an organizational ecosystem that learns over time, which is comparable in scope and function to the Toyota Production System (Dyer, Nobeoka, 2000). Due to their focus on KM, Nike has been able to successful transition from relying purely on price or products exclusively, and is now competing with knowledge. The intent of this paper is to analyze how Nike has been able to successfully use KM to turn their company into a learning organization, and what the company's best practices. The…. [read more]

Nike 2004 Term Paper

… Nike

The business case written in 2004 about Nike Incorporated was developed in a simple but clear style and contains relevant information about the company's history, culture, business operations, competitors as well as the internal and external forces which affect the company's actions. The information is useful for answering a wide variety of questions about the company and it is basically addressed to the general reader. If one desires a more comprehensive approach, further and more extensive research is required.

Nike was founded in 1971 from Philip Knight's commitment to developing high quality and low cost sports shoes. Along the years, the company went through numerous processes of organizational restructuring and followed mergers and acquisitions to finally become the company we know today. Nowadays, Nike…. [read more]

Nike Has Come Under Considerable Fire Thesis

… Nike has come under considerable fire for their perceived use of sweatshop labor. While the motivations of the accusers have come under some scrutiny, the allegations had a considerable impact on Nike's reputation, such that Nike became "the poster boy for everything bad in manufacturing" (p.851). The issue, however, was far more complex than either side presented. One complicating factor was that Nike owns no factories -- it merely contracts out production. Thus, the company did not always know the conditions of those factories. Conversely, many of Nike's accusers did not know the conditions of the factories, they merely made assumptions, some of which were patently incorrect. Nevertheless, the optics of the issue became a strong consideration for Nike. Regardless of the facts, Nike was…. [read more]

Nike in Today's Increased Globalization Term Paper

… Nike

In today's increased globalization, one must understand the fact that it has become increasingly difficult for a global manager to manage his operations perfectly. The manager would need to perform many more activities, including facing the operational and strategic challenges that his business throws at him, much more than he would have done in previous years. He would also have to be knowledgeable in the several different aspects of risk management, so that his company would perform at its optimum best, with no constraints. (Frenkel; Hommel; Rudolf; Dufey, 2005) in today's working environment, there are several different types of global specialists: business managers, country managers and functional managers. Today, a company does have to be much more effective and ready to face the multiple…. [read more]

Nike, Inc Term Paper

… Nike Company Profile

Analyzing the last five years of financial performance of Nike Corporation through extensive financial analysis, industry trend analysis, and completing a SWOT analysis of their current global strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats forms the foundation of this report. The evaluation and recommendations are based on extensive use of financial ratios and analytical tools.

Company and Industry Description

Nike Corporation SWOT Analysis

Five Year Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Geographic Analysis

Five Year Financial Ratio Analysis

Cross-Industry Financial Analysis

Evaluation and Analysis

Company & Industry Description

Identification of the publicly traded company

Nike is the global leader in the development, design, and production of athletic footwear and athletic apparel, and is considered one of the founders of the athletic footwear industry. The company…. [read more]

Nike vs. University of Oregon Term Paper


When we speak of Corporate Social responsibility- a phrase widely being used these days- do we realize that it is not limited to acts of philanthropy alone. Most firms would pride themselves on their various philanthropic ventures but this alone is definitely not CSR. CSR includes to a large extent everything action that firm takes in relation to those who work for the firm, who are impacted by firm's decisions and actions and the community at large. In this regard then, it is obviously safe to conclude that CSR also include a firm's labor practices and employment clauses. If a firm fails to treat its employees with dignity and fails to respect their basic human rights, it indicates a serious…. [read more]

Runners World: Sue Case Study

… However, this worked in the early days of her success when there was little or no competition. However, now she needs to extensively promote her shop and her product and the reason as to why they are better than the rest in the market. Her competitors such as Wal-Mart are already famous for their lower prices. She can build her advertising on the exact opposite, that is offering of expensive, exclusive and high quality products. However, as finances are a real concern for her, she need to keep in mind to use promotion which don't only leave an impact on the customers but are also cost effective. For that she needs to use below the line means of promotion, such as pamphlets and direct mail.…. [read more]

Banyan Tree Case Study

… Eco-friendly -- guests know that their patronage helps to contribute to various social and environmental organizations, part of the feel good factor while still enjoying luxury.

Incentives -- Guests are encouraged to try other Banyan Tree reorts based on different services and different locales; by rewarding clients for trying something within the organization, loyalty is increased and fiscal dollars are kept within the group. This is also engendered by allowing guests to experience a more "authentic" cultural experience based on location.

Trust in staff -- Employees are given freedom to decorate and redecorate villas so that even returning guests are assured of a unique experience each time they check in. Employees get to know guests and clients are treated like family with special ammenities once…. [read more]

Nike, Inc. Developing an Effective Public Relations Strategy Research Proposal

… ¶ … Nike failed to attain a level of shared ownership regarding Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and programs with human rights critics and activists by immediately absolving themselves of responsibility for all activities of their suppliers. The stance of Nike not being liable for the actions of suppliers was seen as an evasion of responsibility and only embattled the critics and activists even more.

In the timeframe of this case study Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives were in place and already being engrained throughout many of processes of other industries, high tech and retailing being two of note. Nike appeared to be seriously behind on this aspect of their corporate strategy with no apparent level of urgency to close the gap.

After years of prodding…. [read more]

Nike and Reebok Term Paper

… Another statistic states: "Digital billboards are making headway nationally. More than half (55%) of travelers have noticed a digital roadside billboard in the past month and nearly one-third (32%) have noticed one in the past week" ("Zinc LED screens solutions," 2009). It just affirms that digital billboards are the way to go for companies like Nike in promoting and effectively marketing their products.

This leads into Nike's pricing strategy. Nike uses Price Leadership strategy and value-based pricing. They do this in order to satisfy pricing objectives. Their pricing objectives may encompass consumer price elasticity and price points; and the resources they readily have available. Nike spends a lot of money on advertising. This is because they want to establish their brand as a top of…. [read more]

Nike vs. University of Oregon Corporate Social Policy Term Paper

… Corporate Responsibility -- Nike

Corporate Social Policy: Nike's dispute with University of Oregon

The Fair Labor Association and the Workers Rights Consortium both ostensibly strive to establish and enforce fair labor standards in America and abroad. However, the Fair Labor Association, part of a Bill Clinton White House-backed organization, attempts to strike a balance between the needs of corporations and the concerns of their workers, rather than purely act as an advocate for the rights of laborers like the Workers Rights Consortium. The Fair Labor Association also has apparel companies on its board to provide a voice for employers as well as employees. This reflected the fact that although Clinton's administration was largely a worker-friendly administration, it was hardly deaf to the voices of corporations…. [read more]

Nike Company Is Undoubtedly Essay

… The countries where employees suffer these violations from Nike appointed contractors are majorly India, Taiwan and Pakistan (TED Case Studies, 2014). Most of the victims referred to here are women and children.

In as much as the employed underage came without duress to seek employment and that each employee is paid what they consent to and agreed upon even if it is below the market value and not commensurate to the labor offered, the Nike Company risked getting many of its clients dissuaded from buying their products. As a matter of fact, many civil society organizations and agencies have in several occasions come up to call the Nike company a rip-off and trading in unethical products which were proceeds of corruption and exploited labor. These…. [read more]

Three Different Business Cases Case Study

… ¶ … Forecasting Attendance at SWU Football Games

(no Outside References Required For Case Due To The Nature Of The Case)

Develop a forecasting model, justify its selection over other techniques.

There are many different variables to consider when trying to choose a forecasting model. Some of the attendance patterns jump out without many calculations. For example, the second game of the season for the years represented seems to draw the highest attendance of the season. This is despite which opponent the team is playing and is consistent through all the years and whether or not there is a craft festival. The totals for each year steadily grow between 1.55% and 8.88% year over year. The percentage growth of last three years seem to be…. [read more]

Marketing - Nike: Company Analysis Research Paper

… " Newsweek. (1998). ]

The power of Nike to not only achieve but maintain such a frontrunner status, twice, in the industry is as much due to its creative, useful and fantastic products as it is to its advertising a marketing innovations. For example, brand management is one of the company's many strengths.

It is widely known in the advertising industry that most customers pay more for brands that they see as superior in style, reliability and quality. A company, therefore, is able, through its efficient brand recognition program, to "expand market share, command higher prices and generate more revenue than its competitors."[footnoteRef:17] [17: "Nike's 'Just do it' Advertising Campaign." Centre for Applied Research., accessed July 2011. ]

With its "Just Do It" campaign,…. [read more]

Nike Position in Global Fashion and Performance Apparel Market Term Paper

… NIKE: Building a Global Brand

Recommendation of the best course of action for building a global brand

All first-rate global brands have five common features, which may be employed in the form of a recommended strategy for brand building;

Their positioning is identical everywhere, providing them with a product of a unique or special quality as well as novelty with an emotional appeal (Disney and Coca-Cola are great examples of brands that demonstrate this feature).

Proper positioning: Effective brand positioning entails a thorough understanding of one's rivals in the market, followed by assessing one's own competitive advantage. Brands have to gain knowledge regarding other brands with similar products/services in the country where they sell, as there may be many different providers in different countries.

For…. [read more]

Labor and Union Studies Research Paper

… Also, when two people are working in close proximity one can be a distraction to the other without trying. If an employee's production numbers are decreasing then they need to be evaluated.

Workplace environment can also become hostile when an employer is, for some reason, trying to create profits at the expense of employees. Although labor disputes may often seem to be something that happened in the past, there is still a significant place in the workplace for unions. Labor organizations are designed to make the workplace environment a place where employees can be productive (Grant & Harvey). It does not matter what the grievance is a labor organization can work to alleviate the issue if there is an actual need. The environment a person…. [read more]

Starbucks Corporation: Competing a Global Case Study

… In other words, the company should work with local PR companies that can provide proper knowledge on the local market.

Starbucks' managers should decide what activities are best supported by the company. It is recommended to work on revealing the company's interest in national products in these countries, while combining them with the company's most popular products. In addition to this, managers should identify the environmental activities that present the highest importance in these countries and support them. This strategy could have significant effects on improving the situation of the company.

Reference list:

1. The Politics of Coffee (2011). Talk about Coffee. Retrieved September 1, 2011 from

2. Annual Report (2009). Starbucks Corporation. Retrieved September 1, 2011.

3. Wit, B. & Meyer, R. (2010).…. [read more]

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