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Family Intervention Family Issues - Profile Cody Term Paper

… Family Intervention

Family Issues - Profile

Cody is a nine-year-old boy, enrolled in the local elementary school. Cody exhibits antisocial behaviors at home and at school at least 2-3 times a week. Cody's mother is 26 years old and has been married three times. Her first husband was an alcoholic who abused both his mother and Cody for four years. The mother then lived with a man for three years, but then kicked him out when after the arguments and fights became violent. The third relationship was, once again, abusive toward both of them and ended suddenly and violently.

Until one and a half years ago, Cody was a happy, well-adjusted boy despite the circumstances. However, after his mother had a second child by the…. [read more]

Validating the Effectiveness of Participation Term Paper

… "

Shelov says that the healing process calls for a child to remember over and over, detail by detail. Children remember through retelling, through play, and through their post traumatic fears, dreams and unusual behaviors. All of these varied forms of remembering are indications of the trauma's force but which are also part of the child's internal struggle to heal and master the trauma.

Shelov stresses that trauma causes psychological wounds. Healing from the wounds requires time and can be influenced by understanding parents and other caregivers. Different children manifest different signs of psychological trauma. There is a correlation between particular aspects of the trauma itself and all that is special and characteristics about the child to bring about a child's particular response to the…. [read more]

Policy Change Anti-Bullying Research Paper

… They had to gain respect for their peers by seeing events from their point-of-view as possible. If a child is engaged in victimizing another child, they need to be pulled aside and reminded what they were doing to the other student. Also, the students who had witnessed the bullying and possibly encouraged it, needed to be reminded of why this was a bad behavior which is not tolerated. The bystanders may not think that they bring anything to the bullying relationship, but many bullies work out in the open with other students because they need an audience. The bullying act is far less fun when it is one-on-one. The audience provides validation for what the bully is doing. They see that other people understand the…. [read more]

Relationship Between Cognition and Language Development Learning New Words Term Paper

… Language and cognition is relatively new, given the fact that Jean Piaget only began his research the theories in the mid-1900s. Toward the end of the 1900s and more so now, increasing numbers of studies are being conducted to determine the relationship between language and cognition. As can be seen by the articles below, in many cases the rudiments of language development are started very early -- some even in the first few months of birth. Such studies are of interest to educators and parents, as well as those who are working toward the betterment of such illnesses as autism. Although much has been learned about the interrelationship of language and behavior, much still will not be determined until the study of the brain becomes…. [read more]

Division of House Work in My Nuclear Family Term Paper

… Family and Marriage

Division of Housework in My Nuclear Family

Social construction of gender is apparent from an early age in all American family relationships. Macionis points out that most people want to know whether an infant is a boy or a girl, placing emphasis on sex before a child is even old enough to know the difference (225). Social constructions encourage little girls to play with dolls and kitchen play sets, often resulting in young women who associate their roles as mother and cook for a family (Macionis 226-227; Stokes 237-241). Similarly, little boys are encouraged to play competitively and to choose toys and games that involve machinery, such as trucks. In high school, boys are more common in shop and auto mechanics, where…. [read more]

Letter of Intent: Personal Statement Professional Writing

… Working with Specific Populations

I've always had a knack with certain populations and have worked hard to better serve them and to empower them to make their lives better. One population that I've worked with was families who had loved ones which were suffering from Alzheimer's disease. My class advisor Dr. George Adams, a specialist in Alzheimer's, gave me the privilege of assisting him with a new Alzheimer's support group specifically designed for Greek-Americans. Because of my knowledge of Greek culture and fluency in the language, I not only participated in the group counseling sessions but also acted as a liaison between the group members and Dr. Adams. This gave me some truly pertinent professional experience in working with families which even exceeded past what…. [read more]

Where Are You Going Essay

… Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been by Joyce Carol Oates

Teenage self-destruction: Personal Identity that Leads to Self-Destruction among Adolescents.

Oates is a celebrated author with several titles to her name and one of the anthologies of short stories that has been widely read is "Where are you Going, Where have you been." This also doubles up as one of the titles of a captivating story within the anthology too. The story stands out from the rest of the stories within the anthology due to the inspiration behind it as well as the language and the themes encapsulated therein. it'd scary yet captivating and the reader, however scared, cannot afford to stop following Connie, the main character therein, to the very end. Indeed…. [read more]

Paul Tough the Book Book Report

… Clearly starting any new program, especially one that involves poverty in a community, evolves over time. For Canada, he was always willing to cut his losses and change his plan. But the big picture for Canada -- his mission -- and this is one of the most impressive points of the book, is the betterment of not just Harlem, but of Black America. "In a very real way, he is trying to deliver his race as much as he is trying to save a neighborhood," Tough explains on page 99 of the book.

In conclusion, it is informative, enlightening, and educational to read Tough's book because such a powerful story about education and poverty hasn't been told in quite the same way previously. Whether other…. [read more]

Autism the Differences Research Paper

… Blackwell, et. al argue that before the diagnosis of autism is attempted all primary care physicians should routinely, when necessary, use developmental screening tests on their patients. Unfortunately, less than 1/3 of "primary care providers have been shown to conduct a standardized developmental screening test in child office visits" (Blackwell, 2001, p. 534).

The AAN guidelines urge that when a child has delayed language development or motor skills, the primary care provider should immediately engage in audio logical assessment to rule out any ear or auditory issues, followed by using the CHAT, Autism Screening Questionnaire (Blackwell, 2001, p. 535). At this stage, one of two things must happen, either the child passes or fails the test; if the child passes, then the child still must…. [read more]

Psychoanalytically Interpreting Rapunzel Essay

… Rapunzel

The Grimm brothers' fairy tale "Rapunzel" is ripe for psychoanalytic interpretation because it includes a number of peculiar textual details requiring analysis. In particular, the way the story is broken up into three distinct parts and the relation these divisions have to the characters (especially the prince and the enchantress) demonstrate how the story formulates the journey from child to adult as one of a conflict and eventual reconciliation between the notions of eros and thanatos. Examining the function of the prince and the enchantress in relation to Rapunzel reveals that they serve as representations of eros and thanatos, respectively, ultimately explaining some of the more mysterious details of the text. The story is making a claim regarding the importance of reconciling death with…. [read more]

Discovering Personality Through Memoir Essay

… ¶ … plain vanilla person, but my early years could be described that way. I was born in [INSERT TOWN & COUNTRY] to a working class [?] family of [INSERT NUMBER OF PEOPLE] consisting of my parents and my siblings [INSERT NAMES OR NUMBER OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS]. Life with my family was predictable and as stable as could be expected given the times and the place.


I found the 5-factor personality theory to be a comfortable fit for thinking about how I have adapted over the years, and perhaps why my personality appears to have changed along some dimensions. The quality of extraversion is not an attribute that I would have considered as applicable to me during my growing up years. Indeed, I…. [read more]

Crime Theories and Juvenile Delinquency Term Paper

… 171).

Additionally, juvenile delinquency can be analyzed using the psychodynamic theory of juvenile delinquency as proposed by August Aichhorn. According Aichhorn (1925), there are three types of youthful offenders: those with underdeveloped superegos, those who have no boundaries set for them by their parents, and those with adequately developed superegos (Arrigo, 2006, p. 32; Sigmund Freud, n.d.). Aichhorn (1925) believed that an underdeveloped superego could lead to latent delinquency and cause the id to go unchecked; in these cases, the youth would act impulsively and seek instant gratification, and would not show remorse for his or her actions (Arrigo, 2006, p. 32). Aichhorn (1925) claimed that proper development of the superego was dependent on a child's ability to form loving attachments with their parents, however,…. [read more]

Montessori School Advantages Essay

… One comes from the "very rigid way" that some Montessori teachers have "insisted on presenting the Montessori materials"; they leave "no room for discovery or creativity, Britton explains. It is surprising that teachers like this aren't removed from the Montessori classrooms.

The second typical misrepresentation of Montessori comes from the school's own written materials, Britton goes on. Maria Montessori used the word "work" in relation to the children's activities; she wrote that "Play satisfies only a part of one's nature, work goes deeper and brings satisfaction to one's whole being." But what she meant was schoolwork, not "work" from the adult perspective. Britton makes some points directed at parents, which are not germane to this paper necessarily but two are certainly worthy of attention.

One,…. [read more]

Treating Impaired Infants Research Paper

… Ethics

Treating Impaired Infants

Nearly 20 years have passed since the Reagan administration first drafted the Baby Doe rules that mandated treating impaired newborns unless they are permanently comatose, any treatment would merely prolong their death, or treatment would not be effective. These rules were mainly inspired by clinical meetings during the late 1970s and early 1980s, when children born with multiple congenital irregularities, were allowed to die. The Baby Doe rules symbolize the first U.S. legislative attempt to control the treatment decisions of physicians regarding involvement at the beginning of life. Since that time, policymakers and jurists have pondered the proper role of federal policy in regards to this. Some have held these rules, insofar as they seek to prevent discrimination against disabled children…. [read more]

Adoption Gay Term Paper

… Gay Adoption

Adoption is an important social and legal process whereby children without parents are placed in homes and given full status as members of a family. Adoption goes beyond the sort of temporary placement that is common in foster homes and is seen to serve the needs of the children, to benefit the adoptive parents, and to strengthen society. Adoption for many people stands as the only viable option they have to become parents because they cannot conceive on their own, and yet there are usually far more children in need of adoptive parents than there are parents. Some children are harder to place than others, usually because they are older, and adoptive parents prefer small children as a rule. Children who have certain…. [read more]

Psychosocial Theory Term Paper

… Erik Erikson & Post-Freudian Theory

The different theories of famous psychologists Sigmund Freud and Erik Erikson have been used to interpret and analyze certain characteristics and human behavior. Present day psychology research and studies utilize the theories of Erik Erikson in their attempts to analyze and explain human behavior. The theory of personality development as introduced by Erik Erikson followed the post-Freudian theory of human development in eight stages. The eighth stages consisted of stages where behaviors built on the behaviors learned or acquired in the previous stage. Erikson's eight stages were: 1) trust vs. mistrust, 2) autonomy vs. shame and doubt, 3) initiative vs. guilt, 4) industry vs. inferiority, 5) identity vs. role confusion, 6) intimacy vs. isolation, 7) work and parenthood, and 8)…. [read more]

Birth Order and Juvenile Delinquency Term Paper

… After all, according to the prevailing theory, laterborns are more likely to flout authority while firstborn children are more likely to obey authority figures and to uphold the status quo.

Studies regarding birth order and crime, however, are conflicting at best. While some researchers have found links between criminal behavior and birth order, other studies are unable to replicate these results.

In an early study of delinquency among young women, for example, Jill Leslie Rosenbaum examined family background characteristics of 159 female juvenile delinquents who were committed to the California Youth Authority in the early 1960s. Rosenbaum found that 32% of those female delinquents were oldest children (1989: 36-37). While not a majority, this figure represents a substantial portion of the juvenile offenders and belies…. [read more]

Hmp Holloway Road Prison Term Paper

… Holloway

HMP Holloway road prison

I have not altered this paper as I am still awaiting a response to the previous query. Please re-submit the paper as a new order asking for additions. As noted previously, it seems that you need to do the interviews, which would then be added as a new chapter.


HMP Holloway Road Prison

The Issue of Mothers With children in Holloway Road Prison

The issue of mothers in prison and the affect that their incarceration has on their children and on themselves is a subject that has raised debate and contention across many disciplines. The problematics of the pregnant woman who is incarcerated also complicates this issue and presents a number of questions that need to be resolved, both…. [read more]

Are School-Based Anti-Bullying Programs Decreasing the Rate of Victimization? Thesis

… School-Based Bullying

Prevention Programs

The problem regarding how schools may best make their environments physically and emotionally safe leads to the question: Does a school-based program decrease victimization? This leading question guiding the literature review addresses a critical concern challenging school officials and others interested in helping to ensure the safety and emotional well-being of youth. Determining what works best to confront violence and students being victimized, are interventions that help the child become stronger within himself. The program Olweus developed, which a number of school officials base their school-wide anti-bullying programs, on depicts an excellent example of one effective approach to counter bullying, victimization and violence.

During the study's literature review which examines the primary research question: Does a school-based program decrease victimization?, the…. [read more]

Letter to Editor Thesis

… Letter to Editor

As someone who has watched teenage friends make poor family planning choices due to misinformation, I applaud The Dallas News for the recent editorial "Sex Education Without Guesswork." Sex education is important for two main reasons: to help teenagers protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases and to help prevent teen pregnancy. Abstinence is a great choice for some, and whenever possible abstinence is an ideal way to prevent both unwanted pregnancy and STD. However, teaching abstinence does not preclude educators from also teaching about safe sex and contraception. In fact, educators have an obligation to their students to teach the facts about their own bodies. Education is worthless if facts are doled out selectively, or not at all.

Adolescents are deemed mature…. [read more]

Educational Psychology Schools Must Take a Firm Thesis

… Educational Psychology

Schools Must Take a Firm Stand Against Bullying

Bullying in public schools is not a new phenomenon but it is a pervasive and serious problem, and a great deal of research has gone into the psychological aspects of bullying. Scholars, journalists, researchers and others - along with experts in psychology - have weighed in for years on the problem of bullying, and this paper will review some of that literature, including the research that is clearly appropriate for an educational psychology assignment. Indeed, this paper will posit that teachers, parents, and administrators should put their heads together whenever official cooperative moments are at hand and adopt mandatory polices against - and in response to - all forms of bullying in public schools.

The…. [read more]

Montessori's Philosophy Term Paper

… Montessori's Philosophy

Montessori's Spirituality Philosophy

Humans are spiritual creatures by nature. Indeed, one of the distinguishing characteristics of humanity is the unswerving belief in things that are intangible, a belief that can only be rationalized and supported through faith. Despite enormous differences otherwise, throughout the ages, people have always been interested in the spiritual nature of the world around them in an effort to understand what was happening to them, and children are no exception of course. When it comes to the spiritual nature of children, though, there are some profound differences from their adult counterparts that may not be readily understood by those who have lost the wonder in their lives and who no longer believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. These…. [read more]

No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) Term Paper

… No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2002 changed the requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Act of 1965. The NCLB Act focuses on policy and distribution of funds to public schools, with federal funds mostly distributed to school districts whose populations come from lower economic levels and represent culturally diverse populations, such as African-Americans, Native Americans, Asians, and Latinos (Conrad 2005). Proponents of this new Act claim that its mission is to close the achievement gap by holding school districts and states accountable, encouraging the use of flexible educational approaches, and supporting parents' rights to school choice (Conrad 2005).

Although on the surface, it appears no one would argue with these goals, yet critics question the means by which the federal government's public school…. [read more]

No Child Left Behind Act Term Paper

… "

Multicultural programs will benefit from the grater flexibility that is incorporated into the Act to allow schools to the use of Federal education funds for their determined needs in exchange for greater accountability in obtaining results.

Culturally, students will be able to relate to their ethnic backgrounds and traditions while learning the necessary skills to improve their performance. By using what they are familiar with, many students will be able to achieve higher scores and not feel inferior to their peers. The programs for both the Act and multicultural programs will attempt to meet the needs of low achieving children in the highest poverty areas, children whose native language is not English, children with handicaps, Native American children and children with discipline/delinquency problems.

It…. [read more]

NCLB and ELL Students Term Paper

… ¶ … No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act passed in 2001 was intended to create better accountability in the schools and produce better outcomes for public education. Although the federal government has vehemently defended the legislation, critics contend that NCLB does very little to improve outcomes for students. Additionally, scholars have maintained that for children with special needs -- i.e. learning disabilities, ELL/ESL learners, etc. -- NCLB has created signification gaps that remain difficult for public schools to close.

With the realization that NCLB has had a number of negative and unintended consequences, there is a direct impetus to consider the problems that have developed as a result of this legislation. Using this as a basis for research, this investigation considers the No Child Left…. [read more]

No-Fault Compensation in UK Medical Malpractice Thesis

… 2 The survey tried to quantify the frequency and/or severity of adverse effects through a population sampling experienced as a result of their medical treatment. The respondent sample consisted of 3638 men and 4568 women, or a total population of 8,206.

395, or 4.8% (4.8 in every 100) patients felt that they had suffered some illness, injury or impairment, which directly resulted from their medical treatment or care. This figure is slightly higher than the estimates derived using the methodology from the Harvard Medical Malpractice Study, which estimated that 3.7 in every 100 patients suffered "adverse effect." The report noted that the proportion responding "positively declined with increasing age and was inversely associated with social grade." Further, the report stated, "there was…. [read more]

Education No Child Left Behind on January Thesis

… Education

No Child Left Behind

On January 8, 2002, President George W. Bush signed into law the No Child Left Behind Act. This act was a continuation of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) by Congress. In order to satisfy NCLB requirements, schools must prove that each one of its students is proficient, or on grade level, in key educational areas, such as reading and math, by 2014 in order to continue to receive federal funding. Beginning with the 2002 -- 2003 school years, the NCLB required school districts to prepare annual reports for families and the public at large describing academic achievement for the entire district, by individual schools, and by grade level (No Child Left Behind, 2010).

The effects of…. [read more]

NCLB the Impact of No Child Left Term Paper


The Impact of No Child Left Behind on Teachers, Students, and Parents

The federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, which was implemented by President George Bush, aims to bring all students up to the proficient level on state tests by 2014, and to hold states and schools completely accountable for results. NCLB requires all districts and schools that receive Title I funds to meet state "adequate yearly progress" (AYP) goals for their entire student populations and for specified demographic subgroups, including major ethnic and racial groups; students from low-income families; limited English proficient (LEP) students, and students with disabilities. If these schools do not meet AYP goals for two or more years, they are considered schools "in need of improvement" and…. [read more]

Negatives in No Child Left Research Paper

… 2).

Teaching to the Test / Curriculum Issues / Dropout Rate / Segregation

What NCLB has forced many teachers to do -- forced may be a bit strong, but in fact teachers feel obligated -- is to teach their classes "to the test." In other words, teachers know what is on these standardized tests so in order to make it look like their classes are improving academically, the teacher emphasizes learning what is in the test. The idea of teaching students to solve problems and think creatively, teachers (thanks to NCLB) teach to the test. University of Maryland associate professor of education Linda Valli spent four years researching teachers and investigating quality teaching in 4th and 5 grades. She explains that the shift (with NCLB)…. [read more]

On January 8, 2002 President Term Paper

… 2. Even bigger changes are coming in state accountability systems. A major change in the NCLB Act from the previous law is that states must establish one accountability system for all schools, not just those receiving Title I funds. States with two systems -- one for Title I schools and another for other schools, mostly middle and high schools -- will have to amalgamate them. Adequate yearly progress requirements for schools and districts have been tightened appreciably. Each state must now define what proficiency is on their state tests for each grade level. They must establish a starting point to measure schools and then raise the bar in equal increments for 12 years until all students are performing at the talented level in 12 years…. [read more]

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