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NSW Occupational Law Case Study

… Regardless, the blatant rules of evidence violation by the industrial court would have invalidated the decision regardless. However, if one considers what would have happened had the court not made such an error, then the conviction may have held up on later review and the lack of a tangible reason for conviction alone may not have persuaded the upper court to intercede. The real problem is the fact that the NSW regulations seem to place all responsibility for employee safety on the employer and none on the employee and that is simply not logical or justifiable. In the case of Kirk, it theoretically could have been possible for someone to notice what Kirk was trying to do and urging him to stop before it was…. [read more]

Echo Valley Council Case Report Case Study

… Doe. Assuming sufficient home-based support can be provided, Mr. Doe can effect meaningful improvements through bed rest. In addition, should best rest be insufficient, Echo Valley's hospital has 12 general ward beds and a 20-bed nursing home that could provide the hospital care needed for Mr. Doe's rehabilitation.

Early stage dementia

Generally, dementia is comprised of a constellation of symptoms that indicate chronic and widespread dysfunction (Nazarko, 2008). The global impairment of cognitive capacities is the essential defining characteristic of dementia which presents as difficulty with memory, attention, reasoning, language and comprehension; however, other mental functions, such as marked changes in mood, personality, judgment, and social behavior, are also frequently involved (Nazarko, 2008). The primary goals of the intervention for elderly Australians with early stage…. [read more]

Present an IR Portfolio of Work Including Sourced and Analyzed Documentation Case Study

… IR Portfolio of Work

Amcor Limited is an Australian multinational company that specializes in packaging. The company headquarter is in Victoria with branches scattered across the Australia. Amcor also supplies range of plastics, metal, and glass. Although, the company operates in 42 countries, however, the company major operation is in Australia, and the company follows Australian workplace legislation to enhance worker's safety in Australia.

Objective of this paper is to investigate the workplace regulations guiding workplace practice of Amcor Limited.

Identification of Workplace Legislation Guiding Amcor Limited in Australia

Amcor Limited is committed to provide a safe, motivating and rewarding environment to support workers to reach their potentials. To achieve this objective, the company aims to maintain a safe workplace. Thus, Amcor follows the laid…. [read more]

Ohs Act and Regulations Essay

… Another area that requires a lot of consultancies is when the adequacy of amenities at the work place is being considered.

Section 8(2) of this Act stipulates that all employers are required by law to ensure that persons excluding their employees are also not exposed to or prone to the risk that exists at the work place. These categories of people include short-term contractors with specific terms of reference, customers who are consuming the services and goods as well visitors. Section 26 of the same Act states that employers at directors, management and supervisory levels are all responsible for the occupational Health Services within their spheres of influence or areas of jurisdiction. Regulation 14 of the Act also requires that employers provide competent supervision through…. [read more]

Environmental Systems Capstone Project

… ¶ … environmental systems in the past five years. Summarize the techniques used, the assumptions and limitations faced, the potential for error and how it was minimized, and the lessons learned.

Scope/Direction of the Research

The scope of the study extended to a review of relevant studies published within the last 5 years to provide an overview and recapitulation of the techniques that have been used in recent years to study the development of environmental systems, the assumptions and limitations that have been encountered along the way, the potential for error and how it was minimized, and the lessons learned from these efforts. The development of environmental systems includes various geospatial technologies, alternative energy systems, and other technological solutions that are designed to interact with…. [read more]

Emotional Labor Implications Essay

… Women were also found seeking flexibility in work in most cases more than working men as mothers of infants and school going children need more time to manage their life. (Barbara, 2011). Taking the example of Korean firms where a study showed that Family-friendly workplaces do not always benefit the business. In presence of high performance work system (HPWS) and teams providing employees with too much flexibility and family friendly management can have negative impact on firm and consequently its turnover, labor productivity and labor relations (Jong-Sung., 2010). In relation to call center industry one cannot disregard the fact that work hours depend mostly on time zones where customers reside for example a call center agent in India offering services to a customer in USA…. [read more]

Activities to Reduce Inappropriate Behaviors Term Paper

… However, to date there is limited documented research supporting such a statement. In 2000, Holm and his colleagues conducted a seminal study that used everyday activities- (or occupation-) based interventions with two dually diagnosed students who attended school and lived in a CLA. The everyday activities-based intervention focused on enabling the students' participation in everyday AM and PM activities such as bed making, selecting clothes for school, helping prepare the food for dinner, setting the table, and selecting the games and crafts for after-dinner activities. Overall, the disruptive and challenging behaviors of the two students were significantly reduced when they participated in the everyday activities-based tasks, even though the focus of the intervention was NOT on their behavior as in the school environment, but rather…. [read more]

Future Applications of Forensic DNA Essay

… More importantly, it would also help exonerate wrongly accused individuals (Dononue 2007). In this regard, one DNA scientist emphasizes that, "Any type of organism can be identified by examination of DNA sequences unique to that species. Identifying individuals within a species is less precise at this time, although when DNA sequencing technologies progress farther, direct comparison of very large DNA segments, and possibly even whole genomes, will become feasible and practical and will allow precise individual identification" (Drell 2009, p. 2).


The research showed that the past half century has witnessed the introduction of increasingly sophisticated DNA sequencing techniques that provide forensic scientists with the ability to verify the identify of people based on various types of biological specimens, including hair, blood, semen. The…. [read more]

Australian Legal System Essay

… Australian Legal System

Migrant women constitute a growing proportion of the childbearing population in many high-income countries (McLachlan and Waldenstrom, 2005). Migrant women are often classified as unskilled, and they constitute the largest and most vulnerable category among migrants (Piper, 2004). Women who do not belong to the dominant culture, or who are different because of their race, sexual orientation or disability, continue to confront marginalization in the policymaking process and require different strategies to integrate their agendas into the public policy process (Rankin and Vickers, 2001).

During 1989-1990, women made up just over 40% of those classified as principal applicants for settlement in Australia. The eligibility of these people to immigrate was looked at, and if successful, other members of their immediate family were…. [read more]

Sustainability of Forest Logging in Tasmania AUS Essay

… Sustainability of Forest Logging in Tasmania, Australia

This is a case study about the sustainability problems of the ongoing logging actions taking place in Tasmania, Australia. The case study focuses on the current situation of logging in Tasmania and reasons why it is becoming more and more of an urgent sustainability issue. The major players in the industry are identified and examined as well as relevant policy and policy issues, including problems within its governance structures and an analysis of how to fix the governance problems. The final sections of the case study will offer insights into what needs to be done to remedy the situation and recommendations concerning how to achieve these remedies. The research strategy was to focus on certain key areas of…. [read more]

Handling Sharp Instruments in Nursing Research Proposal

… Nurse's Knowledge

Migrating Catheters

Washing "Bloody" Hands


The thrust of this article in the British Journal of Nursing is that safe strategies in terms of handling sharp instruments, including needles, can and must lead to the prevention of infections to patients, staff, and visitors to healthcare facilities. Without safe, well-thought-out procedures and policies with reference to the handling of needles and other sharp instruments used in hospitals and clinics, individuals in and near the healthcare activity could be inadvertently exposed to infections from blood-borne pathogens. The danger then is great, and procedures to prevent these infections are vital to hospitals and clinics.

Article Summary

Aziz, a.M., Ashton, H., Mathieson, K., Jones, S., and Mullin, B. (2009). Sharps

management in hospital: an audit of equipment,…. [read more]

Special Education Teachers Term Paper

… The key element is the teachers' perception of threat (either this is self-imposed or imposed by others)." (Kyriacou, 1987).

Further, occupational stress that occurs at high levels leads to dissatisfaction, absenteeism, and ultimately turnover. Kyriacou & Sutcliffe concluded that the work conditions were the contribution factors to teacher dissatisfaction and leaving, rather than the experience of teaching itself. (Kyriacou & Sutcliffe, 1979). The work conditions referred to in this case include the combination of the wage structure and the job responsibilities and the inequities between the two.

Multiple studies have identified causes of teacher stress, identifying commonalities such as a high pupil to teacher ratio, limited pupil progress, unreasonable workload, role overload and role conflict, relationship issues with colleagues, a poor working environment, insufficient wages,…. [read more]

Nurses and Ethics of Code Essay

… Going in excessive details would not only be violating confidentiality law but will create further complications for the nurse.

It is true that loyalty is an important characteristic regardless of where a person works. Even though Loyalty is something nurses should feel for their senior doctors and for the hospitals, morality over rides loyalty. If a doctor or a hospital functions in a way that they cause excessive harm to a person's life, there is no point in staying loyal to such a hospital. Sometimes mistakes and negligence occurs that can be fixed, other times these mistakes go on to take a person's life. Nurses should look at how many future accidents they go on to prevent only if they report the wrongdoing at the…. [read more]

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