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Nuclear Power Term Paper

… However, despite the limitations present in this technology, it is among the best alternative available for producing cost efficient power that is suitable to meet the world's energy needs. Even though the plant in Japan suffered a catastrophic fate after the recent tsunami, the probability of the likelihood of such a disaster has diminished significantly. In fact, the plant in Japan that experienced problems was built in the 1960s and more current designs are substantially more fail safe. Furthermore, nuclear power does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions which are likely to be one of the most important considerations due to the increasing body of literature surrounding the climate change phenomenon. Therefore, nuclear power may be a necessary evil, but it will allow society to…. [read more]

Nuclear Power Disadvantages Essay

… (Dulabab, 2011)

Most important disadvantage of nuclear energy is that it can get into the hands of terrorist or it may suffer accident. There are two most famous accidents that raises question about security of nuclear plants. These are;

Chernobyl Disaster

The Chernobyl disaster was nuclear accident that happened on 26 April 1986 in Ukraine which was under the control of Russia. Accident released large quantity of radioactive contamination. The accident cost Russia to a high deal and costs 18 billion rubles to contain the contamination and avert a great catastrophe, which in turn cripples the Russian economy. The accident raised concerns about security of nuclear plants in Russia.

Fukoshima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster

Fukoshima Daiichi nuclear disaster is a series of equipment failures, nuclear meltdowns…. [read more]

Nuclear WMD a Real Threat A-Level Coursework

… Nuclear WMD a Real Threat within the Next 10 Years

Q 2) the value of non-proliferation treaties in today's environment

The United States has been seen to use the Non-Prolific Treaty in a way that satisfies is selfish interests. They are proud of the idea that their greatest rival has reduced the production of nuclear arsenals and have stopped other states from developing original arsenals. This is how the non-prolific treaty may possibly affect foreign policies in the United States. Other countries are under the fear of nuclear weapons that are spreading across the globe (Forsberg, 2005).

NPT was developed so that countries could protect their boarders from the nuclear warfare that was pending. During the commissioning of this treaty, United States and the Soviet…. [read more]

Nuclear Energy: Risks vs. Reward Essay

… Apart from the benefits of nuclear power posted above, the same also has several drawbacks. The very first concern in this case has got to do with safety especially after the high profile disasters that have taken place in the past. Such high-profile disasters include the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. According to Mckinney, Schoch and Yonavjak (2012), the Chernobyl nuclear plant explosion which took place sometimes in April 1986 is largely regarded one of the worst disasters that has ever occurred in a nuclear power plant. According to the author, the number of deaths that came about as a direct effect of the explosion were 31. However, what is more worrying is that of the 600,000 individuals who were exposed…. [read more]

Nuclear Weapons Knowing Essay

… Norman Polmar, U.S. Nuclear Arsenal: A History of Weapons and Delivery Systems Since 1945, (Naval Institute Press, 2009).Podvig Pavil, Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces, (2004).]

Another way that has been suggested in order to cut off the production of these weapons is the lack of permission to produce highly enriched uranium or plutonium by countries so that nuclear weapons can be made through them. By doing so, the most vital raw material for nuclear weapons being unavailable, the production of nuclear weapons comes to a halt. (Hoffman 2010)

Moreover, the most important way to stop the spread of nuclear weapons is one that can only be achieved by attaining global cooperation. Through this, all countries can make sure that new weapons of mass destruction are not…. [read more]

Trends in U.S. Nuclear Energy Policy Term Paper


In the research initiative to more fully understand the policy stance of the United States on nuclear and energy policy, one quickly gains an understanding that there are several different dimensions to U.S. nuclear and nuclear energy policy matters. Declaratory policy many times fails to "correspond closely" with arms control and nonproliferation policy, which also should but does not always appear to be highly correlated with either targeting and employment policy and/or R&D policy." (Potter, 2005)


The work of William C. Potter (2005) entitled: "Trends in U.S. Nuclear Policy" states that it is well-known that in the first part of 2002 "the U.S. Department of Defense released to Congress the findings of its…. [read more]

Environmental Science Nuclear Power Technical Summary Term Paper

… Environmental Science

Nuclear Power

Technical Summary

To eventually produce electricity with nuclear energy, a mining company must first find, purify, supplement, and make fuel-grade uranium pellets. Uranium is an element that exists in somewhat different forms in nature. All uranium atoms have the same number of protons, but not all uranium atoms have the same number of neutrons. The heat that is fashioned by uranium comes from nuclear fission, a process that causes an atom to split into pieces. When uranium naturally decomposes, it emits neutrons. Loose neutrons will have a collision with other uranium atoms and cause them to split. In turn, more neutrons are released that have a collision with even more uranium atoms. This chain reaction can keep expanding exponentially until a…. [read more]

Power, Interdependence, and Nonstate Actors Research Paper

… Power, Interdependence, And Nonstate Actors in World Politics

Power, Interdependence, and Non-state Actors in World Politics

In the late 1970s, new approaches emerged concerning international relations. Although the constituents of the new approaches appear in numerous literatures, several political scholars combined the themes in the various literatures to develop a competitor to realism, which later led to the formulation of neo-realism. This model was first discussed in Power and Interdependence; however, this approach is currently popular and referred to as neo-liberal institutionalism. After three decades since Power and Interdependence, numerous studies suggest that this new model has gained significant international relations. On the other hand, After Hegemony, which is core to the neo-liberal model, provided the most compelling theoretical support for the existences and role…. [read more]

Augmenting Traditional Electric Power With Solar Power Is a Wise Investment in South Florida Research Paper

… Science

Augmenting Traditional Electric Power with Solar Power is a Wise Investment in South Florida

Solar is a powerful source of energy that can be utilized to heat, cool, and light homes and businesses. This is for the reason that more energy from the sun falls on the earth in one hour than is utilized by everybody in the world annually. There are assortments of technologies that can be used to convert sunlight to functional energy for homes. The most frequently utilized solar technologies for homes are solar water heating, passive solar design for space heating and cooling, and solar photovoltaic's for electricity. Businesses and industry also utilize these technologies in order to expand their energy foundation, advance proficiency, and save money. Solar photovoltaic and…. [read more]

Why the World Should Use More Nuclear Energy Term Paper

… ¶ … Nuclear Energy

Why the World Should Use More Nuclear Energy

Capacity to Provide Energy

The G8 and Other Developed Countries


Cost of Waste Treatment


Measures Required

Small and Advanced Nuclear Power Generation Plants

The Waste Management

The world energy requirements are souring with the passing days. The requirements are increasing in a multiplying manner as more and more populations are gaining access to developed facilities. The changing life styles and increased usage of urbanized amenities plays a vital role in increasing energy demands. The major developed countries and developing nations across the globe keep energy as their central focus to maintain the levels of growth they have already attained. Furthermore they aim to provide uninterrupted and economically viable energy for their…. [read more]

Nuclear Energy Research Paper

… The expectations of increased cost estimates and lack of adequate construction and engineering skills prove that building and maintaining a nuclear power plant is relatively a more expensive process that would require costly taxpayer subsidies. For example, the development of two new nuclear power plant reactors in southeast Florida cost between $6 billion and $9 billion for each plant. Therefore, the development and maintenance of nuclear power plants to produce electricity cannot be supported in terms of costs because it enforces an unacceptable high price of consumers.


The second major point for determining whether we should adopt and depend on nuclear energy as a long-term viable alternative is safety or security. Proponents argue that nuclear power plants are safer than in the past though…. [read more]

World War II Nuclear Technology Term Paper

… War

World War II Nuclear Technology

Nuclear technology is technology that entails the reactions of atomic nuclei. It has been used in things like smoke detectors, nuclear reactors, gun sights and nuclear weapons. In 1896, Henri Becquerel was examining phosphorescence in uranium salts when he discovered a new phenomenon which came to be called radioactivity. He, Pierre Curie and Marie Curie began looking at this phenomenon. In the development they isolated the element radium, which is highly radioactive. They revealed that radioactive materials produce intense, penetrating rays of several distinct sorts, which they called alpha rays, beta rays and gamma rays (Nuclear technology -- Definition, n.d.).

During World War II, nuclear reactions were adequately well understood that all the factions began to see the possibility…. [read more]

Nuclear Power Thesis

… Nuclear power has long been one of the world's major sources of energy, especially electricity. Touted as a viable alternative to fossil fuels, nuclear energy does create waste but its waste is not carbon-based and therefore not a greenhouse gas. Fossil fuel energy production, on the other hand, is a culprit in global warming and climate change as well as in overall air pollution. Nuclear energy is, however, not a direct substitute for fossil fuels and should not necessarily be viewed as such. The waste created by nuclear energy production is highly hazardous, which is why nuclear power generation is receiving dwindling consumer and policy support ("Guide to UK nuclear power"). Moreover, nuclear energy cannot be used as a source of fuel for the internal…. [read more]

Nuclear Fusion Learning From Failure Thesis

… Nuclear Fusion: Learning From Failure

Wednesday, April 1, 2009. "After more than a decade of work and an investment of $3.5 billion, scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory say they have created a super laser that will enable them to build a miniature sun within the lab in the next two years" (Doyle, 2009).

Since the middle of that last century, scientists have attempted to capture the same energy that powers the sun, to produce an energy source that is inexpensive, clean, and limitless. Now, they think they are within two to three years of making the first nuclear fusion ignition which would be the first step in that process.

Smash two atoms together; their nuclei join -- or "fuse" -- creating one very heavy…. [read more]

Nuclear Power for Energy and Its Impact to the Environment Research Paper

… Nuclear Power for Energy and Its Impact to the Environment

Louis Daleandro

History of use of nuclear energy

Production of nuclear power has a rich history of competing with various other energy-related technological sciences to rule the market. Technology of light water reactor (LWR) finally topped this struggle, which started right after the Second World War. This LWR technology is not only being used by USA at this moment but 80% of the reactors at present which are under process are also being used for the foundations of the technology which was started by USA. Ref?

People informed of emerging technologies, at one point in time knew gas graphite reactors, electricity with direct current and Stanley Steamers to be the greatest engineering technologies of all…. [read more]

Nuclear Weaponry Nuclear Weapons Research Paper

… In that respect, the most popular front of war -- particularly during the Cold War -- was drastically altered and came to include a political chess game in which countries would feint at one another and prepare to engage in battle (the likes of which could conceivably destroy the planet) and actually do nothing but disarm and mount similar latent "offensives" by seeking other such targets.

The effects of nuclear weapons, as demonstrated by the political objectives of varying nation states and by the particular enemies and opponents who face one another, are still being felt today. One of the principle reasons that the United States attempted to overthrow Saddam Hussein and his progenies power in Iraq was because the nation was believed to be…. [read more]

Environmental Impacts of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Term Paper

… Environmental Impact of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

On March 11, 2011 a massive 9.0 earthquake occurred 311 miles off the cost of the Japan. This was one of the largest seismic events to hit the country (triggering a tsunami with wave heights of 133 ft.). The Fukushima nuclear plant was sitting inland on the Northern Pacific Coast. This meant that the waves would flood the plant causing: reactors one, two and three to experience full meltdowns. (Botz, 2012, pp. 42 -- 56)

In the aftermath of these events, there were tremendous amounts of radiation released into the atmosphere. This caused the Japanese government to establish a 12-mile exclusion zone around the plant. However, the impact on the environment was severe. This is because the radiation seeped…. [read more]

Chinese Acquisition of Nuclear Weapon Research Paper

… ¶ … Chinese acquisition of nuclear weapon, which may cause national security threats against the United States, is a matter of much concern. The research addresses the following research question:

What are the national security reasons for the U.S. involvement and political strategy in discouraging the implosion of a nuclear war with China?

The research question is important to address because recent Chinese modernization of nuclear weapons may lead to act of aggression on the United States. With potential destructive nature of nuclear weapons, it is critical for the U.S. To formulate appropriate foreign policy in discouraging the implosion of nuclear war with China since U.S.-China relations have been cordial in the recent years. More importantly, the research question is important to address because of…. [read more]

Portable Nuclear Power Essay

… According to Hyperion executives, they are under strict regulation as to who they can even talk to at the present time (Laytner). For right now, we will have to manage with the information available and know that once the units are in operation, more information will be released to the public that will facilitate academic research.

The idea of small power from portable nuclear devices is a new idea for many. However, the smaller nuclear power units highlighted in this research are not the tiniest nuclear power devices available. Currently, radioactive decay is used to power nuclear batteries that have been powering pacemakers, satellites, and underwater systems for many years. Research is being conducted to make this technology so small that is almost as thin…. [read more]

Wind Power the Greatest Challenge Essay

… Noise pollution is not only a problem for humans but also for animals that live in the sea as well. Sea mammals depend heavily on sounds in order to communicate within their living environment. They depend on sounds to detect danger and also to communicate with beings of similar species. When wind turbines are installed offshore, they begin to create noise. This disrupts the existing ecological environment that the mammals previously live in. The consequences from this disturbance could cause problems of viability of individuals and increased potential for impacts due to cumulative effects from other impacts such as chemical pollution combined with stress induced by noise. (Evans, 2007)

Many who are against the development of wind power argue that wind turbines cause visual disturbances.…. [read more]

Consequences of Developing Nuclear Power Term Paper

… Consequences of Developing Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power

Using sustained nuclear fission of uranium in the generation of electricity and heat is referred to as a nuclear power source. For the nuclear generated electricity in the world, France, U.S., and Japan account for 50% generation together. Nuclear power reduces the carbon emissions and provides for sustainable energy sources Levendis, Block, & Morrel, 2006.

The main factor against nuclear power is the threat is posses to the environment and people in case of a disaster. Compared to the other energy technologies, the safety of nuclear power is much better, and there is continued research in improving the safety of nuclear power, and this would allow for its use in the future.

Negative ramifications of hydropower

Using hydropower…. [read more]

Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Case Study

… S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2006) Two -- dimensional and hydraulic and sediment transport models have the ability t o model the variation of hydraulic and sediment properties across the reservoir cross section" as well as modeling the failure of the reservoir banks. (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2006, paraphrased) Processes that are not well represented in sediment transport models include those of:

(1) Headcut migration through cohesive material;

(2) Bank erosion;

(3) Large width changes; and (4) Stratified bed sediment. (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 2006 )

Thesis statement

Decommissioning of the Hoover Dam will be a process that requires a span of several years to ensure proper and effective safe decommissioning.

Materials and methods

This work in writing addresses system engineering (SE) concepts…. [read more]

Earthquake in Japan, Nuclear Power and Fusion Term Paper

… ¶ … earthquake in Japan, nuclear power and fusion have become much more controversial in terms of providing the world with power than the case have been in the past. While many still contend that this form of power and energy is the safest, cleanest, and most abundant that an increasingly needy world could hope for, others warn that the path towards nuclear power and fusion is a dangerous, murky one, filled with difficult moral and ethical issues. Today, many critics have begun to examine the issue with a much more critical eye than before, and not without good reason. Indeed, it does seem that there is reason for concern. Nuclear fusion is not only dangerous. It also seems that the government and proponents of…. [read more]

Nuclear Weapon in North Korea Research Paper

… Nuclear Weapons in North Korea

There is significant strategic concern both on the national and international levels about North Korea's possession and production of nuclear weapons. Initial reactions included outrage and demands for a cease in activities geared toward advancement of nuclear weapons or facilities were quickly replaced by attempts at diplomacy when North Korea refused to cooperate (Barry, 2007). Subsequent attempts to procure the cooperation of North Korea took a stance of negotiation and consessions. However, this did not change the stance of North Korea. They were no more willing to cooperate or soften their attempts to development of nuclear weaponry.

North Korea is not a state that can exist on its own without the ongoing support of other countries for economic resources as…. [read more]

Nuclear Power: Alternative to Fossil Fuel? Essay

… In a "boiling water reactor" the fission process actually boils water which turns turbines and produces electricity (Duke).

From time to time, about "one-third of the fuel assemblies in a reactor must be replaced," but that "spent fuel" remains highly radioactive that "must be managed to protect workers, the environment, and the public" (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission - NRC). The NRC explains that the spent fuel assemblies are stored in "fuel pools" outside the plant, are "robust," and "have large safety margins, including about 20 feet of water above the top of the fuel" which gives those operating the plant "time to correct any problem that may arise" (NRC). The NRC asserts that health risks arising from loading and from storing spent fuel "are very…. [read more]

Power of China Research Paper

… Power of China

From the end of World War II to the early 1970s, China was relatively isolated from the global landscape. It was a part of the Soviet Communist Bloc, but remained inwardly focused on improving its own infrastructure and economy, all the while poised for rapid modernization. Openness towards the West began around 1978 with increased trade, a small amount of additional transparency internally, and at least the semblance of allowing more capitalistic templates like ownership of businesses, development of more modernized factories, etc., and less journalistic control. After 1978, Mao's successor Deng Xiaoping realized that the government had to increase the standard of living for its population, or face revolt. Deng's, and subsequent regimes, focused on market-oriented economic development. By the turn…. [read more]

Power and Nationalism Koreans Term Paper

… If we cumulate small offences for half a century, we will probably reach a certain level of saturation.

Another thing that needs to be discussed here, in the end, is the natural dislike of a dominating country that has deployed troops on your territory. It is to be understood that probably most Koreans still see the importance of such an act, but, on the other side, it IS a foreign presence on your territory. If we think of the Korean national pride, we will see how this can lead to an upraise in anti-Americanism. National pride is something not to be ignored in any context. As a parallel, let us consider the example of Eastern Germany, where Americans troops were also stationed during the Cold…. [read more]

Nuclear Submarine Establish Essay

… ¶ … Nuclear Submarine

Establish the need for the process/result

Uncertain political climate

Growing costs of international travel

Explain why this option is the best alternative

Clean burning fuel, cut emissions

Reuse of large machinery that would otherwise be landfilled

Avoid traffic

First Step: Locate design plans and materials

Locating design plans

Internet search for various designs

Selection of fitting design for travel needs/family size

Locating materials

Scouring junkyards for scrap metal

Make friends with metal shops for use of construction equipment

Second Step: Building the Sub


Slice all materials into the pieces required by the design plan


Begin attaching pieces as per the pattern

Third Step: Obtaining Nuclear Fuel

A. Contact friendly governments

Cuba, China, and North Korea are possibilities

Unfriendly nations…. [read more]

Analyzing Energy Research Paper

… ¶ … Energy Sources

There have been a lot of efforts directed towards taping of the green or renewable sources of energy with the aim of maximizing the natural resources within the environment as well as saving the ozone from the continued depletion. However this has been elusive for long hence many resorts have been made to the primary sources in general. Primary energy sources targeted are the sun, water, wind fossil fuels and radioactive minerals. From these primary sources comes generation of secondary sources of energy like electricity which can be used in the day-to-day lives.

Of interest within the scope of this paper are the nuclear power as well as the coal energy sources. Nuclear power production is achieved through a process known…. [read more]

Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program Institution Essay

… The first series of sanction imposed on Iran were adopted in December 2006 by the UN Security Council. Selling or transfer of nuclear technology that is sensitive was blocked in resolution 1737 (Report by the Director General, 2009). Another resolution in 2008 introduced additional sanctions on travel and finances of Iranian nationals as well as companies. The European Union in particular imposed its own sanctions in that year and froze the assets of almost forty individuals and entities that transacted with Bank Melli (The largest Bank in Iran). The Bank has been accused by western officials of supporting the missile and nuclear programs of Iran.

Diplomatic strategies are also applied with an example of the resubmission of a 2006 offer by the European Union to…. [read more]

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