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Health Promotion and Nursing Practice Essay

… This article is presents multiple examples of primary health promotion within the nursing practice, including the recommendation that nurses personally urge their patients to "use appropriate contraception effectively to avoid unwanted pregnancies" and to "prevent STI transmission by using effective barrier methods" (Barnes, 2009). After carefully considering the multiple models of health promotion, Barnes ultimately concludes that "health promotion ultimately means stimulating clients to use measures to improve and sustain their health" before warning that "it is vital to recognize the value of clients' potential to do this" (2009).

An article entitled The Effect of a Holistic Program on Health-Promoting Behaviors in Hospital Registered Nurses was published in 2008 by holistic nurse practitioner Deborah McElligott and her colleagues, who sought to establish a conclusive link…. [read more]

Nursing Roles in Primary Health Essay

… Only qualified nurses, with relevant skills in various elements of health care, should be considered for recruitment by the hospital management. The innovation brought about by the nurses in the team will ensure attainment of transformation of the health facility to a new level. The looming changes projected by this innovation include an increase in the number of patients handled by the facility, improving the quality of services, and promoting good working conditions. This will facilitate faster service delivery (Marquis & Huston, 2009).

The nurses will also support initiatives geared towards providing conducive climate for work and maintaining effective communication within the hospital departments. Besides, the nurses would root for initiatives that would see implementation of 24 hours of monitoring and reporting of incidences in…. [read more]

Health Systems Management and Electronic Research Paper

… Accessibility of information will also enable the organization to identify problems facing the implementation of the program thus the opportunity to implement necessary changes in the improvement of services (Carpenter, 2011).

Implications in the development of future policies

Information is one of the critical factors towards the achievement of quality and efficient management of the healthcare systems. This is essential for the development and implementation of the concepts of the healthcare system thus essential in the management of the healthcare programs. Lack of accessibility to reliable and comprehensive data is vital for the adoption of information and factors for the improvement of Medicare services for societal welfare. Implementation of information will guide the development of policies focusing on the expansion of the aspect of Medicare…. [read more]

Health Promotion: The Three Levels Essay

… Health promotion helps nurses to save lives, lessen illness, and reduce the costs of interventions to the patient. Through health promotion, nurses engage patients in setting and establishing realistic health goals, educating patients regarding lifestyle changes, and helping patients to achieve health goals.

Evolving Nursing Role and Responsibilities in Health Promotion:

As evident in these articles, nursing roles and responsibilities must evolve as health promotion and treatment measures continue to evolve. In general practice, nurses should acquire necessary skills for effective health promotion while working together with other practitioners in nursing to promote health and prevent illness. Nurses are also required to reorganize health services and determine cost-effective ways for public health interventions. The roles and responsibilities of nurses must also evolve from promoting individual…. [read more]

Nursing Education Does Essay

… The article gave several different evidence-based practices that could be used to further diversity in nursing education.

2. Assess instructional materials given to patients or students. Is it appropriate for a multicultural curriculum/audience? To what extent to instructional materials support inclusiveness. Are materials reflective of diversity? Are materials free of gender, culture, religious and ethnic bias? Can hospital/academic policies be implemented fairly for all learners?

It is difficult to make a blanket statement regarding the appropriateness of nursing material as a whole, but healthcare organizations realize the importance of inclusiveness so most materials do respect that quality of the society. The materials assessed for this question gave specific attention to diverse groups of people, and there was additional material that dealt with specific groups if…. [read more]

Nursing and Theoretical Knowledge of Healthcare System Case Study

… The federal government also monitors the provision of health care services to ensure their relevance, accessibility, and affordability to its consumers (Johns, 1991).

Medicare is one of the universal health care schemes that are funded using public means in Australia. The funds gather for services that are interrelated to the primary health care. On the other hand, private health insurance refers to a system of private covering of the Australian population to provide them for high-quality care in the Australian public and privately owned hospitals. Aged care refers to health care delivery system developed by the Australian government to ensure quality care provision for the aged in Australia. The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme is a scheme adopted by the government (Australian) to ensure that the citizens…. [read more]

Nursing Informatics: Present and the Future Essay

… Moreover, because of the advancement of IT in healthcare situations, nurse managers are now able to be part of "multidisciplinary teleconferences with a client" or other professionals while not being physically present, Dienemann explains. In addition to those advantages in communication and information systems, community health information networks can use these IT services to provide surveillance of "infectious disease, environmental risks factors, and epidemiologic analysis" (Dienemann, 557).

But there are drawbacks and roadblocks to the implementation of informatics advances, the author explains. The very fact that clinicians value "individualized care" and direct, hands-on service provision to "prolong life, professional autonomy, and a hierarchy of authority," they tend to resist informatics advances, Dienemann relates on page 558. In fact, the values mentioned in the preceding sentence…. [read more]

Nursing Ethical Compassion Essay

… This confers with the ANA's call for such healthcare practitioners as myself to "examine the conflicts arising between their own personal and professional values, the values and interests of others who are responsible for patient care and health care decisions, as well as those of the patients. Nurses strive to resolve conflicts in ways that ensure patient safety, guard the patient's best interests and preserve the profession integrity of the nurse." (ANA, 2.2)

For me, the most important step in navigating conflict and contending with cultural values that differ from my own is establishing an open and communicative relationship with the patient. I consider it of absolute importance to establish a relationship of trust. This is the only way to help a patient understand and…. [read more]

Nursing What Effect Does Simulation Lab Literature Review

… Nursing

What Effect Does Simulation Lab have on the Confidence and Critical Thinking of Nursing Students as Licensed Practical Nurses?

Nursing graduates must have self-confidence and critical thinking capabilities in order to resolve multifaceted patient care issues. The use of human patient simulators to supplement teaching in schools of nursing is rising; however, further research is needed in order to validate the declaration that learning by way of simulation enhances critical thinking and self-confidence (Soucy, 2011). Nursing educators are increasingly utilizing technology to provide realistic educational experiences to prepare students to enter the workforce. Human patient simulation (HPS) is one type of technology that nursing educators are using with the belief that when students encounter a real-life experience after simulation, they will perform in a…. [read more]

Nursing Research Value Essay

… The quantitative nursing research has three levels such as descriptive, co-relational and casual. The casual research refers to an experiment that is a research design. "Experimental research provides the framework for establishing a relationship between cause and effect" (Roe 1994). On the other hand a "descriptive research provides an account of the characteristics of individuals, groups or situations" (Jack and Clarke 1998).

One of the key theorists, who have contributed to the development of nursing research, is Dorothea Orem. She first published her theory in "Guides for Developing Curricula for the Education of Practical Nurses." It was a government publication. According to Orem, nursing is the provision of self-care, which is therapeutic in sustaining life and health, in recovering from disease or injury, or coping…. [read more]

Nursing Professional Boundaries Essay

… Role Development and Role Boundaries

The nurse leaders draw professionals from the best utilizing the most appropriate management theories to develop an individual management style and performance. In addition, the nurse leader will act with the assumption that nurses and other professionals wish to attain competence, which if they receive the motivation, they will achieve it, in addition to higher performance levels (Huey, 1994). Advanced nursing practice is applicable to various specialized sectors of clinical nursing, nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners. Another role development option for nurses includes nursing administration and education roles. However, in role development, it is also to keep in mind the professional working limits in order to achieve quality healthcare services.

Dynamic Professional Boundaries

The past century has witnessed the growth and…. [read more]

Nursing Assessment Taking the History Essay

… However, the Craig (2007) article does provide some useful basic information concerning what information should be taken in the patient history and in general the article is well-written and direct. Some of the references to alcohol may not apply outside the UK; however, most of the information is relevant for nurses, social workers, psychologists, physicians, and other health care workers who are interested in taking complete patient histories. However, as mentioned above the article does has some minor inadequacies and supplementing the information in this article with information in the references provided in this paper will result in a more complete understanding of what is required in the history taking process. Craig's (2007) recommendations could be adopted into most practices, but again as mentioned above…. [read more]

Nurse Practitioner Specialty Certifications Assessment

… Nurse Practitioner Specialty Certifications

An adult nurse practitioner is far more specialized than a "standard" nurse (i.e. An LPN or an RN). Nurse practitioners are also called Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN), and have completed nursing education at a graduate level (International, 2012). They have either Masters or Doctorate degrees in their field and often treat both physical and mental health issues. Diseases can be diagnosed by NPs, and they can also prescribe some medications as well as taking extensive medical histories and requesting tests. Adult nurse practitioners have to meet the education and licensing requirements of registered nurses, and they also have to have the clinical experience to qualify for the RN title (International, 2012). From that point they move on to the graduate-level…. [read more]

Health Care Teams Term Paper

… Team communication is necessary for ensuring success (Reeves, Zwarenstein & Goldman, 2009).

The Role of Teams in Nursing Empowerment and Patient Empowerment

The role of teams in empowering nursing professionals and patients in a patients' centered care system is important. For positive results, patients and nursing professionals need empowering. Empowerment improves performance of professional and encourages patients to heal. Therefore, managers of nursing institutions must be aware of the role of empowering to promote work and retain workers. Nursing professionals empowering can be increasing job satisfaction, improving the working environment (Holmstrom & Roing, 2010). These forms of empowerment include workplace empowerment and work engagement. Work engagement relates to the attitude of a worker towards tasks and relates to personal mental status towards work. Patients, on…. [read more]

Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Essay

… The data collected in routine care is aimed at ensuring the patient receives the highest standard of care. Therefore, principles such as anonymity are not ensured because the data is only meant to be for provision of care. Forms used in routine care often have the patient's name or number and can be easily traced to a particular patient. Secondly, in routine care, interviewer bias is not a concern because the interviewer rarely has an angle since they are only collecting data aimed at ensuring the patient gets the appropriate care. The principle of supplementary data is common in both the routine data collection and in research because the nurse has to be observant about the patient's surrounding. Principles that are new include those of…. [read more]

Nursing Theory Essay

… As being pointed out by social theory. "Some burn nurses provide post-burn education to schools and industry as patients return to pre-burn activities. This level of care is consistent with the educative-development system." (Habel, 2010 p 1).

7. "All nursing theories are developed in space and time, and are not value free. Select one nursing theorist and explain the factors that influenced development of the theory (history, scientific paradigm, and personal experiences -- mentoring, education, practice, other)." (Question, 2014, p1).

Health promotion theory was developed in 1982 with the aim of educating clients on behaviors that affect their heaths. Typically, drug abuse, and smoking are part of social behaviors that may affect health of an individual. Smoking is number one health problem globally, which may…. [read more]

Nursing Research Utilization Project Proposal Essay

… Solution Description

Staff education and new employee orientation will mandate staff awareness of managing noise, including use of personal phones, overall noise levels, and IV pumps, as sound control needs to be regarded with accountability in maintaining an appropriate sound environment (Mazer, 2006). Reducing staff conversation and overhead voice paging by introducing electronic documentation and collaboration via emails, electronic messaging, and electronic orders will improve the quality of noise levels in the unit and improve the comfort of patients (Solet, Buxton, Ellenbogen, Wang, & Carballiera, 2010).

Exterior noises coming from outside the hospital building (road traffic, etc.) will be counteracted by the installation of window treatments that will provide soundproofing and insulation around the window frames. The exterior noises were found to be the least…. [read more]

Nursing There Are Several Pros Essay

… The combined studies involved almost 300 hospitals, 300,000 patients, and nearly 34,000 nurses. This suggests that the data should be seriously considered in the light of nursing practice. For this reason, many are calling for a "better educated" nursing workforce. Whereas there may be drawbacks to requiring more study for qualified nurses, there nevertheless does appear to be a link between the excellence of care that can be provided and the type of degree earned by the nursing staff in question (Orsolini-Hain, 2008).

Certainly, mortality rates are not the only measure that should be taken into account. Patient injury is another major concern in hospitals. Nurses with more years of theoretical and practical study will clearly be more qualified to care for patients effectively than…. [read more]

Healthcare Health Care Law Ethics Essay

… As has been the case in many setups, where due to cost management and provision of services at lower rates a sharing a resources takes place, here too it seems that the "Center" has joined hand with the "Happy Family Health Plan" which in return has also been working and sharing its resources and vice versa with Tallahassee General Hospital.

The Tallahasse General Hospital is a Government owned and run hospital and is owned by the County. But the general concern of the hospital has been shown more towards the profits that they might be receiving from the few paying customers that they have, which they might lose to the Center in case collaboration is done between the two.

To avoid this collaboration an attack…. [read more]

Healthcare the American Medical Association Essay

… Some pharmacists might specialize in certain areas of healthcare such as gerontology, psychiatry, or sports medicine ("Pharmacist Career," n.d.). Some careers in the pharmaceutical field such as pharmacology are industry-related, and involve working with research and development. Therefore, laboratory positions with the pharmaceutical industry are also possible. Pharmacy also entails a number of ancillary or helping positions such as pharmacy technicians.

The veterinary field encompasses all of the healthcare needs of non-human animal species. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (2011), about 80% of all careers in the veterinary healthcare field are in private practices, and address the needs of pets. A smaller proportion works with wildlife, zoo animals, farm animals, or laboratory animals. Some veterinarians work with animals in a research…. [read more]

Nursing Informatics New Competencies Essay

… , 2009). These are teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, safety, and informatics. A survey conducted with 195 respondent leaders said that quality and safety were embedded in the current curricula. They also expressed satisfaction that students were developing the competencies. Patient simulation was the recommended strategy for teaching clinical practice. Collaboration between schools and practice should exist in order to bridge gaps in nurse education and the acquisition of quality outcomes (McKeon et al.).

I am currently employed as a nurse in an operating room of a level-one trauma teaching hospital. As a nurse, I am responsible for the education and training of other men and women who aspire to become nurses themselves. In this capacity, I have been partially and directly responsible…. [read more]

On Collegiate Nursing Education (Ccne) Essay


Q3. Studying theories such as Maslow's hierarchy of needs are very important for nurses in addition to traditional nursing paradigms given the need for nurses to understand the different worldviews of patients. For example, sometimes if a patient's physiological needs such as food and shelter are not being addressed, they will not be motivated to make major, long-term life changes needed to improve their personal health like seeking out preventative care. On the other hand, if physiological needs are not addressed, they may also be unlikely to access higher spiritual and existential needs. The patient's physical health is only one domain of nursing: social, environmental, and psychological factors also are a critical part of health. The nursing theory building blocks of person, environment, health…. [read more]

Nursing Theories Essay

… Essentially with this theory, individuals learn that they are one with their environment and do not live dichotomously with it as most popularly understood (Malinski, 2006). Changing the way that the environment is perceived from the perspective of the sick individual causes a shift in the way that the person interacts with the environment. If a sick patient views themselves as diseased and as a dysfunctional member of their immediate environment, then they are contributing to the misalignment of their own awareness. This theory also puts emphasis on the interaction between the environment and the patient as a means of developing illness and avoiding it (Malinski, 2006). Because environmental factors are such an essential component to the development of illness and disease, their unity as…. [read more]

Nursing Phil Throughout My Life Admission Essay

… I did not need to talk about Christ to the residents. It was just in my attitude and approach that I developed a sense of maturity that was beyond my years. Perhaps it was being around people who were genuinely mature, that caused me to feel emotionally strong and connected. Whatever it was, it was during my work at the senior center that I became clear and determined to become a nurse.

The volunteer work I did at the senior center has continued ever since my first day at the institution. Since then, I have lost one of my beloved grandparents. It was the first time I was faced with the death of a loved one. Dealing with this tragedy involved the invocation of any…. [read more]

Nursing -- Caring, Empathy Essay

… The care that is given to a patient should occur "…within the framework of a relationship between the nurse and the patient," which closely resembles the meaning of reciprocity. A relationship does and should exist, not in the traditional definition of "relationship" of course but there should be an important and sincere "interchange" and it must be based on meeting the care needs of the patient and the patient's family as well (Lachman, 114).

A list of the Steps Taken by Nursing to Develop and Implement an EBP

A questioning approach is always recommended as nurses work towards the development of evidence-based practices. What works and what doesn't work - those are pragmatic questions that are taken into account during the development of a practice…. [read more]

Clinical Framework for Advanced Practice Nurse Essay

… By highlighting the use of master's-equipped nurses to oversee care from the hospital to within the home, this model has been able to reduce re-hospitalizations for elderly patients with multiple chronic conditions. Research shows that using the Transitional Care Model aids patients attain better long-term health results and evade repeat hospitalizations, all at a cheap cost. Experts agree the program does need more nurses in order to develop some innovations.

Person/Client/Client System

The research explains that each client system is unique, a composite of characteristics and factors within a given range of responses that are contained within a basic structure. Experts also make the point that many known, unknown, and universal stressors exist. Each of these stressors differs in its potential for troubling a client's…. [read more]

Share a Meaningful Nursing Encounter Essay

… Another competency is interpersonal and communication effectiveness. Transformational leadership (which is stimulated by modeling and effective communication on the part of the leader nurse) is the highest structure of inspirational leadership that a nurse can maintain (Bass, 2008). By influencing and motivating followers, transformational leaders increases efficacy of the other. Similarly and counter-intuitively, transformational leadership may be more effective than so called passive leadership in influencing and instigating safety in the workplace. It is to that end; therefore, transformational leadership may be the best paradigm for the type of leadership that nurses should adopt.

For nurses, therefore, to make strides in the new century and to succeed in a world that is rife with stress and conflict, a new method is needed. Modern day nursing…. [read more]

Nursing Research How Data Collection Essay

… 2524). Nurse practitioners in Oncology can benefit from this study because the carefully collected, examined and interpreted data will give them greater understanding and deal with their breast cancer patients' distress issues and effects.

Module 8: One Clinical Use of Research Results in Advanced Nursing Roles of Practitioner, Educator, or Administrator

Are older patients comfortable discussing sexual health with nurses? (Farrell & Belza, Jan-Feb 2012) provides research results that can be used by a nurse practitioner, educator and administrator. The study was designed to determine barriers to discussing sexual health with older patients and whether older patients: have questions about their sexual health that have not been answered; are asked about their sexual health; want a health care provider to ask about their sexual health;…. [read more]

Nursing Across Theories Essay

… Nursing plays a vital role in contemporary theories. The objectives of nursing in the theories are to assist the patient to achieve as much independence as possible to promote better health outcomes when the patient is living at home. Nursing is applied differently from one theory to another in the focus of the theory. Where one theory focuses on caring, one focuses on independence, and still, one focuses on self-care. In all the theories careful evaluation is needed to determine what the patient needs and any deficits that need to be addressed. After evaluation, the nurse can provide guidance, support, and teaching to assist the patient to develop their own self-care agency. Continued evaluation is important to determine changes as they arise and offer teaching…. [read more]

Healthcare Practices and History Research Paper

… Relates how the Jewish culture has or could potentially influence world nursing culture and American culture, supported by the chosen transcultural model. (Leininger)

The Jewish culture is noted by several scholars to have a very strong influence on the nursing as well as American culture. This is due to the manner in which several nursing practices, ethics in nursing and pioneers of these practices subscribe to the Jewish way of life.

A review of statistics on medical practitioner's achievements reveals that Jews are prominent medical practitioners, teachers as well as researchers. This is supported by the fact that close to 28% of the Nobel Prize Winners for Medicine/Physiology is Jewish, a number that constitutes 40% of the American winners (Temple Shalom,2011). These statistics clearly indicates…. [read more]

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