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Ethical-Legal Nursing Discussions Research Paper

… Communication must be repeatedly absorbed on moral distress instead of expanding into more general self-exploration; the tradeoff cannot be permitted to go beyond limits that stop relaxed working together between sessions. Also, the individual cannot be a member of the administrative chain of command and must have an honest understanding of the issue. The individual should aid to expand viewpoints and expand doctor-nurse associations. The person must be aware of the continuing condition and, in that way, be able to spot sources and emblems of sudden rises in stress, which may specify moral distress. At the present time, countless hospitals use a comparable concept, known as "Moral Distress Consult Service," where the adviser performs in much the same style as a "Liaison Psychiatrist."

Recommendation 2:…. [read more]

Nursing Ethics Ethical Dilemma Essay

… The potential problem with this solution may be that the supervisor does nothing, does not want to fire a good nurse in a short-staffed ward, or does not believe the accuser. Then, a great deal of damage has been done, given that the offending nurse still can continue stealing, but the nurse manager will lack support for her actions and may be questioned in any of the decisions she makes, because she has made what seems like a baseless accusation.

Acceptable consequences

None of the consequences are really 'acceptable' in the above-cited scenarios. However, clearly the least acceptable consequences are to do nothing. Patients should not have to come to the hospital and worry that their valuable possessions are being stolen. All nurses have an…. [read more]

Nurse Health Habits Effect Hospital Environment Research Paper

… Nursing

This study has the following limitations; the chosen location, the chosen industries, the population, environmental factors and several uncontrollable variables; which are briefly outlined below. The chosen location is Houston, Texas United States. Since the hypothesis is the measurement of nurses' health habits, the population is near 120 RNs, all are females, 85% of them are Caucasians, with their ages ranging between 22 to 47-year. Another limiting factor is the collection of the needed data all at once. Still, another limiting factor is the chosen location as the study cannot be carried out across different locations due to the short time frame allocated to the study.

Major Generalizations of the study

There is an assumption that nurses'…. [read more]

Nursing -- Caring, Empathy Essay

… The care that is given to a patient should occur "…within the framework of a relationship between the nurse and the patient," which closely resembles the meaning of reciprocity. A relationship does and should exist, not in the traditional definition of "relationship" of course but there should be an important and sincere "interchange" and it must be based on meeting the care needs of the patient and the patient's family as well (Lachman, 114).

A list of the Steps Taken by Nursing to Develop and Implement an EBP

A questioning approach is always recommended as nurses work towards the development of evidence-based practices. What works and what doesn't work - those are pragmatic questions that are taken into account during the development of a practice…. [read more]

Nursing Professional Boundaries Essay

… Role Development and Role Boundaries

The nurse leaders draw professionals from the best utilizing the most appropriate management theories to develop an individual management style and performance. In addition, the nurse leader will act with the assumption that nurses and other professionals wish to attain competence, which if they receive the motivation, they will achieve it, in addition to higher performance levels (Huey, 1994). Advanced nursing practice is applicable to various specialized sectors of clinical nursing, nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners. Another role development option for nurses includes nursing administration and education roles. However, in role development, it is also to keep in mind the professional working limits in order to achieve quality healthcare services.

Dynamic Professional Boundaries

The past century has witnessed the growth and…. [read more]

Nursing Case Discussion Essay

… References


Beauchamp, T. & Childress, J. (2009). Principles of biomedical ethics (6th edition). New York: Oxford.

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Collyer, F. (2013).…. [read more]

Ethics in Management Research Proposal

… Ethics and Management

Management and Ethics

In this paper, the author investigates the ethics of business management. After reviewing the literature to determine the concerns mentioned by business ethicists, the author compares those concerns with the concerns of a small business man, as revealed in a case study. The first part of the case study involves a covert participant observation of the ethical practices of a privately-run small business. The second part of the case study consisted of an interview with the small business owner, to determine whether or not he perceived ethical conflicts in the course of his business, and the nature of any ethical conflicts that he perceived. Finally, the author compared the ethical concerns described by the business scholars and commentators to…. [read more]

Standards of Nursing Practice Term Paper

… This would be considered a principle-based ethics theory.

These philosophies and theories of values and ethics help define the values that nursing professionals should strive to perfect. Treating patients as individuals with the right to determine their own fate is an ethical principle that is put into practice with each patient, at least ideally. I may not always be completely successful in achieving this goal, but when I remind myself of this principle my relationship with the patient almost always improves. Thinking of this principle reminds me that nurses are here to service the health care needs of patients, not the other way around.


The values and ethics expected of professional nurses in modern health care have been codified in state laws and have…. [read more]

Nursing Ethics Essay

… , 2009).

A Code of Ethics is in place so that professionals have a clear and unambiguous way to help make decisions. With the six fundamental principles of ethics combined with the principles of informatics ethics, we find that there is a duty that is expected of the nurse to provide privacy, openness, security, and support the patient's wishes. In this sense, ethics and legality do not mesh. In the case of euthanasia, for instance, a patient may have the appropriate documentation legally signed (no intrusive measures, etc.), and the nurse must be responsible for maintaining those wishes and keeping the records private. They also have the moral duty of allowing the individual the moral right to choose what is best for them as an…. [read more]

Ethics Issues Presenting in This Scenario. First Term Paper

… ¶ … ethics issues presenting in this scenario. First, the patient who is to be admitted has cancer and a tumor which involves several major organs of the patient's body. The chances for the patient's survival are already greatly reduce in addition to the hospital already having a reputation for incompetence and the patient's chances of surviving the surgery are very low. The hospital administrator's decision to conduct the experimental surgery is more focused on the large donation that is promised if the surgery is performed presenting an ethics issue related to placing more importance on hospital funding than on saving the life of the patient or on doing the right thing for the patient. Finally, this case should have undergone the review of the…. [read more]

Ethics: To Rescue Case Study

… Secondly, John could follow Margaret as the remaining group waits for help. This is particularly the case given that nobody else (except Margaret who has already descended) appears willing to take the risk. Embracing this course of action would in this case increase the survival chances of those crying out for help. After all, the situation might not be as bad as Joseph paints it with his claim that they would never be able to make it through and survive should they follow Margaret.

Part B

What are the possible consequences for those acceptable alternatives?

Should John and Joseph follow Margaret so as to rescue those trapped downstairs, they could succeed in their mission or fail to find their way back. If everybody elects to…. [read more]

Ethics the Nursing Profession Term Paper

… Ethics

The nursing profession, perhaps more than any other, is a veritable minefield of ethics issues and dilemmas. Because it is a caring profession, the focus of the nursing business is its clients and their care. Hence, nurses often need to make a distinction between their personal values, their professional values, and what is commonly accepted as the ethical viewpoint. In ethical dilemmas, these distinctions become vague, and critical thinking becomes of utmost importance. Complicating the issue even further is the issue of culture and its impact upon values. Relationships and personal ethics vary among cultures, and nurses often find themselves in need of being aware of this. In order to make a truly ethical decision when faced with vague guidelines and distinctions among values,…. [read more]

Advanced Nursing Ethics and Values Term Paper

… ¶ … Nursing Ethics and Values

Advanced Nursing Ethics and Values

The application of the concept of care ethics presented to assist registered nurses identify if they are practicing its use efficiently. Following a fundamental meaning of caring, consisting of Watson's caring concept, the advancement of the concept of principles/ethics of care will be outlined in brief. A study will be utilized to provide the aspects of ethical concept, confidentiality and practical restrictions.

Importance of ethical theory -- Caring

Many registered nurses have actually been exposed to Watson's caring concept, however numerous are not familiar with the principles of care concept advancement that started in moral psychology along with Gilligan's work (1982). Nurture is important for human advancement, and is primary and most importantly intended…. [read more]

Nursing Law and Ethics Term Paper

… Nursing Law and Ethics

Name two (2) functions of the Nurses Board that are relevant to you as an Enrolled Nurse. 1.Centralized and universal licensure. 2.development and enforcements of legal responsibilities and practice rule of nurses.

State two (2) contributions Florence Nightingale made to healthcare.

The development of nursing as educated role. 2. Establishment and precedence of professionalism in nursing.

List four (4) responsibilities, which come from being registered as an Enrolled Nurse.

Know and practice according to laws and regulations. 2. Responsibility to keep knowledge current. 3. Recognize and respect patient's rights. 4. Advocate for the patient with regard to medical and personal needs.

4.Match the following nursing theory to the theorists responsible for their development.

A) Dorothea Orem iv) Self-care deficit theory

B)…. [read more]

Nursing Law Dissertation

… Critical Care Nursing

Regarding Legal Liability

the critical care nursing regarding legal liability issues

Definition of key concepts

Introduction to the history of forensic nursing

Interaction with patients with legal liability issues

The critical care unit as forensic domain

Recognizing patients with legal liability issues

Wound characteristics

Recognition of evidence

Evidence collection and preservation

Integrating ethical and medico-legal considerations



Informed consent

Living wills and resuscitating orders

Critical care nurse as expert witness and court procedures

Research methodology for the study

Validity of the research process


Ethical considerations


Data analysis

3.10 Conclusion

Chapter 4: Data Analysis & #8230;..26


4.2 Biographical data

4.3 Knowledge base

Results of each item for the entire group 29

4.5 Summary of Scores from entire group 30…. [read more]

Ethics Theory Research Proposal

… Ethical Theory


Given what you've learned about ethical theory, give some thought to how you might create your own ethical theory. What would be the central principle by which you would measure right and wrong action? What kinds of limitations do you think your theory might have?

As a healthcare provider, I believe that wellness promotion should be at the core of every ethical system: the promotion of physical, psychological, and environmental wellness. Wellness promotion is defined according to each patient's specific needs. Wellness promotion for a child might include providing nurturing and care, while for an adolescent it might involve the promotion of autonomy. The types of heroic medical interventions appropriate for the promotion of wellness at the end of life are different…. [read more]

Whistleblowing in Nursing Essay

… Nurse Whistleblower

Whistleblowing in the Australian Nursing Profession: Practical Observations and Ethical Implications

The world is growing ever smaller, as interconnections between previously disparate people and groups become ever tighter and more common, and suddenly there are fewer degrees of separation between all individuals and other features and events in the modern world. This also creates a greater general complexity, where influence is often less directly but more strongly applied through the network of connections that have been paved and/or discovered in recent years; what happens to one individual or in one particular circumstances is now recognized as having much wider and more profound implications on others and on the world in general than ever before. This creates a responsibility for everyone involved in pretty…. [read more]

Nursing Ethics Alcohol Consumption Among Underage Adolescents Essay

… Nursing Ethics

Alcohol consumption among underage adolescents in Australia remains a significant Public Health issue. According to the South Australian Alcohol and Drug Information Service, at least 85% of Australian schoolchildren aged 12-17 had tried alcohol, and half of those more than once (Drink Too Much, It Gets Ugly, 2010). While there are laws regulating the sale and consumption of alcohol, it is one of the passages of teen life and one of the mysteries of adulthood that many young people covet. What adolescents don't always realize is that they are at an even higher risk for addiction or substance related problems based on their cognitive ability to cope with certain situations, their physical size, and the fact that their brain is not fully developed.…. [read more]

Nursing Ethics Ethical Behavior Term Paper

… Another study determined that "ethical problems occur because of conflicts in a society's moral principles, values and laws" (Runde, 2007, p. 2). A nurse must therefore know and understand exactly what he or she is dealing with when it comes to treating people of any faith, including Jehovah's Witnesses. Consideration should be taken regarding those beliefs even at the risk of the patient's life. Ultimately, it is up to the patient to make the choice as to what specific care or treatment should or should not take place. If a patient believes in a particular manner, that patient has the right to refuse treatments that go against those beliefs.

One could surmise that human dignity is worth more and encompasses more than its share of…. [read more]

Ethics Nursing Choose a Potential Ethical Dilemma Term Paper

… Ethics Nursing

Choose a potential ethical dilemma that you may face in your chosen advanced role as Family Nurse Practitioner. Describe the situation and potential solutions, including collaboration methods.

The ethical dilemma I would like to discuss in relation to my role as Family Nurse Practitioner is that of same-sex partner visitation rights. Family nurse practitioners will encounter a diversity of families during the course of their career. The specific situation I would like to discuss involve a conflict between the Family Nurse Practitioner who is in a position of leadership, and the hospital administration. In this case, the hospital administration expressly forbids anyone but legal kin to be visitors of patients. State law does not yet allow for same sex marriage. Because of this,…. [read more]

Nursing Philosophy Term Paper

… Nursing Philosophy


In addition to the extensive existence of ecological imperils in our neighborhood, apprehensions concerning health risks has augmented amid the common people along with the media and private-public institutions. The telemetry and medsurg nursing education presently has got to train highly-skilled healthcare nurses to avert, acknowledge, deal with, and take care of cardiac-related diseases. Major health institutions have acknowledged the requirement for enhancements in nursing-education so as to improve the attitude of nursing professionals (Burgess, 1993). Having known and acknowledged the biologic, mental, and social dissimilarities amid children, adults and ethnicities, there is a requirement for clearly explaining the aims and objectives of my career and profession. Mentioned below are a few of the nurse's underlying values, which I have developed over…. [read more]

Ethics of Reporting Child Abuse Term Paper

… Ethics of Reporting Child Abuse

In most states, nurses and doctors are required by the law to report suspected child abuse. For example, in California, nurses are warned: "Registered nurses must also be aware that failure to report as required is also considered unprofessional conduct and can result in disciplinary action against the RN's license" (Terry, 2004). However, in this case, the RN's opinion conflicts with the presiding physician's opinion although the doctor is also required to report suspected abuse. The two health care professionals are in conflict about the right way to read the scenario. The abuse case is ambiguous, as it is not clear if the mother or a day care worker is the perpetrator or if abuse is taking place at all.…. [read more]

Nursing Model Theory Application Research Proposal

… Nursing Model/Theory Application

A nurse's role, according to Virginia Henderson's Nursing Theory, which she wrote prior to the development of theoretical nursing, is to help a person, whether he/she is sick or well, to complete activities, contributing to his/her recovery process (or peaceful death). As the quote introducing this paper notes, the activities a nurse helps an individual perform include those he/she would complete if he/she possessed the required will, strength, or knowledge - in a way to help him/her gain or regain his/her independence. (Resuggan, 2008) Prior to Henderson (1966), Florence Nightingale (1856/1969) stressed the value of self-care in nursing. (Singleton, 2000, ¶s 5-7) Complementing Henderson's and Nightingale's work, more than three decades ago, Orem's self-care deficit theory (Orem 1971, 1980, 1985, 1991, 1995;…. [read more]

Nursing Profession: Nursing Education Research Paper

… The implication is that besides having minimal chances of developing inter-professional collaboration with person, the 'few' available nurse educators have to serve larger student populations, and work longer hours, all of which translate to falling job satisfaction levels.

Questions Arising

The stated problem led me to develop a set of questions;

Wouldn't it be better to just stop preparing advanced practice nurses or clinical specialists in masters programs?

Do nurse educators really have to be competent clinicians?

Why can't the research requirements governing academic tenure, promotion, and even appointment be abolished to give room for more educators?

In the light of this crisis, wouldn't it be appropriate to reduce the significance placed on the development of a scientific basis for the practice?

I approached one…. [read more]

Masters-Prepared Nurse's Role: Questions Essay

… 713.2.2-03: Recognize the role of emotions in ethical decisions.

No matter how scientific in nature the nursing profession might be, the nurse will be affected by emotions. Given that caring and caritas is a critical component of nursing, this is only natural. Nursing requires a balance of emotions and empathy for the patient with the technical demands of the profession and the higher ethical code of the profession.

713.2.2-04: Identify the importance of personal values and patient values.

The nurse may have certain personal values based upon professional concepts of health as well as personal values based in anecdotal experience. The patient's view of health may conflict with these. The nurse can act as an educator but should not dismiss the views of the patient:…. [read more]

Nursing Home Report on Conditions Essay

… Patient asks for optional but approved medication of attendant (

Attendant goes to charge nurse's office (

Charge nurse is busy in another part of the facility (

Attendant logs on to electronic patient record, notes that she is dispensing medication, and emails this to the charge nurse (

Charge nurse is immediately notified, knows that this is within the skill set of the attendant, and continues with her current task (

Patient received medication.

Working in a long-term care facility can be seen as an arduous and thankless job for the staff. To the degree that staff can safely be given greater autonomy and responsibility, they are likely to be happier and more productive. This will not only benefit them, but will have significant…. [read more]

Nursing the Differences Between a Lpn Term Paper

… Nursing

The Differences between a LPN and an RN in a Home Healthcare Setting

Although both nursing professionals perform functions that are critical to patient care in the home healthcare clinical setting, the licensed practical nurse and the registered nurse both have distinct responsiblities and specific delinated and limited capacities, according to both the law and the nurses' respective demands of professional ethics and their profession's chains of command. The registered nurse acts as the guide and definer of a patent's treatment, in absence of the physician. The licensed practical nurse assists the registered nurse in observing the patient and administering the treatment under the supervision of the registered nurse. Unlike the LPN, the RN is registered with a professional organization and must obey the…. [read more]

Nursing Theory the Ethical Implications of Improving Thesis

… Nursing Theory

The Ethical Implications of Improving the Kidney Donor Pool

Stemming from economic problems, industry shortcomings and educational stagnation, the healthcare industry is due for serious reformation. One of its greatest points of failure is in its concurrence with meaningful ethical standards for nurse practitioners. While there are clearly defined standards for legal treatment and patient's rights, quite often under the duress of the daunting hospital workload, ethical concerns may be relegated behind expedience, convenience or outright misappropriate of practice. Especially in the emergency room where pressure is at its highest, an often shorthanded nursing staff will be forced to overcome myriad physical and emotional limitations. Thus, it is extremely important for a medical facility to retain a lucid and clearly defined code of…. [read more]

Advanced Nursing Ethics Term Paper

… After fulfillment of the innate capabilities within the objectives, assessment is done in order to have a tested and recorded perspective of the decisions made. After the decisions have been made, it becomes relevant to consider relaying the necessary approaches of confidentiality among the nurses. As depicted in the case example, it is relevant to have a stable decision-making process that eliminates cases of failed confidentiality in the nursing profession (Redman, 2013).


Bartter, K. (2001). Ethical issues in advanced nursing practice. Vol. 8, Issue 4, pgs 23-34.

Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann.

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Sudbury, Vol. 5, Issue 6, pgs 34. Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

Cody, W.K., & Kenney, J.W. (2006). Philosophical and theoretical perspectives…. [read more]

Nursing Ethical Theories Essay

… Due to this deficiency mostly thinkers have supported deontological ethics theory.

Justice Ethics vs. Care Ethics

Justice Ethics

The word 'justice' means 'to be fair with all people' and it is intimately attached to the legal system. In the nursing profession, decisions have to be taken on each and every spot, therefore, there is a code of justice ethics to be followed for elderly, poor or disable patients.

All the human beings are liable to look for the well-being of humanity and to reduce pains from the world and this relates to the basic duties of a nurse. The basic principle of this theory has been placed on the right and wrong of an act and on principles that coerce the performance. According to Emmanuel…. [read more]

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