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Nursing Across Theories Essay

… Nursing plays a vital role in contemporary theories. The objectives of nursing in the theories are to assist the patient to achieve as much independence as possible to promote better health outcomes when the patient is living at home. Nursing is applied differently from one theory to another in the focus of the theory. Where one theory focuses on caring, one focuses on independence, and still, one focuses on self-care. In all the theories careful evaluation is needed to determine what the patient needs and any deficits that need to be addressed. After evaluation, the nurse can provide guidance, support, and teaching to assist the patient to develop their own self-care agency. Continued evaluation is important to determine changes as they arise and offer teaching…. [read more]

Nursing a Gap Between Theory Term Paper

… 1550). Major changes to the structure and form of nursing education have been promoting such changes. Nursing education is in a transitional stage, in part because of the strong need to generate more nursing staff and facilitate the graduation of nurses worldwide. Yet at the same time, nurse education is being bogged down by the types of theory that Silva (1999) criticizes as being detrimental to genuine professional growth. The growth of individuals and the profession as a whole depends on rethinking nurse education. Education of nurses can and should parallel the education of physicians, which address a far more practice-oriented curricula than nurses have come to expect (Landers, 2008).

The nurse educator can therefore become the ironic bridge between theory and practice. As the…. [read more]

Nursing Theory Applications Essay

… Not only should this but help be offered to those individuals who are already addicted to these drugs.

Usually this sort of treatment involves not only medication but a lot of personal attention from the nurses as well as from other members of the community therefore it is classified as more like a community effort rather than the individual one in guiding them towards a more healthy life.

Third element is the treatment of disorders. "Many of the common disorders like the eating disorder can be dealt with by simple therapies, guidance from nurses or doctors and related other steps." (Callaway, 2002). People involved in these disorders should be informed on how this is ruining their lives and how just simple precautions can help them…. [read more]

Nursing Theory Madeleine Leininger Essay

… As such, the nurse is not to be only a "broker" or "mediator," but an active participant in the culture and care an individual needs to become fully well.

As such, Madeleine Leininger has consistently taken into account and advocated for a holistic approach towards nursing care. She was one of the first to advocate for such an approach, long before it became popular to do so. As such, during the 1980s and 1990s, the reason for making "culture" and "care" the focus of theory development was the fact that they have been "missing" and "neglected" for far too long.

There is therefore great emphasis on an appropriate assessment of cultural factors when individuals, families, groups, and institutions are receiving healthcare in order to make…. [read more]

Nursing Theory Essay

… As being pointed out by social theory. "Some burn nurses provide post-burn education to schools and industry as patients return to pre-burn activities. This level of care is consistent with the educative-development system." (Habel, 2010 p 1).

7. "All nursing theories are developed in space and time, and are not value free. Select one nursing theorist and explain the factors that influenced development of the theory (history, scientific paradigm, and personal experiences -- mentoring, education, practice, other)." (Question, 2014, p1).

Health promotion theory was developed in 1982 with the aim of educating clients on behaviors that affect their heaths. Typically, drug abuse, and smoking are part of social behaviors that may affect health of an individual. Smoking is number one health problem globally, which may…. [read more]

Advanced Nursing Roles Sister Calista Essay

… In the case of violations, the nurse is supposed to provide a professional conduct and direction with regard to the safety of the facility and patient. The nurse will be focused on reporting the matter to the higher authorities, trying to salvage the situation in case it is within his/her ability, and finally respond to patient's desires amidst consultations. he/she should do all these under an informed consent. In case none of the situations happens, the nurse is to take every responsibility fit for the patient. For instance, he/she should consult within his/her profession, administer what is best for the patient, and recover every lost opportunity to save on the life of the patient. However, this ideal situation in the form of an interview as…. [read more]

Professional Practice Model: Jean Watson Research Paper

… Summary and Conclusion

This study has conducted an evaluation of the caring behaviors in the work of Jean Watson and has defined what the caring behaviors really mean. This study has further examined the application of this model of nursing in the organization and stated plans for institution of this model of nursing in the present organization.

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Diverse Population Nurses Must Attend Research Paper

… Similarly, just as human beings are dynamic changing entities so is health: "which implies continuous adjustment to stressors in the internal and external environment through optimum use of one's resources to achieve maximum potential for daily living" (Imogen King's theory of goal attainment, 2012, Current Nursing). Environment encompasses both internal and external factors; formal and informal organizations that affect the patient's health (including the nurse). Nursing is the process of helping people maintain their health to reach their personal life goals, which will vary from individual to individual (Imogen King's theory of goal attainment, 2012, Current Nursing)


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Newman's Theory of Hec Thesis

… Margaret Newman's Theory states that practicing nursing within a unitary paradigm needs an entirely new method of seeing reality (Dorothy, 2006).

Newman asserted that knowledge, which comes from the unitary paradigm, is the discipline knowledge. She continued to assert that this knowledge has to be consistent with each other and hence it cannot flow out of different paradigms.

HEC and Nursing Science

Participation in HEC needs the intentional presence of the nurse engaging in an effective interaction with the individual, family or even the community (Brown, 2011). The process is one which is knowledge driven as well as mutually experienced by both the nurse and the client. The focus of the practice of nursing usually occurs within a process which moves from the disease, and…. [read more]

Nursing What Effect Does Simulation Lab Literature Review

… Nursing

What Effect Does Simulation Lab have on the Confidence and Critical Thinking of Nursing Students as Licensed Practical Nurses?

Nursing graduates must have self-confidence and critical thinking capabilities in order to resolve multifaceted patient care issues. The use of human patient simulators to supplement teaching in schools of nursing is rising; however, further research is needed in order to validate the declaration that learning by way of simulation enhances critical thinking and self-confidence (Soucy, 2011). Nursing educators are increasingly utilizing technology to provide realistic educational experiences to prepare students to enter the workforce. Human patient simulation (HPS) is one type of technology that nursing educators are using with the belief that when students encounter a real-life experience after simulation, they will perform in a…. [read more]

Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Allows Essay

… All information must always be communicated to participants stating their participatory positions in the research, goals of the study, required data and collection methods and the amount of commitment required from the participants.

Ethics in research also demand for the deliberation of the sponsorship of a study, criteria for participants' selection, risks and benefits of the study and any available alternatives for the research (Williams, & Wilkins, 2008). Every research study requires adherence to confidentiality of information from participants and participants must always participate voluntarily will full rights of withdrawal or withholding information during the research. Lastly, research requires the availability of researchers' contacts to all participants with full observation of the discussed ethical practices even for vulnerable participants like children, pregnant women and the…. [read more]

Nursing According to the Systems Research Paper

… Kaminski indicates that "the Diffusion of Innovation theory is often regarded as a valuable change model for guiding technological innovation where the innovation itself is modified and presented in ways that meet the needs across all levels of adopters." (p. 1)

This is critical because our healthcare technologies are only as good as the nurses who will be end users. It is critical that innovation be proliferated in a way that incorporates the needs, expectations and experience of those who must ultimately use this technology to accommodate patient needs.

Search Strategies:

The search strategy which located articles by Brookes et al. (2007) and by Romano (1990) was initiated using the EBSO CINAHL Database. This approach yielded two useful articles but required some parsing through various…. [read more]

Application of Nursing Theory Term Paper

… ¶ … nursing Theory

Middle range theory

The Middle range theory is one of the critical and functional theories relating to the management of nursing principles and practices in the society. According to this theory, there is a close relationship between nursing theory and practices while carrying out nursing principles and activities. The theory proposes the importance of having nursing principles and theories being clued together within a smooth avenue of productivity. In order to meet the in innate and special needs within the society, it has become relevant to have measures of performance that will increase productivity and effectiveness within the nursing avenues. Middle range theory is relating to top management and the use of the equitable measures to solve problems arising from wrong…. [read more]

Patricia Benner: Nursing Philosophy Research Paper

… It can be said that the practitioners can take appropriate action to modify their plans for obtaining the most efficient results. For this purpose, the nurses can identify the unusualness of the situation while considering the effects before the implementation of the plans. It is further said that the nurses are required to have the efficient holistic understanding of the situation to provide the most effective healthcare to the patient (Benner, Tanner, & Chesla, 2009; Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2010).


It can be concluded from the paper that the nurses can assist their patients to come out of negative mentality and attitude caused due to the healthcare issues. It is also found that the Benner's theory has provided that the nurses can offer words of…. [read more]

Nursing Knowledge: A Controversy Essay

… While theory provides a foundation for the nursing profession, it does not provide the contextual base that is necessary in knowledge development. Most importantly, relying solely on it would undermine nursing as an academic discipline.


Attree, M. (2001). Patients' and relatives' experiences and perspectives of 'good' and 'not so good' quality care. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 33, 456 -- 466.

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Mantzoukas, S., Jasper,…. [read more]

Nursing Theory Essay

… ¶ … nursing theory is that it allows a nurse to balance the very different components of the nursing profession. A nurse is supposed to be caring and compassionate, yet also use empirical evidence when making decisions. A nurse is supposed to be a medical practitioner, yet also take into consideration the various social forces affecting the patient's life and his or her environmental and familial context. Theories provide ways for nurses to fulfill their medical obligations and to view the patient in an objective fashion, yet still treat aspects of patient care that are unique to nursing, such as remedying self-care deficits and addressing the need for cultural sensitivity. Practice should not be subsumed to theory, but theory can be a valuable tool to…. [read more]

Nursing Theory Analysis Essay

… Transactions have occurred when goals are attained" (King, 1992, p.23). The nursing practice occurs in a sequence where nurse-patient interpersonal relationships or dyads happen. While transactions continued between patients, nurses and family, it can be predicted whether the goal will be met or not or to what extent (King, 1997).

Thus goal attainment presented by King is described as a process of reaction-interaction-transaction, where the perceptions, interactions and communication between nurse and patient are the major factor that play key role in this process. The TGA denotes that patient's have different view points and opinions as compared to nurses besides the fact that they continuously interact with each other. In her theory, King emphasized that nursing professionals access data about patients' perceptions so as to…. [read more]

Nursing Theorists Research Paper

… Orem's theory of 'Self-Care Deficit' specifies when intervention from nursing is a requirement due to the limitations of the patient to participate in self-care that is effective in nature. The priorities in this case study are those of: (1) pain reduction; (2) developmental self-requisites; and (3) universal self-requisites. This case involves the investigation of functional patterns including: (1) activities and exercise (not being met as the patient is bedridden and elderly); (2) nutrition and metabolism (bedridden and cannot prepare meals that are well balanced; and (3) sleep and rest (poor sleep due to ongoing pain); (4) elimination (constipation due to inactivity; and (5) coping and tolerance to stress (inability to patient to cope with their disability. (Iglesias et al.) The requiremens of the nursing professional…. [read more]

Nursing Informatics: Present and the Future Essay

… Moreover, because of the advancement of IT in healthcare situations, nurse managers are now able to be part of "multidisciplinary teleconferences with a client" or other professionals while not being physically present, Dienemann explains. In addition to those advantages in communication and information systems, community health information networks can use these IT services to provide surveillance of "infectious disease, environmental risks factors, and epidemiologic analysis" (Dienemann, 557).

But there are drawbacks and roadblocks to the implementation of informatics advances, the author explains. The very fact that clinicians value "individualized care" and direct, hands-on service provision to "prolong life, professional autonomy, and a hierarchy of authority," they tend to resist informatics advances, Dienemann relates on page 558. In fact, the values mentioned in the preceding sentence…. [read more]

Nursing and Scholarship Will Two-Hour Essay

… Knowing and knowledge are two concepts central to this -- knowing is the manner in which we perceive ourselves and the world around us, knowledge is the expression of what we know that may be communicated to others. It is also important to combine a moral and ethical perspective of this knowledge so that nursing can effectively combine cultural and social values with the responsibility of patient care and advocacy. This is done through a variety of combinations -- theoretical in some ways, tactical in others (Chin & Kramer, 2013).

Therein lies the overall new paradigm -- a modern nurse leader cannot be just one thing. We have moved from the bottom of a learning period in which facts were king, and realized that to…. [read more]

Nursing Theory: The Nursing Field Essay

… The theory is mainly applicable when a nurse seeks to understand what matters most to a person living with a particular health challenge. As the nurse collects a story regarding the health situation, it acts as information to clarify health issues and contribute to nursing knowledge (Carpenter, 2010, p.29).

The story theory can be applied to various educational areas in the nursing field because it seeks to contribute to nursing knowledge. One of the major educational areas where this theory is applicable is vocational nursing that not only requires academic work but also needs clinical experience. Vocational nursing is primarily based on theory and related clinical experience that develops knowledge, skills, and abilities that are necessary to provide care for all patients in the existing…. [read more]

Nursing Theory: A Microscopic Perspective Essay

… The two visions should widen so as to overlap in order to bring the goal more into focus. They do not necessarily have to be the same goal, but an overlapping one would assist in reaching a mutually beneficial outcome.

In a great article about nursing scholarship the possibility to utilize scholarship as a means to bridge the theory-practice gap is talked about by Ruth Robert (2011). Nursing scholarship is defined by Robert as a meta-paradigm of interrelatedness of nurse-health-environment-person bound together by nursing scholarship. Boyer's model of scholarship points to several areas in nursing where scholarship can help bridge gaps between knowledge and practice. Theory-based nursing helps nurses in clinical decision making (Penz, 2006). Nursing practice and theory should complement one another, to use…. [read more]

Nurse Health Habits Effect Hospital Environment Research Paper

… Nursing

This study has the following limitations; the chosen location, the chosen industries, the population, environmental factors and several uncontrollable variables; which are briefly outlined below. The chosen location is Houston, Texas United States. Since the hypothesis is the measurement of nurses' health habits, the population is near 120 RNs, all are females, 85% of them are Caucasians, with their ages ranging between 22 to 47-year. Another limiting factor is the collection of the needed data all at once. Still, another limiting factor is the chosen location as the study cannot be carried out across different locations due to the short time frame allocated to the study.

Major Generalizations of the study

There is an assumption that nurses'…. [read more]

Nursing: Nursing Theorist Madeleine Leininger Term Paper

… The attainment of those goals are impacted by roles, stress, time, and space. King held that nursing is a focus on the care of a human being and nursing goals is the health care of individual patients and groups of patients. From King's view, human beings are open systems that interact with their environment constantly. The basic assumption in the goal attainment theory is that the client and nurse relate information and set mutual goals taking action to achieve those goals. This is also held to be the primary assumption of the nursing process. King stated "Each human being perceives the world as a total person in making transactions with individuals and things in the environment." (Nursing Theories, 2012, p.1) Also stated by King is…. [read more]

Practice Extrapolate Strategies Propose Close Essay

… "Popper claimed that no matter how many times something is observed to happen, we can never logically conclude that it will always happen -- the next observation might reveal something different" (Rolfe 1993: 176). Nursing by definition treats the individual patient and person and does not aspire to create abstractions for abstraction's sakes. Rolfe notes, however, that this does not mean that theory is irrelevant, but rather nursing theory must have a uniquely practical and utilitarian purpose. "Theory does not determine practice, but is generated from practice" (Rolfe 1993: 175).

Rolfe does suggest that for the experienced practitioner who knows how to use theory in a meaningful fashion, the type of seamless integration between the two is possible in the field. The type of mentorship…. [read more]

Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Essay

… The data collected in routine care is aimed at ensuring the patient receives the highest standard of care. Therefore, principles such as anonymity are not ensured because the data is only meant to be for provision of care. Forms used in routine care often have the patient's name or number and can be easily traced to a particular patient. Secondly, in routine care, interviewer bias is not a concern because the interviewer rarely has an angle since they are only collecting data aimed at ensuring the patient gets the appropriate care. The principle of supplementary data is common in both the routine data collection and in research because the nurse has to be observant about the patient's surrounding. Principles that are new include those of…. [read more]

Watson Human Care Theory Term Paper

… These stages graduate to various instances of anger, denial, bargaining stages, depression, and acceptance. Essentially, Watson theory facilitates the various stages leading to the crucial stage of acceptance (Brunjes, 2012).

A patient not aided by Watson theory will stick predominantly on the third stage of depression. This stage challenges any effort of collective medication. I will be required to apply Watson theory while interacting with various psychiatric levels of the dying patient. This prompts me to understand the various stages facing the patient during the general healing process. In fact, I will be able to redirect the psychiatric stages so that acceptance comes first; the oxytocin factor is primarily responsible in relieving anxiety, digestive problems, restless, insomnia, and hormonal conditions (Crockett, 2009).

Despite gross hardships…. [read more]

Nursing Leadership Term Paper

… One of the more pivotal theories in pedagogy holds that one cannot expect learners to understand concepts if they are not modeled by others. Similarly, within the critical educational field of nursing, encouraging critical thinking, the use of evidence-based practice, communication and dialog about subject matter, and turning into a lifelong learner that also expects this type of learning from others is a way to move beyond the abstract and showing that it is possible within a healthcare model, to use transformative teaching models to move the practice ahead while still encouraging greater communication and empathy (McAllister, 2005).

Asking pertinent questions -- Sometimes asking questions can help busy professionals (specialists or physicians) just slow down a bit to re-explain their logic -- which is both…. [read more]

Application and Integration of Aacn Research Paper

… The goal of a nurse is to restore patient's optimal level of wellness as being defined by patient. Although, death could be an acceptable outcome for a patient, however, the goal of patient is to move a patient towards a peaceful death. According to ACCN model, there are eight characteristics of patient measured as high, medium, and low-acute characteristics. The model discusses nurse's competencies. The eight patient characteristics and eight nurse competencies should be linked to bring out better outcome for patients. (AACN, 2012).

ACCN model describes health as synergy contributing to patient outcome. Combination of patient's need and nurse competencies could bring wellness in patient. Typically, patient's health will be observed by functional change, behavioral change, comfort, quality of life, ratings, trust and satisfaction.…. [read more]

Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Research Paper

… 32). The evaluation will help in developing a complete scientific rationale for nursing intervention to enhance quality of care.

Ethical Dilemma:

Ethical issues and dilemmas have become common in the nursing profession because of global developments and changes in the modern health care system. These issues and dilemmas require guidance in making ethical decisions in nurses' daily experiences and practice. Since the development of this field necessitates practice to be based on theory, nursing theory is usually used to enable nurses in ethical decision-making (Noureddine, 2001, p.2).

An example of an ethical dilemma recently faced in nursing practice involves a patient who asked for some paracetamol tablets because of pain in his legs. However, the patient does not have any pain but is attempting to…. [read more]

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