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Nursing Concepts and Theory Essay

… Health can also be defined as a dynamic state of well-being that is characterized by system equilibrium and adaptation of the individual to the environment.

Illness and health

Health and illness are a continuum that is parallel to the adaptation-maladaptation continuum. Thus health is seen to be synonymous to adaptation of the individual to their external and internal environment while illness comes about when there is maladaptation to the external and internal environment. White (2002)

defines health as a state of poor health. According to this definition illness is the direct opposite of health. Dayer-Berenson (2010)

gives a more detailed definition of illness as the abnormal process by which the person's level of functioning is changed as compared to a previous level. Therefore, health and…. [read more]

Nursing Work at the ER Essay

… What are the benefits and challenges the nurse has had or currently encounters in nursing practice?

From the interviewee's experience, he had experienced what he would call a "double-edged sword": he is constantly facing challenges and difficulties as an ER nurse through the cases that he encounters almost everyday, but he also had to deal with "work politics," wherein other ER staff (co-nurses) are not exerting much effort or are simply not working as hard as other ER nurses. Dealing with patients, according to the interviewee, is easier than dealing with work politics. Working with patients is straightforward: there are specific courses of action that he can take given the patient's case. With co-workers who are not putting any effort to helping lighten the load…. [read more]

Nursing Informatics: Present and the Future Essay

… Moreover, because of the advancement of IT in healthcare situations, nurse managers are now able to be part of "multidisciplinary teleconferences with a client" or other professionals while not being physically present, Dienemann explains. In addition to those advantages in communication and information systems, community health information networks can use these IT services to provide surveillance of "infectious disease, environmental risks factors, and epidemiologic analysis" (Dienemann, 557).

But there are drawbacks and roadblocks to the implementation of informatics advances, the author explains. The very fact that clinicians value "individualized care" and direct, hands-on service provision to "prolong life, professional autonomy, and a hierarchy of authority," they tend to resist informatics advances, Dienemann relates on page 558. In fact, the values mentioned in the preceding sentence…. [read more]

Nurse Jackie the Politics Essay

… Consequently, this case is followed by a concise history of the nursing profession in mass media and, finally, an example is provided through an analysis of Nurse Jackie. The analysis serves as the true centerpiece of the discussion, with the author revealing for the first time what she truly thinks of the show's 'politics.' Essentially, she makes the case that the nuance and imperfection of the title character makes this at once one of the most realistic and troubling reflections on nursing. As the article's author contends, the title character is at once an excellent nurse and a failure in her own personal life. This duality is essential to achieving a more honest media portrayal of nursing.

The primary assumptions of the article are well…. [read more]

Nursing Interview Essay

… Next, Jenny decided to obtain her PhD in nursing from the University of Texas at Houston School of Nursing. She did this because she saw an opportunity for expansion in her career at NASA and realized that she needed the research background that a PhD would provide in order to expand her career in that direction. Obtaining her PhD, Jenny learned how to design and conceptualize research projects. It also provided her with the educational background she needed to help write articles about how the astronauts experienced different facets of life in space and then translate those experiences to the broader human experience.

Present Position

Currently, Jenny occupies two roles at NASA: nurse and researcher. In her capacity as a nurse, Jenny helps oversee healthcare…. [read more]

Nursing Time Management Strategies Term Paper

… However, this sense of attending to physical nursing needs is only one component of providing effective patient care. While nurses must attend to patients' physical needs, they must also be mindful that they need to address patients' psychological components and make that time spent with patients seem meaningful, even if it is briefer than they would like. "Psychological nursing time is conceived as that internal to providers and recipients of nursing care. It is subjective, perceptual, and elastic. Psychological nursing time is influenced by the history, experience and expectations of the participants. It is what participants experience as nursing and how they experience it" (Jones 2012). Physical and psychological nursing time are interrelated -- on one hand, patients often feel as if they are receiving…. [read more]

Nurse Perspective the Profession Essay

… The many different job opportunities for nurses shows that in this career there is much variety. Nurses are needed everywhere and this career allows its members to choose from many different options in many different types of settings as well.

The nursing work day is another positive aspect about this career that I feel has drawn me towards this profession. I appreciate the ability to work long or short shifts, or working on weekends or weekdays. Nursing shifts are often long and hard, but this is the type of workplace scenario that I am most comfortable working within. Since people need healthcare everywhere there are people, I know that I am always needed somewhere as well. Hospitals are just one place where nursing occurs but…. [read more]

Nursing Organizations the Purpose, Mission Research Paper

… It focuses on childbirth, rather than on all pediatric specialties. It also focuses on nurse-midwives and not all midwives are nurses. While NAPNAP's inception is relatively recent (1973), the ACNM is "the oldest women's healthcare organization in the United States" ("About ACNM," ACNM, 2012). The core functions it serves are similar to that of NAPAP. It supports the continuing education of members and sets ethical standards for the profession to increase the sense of professionalism and regard the population feels for midwives. It also has a political arm, in its creation of "liaisons with state and federal agencies and members of Congress ("About ACNM," ACNM, 2012).

ACNM is committed to creating the impression of professionalism for the profession of midwifery and strongly supports the certification…. [read more]

Transition to Professional Practice: Leadership Nursing Paper Term Paper

… Transition to Professional Practice: Leadership

Nursing Paper

The Transition from Associate RN to Bachelorette RN: Leadership

The Nurse Practice Act decides the scope of practice of a nurse and is established by every state for a registered nurse. The Associate degree (ADN) program is commonly two years while the Bachelors (BSN) degree takes four years of education. ASN programs train nurses in the processes in nursing for planning, assessing, implementing, and calculating the care to be taken of the sick and injured. BSN programs train nurses for a professional role along with coursework in nursing science, research, nursing informatics, and leadership.

Over the past half century nurses have been assuming a more significant role in the health care industry. The passage of the Comprehensive Nurse…. [read more]

Nurse Anesthetist Are One of the Oldest Term Paper

… Nurse anesthetist are one of the oldest forms of specialized advanced practice nursing and are frequently faced with role changes, especially with regard to autonomy (a new trend) and technology. Nurse anesthetists are seeking an increased level of autonomy, as many other specialized advanced practice nurses are. To be successful at this task they must improve communication, work within an environment of safety and be flexible enough to develop team building systems that support new technology and a simultaneous trend of autonomy for advanced practice nurse anesthetists. This paper will analyze three journal articles that discuss the role of nurse anesthetists in a highly technology driven field with greater autonomy.

The role of the nurse anesthetist, as with many other areas of advanced practice nursing…. [read more]

One on One Nursing During Childbirth Essay

… ¶ … Nursing through Stages of Labor and Delivery:

For many women and families, labor and delivery is usually a time of excitement and expectations that is coupled with anxiety, uncertainties, and fear. This is largely because childbirth represents a huge transition in a woman's life that involves becoming a mother and learning and growing in the entire process. Actually, the experiences of labor and delivery remain in the woman's memory for the rest of her life. As a result of the experiences, the care and support that women receive during this period is quite critical and important. The main objective of caring and supporting women during this process is to provide a positive experience for the mother and her family. Moreover, the care and…. [read more]

Nursing Theory Analysis Essay

… Transactions have occurred when goals are attained" (King, 1992, p.23). The nursing practice occurs in a sequence where nurse-patient interpersonal relationships or dyads happen. While transactions continued between patients, nurses and family, it can be predicted whether the goal will be met or not or to what extent (King, 1997).

Thus goal attainment presented by King is described as a process of reaction-interaction-transaction, where the perceptions, interactions and communication between nurse and patient are the major factor that play key role in this process. The TGA denotes that patient's have different view points and opinions as compared to nurses besides the fact that they continuously interact with each other. In her theory, King emphasized that nursing professionals access data about patients' perceptions so as to…. [read more]

Nursing Philosophy a Philosophy Essay

… Nursing Philosophy

A Philosophy of Nursing

Like every profession, nursing is both a commonly shared calling and a very personal one. Every nurse shares certain professional standards with all of his or her colleagues, has in common a large number of experiences, has been educated and certified through similar processes. but, despite these many concurrent aspects of the lives of all nurses, the drive that each nurse feels to enter the profession and -- even more -- to stay in it decade after decade reflects very personal goals and values. This paper explores my personal nursing philosophy. This philosophy is an amalgam of my education and training, my personal ethics and values that sustain me not only within the profession but as an individual in…. [read more]

Nursing Education in He USA Research Proposal

… Nursing Education in the United States of America

The objective of this work is to answer the question of whether the national professional organizations, such as the American Association of Colleges of Nurses, the American Nurses Association, the American Organization of Nurse Executives and the National League for Nursing, advanced or hindered attempted to unify the educational system? This work will further relate the policies and activities of these four organizations to the role and expectations of a professional organization and will define the nature of the membership and policymaking bodies of the four organizations and the effect on entry-level higher education. Other factors relevant will be indicated. The second part of this work will be in relation to clinical professions such as medicine, dentistry,…. [read more]

Nursing Theory Critique Professional Writing

… Nursing Theory Critique

Nursing theorist: Bonnie Duldt's humanistic nursing communication theory

Nursing theorists: Bonnie Duldt's humanistic nursing communication theory

Bonnie Duldt's humanistic nursing communication theory is unique in the manner in which it emphasizes academic philosophy: specifically it is derived from schools of humanistic and existential philosophy. Like the great humanistic theologian Martin Buber, Duldt stresses the 'I-thou' relationship of commonality between nurse and patient. Like existential philosophy, Duldt's theory stresses the inescapable nature of the human condition. However, unlike these philosophies, humanistic nursing communications is practical: "It defines the human being as applicable to nursing practice. It provides easily testable relationship statements that are clearly stated. It provides a structured body of knowledge that can be implemented into the educational cognates of a nursing…. [read more]

Nursing Kidney Nursing Perceptions and Live Thesis

… Nursing Kidney

Nursing Perceptions and Live Kidney Donation

Explanation of Nursing Problem:

Organ transplant is an area of medical treatment that has the capacity to save lives, but there is a significant set of challenges which prevent transplant from being employed as early and often as desired. The noted gap between that which is needed and that which is available to the medical community has created a highly deficient 'waiting list' system, in which would be recipients are in a slow race against pressing health ailments that require timely organ transplant. According to the research by Neyhart & Colaneri (2004), "the incidence of patients diagnosed with end stage renal disease (ESRD) has tar exceeded the supply of kidneys. Cadaveric kidney donations have reached a plateau.…. [read more]

Nursing Retention Strategies Term Paper

… Nursing Retention

It is true that hospitals suffer from high turnover of nursing staff. However, studies show that does not need to be the case if the organization's management recognizes the personal and occupational needs of their nursing staff. In the business setting, empowerment has proven to be a positive employee motivation and increased retention rates. Empowerment programs in healthcare facilities can have similar results. The nature of nursing work environments is believed to contribute substantially to the current nursing shortage (Buerhaus et al. 2003).

A large number of the studies conducted on nurse retention are based on the theory of structural empowerment, developed by Kanter (1979), who saw employees' work behavior developing from workplace situations, not from personal characteristics. She defined four structural conditions…. [read more]

Nursing One Need Only Read Term Paper

… The need for long-term care facilities will increase. The number of nurses available to fill the gap continues to decrease at an alarming rate. The nursing crisis cannot be resolves overnight, and the focus need to be long-term. Novice nurses provide an untapped resource in the nursing profession and could easily fill some of the short-term and long-term shortages.

Must we forget that all experienced nurses were once novices. They are experienced because someone gave them a chance. Now, instead of training the next generation, we offer new graduates no chance to use the knowledge that they have gained and earn valuable experience so that they can become the next generation of experienced nurses. Experienced nurses do not materialize from no where, they are groomed…. [read more]

Future of Nursing Action-Oriented Blueprint Essay

… They develop and implement regional goals and campaigns within the purview and recommendations of the joint report (RWJF).

Their mission is to form and mobilize these multi-sector stakeholders; educate policymakers and other decision-makers; reach out and seek funding from philanthropists and other funders for the coalition; seek out visibility through the media; fulfill coalition efforts; and work to advance these recommendations. These coalitions are providedwith technical assistance by the RWJF through a grant to the AARP Foundation. To insure long-term functioning, technical assistance may come from sources, such as grant writers, sustainability planning or facilitation, in-kind contributors or donors, and from collaborations and coordinated work with existing RWJF nursing grant programs (RWJF).

Indiana State Coalition

Transforming Healthcare is this coalition's battle cry and the direction…. [read more]

Nursing Leadership and Management Essay

… When a nurse manager plays the responsibility of the command central, he/she provides the required support, recognizes the efforts of the other employees in the adoption process, provides information, and advocates for the provision of the environment that promotes the process. Similarly, the nurse manager facilitates the adoption of continuous improvement strategies within their organizations by encouraging professional and personal development of their staff. This is possible through the provision of training opportunities, coaching, and mentorship that aim at eliminating the weaknesses of the employees and imparting the required knowledge and skills that will facilitate continuous quality improvement.

In addition, a nurse manager takes the responsibility of facilitating continuous quality improvement through the creation of safe and healthy environment for the employees. When the environment…. [read more]

Range Theory Nursing. If Accepts Essay

… All of these suggest a profound discrepancy between the theory some of the nurses learned in school and their ability to give appropriate patient care in the 'real world' scenario of the ward. Given the fact that they were frequently working in understaffed hospitals, nurses felt they did not have the time and the institutional support to take care of patients, listen to patient's problems, get a sense of the patient's cultural framework and home environment, and that colleagues did not show respect for the unique gifts of nurses.

However, despite nurses' frustrations, it does not follow that not learning about the ideals of nurses would make these new candidates better nurses at patient's bedsides. Having a sense of the distinct purpose of nursing in…. [read more]

Nursing Education Admission Essay

… During my course of study, I intend to familiarize myself with two areas of research that interest me the most: anesthesia and midwifery. I do not currently intend to specialize, but may later choose to do so if I feel my skills would be developed best by focusing in one of these core areas of research.

There are several important issues in contemporary nursing that affect all nurse practitioners, and ultimately all patients. The issue that has weighed most heavily on my mind lately is the relatively slow process of transitioning towards electronic medical records. I understand this is largely a regulatory and administrative issue, but as a nurse practitioner, I will also be impacted by the choices made my institution. In the future, I…. [read more]

Role Theory Framework for Implementing the Nurse Educator Term Paper

… Nurse Educator: Interview and Reflection

Interviewing my site supervisor was one of the most rewarding and illuminating experiences of my career. Creating the list of questions allowed me to reflect on the truly multi-faceted role of the nurse educator and engaging in the interview allowed me to enjoy some of the most thoughtful answers I had ever heard.

How has the process of becoming and the daily life of being a nurse educator more or less demanding than what you expected?

Both the journey to becoming a nurse educator and the day-to-day life of being one is incredibly demanding. As a student in the arena of nursing education, you're constantly being challenged to figure out and better understanding strategies to make education and knowledge more…. [read more]

Clinical Framework for Advanced Practice Nurse Essay

… By highlighting the use of master's-equipped nurses to oversee care from the hospital to within the home, this model has been able to reduce re-hospitalizations for elderly patients with multiple chronic conditions. Research shows that using the Transitional Care Model aids patients attain better long-term health results and evade repeat hospitalizations, all at a cheap cost. Experts agree the program does need more nurses in order to develop some innovations.

Person/Client/Client System

The research explains that each client system is unique, a composite of characteristics and factors within a given range of responses that are contained within a basic structure. Experts also make the point that many known, unknown, and universal stressors exist. Each of these stressors differs in its potential for troubling a client's…. [read more]

Higher Education in Nursing: Three Essay

… 2010 p 37). This is what makes Nightingale's push for a more theoretical foundation in nursing education so long ago so crucial to the evolution of advanced nursing practice today.

Programs for Advanced Nursing

The next event took place during the Industrialization era, during the period where modern nursing practices were just taking shape. Mary Adelaide Nutting began making progress in terms of creating opportunities for providing nurses with more advanced educations beyond bachelorette training and degrees. Nutting is "well-known as an advocate of higher education for nurses" (Klainberg 2011 p 27). After initially graduating from John Hopkins University in 1891, she became one of the most influential superintendents the facility had ever seen in terms of its improvement on higher education programs for nursing…. [read more]

How Being Involved With Professional Nursing Organizations Benefits the Nurse Leader Essay

… Nursing Associations

The Benefits of Professional Associations in Nurse Education, Practice and Leadership

The nursing profession is profoundly challenging. Characterized by long hours, high levels of workplace stress and the need to make crucial decisions the implications of which will have significant bearings on the well-being of others, nursing requires a great deal of individual skill and organizational dexterity. This is the reason for the development of the multitude of professional organizations which function as a centering point for the nursing field as a whole. Such groups as the American Nurses Association (ANA) and the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) help to provide support, networking accessibility, information and continuing professional development to those already in the nursing field, at the practitioner and administrative level…. [read more]

Nursing Shortage in Ontario Essay

… They will help purchase new equipment that improves the safety of nurses and patients, promote professional development and support roles such as nursing educators and nursing managers" (Better working conditions, 2004, Ontario). However, the province still continues to struggle with the consequences of the shortage because the problem of nurses leaving Ontario has not been addressed. According to the RNAO's own report: "Ontario is losing RNs in many ways; they are leaving Ontario to work elsewhere (6,336 of those who retain Ontario registration alone; we do not know how many others left without retaining registration here)" (Nursing shortage, 2006, RNAO Knowledge Depot).

Nurses must be given additional incentives to stay within the province. A full-scale program containing guarantees of employment for the first two years…. [read more]

Spina Bifida and Nursing Care Essay

… The nurse is additionally responsible for providing the family with information on caring for the infant and are taught to use the appropriate assistive devices. (Peterson, 2005)

Summary and Conclusion

This study has reviewed the nursing care instructions for patients with spina bifida as indicated would be the case in the introduction to this study. The nursing care for the spina bifida patient varies from one clinic and hospital to the other as shown in the survey findings of the Spina Bifida Association (2012).


Gonzalez, GJ and Garcia, D. (2007) Care Plan in a Patient with Spina Bifida. Case Report. Enferm Clin 2007 Mar-Apr;17(2):90-5. Retrieved from:

Illustrated Manual of Nursing Practice (2002) Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 15 Feb 2002. Retrieved from:

Kaufman,…. [read more]

Personal Nursing Philosophy Term Paper

… Nursing Theory

Nursing is a three-prong dynamic that must take place before a client is cared for in the best possible way. The first prong is based on the fact that a client/person is a holistic entity within a continually changing society. Clients can include individuals, families, communities or populations who possess unique strengths. Each client represents diversity in a number of different variables, such as age, gender, culture, ethnic background, sexual orientation, race, religion, socioeconomic status, lifestyle, values, and functional ability level. Clients are active partners in their healthcare and interact with the medical providers (Nyatanga, 2005).

The second prong, health, pertains to the degree of biological, physical, psychological, social, and spiritual functioning of the client on a wellness-illness continuum, instead of on the…. [read more]

Nursing Is a Science Term Paper

… "

Art and Science Combined

In the early 1930's nurses believed "good nursing care was not a mere series of procedures strung like beads on the wire of a doctor's orders... [it was] neither just 'rote memory' nor 'mechanical skill' (Sandelowski, 1999)."

In the 1950's Hildegard Peplau "found the essence of nursing to reside in the interpersonal, as opposed to the technical, relationship with patients (Sandelowski, 1999)." In the 1980's nurses were encouraged by Virginia Henderson to "preserve the essence of nursing in a technological age (Sandelowski, 1999)." Nurses today contend with "maintaining the proper balance between 'high-tech' and 'high-touch' care (Sandelowski, 1999)."

There have been a number of changes "within the nursing arena since the advent of the 'high-tech' era. The 'hands-on' imperative of…. [read more]

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