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Obesity in Santa Barbara County Essay

… Retrieved from The New Economist:

Center for Disease Control. (2011). Obesity Trends Among U.S. Adults Between 1985

And 2010. CDC. Retrieved from: / downloads / obesity_trends_2010.pdf

Ferran, L. (February 9, 2010). Let's Move Initiative Battles Childhood Obesity. ABC News. Retrieved from: / michelle-obama-childhood-obesity-initiative/story?id=9781473

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County Cooperative Education Service. Retrieved from:

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McCann, S. (March 2011). Obesity in Santa Barbara County. Santa Barbara County Public Health Department. Retrieved from: / breaking_news / archive/ObesityTrends_SBCounty.pdf

Obama, B. (2010, June…. [read more]

Obesity in Los Angeles County Essay

… Note the similarity in percentages between those with no High School and those at or below the federal poverty level. Also note the decrease in obesity rates as education and income increase (Los Angeles County Public Health, 2003). Further, when we track populations over time based on ethnicity, we do see that obesity is rising across the board, but at a more rapid rate for latino and African-American populations than for Whites or asians. This trend is particularly alarming for the African-American community, with an almost 10 point jump in just 5 years (Office of Health Assessment).

Community Resources

Clearly there is an obesity problem in Los Angeles County. The overall conclusions as to the reasons are very similar to that of other communities, particularly…. [read more]

Obesity Community Agency Assessment: The California Essay

… Obesity

Community Agency Assessment: The California Obesity Prevention Plan

As we have previously identified in our research, Los Angeles County is largely reflective of patterns throughout California and the United States concerning rates of adult and juvenile obesity. According to our research, this one of the most pressing public health crises in the United States today and, without intervention, will only continue to worsen. Our focus on the Los Angeles area is justified by the leap in obesity levels there between 1997 and 2005, a period within which the Los Angeles County Public Health agency reports that the average adult gained 6 pounds. (p. 1) This represents an alarming rise in obesity levels and validates the importance of such community groups as the California Obesity…. [read more]

California Assembly Bill AB 290 Essay

… ¶ … letter to California Senate Assembly in support of Assembly Bill 290, which is related to child day care. This piece of legislation would help in incorporating mandatory childhood nutrition training for directors or teachers of health and safety training to enhance the current preventive health practices course. Based on my experiences in clinical duties and current statistics, the obesity rate in the United States has increased tremendously, especially California. Therefore, having good nutrition is important, particularly for children through providing childhood nutrition training.


California State Senate

112 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington DC 20510

Dear California State Senate:

My name is ____ and I am a student nurse at ____. Since my current clinical rotation is known as "Community," I am involved…. [read more]

Hispanic-American Population Assessment Pockets Term Paper

… It looks forward to adding more specialists and services to its list. It continues to work closely mostly with the Hispanic-American community to identify its other basic needs not yet attended to, unavailable or currently un-affordable (Serve the People).

Latino Health Access launched the Healthy Eating, Active Communities project in the 92701 zip-code where 92% is Latino (LHA, 2011). It contributes to fill the feeding and physical activity needs of its more than 61,000 residents who live below the federal poverty level at 68%. In addition to high population density, Santa Ana is also short of open space for physical activity at only 0.9 acres per 1,000 persons. The National Parks & Recreation recommends 10 acres (LHA).

Active Living in Santa Ana or ALISA is…. [read more]

Elderly in Monrovia, CA Term Paper

… This service organization contracts with over fifty other community agencies to deliver services that promote the well-being and independence of seniors (Sapp-Pradia, 2009).

Home delivered meals and nutrition programs

Home-based care and illness management

Alzheimer's Day Care

Health and Wellbeing classes and information

Integrated Care Management

Elder Care

The community is well poised to assist seniors in Monrovia with these and other services such as legal advice, health insurance, activities, and even ombudsman programs. Program help sheets, documents, and forms for enrollment are easily accessed at the Los Angeles County web page (, or simply by calling the Senior Services Office. While there are gaps in service due to reliability of funding, the number of secondary agencies that assist in these programs are wide-range enough…. [read more]

Audit of Organizational Effectiveness Department Research Paper

… The availability of informational resources also ensures that technology can facilitate fulfilling this mission and has created the need for new subdivisions within the organization to specifically avail the CDC of technology to communicate to the public as well as keeping metrics about the spread of the disease itself (Seasonal influenza, 2013, CDC).

However, there has been criticism of some HHS agencies for insufficient group development to address health needs. The FDA, for example, has been subject to a slew of criticisms regarding its lagging behind on approving new drugs for life-threatening diseases as well as its inability to effectively monitor food and drug safety, and to track the dissemination of contaminated foods. "FDA needs to, among other things, improve the data it uses to…. [read more]

Childhood Obesity and Nutrition Evaluation of Contemporary Term Paper



The purpose of this work is to evaluate the available treatments and preventions for childhood obesity and clarify the pros and cons of the most prevalent treatments being used by today's medical professionals. The National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation states that maintenance of a balance "between energy intake and energy expenditure is a critical factor in regulating body weight. The majority of obesity-related academic research, government funding, media attention and parental concern has focused on nutrition and dietary contribution to child and adolescent overweight." (NIHCM, 2003) According to the NIHCM Foundation the advantages of prevention of childhood obesity include: (1) the ability to maintain optimal metabolic physiology; (2) Applying prevention strategies at the populations…. [read more]

Falls Prevention Among the Elderly and Modifying Individual Behavior Essay

… Incidence of Falls

Accidental or unintentional injury deaths are attributable to falls as the second leading cause worldwide (WHO Media Center 2010). The first leading cause is road traffic injuries. Global statistics say that approximately 424,000 persons die from falls, more than 80% of whom live in low-and-middle-income countries. Of this number, the majority are adults older than 65. A fall is an event wherein the person accidentally drops to lower ground. It may be fatal or non-fatal and most are non-fatal. Even among non-fatal cases, 37.3 million occur every year and are serious enough to require medical attention. The incidence is highest in the Western Pacific and South East Asia at 2/3 (WHO Media Center).

While everyone is at risk for falls at all…. [read more]

Environmental Justice and Executive Order 12898 Research Proposal


The objective of this work is to examine whether the issuance of Executive Order 12898 in 1994 has made a recognizable difference in assisting the environmental justice movement reach its goal of achieving environmental protection for all communities.

On February 11, 1994, President Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 12898 on Environmental Justice: Federal Actions to Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations and Low-Income Populations. This order directs each federal agency to develop an environmental justice strategy for identifying and addressing disproportionately high and adverse human health, or environmental effects of its programs, policies, and activities on minority populations and low-income populations. Monies were allocated to federal agencies and state governments assisting communities to develop strategies toward local environmental problems.…. [read more]

Lawrence and Germov Chapter Essay

… Functional foods refer to the notion that some foods are beneficial for one's health; they can promote health and prevent disease -- such as for instance yogurts that contain probiotic organisms that are claimed to be disease-preventing or margarines with phytosoterols that are alleged to help improve immunity. These food products are marketed as health-promoting or disease-reducing foods on the alleged basis of so-called scientific research that has been conducted to 'conclusively' demonstrate these claims. On the other hand, some scientists are skeptical of such claims observing that marketing of such foods helps stakeholders by bringing in billions of dollars and that their assumptions (publicized by health claims that appear on the product) are over simplistic and deceptive to an easily duped consumer. In fact,…. [read more]

There Are Three Places Where I Sited Term Paper

… There are three places where I sited the textbook but did not know the

1. The instinct theory, or as some experts currently call it, Fixed
Action Patterns, is a theory of motivation based on the fact that
universally humans will react to certain releasers in a specific manner.
A releaser is a triggering event for the reaction. Some experts think that
we as human react instinctively to these releasers, hence the term Instinct
Theory. An instinct or fixed action "resemble reflexes in that they are
innate, display little variability from individual to individual, or from
day to day in the same individual, and often are reliably elicited by a
particular kind of event" (Chance, 1994, p. 8). According to Chance, some
experts would…. [read more]

Hispanics Living in Alabama Term Paper

… This particular border has the highest rates of death from the disease in both countries, but the disease claims three times as many sufferers from Hispanics as compared to non- Hispanics. (Figueroa, Lorena Border Health Initiative, and El Diario, February 14, 2001)

According to the PAHO analysis, the Hispanic community is also prone to the problem of obesity along with the affliction from diabetes. PAHO works along with government departments and many other public agencies for the care of the health of the Hispanics. In many cases, they provide the funding in partnership to states and public agencies while collaborating with them on their health plans and conduct research as also develop materials so that the health aspects of the Hispanic community can be promoted.…. [read more]

Sustainable Agriculture and Labor Conditions Research Paper

… Sustainable Agriculture

There are many aspects of sustainable farming. Not only does this include healthy foods grown, healthy farming practices and systems, but, furthermore, healthy working conditions on the farm. There are a number of solutions proposed on the international scale that have been discussed or even implemented, but in order to achieve true sustainability in agriculture, not only do healthier foods have to reach more people, but so to do farm workers need to be treated fairly.

First, the state of our food industry is in tatters. The quality of our food has reached dangerous levels. The Organic Center, a research institute designed to evaluate the science of organic food and farming, recently published its concerns for the state of the food industry and…. [read more]

Launch of Pdi Labeling Essay

… The launch of the nutritional labeling effort in Australia would do well to adopt the advertising and marketing strategies of the industries associated with dairy products -- and for that matter -- many other products. That strategy is endorsement by celebrity.


Bonsmann, SS, Fernandez Celemin, L, Larranaga, S, Egger, JM, Wills, C, Hodgkins, C and Raats, MM. [Flabel Consortium. Penetration of nutrition information on food labels across the EU-27 plus Turkey]. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2010; DOI: 10.1038/ejcn.2010.179

Devine CM. (2005) A life course perspective: Understanding food choices in time, social location, and history. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 37(3):121 -- 128.

EUFIC - European Food Information Council (2010, October 13). Nutrition labels on food and drinks in the UK: Available, understood…. [read more]

Health Maintenance Organization Impact on the Minorities Thesis


The focus of this research study is the health maintenance organization impact on the minorities' community and specifically the communities of Hispanics, African-American and Latinos in the locations of New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and Chicago. In recent years it has become increasingly clear that the U.S. .healthcare system is failing in making the same quality of care provision for ethnic minority populations as are made for the majority white population and the racial and ethnic disparities in accessing quality healthcare have been documented in research studies. It is reported that African-Americans experience the highest rates of mortality from heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disease and HIV / AIDS than any other U.S.…. [read more]

Does Physical Fitness Improve Academic Success? Term Paper

… ¶ … Physical Fitness Improve Academic Success?

The objective of this work is to review literature which answers the question of whether physical fitness improves academic success.

Discussion of General Background Literature

The work of Gazmararian (2005) states that: "Health professionals and educators have long believed that a positive relationship exists between physical activity and academic performance. However, the existing empirical research on the relationship between physical activity and physical fitness with academic performance is sparse, particularly among elementary and school children." Gazmararian state that two review papers have revealed that taking time from the school day for physical education does not result in achievement scores being reduced..." And that there are others that show that increasing levels of physical activity may improve the academic…. [read more]

Hypnosis Compared to Eastern Meditation Chi Kung and Nei Thesis

… ¶ … globalization and innovations in telecommunications are bringing healthcare practitioners together from all over the world in ways that have never before been possible. As these collaborative efforts and mature communities of practice continue to emerge, it is important to help Western practitioners understand the fundamental tenets of Eastern medicine and representative practices, just as it is important to help practitioners in China and elsewhere in the East understand the allopathic approaches that are most widely practiced in the West. To this end, this study compared the clinical use of hypnosis with the use of Eastern Meditation, Chi Kung, and Nei Kung. To achieve this comparison, a review of the relevant literature was combined with a qualitative meta-analysis of the peer-reviewed and scholarly literature…. [read more]

Static Learning Research Proposal

… Static Learning in the 21st Century

The Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) test, mandated by Senate Bill 103 during the 76th Texas Legislative Session, assesses students in grades 3, through 11. Two of the tests are benchmarks for passing to the next level. The state of Texas requires students who do not pass the third grade, standardized test, to repeat that grade level and students in the eleventh grade must pass all tests in order to graduate (TEA, 2007). Test scores have come to dominate discussion about schools and their accomplishments. Amrein and Berliner (2002) found that educators at state and national levels use test scores to evaluate programs and allocate educational resources. A school, whose math test scores have dropped, might allocate…. [read more]

Consumer Behaviour Final Exam Q1) in 2007 Term Paper

… Consumer Behaviour Final Exam

Q1) In 2007 Rocky Mountain Bicycles signed on as the bike sponsor for the
Tran Rockies Challenge.
( (Rocky Mountain
Bicycles replaced the former sponsor DeVinci Bicycles from Quebec. Why do
the TransRockies Challenge organizers seek sponsors like Rocky Mountain
Bicycles? Why does Rocky Mountain Bicycles sponsor events like the
TransRockies Challenge? Logo source:

Rocky Mountain Bicycles' interest in sponsoring the TransRockies Challenge
is to actively promote their bicycles, accessories and also underscore
their brand as being road-tested and sturdy, reliable and trustworthy
enough for such an ardous offroad bicycle. TransRockies Challenge's
managers and organizers are looking for entrants for their race, and also
funds for underwriting the cost of the event. In exchange for being listed
as a sponsor,…. [read more]

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