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Obesity in Santa Barbara County Essay

… Retrieved from The New Economist:

Center for Disease Control. (2011). Obesity Trends Among U.S. Adults Between 1985

And 2010. CDC. Retrieved from: / downloads / obesity_trends_2010.pdf

Ferran, L. (February 9, 2010). Let's Move Initiative Battles Childhood Obesity. ABC News. Retrieved from: / michelle-obama-childhood-obesity-initiative/story?id=9781473

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County Cooperative Education Service. Retrieved from:

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McCann, S. (March 2011). Obesity in Santa Barbara County. Santa Barbara County Public Health Department. Retrieved from: / breaking_news / archive/ObesityTrends_SBCounty.pdf

Obama, B. (2010, June…. [read more]

Obesity Prevalence Term Paper

… When it comes to geography, obesity is seen to be more prevalent in communities that are developed. Obesity is more prevalent among groups of people in lower socioeconomic status. This low socioeconomic status results to a low protein and a high calorific diet leading to development of obesity. There are also some neighborhoods which are dangerous and hence children can not play outside. This can lead to less physical activity among children which eventually leads to the development of obesity (Centre for disease control, 2012).

About 60% of adults in New York are obese or overweight. In New York, overweight and obesity is more prevalent in African-Americans than other people in New York. Between 2003 and 2007 obesity prevalence in New York was at a…. [read more]

Obesity in Los Angeles County Essay

… Note the similarity in percentages between those with no High School and those at or below the federal poverty level. Also note the decrease in obesity rates as education and income increase (Los Angeles County Public Health, 2003). Further, when we track populations over time based on ethnicity, we do see that obesity is rising across the board, but at a more rapid rate for latino and African-American populations than for Whites or asians. This trend is particularly alarming for the African-American community, with an almost 10 point jump in just 5 years (Office of Health Assessment).

Community Resources

Clearly there is an obesity problem in Los Angeles County. The overall conclusions as to the reasons are very similar to that of other communities, particularly…. [read more]

Obesity Community Agency Assessment: The California Essay

… Obesity

Community Agency Assessment: The California Obesity Prevention Plan

As we have previously identified in our research, Los Angeles County is largely reflective of patterns throughout California and the United States concerning rates of adult and juvenile obesity. According to our research, this one of the most pressing public health crises in the United States today and, without intervention, will only continue to worsen. Our focus on the Los Angeles area is justified by the leap in obesity levels there between 1997 and 2005, a period within which the Los Angeles County Public Health agency reports that the average adult gained 6 pounds. (p. 1) This represents an alarming rise in obesity levels and validates the importance of such community groups as the California Obesity…. [read more]

Obesity and Overweight on Latinas Girls and Women Term Paper

… Overweight and Obesity Latino Women

The female Latino population is experiencing a significant health problem in relation to the frequency of being overweight or obese.

Target population:

Latino Women in the Los Angeles County area between the ages of 18 and 24. Based on the statistics available in the United Way ZIP Code Data Book, based on 2000 census statistics there were 4,242,213 Latino individuals in Los Angeles County according to national averages, slightly over half of those individuals are female and according to the percentages of the total population about one fourth of that half is between the ages of 18 and 24. Of the total Latino population about 1/4 live below, at or barely above the federal poverty level, and we can assume…. [read more]

Meth Addiction and Abuse Problems Research Paper

… This disorder resembles schizophrenia after they stop using methamphetamine. These symptoms last for more than 6 months and do not even respond to treatment (Barr, Panenka, MacEwan, Thornton, Lang, Honer, Lecomte, 2006).

People also develop tolerance to methamphetamine. The development of tolerance is not fully understood. However, it is know that the development is based on a cascade of mechanisms that cannot yet be fully explained. The development of tolerance, its rate and extent, vary from one individual to another. Nonetheless, it has been established that tolerance to this drug depends on its dosage, the duration of its consumption and the frequency of its use.

Methamphetamine is also known to cause short time tolerance in some individuals. This is caused because of decreased levels of…. [read more]

California Assembly Bill AB 290 Essay

… ¶ … letter to California Senate Assembly in support of Assembly Bill 290, which is related to child day care. This piece of legislation would help in incorporating mandatory childhood nutrition training for directors or teachers of health and safety training to enhance the current preventive health practices course. Based on my experiences in clinical duties and current statistics, the obesity rate in the United States has increased tremendously, especially California. Therefore, having good nutrition is important, particularly for children through providing childhood nutrition training.


California State Senate

112 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington DC 20510

Dear California State Senate:

My name is ____ and I am a student nurse at ____. Since my current clinical rotation is known as "Community," I am involved…. [read more]

Obesity Based on Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Factors Article Critique

… ¶ … Obesity Based on Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Factors

The article in the American Journal of Public Health addressed the obesity epidemic in the United States. The specific research design sought to link socioeconomic position (SEP) with adult body mass index (BMI) -- that is, is a child from a lower SEP more apt to become obese later in life, and is there an empirical relationship between the two factors? And is there a racial / ethnic component involved? Do the children of African-American parents with low socioeconomic status become obese at rates higher than say, Latinos or whites?

Study Design / Problem or Objective / Literature Review: The study design in this paper was preceded by a series of references to "other studies" that…. [read more]

Elderly in Monrovia, CA Term Paper

… This service organization contracts with over fifty other community agencies to deliver services that promote the well-being and independence of seniors (Sapp-Pradia, 2009).

Home delivered meals and nutrition programs

Home-based care and illness management

Alzheimer's Day Care

Health and Wellbeing classes and information

Integrated Care Management

Elder Care

The community is well poised to assist seniors in Monrovia with these and other services such as legal advice, health insurance, activities, and even ombudsman programs. Program help sheets, documents, and forms for enrollment are easily accessed at the Los Angeles County web page (, or simply by calling the Senior Services Office. While there are gaps in service due to reliability of funding, the number of secondary agencies that assist in these programs are wide-range enough…. [read more]

Caring for Population Essay

… Caring for Population

Demographic and Epidemiological Data

California is currently dealing with a disastrous obesity epidemic, as the number of obese and overweight individuals has experienced a constant rise in the last years. Given the fact that the state Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is a bodybuilding icon, it is only natural for him to be actively involved in combating obesity (Grad).

A series of efforts were performed so as to diminish the rate of growth in obesity levels, such as some junk foods being removed from commerce and people being informed on the nutritional value of certain foods. Being a hallmark for the state of California, Los Angeles County is responsible for being an educator in nutrition, with it having been chosen by the governor to…. [read more]

Career Path of Being Business Plan

… The stated steps will ensure that I have an oppressive marketing strategy to give the required competition to all the market players and win too. (Biz Plan Corner, 2013)

11) The target market for my health and fitness club is the Coral Gables area of the Miami city of Florida State. The place I selected has the least amount of market rivals and is less represented by health clubs, having a population of about 53,000 and low number of health clubs make it a fine prospect and place to start a new business and grow (that is grow roots and settle down before exploring new markets). (Active Marketing Group, 2007)

12) The entire state of Florida is strong market for health and fitness clubs, and…. [read more]

Community Assessment Las Vegas Essay

… Only a small portion of the childcare center screened had traditional lead hazards, while a slightly higher portion of centers had non-traditional sources such as tile, and playground equipment.

Due to the importance of this issue the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) received a local Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2006. This grant provided for the creation of the CLPPP in Southern Nevada that will be improved upon and eventually expanded to encompass the entire state of Nevada. One important aspect of the program is Primary Prevention which aims to determine what lead hazards exist in a community and how to abate those hazards to prevent children from being exposed to lead. It…. [read more]

LA vs. HHS Budget Essay

… Indeed, they use a dollar bill-laden chart as a model for showing what money is going where, what money is coming from where and so forth. These are the same pages that the spending amounts listed earlier for Los Angeles came from. In terms of where the money comes for Los Angeles, not quite a fourth, 23 cents of every dollar, comes from property taxes. About 7.4 cents of every dollar comes from other governmental agencies and 8.3 cents of every dollar comes from utility user taxes. About 8.4 cents of every dollar comes from business and transient occupancy taxes and nearly ten cents (9.8) of every dollar comes from licenses, permits and fees except for proprietary transfers. About 14.2 cents of every dollar comes…. [read more]

Health Maintenance Organization Impact on the Minorities Thesis


The focus of this research study is the health maintenance organization impact on the minorities' community and specifically the communities of Hispanics, African-American and Latinos in the locations of New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and Chicago. In recent years it has become increasingly clear that the U.S. .healthcare system is failing in making the same quality of care provision for ethnic minority populations as are made for the majority white population and the racial and ethnic disparities in accessing quality healthcare have been documented in research studies. It is reported that African-Americans experience the highest rates of mortality from heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disease and HIV / AIDS than any other U.S.…. [read more]

How Much Control Should the Government Have on Public Food Choices in America? Research Paper

… Government Control on Public Food Choices

How much control should the government have on the public's food choices in the United States?

The government should implement programs to reduce the prevalence of fast food in America.

Increase in Disease Related to Fast Foods

Blatant Disregard for Health From Major Food Companies

Unhealthiness of fast and junk foods

Advertising techniques

Resistance to change

Political Divisions Resulting How the Government Should Respond

Proponents: Defending and Implementing Government Intervention


Increasing rates of childhood obesity

Types of current types of government intervention and their successes

Low Income Demographics

a. Higher numbers of fast food restaurants in low income neighborhoods

Low income families have a harder time eating healthier due to costs

c. Current government interventions and successes

The…. [read more]

Urban and Suburban Planning Term Paper

… Large metropolitan areas are attractive to many due to the economic, educational and cultural opportunities available in these areas. During much of the 20th century and especially during economic downturns and recessions large amounts of people abandoned rural areas in search of opportunities that were available in large cities. They rarely took into account the discomforts and negative effects of urban sprawl, they were in a sense blinded and consumed by the promise of a better life that large cities offered. As certain members of the population become economically stable they seek to improve their quality of life, this is when they begin to notice the both the pros and cons associated with big city living. If they have a successful career and are economically…. [read more]

Computer Games Research Term Paper

… This development among others means that public safety has declined precipitously and that no one has complete immunity from the possibility of physical victimization by violent acts.

However, not all researchers have found a positive relationship between video game playing and violence. For example, Goldstein states that studies do not necessarily demonstrate the actual effects. "Some social psychologists argue that playing violent video games causes aggressive behavior, among other things (desensitization to violence, disinhibition of violence, belief in a 'scary world,' acquisition of cognitive schemas supportive of aggression). Three types of evidence are said to converge in support of this conclusion: correlational studies, field studies (which are typically correlational in nature), and laboratory experiments." Correlational research, he adds, can relate nothing about whether violent video…. [read more]

Employee Satisfaction and Productivity Case Study

… During the survey of participants, the researcher investigates:

Employee satisfaction;

Employer/Employee perceptions of employee satisfaction;

Factors contributing to employee satisfaction;

ASDA reports;

Measuring employee satisfaction and productivity;

ASDA Interviews.

Study Objectives

Objective 1

Conduct a thorough review of literature relating to employee satisfaction and productivity/output; seeking specific information related to ASDA; including information applicable to employee satisfaction and productivity throughout the world.

Objective 2

Develop, implement and assess results evolving from a survey of ASDA employees and managers.

Objective 3

Analyze information retrieved through the literature review.

Analyze data retrieved through the implementation of the survey.

Analyze data/information the interviews reveal.

Present compilation of findings from the literature review as well as from the survey and the interviews during the analysis chapter of the dissertation.…. [read more]

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