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Oceanography Identifying the Current Location New York Term Paper

… Oceanography

Identifying the current location

New York belongs to the state bearing the same name and is situated on the north-eastern coast of the U.S.A., at the point where the Hudson River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The city's geographical coordinates are latitude 40047'N and longitude 73058' W. The city is renown for its cultural aura, but also for its financial, business, and trading organizations which play a major role to the national and world economy (

The point most surrounded by water

When I looked at the globe, the land which seemed to be most surrounded by water was Antarctica. The continent is placed in the middle of the Southern Ocean or South Polar Ocean (which changed its name after being initially labeled as…. [read more]

Developing Countries Adopting (Sar) Challenges Essay

… So far, this has led to the biggest risk of sinking cruise ships. From early 2000, there has been a significant increase in the number of passenger cruise ships visiting the region and its surrounding hub of waters (Wu & Zou, 2009).


Major challenges of the developing nations are the vast size of the region of responsibility and the inadequate capabilities. Recently, the region adopted a concept of procuring future capabilities necessary to execute their responsibilities in the specified areas. However, in the mean time, these plans have been postponed due to a recent world economic recession. Therefore, the developing nations have argued that the biggest challenge would be the budget constraints concerning the International Convention Maritime Search Rescue (SAR) operations responsibilities and activities.…. [read more]

Remote Sensing Can Be Utilized Term Paper

… Radiometric sensitivity: This is the sensors ability to differentiate the reflectance or the remittance of the spectral radiation from various predetermined targets. This however depend s on the various quantum levels that exists within a certain spectral band.

Problems with remotely sensed information

The major problem with remotely sensed information is that the path that exists between the object under study and the sensor is never clear.Therefore, the process of trying to derive quantitative information becomes almost impossible since in this case the underwater habitats are completely submerged and covered with various objects and particles. There also exists variable levels of reflectance at various water bottom depths (Ahmad,1994).In order to take care of this anomaly, an algorithm for water column correction has been derived and…. [read more]

Desertification of Coral Reefs Essay

… Geography

Desertification of Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are under threat worldwide. An estimated 58% of reefs are classified as threatened and 11% of the original amount of coral reefs has already been lost. The makeup of remaining coral reefs is also rapidly changing. In regards to many of the reefs, the decline in coral has coincided with increased cover of macro algae, which has caused apparently stable community shifts to algal-dominated states. The reasons for the coral decline are thought to include a combination of direct anthropogenic factors, such as overfishing, pollution, and sedimentation as well as climate change and natural disturbances (Gardner, Cote, Gill, Grant and Watkinson, 2005).

The overall goal of coral reef management is to maintain the ability of tropical reefs to…. [read more]

Behavior of Concrete in Rivers Dissertation

… Included in this are the kind of concrete use, the cover depth chosen for reinforcement, the overall on-site implementation and managerial practice as well as the intensity and harshness of exposure (Castro et al., 2001).

River atmosphere signifies the atmosphere encircled through the river water. River water is really a complex compound of numerous salts that contains living matter, suspended silt, dissolved gases and rotting organic material as well as other man-made materials ranging from nearby use of fertilizers of underground pollution. The typical salt power of river water is all about 3.5% even though it differs from river to river based upon geological location and the network of seas and oceans they are connected to. However the difficulties posed by nature in such an…. [read more]

Effect of Red Tide on Manatees Term Paper

… Red Tides and Manatees

The Effect of Red Tide on Manatees

The manatee population of Florida has suffered devastating effects not only from the fishing and boating industry, but the re-occurrence of the red tides has killed large numbers in recent years, leading to much research and numerous efforts regarding manatee protection and algae controls.

Manatees are large marine mammals, with adults averaging in weight between one thousand and fifteen hundred pounds, and averaging twelve feet in length (Trouble pp). They inhabit coastal estuarine systems within the boundaries of the tropics (Trouble pp). Their migration in North Florida is seasonal and prompted mainly by changes in water temperature, while in South Florida, however, the need for fresh or low salinity drinking water is a second…. [read more]

Charitable Activities by British Petroleum Essay

… Knowledge gained through this work is helping BP to improve the ways in which it can identify and address environmental and social risks.

Furthermore, it supports the World Conservation Monitoring Centre, which is the specialist biodiversity information and assessment centre of the United Nations Environment Programme. Recognizing stakeholder concerns about their potential impacts on biodiversity, BP was one of the founding members of Proteus, a public-private partnership that aims to make biodiversity information more freely available to the public.

Recently, Through the establishment of an independent research initiative -- the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, it is supporting research to improve knowledge of the Gulf ecosystem, and to better understand and mitigate the potential impacts of oil spills in the region and elsewhere. Other than…. [read more]

Bowers Ridge and Shirshov Rise Term Paper

… Bowers Ridge & Shirshov Rise

Are the Shirshov Rise and Bowers Ridge features old subduction zones or hotspot tracks? That is the question this paper will relate to and attempt to answer based on available research. Not all articles used in this research are necessarily scholarly; but there are two articles from scholarly sources that will be reviewed and critiqued in this paper.

But first, as an introductory background into the geological dynamics of the Shirshov Ridge volcanic belt, the United States Geological Survey explains ( that the ridge consists "chiefly of two units: a relatively older oceanic assemblage of amphibolite, gabbro, diabase, basalt, and chert." The second unit that Shirshov Ridge contains is a "relatively younger volcanic arc assemblage" of the following components: volcaniclastic…. [read more]

GIS Client / Server Systems Case Study

… This particular tool provides the agency's officers, including managers and technical staff, "with a readily accessible tool to run queries and reports and generate maps vital to the efficient management of drinking water programs under the Safe Drinking Water Act" (ESRI, 2014). As the author further points out, in addition to accessing high-resolution imagery, employees of the agency can also integrate the said imagery "within all ArcGIS Desktop products as well as via the EPA's EnviroMapper and ArclMS Web viewers" (ESRI 2014). This way, real-time solutions are created for an otherwise complex process.

The U.S. Department of the Interior

Developed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (a U.S. Department of Labor department) in collaboration with several other agencies (such as the U.S. Forest Service),…. [read more]

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