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Old Testament Summary Genesis Research Proposal

… Old Testament Summary

Genesis: Genesis is a historical narrative/creation myth concerning the history of the world from its creation to the arrival of the Hebrews in Egypt (Fee & Douglas, 1993). Adam and Eve eat from the tree of knowledge against God's will and are banished from the Garden of Eden. Mankind grows evil and God sends a flood; only Noah and his family are spared. God makes a covenant with Abraham, and Jacob eventually leads the Hebrews to Egypt.

Exodus: After suffering many generations enslaved by the Egyptians, Moses leads the Hebrews out of Egypt. Pharaoh and the Egyptians suffer the ten plagues before this is accomplished. Part narrative and part law, this book also deals with the receiving of the Ten Commandments and…. [read more]

Old Testament by Elemer L Book Review

… However, attempting to portray people in the Old Testament as ordinary people and actually accomplishing this feat are two different things, and the degree of efficacy that Towns' produces in his undertaking is somewhat questionable. The very nature of the Old Testament and the people depicted in it is considerably at variance with most people of the present time. One only needs to look at the lifespan of many Old Testament people, who routinely lived hundreds of years or at least past the age of 100, to note some very key distinctions between such subjects and the regular people who populate the earth today. Moreover, some of the feats accomplished by the Old Testament personages are almost ineffable and beyond the comprehension of many of…. [read more]

Jesus Through the Old Testament Book Review

… Quite simply, it is impossible to extract the influence of the Old Testament to the people in and the writings presented within the New Testament -- which is Wright's whole point.

Despite this convincing evidence and the sound methodology of the author, this book does contain a few drawbacks which inadvertently negatively impact the efficacy of Wright's overall delivery of his message. Like several learned authors he has the tendency to maunder a bit instead of conveying information as lucidly and expediently as possible. Despite his dedication to synthesizing the Old with the New Testament, there are also points in the book that simply consist of multiple elongated passages of Old Testament scriptures. Additionally, when underscoring the value of Old Testament covenants in relationship to…. [read more]

Genesis This Book Includes the Creation Research Paper

… Genesis

This book includes the creation of the Earth as well as the creation of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman.


Exodus focuses on the Israelites exodus from Egypt. Moses is an important character and we become aware of God's covenant with his chosen people in this book.


This book can be seen as a manual for priests and Levites as it includes duties and precepts. The books also covers issues of Godliness and holiness. Many of these principles are established in the New Testament.

Numbers covers how Israel intended on entering the Holy Land. It also covers the years spent at Sinai and Moab. The book also discusses how events are guided by God, the deliverer.


This book is…. [read more]

Religion -- Books Essay

… d.; Harbin, 2005, p. 235).


The book of Hosea is written in the basic genre of Prophecy. In this book, which is written in almost a gentle type of poetry at times, the key themes/purposes/personalities/issues use Hosea's life to mirror God's relationship with his people, the Israelites: Hosea's love and compassion for his wife mirror God's love and compassion for Israel; Hosea's marriage and children mirror God's relationship with Israel; the unfaithfulness of Hosea's wife mirror the unfaithfulness of Israel in its relationship with God; the repentance of Hosea's wife mirrors the repentance of Israel; Hosea's forgiveness mirrors God's forgiveness of Israel and His renewed relationship with His people, which restores their good fortune. Hosea stresses the importance of true faith, which is in…. [read more]

Depiction of Women in the Old Testament Essay

… (Exodus 21:3, 22 Deut 22:22) hence we see a woman as a commercial exploit of the husband and his relation, consequently any damage to her person is seen as a depreciation of value and must be compensated according to the set rules as had earlier been discussed (Carvalho, 2006).

In Leviticus 18:20 adultery was defined as a man having sexual intercourse with his neighbor's wife. Leviticus 20:10 as well as, Deuteronomy 22:23 extend this prohibition to a man sleeping with a woman who is engaged to be married. If a man has an affair with an unmarried woman, the act is not considered adultery (Willis, 1995). Married men were free to visit prostitutes. A man who committed adultery did not commit a wrongful act against…. [read more]

Comparison of Genesis, Chapters Term Paper

… ¶ … Genesis: The Old Testament

Chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis are the first chapters of the first book (of five) from the Old Testament. The other four books of the Old Testament are: Exodus; Leviticus; Numbers; and Deuteronomy. The first chapter of Genesis describes the seven days during which God first created the earth. On each day, something new about the earth is created, so that by the seventh day, it is the earth we know today. Before the creation of the earth, all was darkness. The first three lines of Genesis, Chapter 1 (Genesis 1:1-1:3) are:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the…. [read more]

Summaries of Biblical Web Sites Book Report

… ¶ … Bible Websites

This site categorizes the books of the Bible into Old Testament books and New Testament books. The books of law normally referred to as the law of Moses or Torah, the historical books such as Joshua, poetical books like Job to Songs of Solomon and lastly the prophetical books carrying prophecies proclaimed by major and minor prophets of the Bible like Isaiah and Hosea respectively.

The website also groups The New Testament into Gospels, Historical book like the Book of Acts of The Apostles, Doctrinal Books which are Pauline and General Epistles written by Paul, and lastly the Prophetical book of Revelation.

The site expresses the views that some Bibles have different structure summaries where some combine Books of…. [read more]

Do Heaven and Hell Really Exist? Research Paper

… ¶ … Heaven and Hell really exist?

The most common question that is often asked by people belonging from different religions is in relation to the reality of the existence of the heaven and hell, the end of the world, the outcomes of the actions of the people in the world and if the world will end. From these questions, the most important one is in relation to the existence of the heaven and hell. This question is the main fact to be considered in this paper. What is the heaven or hell, what is the reason of existence and do these really exist and what kinds of actions will define the final destination of a person. The research paper will argue on the reality…. [read more]

Bible Is Made Up Essay

… Bible is made up of variety of writing styles because over more than 40 authors wrote the Bible. The Bible is generally being regarded as a model for literary genre, and the literary genre describes the type of literature having similar content, structure and tone. The literary genre assists readers to understand the texts better. (Brent and Giese).

Objective of this essay is to provide the genre analysis of the Old Testament, which consists of:






Poetry in the Old Testament is found in Psalm, Job, Proverbs, Lamentations, Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes. The poetry is written in sung and it is intensely emotional, worshipful and appeals to the imagination. Generally provide the rhetorical devices to communicate feelings and thoughts.

Poetry…. [read more]

covenant old testament relationship god humanity Term Paper

… However, God essentially raises the stakes with Abraham, demanding faith in addition to righteous action (Padfield, 2018). 'Abram believed the'Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness,' (Genesis 15:6). Thus, the covenant with Abraham offers a new feature of the redemptive power of God; human beings must take action but their faith is a prerequisite for salvation. God also offers specific concessions to Abraham and his descendants through this covenant, specifically in response to Abraham's need for land (Barrick, 2007). While the substantive content of the Abrahamic covenant centers on the necessity of faith and commitment to God, God also demonstrates redemptive power through the fulfillment of worldly needs.
One of the most remarkable Old Testament examples of a covenant between God and humanity…. [read more]

Genesis 50 15 21 Thesis

… Genesis 50: 15-21

When Joseph's brothers saw that their father was dead, they said, "What if Joseph holds a grudge against us and pays us back for all the wrongs we did to him?" 16 So they sent word to Joseph, saying, "Your father left these instructions before he died: 17 'This is what you are to say to Joseph: I ask you to forgive your brothers the sins and the wrongs they committed in treating you so badly.' Now please forgive the sins of the servants of the God of your father." When their message came to him, Joseph wept.

His brothers then came and threw themselves down before him. "We are your slaves," they said.

But Joseph said to them, "Don't be afraid.…. [read more]

Koran and Genesis a Comparison Thesis

… Thus, the sibling rivalry ends, and Joseph's dreams prove true -- specifically, that his brothers will bow down before him and he will rule over them. However, he does not rule as a tyrant, but mercifully, forgiving all debts -- again, foreshadowing Christ Who suffers for all sins and forgives sinners.

Koran 12.7-20

In the Koran, however, the details of the story are a bit different, not least because Joseph is not designed to be viewed as a prefiguring of Christ or of forgiveness. The role of mercy is retained for the king and for God. Yet, let us look to see how the Koran treats of the sibling rivalry found in the Joseph narrative.

The brothers who become envious of Joseph's power plot to…. [read more]

Unequal Pairs in Genesis Essay

… It was sinful to offer sacrifices in other places and after the destruction of the temple offering of animals sacrifices seized. Perhaps God wanted people to present the best offerings as a form of worship and not as just a practice. The mode of presenting sacrifices to God got replaced with greater moral code that stressed on ethical values. The prophets did not reject the practice of presenting sacrifices to God, but instead rejected the simplistic means through which people presented the sacrifices. Some sacrifices like that of Cain got presented without the correct intention of repentance, a signal of devotion to God and as thanks giving. The sacrificed animals must be unblemished like the one presented by Abel and not like the unpleasing offering…. [read more]

Old Testament Books, Deuteronomy Term Paper

… Both kings are shown to be exceptionally wise in their rule, but also human.

The role of God has changed to become the elector of kings. The kings, as anticipated, prove themselves very human and very flawed. Saul for example is unable to surrender his office once his tasks have been completed. The high status enjoyed by the king is thus hard to relinquish, especially for a human being. Saul's office has thus gone to his head somewhat and it is extremely difficult for him to accept that David is rising and finding favor in the eyes of God and people.

It is interesting to note that once the monarchy has been established, God has accepted this pattern and freely gave his approval or disapproval…. [read more]

Creation Myth Analysis Term Paper

… The Law was both cause and effect in the recreation of the race after the Babylonian exile."

Unless this fact is taken into account, Wellhausen cautioned, "one will above all fail to understand the great work accomplished by the prophets in destroying Old Israel, and preparing the way first for Judaism, and then for the Gospel"; however, Wellhausen did not merely employ literary arguments as his predecessors had done. In fact, he went so far as to track the development of religious forms and practices and provided an examination of the religious cult of the Hebrews, their ceremonials and holy places, and an analysis of the historical books of the Old Testament. Furthermore, this historian had larger plans for the future including an analysis of…. [read more]

Woman in Genesis Term Paper

… ¶ … Women in Genesis 1-3

So God created man in his [own] image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. - Genesis 1:27-28 (KJV)

Almost everyone in the Western world is likely familiar with the story of mankind's creation, and the fall of Satan and the angels as it is presented in Genesis. According to John Van Seters, the Book of Genesis is a work of ancient history in two fundamental…. [read more]

Bible Literary Criticism: Higher Term Paper

… It was believed that the Deuteronomic school "reworked Joshua to Kings" (Malick, 1996).

The priestly document ("P") which deals primarily with issues of genealogies and ritual or cult in Genesis through numbers (Malick, 1996).

Higher criticism is also most notably associated with French scholar Jean Astruc, whose work in the mid 18th century focused on finding the source of the Pentateuch (AllRefer, 2004). German scholars Johann Salomo Semler (1725-91) continued this research, followed by Johan Gottfied Eichhorn, Ferdinand Christian Baur and Julius Wellhausen.

The question of validity related to higher criticism is valid. To proponents of higher criticism, nature and history is a "product of forces within and in process of development" (Reeve, 2004). Since the beginning of time critics of the Pentateuch have attempted…. [read more]

Biblical Term Paper

… ¶ … History of Israel

Author John Bright puts out a seemingly thorough editorial effort in covering events in history leading up to the time when Israel (Palestine) became a land inhabited by Jews. One might argue though that he builds up the case for their not being an adequate way in which to determine something close to the exact history of Israel, he then seems to be backing away from that perspective, after which, confusingly, he goes back to the first position. Why, in the beginning, he spends so much time describing events in ancient Middle Eastern cultures leading up to the creation of Israel becomes somewhat clear as we move along in the book.

Bright, for example, writes - in his book, A…. [read more]

Women in Aztec Creation Compare Research Paper

… d.).


The women of Aztec concept are felt to be more free and independent than the Book of Genesis' women. The Aztecs believed that a woman could be a ruler not only of the country or world but also of the universe. In Bible however there is no single instance that could prove that women also have leadership abilities to rule and be free in making decisions of their life. The freedom associated with the woman in Aztec stories is limitless. She can not only alter the way of her life but also she can handle and alter the lives of others for good. Unlike Book of Genesis' concept, the Aztec story women do not change the destiny with her prayers but through the…. [read more]

Pentateuch Consists Essay

… Moses sends spies into Canaan and begins to plan to conquer the land. Some of his spies try to convince the Israelites to return to Egypt, which angers God. God intends to kill them not having faith, but Moses intercedes. Instead, God curses them, forbidding all but Joshua and Caleb from entering the Promised Land. They wander in the desert for 40 years. During their wandering, some of the men threaten to revolt, which again angers God, who again threatens to destroy them. Moses intervenes and God only kills the guilty men, but the Israelites blame Moses and Aaron for the death. God then sends a plague among them, which Aaron is able to stop by offering atonement. Eventually Moses and Aaron disobey God, and…. [read more]

Isaiah Delivered the Jubilee Message Essay

… Isaiah delivered the Jubilee message to the people of God who are now free from captivity, restored, and exalted, culminated in the message of Jesus. This message, delivered in Isaiah 61:1-11, gives hope to the oppressed, images of a new land, and a song of rejoicing for those that have been in exile. Throughout the text, Isaiah draws upon the message to communicate the hope, justice, and love of God to God's chosen people.

"The book of Isaiah, according to most scholars, is rooted in the actual prophetic personality, Isaiah, 'son of Amoz,' whose conventional dates for life in Jerusalem are perhaps 742 to 689 B.C.E."

Isaiah is one of the largest, and is a vitally important text in the canon. Isaiah is referenced in…. [read more]

Bible the Ten Commandments and Moses Term Paper

… Bible, The Ten Commandments, And Moses

Before discussing the central aspects of this section it is interesting to refer to the views of Huston on religion; which may throw light on his interpretation of the Biblical text. This will also show that there is certain thematic unity that flows throughout the film with regard to the director's particular interpretation of the Bible. The following is part of an interview response by Huston to the question, "Do you believe in God?" In the beginning, the Lord God was in love with mankind and accordingly jealous. He was forever asking mankind to prove our affection for Him: for example, seeing if Abraham would cut his son's throat. But then, as eons passed, His ardor cooled and He…. [read more]

Interpretations of the Flood Narrative Genesis Thesis

… Flood Narrative

When God Flooded the World

The Covenant

Come Inside the Ark

The Warnings Genesis 7:21-24

The Rains Came

Lesson on Family Values

When God Flooded the World

The story of the great flood is one of the most well-known narratives in the Bible. Every Bible School child can recite it by heart. The story appears simple, at first, but on closer examination, there are many nuances that create controversy. Biblical scholars continually debate the flood story, particularly in regards to the scope of the great flood. Theories as to the scope of the flood and whether the story should be treated as literal or symbolic have been the cause of many divisions among the church. This research will examine the flood story and…. [read more]

Universal Declaration of Human Rights Term Paper

… Universal Human Rights

Federal Criminal Jurisdiction

It is necessary to have a published 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights' to which all countries must refer, because the Bible is not enough. In today's world there are very few purely religious states, and none of those states is Christian, which means that, even if the Bible did teach about universal human rights, it would not be a persuasive document for many of the world's countries. Moreover, the Bible itself is very murky on several human rights issues. For example, the Bible discusses, but does not condemn, many practices that are considered egregious violations of human rights in modern society. Furthermore, the Bible condemns certain behaviors that are considered, by many, to be essential to the full expression…. [read more]

Establishing Meaning in Beowulf and the Qur Term Paper

… Just as Beowulf finds a way of establishing the reason for evil in the world of the poem -- by giving Grendel an origin-story that links him to the origin of evil in Genesis -- so does the Koran find a way for establishing the existence of Mohammed and his believers in the world by discovering their mythic origins in the Book of Genesis as well. This centers on the Koran's unusual revision of the Old Testament, in which Ishmael -- the son that Abraham has by his servant Hagar, and who is cast off when Abraham's elderly wife Sarah finally conceives Isaac -- is made central to the religious tradition in the way that Isaac is central in Judaism. Indeed, the Koran appears to…. [read more]

Ways of Reading the Book of Revelation Term Paper

… ¶ … Book of Revelation

Reading Revelation: A Revelation in and of Itself

Revelation from the New Testament has always been read, perceived, discussed, and written about in impressionistic, imaginative, and sometimes deeply personal ways. The text, with its plentiful, evocative imagery and metaphorical symbolism, seems to lend itself to nothing less. Perhaps that is partly because, unlike earlier books of the New Testament, Revelation focuses not on what has happened historically (although some readers interpret the text historically) but instead on what will happen in the future, although symbolically and metaphorically. Revelation's content encourages, and often seems even to insist upon, impressionistic, interpretative reading, especially, I believe, Chapters 12-13 of Revelation in particular. Those chapters' symbolism, imagery, metaphor, and content - have always captured…. [read more]

Gilgamesh and Noah Human Beings Have Passed Article Critique

… Gilgamesh and Noah

Human beings have passed down stories throughout the ages, altering and evolving them to reflect the cultural and historical context of their reception and recitation. Perhaps the most famous of these stories is the myth of a Great Flood, most widely known to the Western world in the story of Noah and his ark, as recorded in Genesis. However, the earliest extant version of a Great Flood story is found in the ancient Mesopotamian collection of poems called the Epic of Gilgamesh, when the titular hero seeks out the lone, immortal survivor of a Great Flood so that he might attain immortality for himself. By comparing the two versions of largely the same story, one is able to see how either story…. [read more]

Gospel of Mark Term Paper

… ¶ … Gospel of Mark

Often regarded as the earliest of the four Gospels, the Book of Mark was written within perhaps thirty years of the time of Christ's death and alleged resurrection. Although it is an anonymous book, meaning that the true author is unknown and that the title of Mark was added at a later date, ancient tradition ascribes this Gospel to one John Mark, a disciple of both Peter and Paul, who is said to have completed it at Rome as a summary of Peter's preaching. The text shows considerable knowledge of Palestine and the Aramaic language (i.e. that spoken by Jesus Christ) with occasional Latin references which suggest the influence of Roman culture.

Originally written in Koine, being the traditional language…. [read more]

Job, Jonah Essay

… Job, Jonah, Egypt


The Book of Job is subject to disagreement over the date of its composition, although Hartley in the Eerdmans commentary notes that its relation to other Old Testament books justifies "placing this work in the seventh century B.C." (Hartley 20). The author of the book is not identified. The genre of the book is wisdom literature, although unlike other wisdom books in the Old Testament (like Proverbs and Ecclesiastes), Job has an overall framing narrative told in prose, while the main body of the text are speeches in Hebrew poetry. The basic subject, though, is why bad things happen to good people -- a standard subject in theology, built on the question of how to justify God's ways…. [read more]

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