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Old, Smart, Productive Old. Smart. Productive Talks Term Paper

… Old, Smart, Productive

OLD. SMART. PRODUCTIVE" talks about how people can be productive at work into their 70's and 80's. This is contrary to the popular concept that people's work performance decline after they are 50. One of the most important concepts in this article is that work productivity involves the concept of practical intelligence. Practical intelligence is the ability to solve ill-defined business problems using rules of thumb that can't be put down on paper. Example: how to deal with a difficult boss. A study of 200 banking executives found that the ones who exhibited the highest "practical intelligence" were as likely to be old as young -- and the older among them excelled even though their scores on traditional intelligence tests were no…. [read more]

Crowdsourcing Techniques in Call Centers Dissertation

… [EXCERPT] . . . promising phenomenon that lends itself to call centers' ability to improve their own and their other business units' efficiency is the employment of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is an online, distributed problem-solving and production model already in use by for-profit organizations such as Threadless, iStockphoto, and InnoCentive. Speculation in Weblogs and wisdom of crowds theory assumes a diverse crowd engaged in crowdsourcing labor. Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee) and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call. Furthermore, and as crowdsourcing is in some ways similar to open-source software production, prior research suggests that individuals in the crowd likely participate in crowdsourcing…. [read more]

Risk Management and Analysis Process and Policy Before Technology Research Proposal

… ¶ … released by the FBI and the Computer Security Institute (CSI), over 70% of all attacks on sensitive data and resources reported by organizations occurred from within the organization itself. Implementing an internal security policy appears to be just as important as an external strategy. The objective of this report is to highlight the necessity of internal processes and policy alongside technology when managing and mitigating risk. The author narrates the problems of security from the unseen forces in an individual that influence thought, behavior and personality. Once organizations truly understand the psychology behind the motivations of software engineers and developers, risk analysis and risk management strategies will become more efficient. The research contained in this report establishes that there is some connection between…. [read more]

Delphi Study: Influence of Environmental Literature Review

… Green IT and energy costs

Although IT devices consume energy, you can use them to control energy, particularly electricity consumption.

You can use IT systems to take care of building management. For example, using movement sensors, thermostats can be adjusted, lights switched on and off, and computers switched off out of hours and reawakened for software upgrades.

One of the biggest challenges in reducing electricity consumption is ensuring that electricity users can monitor their own consumption. What gets measured gets managed -- once people are aware of their consumption, they can go about reducing it. This isn't yet common practice, even in data centers. But, with new smart metering technologies, organizations could monitor the electricity usage of individual departments. Departments could be charged for usage,…. [read more]

Leadership Skills Impact International Education Term Paper

… However, many people do not understand what leadership is and how it applies to the school environment. In their 1997 study of visionary companies, James Collins and Jerry Porras define leaders as people who "displayed high levels of persistence, overcame significant obstacles, attracted dedicated people, influenced groups of people toward the achievement of goals, and played key roles in guiding their companies through crucial episodes in their history."

This definition is very much in line with the definitions currently used for school leaders, although this definition has changed in recent years (Education Week, 2004). Until recent years, most research assumed that leadership did not have to come from the school principal (Riordan, 2003). The realization that improving instruction requires shifts in the behavior of school…. [read more]

Creative Powers it Is a Fact Term Paper

… Creative Powers

It is a fact that the society in which we live will never be truly free in all areas of life. Indeed, it has been suggested by some that total freedom would result in anarchy, and that rules are necessary in order to ensure a civilized society. On the other hand, too little freedom would hardly be conducive to creativity in any sense of the word. It would therefore be useful to what degree freedom within society, in terms of the law, culture, education, politics, and other influences, relates to individual and collective creativity in the same society.

Freedom in Society

Freedom is a very wide concept, and difficult to define. It means different things to different individuals and different societies. If Hayek's…. [read more]

Language and Social Grouping Essay

… The way language is used by an individual can also change with social and geographic factors, such as getting married and the spouse uses languages different. The language changes to communicate with the spouse on their own level. Sometimes languages change when individuals go to social groups that speak and use language different, the individual will change in order to communicate with the new group.

People adjust the way they talk according to their social situation (Eble). As individuals move from one social group to another, they change the way they use language. For example, someone would not talk the same to a peer social group as the way they talk to their parents. In the same respects, the individual would change the way language…. [read more]

Intelligence When Most People Think Term Paper

… Further, it is possible to interpret many intelligence questions in multiple ways (especially in the case of extremely intelligent test takers). Consider, for example, the following experience of one young man faced with an ambiguous question:

Indeed an intelligence test I was once forced to do required me to put certain cards in the 'proper' sequence to show a sunrise/sunset. Of course the test monitor wouldn't tell me if it was a sunrise or sunset which I was meant to show, despite the fact that the cards would naturally have to be put in reverse order to show a sunrise rather than a sunset. Thus to my mind intelligence tests seem to test for rigid thought and thus deny the very creativity which in children…. [read more]

Wireless Broadband Technology Term Paper

… All the communication is done using a series of radio signals or radio specifications, the frequency of the signals being that of a low 2.4 GHz and the data speeds are up to a range of 721 Kbps. There is no one direction in which this technology can be used; it is omni directional. The distance that it can cover ranges from 10 cm to 100 m; the greater the transmitting power, the greater the distance covered. The output power can be less than 10 mill watts. Basically, the Bluetooth technology functions like this: it can be embedded in an electronic device or be used as an adaptor. (How Bluetooth Technology

Any electronic device that is popularly used today can make use of these…. [read more]

Counselors Practice and Learn Term Paper

… Clients and Behavioral therapists or counselors have an advantage in that in using this approach, the counselor can borrow techniques from a variety of other therapeutic approach systems and apply them to the unique needs of each client.

Lastly, we can analyze Tony's case using another approach, which is Cognitive-Behavior theory and therapy. In the Cognitive-Behavior approach, we can relate several issues to Tony's case. According to Albert Ellis, who developed Rational Emotive Behavior therapy (REBT), clients need to be encouraged to do the very things they are most afraid of doing, such as risking rejection by significant others (Corey, 319). For example, in Tony's case he could confront his mother Ana and talk to her about the things that have been bothering him over…. [read more]

Operation of Performance Management Systems Literature Review

… Operation of Performance Management Systems

The idea of managing performance is not new, but the way in which performance management is handled is changing. New systems and new ideas about what motivates employees and causes them to do their best work are being studied, along with adaptations of the older ideas created by individuals such as Maslow and Herzberg. No matter what kind of company is considered, addressing the issues with employee performance can deeply affect the bottom line. When employees are happy they are much more likely to do a better job, which helps the employees and the company. It is difficult to force an employee to perform in a better way for a long period of time, but it is quite possible to…. [read more]

Education in Nabokov's Book Speak Essay

… ¶ … education in Nabokov's book Speak and how you used it to discuss your experiences being tutored. I felt it offered a sense of connection when discussing the desire to pay it forward or pay it back in relation to your parent's hard work and desire for you to get a good education. I felt the instances you spoke of not only described well the two themes discussed in the book, as well as in your essay: travel, memory, and education. You were also able to offer memorable description throughout the essay.

The train ride associated with the pool and your aunt, and the fear of going into the water, it made the essay impactful and made me want to continue reading. What I…. [read more]

Lucky by Alice Seabold Essay

… Lucky by Alice Sebold

Analysis of Rape Trauma Syndrome

Rape is daunting, scary and has a tendency to change you as a person and take away your identity and self-esteem from the victim. Where the victims try to overcome the trauma that they had experienced in the past, objects and events related to that encounter along with the behavioral change in society's behavior make that moment live again and again. Where many college students undergo this traumatic event which nearly demolishes their self-esteem and social independence, a limited number of victims actually report this event to local authorities and pursue for seeking justice. Apparently, Alice Sebold is one of those limited girls who have faced this brutality and violence and yet managed to not only…. [read more]

Yahoo! A Critical Analysis Case Study

… However, Facebook has opted for rather aggressive approach in response to Yahoo's allegation of "puzzling actions"

Yahoo had first threatened the suit last month. It demanded that the giant social network, which is preparing to go public in what may be one of the largest public offerings ever, should license the patents. I n response to Yahoo's lawsuit, Facebook replied, "We're disappointed that Yahoo, a longtime business partner of Facebook and a company that has substantially benefited from its association with Facebook, has decided to resort to litigation,." This particular lawsuit has its consequences for Facebook which holds only fifty six U.S. patents whereas Yahoo has filed more than 1000 patents for coverage of its extensive operations (Arthur, 2012).

This particular lawsuit has added more…. [read more]

Learning Communities: New York State Education Term Paper

… Learning Communities (New York State Education based)

What are they?

What is the mission and purpose?

What are their benefits?

How can they be implemented in the curriculum planning process?

Who established them?

Where did they originate?

When did they become an educational trend?

How do they affect the technology trend?

Strategies to promote the learning culture?

This paper focuses on education-based learning communities, with emphasis on New York State education-based communities. Evaluated are the school district, instructional leaders, teachers, parents, students and community partnerships that comprise the learning community. Learning communities are a not new, but they are gaining popularity as a theoretical framework for developing students' intrinsic motivation and ability to succeed outside the classroom. The premise behind learning communities is the philosophy…. [read more]

Automation Process Automation Has Revolutionized Term Paper

… The article discusses the use of Serial ATA, tape, CIM, and IP connectivity. The report explains that serial ATA will improve disk to disk download time which will decrease the amount of time that it takes organizations to backup disks. ("Storage automation: the future...")

Downsizing and Process Automation

The impact of process automation can definitely be felt in the workforce. Many jobs that were once held by human-beings have been taken over by machines. Automation has become so efficient that it has replaced many of the jobs that were once held by people. For instance many manufacturers now use robots to build parts for automobiles and machinery. In many cases the accuracy of the robot is better than the accuracy of a person. The advent…. [read more]

Race and Racism Essay

… Despite this overlap, Eriksen is cautious about conflating the two ideas. He believes that "both class differences and ethnic differences can be pervasive features of societies, but they are not one and the same thing and must be distinguished from one another analytically" (Eriksen, 1993, p.7).

Eriksen also challenges the idea of the American melting pot. He suggests that ethnic groups have long adhered to an ethnic identity in addition to identify as Americans and that this ethnic identification can last for multiple generations after the original family members first moved to the United States. Moreover, ethnic group identifications, which were once thought to be more primitive ways of self-identification, seem to be linked to more advanced societies. That does not mean that ethnicity is…. [read more]

Theory X And Theory Y Essay

… Of the two workplaces, Google sounds by far the more pleasant environment in which to work. It also sounds like a workplace where the individual employee is nurtured, and encouraged to realize his or her own personal growth as well as serve the needs of the company. However, the success of Apple shows why the concept of Theory X has proved to be so durable, even though McGregor and others have been such staunch proponents of Theory Y in the workplace. Both Apple and Google are flourishing today. However, according to McGregor's analysis, Jobs' ability to lead with his charisma was a relative anomaly and the Google model of organizational design is more likely to be the way of the future. Of Job's Theory X…. [read more]

Business Management -- Cosmos Plastics Term Paper

… Business Management -- Cosmos Plastics

Do you think Alice Thornton's proposal to decentralize the rules and procedures of Cosmo Plastics will work?

I cannot say with certainty that Thornton's proposal to decentralize rules and procedures at Cosmo Plastics (because there could also be other serious problems in other areas); but I would agree that it is the most appropriate and logical approach to rectify the specific problems described. The existing rules and procedures may very well be perfect for some department within the organization. However, those rules are inappropriate and ineffective in other departments.

Specifically, manufacturing and other operational functions, especially those necessarily performed by teams or business units through the collaborative efforts of multiple individuals require narrower business hours to ensure that a complete…. [read more]

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Term Paper

… E-Manufacturing - a New Link in the Supply Chain

Research Question and/or Hypothesis

Benefits of the Study

Industry/Organizational Perspectives/Implications

Conceptual Framework

Definitions/Operationalization of Terms

Research/Sampling Design

Research Variables/Measurement

Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations

E-Manufacturing - A New Link in the Supply Chain

Computer use first spread throughout manufacturing and industry during the 1950's and 1960's. Early computers, however, were both difficult to program and limited in their speed and memory. Therefore, they were used mostly for tasks requiring little analysis, but much sorting, calculating, and filing. These first computer applications did in fact improve the efficiency of basic clerical activities within manufacturing companies: accounting; payroll; order processing; inventory maintenance, customer record keeping, and so forth.

However, the early computers used in manufacturing and business were dedicated…. [read more]

Plays of British Dramatist, Pam Gems Dissertation

… Edith once engages two marines she meets in a pub in a menage a trois; it is possible, that the bartender formed the fourth of this group. There is no indication that Edith is particularly gifted in the art of making love. She just makes her self available as a willing sexual partner. Except with Marcel Cedran, the married boxer, Edith manages to dissociate physical pleasure from any emotional foundations. With Marcel, Edith is truly in love. But this union is not to be. Anecdotes abound, that Edith's jealous sister informs Marcel's wife of her husband's "philandering." Edith's sexual proclivities and escapades are not a manifestation of her femaleness. Her sexual nature transcends gender. It is a flaw in most superstars. In Edith's case, particularly,…. [read more]

Organizational Leaders Produce Results Through Emotional Intelligence Thesis

… Organizational Leaders Produce Results Through Emotional Intelligence

Organizational Development deals with various aspects of workforce management including motivation theories, leadership, hire and fire, and employee training. With the constant ongoing evolutions in the current corporate scenario issues related to employee motivation, hierarchal levels, delegation of responsibility and decentralization of the organizational sectors have attracted a great deal of debate from various circles of the management sciences discipline (Bennis 1969). Management of human resource is therefore a tricky job and therefore requires an effective leader in order to deal with the pertaining issues.

We know that leadership is the demand of the day. Everybody aspires and struggles to get to a high position in big organizations. We should remember that today, organizations do not want managers…. [read more]

Boys and Girls Clubs Term Paper

… 7%) and their rate of eclampsia was over twice as high as the overall rate (0.3%).

The CDC also documents that infants of mothers aged ten through fourteen:

Were more likely to be born preterm -- before thirty-seven weeks gestation -- (21.3%) than the overall rate of 10.3% and their rate was thirty-three percent higher than the rate for infants of mothers aged forty five and older (sixteen percent), the next highest risk group.

Were more likely to be born very preterm -- before thirty-two weeks gestation -- (5.3%), a rate more than triple the overall rate of 1.6% and over twice the rate experienced by mothers aged forty five and older (2.6%).

Were more likely to be born with low birth weight. Their rate…. [read more]

School Culture on School Safety Term Paper

… According to the National School Safety Center (1995) creating safe schools is about commitment. That does not mean only commitment from the principal, or from the teachers, or from the students. Accomplishing such a goal requires families, schools, and community leaders to talk about the quality of the educational environment they want to provide for youth and together develop the strategies that will produce the desired results.

This type of cohesive commitment is the only real way that schools can be made safer, as one person cannot do it alone, and communities must express the desire to make schools safer and therefore give the students a better school life and more hope for the future. The Center also suggests that achieving these goals requires leaders…. [read more]

Differentiated Instruction Research Proposal

… Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

Students in the classroom have varied abilities and learn at varying rates which makes differentiation of instruction a practice that supports the learning of all students. This work explores what differentiation of instruction is and what it is not with a particular focus on differentiated instruction in the science classroom.

Most teachers currently use the direct instruction approach and not all students are on the same level so achievement is not up to standards for all students.

The use of direct instruction in science classes doesn't allow adequate learning for all students.

The purpose of this project is to....determine the relationship between measures of student achievements in science classes in grades 9-12 and implementation of differentiated instruction over a period…. [read more]

Employee Satisfaction and Productivity Case Study

… During the survey of participants, the researcher investigates:

Employee satisfaction;

Employer/Employee perceptions of employee satisfaction;

Factors contributing to employee satisfaction;

ASDA reports;

Measuring employee satisfaction and productivity;

ASDA Interviews.

Study Objectives

Objective 1

Conduct a thorough review of literature relating to employee satisfaction and productivity/output; seeking specific information related to ASDA; including information applicable to employee satisfaction and productivity throughout the world.

Objective 2

Develop, implement and assess results evolving from a survey of ASDA employees and managers.

Objective 3

Analyze information retrieved through the literature review.

Analyze data retrieved through the implementation of the survey.

Analyze data/information the interviews reveal.

Present compilation of findings from the literature review as well as from the survey and the interviews during the analysis chapter of the dissertation.…. [read more]

Biblical Counseling About My Struggle With Anger Term Paper

… Biblical Counseling About My Struggle With Anger

When one makes the decision to become a Christian, something that I believe all Christians do at some point in their adult lives, even if they have been raised as Christians, I think that there is initially a hope that all of one's struggles will immediately become easier. I know that I had the hope that, embracing Christianity, it would become easier for me to overcome my tendency towards responding with anger. After all, Jesus rarely responded with anger, and never responded with inappropriate anger, so I hoped that living to honor him would help me with my own anger issues. Not that my anger issues were ever something overtly harmful. I did not engage in domestic violence,…. [read more]

Imaging and Optics Term Paper

… ¶ … Optics Applications in Information Technology Today

How imaging and optics technology are revolutionizing the way businesses communicate their products to the consumer.

Imaging and optics technology have provided a wide range of industries with the ability to label, track, and prevent bad documentation to their products for a more efficient and economically sound business.

Audience: College students, professors, general public.

Imaging and optic applications are truly ancient, and people quickly recognized the innovation these devices represented. "Two thousand years ago," Peter Weiss says, "Roman Emperor Nero peered through an emerald monocle to better see his gladiators in combat. Twelve hundred or so years later, eyeglasses started to adorn faces" (p. 200). To date, though, optical lenses have primarily served just one purpose: to…. [read more]

Adolescent's Awareness and Their Lack of Implementing Term Paper



The report entitled: "Children and Interactive Media: Research Compendium Update" relates: Since the 2000 report, both large- and small-scale studies have been published on children's in-home use of interactive media." (Wartella, Lee and Caplovitz, 2002) it is noted that when compared to the 1997-1998 Census statistics, recent studies "indicate greater media saturation in the home. The most recent national survey, involving 1,235 parents of 2 to 17-year-olds and 416 eight to sixteen-year-old was conducted by the Annenberg Public Policy Center. According to the 'Media in the Home 2000' survey, American…. [read more]

Pedagogic Model: Teaching Technology in Special Education Dissertation

… " (Dougiamas, 1998) Such trivial constructivism, though, is the bedrock from which Glaserfelds more radical constructivism springs. He continues to state that because knowledge is constructed by the learner, and because no two learners are the same, knowledge itself is not absolute. There is a degree to which knowledge is an illusion, and every individual constructs their own conception of reality which (while susceptible to the demands of "real" or normal reality) does not necessarily align with the normal paradigm. Constructivism does embrace this relativistic and existential approach to reality, but it also holds as a primary value the idea of constraint which enables the thinkers to participate in social interaction and mainstream reality. (Glasersfeld)

One interesting area of constructionist theory is…. [read more]

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