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Online Collaboration: How and Why? Term Paper

… An avalanche choice of software could frustrate users while choosing the most appropriate ones for the conference, mostly based on web.

Woolley shows that in choosing good software, it is necessary to consider these points:

a. Groupware

Software that is aimed for groupware is usually aimed for workgroup collaboration and it does not involve conversation. Usually there are many features involved for this software but rather unsuitable to support public forum

b. Forum oriented

Forum interaction-based software is designed for interactive meeting but usually are highly priced. It is important that the company make the right decision before employing the right one.

According to Berst (1999) web conferencing softwares usually include some basic features like Present PowerPoint slides, ability to engage in email-like messaging and…. [read more]

Collaboration on Social Media Term Paper

… Collaboration on Social Media

EBay is a social network founded in 1955. It is an online marketing place connecting individual buyers and sellers, small businesses and big businesses. Anybody interested in eBay should be careful of fraud. Before creating an eBay account, I did not ignore the possibility of meeting a fraudster. However, eBay offers security for sincere online marketers. One of the ways is offering free insurance for transactions over 200$. This means that security remains a challenge on online collaboration with either business or other services.

Creating an eBay account takes at most five minutes. The registration process is easy to interpret and answer appropriately. Customizing the registration page attracts new people, for example, join eBay, and be paid. EBay accommodates every person…. [read more]

Collaboration Assessment of Writeboard Nature of Collaborative Research Paper

… Collaboration

Assessment of Writeboard

Nature of Collaborative Project

The Writeboard has now been integrated into the 37 Signals Basecamp text docs application, which provides a greater depth and breadth of collaboration tools than had been the case when the application was stand-alone. The nature of the collaborative project was the writing of a term paper on the United States Postal Service that included an analysis of their competitive position. This included an extensive level of collaboration and communication in creating the document outline, writing, editing and finalizing it with exhibits.

Experiences Using Writeboard to Accomplish Project

Whiteboard is extremely intuitive to use and was effective in managing several iterations of the report authored. The speed of the interface and revisions however is a challenge, yet…. [read more]

Technological Collaboration Tools in Business Essay

… Users can access and share in accordance with their time considerations. Twitter, Facebook, Wiki and other posting or Google Group sites are good. Discourage: Online chatting, instant messaging, telephone and even some video sharing systems that require simultaneous broadcasting.

PLACE: Encourage: Cloud-based services; hand-held telephone or smart phones. Discourage: Complex management or task systems; some electronic meeting systems.

RICHNESS: Encourage: Services that offer size and task requirements. Discourage: Full-fledged systems with challenging modules or those that require extensive system integration, unless a business is capable of addressing the infrastructure, maintenance, etc. expectations.

TASKS: Encourage: Systems that offer very direct task activities and ease of use, such as calendar, project management, client/customer data-services, communications. Discourage: Knowledge management, predictive marketing, etc.

ADOPTION: Encourage: Systems with little IT…. [read more]

Faculty Student Interaction in Online Learning Environment Literature Review

… Student engagement is important when teaching any class. It is especially significant when faculty teach in the online learning environment where students are not only isolated from their instructor but from fellow students. Advances in online technologies are creating exciting opportunities for learning in the virtual space. Benefits of online learning are well-known, but online learning also has its disadvantages including high attrition rates due to diminished student engagement, inadequate training and support for teachers tasked with implementing and administering online courses, and the relative newness of the technologies themselves.

Introduction to the Three Streams

Online relationships with faculty and students. The first stream considered is the types of online relationships that exist between faculty and students. The fundamental differences that exist between online relationships…. [read more]

Online Collaborative Tools Collaboration Case Study

… Tasks of the collaborative team are more effectual if they are thorough and concise. Use of podcasts is an example of such a tool.


Collaboration team cannot work in different time zones; otherwise the collaboration tool would end up problematic in collaboration tool making (Duarte & Snyder, 2006). Choosing a specific place will make decision making easier and fast feedback on the collaborating tool since they focus on the same ethnic culture, methods, language and technological level making collaboration technologies effective. Example employees from more functional areas like human resources always work with a set of processes that are more technical. They cannot be carried around everywhere. Identifying a place to create a technological tool will be effective and will cost less on travel…. [read more]

Online Social Networking Journal

… Online Social Networks

Blog post 1: How Web 2.0 Technologies Are Changing Collaboration

The cumulative impact of social networking technologies on organizational performance has accelerated in the last three years due to the increasing performance of social media applications, greater depth of system and process integration, and the inclusion of the design principles learned in social networks being engrained in enterprise applications (McKay, 2011). Having started with Web 2.0 design objectives as defined by Tim O'Reilly, which are shown in Figure 1, Web 2.0 Technologies Meme Map (O'Reilly, 2006) and progressing today to include the design attributes of contextual search and semantic web content analysis (Kavanagh, 2010) which is being called Web 3.0, social networking technologies are a major disruptive force in organizations. It is…. [read more]

Collaboration Tools That Knowledge Managers Really Need and Factors That Impede Their Adoption and Use Essay

… Collaboration Tools Managers Need

The Collaborative Enterprise

Over the last decade, business processes have grown significantly more complex and interdependent, requiring a high level of collaboration within and between departments, divisions and teams. The growth of collaborative platforms and tools designed for knowledge managers however continues to lag in terms of functionality and depth of integrative process support compared to what is needed by many enterprises and organizations (Huberman, Wilkinson, 2010). The collaboration tools managers really need include a highly scalable and customizable series of integrated analytics, data integration, knowledge workflows, and business performance management modules that can be selectively applied to a given strategy or initiative. One of the most pressing areas of this need is in supply chain collaboration and (Ramesh, Banwet, Shankar,…. [read more]

Mission and Vision Statements Essay

… To begin with, I will ensure that my vision and mission statements have outcomes that are not only measurable but also specific. I will also ensure that they are action oriented. This I could do by amongst other things ensuring that any objectives highlighted therein have clear and well-defined deadlines. This way, I will be able to evaluate and judge my own progress over time. Secondly, I will ensure that my vision and mission statements capture aspirations that are achievable. While one could be tempted to develop a vision and mission statement that looks both grand and flowery, it is important to keep in mind the fact that the key purpose of the said statements should be to offer guidance. In the course of developing…. [read more]

Moore and Kearsley How Distance Teaching Differs Thesis

… Moore & Kearsley

How Distance Teaching Differs

While there have been many articles and discussions about distance education from the students point-of-view and some discussion about quality, effectiveness and verifiability, Moore and Kearsly take the approach from the teachers point-of-view and bring up some relevant issues, both pro and con, regarding the subject. They begin by making not of the differences between live classroom learning as opposed to distance learning:

If you are teaching by television, you have to learn how to behave on camera; in front of the radio or audio conference microphone, to control (but vary) your rate and pitch of speaking; but correspondence or online, to interpret what the student writes and be able to write back "instructively" without overextending the time…. [read more]

How Virtual Collaboration Technology Changes Term Paper

… Virtual collaboration is a new concept which has its origin in with the invention of the internet. It has its roots from the basic structures of video conferencing technologies that take place over the internet. It involves the real time interaction of two or more persons over an internet link. The persons involved could be in involved in the accomplishment of a certain task without the actual physical presence of each other.

Examples of technologies that are usually employed in the process of virtual collaboration are Video conferencing, Audio conferencing and other forms of computer mediated interactions. The introduction of web 2.0 has however redefined the limits of online virtual collaboration. It has in actual sense broadened the basic definition of the term virtual collaboration.…. [read more]

Learning Experiences: Evaluating the Effectiveness Essay

… In conclusion, the widest differences between the advantages and disadvantages of online learning can be bridged through more effective use of scaffolding and personal learning strategies and programs (Najjar, 42) in conjunction with strategies for interweaving the core foundational concepts of the course to keep all learning in context (Akladios, Lim, Parsaei, 5). The advantages and disadvantages of online learning illustrate how this approach to teaching can be used for highly complex, abstract courses content that is supported by interactive, customizable tools to the needs of the individual learner. When subjects require a high degree of interactivity, communication and collaboration, both hybrid and in-class teaching are more effective.

Evaluating the Advantages & Disadvantages of In-Class Instruction

The advantages of in-class instruction include greater levels of…. [read more]

Security Issues of Online Communities Term Paper

… Security Issues of Online Communities

Online communities have emerged in recent years as a result of the rapid growth of the Internet, arousing intrigue in citizens, policy-makers and government officials. An online community is a group of people who interact in a virtual environment. They have a purpose, are supported by technology, and are guided by norms and policies. The problem with the term "online community" is that it often refers to a wide range of online activities, and has as a result, been subject to different definitions. Although online communities exist predominantly online, they vary depending on the software environment supporting them, purpose, size and duration of existence, culture of their members, and governance structure (Preece,, 2003). The characteristics of an online community…. [read more]

Internet on Life Essay

… The Internet has also brought together more people for greater levels of communication and collaboration then ever before, creating an exceptional level of advertising, e-commerce and services performance. All of these factors are together showing the world that it is much more connected and interdependent than many may have ever considered before. With this recognition comes the responsibility to provide an exceptionally high level of performance in business, education and the arts on a consistent base to add value to the global communities of interest.

Works Cited

Bassamboo, Achal, Sunil Kumar, and Ramandeep S. Randhawa. "Dynamics of New Product Introduction in Closed Rental Systems." Operations research 57.6 (2009): 1347,1359,1532-1534.

Bernoff, Josh, and Charlene Li. "Harnessing the Power of the Oh-so-Social Web." MIT Sloan Management Review…. [read more]

Transitional Graduate Students and Research Mobility Term Paper

… Transitional Graduate Students and Research Mobility

Transitional Graduates and Research Mobility

Internationalisation is a term widely used to define change and the concepts have a massive impact on several industries. The education sector is not an exception. In the past few years, several students have travelled to further their studies in other foreign countries. The rise in number of transitional students all over the world has triggered the need to form new skills and approaches for administrators, course developers, and lecturers. International students bring change in the approaches of learning and high expectations of the administrators, course developers, and lecturers. These changes cause cultural adjustments in students so as to enable them to succeed in the education system in the foreign countries, (Waters, 2011).

For…. [read more]

Future How Did You Feel Term Paper

… ¶ … Future

How did you feel about the role of learning and its importance to your personal growth and development?

A entered the University program because I highly value education. Although I had already finished a bachelor's degree which can be enough to get a job and work as a professional, there was a desire in me wanting to improve myself more, both in terms of professional and personal development. I felt that learning is a never-ending process and that entering a University program is a part of that process that I can help me in my personal and professional development.

Learning to me plays a very important role in my personal and professional growth and development because I believe that to be able…. [read more]

Intel Berkeley Corporate Venturing Q1 Essay

… An example of how Intel can create an entire ecosystem centered on learning and collaboration can be illustrated by one of Intel's new investment projects. Intel has recently announced that its capital fund will invest one hundred million dollars in a connect car fund (Geron, 2012). This fund will help foster technologies that are centered on being integrated into vehicles. Example of this can include GPS systems, car audio systems and media storage, mobile broadband, tablets, etc. Intel positions itself at the center of this efforts and supports the participating companies with capital, if needed, as well as an infrastructure for collaboration.

Q3.If you are an entrepreneur, would you like Intel to invest in your startup?

Obtaining Intel as a strategic partner is something of…. [read more]

Contest Iadt Online Campus Library Spokesperson Essay

… Contest

IADT Online Campus Library Spokesperson Contest

Of all the great thought leaders in design and technology that are living today or who have passed on, George Lucas would best represent the IADT Online campus library. His many accomplishments in digital design techniques, special effects, filmmaking and technology have revolutionized film making over the last 39 years since his first feature film, THX-1138 was produced and 36 years since American Graffiti launched Mr. Luca's career as critically acclaimed filmmaker. Since then, his career continues to be a progression of exceptional creative accomplishment combined with brilliant use of design and technology elements to create vibrant, engaging characters and entire worlds that envelope the senses of audiences.


Of the many accomplishments that qualify Mr. Lucas as…. [read more]

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Learning) Assessment

… ¶ … Interdisciplinary Approaches to Learning)

How does a paradigm differ from a theory? Include information from Kuhn regarding a paradigm so that you demonstrate your understanding of Kuhn regarding a paradigm.

In his book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1970), Thomas Kuhn first used the term "paradigm" to describe the process that takes place on science when one major research paradigm is replaced by a newer one. According to Dobel, "For Kuhn, a paradigm is both an intellectual and a sociological construct. It provides a framework of basic assumptions about the nature of knowledge, rules of evidence and inference, and maps and directions for what constitutes important and vital problems" (2001, p. 166). While theories remain unconfirmed, it was Kuhn's perspective that paradigms provide…. [read more]

Online Auction Company Called Ebay Term Paper

… References

Business Editors (2003). From the North Pole to the Net: eBay Makes Better Gift-Giving Possible This Holiday. Business Wire, 11/20/2003, 5155.

Business Editors (2003). Logitech Brings the Power of Video to eBay. Business Wire, 12/2/2003, 5504.

Griffith, Jim G. (2003). The Official EBay Bible (1st Ed.). Gotham Books.

Rubash, Mark (2003). eBay Analyst Meeting - Final. Fair Disclosure Wire, 10/29/2003.

Yahoo Finance. (n.d.). EBay. Retrieved October 25, 2004, from

Appendix A

Five year stock history

(Yahoo Finance, 2004)

Symbol = EBAY

Key Statistics c/o (Yahoo Finance, 2004)


Market Cap (intraday):


Enterprise Value (26-Oct-04)3:


Trailing P/E (ttm, intraday):


Forward P/E (fye 31-Dec-05)1:


PEG Ratio (5 yr expected) 1:


Price/Sales (ttm):


Price/Book (mrq):


Enterprise Value/Revenue (ttm)3:…. [read more]

Terrorist and Youtube Research Paper

… The impact of disruptive technologies such as internet, social media and communication application can be gauged from the fact that London was a rather safe and quite cosmopolitan area. The use of internet and its potential to facilitate instigation in the future in most developed countries even is not out of bounds.

The internet moderated terrorism

The internet moderated terrorism called the cyberterrorism is also on the rise. The U.S. Department of Defense and its allied agencies face more than 60 cyber attacks each week. The low and high level information warfare between terrorists' outfits and nation states has been operational the on trans-regional basis. Researchers have also argued for interdisciplinary strategies for dealing with internet-based terrorism. Researchers consider video-based messages of Al-Qaeda and other…. [read more]

Moore and Kearsley Strategic Planning Thesis

… Moore & Kearsley

Strategic planning involves defining an organization's vision and a mission, goals, and objectives and perhaps most importantly of all, how to achieve those goals. For a distance learning course, the organizational leadership in its strategic planning needs to be explicit about who the organization is attempting to serve, with what means, how, and why, particularly given the recent proliferation of online venues to take classes. Like with any product, there must be a niche of demand for the specific educational product provided by the institution, and it must differentiate itself in terms of customer segmentation, cost, or the method of delivery. In terms of the last element, when creating the venue, 'the means of production' must be clearly defined, namely the method…. [read more]

Canadian Policies to Thwart Terrorist Research Paper

… Furthermore, the evidences have elucidated the fact that cyber attacks and crimes are more frequently being committed in the current era, and Canada is amongst one of those countries where the cyber crimes are committed more often in comparison to other parts of the world (Hanel, 2010).

Canada is one of the nations where businesses in association with individuals come under the drastic impact of the cyber crimes. This denotes that cyber criminals and identity theft are targeting huge businesses that possess huge database of their customers with large amounts of personal data. Even though businesses have better and enhanced security, yet this is an immense channel for the cyber criminals because businesses provide an easy path to enter into the database through which they…. [read more]

Popularized Social and Cultural Trends Thesis

… But even this assumption has given way to other kinds of considerations as new forms of affordable, interactive technologies are finding favor across socio-economic, gender, racial and other classes (Morrissey and Manning, 2000). The fact is that access to new forms of learning is being seen by students and teachers alike as a very desirable way to learn more than what schools have to offer. (See

A related problem is connected to the cost factors for governments as they struggle to pay for American and other national educational directives and systems. Continuing and/or nonstop learning through programs in communities is expensive. It requires large amounts of time and money as well as psychic energy, and these resources are becoming difficult for individuals and governments…. [read more]

Online Learning Business Term Paper

… According to the research findings of the Association Management, "e-learning is the fastest growing Web application since e-mail. More than 75% of colleges and 90% of Global 2000 companies have invested in online learning. More than 2 million courses are now online and accessible to learners of all occupations and interests. Millions of people have taken online courses, and the number is growing exponentially. Some estimate that 50% of all continuing education will be delivered via the Internet by 2004" (E-learning News, reference 1).

Hence considering the aforementioned surveys and the resultant research findings, Freddie Corporation has a vast target market of size as big as the endless business opportunities that online computer learning courses offer.

Are the required technical capabilities in place? Are the…. [read more]

New York State Education Department's Special Term Paper


The New York City Department of Education is responsible for providing high-quality educational services to well over a million students in the New York City school system, and a significant percentage of these students have profound learning disabilities that require individualized and specialized services. Because an enormous amount of scarce resources are being allocated for these educational services, it is important to evaluate the effectiveness of these interventions over time. To this end, this paper reviews the relevant literature to determine the extent to which federal and state mandates are being satisfied and an evaluation concerning the effectiveness of the New York City Education Department's special education services in meeting the needs of its students…. [read more]

Career Objective and How Will the Wharton Essay

… ¶ … career objective and how will the Wharton MBA Program for Executives contribute to your attainment of these objectives?

My current career objective is to become vice president of FactSet Research Systems Inc., while my long-term career objective is to be FactSet's director of sales and leverage that position to establish a prominent presence in the growing African investment market. At present, FactSet is a global leader in corporate and investment research, with almost 5,500 employees. The company is clearly poised to experience continued growth in the future, and FactSet will need a talented executive leadership team to achieve its corporate goals. These objectives are congruent with my experiences with the company and provide me with the skill set that is needed to succeed…. [read more]

At-Risk Students in Milwaukee Thesis

… 13).

In terms of studying all three to determine why they were successful, the authors determined that each facility observed, to an excellent degree, "…fairness of rules, planning and action," and "respect for students" (Quinn, p. 14). As for the students' ratings, the schools met 7 of the 12 "characteristic scales"; those included "attachment to school, belief in rules, educational expectations, interpersonal competency, positive peer associations, school effort, and social integration."

As to teachers' rankings in this survey, Quinn and colleagues determined that in the categories of "non-authoritarian attitudes" and "pro-integration attitudes" the teachers rated quite high. Teacher responses when it came to "race relations" were "average" (Quinn, p. 15).

In conclusion, if Milwaukee's alternative school teachers and administrators could match the positive values that…. [read more]

How a Group Can Become a High Performance Team Term Paper

… ¶ … Group Can Become a High-Performance Team

Becoming a high-performance team basically depends on the following two components.

The effort of every team member to achieve his tasks with accuracy and good quality.

The effectiveness of teamwork where harmonious and efficient collaboration among the team members must be met.

In every team works, the standard objective is to accomplish the group's task with quality that is done in a harmonious process of work collaboration among team members. The success of this goal depends mostly on the attitude, behavior, and work relationship that creates and surrounds a group.

Of course, the skills and knowledge possessed by every member is also important for a team to become high-performance. Although it is among the foremost factors, however,…. [read more]

Why a Company Would Implement UNIX or Linux Server Research Proposal

… ¶ … Linux Server

Proposal for Implementing a UNIX or Linux Server

Maintenance and upgrade fees from Microsoft are making operating costs skyrocket in many businesses in your industry. Add in the recent changes to site licensing, value-based licensing, and restrictions on Windows use across your enterprise, and it becomes clear maintenance and licensing fees to Microsoft could easily grow to be one of the biggest it expenses your company faces in 2011. The alternative, especially at the server level, is to consider the adoption of Linux or UNIX as alternative operating systems. Either of these operating systems have significant advantages from a security, performance and in the case of Linux, cost and licensing advantages over Microsoft-based server architecture. This proposal will explain why UNIX…. [read more]

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