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Rise of Technology-Mediated Learning Systems Research Paper

… Nonetheless even though access to funding is one inspiration, it is not the single reason for the heightened awareness in corporate-academic businesses. There are some universities that put the emphasis on particular areas of applied research, for instance, while others give out instruction that is tailored to the exclusive necessities of specific career paths, providing corporate partner's admission to exceedingly trained, "job-ready" applicants. SonomaState University's Mr. Scalise makes the point: "Campuses that are small usually are not able to compete with bigger universities when it comes to information technology accounts, so they have to discover other ways to distinguish ourselves, through niche contributions.

Even though university participants look at technology as having a big positive influence on their campuses, they are also able to acknowledge…. [read more]

Online Faculty Research How Satisfied Article Review

… Online Faculty Research

How satisfied are faculty members that teach online courses? How has the emergence of distance education affected the faculty members that teach online? How committed are faculty members whose instruction is strictly from an online perspective? These questions will be approached in this paper using the available literature and research.

Job Satisfaction -- Survey of 102 Faculty that taught Online Courses

A peer-reviewed article in the journal Distance Education (Bolliger, et al., 2009) reports that three factors impacted the level of satisfaction that 102 faculty members had achieved: student-related factors; instructor-related factors; and institution-related factors. Moreover, the research literature regarding distance education available to Bolliger and colleague generally suggests that online instruction "…appears to be an improvement over conventional classroom instruction" (p.…. [read more]

Education and the Teacher-Learner Relationship Term Paper

… "Research is clear that adult intelligence is reliant upon how well the brain has been shaped by experiences through life. These experiences, which are gained in a variety of ways by adults, must be stored in the memory areas of the brain and made available for recall when the need arises" (Wilson, 2006). So much of a person's life experience is the result of education, and if that educational experience is a negative one, which fails to acknowledge and validate personal differences in learning styles and philosophies, then the adult will equate learning with something negative.

Generally, I intend to take a pragmatic approach to education and use hands-on learning methods to help students incorporate and develop knowledge. However, that approach will borrow heavily from…. [read more]

Online Education Term Paper

… Online Education

Online Learning vs. Traditional (in-Class) Learning

Whether students prefer online learning or in-class learning largely depends on many factors, including how much socialization a student is looking for and whether he or she is happy with the commute and the classroom setting. Some students also go back to college after having been in the workforce for some time, and when this takes place the individuals who do this may feel uncomfortable in a classroom full of much younger peers. These students may also have children and/or aging family members that they have to take care of, and this can prohibit how much time they can spend away from home. Some of these people are also still working, and they do not want to…. [read more]

Quality and Quality Assurance Essay

… Quality and Quality Assurance significantly is an issue in higher learning. The common notion that many institutions of higher learning dwells on are traditional means of teaching affects quality. Most of the curriculums worldwide are lecturer centered. This teaching focuses on the Lecturer who is the ultimate source of knowledge. This teaching encourages spoon-feeding of students and discourages innovative ways of learning (Alemu, 2010).

The absence of organs to ensure quality and quality assurance in administrative structures of higher learning and the lack of resources are a problem to higher education. Most of the administrative structures of higher learning lack proper measures to ensure financial transparency, which affects resource and resource distribution. This means that transparency should be encouraged through the strong emphasis on code…. [read more]

Online Ed Online vs. Traditional Essay

… , are supposed to be finished, an online student -- many of whom have jobs and other responsibilities in addition to school -- could perform the necessary work late at night, or during a lunch break, or even in a few different short periods throughout the day or week (Carron, 2006; Lohr, 2009). Traditional classrooms require students to be at a specific location at a specific time, and this can make the classes more difficult if not downright impossible for many students, especially older or other "non-traditional" students (Carron, 2006). This is related to the cost of the courses, too, as the ability for more students to take online courses is increased by this ease and convenience, affecting economies of scale still further and potentially…. [read more]

Learning Styles and Student Achievement Term Paper

… Learning Styles and Student Achievement

According to William Watson Purkey and John M. Novak, in order to teach a student, you have to be able to reach the student. They do not mean 'reach' in the physical sense, as in touching the student, but rather making a mental or emotional connection between the teacher and the student (Purkey, 1984).

Opening up to students is very important for teachers. While it is obviously not appropriate for a teacher to confide intimate personal details to the class, or gossip about others to try to be more accepted, there are ways that a teacher can seem more 'real' to the students. For example, crying over something very sad or letting the students know when the teacher is getting…. [read more]

Learning in Schools Essay

… "Likewise, if the online assessment helps the students and has sufficient overlap with course content, but is less preferred by students, the online component will likely fail through student resistance." (Angus and Watson) Students must agree and progress using online learning in order for it to be a mainstay in school curriculum.

Communication is imperative in a modern society such as this one. For students to get as much access as posssible to various forms of communication is important to create a successful learning oppotuinity for students. There is presently a need for teachers to incorporate technology into the applications of learning for the well being of students academically."The Information age is driven by new technologies and new techniques through the widespread use of Information…. [read more]

Higher Educational Programs Thesis

… Higher Educational Programs

Higher education: Advantages vs. disadvantages in pursing an online graduate degree

For someone contemplating embarking upon higher education in today's difficult economic times, a non-traditional path to a graduate degree online may seem seductive. Online programs allow the student to continue with their busy lives and to earn money while they pursue their degree. It seems like a cost savings. However, although there initially might seem to be great advantages and gains from pursuing a degree online, the 'cost' of the degree is actually much greater, both in terms of the overall expense of the student's education, and the opportunity cost of the valuable education that can only be provided by schooling in a real-world setting. Even for older, working professionals pursuing…. [read more]

Learning Communities: New York State Education Term Paper

… Learning Communities (New York State Education based)

What are they?

What is the mission and purpose?

What are their benefits?

How can they be implemented in the curriculum planning process?

Who established them?

Where did they originate?

When did they become an educational trend?

How do they affect the technology trend?

Strategies to promote the learning culture?

This paper focuses on education-based learning communities, with emphasis on New York State education-based communities. Evaluated are the school district, instructional leaders, teachers, parents, students and community partnerships that comprise the learning community. Learning communities are a not new, but they are gaining popularity as a theoretical framework for developing students' intrinsic motivation and ability to succeed outside the classroom. The premise behind learning communities is the philosophy…. [read more]

Education Term Paper

… Conclusion

NCLB educational policy came into effective in 2002 with the aim of enhancing educational levels in the context of district schools receiving low funding from states and local entities. NCLB educational policy should focus on integration of new qualification standards for teachers, concentrate on the improvement of schools, as well as include higher-thinking and problem-solving skills. These recommendations will enhance the ability of the federal and states governments in improving educational levels across the United States.


Tavakolian, H., & Howell, N. (2012). The Impact of No Child Left Behind Act. Franklin

Business & Law Journal, (1), 70-77.

Daly, B.P., Burke, R., Hare, I., Mills, C., Owens, C., Moore, E., & Weist, M.D. (2006).

Enhancing No Child Left Behind -- School Mental Health Connections.…. [read more]

Education Higher Education Is the Foundation Term Paper

… Education

Higher education is the foundation for growth within our global economy. Students, who properly utilized the system to its fullest extent, garner life altering skills and abilities. These skills, which are often transferable from industry to industry further, enhance the quality of life for society. Many of the world's brightest students help create, lead, and establish many of the world's dominant organizations. These organizations, in turn, create goods and services that provide a compelling value proposition for the consumer. Without the aid of higher education, and the subsequent benefits derived from participation, many of these individuals would not have made the significant contributions to society that they have. It is therefore logical to continue to preserve the higher education system so that the next…. [read more]

Education in the Community Essay

… This too is exactly the same as it was back in the farming period. We use individuals until they provide no further economic benefit. We see this in almost every industry. We see this with veteran basketball players who have spent their entire career with a particular team and are subsequently traded because their stats are declining. We see it with Wall Street executives who took advantage of individual's ignorance and provided subprime loans to individuals who they know would not pay in the future. With these subprime loans, they package them up, and subsequently sold faulty mortgages to the entire world. Now three years after this collapse human capital retention and unemployment are at there highest rates since the great depression. Why, because in…. [read more]

Cuba High Successful Education in a Communist Research Paper

… Cuba High

Successful Education in a Communist Regime: A Comparison of Cuban and United States' High Schools

Few issues are more important when it comes to individual and national success in the modern era than education. It is in the fields of science and technology that new wealth and opportunities are being created in the developed world, and there is no competitiveness without an adequate knowledge in these areas. Many individuals can succeed outside these specific areas, of course, but if whole societies and nations are to prosper then they must ensure the quality of their educational programs so that successive generations have the wherewithal to sustain growth and economic progress. In order to be truly effective and efficient, this education cannot be counted on…. [read more]

Faculty Student Interaction in Online Learning Environment Literature Review

… Student engagement is important when teaching any class. It is especially significant when faculty teach in the online learning environment where students are not only isolated from their instructor but from fellow students. Advances in online technologies are creating exciting opportunities for learning in the virtual space. Benefits of online learning are well-known, but online learning also has its disadvantages including high attrition rates due to diminished student engagement, inadequate training and support for teachers tasked with implementing and administering online courses, and the relative newness of the technologies themselves.

Introduction to the Three Streams

Online relationships with faculty and students. The first stream considered is the types of online relationships that exist between faculty and students. The fundamental differences that exist between online relationships…. [read more]

Shifting Classroom Learning to Online Case Study

… " (Keengwe & Kidd, 2010)

III. Overview and Summary of Current Training Program

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) offers distance education in the form of a Correspondence Study Program for technical, management and business skills training enabling individuals to work at their own speed outside the classroom environment. There are presently 100 courses that can be taken through means of distance education. The Federal Aviation Administration has a multi-disciplined approach to distance learning including the use of the following

(1) eLearning which is "is the ability to take online courses from any computer anytime, anywhere. No travel. No waiting. There is always a seat available for you in the virtual classroom." (FAA, 2013)

(2) Aviation Training Network: This ATN is reported to make use of…. [read more]

Distance Education in Assessing the Strengths Thesis

… Distance Education

In assessing the strengths and weaknesses of various forms of distance education and its progression from manually-oriented approaches to electronically-enabled teaching platforms, it is clear that Chere Campbell Gibson's vision of how information enables greater long-term learning is happening today. At the center of Gibson's vision of learning is the opportunity for students to get away from rote memorization and engage in problem solving through interdisciplinary experiences. Ultimately technology can be an enabler of greater learning and the potential of giving students the flexibility of creating knowledge as well, and this is the catalyst of Chere Campbell Gibson's view of technology as an enabler of more effective teaching and learning. The intent of this paper is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of…. [read more]

Technology to Enhance Learning Online Collaboration Term Paper

… Online Nursing Education

As in almost any subject area today, online education has transformed the climate for nursing education as more and more of the curricula is delivered remotely in completely online or in hybrid fashion combining some students visits to a physical site. In this essay, the author will write about the effects of online learning collaboration upon nursing education. We will identify an important online collaboration or community building technology that has already been integrated into online nursing education practice. We will also examine online collaboration tools by examining social media such as Facebook and Twitter and the effects of this upon nursing education.

In online learning, E-learning has emerged as a new standard in modern higher education. E-learning market had grown by…. [read more]

Motivation and Learning Essay

… Learning Motivation

Learning and Motivation in the TAFE Program

The TAFE program at the Alpha College is designed to help students from low income areas and students who are in need of various support services to achieve their degree ambitions. Like many schools in the Sydney region, Alpha experiences a distinct diversity of applicants and students. This means that its makeup varies across its experiences, needs and likely learning strategies. At the basis of this variation is a fundamental demand upon instructors and administrators to approach learning and motivation from a progressive educational perspective. The individualization of program approaches, the use of appropriately meted out student assessments and the ultimate utilization of methods such as positive reinforcement and progressive grading all will be discussed and…. [read more]

Computers Are Tools for Learning Essay

… Online training manuals, tutorials, and multimedia/audio-video aides are making instruction much more efficient and effective. Medical and nursing students reap great benefits from using the plethora of digital instructional tools that are available. Tutorials in procedures, which are based on empirical evidence, transform the way nurses conduct their business. Training for the use of software applications such as electronic medical records also means that health care workers have at their disposal knowledge that would otherwise take expensive sessions with in-person experts (Ward, et al., 2001).

In spite of the many benefits of integrating computers into the educational milieu, three drawbacks bear consideration. The first is the fact of the digital divide. A report by the Pew Research institute shows "stark differences between those who were…. [read more]

Sociology and Adult Education Research Paper

… Today, adult education can be a method of empowerment for individuals and groups that reside just outside the majority group's characteristics. Practices of adult education can help empower members of certain racial groups gather acknowledgment and actively move towards a more progressive stance within the larger community. A lot of efforts to educate adults here in the United States aim to help improve general literacy of particular minority groups that do not speak English as their first language (Prins & Drayton 2010). The power of language is incredible, and when one cannot use that power to progress oneself and one's community, one will be a clear disadvantage within the larger mainstream culture. Merriam and Brockett (2007) posit the idea that "is there a to ensure…. [read more]

Learning That Is Imparted Term Paper

… Instructing English in a work-based environment may increase chances of professional growth. The participants of work-based learning programs get a whole new world of resources accessible by learning a language that has noteworthy professional importance. Rosen (1999) reported ESL as being the most taught language surpassing Spanish in all centers of Berlitz in the U.S. English for reading purposes, English for communication within organizations, and English for developing basic writing skills by the secretaries and lower administrative staff will also increase in the industry called English for occupational purposes (EOP). Actionbased (Cunningham, Dawes & Bennett, 2004)and project based (Wrigley, 1998) have become two important methodologies for ESL in work-based environments. Their acceptance from the employers is more as compared to other class room-based methods.

2.1.3-…. [read more]

Memletics Learning Styles Inventory Term Paper

… Learning Styles

When I took the Learning Styles Inventory test, I scored high in two areas: Social (19) and Verbal (17). The first means that I communicate well both verbally and nonverbally with other people. Also, I like doing activities with other people rather than myself. This includes activities for enjoyment, learning and athletics/sports. In terms of learning, I will acquire information best in groups or classes or one-on-one time with a teacher or an instructor. Even if I learn by myself, I will double check my thoughts by seeing if others agree or disagree with them.

Since I learn best socially, it is important for me to see if I can join study groups. Techniques such as role playing, perfect performance scripts, mind maps…. [read more]

Desecration of Public Education Research Paper

… Without quality public education, the youth will only learn skills needed for low profile jobs and will fail to play an active role in civil life. This is corporate oligarchy, not democracy (Davidson, 2010).

Lack of education can also lead to despotism or fascism which will directly kill democracy.

Purpose of Charter Schools

With the failing public education system, charter school system is thought of as the best alternative solution. This system is thought of as a necessary step in providing variety of approaches to students in learning numerous techniques.

The major components of this system of education are as follows:

Mayor's unique status of direct liability to all city residents

The transparency in the charter school agreement procedure

The system of providing results that…. [read more]

Best Practice in International Education in Australia Article

… Education

There are three main goals of the Australian higher education system. These goals include learning and teaching, research, and community engagement. The purpose of this discussion is to explore best practice in International Education in Australia. Approximately, 30% of Australians aged 25-34 have degree-level qualifications but in other OECD nations nearly 50% of people in this range have such qualifications. As such the development of higher education programs in other parts of the world will place Australia at a disadvantage if the issue is not remedied quickly. Australia's higher education system is in dire need of reform if the nation is to be competitive in the future. Several best practice strategies must be present in higher education including diversity, research policy funding accreditation, and…. [read more]

Students Should Consider Online Education Essay

… As online education has gone mainstream, studies have shown that online students are happy with the quality of the courses that they are taking (Allen & Seaman, 2004), and the reality is that many critics of online schools come from the traditional education system, and therefore have a financial interest in discrediting a superior system. This is not to say that there is not an element of buyer beware, because the industry has seen an influx of new competitors and many have yet to establish the quality credentials of their programs to this point. So certainly one would be recommended to take a close look at the track record of the company that they deal with (Parker, 2004).

The final point in favor of online…. [read more]

Higher Education Organizational Models Thesis

… Higher Education Models

Higher education has seen significant revolutions over the course of the decades since the popularization of communication media such as the Internet. This has resulted in the demand for a much more flexible learning institution in terms of self-directed and adult education. Furthermore, these changes have also incorporated changes in how education and its institutions are now interacting with bureaucratic and collegial institutions. Indeed, a wider integration of these institutions have taken place with the improvement in speed of electronic communications. In addition to the traditional higher education model, the electronic media have made new models of education possible. Many of these integrate the traditional with the non-traditional, while others completely depart from the traditional model. Nevertheless, it is now more than…. [read more]

Education Classroom Technology Term Paper

… Education


The examined literature clearly indicates that a mainly positive performance outcome can be expected from either wholly or partially including WBL strategies in a variety of different subject areas. In order to illustrate this is more specific terms, three dimensions of Khan's WBL framework is used: the pedagogical, the interface design, and the evaluation dimensions.

Pedagogical Framework

Agarwal & Day (1998, p. 100) note that education and communication technology studies indicate the success of WBL strategies specifically in terms of interaction and the hands-on learning of new concepts. Interaction, discussion, research, and transmission of information are all enhanced via the online environment, mainly because there are no time and space restrictions involved. Furthermore, student-teacher interaction is enhanced by the online environment, because the…. [read more]

Distance Learning Is a New Term Paper

… This procedure was improved with the introduction of two additional factors (Horton, 1994 qtd in Sherry), i.e., the student's physical and mental set-ups. The physical set-up consists of the student's environment, peculiar situation and other physical or sensory circumstances. The mental set-up consists of the student's memory, associations, emotions, inferences and reasoning level, curiosity and interests. From these inputs, the student conceives his own image and combines it with previous knowledge and abilities for his own use.

The situated cognition view is derived from constructivist principles that guide the learner in constructing an internal representation of knowledge. This view maintains that both social and physical interaction combine in defining a problem and in forming the solution (Sherry). In using constructivism in a lesson, focus must…. [read more]

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