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Evolution Be Taught in Schools? Thesis

… It's "…as if something just somehow happened," Dembski writes (32). Dembski has the skill to make his arguments interesting albeit they may be confusing; for example, he quotes Einstein (among the most respected scientific minds in human history) saying, "…the most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible" (32).

One of Dembski's better-known arguments is that the Christian worldview "…encourages us to recognize God's action in the world" but a "naturalist worldview, by contrast, encourages us to see the world merely as a self-contained system" (33). In his book, Intelligent Design, Dembski also promotes the concept that "…scientific explanations need to invoke causes that are adequate to account for the effects they are proposing to explain" (Dembski, 2007, p. 19). And, the…. [read more]

Only a Theory Evolution and the Battle for America's Soul by Kenneth R. Miller Research Paper

… Miller Evolution

Miller's Theory of Evolution

Perhaps most significantly among thinkers on the subject of 'natural selection', Darwin's seminal works touched inherently upon so many disciplines as to bear applicable interpretations in nearly any context. His update of the evolutionary principles which preceded him brought to the fore of academic discourse a widespread reconsideration of the nature of life. Particularly, "his famous synthesis of the observations made during the voyage of the Beagle forms the pillar on which our modern view of biology is formed." (Balaram, 1191) Still, from yet another angle of consideration regarding Darwin's view, the assumed sanctity of human life was here coming under speculation, with his philosophy offering the interpretable notion that war, aggression and other factors which tend to impose…. [read more]

Evolution Creationism Term Paper

… Evolution and Creationism

In the early 1920's the older Victorians, called Traditionalists, became alarmed at the social chaos they found in society, with Intellectualism, women beginning to feel less restricted, with jazz, dancing the Charleston, smoking, drinking, flaunting prohibition, abstract art, Freudian psychology and no one asking permission to do anything. The Traditionalists felt that everything valuable was slipping away. A wave of Revivalism swept the South to counteract Modernism and Intellectualism. There was conflict between the liberals and the conservatives in society, between the Evolutionists and the Fundamentalists. Things came to a head in the small town of Dayton, Tennessee, when John Scopes, a high school biology teacher, was tried for teaching the theory of evolution. The trial was widely covered by the most…. [read more]

Evolution What Is Evolutionary Theory Term Paper

… It causes the evolution of a population as a whole and not the evolution of an individual. The natural selection process is supposed to gradually shift the average characteristics of the group over time. However, why most populations demonstrate relatively stable dynamics is a question yet to be answered, and biologists are largely uncertain regarding the processes by which population stability may evolve through natural selection (Mueller et al., 2000: p 1284)

Evidence of Evolution

Evolutionary changes are obviously not observable directly as such changes involve decades and centuries. However, there are other evidential facts that explain and demonstrate the occurrence of evolution. The main sources that evidence evolution includes: fossil records, the geographic distribution of species, embryology, vestigial organs and artificial selection. The fossil…. [read more]

Theory Building Term Paper

… Theory Building

There are many theories that relate to the fields of Information and Computer Security Management. In addition to management theories, there are also technical field theories such as game theory. According to Anderson et al. (2007), game theory can be used in the application of determining why and how systems fail. One of the reasons for failure might be incorrect incentives, which combines game theory with management theory. The authors provide the example of those who guard the system in question and the basic divide between them and those who suffer the full effects of the failure.

Game theory ideas can also be applied to environments where incomplete information occurs, where such information is critical but hidden from some principals. Peer-to-peer systems designers,…. [read more]

Did Darwin Develop the Theory of Evolution? Essay


What was Wallace really talking about in his 1858 paper and was he convincing?

Darwin and Wallace 1858 papers:

Wallace's role in forming the evolutionary hypothesis

Alfred Wallace has often been credited as a critical influence upon Charles Darwin in encouraging the naturalist to publish his theories on evolution: Wallace was working on his own theory of natural selection at the same time as Darwin, and had not Darwin feared being pre-empted by Wallace, he may not have been willing to share his twenty years' research with the world at the time that he did. Wallace's 1858 letters to Darwin, in which Wallace discussed his work are often cited as evidence that Wallace deserves credit as a 'co-founder' of the theory. However, there are…. [read more]

Role of Culture and Environment in the Evolution of Humanity Research Paper

… Therefore, employing the use of models such as the mathematical models to analyze the impact of culture on evolution shows that, the niche model is effective in influencing evolutionary outcomes of humans in the society (Herrmann et al. 2007).

It is appreciable that, cultural evolution contributed to the growth of cooperative groups. The environments favor the evolution of human beings to conform to the social instincts characterized by structural norms and values postulated to contribute to the evolution of the human beings (Eagly & Wood, 1999). However, much of the studies conducted to evaluate the relationship between culture and the evolution of human beings have largely focused on the economic point-of-view of analyzing the relationship. This creates study bias and unreliability of the study findings…. [read more]

Evolution the General Assumption Essay

… Thus, according to the theoretical underpinnings of the mechanism of biological evolution there is no predetermined biological mechanism or pathway that directs the process of evolution from simple to complex organisms (Carroll, 2001). Random mutations are just that; nondirectional and not predictable changes in the alleles of the population. Natural selection is simply a method which results in the genetic mutations that allows for the adaptation and survival of the population in specific environmental conditions to continue to survive (Carroll, 2001; Gould, 2002). While this process often includes a movement of a population towards more structural complexity, this is not always the case.

An example of such an instance where the process of biological evolution did not result in a more complex organism is that…. [read more]

Response to Creation and Evolution Term Paper

… ¶ … Evolution

Few topics stir more passionate debates than the theories of evolution and creationism. However, there are atheistic evolutionists and there are theistic evolutionists, who accept a compromise between creationism and evolutionism.(Evolution). In its true form, evolution explains that the universe is the result of random accidents, in which life arose through chemical processes, meaning that all life-forms, from fruit to flowers, animals to humans, share a common ancestor.(Evolution). This theory includes topics that range from chemistry to astronomy to biology that are responsible for the creation of the universe (Evolution).

From the Big Bang theory has emerged the Inflationary Universe Theories, which include approximately fifty different variants, although generally they all claim that in the beginning there was nothing and then suddenly…. [read more]

Evolution in the Book Essay

… According to this idea, God created man and then women out of Adam's rib. There is no scientific proof behind this viewpoint because it is not based on any scientific evidence. It is instead a theory based on the religious teachings of people.

Not just animals are prone to evolution and adaptation, but so is the larger world on the whole. Humans of course can evolve and have done so from millennia. In addition plants can survive if they are attempting to be grown in an area which has proven to inhospitable to them. A cactus, for example, is grown in the desert but has needed to adapt to drink less water in order to survive in this hash climate. If the plant did not…. [read more]

Evolution of the Female Figure in Arthurian Research Paper

… Evolution of the female figure in Arthurian literature is characterized foremost by stagnancy and a narrowness of personage. While Arthurian authors are gifted at describing many of the female characters in vivid, memorable terms that make many of them seem like ethereal goddesses; a one dimensionality persists in their character, regardless of whether they are considered morally good or morally bankrupt according to the codes of the Arthurian realm. The female characters created demonstrate how in Arthurian literature heroism belongs chiefly to men, and that beauty, or more aptly flawed beauty, is a trait most immediately connected to women as medieval literature often uses a lady's beauty as a means of confirming that she has a strong moral character (Schaus, 79). The reverse is also…. [read more]

Anthropology Doctrine of Man Term Paper

… Evolution Theory

C) Theory of Creationism

Deistic and theistic Evolution theories


Nature of Man

E) Conclusion


Doctrine of Man

Man is still searching for answers to the fundamental questions concerning the why and how of his existence, the purpose of the journey of life and the ultimate destiny.

Different theories have been put forward in explaining the origin of man ranging from creationism to evolution. The evolutionary theory of creation attributes all this diversification and the countless species of living beings to the process of systematic natural evolution. The Christian faith offers a different explanation in the form of the genesis account of creation. Even within the creationism theory there are mildly different views of the creation process. A brief discussion of these…. [read more]

Theory Essay

… Ridgway's early years involved an abusive mother who was obsessed with dominating her family and who was unhesitant about treating her children badly when they did something wrong. These acts made it increasingly difficult for the man to deal with external situations that put a lot of pressure on him. "The interplay between poor social conditioning and inability to comprehend such conditioning subsequently creates the criminal personality." (Marsh, 2006, p. 64) The violent episodes that Ridgway experienced during his childhood certainly reflected on his personality in later years. He was traumatized as a result of his mother's tendency to relate to him as being a person who was different and whom it was impossible to educate in accordance with conventional strategies. "She didn't want Ridgway…. [read more]

Mosaic Evolution of Early Mammals Term Paper

… Evolution

Luo, Z., Chen, P., Li, G., Chen, G. & Chen, M. "A New Eutriconodont Mammal and Evolutionary Development in Early Mammals." Nature, (2007) Vol 446; 288-293

Evolutionary research tells us that one of the keystones in the development of modern mammals was the adaptation over the millennia of the mammalian middle ear. The theory being that as the species evolved from its reptilian origins, the delicate bones of the middle ear made the transition from the reptilian lower jawbone and evolved into what we now know as the three small bones in the middle ear. They are the hammer (malleus), anvil (incus) and stirrup (stapes) which are connected to one another in what anatomist term the ossicular chain. While this transition has been theorized…. [read more]

Organism Physiology Evolution of Organisms Essay

… The long neck might have followed the legs so that a giraffe can reach down to water and drink.

Recently Simmons and Scheepers (1996) suggested that evolution of longer necks and heavier heads might also have occurred from traditional male dominance fight amongst the same species. Female giraffes have shorter necks and lighter heads as they do not engage in dominance fights as their counterparts. This explains why females have lighter / shorter necks then males.

This belief is widespread amongst the general masses but if we look closely logic dictates that if giraffe's had an advantage over other animals in drought season then other species might have gone instinct as they did not evolved with change in environment. Also if we study the eating…. [read more]

Internet Way: A Unifying Theory Term Paper

… Then there is the extra personnel needed to run the thing. There is a huge outlay of equipment and no guarantee of success.

A decision such as this would make any manager lose sleep. The Internet offers many new possibilities and opportunities for increased income and advertising. Most managers do not want to pass up these opportunities, but they would like to pass up the cost and risk. "The Internet Way" is a viable solution to this problem. The Internet is not being used to its potential by many businesses and redesigning their existing business to an Internet based one could solve many problems. The Internet Way is the solutions to many managerial dilemmas and will allow more to transition into the world of e-business…. [read more]

Battle of Cowpens the British Research Paper

… He was afraid that he would get caught between Tarleton and Cornwallis, so he decided to do a tactical retreat to the north in order to avoid having to face both Tarleton and Cornwallis's troops at the same time.[footnoteRef:16] This was an excellent move by Morgan and demonstrated that he had the ability to analyze his own forces as compared to the other side's forces. Morgan continued to march quickly towards the Broad River with Tarleton's troops on their heels. Tarleton was ambitious and had a reputation for being relentless when in pursuit. [16: Buchanan 312]

On the afternoon of January 16 Morgan was approaching the Broad River. The Broad River was high with flood waters and difficult to cross at that time. By nightfall…. [read more]

Evolution of Chemistry Research Paper

… org, 2013). In following tests, it was found to cause the flame to burn more intensely and to keep the mouse alive longer (, 2013).

It's also vital to bear in mind that Priestly was a pneumatic chemist; there were many pneumatic chemists during this period as the result of the work of Stephen Hales, the man who had created the pneumatic trough around 500 years earlier (Ihde, 1990). This trough made it possible to isolate airs via decomposition of chemical matter and to gather the air free of contaminants. "Hales developed the apparatus because he was curious to learn how much air was trapped in various solids in non-aerial form. He measured the volume of air which could be driven out of various chemicals,…. [read more]

Evolution and the Big Bang Theory Term Paper

… Evolution and the Big Bang Theory

The metaphysical questions that have haunted us since the dawn of mankind are perhaps answered by the theory of evolution and "the Big Bang Theory." The Big Bang theory regarding the origin of the universe was created about 50 years ago, and soon became the creed of the evolutionary establishment. It has had much opposition, however. "

The Big Bang theory is an effort to explain what happened at the start of our universe (the Big-Bang Theory Web site, 2003). Research on astronomy and physics has shown that our universe did in fact have a beginning. Before this beginning, there was nothing. After this beginning, our universe came to be. The Big Bang theory is an attempt to explain…. [read more]

Evolution From Two Subfields Essay

… Evolution has been a topic of discussion among the scientific community for several decades but a new field has recently developed that concerns itself not only with evolution as it involves the adaptive selection of primates but also with biological adaptability as a human attribute. Physical anthropologists center their investigation and research on determining how human beings fit into nature and compare their behaviors with those of other primates (Jurmain, 2008). Physical anthropologists also study and interpret the differences between the various races found within the human species. In doing so, physical anthropologists coordinate their efforts through cooperative research with the fields of archeology, comparative anatomy, evolution, and genetics.

The increased use and reliability of DNA has altered the field of physical anthropology considerably in…. [read more]

Souls of Black Folk Thesis

… Thus the policies set by Whites confined African-Americans further into the perpetual cycle of poverty.

Du Bois argues that part of the reason African-Americans could not challenge these oppressive legal and economic policies set by Whites was the lack of education. In the forth and fifth sections of the book, Du Bois discusses the importance of education that is necessary for African-Americans to reach full potential. Du Bois criticizes policies set by Whites and agreed to by some local African-Americans that did not emphasize university education for Blacks. But university education, he says, is vital for African-Americans to raise their consciousness and have the knowledge to develop economically, politically, and socially. "Progress in human affairs is more often a pull than a push," Du Bois…. [read more]

Battle of the Atlantic Essay

… When the Germans added radar to their defenses, the Allied forces were no longer able to get the drop on them by attacking at night, and the game was continually changing and evolving (Overy, 1997). The war was serious business for everyone involved, especially as it drug on month after month and year after year with no real end in sight.

Rebuttal and Counter-Argument

Even when there are sound arguments that deal with a battle as significant as the Battle of the Atlantic, there are still rebuttals and counter-arguments to be considered. For example, it has been argued that intelligence and teamwork were what won the war for the Allied forces. However, it can also be argued that winning the war had nothing to do…. [read more]

Theory Borrowing in the Academic Disciplines of Communication and Women's Studies Research Paper

… Theory Borrowing in Communication and Women's Studies

Theory Borrowing in the Academic Disciplines of Communication and Women's Studies

In communication, there are many theories. One of the most prominent is the cultural approach to organizations (Barnlund, 2008). This theory states that people are very similar to animals in that they are only conscious of the "webs" around them they have created (Barnlund, 2008). Because of that, the culture of any organization is made up of the symbols that are in these webs and that overlap the webs of more than one person. In other words, shared symbols are what make up the webs and, therefore, the organization itself (Berko, 2010; Heyman, 1994). Each of the symbols themselves has a meaning that is unique, and as…. [read more]

Associationism Remains Essay

… This factor is reinforcement. In this case, we have two main models of learning which include operant conditioning and classical conditioning. In regard to classical conditioning, Ebersohn and Eloff (2004) are of the opinion that this form of associationistic learning comes about when there is formation of an association between an involuntary response and a stimulus. When it comes to operant conditioning, reinforcement is taken to be the new responses acquisition as a result of how they impact on the environment. Hence in this case, should we have a certain response availing a solution to an individual, such an individual if provided with a situation that happens to be similar is likely to repeat that response on the basis of the associated result. It therefore…. [read more]

Intelligent Design Man Essay

… " In other words, there are elements of "intelligent design" that are not very intelligent, and thus, in their eyes, the theory totally collapses.

Carter and Welsh (2010, p. 48) note creationism is still taught in many school systems, particularly in traditionally conservative areas such as the South and Midwest. Science teachers in Dover, Pennsylvania, took their case to the Supreme Court several years ago when the school board demanded they teach intelligent design as an alternative to evolution. Clearly, the long-standing debate is not over and is likely to continue into the foreseeable future as scientists and non-scientists try to reconcile God and our beginnings. For some, the distinction is clear, but for many others, including scientists, the lines are blurred. One wonders if…. [read more]

Faith and Darwin Essay

… Faith After Darwin

In Kenneth R. Miller's book Finding Darwin's God: a Scientist's Search for Common Ground between God and Evolution, he discusses the traditionally antagonistic relationship between the concept of evolution and the belief in God. He argues that the two things may not be mutually exclusive. Believing in evolution and believing in God can both occur provided that the individual reevaluate these two terms in less dogmatic terms than previous generations understand either. Those who believe in the word of the Bible or other holy texts and interpret these words as dogma without any room for interpretation are unable to see this, as are those who hold that evolution automatically dictates that there is no such thing as God because science and religion…. [read more]

Which One Science or Religion Research Paper

… Religion has been on the losing side of a prolonged conflict with the secular world for the past two centuries. However, since the September 11 attacks by Muslim terrorists at the World Trade Center, religious terrorism has been regarded as the most dangerous threat to the Western world since the Soviet Union. Countless political leaders, scholars, and journalists criticized the aggressive Islamic fundamentalist doctrines which guided these Jihadist warriors into their suicide missions.

Many intellectuals drew parallels between the purification mission of Islamic fundamentalists and the apocalyptic obsessions of the U.S.'s own fundamentalist evangelicals, some of which were in important government office. Indeed, it appeared that religious fundamentalists from Christianity, Islam, and Judaism had hijacked important government offices, possibly bringing about the decline of Western…. [read more]

Sociobiology Theory and Criminology Essay

… Failure of the above-symbiotic forms of human interactions affect the existing dyadic interaction between members of society, thereby, conflicts that cause criminality. For example, a failure of the social behaviors such as mutualism results in conflict between the parties involved, hence, violence and aggression. Similarly, cooperate social interaction among individuals can breed undesired social acts that breed criminality. For example, the prolonged enmity of social interaction between different groups of people in the society results in an undesired social culture that makes them vulnerable to social aggression. Despite the theory, trying to create an understanding of the relationship between one's personality, and criminal behavior, critics from scholars such as Wainwright (2012) and Turner (2001) make the theory lose its effectiveness. For instance, Baumeister & Vohs…. [read more]

Hominid Evolution Term Paper

… ¶ … Farabee, M.J. Human Evolution. Available at

Mammals originated from the ancient mammal-like reptiles prior to 200-245 million years referred to as Triassic Period. Most important forms of mammals evolved during the period including Primates -- the category that includes humans. The Primates are considered to be comparatively unspecific mammals: they do not have wings, have four limbs, unable to run fast, normally have weak teeth, and do lack armor or thick protective hides. The origination of primates as indicated by fossil records reveals to be in Africa about 30 million years ago. One section of primates grown to become Old and New World Monkeys while the other section into the hominoids. The Fossil hominoids were considered to have occurred in Africa in…. [read more]

Evolution of Commercial Law From the 18th Century to the Current International E-Commerce Era Research Paper

… ¶ … evolution of commercial law from the eighteenth century to the current international e-commerce era, with an eye towards specific crises and responses that led to formation of the current system of general commercial law. These crises include the conflict between national law and the law merchant during the eighteenth century, the emergence of negotiable instruments in the early nineteenth century, the importance of new forms of insurance during the middle of the nineteenth century, the consolidation and monopolization of the Industrial Revolution, and the global effects of the internet on commerce and copyright. Tracing these crises and the legal system's response allows one to better understand how the evolution of commercial law is constituted by a mixture of disruptive change and long-standing legacies,…. [read more]

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