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Election: The Coming Presidential Elections Essay

… While the winner of the coming election is likely to have a significant effect on the economy, the current economic conditions are likely to have a profound effect on which candidate will win the election.

One of the most significant factors in determining the winner of the upcoming presidential elections is the court. As the political campaigns point towards a close election, the coming presidential elections may be determined by previous or current court decisions. Generally, previous and current court decisions have profound effects on presidential elections because they affect the other critical factors that determine the winner of the elections.

According to Walsh (2012), there has been significant analysis and debate regarding the impact of Supreme Court decisions on the outcome of presidential elections…. [read more]

Texas Open Election System Essay

… Texas Open Election System

Texas Election Systems

The United States is a democratic country where people are constitutionally entitled to certain rights such as equality and voting rights. But this principle does not always work perfectly in reality. There are flaws and loopholes that can be exploited by some people, especially corrupt officials. Abraham Lincoln's dictum that the government should be by the people, of the people, and for the people is often violated by elected officials and rich people who run for public offices with the support of interest groups. The state of Texas is not an exception in the country. In fact, the level of corruption in elections in Texas may be higher than it is in some other states. These problems have…. [read more]

Presidential Election of 1992 Term Paper

… Clinton had regained 5% of the vote over Bush following the second debate, according to a poll by the New York Times (McGuire & Craig, A1).

Part of the problem, according to political advisors, was that Bush still refused to believe that an economic recovery was not occurring. Despite higher unemployment and the lowest interest rates since the Kennedy presidency, Bush repeatedly noted, both in the debates and in speeches, that an economic recovery was on the way, without additional steps being needed. This meant that even though Clinton's platform was based on too familiar ideas, such as raising taxes on the wealthy, careful closing of loopholes, and an emphasis on investment, those ideas were still more powerful than the Bush campaign's economic reform, which…. [read more]

Open Before Making Assumptions and Applying Critical Term Paper

… Open

Before making assumptions and applying critical thinking to any one of the topics from Michael Moore's book, we need to make the observation that Michael Moore's work is less a set of applicable solutions to problems that he identifies in the American society and political life, but more of a putting together of real facts and humorous comments, of permanently critical observations and hilariously inapplicable solutions. Indeed, many of these solutions are comical, either real ones (such as the fact that the Palestinians could perhaps take on a Gandhi - like approach in their struggle) or unreal ones, such as the one where the Northern Ireland conflict could be solved if Protestants became Catholics.

Certainly, from a humorous perspective, this can be an excellent…. [read more]

Open Source Intelligences Term Paper

… Open Source Intelligences

Robert M. Clark's Target-Centric intelligence model utilizes what is known as the intelligence cycle. Originally, the intelligence cycle was designed to create a complete set of data by breaking into stages the process of collecting the data. Each stage has a specific purpose, and when data collectors complete their task, the cycle can continue. Based on this model, data analysts do not have the opportunity to ask questions of or provide feedback for other analysts. Without the ability for analysts to ask questions of each other and provide feedback for each other, the flow of information can be limited. In the end, it is possible to have an intelligence report that appears to have accurate information, but is not as effective as…. [read more]

Media and Election Law Term Paper

… ¶ … Right to Vote, Elections, and the Media

An Overview of the Right to Vote

The right to vote is a right granted by the Constitutional Amendments to all United States citizens over the age of 18. The right to vote gives U.S. citizens the right to vote in all federal, state, and local government elections. The right is legislated in different Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and each Amendment pertains to reapportionment of congressional districts, race, age, or gender. For example the text of the Fourteenth Amendment, as it pertains to the right to vote reads, "Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers…. The basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number…. [read more]

2008 Presidential Election Thesis

… Presidential Election

Comparison of Candidates Positions


Gun control


Health Care

Social Security



Presidential Nominations

Caucuses and Primaries

Delegates and Superdelegates


Presidential Elections and the Electoral College



Comparison of Candidates' Positions

On the issue of abortion, Barack Obama's supports a woman's right to choose. He stands for the preservation of women's rights under Roe vs. Wade and opposes any constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court's decision in that case. Conversely, John McCain supports overturning Roe vs. Wade. He views the decision as being "flawed." His view is to put the issue of abortion rights onto the states. Bob Barr, as a former Republican, has consistently voted against abortion rights ( His website does not outline a specific agenda…. [read more]

Texas Election System Essay

… ¶ … Texas Election System

As each election rolls around, the media reminds people that elections are both representative ceremonies democracy and key technical workings of the current political institutions. In Texas, apprehensions about voting and elections are tinted by political alterations in modern years. Texans display a lot of the same basic inclinations of voting and non-voting as other Americans. The Republican Party continues to prevail after many years that saw conflict over congressional redistricting, concentrated and sometimes bitter campaigning amid candidates both inside and between the parties, more and more luxurious campaigning all over (Texas Politics - Voting, Campaigns and Elections, 2011).

The constitutional requirements in Texas for broad electoral participation in government are terms of a cultural basis that usually distrusts intense…. [read more]

US Iraq Elections Strategy Term Paper

… U.S./Iraq Elections Strategy

Since the 2003 invasion, Iraq has gone through a transformation, as the country has wrestled with issues of violence and division. Yet, despite these issues, Iraq has continued to attempt to move forward in the post Saddam Hussein era. Where, elections have taken place to create a democratically elected government that will respect the will of the people. While at the same time, there is continuing pressure from the United States for Iraqis to take charge of their own future. As a result, this will create a change in the relationship between the United States and Iraq. To fully understand these changes requires that you consider the challenges the U.S. government could face in Iraq moving forward. This will be accomplished by:…. [read more]

Presidential Election and the State Essay

… (Davidson, 2012)


The U.S. presidential election in November 2012 has got the financial market in volatile conditions. It is seen that the presidential elections directly have long-term effects on the financial arena and the upcoming presidential elections in November 2012 and events after the outcome will affect the financial market and investors and the ordinary citizens too.


Graph 1

President popularity and the performance of the stocks

Retrieved from the below reference:

Ro, Sam. (2012b) "Seven Fascinating Facts About How U.S. Presidents Affect The Stock Markets" The Business Insider Magazine,

Graph 2

SAP and the presidential cycles from 1900s:

Retrieved from the below reference:

Ro, Sam. (2012b) "Seven Fascinating Facts About How U.S. Presidents Affect The Stock Markets" The Business Insider Magazine,…. [read more]

Local Elections in the City Term Paper

… These are the ages at which a great deal of people are still students who move from flat to flat with great frequency. Many people in this age group are also either single and just entering the job force or newly married and trying to make their way in the world. Any of these situations can result in a great mobility of residence and/or in having little money. For those who have not finished their education of who have not gone to university, the lack of education combined with the lack of money and the mobile residence can add up to no interest in voting in local elections at all. A further check of the census data shows that thirty-two point three percent of people…. [read more]

Obama and Election History Research Paper

… Obama and Election

History was made in November 2008, not just American history, but world history as the United States elected its first African-American President. but, the election of a Black man as President, as unheard of as it might have been just 50 years ago, or even 25 years ago, was history because it was a national catharsis -- a repudiation of the greed, avarice, and selfishness that had so characterized American society for the past eight years. Obama's election was a referendum on a new America -- a younger America with an optimistic, but not Pollyannaish, view of the grave and serious problems faced; but a dramatic change from past politicians in that Obama stands for a more open government, dialog with international…. [read more]

Owen Should Open Owen's Pet Essay

… Because Brenda had been legally authorized and Eagle was acting in good faith with a demonstrably authorized agent of Commodity Sales, Eagle deserves to have the contract fulfilled by Commodity Sales (Sniffen, 2001). Whether or not Brenda would be civilly liable to Commodity Sales is less clear; while she could certainly be reprimanded and possibly even terminated for contravening the further instruction she was given by the corporate officer, she did not abuse her position for personal gain and was acting on behalf of the company at all times, even if its was against company wishes. As such, her civil liability is nebulous at best, and internally handling this is probably the best method.


If it appears that a simple majority of the workers…. [read more]

Political Savvy Winning the Election Term Paper

… The focus here for the 15th district in Florida should be mindful of the census data provided earlier in the proposal.

Step Six: Endorsements/Fundraising

STRATEGY: Aggressively seek out endorsements from local people and better known elected officials. Prominently display candidates supporters on letterhead and in literature. Find new and creative ways of increasing the number and amount of donations to the candidates campaign funds.

Our organization will assist the candidate with pursuing endorsements for his/her political campaign. It is important to remember to check the voting records and political views of anyone that endorses the candidate to make sure that they mesh appropriately and that there is not a backlash from an endorsement from an undesirable candidate. Additionally, we will provide the campaign with creative…. [read more]

Status of Open Data in Europe Research Paper

… Openness of the data based on the ten principles of open government data

The ten principles for open government data were developed during a conference held in Sebastopol, California in October 2007 (Wonderlich, 2010). The principles are primacy, completeness, ease of physical and electronic access, timeliness, non-discrimination, machine readability, use of commonly owned standards, permanence, usage costs, and licensing (Wonderlich, 2010). These principles provide a lens that could be used to gauge how open government data is and its accessibility to the public. Completeness of data refers to how complete the published datasets are. Any data published by the government should include all the data the government has on the subject. The only restriction to this principle is that the released data should not have…. [read more]

Internet Voting in the U.S Term Paper

… The administration, however, showed no signs of stopping. U.S. Department of Defense spokesperson Glenn Flood said that they were aware of the concerns way before but expressed confidence that the system would be safe and secure at election time.

The Serve program was set for use by America's 6 million eligible voters outside the country or the military in November in 50 counties and seven U.S. states and to handle as many as 100,000 votes (Lyman 2005). UC Berkeley assistant professor David Wagner said that internet's security plagues, paired with personal computers not intended for use as voting machines are quite vulnerable and not fixable. He did not think that any present or emerging technologies will allow internet elections to be secure. Flood said that…. [read more]

Presidential Election 2008 Candidates Project Term Paper

… Candidates Project

have chosen to shadow Hillary Clinton the democratic presidential candidate for president in 2008. Hillary Clinton filed with the FEC in January 22, 2007. In so doing I will analyze the official candidacy website as well as other sources to determine the foundation for the candidacy, the issues, the candidates platform, and how the media sees the candidate. I will also seek out information on who is funding the candidates bid for office, what opinion polls are saying about Clinton, what the advertising looks like and lastly I will evaluate and synthesize the information and draw conclusions about suggestions I have for this client in her campaign.

Official Website Analysis:

The official Hillary Clinton candidate website opens with a sign up page that…. [read more]

How the Economic Factors Influence the American Presidential Election Dissertation

… U.S. Elections influence

There are several different factors that influence U.S. elections, in particular at the presidential level. Economic issue are usually among the most important influencers for any national-level election, but there are other factors as well. Among the President's duties are not only stewarding the economy, but handling foreign policy, so both of those issues will come into play. The economy of course in recent years has become so highly globalized that foreign policy plays a role in how the economy develops. This paper will take a look at the factors that drive U.S. elections, and in particular will examine how certain areas of the economy and foreign policy influence the election. Of note will be the relations with China, as that nation…. [read more]

Mexican Political System Mexico Research Paper

… Money has always been the oil which makes Mexican politics turn, and there does not exist as many opportunities for fair wages in the majority of Mexico. Unions also do not have the kind of power they do in the United States. This is a primary problem of the NAFTA agreement, which gives strong powers in favor of international business and labor relations that may pry on national sovereignty in exchange for the economic benefits of open trade with the United States. Without strong labor laws, monopolistic tendencies rule in Mexico, and some of the wealthiest people in the world are the heads of Mexican telecom and entertainment industries. Crony capitalism is simple corruption on a grand scale, and the federal government has been pursuing…. [read more]

Media Worlds Term Paper

… Media Coverage of the 2012 Presidential Election

The diverse and sometimes ugly stories, attacks and sundry reports that have been published in print and broadcast in the media (including electronic media) thus far in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election campaign reflect just how divided the nation is. These stories and ads in fact say as much about the sorry moral state of America -- and about how out-of-control the issue of politically motivated money is -- as they do about the campaign or the candidates. It is the opinion of this writer that there has rarely been a time in recent American history when conservatives and progressives have been so bitterly divided, and have attacked one another with such meanness and fierce antipathy -- in…. [read more]

How Money Effects National Political Elections Research Paper

… Money & National Political Elections

Money, Lobbying, & Elections:

How Interest Groups Use Money to Affect National Political Elections

In democratic societies, ordinary citizens are supposed to have equal rights and have an equal say in forming and shaping the political landscape of the country. That is, of course, in theory and the reality is much more complicated than that. People therefore often question the extent democratic institutions function properly when it comes to national political elections. What is the role of money in elections? What is the role of lobbying? Is there a connection between lobbying and money? How do money and lobbying affect the electoral process? These are some of the questions that, for various reasons, attract the interests of politicians, public advocacy…. [read more]

Superiority of the Canadian Government Term Paper

… In 1984, the National Citizens Coalition challenged a bar on third-party expenditures. In response, the government purported that caps on campaign funds were necessary to prevent unfair benefit to candidates with wealthy supporters. The Alberta Court of Appeal did not launch a response until 1996, when it found that the provision violated three rights as established by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms: section 2(b), freedom of expression, section 2(d), freedom of association, and section 3, the right to vote. The Court concluded that third-party spending limits are primarily aimed at: 1, preserving an electoral system that gives a privileged voice to political parties and official candidates within those parties, and 2, ensuring that other interest groups cannot be heard in any effective way. The…. [read more]

Norman Birnbaum in His "The Presidential Elections Article Critique

… Norman Birnbaum in his "The Presidential Elections of 2008" offers a very comprehensive of an important moment in the history of American politics. This moment takes place just after the official announcement that Barack Obama will the Presidential candidate of the Democratic Power and aims at identifying, on the basis of Obama and McCain's electoral campaigns, the way ahead for the American government and the consequently, world politics.

Birnbaum uses several means to identify the "way ahead" in this paper and starts with a clear analysis of the two candidates' position on sensible issues, always having in mind the usage of the historical method. By selectively pointing at the way Mr. Obama reached the key position of main candidate, the author builds an argument that…. [read more]

United States Constitution Term Paper

… Two competing plans for the legislative branch emerged at the Constitutional Convention. The Virginia Plan sought a two-house legislature, with one house elected directly by the people and the second house selected by the first house from people nominated by state legislatures. The New Jersey Plan sought an amendment of the Articles of Confederation and the retention of a single vote in Congress for each state. The Compromise was a two-house legislature that-based representation on both population and simply being a state. The House of Representatives consisted of people proportionately elected from their state with the Senate was composed of two Congressmen from each state. According to the Constitution, "The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People…. [read more]

Medicare 2012 Election: The Great Essay

… On the other hand, Obama is trying to execute a much different strategy to help keep future Medicare costs down. Rather than providing a competitive environment for healthcare providers, where they can still gather opportunities to increase their own profit potential, Obama is looking to cut funding dramatically from a provider perspective. Obama's model aims to create a plan "with the power to force payment cuts on the healthcare industry if Medicare costs rise above certain limits" (Alonso-Zaldivar 1). This is cutting costs from a profit perspective, and not a patient perspective. Here, the research suggests that the $716 billion in cut would "come mainly from lower annual payment increases for hospitals and other care providers, higher premiums for affluent beneficiaries and lower payments to…. [read more]

New York Real Estate Research Paper

… In addition, more parents are leasing apartments for their children, and some retirees are choosing Manhattan over traditional cities such as Miami (Toy, 2012).

Tourism continues to grow, and the development of new hotels in Downtown New York, including the W. And the Four Seasons, added 3,152 rooms in 2011 pushing hotel occupancy rate higher (Gregor, 2011). The robust development of Lower Manhattan's business and residential communities also created a greater need for places to eat and shop. Thus, an influx of new retailers and restaurateurs is now present to accommodate a range of budgets and enhance the ambiance of the neighborhood. Retailers such as Tiffany & Co., Hermes, BMW, Whole Foods, and Bed, Bath and Beyond now all operate in Downtown New York, as…. [read more]

Culture and Media Worlds Term Paper

… Culture and Media Works

Sexual Objectification of Women in Media

Media today is one of the most common grounds used to communicate or get a message across. It has readily increased its accessibility and its reach to people with phenomenon of globalization. Any individual who has access to any form of visual media today knows how the issue of "sex" has become a common term in the media. It is used in different ways and on different levels in different countries but it is reasonable to state that the sexual objectification is being used in media today and is presented in such an open manner that it can simply not be disregarded anymore (Hall, 1998).

Be it television, billboards, movies, TV shows, magazines or any…. [read more]

Gender Studies -- the World Term Paper

… On page 91, Rosen reviews the actions that created a backlash against the feminist movement. In general, some of the backlash against NOW and the feminist leadership was because radical actions by militant women got the most coverage on television, and the average person was turned off seeing women chopping off their hair, and sitting down on the floor at an all-men's bar, waiting to get arrested. America was going through -- or had been through portions of -- the Civil Rights upheaval, the anti-Vietnam War chaos, and this seemed a little too much for many middle class Americans, that women would not demand to be equal with men. What was America coming to, after all, if a woman could demand -- and receive --…. [read more]

Open Elections Term Paper

… Canadian Government: Party and Politics

An increasing number of citizens of the major western democracies have become disenchanted with the electoral process: they believe that it does not represent them or their interests. Canada is no different and one attempt to deal with the challenges posed by the public's sense of political disenfranchisement has been to offer 'open' nominations, i.e., allowing anyone to be nominated and to run in a primary for a party, regardless of their background or being backed by the party leadership. This theoretically will allow people who are not supported by political cronyism to get the nomination and has been presented as a way to take the parties and the electoral process back to the people. However, in reality, this has…. [read more]

Collective Bargaining Thesis

… Collective bargaining is the process by which workers organize among themselves to negotiate with their employers over work conditions -- including salary, hours, benefits, etc. The result of the process of collective bargaining is almost always a written contract that covers everyone in a job class, including non-union as well as union members (Nyland, 1987, p. 24).

A current example of collective bargaining exists in the negotiations between major league soccer players (MLS) and their management. (the current state of negotiations is addressed at the following blog: / and in this article from Sports Illustrated: ).In some ways this is a typical negotiation given that the two sides are each trying to get the best deal for themselves. In this case, as in…. [read more]

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