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Optimal Business Forms for Taxation Purposes Research Paper

… ¶ … optimal business forms for taxation purposes in recent years has compelled many businesses to form limited liability companies (LLCs) or S Corporations. Both of these alternatives provide some measures of preferential treatment depending on the unique circumstances of the entities involved, but LLCs in particular have emerged as the alternative of choice for many companies of all sizes and types. The growing popularity of the LLC to the exclusion of the S Corporation is due in large part to the additional flexibility it affords its members in their governance structures and level of participation in the operation of their business, the avoidance of double taxation and the built-in tax and restrictions on the types of owners and class of stock associated with S…. [read more]

Taxation Impact of Taxes Essay

… Tax Implications on Corporate Business Structures

The key factor that business owners consider incorporating their businesses is to separate personal finances from business finances so as to shield personal assets from business liabilities. However, tax concerns top the list of the considerations for incorporating businesses. All business entities regardless of the nature and size of business operations have their own tax consequences of paying salaries or dividends and thus business owners will always want to choose the kind of business structure that best meets their financial and business needs and obligations (Parkin, 2006).

Owners of unincorporated businesses such as partnerships and sole proprietorships have to pay income tax on the net profits realised by their businesses regardless of how much they may have actually withdrawn.…. [read more]

Tax Advise Table of Contents A-Level Outline Answer

… Then, for sake of ease and quick manageability, I would refer her again to the internet. Aside from these accountable and academic websites that I advocate she look into immediately, there are surely many more websites for the self-employed to anxiously ponder through various deductions, reliefs and allowances that she can discover to reduce her tax bill.

Set out the issues which Louise should consider before deciding whether to transfer her business to a limited company:

From the Bernstein Law Firm, a limited liability company (LLC), which is also known as a company with limited liability (WLL), constitutes a flexible business enterprise arrangement that blends elements of corporate structures from partnerships. An LLC is not a corporation, but rather a business entity that serves as…. [read more]

Financial Analysis of Chevron Essay

… The first solvency ratio is the debt ratio, which was 42.5% in 2011 and 43.1% in 2010. The long-term debt to equity was 8.1% in 2011 and 10.7% in 2010, reflecting the reduction in long-term debt that the company experienced during the 2011 fiscal year. The decline in the overall debt ratio is also encouraging, though it is more important simply for that ratio to be within a healthy range, which it is.

The ability of the company to pay interest is also important to the long-term creditor. The interest expense is not noted in the 2011 fiscal year in the annual report (p.31), but for 2010 it was $50 million and for 2009 it was $28 million. At a company with revenues of $244…. [read more]

Feasibility Study for Establishing a Child Care Facility Term Paper

… ¶ … Establishing a Child Care Facility

MSA 685 Project Report

Types of Business Acquisitions

Different Legal Structures of Businesses

Contents of a Business Plan


Description of Business

Marketing Strategy and Analysis

Financial Plan and Analysis











Laws About Llcs in North Carolina Business Plan

… Forming a Limited Liability Company in North Carolina

What industry are you doing business in?

This company competes in the service industry as a private protective service.

What state are you doing business in?

North Carolina

What is your business name?

"Professional Private Protective Services, LLC."

List in detail exactly & specifically what your company does

Generally, companies competing in the private protective service industry provide investigatory, bodyguard, consulting, monitoring and data security services (Bailin and Cort 58). More specifically, Professional Private Protective Services, LLC provides comprehensive bodyguard services for the residents of North Carolina, including personal escort and transportation services.

What are the three rules that must apply when naming your LLC?

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the three general rules that…. [read more]

Marketing Mix and Strategy Essay

… Marketing Strategies - breakfast cereal Australia

Marketing Mix And Strategy

Healthy Co. Pty Ltd. is a food processing organisation located in Queensland, Australia. 'Nutri Mix' breakfast cereal is the product developed by the company for this market and it's focused on nutrition and healthy life choices. The initial research was focused on six local macro-environment factors that could potentially impact the product. The factors in favour of marketing such a product on the Australian market reside in an aging population as proportion of total population, forcing the government to focus on nutrition as a means to slow down health care expenses (IGR, 2004); the local market being a stable and developed one; the country's technological development enabling advanced marketing and logistics techniques; and an increased…. [read more]

Historic Process by Which Strategic Compensation Arose Essay

… ¶ … historic process by which strategic compensation arose.

Strategic compensation strategies would be initiated by the sense amongst organizational decision-makers that financial incentives and hierarchical pay structures are not alone sufficient to explain that which motivates performance success and organizational commitment. In consideration of this subject, a history on the subject begins with Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which are reinforced by the commonly high priorities found amongst personnel in organizational settings. Specifically, Maslow cites such conditions as the need for self-actualization, for socialization and for personal security all as having a direct bearing on the ways people will tend to prioritize when making major life decisions such as where and how to work. Here, history would begin to demonstrate "the assumption that motivation comes…. [read more]

Economic Crisis the Revelation Research Paper

… 25%. The attraction for the prospect non-prime buyers evicted from the market perhaps during the first half of the year 2006, the Mortgage Bankers Association discovered the value, and total number, of subprime mortgages that had now gone down 30% on the second half of 2005

4: the fourth that contributed to the bubble burst was the adversity that, as personal saving from disposable income reached up to the level below zero, fewer households had the requisite finance to support increases in debt and the standard of livings of the residents.

The ever expanding consequences of the bubble burst that funneled down to the household of U.S. And ultimately the senate and state. Giving the strong evidence the senate the William Black asserted (Johnson, 2010):…. [read more]

Jo Allen Lauren Lusby Plain Essay

… More particularly, a substantial proportion of our analyses and recommendations in these areas involve understanding the actual relevance and effect of highly complex government regulatory issues. In that regard, we do our clients absolutely no good by providing analyses in language that is as incomprehensible as the language in which government regulations are typically communicated. In addition to paying KPMG for substantive analyses, our clients are also paying us to synthesize our analyses in a manner that reduces any unnecessary barriers to their full comprehension.

Consulting and Legal Services

Similarly, KPMG provides comprehensive consulting services, much of which encompasses very specific legal analyses and recommendations pertaining to understanding and mitigating potential risks based on those analyses. Obviously, every element of analysis and advice that is…. [read more]

Demand Macroeconomics 'It's an Ill Wind Research Proposal


macroeconomics 'It's an ill wind that blows no one good' -- sustained or increased demand during an economic downturn. Who is unaffected by or benefits from an economic recession?

'It's an ill wind that blows no one good' -- sustained or increased demand during an economic downturn. Who is unaffected by or benefits from an economic recession?

According to the standard, textbook economic definition of a recession, overall macroeconomic demand will decrease as individuals lose jobs. Inventories will grow as a result and production will decline in response. Eventually, prices go down as firms engage in bidding wars, and consumers begin to buy again (Haltiwanger et al. 1991, p.89). However, as the current recession demonstrates, the effects of a contraction upon specific niche demographics…. [read more]

Startsups and Smes in Thailand Dissertation

… Business Development of Start-Ups and SMEs with the use of Technological Advancement in Thailand

Factors affecting business success of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

Definitions of key terms

Factors affecting business success of SMEs

Virtual and augmented Reality impact on SMEs

Challenges Faced by SMEs in a Virtual World

Selected research method

Scientific approach

This study aims to investigate both internal and external elements that hamper the growth and development of Small and Medium Enterprises located in Thailand. This study is critical, especially in present times, due to not only the economic turbulences created by global economic giants but also the vital role this section plays in the Thai economy. While Small and Medium Enterprises in the developed economies integrate and adapt well to changing…. [read more]

Commodity Investing Are There Potential Dissertation

… Are commodity investments an appropriate tool for Norwegian Investors who wish to add different types of assets to their portfolio?

1.5 Purpose

The purpose of the study is to explore the relationship between the commodity market and the Norwegian stock market. It will also explore other diversification instruments in comparison to commodities. The results of this study will provide Norwegian investors with solid information that they can utilize in their investment decisions.

1.6 Delimitations

This research paper has limited its research to correlations between the Dow Jones commodity index and its various commodities sectors with the Norwegian stock market. It will utilize the years between 2000 and 2010. This period of time should provide sufficient data points for comparison.

In our assumptions it was noted…. [read more]

EMH and Off Balance Sheet Financing Term Paper

… ¶ … EMH and off balance Sheet Financing

The studies over the fluctuations of prices in the stock markets have attracted researcher since a considerable period of time. Presently the financial market research have been an exciting field involving query of the past consequences and proposals of the new solutions. However, considerable debate is going on over the hypothesis of market efficiency. The speculative market strategy propounded by John Maynard Keynes necessitated complete reformulation in view of the unstable characteristics of the stock market. In view of its growing importance in the context of the stock market behavior the field of study of market efficiency worth detail analysis with reference to its emerging lines of thought. [the Efficient Market Hypothesis on Trial: A Survey] the…. [read more]

Capital Structure and the Dividend Term Paper

… This ends up reducing the cost of equity capital. (Dividend Policy)

The dividend policy is also determined by certain industries in U.S. And the standards for the banking industry is 38.29%, for computer software services is 13.70%, for drugs it is 38. 06%, for electric utilities in Eastern U.S. It is 67.09%, semiconductors it is 24.91%, for steel it is 51.96%, for tobacco it is 55% and for water utilities it is 67.35%. (Distributions to Shareholders and Dividends and Repurchases) There are many methods for firms to raise required amounts of funds, but the fundamental and most important instruments are the stocks or bonds. The mixture of different securities forming the capital of the firm is known as the capital structure. This brings in the…. [read more]

Marketing in Healthcare Catholic Term Paper

… The mission of the CHW is to provide those in disadvantaged financial positions with excellent health care. It is also their mission to do so in a spirit of Christ-like compassion and love.

If a paradigm of wellness is to be adopted, programs such as community education events could be implemented. These could focus on educating the public regarding the maintenance of health and the prevention of illness. The focus can still be the poor and of course the acute illness care unit can still operate for those who need it. However, if wellness is a greater focus within the organization, some of the existing facilities could be converted to become education centers to help people focus on wellness.

For any organization to grow, new…. [read more]

Soyoung Kayla Kim Law Research Paper

… S. 465

The ruling continues to delineate the ways in which tax avoidance and tax evasion are fundamentally different both legally and ethically:

When [the statute] speaks of a transfer of assets by one corporation to another, it means a transfer made 'in pursuance of a plan of reorganization' [ . . . ] of corporate business; and not a transfer of assets by one corporation to another in pursuance of a plan having no relation to the business of either, as plainly is the case here. Putting aside, then, the question of motive in respect of taxation altogether, and fixing the character of the proceeding by what actually occurred, what do we find? Simply an operation having no business or corporate purpose -- a…. [read more]

Impact of Globalization on Developing Countries Thesis

… ¶ … Globalization on Developing Countries

Globalization is an increasingly widespread phenomenon in the world today. Indeed, an increasing amount of countries are entering the global arena in order to take advantage of all that is offered. Both developing and developed nations are now working together to create the concept of the "Global Village," in which every country, business and individual has the opportunity to create a livelihood on a global scale.

This is not to say however that globalization does not have its challenges. One of the major problems the world currently faces is the increasing gap between the rich and the poor, as well as obesity and hunger. The rich and powerful countries appear to exploit as much as they can of the…. [read more]

Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations Assessment

… Adam Smith Wealth of Nations

In his classic text on political economy, an Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, eighteenth-century Scottish philosopher-economist Adam Smith deftly lays the foundation for contemporary discourse concerning ethical issues in business; modern scholars characterize the scholarly work as one "which [argues] that a nation's wealth is maximized by permitting individuals to pursue their own interests, rather than through political intervention to secure some notion of the common good" (Oakley, 1997, p. 383). Smith largely focuses on topics such as the division of labor, self-interest as the main principle of economics, national wealth as represented by production capacity rather than by stocks of gold (introducing in a rough form the concept of gross national product), free…. [read more]

How finances are decided in publically trade corporations Research Paper

… This is in the sense that the managers' beliefs are not founded on insider information but rather on a dissimilar opinions and views with the market unanimity (Brigham and Ehrhardt, 2013).
Compare and contrast the actual debt choices that firms tend to make, including how the choices seem to adjust across industries. Offer your opinion on why firms in some industries tend to use significant amounts of debt, while others use little
The actual debt choices that organizations have a tendency of making are usually dissimilar across industries. A number of the key reasons as to why the debt levels vary considerably from one industry to another, and even between corporations within an industry, take account of dissimilar capital concentration levels between industries and whether…. [read more]

Fault: An Alternative Term Paper

… "

The largest cluster of incidents (216 or 55%) occurred in NHS hospitals. The second largest group (99 or 25%) could be ascribed to General Practitioners. Of the incidents reported:

55% claimed the effect was emotional, minor or temporary in nature

28% reported a temporary or permanent major disability

30% claimed the event had a permanent impact on their health

35% reported to have taken at least one month out of work due to the event

25% reported missing at least one year of work because of the event

Perhaps most notable were the answers to the question: "What response would be most appropriate to the event that occurred?" The majority, or 34% of those surveyed felt that an apology or an explanation was appropriate.…. [read more]

Unfunded Infrastructure of Canadian Municipalities and the Risk it Poses Term Paper

… Unfunded Infrastructure of Canadian Municipalities and the Risk it Poses

Canadian infrastructure has fallen into a terrible state of disrepair due to lack of funding for such projects in municipalities in Canada. The resulting problems are great and diverse ranging from insurance liabilities for the municipalities in Canada due to health and safety risk posed by lack of funding to lack of recreational space and place for citizens resulting in a loss in social capital and declining health of citizens in Canada. This problem has not gone unnoticed and efforts have been and are being made to address this problem in Canada's municipalities.

The state of Canadian infrastructure has been due to a lack of funding by the government and has resulted in a terrible…. [read more]

Financial Decline and Crisis Methodology Chapter

… ¶ … Boomtown Effect Impacted the Ranier School District

This is a case study on the rapid rise and decline of revenue within a public school district. The focus of the dissertation was on a specific school district using a qualitative research methodology including interviews of past and present of board members and present and past superintendents to identify the leadership qualities necessary to navigate through difficult financial times. The goal throughout the study was to determine if characteristics exist that can be identified as leadership qualities that will help other similarly situated districts through challenging periods. To this end, this case study traces the consolidation of numerous smaller districts forming one larger district in the seventies, the growth of that district due to an…. [read more]

Brain Drain of Health Professionals Thesis

… The 'brain drain', also referred to as 'talent flow' (Hooks et al., 2005) and the 'Diaspora' (Bryant and Law, 2004), is the flow of skilled human capital out of a country at a considerable rate. Africa is faced with this growing problem (Mutizwa-Mangiza, 1996; Bloom & Standing, 2001) and has witnessed decades of wasted development potential, however it has also been experienced in other nations throughout history e.g. USA and Europe and is currently happening in Ireland. This migration has been blamed for worsening the human capital crisis in Africa (Wadda, 2000). The continent has suffered and continues to suffer problems of extreme poverty and lack of both human and institutional capacity. There has been massive influx of emigration from Zimbabwe since the late 90's…. [read more]

My Internship in SCFB Term Paper

… Internship at SCFB

I worked in the Standard Chartered First Bank in Seoul, Korea. At the bank's headquarters, I worked in the Risk Finance Department. The Standard Chartered first Bank began its existence in the year 1929 as Chosun Savings Bank. In 1930, it introduced the first installment deposit product in Korea. In 1950, the bank changed its name to Korea Savings Bank, and four years later it inherited the operations, branches and staff of the Korean Shiksan Bank. In 1958, the bank changed its name to Korea First Bank, and began transaction of foreign exchange business in 1962. In 1978, the bank opened a branch in London, while establishing a local corporation body in Hong Kon during 1980. The next significant development during this…. [read more]

Mortgage Refinancing Term Paper

… However, the possibility of interest rates rising considerably within a short span is quite low. If interest rates fall, the monthly payments will also be lower and there is the option to close off the loan in a shorter period. Generally, the adjustable interest rates are slightly lower than the fixed interest rates and hence the borrower can have savings even if the interest rates remain stable. An analysis of the interest rate movements in recent years of many countries would reveal that interest rates are either falling or stable. Under this scenario, the adjustable-rate mortgage refinancing is a better option for the short-term. However, there is a risk involved and it is upto the risk taking ability of the borrower that will lead to…. [read more]

Capital Structure Generally Term Paper

… Capital Structure

Generally the capital structure of a company is much influenced by the practical influences like managerial shareholdings, corporate strategy and taxation. The investment strategy by firms necessitates managers to explore the methods of financing new investment. The managers practice three main preferences: utilization of retained earnings, borrowing through debt instruments or issue of new shares. Thus the retained earnings, debt and equity constitute the three primary ingredients of the capital structure of the firm. The first two ingredients show ownership by shareholders and the second ingredient shows ownership by means of debt holders. The financing policy, capital structure and firms ownership are inextricably linked in representing the ways the economic agents form and alter their asset acquisition behavior via firms and capital markets…. [read more]

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