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Organization Financing: Toyota -- Evaluate Term Paper

… Organization

Financing: Toyota -- Evaluate how the organizational function FINANCE impacts the organizational structure of Toyota

Although the Toyota Motor Corporation "primarily conducts business in the automotive industry. Toyota also conducts business in the finance and other industries" ("Company Profile: Toyota," 2007, From the customer's point-of-view, Toyota's financial services in business consist primarily of providing financing to Toyota dealers and customers for the purchase or lease of Toyota vehicles. It also provides retail leasing through the purchase of lease contracts originated by Toyota dealers ("Company Profile: Toyota," 2007, Since few people have ready cash to purchase a new car, financing strategies and promotions are of thus great concern for Toyota's marketing department, and financial data such as the interest rate for borrowing funds…. [read more]

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Research Paper

… Toyota Production System

Defining the Toyota Production System

How the Toyota Production System Plans and Manage Spare Parts Production

Assessment of the Current Economic Conditions and Toyota's Position

Toyota Motor Corp. Income Statement Analysis (2005 -- 2009)

Toyota Motor Corp. Ratio Analysis (2003 -- 2009)

Toyota Production System

The Toyota Production System (TPS) is a globally-based supply chain planning, management and forecasting system that seeks to nurture and actively promote shared knowledge between suppliers and Toyota. There are many highly differentiated aspects to the TPS, with the active support and continual promoting of collaboration between suppliers being one of the most significant, given how highly competitive and price-focused the auto industry is (Shook, 2009). Toyota firmly believes however that in creating their TPS so that…. [read more]

Accounting Function for a Chosen Organization Thesis

… Accounting Function for a chosen organization

This paper will be aimed at providing a full background of the financial situation at General Motors, focusing on the role of the accounting function within this organization and the results it produces. The paper will be structured in five different chapters.

In the first chapter, following an introduction that will aim to give some background on the organization that will be discussed in the paper, including relevant information on its history, evolution and current status on the market, we will aim to focus on the accounting function in the organizational structure of General Motors and identify how this is integrated, what kind of resources it is being allocated, how it interacts with other entities within the organization etc.…. [read more]

Event Management Plan for Launching a Toyota Brand Essay

… Other sponsors will volunteer to offer their sponsorship on the event. Sponsors willing to support the event will be allowed because they are of great importance. The event should have a brand name, which will be used for identification. Branding the event will enable various people and sponsors who are willing to attend or support the event to identify it without confusing it with other events. The event should be programmed in a way that it will flow systematically as anticipated by the people attending the event. People attending the event should not be disappointed to see what they were not expecting as per the marketing that was done about the event. In case the people attending are satisfied about the organization, they will be…. [read more]

Investment Prospectus With a Major Corporation Term Paper

… ¶ … investment prospectus with a major corporation, it is often helpful to provide an historical background of the company, as well as information designed to uncover the company culture, prospects for future growth, and marketing/communication issues. Ford Motor Company's first car was sold on July 23, 1903. In 1906, the first Model T. was made available and the millionth car produced on December 10, 1915. Production of trucks and tractors began in 1917. Ford became the first international company when they started exporting cars to Europe. Within 10 years Ford had plants in 5 countries. In 1956, Ford went public with the largest stock issue of all-time; 10.2 million shares. The Ford family still retains 34% of the firms voting stock. Ford's finance subsidiary,…. [read more]

Ford Motors Company Essay

… Its dealers are also treated with dignity as they are Ford's representatives in different parts and play a role in the broader image of Ford Company. Ford's suppliers are also key to the business as the expansion into the emerging markets keep rising, the suppliers are the most important partners to make this a success which therefore calls for a chain of suppliers to increase and enhance efficiency in the production lines.

Ford boasts of a wide portfolio of investors who have a stake in the company and enjoys a free communication culture welcoming the investor input through constant and periodical conferences with the investors to champion the way forward for the company. Lastly Ford's operations largely affect the communities in which they operate in…. [read more]

Impact of the Higher Gas Prices in the Automobile Industry Term Paper

… ¶ … High Gas Prices on the Automobile Industry

The heart and soul of this study, the primary research question, purports: What impact(s) do higher gas prices exert on the automobile industry (GM; Ford; Toyota; BMW; other manufacturers)? Subsequent questions include: How has the price of gas progressed through history? What do higher gas prices impact?

The study presents pertinent information/data which will prove useful to other researchers, as well as, to individuals impacted by higher gas prices, particularly those connected to the automobile industry. These individuals will especially benefit as this study aims to complement one's current understanding regarding this critical, contemporary concern.

This qualitative study utilizes the literature search methodology and obtains information from a variety of scholarly, news, general and governmental publications.…. [read more]

Ford Motor Company Was Founded Essay

… The Fusion Hybrid combines the best attributes of the petrol engine and electric battery-driven motors." (Ford Motor Company, 2011a) Of late the Fusion Hybrid won the 2010 MOTOR TREND Car of the Year award. (Ford Motor Company, 2011a)


The Ford Motor Company has come a very long way from 1903 and is not only a car and vehicle maker but also is into the Financial services. What has stood the test of time and given the company the solidity that made it thrive during the depression is the Ford Assembly line and mass production along with the absorption by the company of rival industrial models when found suitable and incorporating it to its own working process. Ford's international operations have become the source of…. [read more]

Business Transformation Strategy GE Capital Term Paper

… They could potentially attract a significant proportion of market volume and hence reduce the potential sales volume for existing players.

Competitive Rivalry between Existing Players

This force describes the intensity of competition between existing players

Companies) in an industry. High competitive pressure results in pressure on prices, margins, and hence, on profitability for every single company in the industry. The two factors exerting the largest pressure on GECW and enlivening their competitors are:

Players are building business on similar strategies

There is not much differentiation between players and their products; hence, there is much price competition.

Low market growth rates (growth of a particular company is possible only at the expense of a competitor).

Because of the limits Irish auto market, these players are going…. [read more]

E-Commerce Communications Electronic Term Paper

… Types of internet-based EDI: Internet e-mail can be used in place of value added network to support the transfer of data in EDI. Alternatively, companies can create extranet systems through which trading partners can exchange information in web form, whose fields correspond to the fields in EDI messages. The third option is for companies to make use of the services of a web-based EDI hosting service, which will enable them to provide their own EDI services over the internet. Netscape Enterprise is an example of web-based EDI software available to companies. (Commission of the European communities, 1992, p.4)

The central element to EDI is the coding and structuring of the data into a common and accepted format, which is no easy task. There are many…. [read more]

Selling American Used Cars in Saudi Arabia Term Paper

… Selling American Used Cars in Saudi Arabia: How to Transform Showroom Visitors Into Customers

American Used Cars

Finding and Filling Used Car Buyers' Needs

Personal and Private, yet, Public Sales' Persuasions

Difficult, yet Simple Significant Details

Today and Tomorrow's Timeless Truths

Selling American Used Cars in Saudi Arabia: How to Transform Showroom Visitors into Customers," depicts the title for this MBA project and embodies the hypothesis: While deeming potential used car buyers to be hesitant "one chance customers," when a seller gains insight into buyers' habits, he/she enhances understanding of a customer which amplifies positive customer engagement, and in turn, increases the likelihood that a showroom visitor will become a satisfied customer.

Components contributing to and/or influencing customers' general buying habits, as well as, customers'…. [read more]

Negotiation Stories: Lessons Learned Professional Writing

… Negotiation Stories: Lessons Learned

Negotiation is the framework upon which business and politics are able to function effectively (Tohm, 2001). There are three primary facets of negotiation which exist in the context of factors such as scale, culture, and relative significance of the market. Those facets, interests, priorities, and strategy are constant irrespective of the specific negotiation underway. When negotiations function effectively governments and corporations are able to merge and affect change smoothly without undue disruption to business or the lives of those people directly affected by such changes. When negotiations fail though, it is to the inevitable detriment of all parties involved.

There are four primary types of negotiation that is in the context of the end goal of the strategy (Tohm, 2001). Deal…. [read more]

Manufacturing Seven Key Elements Term Paper

… Finally, the researcher possesses extensive experience in large-scale implementation through current and former work activities and training sessions, thereby possessing the ability to provide a personal reflection on the overall process and the essential requirements for a successful execution. Each of these elements will provide extensive support to the hypotheses addressed in the proposed research study.

Rationale of the Study

The importance of a research study and the analysis of existing resources related to World Class Manufacturing is critical in order to demonstrate that in successful endeavors, this strategy provides a number of outstanding benefits for its users, including increased productivity and profitability, employee team building, and leadership development. Manufacturing plants across the United States are in desperate need of dramatic reevaluations and overhauls of…. [read more]

Japanese-American Biopharmaceutical Industry Term Paper

… The objective of such harmonization is a more economical use of human, animal and material resources and the elimination of any unnecessary delays in the global development and availability of new pharmaceuticals while maintaining safeguards on quality, safety and efficacy, and sustaining regulatory obligations to protect public health. This mission is embodied in the Terms of Reference of the ICH.

Limitations and Delimitations

This problem is limited by the extent to which the United States and Japan choose to continue to permit the extensive interval of time from which pharmaceuticals are available in the United States to when they are available in Japan.

This problem is delimited by the extent to which the United States and Japan choose to cooperate in reducing or eliminating the…. [read more]

Ford Motor Group Thesis

… Ford Motor Company

Company Background and History

Environmental Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Company Performance

Strategic Issues

The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1908 and quickly became an American icon, built around powerhouse franchises such as the Model T, the Thunderbird and the Mustang. Ford has recently been in a downward trend, both in terms of market share and profitability.

Ford competes in an intense market, and has also suffered from the effects of the economic downturn. However, the company spurred bailout funds and has carved its own path to recovery. Despite the feel good story of its past two quarters, Ford still faces a challenging future. It has a poor market position in the world's largest and most rapidly growing auto market -- China. Although…. [read more]

Ethics and Morals - Business Research Proposal

… Ethics & Morals - Business Ethics


Background, History, and Evolution of the Problem:

During the 20th century, the United States emerged as the most prosperous nation on earth with living standards and economic opportunities that were the envy of much of the rest of the modern world. For most of the century, the American middle class enjoyed the comforts of a lifestyle that exceed those that have ever been available to most people who have ever lived.

Just as many philosophers and social theorists have explained, the relatively widespread availability of modern convenience to the masses typically triggers a form of social status competition defined purely by relative wealth in comparison to others rather than defined by…. [read more]

Customer Expectations in the Hospitality Industry Thesis

… Customer Expectations in the Hospitality Industry

Customers' expectations are the future of any organization, and this is particularly relevant to the hospitality industry. To the extent an organization creates expectations and accurately fulfills them is to the extent they gain customer loyalty and market share.

The intent of this paper is to evaluate how expectations are created, and second, explain the dominant approaches used for measuring customer expectations. An analysis of how customer expectations are managed in the hospitably industry is next discussed with an assessment of how customer satisfaction measurement approaches are specifically applied to the hospitality industry.

How Expectations Are Formed

The development of expectations is formed from the interaction of social exchange and voluntary performance behaviors, with both sets of factors contributing…. [read more]

International Business Competitive Strategy Term Paper

… Porter cites the example of American firms choosing to have labor cost parity instead of exploiting their sources of competitive advantage in the seventies and eighties. On the other hand, Japanese firms accorded greater preference to automation over labor and they were able to achieve greater productivity and lower costs.

There was a stage when Japanese companies were successfully running assembly plants in America; barely years after the U.S. firms had found it unviable to do the same. (Porter, 1990) Different organizational structures and strategies work better in some industries and not so in other industries. For example Italian firms have shown that they are the best in select industries such as lighting, furniture, footwear and woolen fabrics, while German firms seem to have the…. [read more]

Lotus Opportunity Case Study

… One recent study found that "we now have more ideas than ever before about what constitutes quality in a survey" (Lynn, Erens, 2010, p. 295) while another study concluded that during the last few years there has been a considerable amount of attention to developing formal definitions, measurements, evaluations and improvements to surveys and their structures (Lynn, 2004). Using the gained knowledge and expertise of the past to conduct surveys and evaluations can be accomplished for at a relatively inexpensive rate, and such use of data gathering tools can help in determining the direction Lotus should take in the future. Determining an appropriate level of production to meet demand is a science that can be analysed through the use of both qualitative and quantitative studies.…. [read more]

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