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Organization Management the Walt Disney Essay

… Putting the future at hand and analyzing the outcomes and expectations, to mitigate the organization from tremendous losses and tarnished image (Barry, 2009).

Employees and customers are the major strengths of the organization, as the customers are the consumers of products and services, and employees are obliged to ensure customer satisfaction through efficient and quality service providing. The management therefore is not supposed to assume the potential of employees in growing the business, or killing it completely. Where there is a dire need for replacement of workers, due to inefficiency during work, then it is fair to demote and get better-qualified personnel to work towards the organizations goals.

Planning, leading, organizing and controlling (PLOC)

The mentioned elements are all related to the strategic management of…. [read more]

Disney it Is Important Essay

… It is essentially decentralizing power and giving management throughout the company the go-ahead to implement and execute ideas at a local and remote level. Certain advantages of functional organizations include instilling a sense of ownership throughout the company by demonstrating the need for each individual leader to have a significant contribution to the company without having to ask for permission.

Boyd (2009) noted a change was needed," Disney theme parks have been grappling with slowing attendance at the global economy worsens. Disney reported a 32% drop in profit in its first quarter with its parks and resorts reported revenue of $2.67 billion down 4%. " This came after "Walt Disney Parks and resorts announced to overhaul its theme park management structure with the goal of…. [read more]

Walt Disney Company Organization's Culture Essay

… The traditional perspective: The traditional perspective conquers that conflicts hurts organizations. This view acknowledged conflict as a negative phenomenon and thought of it as synonymous with destruction and violence. In the traditional perspective, conflict is a dysfunctional consequence of components like poor correspondence, absence of trust around the workers, and an inadequacy of the administration to respond to employees' desires and needs. Evidently, conflict causes productivity losses. In extreme cases in the work place, conflict may distract leaders from productively discharging their responsibilities effectively. Along these lines, we see that the traditional perspective acknowledged conflict as an awful thing and lobbies for its total avoidance (Beebe & Masterson, 2009). At some point, this brought an inclination to stifle the conflict and push it away from…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts the Ability Thesis

… Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts

The ability of any organization to attain its' objectives and strategies is directly correlated to their ability to turn organizational behavior into a sustainable competitive advantage. The intent of this paper is to evaluate the foundational elements of organizational behavior including culture, diversity, communication, business ethics and change management.

Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts

The complexities of organizational behavior resist discrete delineations and instead invite a more cohesive, coordinated approach to studying this area of management. There are many factors that influence organizational behavior, many of which resist quantification yet are essential for the successful functioning of an organization. A subset of these factors is discussed in this paper including organizational culture, diversity, communication, business ethics and change management. Taken…. [read more]

Management and Leadership Examine the Roles Term Paper

… Management and Leadership

Examine the roles and responsibilities of leaders in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture

In order to create a healthy organizational culture, Disney is one of the few organizations which at one point was prepared to reinvent the manner in which something is performed. And that is something which the founder Walt Disney did maybe better compared to any other organization. Regardless of it being television, movies or the theme parks, he invariably attempted finding a means to perform it in a different manner and better still. In more than one occasion, he risked his whole corporate entity devoted on an innovative idea. That pioneering spark continues to bind the company even today. It was a learning experience for Disney that…. [read more]

Organizational Culture: The Walt Disney Term Paper

… For business success, most worldwide businesses attribute to corporate culture to be as equally important as corporate strategy. This is not a surprising thing to most global leading corporate because they classify organizational culture as their secret to success (Robbins, 2008).

Effects of organizational culture on the organization's workforce

As the leading company in the animated film industry, Disney was created in 1932. Being the first originator of the well-known cartoon Mickey Mouse, the company has succeeded in achieving a competitive market position in the market. This saw them rise to be one of the biggest animated films corporate. They had to develop a strong theme that would help it maintain its status. Through its creative and innovative team, it has been able to be…. [read more]

Walt Disney Including: A History Essay

… In 1949, the Disney Corporation was flagged by the U.S. Department of Labor for inconsistent awarding of pensions and its poor treatment of workers and shareholders alike (Krasniewicz 79). Disney thus placed emphasis on his vision inspiring his workers to excel, rather than using conventional incentives such as salaries and bonuses. The attitude at the company from the beginning was that workers should be happy for the chance to be working at such an excellent organization, rather than worry about something mundane like pay. All training and mentorship was focused on making a better product for Disney, not nurturing the skills of the individual employee.

However unjust this may seem, this also underlines Disney's status as a transformational, rather than transactional leader and the darker…. [read more]

Four Functions of Management Control Mechanisms Term Paper

… Walt Disney Control Mechanisms:

Walt Disney Company has been known as one of the most successful companies throughout its history of over eighty years. This company has been recognized as an exceptional firm in the entertainment industry because of its ability to uphold a competitive advantage through important decisions. These important decisions basically involve resources as well as the company's ability to obtain, invest in and develop. Moreover, the success of this company is not only dependent on wise decision making but it is also dependent on the successful execution of control mechanisms in all aspects of the organization. The four major types of control mechanisms that have been adopted by its managers from time to time are

Marketing Controls:

Walt Disney Company has been…. [read more]

Organization's Philosophy Assessing the Culture Essay

… Political infighting, always a reality within any organization, was minimized by having shared metrics of performance that sought to reward only those goals attainable with intensive shared effort (Rhoades, 2006). The result was an organizational structure that delivered exceptional results and the attainment of complex, highly demanding objectives over time (Strategic Direction, 2005).

Southwest Airlines Values Form the Foundation of the Company

Another essential aspect of how Herb Kelleher and the team of managers at Southwest chose to design the company was to create a set of thirteen core values their entire business would be based on (Freiberg, Freiberg, 1996). The full set of the thirteen values can be found on the Southwest website and in the references (Freiberg, Freiberg, 1996). These values galvanized the…. [read more]

Disney Australia Management Case Study

… At Disney, the employees share common beliefs and thoughts, respect the minorities, and strictly avoid gender or cultural harassment with coworkers (Trevino & Nelson, 2010). All the employees and cast members are directed towards common goals of their organization; to do business profitably, grow competitively, and contribute towards the social welfare of the society in which it operates (Davidson, Simon, Woods, & Griffin, 2009). The workforce is directed to show deep concern and respect to the customers, guests, and audiences of the Company. Together as the Disney Team, the employees and Cast members are committed to be a genuine reason for smiles and laughter of the society members.

6. Human Resource Management

The Walt Disney Company Australia believes that its employees play an essential role…. [read more]

Disney Is an International Company Essay

… The Disney mission statement used to be "make people happy," which is simple but effective and allows for diversification but also understands why its products are popular. Today, the mission statement is to be one of the world's leading producers and providers of entertainment and information." This defines the business, but does little else. It does not provide inspiration and to an extent is does not even really explain the business well. In addition, this mission statement does not make it clear what Disney does to be successful, something that its earlier mission statement did (Rasmus, 2012).

The mission does reflect, however, a shift in Disney's mindset. Making people happy is no longer particularly important, as long as the company can "develop the most creative,…. [read more]

Disney Internal Memorandum Michael Eisner Case Study

… Just because Disney is headhunted does not mean that it needs to lose that talent. The bleeding of talent has cost Disney significantly, and the company's lack of creativity is starting to become its Achilles heel.

The second option is to hold steady, a sign that the positive turn the company took last year is sustainable. The renewed strength in the theme parks may be indicative of a long-term trend, and perhaps the successes at ABC and ESPN can be channeled into better programming and further growth. There is risk with this option, however, in that the company has struggled in a number of key areas and needs to improve its synergies, and its film division needs to restore its luster.

The third option for…. [read more]

Walt Disney Personality Analysis Known the World Term Paper

… Walt Disney Personality Analysis

Known the world over, Walt Disney remains a powerful force in the Disney empire today based on his personality that influenced "his" park in profound and lasting ways. Walt certainly had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve during his lifetime, but he also had a more enduring vision of how he wanted "his" park and company operated and managed after he was gone. While there have been a number of theories developed over the years to help explain and interpret individual personalities, two in particular, cognitive and behavioral, provide a useful framework in which to examine Walt Disney's personality to provide some insights into his motivations and behaviors that can help explain how and why the Disney Company…. [read more]

Walt Disney Research Paper

… Walt Disney

Disney is a hallmark for successful corporations built through aggressive, innovative, and mostly ethical business techniques. Walt Disney managed to promote and sell his products even in difficult times, when the odds (particularly economic resources) were against him. With respect to its stakeholders, the Walt Disney Company acts in an ethical and socially responsible manner. Company stakeholders include stockholders, customers, debt holders, and employees.

The Walt Disney Company's core mission is that of providing high quality entertainment for the people around the globe. Several things have changed within the company through its existence, but the belief in this core principle has remained the same. And all efforts made along the years have been concentrated in the direction of improving the satisfaction felt by…. [read more]

Disney Analysis the Walt Term Paper

… (Porters Five Forces)

Thus, the buying industry faces a high pressure on the margins from the industry. The bargaining power of consumers is high when there are large numbers of buyers, when the buyers are price sensitive and the product is not a necessity to the buyer. If the markets are easier for new companies to enter, competition increases and a large number of new entrants enter. This poses a threat to economies of scale, brand loyalty of customers, and scarcity of important resources that are now with the existing companies. Threats to substitutes exist when there are alternatives to a product, which are lower in cost and better in quality. They could take up a significant portion of the market volume. Finally, the competition…. [read more]

Walt Disney Company Term Paper

… Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is well-known around the world for its cultural products and especially for the various characters, animated and otherwise, created for various film and television products. Many of these creations have a life of their own in marketing and generate income through dolls, games, images on other products, and so on, as well as from the film and television works from which they derive. The public may believe that the company is golden and always succeeds, but in fact, the company has made certain strategic decisions that have not been so successful and that have required strategic changes in order to improve performance. One of these decisions was to build Eurodisney, a theme park in Paris; the other decision was…. [read more]

Walt Disney Company and Pixar, Inc Case Study

… Disney Pixar

Pixar and the Third Renaissance of the Disney Animated Film

The Disney name has both enjoyed periods of immense success and widespread acclaim and has endured stretches of quality decline, reputation tarnishing and management shakeup. With respect to either of these periods in its history, Disney may always point to its leadership as a force of great influence. Indeed, it may be argued that the company's founder, original CEO and namesake, Walt Disney had inherently created an organization that would function thusly. Known for a dominant personality and an aggressive leadership style, Disney had been neither afraid to throw his weight around or to accept the burdens of responsibility which come with such a position. To this extent, the model for leadership at…. [read more]

Disney What Do You Think That Motivated Term Paper

… Disney

What do you think that motivated Disney to set up parks abroad, and what might be the pros and cons from the stand point of the Walt Disney Company?

Confronting possible market saturation in its domestic market, one of the largest sources of park and resort opportunities for Disney was to optimize operations on a world-wide scale.

The major thrust of Disney's global strategy is to use its global brand to target customers throughout the world. However, even with instant name recognition, the company faced enormous challenges in applying its domestic business model to work in many foreign markets where it has limited experience and faced threats of cultural clashes that impeded market acceptance in Europe.

To be successful, Disney is going to have…. [read more]

Disney Resources and Capabilities Essay

… Disney Resources and Capabilities

Disney is a leading player in the entertainment industry, taking most pride in its ability to offer entertainment products and services to consumers in all age categories. Additionally, the company's success is also attributed to its ability to diversify its products and services to include a multitude of elements, from motion pictures and clothes to toys and amusement parks. Additionally, the primary reasons for Disney's success are constituted by the company's strong reputation in the field of quality entertainment and the strength of its brand, but also a wide and vast managerial background. To summarize, the primary Disney resources and capabilities could be introduced as follows:

A few of the fundamental resources that Disney shares across these arenas are the Disney…. [read more]

Pixar Animation Studios Essay

… The Pixar managers arrange brainstorming sessions on periodical basis in order to evaluate the learning of their subordinates over a specific period of time (Collings).

In these sessions, managers ask the lower level employees and first line managers to participate in the decision making process by giving their valuable feedback on the current situation of organizational effectiveness. These sessions enable the lower level employees to sit and think among the middle level managers and play their part in improving the business operations of the company (Pixar).


Developing Positive Emotions:

The model of emotions, attitudes, and behavior states that emotions and feelings shape the behavior and attitude of employees at the workplace. If an organization succeeds in developing positive…. [read more]

Marketing Strategies of the Shanghai Research Paper

… ii. Pricing Strategies

a. The Most Potential Customer Segment:

The Shanghai Disney Resort will offer a number of recreational and entertainment facilities -- most of which are expensive enough to be affordable by the upper middle and higher income group only. Therefore, the most potential target market for the Shanghai Disney Resort will only consist of well-off families from the local and international markets. The preliminary facilities which the Shanghai Disney Resort has planned cannot be offered at low prices. Reason being, the Walt Disney Company and the Shanghai Shendi Group have invested a huge amount on this project. In order to get attractive returns on their investment and make the payback period short, they will have to charge high prices for all types of…. [read more]

Euro vs. Florida Disney Term Paper

… Euro vs. Florida Disney

Success of Florida Disney:

Walt Disney Company -- WDC theme park and resort complex in Florida comprises of varied set of service and entertainment properties covering an area of 30,500 acres. An excess of 50,000 'cast members' or employees in Disney parlance provide services to more than 1, 00,000 guests daily. World Disney World Resort -- WDWR properties possess a huge amount of independent authority and flexibility, and the organization is distributed in a greater manner compared to other more conventional industries. One of the major components of the huge Disney enterprise is WDWR. Due to its size, employee and visitor population, and organization, the facility is fundamentally a distinct community. (World Disney World Resort: Environmental Management Case Study)

Walt Disney…. [read more]

Life of Walt Disney Two Term Paper

… During the 1950s, Disney joined with American Broadcasting Company TV productions and made a fortune producing Davy Crockett and The Mickey Mouse Club for television exclusively. By the time of his death, Disney had more than 280 television shows to his name (Unknown, 1999).

There were some who called Walt a tyrant because of his need for complete control. Some called him lucky, saying if the war had not come along, his studio would have gone bankrupt. His control may have been overpowering at times, but it proves that he had a vision, and his vision kept him working, managing, and controlling every aspect of his studio's financial and artistic success.

Today, the empire Walt Disney built is still based on animation, although it has…. [read more]

Business Ethics Business Proposal Walt Essay

… The reason behind tis equal employment opportunity policy is not that these are forbidden by the law but because this is what the company stands Walt Disney there is Human Resource Department which is in place to enforce all policies in the company and the monitoring of all discrimination policies and preventing any form of is the best interest of the company to ensure that it enforces all codes of conduct so that they can maintain a successful and fair work environment. The company's values and culture reinforce the responsibility and commitment to everyone within the organization.

Procedures that Disney has in place to ensure ethical behavior

Walt Disney is an exception among companies that do not give priority to ethical standards in…. [read more]

Brand "Disney Essay

… An organization like the Disney Theatrical Group that is Disney's subsidiary produces and licenses live events.

The Disney Consumer Product has its affiliates that help it extend its merchandise. The merchandise include apparel, toys, home decor and books, magazines, books, beverages, stationary, electronics, and fine art (Walt Disney, 2013). These activities are facilitated by franchise-based licensing organization like Disney Classic Characters and Disney Baby, Disney Live Action Film, and Disney Media Networks and Games. Other organizations involved here include Disney Publishing Worldwide, a company that publishes children's book and magazines (Walt Disney, 2013). These organizations help Disney in actualizing its objective of being an international entertainment company.

Finally, the last group, Disney Interactive and its allied organizations entertains kids, families, and Disney enthusiasts everywhere with…. [read more]

Microeconomic Analysis: The Walt Disney Essay

… However, as years moved on and technology increased, Disney's aversion to keeping up with technology proved significantly bad for business. In 1991, Disney began to get with the technological program, striking a $26 million deal with Pixar to revamp its films and adapt to the new technological market (Smith, 2011, 1).

In viewing the second "Big Idea of Economics," which states that we make choices in small steps, and that these choices involve incentives, one can see how this concept applies directly to the Walt Disney Company, especially in viewing its slow and steady expansion within the economic market from its inception in 1923 to today. The incentives that continuously draw the Disney Company to expand and move upward and onward is the garnering of…. [read more]

Walt Disney Company's Objective Essay

… Disney also provides a wide variety of benefits. It workers are Unionized, and the corporation cares for the employees as iss een for instance with its system of open communcitaon throughout its chain of command. Disney claims to be employee as wella s gauest-cetnered. Its goals is to treat employees in the same manener that it treats its guests (Sparks, 2007)

3. What is the essence of its approach to motivation?

Diseny's approach to motivation is via innovation, quality, community, storytelling, optimism, and decency. It believes in its employees. Rewards tehm highly, fosters a team spirit where communciaiton is open and respected, and provides comprehensive training.

4. One of the motivators that Disney uses for its employees is Employee Empowerment, explain.

That workers are best…. [read more]

Leadership Management Literature Abounds With Stories Term Paper

… Leadership

Management literature abounds with stories of great leaders and the influence they exercised on their organizations. Indeed, the importance of Lee Iaccoca to Chrysler, Mary Kay to Mary Kay Cosmetics, Walt Disney to Walt Disney Company and many more such celebrity leaders to their respective organizations is now legend in management circles (Harris, 1993, p. 370). Yet, it appears that there is no single leadership theory, which can satisfactorily explain what effective leadership is. This is because the reality of leadership is quite complex (Chemers, 1997, p.1). For instance, effective leadership is commonly confused with managerial abilities, whereas, in point of fact, there are important distinctions. It is the objective of this paper to describe the difference between leadership and management, followed by an…. [read more]

Walt Disney Companies Research Paper

… Walt Disney Cos.

Disney's internal organization is based around a handful of major divisions, each with a global scope. There a corporate umbrella organization that coordinates the support functions for the entire organization, including security, strategy and business development, real estate, communications and human resources. Underneath of the corporate umbrella, there are several different business units representing different areas of the Disney media empire. These include ESPN, Disney Consumer Products, Walt Disney Studios, Disney Interactive, Disney Media Networks, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and the Disney/ABC Television Group. Subunits will reflect either smaller businesses or geographic subsidiaries. Adjacent to this basic organizational structure, Disney also have a number of strategic partnerships and joint ventures. These are also subject to considerable input from Disney head office,…. [read more]

Eurodisney With Great Expectations Essay

… The PDI score for the U.S. In just 40, which means that the citizens see themselves as being more decentralized and egalitarian in how they work, capable of making their own decisions. American like flexibility and freedom to do their jobs as they want. France on the other had has a score of 68 on the PDI, which indicates a culture that greatly values a hierarchical structure and chain of command. It also connotes that those doing the managing are also French -- a point that Disney missed from studying their previous foreign park successes. If Disney had used the Hofstede Model they would have quickly realized that the lessons learned from foreign and domestic successes weren't so much from the financial strategies but the…. [read more]

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