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Organizational Communications Operational Reporting Essay

… Many may wonder why organizations would need this information so regularly. It is essentially the strength speed brings to organization strategy as a whole. With such a clear picture being available at any point in time, problems can be acknowledged and addressed with both accuracy and speed. Essentially, "operational reports' role is to facilitate the process of making quick and detailed decisions" (). Moreover, it is clear that operational reports are much more functional to an organization within a day-to-day operational context. The specific data present within an operational report helps keep daily operations running smoothly, and support short-term activities much more efficiently than informational reporting does.

With operational reporting being such a large part of building effective competitive advantage, it is important to have…. [read more]

Financial Managers and CEO's Play Term Paper

… This means that they are involved in mergers, acquisitions and the like. (Financial Managers)

Financial managers have to understand the minute details of business transactions and the impact that these transactions will have on the overall financial well being of the organization. (Financial Managers)

The role of the financial manager is also changing in that many financial managers are expected to have leadership abilities that were once reserved for CEO's and business managers. Because financial managers are often required to work with different types of people, the ability to display leadership qualities is paramount.

Financial Management as the best preparation for becoming a CEO

Certainly, it seems that being a financial manager would be good preparation for becoming a CEO. However, it is not clear…. [read more]

Operational Issues of it Department Essay

… Typically, the problem has been translated to the problems affecting the IT department.

Statement and analysis of the problem

The implementation of IT practice within NHS is to enhance major rationalization of NHS, which involves gathering patient's information to be accessible to health practitioners and to enhance development of huge and centralized IT system. However, several years after the IT initiation, there is a still untidy existing arrangement within the IT department. There has been additional complexity and certainty with regards to the NHS information system environment. While the NHS has claimed to make a record of accomplishment of the IT within NHS organization, many medical practitioner and nurses still make limited use of IT infrastructures. Typically, NHS was formed in 1948 to provide health…. [read more]

Organization Behavior Competitive Advantage Essay

… b. Control Costs in the Long Run:

Although organizations have to expend a significant amount of budget on the training and skills development of their existing and newly recruited staff, these expenditures can eventually control the heavy costs which they have to incur in the long run. That is, if organizations continue to provide training to their employees on periodical basis, these employees are basically trained to fill the higher management positions in the future. In this way, organizations can save the money which is expended on the training of new employees at the Top Management positions by promoting their existing employees to those positions. The huge expenditures which organizations incur on the training of their higher level officials put heavy financial burden on their…. [read more]

Organization Behavior Strategic Management Essay

… However, there is no system by which lower level employees can communicate their issues and problems to the Top Level Management or the Board of Directors (Purcell & Ahlstrand 1994). There should be some communication channel through which positive or negative feedback of lower level workers can be communicated to the Management (Robbins & Coulter 2006). This is a very effective strategy to improve the professional development programs and achieve the operational excellence in the business activities (Guest 1987).


Adobe has implemented strong HR policies and practices to manage and develop its human resource. In order to get the best work done through its employees, Adobe has set certain strategic HR objectives. These objectives constitute its aims to recruit and train the best talent…. [read more]

Financial Management of Not-For-Profit Organizations Essay

… Resource maximization process incorporates evaluating costs and benefits of several sources of the not-for-profit organization's revenues. In most cases, the revenue sources or sources of income for these organizations are planned gifts and business income ("Financial Management of Not-for-Profit Organizations," 2011).

For a not-for-profit organization, asset or resource management is based on the continual concern perspective in which there is a presumption that the organization's future existence has no limitations. In this case, the organization's management must ensure that the organization has adequate liquid assets that are available to fund current operations. For the organization to function in financially solvent manner, it must pay debts in a timely way and adhere to other fiscal responsibilities. The main goal of asset management is to maintain the…. [read more]

Organization Behavior "Performance Management Essay

… In order to fill the gap between training and development needs and the organizational requirements, the Management must institute an effective people performance management system for all categories of its workforce (Boselie, Dietz, & Boon 2005).

Goal Setting:

Managers are assigned different short-term and long-term targets which they have to achieve through their subordinates within specified deadlines and allocated resources. In order to accomplish these targets in an effective and efficient fashion, the managers need to get the work done through their subordinates in a well-organized fashion. The Performance Management model by Michael Armstrong gives a special focus on goal setting for the achievement of organizational objectives in a cost-efficient way. Armstrong believes that managers can divide their big targets into small targets and assign…. [read more]

Financial Aid Students Essay

… The most popular and most problematic way of financing a post secondary education is to borrow money in the form of a student loan. Loans are based on student needs but this money, unlike the aforementioned methods, must be paid back. There are several types of student loans that approach the student's unique situation and provides a solution to their. Interest rates are applied to these loans and this form of usury has side effects that tends to put more stress on the student than is necessary. Public institutions may offer loans, but mostly private banking institutions and their methods of leveraging often provide these loans at great cost to the student and his or her family.

Data Figures

According to, "In 2011-12, federal…. [read more]

Financial Scandals and Management Essay

… The justice principle requires the theories to present actions that are fair in management decision-making. The beneficence principle expects one to do good. The theory of deontology requires one to adhere to their obligations and responsibilities. In this theory, Enron executives are obliged to serve their stakeholders with dignity. They were responsible for the employees, debtors and customers.

However, it is not easy to apply the managerial ethics and management principles as suggested by Jackall (2010) and Mintzberg (1989). This is because managers in today's business world have a different managerial behavior as compared to the behavior of the classical theorists Henri Fayol and Henry Mintzberg. This is because managers are faced with larger workloads, and an organizational structure that has a pattern that is…. [read more]

Organization Behavior Contemporary Issues Essay

… Similarly, the second approach, "Participation and Involvement" discusses the importance of employees' role in the organizational development and innovation process. By following this approach, organizations can not only bring the required change effectively, but can also improve the level of motivation and commitment of their employees. Further, the managers can improve the skills and capabilities of their subordinates through facilitation and support in the change management process. These new skills can also help them in the long run in their day-to-day tasks. The fifth change approach, "Negotiation and Agreement" is also effective when organizations give equal importance to their change strategy as well as to their industrial relations.


Converse to these strengths of the model, there are certain weaknesses which resist organizations to follow…. [read more]

Operational Management Learning Essay

… Saying this is a big thing as such lectures are generally regarded as boring by the majority.

However, as with every other course, there were some parts of it that I really did not approve of. One example is the working on a group level on the case studies. Most of the students failed to cooperate with each other and sadly, disagreements were very frequent and large in number. Majority of the students working together on a certain project failed to give it their best shot because of the lack of support by their team members and hence, productivity of this activity was immensely compromised. Moreover, the topics assigned for the case studies were very difficult and asked for a great deal of knowledge, understanding…. [read more]

Financial Stakeholders in a Business Essay

… It illustrates that the costs of total variables increases directly as the businesses increases its production (Dawkins, 2007).

The total cost line refers to the sum of the total variable costs and the total fixed costs. It parallels the line of total variable cost, though it starts at the level of the total fixed cost line. The total income is the gross value of the production output. It is indicated as the dotted line, beginning at the lower left of the diagram and slants upwards. At any given juncture, the total income line will be equivalent to the number of produced units multiplied by the unit price (Zelman, 2012). The break-even-point is represented by the intersection of the total income line and the total cost…. [read more]

Financial Analysis of Medassets Term Paper

… Financial Analysis of MedAssets

Company Overview

MedAssets Inc. is an organization that provides technology enabled product and service to mitigate the financial instability facing the healthcare providers across the United States. The company has assisted many healthcare organizations to increase their net revenue between 1 and 3% and decline the costs by 3 to 10%. Through the company efficient operation, MedAssets has assisted 4,000 hospitals, 180 health systems and 90,000 non-acute healthcare providers to control costs and optimize operational efficiency. The company was incorporated in 1999 with headquarter in Alpharetta in Georgia. Typically, the company provides a streamlined solution to improve the operating margin and cash flow of many healthcare providers in the United States.

"Over time, MDAS has evolved into a comprehensive health care…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior the Transformation Essay

… Theories in organizational behavior are closely linked to psychology and sociology. Understanding group and individual behavior helps to improve organizational performance by managing individual behaviors (Mullins, 2005). A close relationship exists between organizational behavior and management theory.

Organizational behavior is affected by culture to a certain degree. The culture of the organization sets the "climate" of the organization and this has a significant effect on the behavior of individuals within the organization (Chaneta). This can be seen in the early history of the JC Penny Company. Although JC Penny did not realize it, its growth was dependent upon the organizational culture that he instilled in his managers. In the early days of the store, growth depended on individual managers starting their own store. When the…. [read more]

Organizational Structure and Performance Case Study

… ¶ … organizations merge what types of structural issues do you think might need to be addressed?

Mergers and acquisitions instantaneously impact businesses with alteration in ownership, in philosophy, and ultimately, in practice. Of these three core strategic assets, cultural unity is most frequently the vital asset in the ultimate accomplishment or failure of the overall deal and the one that influences the degree to which qualitative talent maintenance can be achieved. Merging companies are often compared to the institution of marriage. When two people get married, they are essentially merging cultures that posses distinctive backgrounds, principles and histories. When two organizations merge, the same philosophies hold true. As with any kinds of merger, it is significant that the decision makers respectfully converse outlooks, objectives…. [read more]

Operational Effectiveness Fully Essay

… However, Android had all of the resources of the software giant Google behind them and the same path to the market would not have been feasible with less endowed organizations.

Organizations that have reached a level of achieving economies of scale can also create a situation in which there is a significant barrier to entry to other hopeful firms who wish to enter the marketplace. For example, Wal-Mart Retailers have reached a significant level of quantities of scale that have allowed them to build massive infrastructure projects, mainly distribution centers, that simply could not be duplicated by new market entries. This allows Wal-Mart enormous efficiencies in terms of distribution costs per unit and thus can offer a lower price to the consumer or command a…. [read more]

Operational Plan Operation Plan Production Essay

… It is ideal for the organization to build trust of the consumers on the available products and services thus the need to improve service delivery and production.


Estimate your occupation expenses, including rent, but also including maintenance, utilities, insurance, and initial remodelling costs to make the space suit your needs.


Estimated Amount

Occupation expenses










Initial Modelling




Total cost


What will be your business hours?

Since the mall operates on a 24-hour basis, the organization will operate on a 24/7 basis for the purposes of maximizing the available opportunities. This is an indication that our employees will operate in-shifts for the purposes of enhancing and maintaining effectiveness and efficiency in the…. [read more]

Financial Analysis This Report Will Cover Term Paper

… Financial Analysis

This report will cover the most important aspects of the Colorado Group Annual Report in order to be able to draw relevant conclusions related to the organization's operational and financial performances over the past period of time. We will first of all draw on the most important elements comprised in the Annual Report and will subsequently refer to the main financial indicators and ratios, both as an absolute analysis and related to the previous year. Finally, we aim to draw relevant conclusions and show that this is a profitable company, a company that is likely to grow in the future as well.

Principle areas of judgment in the 2006 Annual Report

Before listing the actual financial - related details, the chairman and CEO…. [read more]

Operational Plan and Correlating Budget Essay

… Budget plan

Budget plan

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3





Direct Cost




Medical/Clinical Payroll




Non-reusable Medical Equipment







Total Direct Cost




Gross Surplus




Gross Surplus %




Operating Expenses

Caretaking Expenses

Caretaking Payroll








Cleaning Supplies




Other Caretaking Expenses




Total Caretaking Expenses




Caretaking %




Administrative Expenses

Administrative Payroll




Other Expense Account








Property Taxes












Payroll Taxes




Grounds & Building Upkeep

$4,800…. [read more]

Financial Analysis of International Airlines Group Thesis

… Financial Analysis of International Airlines Group


Contact Details

Confidentiality Restrictions

Today, the aviation industry is faced with skyrocketing energy costs, the lingering aftereffects of the Great Recession of 2008 and the looming threat of ongoing terrorist activities in many regions of the world. In this environment, identifying opportunities for air carriers to achieve a competitive advantage through improved administrative and operational practices represents a timely and valuable enterprise. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to provide a review of the relevant peer-reviewed, scholarly and industry literature concerning these issues and to calculate and benchmark relevant financial analyses of International Airlines Group (IAG) compared to three of its competitors, Turkish Airlines, Finnair and Jet Airways. This analysis was used to provide a summary of…. [read more]

Operational Motivational Plan Organization Term Paper

… This person will be involved in every stage of the project, will be responsible for communicating with the office staff the material and crewing needs on a daily / weekly basis. This position will carry a salary bonus, over and above the existing wage scale.

The Foreman will be given budgeted labor, and material information. The new incentive program will offer financial rewards to the foreman for the overall job performance.

The communication of these new goals will be handled by the site managers, thus facilitating his role as communicator.

Company Incentive Program

This program will have 3 levels, and is designed to encourage each tradesman, to make decisions on a daily basis that inevitably will reward him personally, and create a team environment within…. [read more]

Organizational Developement Plan to Improve Communications Thesis

… Organizational Developement Plan to Improve Communications Between Senior Navy Leadership and Junior Personnel at Mobile Mine Assembly Group


Mobile Mine Assembly group

A course paper presented to the School for Arts and Sciences and Distance Learning

Anticipating the Need to Change, Problem and Area for Improvement

Impact of Organization's Culture

Client and Practitioner Considerations

Diagnostic Process and Data Collection

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Institutionalization Action Plan and Timeline

Action Plans, Strategies, and Techniques

Specific Intervention Analysis

Today's managers are complex individuals, who must possess vast skills and expertise in order to develop the best courses of action, through which companies respond to the emergent challenges. Examples of challenges to which the modern day leaders must respond to include the intensifying forces of…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior the Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster Research Proposal

… Organizational Behavior

The Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster - Organizational Behavior as a Matter of Life and Death

Case Summary

The Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster commences with a short presentation of the NASA's shuttle being disintegrated 16 minutes after reentering the earth's atmosphere. The disaster which killed seven crew members and kept the attention of the space exploration annals had been caused by technical mistakes. Interestingly enough, the commission appointed to investigate the disaster revealed that at the bottom of the technical troubles stood shortages in the organizational management. "According to the board, the stage of these technical troubles was set by a more fundamental cause - deeply rooted problems in the organizational management of NASA's Space Shuttle Program itself. One might not expect to find…. [read more]

Financial and Managerial Accounting Research Proposal

… Financial and Managerial Accounting

Activity-Based Costing

The past century has been tormented by multiple modifications, affecting all features of the every day life. In the corporate sector, issues such as globalization and market liberalization have led to an internationalization of the run operations. And in order to cope with the emergent features and requirements, multinationals have also been striving to develop and implement more efficient and effective accounting systems. These new systems had to allow better communication, increased chances for corporate profits, and most importantly, cost reductions. In addition, they are also aimed to reduce the times of product development and ensure a more efficient management of the incurred risks.

A solution that has been promoted to resolving the issues at hand is the implementation…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior Conflict and Decision-Making in the Workplace Essay

… Organizational Bahavior: Conflict and Decision Making in the Workplace

Organizational Behavior: Conflict and Decision Making in the workplace

The workplace environment is quite dynamic in itself. This dynamicity comes as a result of the different skills, backgrounds, beliefs, views, ideologies and values that are borne by the employees of the companies or organizations, increasing consumer knowledge on the products and services being provided, increasing customer demand for quality goods and services. Other factors that make the workplace environment to be dynamic include increased competition from new market entrants or existing companies or organizations which shift their strategies to gain more competitive advantage. As a result, companies or organizations are finding themselves in the situation where they have to deal with conflict in the best way…. [read more]

Organization Behavior International Development Essay

… 5. Analysis of Buyers:

Every top competitor in consumer goods industry is always in a quest to find the best suppliers so that it can produce the best quality products among all other competitors (Kotler, Brown, Burton, Deans, & Armstrong 2010). Therefore, every competitor is ready to pay a higher price for the best quality raw material (Horovitz 2010). Since its inception, P&G has never compromised on the quality of its products, therefore it has made agreements with the top suppliers in all the target countries so that the quality of its products never changes and the consumers enjoy the same quality and reliability over the years (P&G 2012).

C. Multinational Organizational Model of P&G:

In its international operations, P&G has implemented a Decentralized Federation…. [read more]

Financial Resource Management Reaching Essay

… The theory for taxing does allow them however, in practical terms, to invest some amount in taxable securities from tax exempt issues while waiting for expenses to be taken care of. In theory it means, if not for profit companies can work in a tax arbitrage environment, they can create huge amounts of income just by dispensing tax exempt bonds with the intention of capitalizing in bigger yielding securities which are taxable to investors outside not for profit industry. For instance, the not for Profit Company can sell tax exempt bond with 5% interest rate and take the revenues generated to put into U.S. Treasury bond which generate 6% (Helvin, 2008).

Equity or debt capital can be employed to finance a company's assets. Both these…. [read more]

Financial Markets and Institutions Term Paper

… Financial Markets, Institutions, And Transactions

Financial markets can be described as marketplaces in which sellers and buyers are engaged in buying and selling commodities, currencies, equities, and derivatives. These transactions are carried out based on efficient market prices, which indicate overall projections about the future by every investor. Trade in financial markets and institutions are also based on basic trading regulations, market forces, and costs. Since these markets can be found in nearly every part of the globe, they are classified as domestic or international financial markets. Notably, some of the current financial markets are accessible to private investors whereas others are specifically for major global banks and professionals in finance. Moreover, there are several types of financial markets with varying types of transactions supported…. [read more]

Financial Analysis of Bestwish Limited Essay

… Efficiency Ratio

Efficiency ratio measures how effectively Bestwish limited utilized its assets and the extent the company managed its liabilities. The paper uses the inventory turnover ratio and total asset turnover to evaluate the efficiency ratio of Bestwish Limited.

Inventory Turnover Ratio= Cost of Sales / Average Inventory

2010=372,142, 000 / (37,653,000+36,217,000)2)

=372,142, 000/36,935,000


The result reveals that Bestwish Limited replenished its inventory 10.07 times between 2009 and 2010.

Total Asset Turnover= Revenue/Average Total Assets

2010: 400,042,000 / (140,170,000+ 125,632,000)/2)



The results reveal that for every dollar that Bestwish invests, the company generates $3.01 of revenue.


Analysis of the company comprehensive income statement reveals that the company cost of sales increase yearly between 2009 and 2010. Moreover, company administrative expenses increase…. [read more]

Organizational Management Southwest Airlines Term Paper

… Organizational Management

Southwest Airlines was started in Texas and began flights in June of 1971, with three Boeing 737 aircraft. It served the three cities of Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. "Today, Southwest operates more than 550 Boeing 737 aircraft among 72 cities. Southwest topped the monthly domestic originating passenger rankings for the first time in May of 2003. Yearend results for 2010 saw Southwest's thirty eighth year of being profitable. Southwest became a major airline in 1989 when it surpassed the billion-dollar revenue mark" (About the Company, 2011). Southwest is the United States' most triumphant low fare, high-frequency, passenger carrier. Southwest operates more than three thousand flights every day and is the largest U.S. carrier in terms of passengers hauled. In May of 2011,…. [read more]

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