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Organizational Culture: An Analysis Essay

… However, it is entirely possible (and often even quite easy) to make changes in terms of practical issues and processes without giving up values (Harris & Barnes, 2006). Part of the key usefulness of Morgan's approach to organizational culture is that he emphasizes the ways in which different aspects of an organizational culture can be analyzed, understood, and changed (or preserved) in different ways and at different levels of intensity.

How an Organization Can Utilize Morgan's Work

Morgan (1997) argues that viewing the ways in which an organization works as if it were an organic culture is especially helpful in allowing change to occur in an integrated, progressive way. Among the most efficacious ways to incorporate his work are the following:

1) What are the…. [read more]

Organizational Analysis of Family Farms When Family-Run Thesis

… Organizational Analysis of Family Farms

When family-run businesses such as organic farms succeed they do so because the organizational culture of both family and business are similar.

There are a number of different ways of using the tenets of organizational theory to understand how organizational culture both differs from corporate culture and produces financial success.

Key Points

* Corporate culture is imposed from above.

* Organizational structure is created organically from within.

* Organizations are held together by "push" factors as well as pulled apart by centrifugal forces.

Organizational theory tends to overlook the specific and particular ways in which family-based businesses are constructed and in particular how organizational culture helps these businesses succeed.

Organizational Theory and the Family Business

There are two different perspectives…. [read more]

Food Reserve Non-Profit Organization Feasibility Research Paper

… Some of the programs under consideration for collecting food are:

Basic Food Collections (FC)

Participates will be retailing, wholesale, and food processing companies that donate food items. They will be monthly contributors of donations from their surplus and overstock items.

Fill the Reserve (FtheR)

During the Fall, this fundraiser will is directed to banks and credit unions. Food Bins with the Food Reserve logo will be distributed at the counters and entrances to these institutions and the public is asked to contribute.

Food Reserve Cafe (FRE)

Food Reserve will be a fundraiser that will collect fresh donated foods from area restaurants that will be distributed immediately as an emergency resource.

Corporate Donations

The Executive Board is responsible for soliciting and signing up at least 10…. [read more]

Global Business Cultural Analysis Nigeria Term Paper

… However, the President Obasanjo was removed on May 29, 2007 after that Nigeria came to know about its primary change of authority between national supervision. The new elected leader UmaruYar'Adua took the rule; he was a modest and a valued governor. He was selected from the Katsina state and was brought in the direction of building electoral improvement and bringing tranquility and sanctuary in the country elected party. T

Taking oath publicly was encouraged as his top priorities were continued electoral reform (George, & Lacey, 2006).

The evolution of Nigeria from British control to a civilian democratic government

Although the Yar'Adua administration showed control by permitting the governmental and legal twigs to maneuver comparatively free of charge. Still much improvement remains which remains to be…. [read more]

Subway Microeconomic Analysis Subway Corporation SWOT

… In looking at the threats Subway faces, the most apparent are both competition and the recent economic recession. Regardless of the freshness and quality of products provided to consumers, in an economic reality that leaves individuals with less money in their pockets, oftentimes the choice of where to eat comes down to what is cheapest, especially in the fast food market. While loyal customers will continue to patronize Subway, the number of individuals who will take their dollars to the cheaper menus of competitors are substantial.


Subway has been seen as a vastly successful restaurant franchise that has been able to thrive since its onset in the market, all despite a recent state of economic downturn and recession. In 2010 alone, The Wall Street…. [read more]

Wind Farms in Canada Essay

… At the level of the wind farms, these reveal an incremental popularity due to the favorable climate in the country. Most of the Canadian wind farms are located in coastal areas, where the winds are more intense and the power generation input is as such higher. Still, the diffusion of the wind farms is decreased as a significant portion of the Canadian coastline is placed in spaces outside the electrical grid.

"Canada has large areas with excellent wind resources and therefore significant potential for expanding wind-generated power. […] At the end of 2007, Canada had 1,400 wind turbines operating on 85 wind farms for a total installed capacity of 1,846 megawatts, compared with only 60 wind turbines, 8 wind farms and 23 megawatts a decade…. [read more]

Child Labor and Society Essay

… (Boaz). After a backlash from the public, Hershey recently claimed that it would invest $10 million in the Ivory Coast to cut down on the workforce that employed children and ameliorate the overall cocoa supply chain. (Hershey to invest $10 million in Ivory Coast). In another investigation by the state, fifty seven under age workers were found in a meat packing plant in Iowa. Illegal immigrant workers were being exploited. The environment was dangerous as the children had been working with shark knives and tools, doing prohibited tasks and were exposed to dangerous chemicals. (Preston)

The world has progressed far beyond the Industrial Revolution and is on the verge of entering the age of Knowledge. The entire globe is connected by the delicate thread of…. [read more]

Organics Trip to the Local Term Paper

… However, the USDA recently instituted the National Organic Rule, which requires foods labeled as organic to be "produced without hormones, antibiotics, herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, genetic modification, or germ-killing radiation," (Cowley). The National Organic Rule applies to labeling only and is not a statement of health.

As Geoffrey Cowley notes in his Newsweek article "Certified Organic," many consumers note that organic crops, or produce, tastes better than non-organic produce. Reasons to buy organic extend beyond taste, however. While much organic produce does indeed look and taste better, reasons to buy organic include environmental sustainability, support for smaller farms and farming businesses, and health. In spite of unequivocal scientific proof that organics are healthier, no one can deny that ingesting toxic chemicals at any dose is…. [read more]

Seneca Foods Essay

… Competitive Position

Seneca Foods may make over a billion dollars in sales each year, but in terms of its competitors it is a relatively small operation. In comparison with other food processing companies such as Kraft, General Mills, or ConAgra, Seneca has captured only a small percentage of the market. For example, Kraft Foods posted net revenues of $18.3 and earnings…of $2.5 billion. ("Kraft 2013 Annual Report") And while Seneca may not be one of the giants in the food processing industry, it does have substantial room for growth and expansion. From the 1950's to the present, Seneca has continually expanded its operation most recently acquiring the assets of UniLink and Lebanon Valley Cold Storage in order to create an eastern distribution point for its…. [read more]

Business Plan for the Farmery Business Plan

… Business Plan

Product Description

Market Analysis


Regulatory Environment


Marketing Plan

Market Penetration Strategy

Advertising Media

Management Plan

Company Organization

Company Philosophy

Personnel Policies


Record Keeping

Manufacturing Plan

Financial Pro-Formas

Risk Analysis

The Farmery is a startup venture in Raleigh, NC. It combines a small greenhouse and mushroom production operation with a retail outlet. The company is focused on the medium- to high-end of the highly competitive and fragmented retail market in the area. The company's main competitive advantage is its unique production and distribution set up, which is not only attractive for its uniqueness, but helps it to deliver fresh product to consumers, and do it at a much lower cost than other companies are able to deliver. The company believes that…. [read more]

Social Problem Drug Abuse Research Paper

… Social Problem - Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse refers to excessive use of drugs with an intention of altering one's mood, emotion or state of consciousness. Buddy T. (2011) further indicates that drug abuse is "the use of illicit drugs or the abuse of prescription or over-the-counter drugs for purposes other than those for which they are indicated or in a manner or in quantities other than directed."

The menace of drug abuse otherwise referred to as substance abuse has been a threat to the societal mesh and has been attributed largely to the products of the civilization and the effects of globalization. There are particular aspects in the civilized and globalised society that encourage the wider abuse of drugs as follows (Medline Plus,…. [read more]

U.S. Congressman Tom Perriello Research Proposal

… ¶ … corruption when we think of politicians but this might be habit we should consider breaking, especially when new representatives are voted into office. Tom Perriello is a passionate man guided by what can only be described as intend to do good wherever he may go. Whether or not one agrees with Perriello's political beliefs, it is difficult to disagree with the man's commitment to making the world a better place in as places as he can. His past is peppered with volunteer and community service work that represents the true nature of his heart. While many in Washington might not have been to the poorest parts of the globe, Perriello has and can say that he is committed to making a difference. His…. [read more]

Johnson and Johnson the Fundamental Term Paper

… The constant fear of inflation continues to provide cause for stocks to become overvalued and has become an almost daily trend for announcements from the Fed and their efforts to not overvalue the Dow, NASDAQ and other markets. Investors have to grasp that stocks are only inflation proof when the underlying companies are profitable in spite of the effects of the economy.


A real trend in the healthcare industry has been the continued migrations of industry players into developed and newly emerging markets. The twenty-first century's new world order appears to have been founded on a single, global, technologically advanced, highly competitive economic market place. This single global market is also being serviced by fewer industrialized powers that are teaming together to form free…. [read more]

Quality Improvement: "Chick-N-Gravy Dinner Line Essay

… Additionally, the company has been receiving complaints regarding a certain line of products that break or do not operate properly. To deal with this issue, a trade-in program has been suggested that will allow customers to replace malfunctioning models with new ones. This, the company hopes, will not only remedy complaints, but foster a sense of loyalty to the company's customers. However, certain members of the staff believe that the problem could be fixed solely with improved inspection and increased operations management.

In this case, it appears that increased operations management within the company would be the right way to go, even if it took time and money. With a decline in sales and a decline in production costs, the success of this company will…. [read more]

Analyzing Passages From Long Works of Fiction Essay

… ¶ … Fiction

Analysis of passage from Catch-22, by Joseph Heller (Originally published in 1955. New York: Dell Publishing, Inc., 1963)

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller is set during World War II, in an asylum for soldiers. This location immediately raises the question of what it means to be sane or insane, in an insane situation world. The entire world is engaged in the crazy and barbaric, state-approved act of murdering people in battle. The work of a soldier seems lunatic, yet it is supposed to be 'sane' to be a soldier. Instead of a glorified vision of war, Heller portrays the absurdities inherent in military bureaucracy when fighting other human beings. Although World War II is often called a 'good war,' Heller questions this idea,…. [read more]

Walt Disney Personality Analysis Known the World Term Paper

… Walt Disney Personality Analysis

Known the world over, Walt Disney remains a powerful force in the Disney empire today based on his personality that influenced "his" park in profound and lasting ways. Walt certainly had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve during his lifetime, but he also had a more enduring vision of how he wanted "his" park and company operated and managed after he was gone. While there have been a number of theories developed over the years to help explain and interpret individual personalities, two in particular, cognitive and behavioral, provide a useful framework in which to examine Walt Disney's personality to provide some insights into his motivations and behaviors that can help explain how and why the Disney Company…. [read more]

Dobson Farm Products System Analysis Term Paper

… The software choice will need to be customized for the perceived needs and further consultation will be needed to select a software package that both accomplishes management goals and integrates well with other departmental software.

Information Isolation and Integration

Various departments will transmit information and reports via a company email system. A password system will be established to ensure that certain information cannot be passed to the wrong person, or accessed by an unauthorized viewer. An interoffice communications system will be set up to meet these needs.

Perceived Security Needs

Corporate espionage and theft are not new ideas. However the Internet has made information easier to access by a larger number of users. There are many types of hackers with many different motivations. Some do…. [read more]

Antigua Guatemala Coffee Business Plan

… Any well-funded and large company, where capital is not an issue might be potential entrants because they have a solid brand image in the business sector (Blackwell, 2011).

Rivalry: in this market segment, there are many big players. With the high number of small-scale coffee shops, big players must battle with small players across the market segments. With customers increasingly taking coffee home, it provides the convenience, which is the main factor for players. There is an intense competition in this industry, as companies must battle each other to increase their customer base.

Bargaining power of suppliers: there is a high bargaining power for suppliers. The developments in technological innovations like the automated coffee machines and espresso machines have made them bargain over the industry.…. [read more]

Stress Management in the Caregiver Research Paper

… A study published by the Nuffield Trust (Williams et al. 1998) highlighted what had long been a subject of interest in the caregiver media: the levels of stress, sickness, absenteeism and burnout among professional caregivers. This report, from an authoritative and reputable organisation, brought together much of the prevailing evidence about the alarming state of the government funded workforce, which, despite a growing independent sector, is still responsible for giving over 90% of health caregiver. The report states that 'for the sake of good management and from simple compassion, both we and the Government should view these findings with due alarm, and accept shared responsibility for working quickly together to develop a program for action.

Studies highlighting stress and burnout in professional caregivers continue to…. [read more]

Ecological Footprint Thesis

… Ecological Footprint: Lab

When I first learned that my ecological footprint was calculated at 4.7 planets, I was upset. I have been trying to use the resources around me in a responsible manner, but according to this calculation, my lifestyle was nowhere near what would be defined as sustainable, either for myself or much less my children. An ecological footprint is defined according to environmental scientists as "how much land and water area a human population requires to produce the resource it consumes and to absorb its wastes, using prevailing technology"

Footprint Basics - Overview, 2009, Footprint Network). Another way of thinking of this is how much harm an individual life does to the planet that cannot be undone.

The footprint is a product of…. [read more]

Role of Land Settlement Cooperative in the Kingdom of Thailand and Its Business Performance Term Paper

… Role of Land Settlement Cooperative in the Kingdom of Thailand and Its Business Performance

Prior to the Cooperative Crisis

Agriculture is a mark of civilization for the mankind.

It is beyond economy.

It is a part of our society, and a part of our culture." (Kittiampon)

Interview: Thailand...," 2000)

Cooperative Contentions

This researcher contends that in Thailand, an agricultural cooperative's business duties, when dealing with farmers may be divided into two primary scopes:

The first "scope" consists of the original idea founding the agricultural cooperative, focusing on money, in the realms of either savings or loans.

Another "scope," marketing needs to cover the dual aspects of marketing agricultural products, such as providing pertinent agricultural input to members and gathering members' products to resell.

The primary…. [read more]

Origins, History of the IMF Term Paper

… SRF: Supplemental Reserve Facility loans are to be repaid within a year and a half, and there is a substantial surcharge of 3-5 percentage points.

CCL: This is under the same repayment criteria as SRF, but the surcharge is less (1.5 to 3.5 percentage points).

CFF: This type of loan was designed to help a country experiencing a very sudden "shortfall" in export earnings (caused by world commodity fluctuations), and the financial terms match those of the SBA (except CCF loans have no surcharge).

In the event of a nation suffering a natural disaster like an earthquake, flood, typhoon, or other calamities, or for a country just emerging from war, the IMF provides "Emergency Assistance" loans. They are subject to the basic rate of charge,…. [read more]

Future of Cuba Term Paper

… Cuba After Castro

Cuba is an island nation some 90 miles from Florida, and proximity alone gives this country great importance in the thinking of American leaders. More than this, however, Cuba represents a major loss in the Western Hemisphere, a country that is Communist-led and that has therefore been viewed as a major security threat to the United States. At times, that threat has been given even more weight, as it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. At other times, the threat has been less specific and often derives largely from antipathy to the leadership and to the very idea of Communism. In addition, Cuba holds a place of importance because of the many exiles from Cuba who have come to the…. [read more]

California Medflies Essay

… California Medflies

The Medfly Problem: General Overview

How to combat the problem posed by the medfly to agriculture and international trade? While the California agricultural industry looks eagerly towards the expanding Asian market as a potential and continuing source of revenue, it must also combat the spread of the medfly, a pest that has dogged the industry since the 1960s and feared by the Japanese government. Japan fears that the medfly could enter its borders through imported California produce. To contain the medfly California growers first imposed quarantines on medfly-infested areas, and when the medfly threat reasserted itself in the 1990s, the agricultural industry then resorted spraying affected areas with pesticides. Given the threats the pest poses to agricultural revenue to the state because of…. [read more]

North Carolina Term Paper

… Jones

North Carolina: Top Political and Environmental Issues

North Carolina is without a doubt one of the most vibrant of the fifty states. Rich in historical memory, as well as strikingly beautiful in her natural resources, the state (according to its official website) also boasts "one of the most dynamic economies in the U.S." Yet, despite its fabled industrial, textile and furniture industries, North Carolina still grapples with many of the same environmental and political issues that plague other states -- chief among them state budgetary concerns, and the impact of serious air pollution.

There is little question that the current lack of a state budget is of pressing concern to many in the state. Indeed, the fiscal year has begun, yet a large amount…. [read more]

Globalization Reaction Paper

… ¶ … Globalization has changed the face of the planet -- both in terms of how we communicate, what types of political and social issues we face, and even the choices we make in basic human needs like food. After viewing the movie Urban Roots, I was struck with the issues of sustainability, organic foods, mega-farming, and the issues of urban renewal and community as well. One commentator (the director of Moulin Rouge, in fact), noted that America is in the midst of another war -- a food war. The idea of urban farming and people taking personal responsibility for growing food and understanding that there are consequences to eating really changes the way one looks at the products at the local grocery store --…. [read more]

Third Party Food Inspection Agency Outside Country Could Help Term Paper

… Canadian Food Safety: A Wider Look

Food Safety

Canadian Food Safety: A Wider Economic Look

Say there are only two grocery stores, your family is getting hungry and will eventually starve. In one store, everyone knows there is one product on the shelves that secretly is deadly poison and if all the food is purchased and consumed, whoever gets the poison will inevitably die a prolonged, agonizing death. The product can be on the front of the shelf or in back; could be an apple or an orange, a gallon of milk or a grain of rice; and it is definitely there somewhere. In the second store, there was a small but significant chance that anyone could possibly be killed at any time by any…. [read more]

Muhammad Ali in Egypt Thesis

… But they took away, for five centuries, the possibility of an independent Arab-dom, and Arab nationalists bore them considerable ill-will for it[footnoteRef:13]. The only 'Arab' state conquered by the Turks which was not in irremediable decay, was the Mamluk state of Egypt and Syria[footnoteRef:14]. The Mamluks themselves were a dynasty of Turkish slaves; and in any case they afterwards succeeded, as did all the North African provinces, in enjoying internal autonomy under Ottoman suzerainty. The claim that the caliphate had been transmitted to the Ottoman sultans was made only late in the history of the Empire. It was as Turkish rulers that they held their power, and only secondarily (if at all) as vice-regents of the Prophet. They preserved and even sharpened the distinction between…. [read more]

Diversity and Child Abuse Prevention Term Paper

… The discovery of child abuse in the urban industrial world and organized attention to child abuse took place more than a century ago with the foundation of the 1874 New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. This was an organization of its kind and it spread throughout American cities and into Europe. By 1910 more than 200 such societies existed in the U.S., and by 1921, formal efforts to rescue children from cruelty at the hands of their caretakers and parents lost momentum (Myers, 2008). However, by late 1950s and 1960s, the efforts got revived when child abuse became a grim social problem that instigated a flood of professional and public concern. The term child saving was useful as an umbrella characterization…. [read more]

Avian Flu Avian Influenza: If H5N1 Term Paper

… Avian Flu

Avian Influenza: If H5N1 is the Virus to Fear, Is America Prepared for a Potential Outbreak?

The effects of a bird flu pandemic would dwarf even the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. -- Marty Evans, Chairwoman for the Red Cross, 2005

Explanation of the Problem

The introduction of innovations in telecommunications and transportation over the past century or so has made the world a much smaller place, and what happens in other countries can have an enormous impact on the United States today. The events of September 11, 2001 also made the point absolutely clear that Americans are not immune from being attacked on the home front, and many observers are becoming increasingly concerned about the potential threat represented by biological, chemical and…. [read more]

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