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Orientalism and the Formation of Stereotypes in Burton's Arabian Nights Dissertation

… Arabian Nights: Shaping of Western Perspectives Through Literature

Long before the invention of the internet, the world relied upon literature to gain knowledge about other cultures. As such, the writings of novelists, poets, journalists, and research writers whose own, and often limited experiences, together with their own personal views on culture, politics, and religion served as the basis for shaping many a reader's mind regarding foreign cultures and traditions. This shaping of the mind, which Edward W. Said contends was most prominently shaped through colonial and post colonial literature, are the images and the understanding by which most Westerners today still perceive the East, and most specifically the near Eastern Arab Islamic Muslim culture (Said, 1979). It is a prevailing stereotypical image and understanding that…. [read more]

Orientalism as Defined by Burton in the Arabian Nights Research Proposal

… ¶ … Burton's translation of The Arabian Nights (TAN) backed by a deep knowledge of Islam contributes to the Orientalist project and to the past and present knowledge of the Orient as it has been shaped by different disciplines such as anthropology, history and literature. It will trace the evolution of The Arabian Nights and its translation by Burton followed by an analysis applied to the representations of Oriental elements as revealed in its social and religious practices. I will argue that the stereotypes in TAN as well as the annotations that refer to Arabic-Islamic culture are related directly to Burton's intellectual vision, a vision of a British empire that takes pride in having the highest number of Muslim subjects bowed under its supremacy.

Beginning…. [read more]

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