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Osteoarthritis Among Middle Age Females Research Proposal

… Osteoarthritis Among Middle Age Females


Osteoarthritis among middle aged females

The issue of osteoarthritis is one that presents many challenges to the nurse and to the healthcare professionals at all levels. The general demographic of this condition is largely female and tends to occur particularly in women over the age of forty. The literature on this topic also emphasizes the complexity of treating osteoarthritis. This is due to the wide range of external factors that are necessary for a full comprehension of this condition.

This paper will firstly provide a brief overview of the subject with the intention of focusing on factors that impact the treatment of middle-aged female patients. Aspects that will be dealt with include demographics and pervasiveness as well as extraneous…. [read more]

Osteoarthritis Victims of Intimate Violence Research Paper

… In diagnosing the disease, medical practitioners apply methods such as physical examination, x-ray, lab tests, and medical history. Following the diagnosis process, it is essential to adopt and implement effective methods for the management of the disease. This relates to incorporation of drug therapy, surgical measures, and physical mechanisms in the minimization of the conditions of the disease. These methods are essential in the minimization of pain and stiffness of the joints thus enhancing the mobility of the affected individuals.


Hunter DJ, Lo GH. (2009). The management of osteoarthritis: an overview and call to appropriate conservative treatment. Med Clin North Am.;93:127-43, xi.

Richmond J, Hunter D, Irrgang J, et al. (2009). Treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

(nonarthroplasty). J Am Acad Orthop Surg.;17:591-600.

Walker,…. [read more]

Quality of Life Among Tawau Research Paper

… On the other hand, the tibia has two sockets (slightly cup-shaped) to meet the femoral condyles. A healthy knee alignment has femoral condyles that rest evenly on the tibia as well as applying evenly to both sides. However, knee deformity could lead to asymmetrical force distributions. A valgus (knock-kneed) deformity occurs when the knees closer together than normal. These deformities could lead to asymmetrical degeneration of the knee cartilage leading to osteoarthritic knee.

On the other hand, knee OA could occur due to the problem with the backbone.

Backbone of an individual is made of combination of bone structure. The backbone is generally referred as vertebral column that supports the body weight, and 33 vertebrae bone are made up of vertebra column. Apart from the…. [read more]

Quality of Life Among Tawau Research Paper

… In a study that was conducted under the PraxArt project, it was found that OA has a negative effect on the quality of life of patients. The study also reveals that when a patient-centered intervention that allows for longer follow-up is not applied, the quality of life of patients which is measured by their satisfaction, presence of comorbidities and levels of stress and depression deteriorates Rosemann et al., 2005: 77



Jinks et al. (2007: 59)

also provide amodel for examining the quality of life of patients suffering from knee pain that may be associated with OA. Their study used a multi-method approach over a 12-month period and found that knee OA results to difficulties in conducting normal activities such…. [read more]

Childhood Obesity and Its Affects Term Paper

… Among all teens, low levels of self-esteem were linked with feelings of loneliness, sadness, and nervousness. This often led the obese children to use tobacco and alcohol. Psychiatrists also said that parents who insist on strict diets might be contributing towards a poor self-image as the child may be feeling that he or she is incapable of running his or her life. (Obesity plus Low Self-Esteem May Lead to Risky Behavior in Teens)

There are also differences that are found in different studies of such children, but what we have to note are the common factors. There was a study of 1,000 mostly white children of the ages from nine to 16 living in a rural North Carolina region. This region has childhood obesity at…. [read more]

Childhood Obesity: Problem and Solutions Health Professionals Essay

… Childhood Obesity: Problem and Solutions

Health professionals have, for a long time, known the consequences of being overweight and obesity in adults. Over the course of the past three decades, there has been increased concern and attention regarding the issue of childhood obesity. There are varying opinions about what factors contribute to increased childhood obesity. Main contributors range from genetic predisposition to sedentary lifestyles. A number of disciplines have developed approaches to address these concerns. However, these approaches seem to only address one facet of a problem that is multifaceted. Applied separately, these approaches still leave us with the problem of a steady rise in childhood obesity. As such, perhaps a holistic approach to address childhood obesity would be more effective.

The marked increase in…. [read more]

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