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Osteoporosis Definition of Osteoporosis Term Paper

… Osteoporosis

Definition of Osteoporosis:

Osteoporosis is a developing condition in which bone density is lost, or there is inadequate bone formation, thereby deteriorating the bones and making them more vulnerable to fractures. Osteoporosis is also known as the silent disease and is a familiar bone disease, which makes the bone lean and having holes. Osteoporosis takes place when the body does not form new bone and it affects both men and women. During a person's lifetime, the body requires minerals phosphate and calcium to form bones. If the nutritional consumption of these minerals is not enough or if the body does not take up sufficient minerals from the diet, the bone production and bone tissue will be affected leading to fragile and weak bones. Osteoporosis…. [read more]

Osteoporosis Pathophysiology: Osteoporosis Presentation Research Paper

… 5 SD or below the average value for premenopausal women warrants a diagnosis (Kanis 2002) "The same absolute value for BMD used in women can be used in men. The recommended site for diagnosis is the proximal femur with dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA)" (Kanis 2002).

Management of the pathology


For younger patients in the early stages of the disease, management of the causes of the osteoporosis is essential, such as restoring the patient's normal menstrual cycles with appropriate diet; adjusting the patient's medications to reduce the risk of further bone loss; or establishing a normal endocrine balance of the patient's hormones. For patients at risk because of lifestyle factors such as inactivity, a program of weight-bearing activities may be prescribed.


No surgical…. [read more]

Osteoporosis Women's Health Issues Are a Unique Term Paper

… Osteoporosis

Women's health issues are a unique category in the medical field. Specific areas of diagnosis, treatment and prevention refer to health issues largely impacting only women. Thus, there is an importance to targeting women with respect to behavior, lifestyle and nutrition and the specific actions which can be taken to preempt the onsite of female specific conditions. As with such conditions as breast cancer, osteoporosis is one that can impact men but is substantially more likely to occur in women. Indeed, most evidence connects osteoporosis to specific hormonal changes in aging women, meaning that considerations relating to prevention, diagnosis and treatment should be considered a regular and necessary part of adult female health screening. As the discussion will go on to indicate, regular screening…. [read more]

Stress Definition of Stress Researchers Essay

… The endocrine system releases stress hormones which trigger the liver to produce more blood sugar putting the body at risk for type 2 diabetes. Over the long-term, the strain on the respiratory system can make the body more susceptible to upper-respiratory infections. Prolonged stress on the cardiovascular system can cause narrowing of the arteries and elevate cholesterol levels, upping chances of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. Stress affects the reproductive system by shortening or lengthening menstrual cycles, and can make periods more painful. Furthermore, high levels of stress make bacterial vaginosis (BV) more likely and, during pregnancy, may increase the chance of your baby's developing asthma or allergies later in life. Short-term stress can actually boost the immune system, helping your body fight infection.…. [read more]

History of Rsd Term Paper

… In RSD/CRPS, the sympathetic nervous system functions abnormally. It fires, with pain and swelling responses when the body does not reactively require it. In a sense therefore, one might also implicate the failure of the parasympathetic nervous system in bringing the body back to normal function. (Blumberg et al., 1997).

Progress of the Disease

CRPS Type 1 progresses in four stages. These are Dysfunction, Dystrophy, Atrophy, and Irreversible Failure of the Immune System. Because of the complexity and problems with misdiagnosis, many research panels have decided to avoid the process of staging. The disorder has been considered too complex to categorize. Incorrect categorization leads to significant problems for patients. Though RSD does not itself cause death, one has to be cautious of the problems with…. [read more]

Physical Fitness in Children Research Proposal

… The results of studies on aerobic capacity and fitness in children and adolescents suggest that physical fitness needs to be placed in the lower priority than developing healthy exercise habits that will continue into an adult. As children grow they will gain size and strength. Children were found to be able to increase muscular strength in response to resistance training and these responses were found to be similar to that found in adults (Fisher, 2009).

Measures of short boost fitness, including the Wingate bike test and 40-50 meter sprints demonstrated that children exhibit lower scores in short burst of this than adults. This phenomenon is not completely understood, but it is suspected to be associated with limited utilization of the anaerobic glycolytic energy pathway, shorter…. [read more]

Best Foods A2 Coursework

… Functional Food Study Guide

How would you define a functional food? Give examples of functional foods and describe their benefits.

A functional food, otherwise referred to as a nutraceutical, is defined fairly clearly on the Mayo Clinic website. A functional food is one that has "a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition." The advocates of functional foods say that they promote an optimal level of health and can help reduce the risk of disease. Even with the claims that are sometimes made, the Food and Drug Administration is the basic referee of what claims can be made and which ones cannot. Benefits that are commonly touted for functional foods include bone health, heart health, immune health, disease prevention and so forth.

Describe…. [read more]

Hyperthyroidism Disease Term Paper

… Hyperthyroidism -- Overview and Analysis

Definition of the Disease

The thyroid is an organ located at the base of the human throat, involved in hormone regulation. Thyroid hormones regulate the human body's metabolic rate. The metabolism is how the body burns calories to produce energy. As the metabolism is connected to nutrition, thus the thyroid gland and its metabolic influence has an effect upon all bodily processes, including but not limited to heart rate, digestion, muscle and bone strength, and cholesterol. ("Hyperthyroidism: Topic Overview -- What is hyperthyroidism?" WebMD. Last updated 11 Nov 2003) Hyperthyroidism is when the body produces too much thyroid hormone, as opposed to hypothyroidism, when the body does not produce enough of the hormone.

Brief overview of pathophysiology

Hyperthyroidism is a…. [read more]

Health Behavior the "Theories Term Paper

… The detailed study of the problem and related factors in the light of particular settings help the experts to design interventions accordingly. The intervention is in the form of policy, strategy and program that can have an impact over physical activity. The development of the intervention, its implementation and finally the evaluation depend largely upon the used model or framework (NCI, 2011).

Not all individuals take part in physical activities. There are many policies, social and physical environmental variables which determine an individual's habit of participating in physical activity. The change in habit is possible through change in these environmental factors. If environment does not support change, habits will remain the same. In order to increase physical activity, the need is to work upon individual's…. [read more]

Program Cultivate Personal a 6-Month Essay

… Becoming well-informed is an important aspect of being a good citizen.

Volunteering and acquiring more knowledge can also play a role in my own development as an adult. Volunteer opportunities and learning about the world can teach me a great deal about my personal skills, and what aspects of the economy are likely to be expanding in the future. Volunteering at a hospital, for example, can teach me about the field of health care; going to a local school to read to children can give me insight into the profession of education. These experiences can also relate to my other wellness objectives of physical and social health. Learning about the health status of others will make me more committed to stay physically fit and active,…. [read more]

Stem Cell Research Has Been Controversial Term Paper

… ¶ … stem cell research has been controversial for years. What are stem cells and why do they entail so much interest? In Principles of Regenerative Medicine, Ahsan declares that "Stem cells may be derived from embryonic, fetal, or adult cells or tissues . . . [and] can serve as the machinery to repair, regenerate, and/or replace tissues and organs" (42). Following an ethical perspective, it is my belief that all research ought to be strictly regulated.

Public opinion is driven by either of two major ethical theories, consequentialism (utilitarianism) and deontological ethics, the latter holding more relevance. Utilitarianism insists that the desirable consequences of an action justify it for the greater good, be it destruction of potential human life in order to save human…. [read more]

Venous Thromboembolism Vte in USA Essay

… Venous Thromboembolism VTE in USA

Venous Thromboembolism VTE is a disease that has been untapped for years. Many are also unaware that Venous thromboembolism is the leading cause of maternal death. Most people that are over the ages of 45 develop this disorder much more faster. This paper shows that the risk factors are much higher when the person is obese or if they have been up under surgery. This paper will explore Venous Thromboembolism VTE and its factors and influences.

In the United States, the wide prevalence of venous thromboembolism (VTE) is not very clear. VTE is the most serious complication many hospitalized patients encounter (Yokoyama, 2012). The has been a 5-year study of autopsy recorder that were connected with associated hospital records for…. [read more]

Statement That Human Justice Can Never Be Achieved Term Paper

… ¶ … Human Justice Can Never be Achieved

Modern post-enlightenment culture believes it is struggling to achieve human justice in all aspects of society. However, a severe lack of human justice can be found throughout society, from inconsistent prosecution and sentencing of criminals based on factors such as race, to the unequal pay wages given to workers based on factors such as gender. Human justice can only exist in a society where all people are treated equally and fairly. According to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and inhumane" (King in Freeman 1991). A quick survey of the current state of health care in the developed countries of the world shows that there…. [read more]

Lactose Intolerance, and a Description Term Paper

… As a healthy 24-year-old college student, I felt lactose intolerance was something far removed from my lifestyle, but I found that it could me a major factor in my health as I age. In fact, friends of my family suffer from the disease today, and did not suffer from it when they were younger. Since lactose intolerance removes a major source of protein from the diet, it is imperative that health care professionals and nutritionists understand the complexities of the disease to help their patients manage it effectively. It was quite interesting to discover that lactose exists in so many other foods other than dairy products, and how important it is to control vitamins to make sure calcium is used effectively by the body. I…. [read more]

Nutrition What Is Nutrition? Good Essay

… (Barverman) Although no specific diet exists to guarantee cancer prevention, studies show a low-fat diet high in fruits, vegetables, and fiber may help reduce the risks. In addition, these dietary recommendations are similar to those for heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and weight management.


Good nutrition means eating foods each day that will give us the vitamins, minerals, and other things we need to keep our bodies strong. It means eating foods that give us enough calories to have a healthy body weight. It means getting enough protein to keep our bodies built up and repair any damage it may have.

Poor nutrition is just the opposite, and it can lead to a myriad of health problems. It is important to learn how to eat…. [read more]

Proposal for Little Whinging Research Paper

… g., walking classes during lunch breaks, scheduling after work yoga or other exercise classes for employees, etc.). The city can also maintain an ongoing public promotion campaign designed to get everyone involved in healthier lifestyles and to target such a program specifically at individuals over the age of 40. Incentives can be offered for involvement in community exercise programs, weight loss programs, etc.

Specific Interventions at Work

The city of Little Whinging can develop and fund programs for local businesses that can concentrate on four areas that will allow elderly workers to experience conditions at work that will assist them to remain in the workforce longer (Ilmarinen, 2001): (1) train managers and supervisors in age management, (2) consulting with businesses to ensure that the working…. [read more]

Quality of Life Among Tawau Research Paper

… In a study that was conducted under the PraxArt project, it was found that OA has a negative effect on the quality of life of patients. The study also reveals that when a patient-centered intervention that allows for longer follow-up is not applied, the quality of life of patients which is measured by their satisfaction, presence of comorbidities and levels of stress and depression deteriorates Rosemann et al., 2005: 77



Jinks et al. (2007: 59)

also provide amodel for examining the quality of life of patients suffering from knee pain that may be associated with OA. Their study used a multi-method approach over a 12-month period and found that knee OA results to difficulties in conducting normal activities such…. [read more]

Eating Disorder Anomalous Eating Habits Essay

… Possibly the greatest controversy related to eating-disorder management is the treatment of binge-eating disorder. (Marcus and Wildes, 2009) People with binge-eating disorder exhibit varying attitudes towards eating, shape and weight, together with mood swings like depression and behavior disorders. Since binge-eating disorder encompass both weight and eating-disorder problems, experts of both the obesity and eating-disorders fields identify disease management goals in their own way. On one hand, eating-disorders specialists recommend binge-eating is best cured by conventional eating-disorder approaches, like providing emotional support to the patient may lead to stop bingeing, improve their confidence and body acceptance. Same is correct for underlying psychological problems associated with obesity such as depression and nervousness.

Conversely, specialists of obesity recommend curing obesity first. They think it is useless or…. [read more]

AACN Synergy Model for Nursing Patient Care Research Paper

… of money, stating that she had 3 potatoes left to eat until the end of the month. On the first of the month, which was 3 days away, she would receive her Social Security check and be able to get her medications.

Patient Characteristics

The Synergy Model describes the patient's characteristics (Table 1) that span the continuum of health and ill- ness. Each characteristic exists on its own continuum. These characteristics assist the nurse to recognize how each patient is vulnerable. Recognizing and understanding these characteris- tics and how they can change with a patient's condition or situation helps in recognizing the essential nurse competencies that synergize to result in optimal patient outcomes.

Sophie's complexity as a patient was increasing because she lacked the financial…. [read more]

Oppositional Defiant Disorder Research Paper

… Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Puberty in both males and females involves many biological changes. It is a hugely significant transition stage through which youth go as they grow into adults with legal age. Changes that occur during puberty identify mainly in four ways; (1) physically; (2) socially; (3) emotionally; and (3) cognitively. Some of the changes that occur are change in body shape, hormonal growth, and mental growth. The period of adolescence comes along with numeral predicted issues which might rather alter one's life if not properly natured. It is the duty of the counseling professionals, parents/guardians and the concerned individuals to counter the issues. Some of the challenges experienced include substance (drug) abuse, psychology depression, alcoholism, early pregnancies, just, but to mention a few. This…. [read more]

Medical Management of Adolescent Athletic Research Paper

… Treatments: Standards of Care Per Literature

The patient required a surgical intervention to repair the bone damage that occurred when he fell and twisted his knee playing football. Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF) was employed to make the repair. The ORIF procedure includes the use of implants to support and guide the healing process of the broken bones. Moreover, the ORIF procedure aid in the setting of the bone and in the open reduction. Open reduction is the notation for the open surgery used to set broken bones -- a process that is necessary for some types of fractures. Internal fixation is the notation for fixing plates or screws in intramedullary bone nails, such as the femur, tibia, humerus, to facilitate or enable healing (Black…. [read more]

Vitamin D Is a Group Essay

… The American Academy of Pediatrics, in fact, recommends a 400 IU daily supplementation of all infants, and cites research that points to up to 6,400 IU for the pregnant mother (Haggerty, 2011).

Even though exclusively breastfed infants are at an increased risk of Vitamin D deficiency, particularly during the first year of life, it is possible to ensure that adequate intake of Vitamin D through the mother is enough to provide high serum levels even without adequate sunshine. The amounts of Vitamin D supplementation are on a sliding scale curve to the mother's access to sunlight, to the point in which with adequate sun, deficiencies decrease 12% or more (Zalla,, 2012). Looking at modern society, however, there needs to be a balance between cultural…. [read more]

Dementia and Normal Ageing Old Essay

… In dementia cases, the person may misplace an item and not be able to trace it later on and not even be able to know that the object that they misplaced was theirs or that they need it. A good example is one losing the reading glasses and not even recalling that they need lenses to read, this does not happen with normal aging where the person can lose the glasses but will recall that they need them and retrace their steps to where they misplaced the glasses.

People with dementia will display inability to judge distance or to estimate heights. They may perceive a rung of a ladder or step of a stair to be much higher than it actually is. They also have…. [read more]

Utero Development on the Health Term Paper

… ¶ … Utero Development on the Health and Well Being

The effects of in Utero development on the health and Well-being

Fetal origins of health and disease has developed into a new medical frontier for researchers. The growing body of research evidence has affirmed positive associations between the gestational environment and the development of various physical and mental disorders in the infant, adolescent and the adult population. A decade ago, attributing fetal origins to disease conditions might have evoked a scoffing response but the plethora of scientific evidence that is available today has changed it. A healthy, stress free maternity period is critical for the healthy fetal development and the healthy future life of the offspring.


Biological science has made vast progress. The development…. [read more]

Celiac Disease Term Paper

… Nutrition

Celiac Disease

What can you find out about the digestive system and nutrition?

The precise cause of celiac disease has still yet to be determined. The intestines contain projections which are known as villi. The function of villi is to take up nutrients. When celiac disease is not diagnosed or left untouched, these villi become compressed. This has an effect on the capability to absorb nutrients correctly. Taking away all harmful grains from one's diet is the greatest significant measure that one can do in order to get healthy and stay that way (Celiac disease -- sprue, 2010).

What can you learn about Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease is an ailment of the digestive system that harms the small intestine and hinders the uptake of…. [read more]

Exercise Science the Physiological Benefits of Childhood Research Proposal

… Exercise Science

The Physiological Benefits of Childhood Exercise

The problem of childhood obesity has worsened in recent years as children tend to engage in less physical activity, to eat less nutritionally and to lead generally sedentary lifestyles. The result is a set of negative health indicators which include juvenile diabetes, increased risk of heart disease and diminishing physical dexterity. Therefore, the research conducted here makes as its primary focus the positive implications of regular physical activity and exercise for children. Considering the anatomical implications of regular healthy exercise, the research will reveal an array of benefits to immediate and long-term health maintenance.

The physiological indicators produced by the exercise science discipline illustrate that there are causes in terms of both shaping emphasis and preempting risks…. [read more]

Japanese-American Biopharmaceutical Industry Term Paper

… The objective of such harmonization is a more economical use of human, animal and material resources and the elimination of any unnecessary delays in the global development and availability of new pharmaceuticals while maintaining safeguards on quality, safety and efficacy, and sustaining regulatory obligations to protect public health. This mission is embodied in the Terms of Reference of the ICH.

Limitations and Delimitations

This problem is limited by the extent to which the United States and Japan choose to continue to permit the extensive interval of time from which pharmaceuticals are available in the United States to when they are available in Japan.

This problem is delimited by the extent to which the United States and Japan choose to cooperate in reducing or eliminating the…. [read more]

Midwifery in Primary Care New Essay

… Findings from these studies should continue to bridge the remaining gaps in our understanding of postmenopausal health. In the meantime, pharmacists must be prepared to counsel women about steps they can take to minimize their risks for osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. These steps are valuable in enabling a woman to preserve her well-being during the postmenopausal years (Rossouw, et al., 2002)

Midwives can play an important role in educating women of all ages about the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis so that they can make more informed decisions about their own health. For example, midwives should initiate discussions with women of all ages to help prevent, recognize, and treat osteoporosis (Santoro, et al., 1996). In addition, midwives must be prepared to counsel women about both…. [read more]

Diffusion of Product Innovation Through Identifying Communities of Practice Networks in UAE Healthcare Organizations Dissertation

… Diffusion of Product Innovation through Identifying Communities of Practice Networks in UAE Healthcare Organizations

Innovations in technology and healthcare have revolutionized the manner in which clinicians collaborate within social networks of various types, including so-called communities of practice. Communities of practice have been shown to provide their members with a group of peers whom they can contact quickly and easily through technology, pose issues or specific problems, and obtain suggestions, in a relatively short time-frame. Therefore, Communities of Practice can help organizations transform from the traditional multidivisional or M-form organization into more competitive learning, or L-form, organization. This dissertation sought to discover if communities of practice networks exist in UAE healthcare industry, to define those areas of the communities of practice that are adjusted to…. [read more]

Menopause Midlife Change Menopause and Female Term Paper


Menopause and Female Midlife Change

The strict definition of menopause is the cessation of the menstrual cycle in women, usually occurring round age fifty. This must last for at least a year before the medical definition is met. It is considered a part of the natural aging process and is brought about by the failure of the endocrine system to produce estrogen and other hormones (Short pause, 1998) causing the permanent cessation of menstruation resulting from the loss of ovarian follicular activity (Parry). While this is biologically correct, psychologically the effects of menopause can begin long before the actual physical onset of the condition and continue long afterwards. Furthermore, it is often not a sudden cessation of hormone production but a gradual…. [read more]

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