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Overcoming the BP Crisis Research Proposal

… ¶ … BP Crisis

The recent explosion and spill involving the Deep Water Horizon well that is owned by BP in the Gulf of Mexico; has created heated debate about how the company is handling the situation. What happened was various executives claimed before the accident that the techniques used for deep water exploration, were considered to be a safe and reliable way to drill for oil. The lack of regulation and number of short cuts that were used by the company; created a situation that would contribute to the accident, which helped cause the environmental disaster. (Jonsson 2010) to make matters worse, many of the company executives appeared to be out of touch with reality, as their actions or lack actions, would increase the…. [read more]

BP Organizational Behavior BP PLC Case Study

… BP has failed to do this because of all the poor decisions that were made, which hurt wildlife and animals that live in the ocean. Their leadership and management skills kept the employee sheltered and away from the public view (Tenay Group, 2010). Everyone would have benefitted from hearing their story as well as what needs done to make the business better. In the end, their brand is ruined, and now it is going to take time to recover from this disaster as well as their reputation.

Much politics takes place at BP. Hayward was confident that "the relief wells ultimately will be successful," and thought that everything will get running again smoothly by August. In fact, many believed that more oil would leak out…. [read more]

Public Administration British Petroleum BP Research Paper

… Public Administration

British Petroleum

BP is one of the world's major energy companies. It supplies its customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, retail services and petrochemicals products for everyday living. BP's businesses are organized to deliver the energy products and services to people around the world, that is needed right now. Their business is broken down into three areas: Exploration and Production, Refining and Marketing and BP Alternative Energy (About BP, 2010).

BP's Exploration and Production business locates, manufactures and transports oil and gas to sell. They operate in 30 countries and employ more than 20,000 people. Their strategy is to invest to grow production efficiently by:

Strengthening their portfolio of leadership positions in the world's most productive hydrocarbon basins, allowed…. [read more]

Royal Dutch Shell PLC Essay

… Sufficient information regarding the stockpiles, share prices, press and release are available on the website of the company which is certainly very beneficial for the investor to do economic and business analysis in an impeccable manner.

Both quantitative and qualitative assay methods accept been activated to complete this allotment of work. The idea behind taking three analytical fiscal years into consideration is little bit appealing but will create substantial benefit for the company. The same economic year's data has been accumulated of the major competitors of the company which are BP and Exxon Mobil (Games, & Lyida, 2003). The tools which have been applied on this research are SWOT analysis, Porter's Five Forces Analysis and Quantitative Financial Analysis. These three tools have been utilized and…. [read more]

Legislative Process in the Upper Essay

… Organizational chart for the Bahraini upper house


Likewise, just as in the Canadian parliament where English and French are the official languages and government documents must be prepared in both languages (Ford & Vachon, 2007), official documents for the Bahraini upper house are usually prepared in Arabic and English and the translations double-checked for accuracy, a process that introduces yet another delay in the legislative process (Karolak, 2011).

In some jurisdictions in developing nations such as Kenya, the houses of parliaments simply lack the administrative and technical resources they need to accomplish their goals effectively (Bohnstedt, 2008). In other jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, the dramatically different compositions of the upper and lower houses have introduced some communications constraints (Nicholas, 2003). Finally,…. [read more]

Natural Resources and Globalization Research Paper

… International media recently have initiated efforts that shed more light on the current functions and activities of Shell in the Niger Delta and contrasted the imbalance of those activities with the operations in the developed world (Ntdtv, 2009; Monitor, 2010).

It was back in 2009 that the problem entered the legislative phase from both national and international view. The former president of Nigeria (President Musa Yar'Adua) initiated an unconditional amnesty structure that was exercised in three different phases -- Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR). The positive impact was immediate and definite in those times as most of the militants gave up their weapons and invested their energy in learning and re-integrating in the economic structure but the fact of the matter was that there was…. [read more]

ASEAN the Study Term Paper

… A majority of the ASEAN initiative ideas surface from the sectoral associations as an outcome of combined recognition, talks, negotiations, and development conventions. In certain instances, novel, rising precedence needing instant performances can also be converted into a new project.

The endeavor of ASEAN was to augment the competitive advantage as a manufacturing centre slated for the global marketplace. A vital stride in this path is the globalization of business in the area by abolishing the interregional tax and non-tax blockades. The outcome of globalization renders the production businesses of ASEAN to be more productive and more competitive in the international market. Concurrently, consumers are positive to buy products from other competent manufacturers in the ASEAN fold, therefore increasing conduction of business among the ASEAN…. [read more]

Borderline Personality Disorder Definitions and Historical Foundations Term Paper

… Borderline Personality Disorder

Definitions and historical foundations

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM




Environmental Conditions

Neurological issues

Diagnoses and related issues


Psychopharmacological approaches

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Empirical support

Theoretical aspects of DBT

The dialectical model



This study is intended to present a clear overview of the characteristics, history, etiology, diagnosis and treatment of Borderline personality Disorder. This disorder has been the subject of much contention and debate over the years and has not only been difficult to define but also to diagnose due to its theoretical and practical proximity to other disorders. The advent of Lineham's Dialectical Behavioral Therapy however has provided a more structured and theoretically integrated approach and means of dealing with and treating Borderline…. [read more]

Nigeria a Survey of the Reasons Research Paper

… Nigeria

A Survey of the Reasons Nigeria's Oil Spills Receive Little Attention Despite the Fact that They Outnumber Those of the U.S.

This paper will show the reasons the people of the Niger Delta region live in an environment of constant oil contamination that is never cleaned up while the comparatively minor oil spill in the Gulf Coast induced instant and widespread reaction and was cleaned immediately. By focusing on Shell Oil's own denial of culpability for pollution in Nigeria and on Nigeria's own war-ravaged human geography, spatial constraints, and lack of significant organizational models and spokesmen, this paper will show that the situation in Nigeria is far from being broadcast or remedied.

The southern state of Ondo in Nigeria is part of the Niger…. [read more]

Political Events in Ukraine Term Paper

… His promises in inauguration speech inspired Ukrainians but at the same time they mean that the nation has to make a tremendous effort in order to overcome its dark past. Economical development and gross product growth rate which is by the way the highest in Europe (13% in 2004) doesn't mean that forecast of Ukraine's economy will be optimistic.

Ukraine is not the member of WTO, without this membership it can not even dream about membership in EU. The U.S.A. had not abolished restrictions on trade with Ukraine as Ukraine is still the country subjected to the amendment of Jackson-Vennik

(Which imposes restrictions on trade with countries where human rights are not fully protected. This amendment was a reply on the demands of Russian-Jewish emigrants…. [read more]

Managing All Stakeholders Term Paper

… "The absorption of one company by another," Black's adds, "[with] the former losing its legal identity, and latter retaining its own name and identity and acquiring assets, liabilities, franchises, and powers of former, and absorbed company ceasing to exist as separate business entity" (p. 988).

In other cases, mergers and takeovers have appeared to be the result of opportunists looking for the quick profit; however, the consolidation of the highly complementary assets and resources of both of these giants will create some clear advantages for everyone concerned. Nevertheless, just as bigger may not mean better, merger may not mean advantage. In his chapter, "Technology Strategy: Collaborative Mode, V.K. Narayanan says that from a strategic viewpoint, collaborative mode is undertaken by firms when the economics of…. [read more]

flows of freight have of late Essay

… ¶ … flows of freight have of late been a critical element of the modern changes in the financial and economic systems at the local, regional and global scales. Looking at these changes one must only do so at quantitative, structural, and operational levels. Structural changes largely entail manufacturing systems with their production geography, while operational changes largely involve freight transportation and its distribution geography. Thus, the key question not only involves the nature, and movements of freights, but also the manner in which this freight is moving (Hesse & Rodrigue, 2004).

The multifaceted perspectives of friction in view of modern supply chain management involve a number of factors. Hesse and Rodrigue (2004) noted that transport expenses, the intricacies of the supply chain, the physical…. [read more]

Strategic Planning for Organizations Research Paper

… Management of U.S. Airways

Strategic Planning for Organizations

Based in Tempe, Arizona, U.S. Airways is considered the financially weakest of the major American carriers. With a focus city at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, U.S. Airways has struggled to capture a definitive corner in the airline industry. To accomplish those ends, the U.S. Airways considered a merger with a leading competitor, United Airways. Unfortunately, those negotiations fell through in April of 2010. In terms of the organizations future ability to compete in a market that experiences rapid patterns of change and restructuring, the inability to merge their future is unpredictable, which consequentially makes their stock appeal more speculative. But experts argue that this leaves the door open for a potential merger with American Airlines which…. [read more]

Nursing Process Description of the Patient Ld Term Paper

… ¶ … Nursing Process

Description of the Patient

LD is a 12-year-old female born on February 10, 994. She has four brothers, one is residing with his own family, while the other three are living with her along with her father and a sister at Massillon, OH. Her mother died of cancer in the spring of 2006. The family maintains a health insurance through the Golden Rule Insurance Company.

LD has not started menstruating yet. She has no known allergies. She has past medical record related to surgery - she undergone hip surgery in 2004 because her growth plates were not fusing. She has no history of sleeping problems (used to sleep at 10:00 or 11:00 in the evening) and maintains a regular diet. She…. [read more]

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