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Parenting Education for Teen Mothers Capstone Project

… Multi-purpose programs

Most of the parenting education intervention programs are aimed at developing parent-infant interaction, multi-purpose services such as stress management, parenting skills development, and supportive child care. Most of the studies being reviewed by the researchers were observed to have smaller sample size with lack of suitable or appropriate comparison group mothers, and inconsistent measurements. The studies have indicated that six months program with weekly sessions and group as well as one-on-one sessions is most advantageous for teen mothers in developing parenting skills in them. Mollborn (2007) investigated the influence of teenage parenthood on the material outcomes of parents, specifically the teen mothers. The most important and negative outcome of teenage parenthood on both mothers and fathers was observed to be lack of education…. [read more]

Teen Pregnancy in the United States Essay

… Teen Pregnancy in the United States: How it Impacts Maternity Nurses

Teen pregnancy is one of the United States' most significant public health problems. This is because, when compared to other similarly industrialized nations with similar health care systems, the United States has an embarrassingly high teen pregnancy rate. In fact, if judged solely by the teen pregnancy rate, one would assume that the United States was a non-industrialized, borderline third-world country, instead of the world's most significant superpower. However, teenage pregnancy remains the norm in many countries, which can lead people to wonder why teenage pregnancy is considered such a significant issue. After all, if teenage pregnancy is the worldwide norm, how can it be considered so negative in the United States? Does an…. [read more]

Counseling Be Mandatory for Teen Parents? Essay


Should parenting skills/counseling be mandatory for teen parents?

Teen parents are an issue that has been on the slow rise after falling for several years. In the U.S. alone, there are an estimated one million teen parents. About 85% of these parents usually have not planned their pregnancies. Therefore, there are huge risks which arise from unplanned pregnancies. The biggest risks for teen mothers come from delays in prenatal care and worse of if there is no care at all that they get Geronimus, 1991.

The reason why these teens do not get prenatal care is usually because they test for pregnancy quite late and they also fear telling their parents or guardians as well as others…. [read more]

Parenting Styles the Effects Term Paper

… Connell and Prinz (2002) report that the level of maternal education is related to the appropriate parental interactions and that these patterns of interaction are related in turn to high levels of social and communication skills in children. While longitudinal studies (Baker, Mackler, Sonnenschein, and Serpell, 2001; Morrison, Rimm-Kaufman & Pianta, 2003) found a strong relationship between patterns of early mother-child interaction and academic achievements of students and their social behaviors, in the course of their basic education. These authors conclude that in negative early relationships, children are at risk for negative school outcomes. Similarly, different studies (Connor, Son, Hindman, & Morrison, 2005) suggest that attitudes of students with reference to school, the teacher and cultural activities are mediated by the type of interactions that…. [read more]

Teen Pregnancy Study Thesis

… Teen Pregnancy Study

Study into the Impact of Parental Communication and Parenting Styles on Teen Pregnancy: Comparison with the Impact of Demographic Variables

It has been suggested by statistical evidence that teenage pregnancy rates have been declining in recent years, declining by 28% between 1990 and 2002. However, with 750,000 teens still falling pregnant each year (Guttmacher Institute, 2006), teen pregnancy remains a major issue in U.S. public health. The importance of lowering teen pregnancy rates is critical given the negative consequences so often associated with the condition. For example teenage mothers are associated with greater rates of neonatal and infant mortality, and also major neonatal morbidities, when compared with women in the 20 to 29 years age group (Gilbert et al., 2004). In addition,…. [read more]

Teen Preg an Unplanned Pregnancy Essay

… Some students cannot afford to purchase condoms; and others might be too embarrassed to do so. Access to birth control should be universal; and has no bearing on income or ability to pay. Students with religiously conservative parents also should not be penalized for the rest of their lives because of their parents' problems with sexuality. Just as no student should be penalized for a parent's lack of understanding of economics or literature; no student should be penalized for a parent's lack of understanding of human sexuality. In addition to condoms, other methods of birth control should be made available to adolescents at little to no cost. There should be no income barrier to accessing information, products, and services.

Finally, accidents do happen. When a…. [read more]

Parenting Marriage Essay

… "

The relationship between a happy marriage and effective parenting is evident in other studies as well, and the sheer numbers of the studies conducted on such relationships are reason enough to explore the topic further.

A second study focuses on the psychological relationship between the parents, and the way in which this is reflected upon the children, which is a very complex topic indeed. The study finds that in most emotionally unstable couples, there will be emotional abuse that the parents will, wanting or otherwise, transmit to the children. In other words, there is a higher potential that bad marriages can lead to emotional or psychological scarring for the children, thereby resulting in poor parenting.

A last study to be examined here is one…. [read more]

Teen Pregnancy and Parenting on the Educational Research Proposal

… ¶ … teen pregnancy and parenting on the educational advancement of a girl child in Buea-Cameroon

In the past 3 decades, there has been an ever increasing interest in the link between lower educational advancements of teenage mothers and adolescents who get pregnant. Numerous studies have confirmed that higher levels of teenage pregnancy are directly linked to higher levels of educational abandonment (Albert, B., Sarah and Christine, 2003; Singh and Darroch, 2000; Federal/Provincial/Territorial Advisory Committee on Population Health, 1999; Galambos and Tilton-Weaver, 1998). This level of consistency has led many researchers to believe that there is a definite and interdependent relation between the two amongst the youth (The Alan Guttmacher Institute, 2000; 1999a, 1999b, 1999c; The Real Costs of Teen Pregnancy, 2006; Social Exclusion Unit,…. [read more]

Housing Support on Teenager Parents Essay

… Whatever the consequences may be the social evil of teenage mothers has to be checked. National rules of behaviour should be framed on the Judeo-Christian tradition. The whole society needs to participate in this social movement.

Relativist Perspective advocates ethical behaviour from the experience of the other groups or nations. For the subject problem I will consider Descriptive Relativism by observing the norms, traditions and customs of other cultures. Through Mathematical Relativism argue, adopt or reject values. Relativist perspective emphasis on consensus of viewpoints to justify decisions as right and wrong. The less civilised and less developed cultures of the Eastern societies can be studied.

Another applied perspective is Virtue Ethics which is an acquired disposition from the individual character. According to Virtue Ethics, teenage…. [read more]

Teen Pregnancy in Rural U.S Essay

… Vermilion Parish Louisiana and Teen Pregnancy Factors

The statistics coming out of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, concerning teens living in the Parish who are sexually active and the resultant pregnancy rates should be of concern to Louisiana, and to the rest of America too. Louisiana, and in Vermilion Parish as an example, the rate of teen pregnancy is higher in rural areas than the national averages when compared to urban teen populations (Skatrud, Julia DeClerque, Bennett, Trude, and Loda, Frank, 1998, 21). According to a Kaiser Family Foundation (2006) report, overall teen pregnancies fell in 2000. However, there remains much to be concerned about with teens in rural areas, where the average teen pregnancy rate is 17% higher than it is in urban areas. It raises…. [read more]

Teenage Pregnancy Has Been on the Decline Case Study

… ¶ … teenage pregnancy has been on the decline in the U.S. generally, there is a very high rate of teenage pregnancy in some specific locations. An evaluation study of teenage pregnancy shows that the rate of teenage pregnancy is specifically high among the unmarried teens. This is however despite the fact that most of the evaluation studies in existence are however ineffective. This evaluation document presents a holistic approach to issue of tackling teenage pregnancy with a focus on the teenagers of Coconino County in the state of Arizona. The paper presents an evaluation of the program in accordance to its objectives. The degree of success of the program is evaluated with the use of the right metrics in order to capture the process…. [read more]

Teen Pregnancy Reality Shows on TV: Do They Glamorize the Problem? Term Paper

… Why would Maci fear that? Because Ryan gave a "cold shoulder to parenting duties" during the first season of Teen Mom, and the reason Maci and Ryan broke up (Armstrong, 2010).

Are these shows glamorizing teen pregnancy? Maci Bookout insists she's not doing it to be famous or to make money. "I'm just doing it for educational purposes," she says. Amber Portwood from Indiana was put off by the question of glamorizing teen pregnancy: "If you think it's glamorizing teen pregnancy, I don't know what's wrong with you," she barked (Armstrong, p. 3).

Letizia Guglielmo is an English professor at Kennesaw State University, and she teaches in the Gender and Women's Studies Program at the university. She has written an essay in the book MTV…. [read more]

Parenting in the 21st Century Essay

… ¶ … Parenting in the 21st Century

By any measure, effective parenting has always been a challenging enterprise that demands a wide range of skills and behaviors, particularly in single-parent families. Indeed, studies have shown time and again that children raised in what the U.S. Census Bureau terms "traditional nuclear families" (i.e., families with both biological parents present) enjoy more economic resources, outperform their single-parent family counterparts academically and experience fewer adjustment problems as they grow older. Moreover, the percentages of children being raised in single-parent families is greater today than ever before, with more than half of all children in the United States living in a single-parent family at some point in their lives. To identify how single parents can overcome these challenges and…. [read more]

Teen Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Essay

… ¶ … teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases has become one of the most common problems across many societies. As this problem continues to be prevalent, it affects every individual in the society since it not only affects a teenage girl but it also impacts her family and the entire society. According to the findings of research by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, America has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy across the globe ("Curriculum Programs to Curb Teen Pregnancy," 2004). As a result of its high rate, the United States spend huge amounts of taxpayers' money of approximately $7 billion annually on this issue. Actually, the rate of teen pregnancy in this country is twice as much as that of Great Britain,…. [read more]

Parents Matter, Don't They?" Multitudes Research Paper

… So, actually, people like Steven Pinker and Robert Winston, who have popularized this view, are involved in sleight of hand. The sleight of hand has been to go from what most people are broadly prepared to accept, which is the view that some personality traits are to some degree fixed, to the view that they're all fixed (Arena Magazine, 2008).

Therefore, while evolutionary psychology may state that people are genetically equipped with a certain potential, it does not go so far as to limit that potential to the development of a single personality. A baby may be born with 100 different possible personalities, and how that child is reared by its parents or caregivers may determine which of those 100 personalities the child will develop,…. [read more]

Teenage Pregnancy Research Paper

… Teenage pregnancy is one of the most pressing issues facing the United States and indeed the world today. In the developed world, young mothers who are faced with unplanned parenthood are an increasing strain on the economy. Generally these young women leave high school before they obtain their diploma. The majority of them raise their children as single parents and rely heavily on the welfare system. It tends to be a life of hardship not only for the mothers involved but also for their children. The economic strain on households where the mother is very young as well as unable to rise above her economic circumstances also impacts upon the psychological health of both the mother and the baby. Teenage pregnancy therefore has particular and…. [read more]

Parenting Program for Women in Drug Treatment Thesis

… Parenting Program for Women and Children in Residential Treatment

Addiction is something that has been around for many years, and there have been increasingly new ways of treating it that have been created over the course of much research and study. There are many different forms that addiction takes, and there are many different drugs and substances that someone can become addicted to, even if they are not of the age that most people would think of when they picture people that would start down that particular road. Most individuals think of addicts as primarily young, minority men in their 20s and 30s that rob, steal, and cause other problems in order to get their drugs or alcohol. However, there are also…. [read more]

Teen Pregnancy Compared Term Paper

… Overall, education programs by themselves are not effective enough to help prevent pregnancy among African-American teenage girls.

Health clinics and counselors

Community health activists have pointed to the role a clinician could play in helping teenage girls avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. This is because clinic visits are confidential. In this setting, a health-care provider is in a unique position to provide both medical care, contraception needs and counseling to the patient. The one-on-one nature of this interaction has the further advantage of ensuring the session is tailored to the patient's unique individual needs (Boekeloo et al. 1999).

Because of its healthcare focus, many of these programs emphasize educating patients about sexual diseases. In one program, for example, a nurse spends 10 to 20…. [read more]

Parent Interview on School Violence Research Proposal

… Parent Interview- School Violence: Project Description

The subjects of this project include two parents who have children in the public school system in urban Los Angeles. Both parents have children attending the same high school, the level at which one might expect school violence to pose the greatest threat to children and parents. The first parent is a fairly young single mother of one child. The mother is 31, and her daughter, aged 15, is a high-school freshman. The mother is African-American, and her daughter is of mixed ancestry, half African-American and half-Mexican-American. The father has been intermittently involved in the daughter's life, but is currently incarcerated. The other parent is also relatively young, a 38-year-old African-American father of a 16-year-old son. The father is…. [read more]

Teen Pregnancy Research Paper

… Teen sex of any sort should be done with great care.


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New York, NY: Sage…. [read more]

Parenting on the Academic Achievement Multiple Chapters

… One would suspect that in larger families headed by a single female parent that the boys would have less intimate relationships with their mother than the girls leading to more difficulties with their development. Thus, it appears as if many of the factors identified in the literature are potentially modifiable.

Downey, Ainsworth-Darnell, and Dufur (1998) discussed individualistic vs. structuralist standpoints of gender as they apply to single-parent homes. Individualistic theories view the gender of the parent as being an important factor for the relationship with the child due to biological sex differences, whereas structuralists claim that sex roles develop as a result of the social context. Downey et al. argue that the structuralist position is more valid by demonstrating that single parent men and women…. [read more]

Teenage Pregnancy the Disadvantages Thesis

… Depending on the family financial circumstances, successful care of the child may also require that the teen find a part-time job. Between the demands of baby care and the demands of earning a living, there is practically no time left for the teen parent to engage in an active social life. The strictures placed on the teen parent by having a baby may mean that they will have to miss the prom and they may not even be able to go out on dates.

Dating itself becomes extremely problematic. The teen parent may still have contact with the mother or father of the child. Very often this relationship has broken down and the girl is left to manage the care of the child by herself.…. [read more]

Teen Drinking Term Paper

… Teen Drinking

It's Friday night, and you're driving slowly down one of the many residential streets in my small hometown. Just a few hours earlier, you would have heard shouts of delight between young children as they scampered in the warm weather, but these children have since been tucked into bed. But the street is not silent, as brothers and sisters of the tucked-in children listen to loud music and laugh in their family's garages. At first, you might smile, thinking back to the parties of your own adolescence, but this is no innocent party, and by the end of the night, end of the week, or end of the year, another one of those laughing teens will be dead.

Alcohol has claimed the lives…. [read more]

Parent Psychopathology and IT's Influence on Behavioral Term Paper

… Parent Psychopathology and It's Influence On Behavioral Problems In Children: Maximizing Learning And Social Emotional Growth

Parental Self-Esteem

Amato, P.R. & Finken, L.L. (1993). Parental self-esteem and behavior problems in Children:

Similarities between mothers and fathers. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 28, 569-570.

The primary subject of this article is an examination of the connection between child problems and the self-esteem level of mothers and fathers. The study utilizes information collected from the National Survey of Families and Households. The authors hypothesize that behavior problems among children can be associated with low self-esteem in both their mother and father. The authors also test the hypothesis that child behavior problems are stronger when self-esteem problems exist in the mother than in the father. The findings…. [read more]

Teen Pregnancy Formally Essay

… Teen Pregnancy

Formally, teen pregnancy is based on a woman who will not reach her 20th birthday by the expected birth of her first child. This definition does not assume marriage, nor if the woman is legally an adult (depending on the country). The idea of marriage and birthing age has, of course, changed based on societal and cultural issues. At one time, when the lifespan was 40, it made sense for a girl to begin her childbearing years as soon as she was able, usually around 12-13. In contemporary U.S. culture, however, the amount of information and professional data that is needed to become a well-rounded citizen is so high that we usually gauge 18 as the very minimum age to begin to have…. [read more]

Teens and Media Influences Research Paper

… Teens and the Media

One prominent theory, Erik Erikson's Theory of Human Psychological Development breaks the entire human life cycle into stages. Each unique stage represents a generalized approach between the individual and the world, running from infancy to geriatric behavior. Even spanning time and culture, within each of these stages, a developmental period exhibits universal patterns (Weiten, 1995)the life-span developmental framework has, in fact, been utilized by social scientists for decades. The power of the combination of Erikson and Life-Span Development is that they uniquely focus on biological, cultural, socio-historical, and non-normative influences to provide us with a framework with which to understand and explain the particular stage a specific issue might have -- in my case, teenage years and the resultant angst, rebellion,…. [read more]

Parenting Styles and Their Effect Research Paper

… It is commonly practiced on the part of the parents that they change their parenting habits with time. Few parents are more rigid with elder children and less rigid with younger ones. Hence, the time period, changes in culture and environment and changes in circumstances evolves the parents as well as their parenting style.

Ethnicity is another vital aspect that can have an influence on the parenting style. It has been observed that authoritative parenting style is more prevalent among white families as compared to others. On the other hand, authoritarian parenting style seems to be more common among ethnic minority families. The basic reason behind this influence is the impact of culture and parental beliefs. For instance, ethnic minority families usually live in dangerous…. [read more]

Parent's Selection for Supplementary Tutoring Dissertation

… Diversity can also be discovered in the ages and experiences of tutors. In a lot settings, secondary school students were able to learn a little money by tutoring primary school children, and likewise university students tutor would do the same for those for the secondary students. A lot of the parents in Hong Kong approve of that fact of getting tutored by older people, many of tutors were retirees that had wished that they still to contribute to society and earn some extra money. Among these two excesses of age are others who deliver tutoring on a full-time or part-time foundation, and who may or may not have official training. Again this picture really contrasts with normal schooling, in which teachers are estimated to be…. [read more]

Parent-Child Relationship Inventory Term Paper

… Parent-Child Relationship Inventory

The need for an effective assessment of parenting is evident in areas such as research, counseling, and child custody cases. Finding a reliable and valid assessment tool that is appropriate for all demographics is a challenge, as the definition of good parenting may differ among various ethnic, generational, or socio-economic groups. This paper will examine the Parent-Child Relationship Inventory (PCRI), an assessment whose purpose is to measure parents' feeling toward parenting and their children. In particular, the psychometric properties of the assessment will be discussed as well as how the instrument in used in research and practice.


The PCRI is comprised of 78 self-report questions in the following content scales: Parental Support; Satisfaction with Parenting; Involvement; Communication; Limit Setting; Autonomy; and…. [read more]

Teen Pregnancy it Is Now an Established Term Paper

… Teen Pregnancy

It is now an established fact that teen pregnancy is a serious social problem which adversely affects the teenaged mothers, their children as well as the society in which they live. Although teenage pregnancy rates in the United States have fallen in recent years, they are still among the highest in the industrialized world ("Why it Matters?" 2007). Some people believe that early sex education or programs making birth control devices such as condoms available to school-age children, promotes sexual activity leading to increased teen pregnancy. In my opinion, this is a highly erroneous and misleading view as a comprehensive sex education program for the youth substantially decreases teen pregnancy. In this essay, I shall argue why I believe so and also discuss…. [read more]

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