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Advocacy Proposal How Advocacy Affects the Counseling Term Paper

… Advocacy

Proposal How Advocacy Affects the Counseling Profession: Innovations

More and more researchers are studying the ways advocacy can benefit not only clients but also the counseling profession. Advocacy is one method counselors can use to increase their influence in the community and change the environment their clients work in. Advocacy may also help strengthen the profession and aid counselors whose goal is to not only treat patients but also help them develop and grow.

A new model of advocacy proposes that counselors become community advocates, taking collective action to change the environment as well as their reputation in the community. Professional counselors can also work to raise awareness in the community of their programs and abilities. This will help strengthen the profession and improve…. [read more]

Advocacy for Medicinal Marijuana Research Paper

… However this argument fails completely when one considers that many patients are out in the black market to get what they want, and many a times the lives of these very people are put at risk by the usage of low quality synthetic replicated drugs ( Manila Bulletin, 2011).

From a Medical point-of-view, the only negative effect of Marijuana, besides the abuse of the non-medical version, has been that the drug can damage the lung if inhaled in excess (Seteve Sussman, 1996). However, there is research underway trying to find alternate ways, and already progress has been made in this regard.

The Pro Argument:

The major argument in defense of this drug comes from the very users who have been using it, legally or illegally…. [read more]

Patient Safety Thesis

… Patient Safety in the Operating Room

Patient safety is an essential important element in all institutional medical care, yet the patient is the most vulnerable to error and potential harm while he or she is in a state of sedation. Generally, such events occur during procedures but patients are most likely to be in a full state of unawareness in the operating room. It is for this reason that operating room safety is an absolutely essential aspect of patient safety and advocacy in any institution. Over the years, as operating rooms have become exceedingly busy, performing back to back surgeries for the entire day the need to confront issues of patient safety has come to the forefront, as the increased numbers of procedures also increases…. [read more]

Patients Education A-Level Outline Answer

… Patient Education

Nurses and educational requirements and patient requests -- For most of history, medical care has been the purview of a select few who held all the information and were even quite reluctant to share it with the individual patient. That seemed to change after World War II, when advances in programs to teach patients increased, particularly those that advocate preventative medicine, post-surgical or procedure care, and the level and expectation of patients. In fact, one of the interesting changes in popular culture that certainly has a profound effect upon educational requirements and patient information is that of the number and amount of medical shows in the popular media and motion pictures. On the positive side, individuals are being exposed to more medical terms,…. [read more]

Health Advocacy Campaign Essay

… Leg one is the formal lobbying effort which is provided by the independent paid individuals. Leg two is known as the grassroots leg while, leg three is the political leg, this is the one that continuously tries to have an influence on the outcome of the elections.

Leg One: Professional Lobbyists

Lobbying is basically the act through which you persuade a government entity to achieve some specific outcome or legislative. There is no bill that can be made into a law without the input from a lobbyist. Although anyone can become a lobby but most of the time the lobbyist are associated with particular parties or groups. The lobbyists are looked at by the lawmakers as the experts of various issues and are usually contacted…. [read more]

AACN Synergy Model for Nursing Patient Care Research Paper

… of money, stating that she had 3 potatoes left to eat until the end of the month. On the first of the month, which was 3 days away, she would receive her Social Security check and be able to get her medications.

Patient Characteristics

The Synergy Model describes the patient's characteristics (Table 1) that span the continuum of health and ill- ness. Each characteristic exists on its own continuum. These characteristics assist the nurse to recognize how each patient is vulnerable. Recognizing and understanding these characteris- tics and how they can change with a patient's condition or situation helps in recognizing the essential nurse competencies that synergize to result in optimal patient outcomes.

Sophie's complexity as a patient was increasing because she lacked the financial…. [read more]

Difficult Patients Mitigating Risks Research Paper

… Research Methodology

It is essential to precede any planned review with a search to establish the existence of extant reviews. Such a search will typically identify both quantitative and qualitative systematic reviews. In formulating a review question an existing qualitative systematic review is a helpful starting point because:

1. It may help in identifying key issues that have a bearing on the acceptability or effectiveness of a programme or intervention;

2. It may help in identifying barriers or facilitators to the implementation of a programme or intervention.

3. It may help in identifying important perceptions of the experience of the condition that may help in either the selection or targeting of a candidate intervention.

In identifying related nursing studies an existing qualitative systematic review is…. [read more]

Care: Issler Is a Patient Essay

… Third, patients are described by several characteristics that are linked and contribute to each other, which imply that they cannot be examined in isolation. Fourth, nurses are described on inter-related dimensions that develop the profile of the nurse. The final assumption is that the objective of nursing is to restore the patient to an optimal level of well-being as described by the patient.

The eight patient characteristics in AACN Model for Patient Care that describe the nursing practice include complexity, participation in care, vulnerability, predictability, resiliency, involvement in decision making, stability, and availability of resources. In contrast, the eight nurse competencies in the synergy model include clinical judgment, collaboration, caring practices, facilitation of learning, clinical inquiry, advocacy and moral agency, systems thinking, and response to…. [read more]

Nurse-To-Patient Ratios in Illinois Essay

… When other states have voluntarily limited nurses' workloads to those of California levels, nurse burnout and job dissatisfaction were lower and nurses reported consistently better quality of care overall (Aiken et al., 2010, 904). In general, nurses have overwhelmingly reacted to these ratios in a positive manner, embracing them as a way to improve patient care and increase nurse retention in areas that are historically difficult to staff. The American Nurses Association has stated that "the appropriate number and mix of nursing staff is critical to the delivery of quality patient care" ("Nurse Staffing Plans & Ratios," 2011). Because of that viewpoint, the association overwhelmingly supports state-mandated staffing requirements and nurse to patient ratios, especially in light of continuing cuts in hospital nursing budgets around…. [read more]

Nurse-Patient Ratios Essay

… A blog could also be helpful.

Similarly, I can write articles on the subject and publish them in relevant trade journals and popular magazines. These articles could be in offline and online places.

Increasing My Power to Influence Votes •

I would apply for a policy internship or fellowships that many state nursing and specialty nursing organizations run in order to find ways that can help me make my voice known. I would also attend their policy workshops and annual state legislative days to learn more and observe.

Since being persuasive depends so much on ability to speak publicly and write well, I would become a member of Toastmasters International where I would not only gain the confidence in addressing large meetings but be able…. [read more]

Nurse Advocacy Creative Writing

… In meeting key figures like Senator Renee Unterman, I was exposed to the wide range of public service activities and roles that nurses can serve in, while drawing from their nursing background. This program has also introduced me to the ways nurses impact health and healthcare-related legislation in a direct and important way. During the course of this program, I went to the state capitol for Nurse Legislative Day. I had the opportunity to walk on the floor and listen as bills were being passed. I was able to see firsthand how legislation impacts the care that I provide, and I uploaded a document on legislative day. These experiences and direct encounters with the legislative process inspired me to take a more active role as…. [read more]

Patient Advocacy Essay

… Nursing

Patient Advocacy

Even though the use of insulin pens has become more and more common among those patients who are on insulin therapy, the use of these pens has been banned in most hospitals due to safety issues that have arisen surrounding them. These issues need to be dealt with so that these pens can once again be used in hospital settings. Insulin pens provide a host of benefits to the patients that use them along with being beneficial in cost savings to those hospitals that do use them.

The phobias that often surround the use of syringes and needles tend to complicate matters when it comes to insulin delivery. Some people associate needles with illegal drugs, while others fear the social stigma of…. [read more]

Nurse as Patient Advocate Persons Term Paper

… Mary Brophy (2001) discusses the role of nurse advocacy in the neonatal unit. The doctors and nurses are acting in the best interest of the infant. However, they also must not forget the infant also has a family who also has an opinion as to what is best for the infant. This can get into a struggle as to who has the most rights, especially when the opinions differ widely..

In the days of Florence Nightingale, nurses were the subjects of the doctors. They treated a group of patients, whom, except for a few were an uneducated lot and placed their lives in the hands of the educated. The doctor, because of differences between the educational level of himself and that of his patient, often…. [read more]

Nursing Concept Theoretical Research Paper

… Overall, we can delineate Peplau's theory into seven major templates (roles) that form the basis of the nurse-client relationship and are strategic for Watson's applications:





Meets and gets to know patient just as one would meet and learn about a new person; asking about life situations, providing a climate that builds trust, and establishing rapport.

Allows for the patient to feel important, and for the nursing professional to see the client as more than a chart full of data.


Answers questions for the patient, interprets medical tests and jargon, gives information on treatment and tests, takes the mystery out of medicine.

Part of trust-building as well; many patients are frightened of terms and procedures, but are far less anxious once…. [read more]

Role of Nurse as a Patient Advocate Term Paper

… Nurses as Patient Advocates

Most people even in the medical industry think of nurses as individuals who provide direct medical care to patients, within the guidelines of their own profession as well as the orders of the physicians managing care. Yet, there is a great deal more to the profession than the simple provision of direct medical care. The nurse has a distinct advantage, over many other health care professionals in that they often spend the most time with patients. In this role they interact on a clinical as well as social level with the patient and in almost every setting learn things about the patient that others providing care may never know. It is for this reason that nurses are the most logical persons…. [read more]

Nurse Patient Ratios and Quality Thesis

… Conclusions

Patients, politicians, and community leaders are almost unanimous in their desire for more highly trained and satisfied nurses within the healthcare system (Fitzgerald, 2001). The data is quite clear, the lower the level of qualified nurse staffing, the more there associated negative consequences for the patient -- a direct relationship between understaffed organization and an increase in adverse outcomes. In almost every case the reason for the staffing situation was budgetary -- there simply were not enough bodies to handle the patient load. Patient satisfaction studies, in fact, are higher in hospitals in which RNs have better working conditions and nurse/patient ratios (Kutney-Lee,, 2009). Adding staff as appropriate, however, results in an up to 25% decrease in adverse reactions. Thus, it is not…. [read more]

Role of Nurse as Patient Advocate Term Paper

… ¶ … Role of Nurse as Patient Advocate

The role of nurses has dramatically changed even in the last twenty years. The nurse is increasingly seen as a professional who acts as an advocate for patients. Within the filed of nursing, standards, language and expectations have evolved to help better meet the needs of patients and to better utilize the unique role of the nurse as a clients medical and psychosocial confidant. As the individual who is likely to spend the greatest amount of one on one time with the patient the nurse is important in the whole delivery system, as a source of advocacy and voice for patient impaired by disease or treatment. In this work the role of the nurse as the patient…. [read more]

Macro Practice Social Work Essay

… Advocacy

Veterans of the United States Armed forces have access to several official avenues for advocacy including the Department of Veterans Affairs. Congresspersons likewise should be as responsive as possible to the needs and concerns of constituent veterans. The Veterans Advocacy group is an association of attorneys and also provides training for attorneys wishing to help. Streamlining veterans advocacy, the Veterans Advocacy group and the National Veterans Legal Services Program helps clients access their due benefits. Yet in spite of all the large groups serving the needs of the American veteran community, social workers can and should create smaller scale advocacy programs.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is an office of the federal government that handles benefits claims. Patient care is a top priority, as…. [read more]

Improving Patient Care Through Nursing Leadership Essay

… Data was gathered from reports from 43,000 nurses from more than 700 hospitals in Canada, England, Germany, Scotland, and the United States between 1998-99 (Aiken, et al., 2001). Importantly, the researchers found that nurses in countries with distinctly different health care systems report similar shortcomings in their work environments and the quality of hospital care (Aiken, et al., 2001). The researchers concluded that while nurse and physician competence is satisfactory, core problems in work design and workforce management pose real threats to patient care (Aiken, et al., 2001). The findings increase the saliency of the identified issues as amenable to managerial intervention, and underscore the pivotal capacity of nursing leadership to influence patient safety and consistently high quality patient care (Aiken, et al., 2001).

References…. [read more]

Inpatient Ratio and Morale ER Research Proposal

… For instance, the situation and patient-level areas are embedded within the job-level and the job-level workload can be categorized under the unit-level. Thus, the unit-level would be the macro-level, whereas situation and patient levels could be thought of as micro-levels (Carayon & Gurses, 2005).

The workload at the unit-level one of the most common factors of concern regarding morale and burnout in ER nurses is the nurse-patient ratio. There has been quite a bit of research that has suggested that reductions in the nurse-patient ratio can clear up major issues with nurse morale, patient care, and patient satisfaction (Aiken et al., 2002; Lang et al., 2004). Most often it appears that optimum recommendations for the nurse to patient ratio is 1:5 (Aiken et al., 2002);…. [read more]

Healthcare for Mentally Impaired Patients Term Paper

… He says, "That's not what these buildings are. Patients receive a large number of services in such facilities, including skilled nursing and physician care that may not be replicated in a smaller setting." (Seidenberg, B.)

Albeit, while some nursing homes may lack sufficient staff to take proper care of residents, there is no excuse for the alarming statistics stating that -- according to a congressional report - many institutions have in the past been found guilty of violating abuse prevention standards. While the report identified nearly 5,300 nursing homes between January 1999 and January 2001, it also states that the percentage of nursing homes cited for abuse has doubled since 1996. In some cases the violations were "serious enough to cause actual harm to residents…. [read more]

Rights of Patients Essay

… Nursing respect for patient's common and legal rights- One of the principles of modern nursing is the idea of using certain ethical philosophies to guide behaviors. Several of these principles speak directly to the idea of patient rights. Autonomy, for instance, is a concept that allows rational individuals to make un-coerced decisions. An individual must be allowed to be responsible for his/her own actions, and those decisions must be respected by the medical community, and advocated by the nurse. After some of the atrocities uncovered during the post-World War II era, this idea ensures that the patient understands procedures, tests and all manner of medical care, and if not, is able to be adequately represented by a family member (Rai, 2009). In addition, the concept…. [read more]

Rights of Patients Essay

… Rights of Patients

Patients' Rights in South Australia

Increasingly in developed nations, medical patient rights are being identified as something separate and distinct from the rights accorded under more general civil law. Much civil law is predicated on the idea that the citizen will have a capacity to represent himself or herself in a dispute. Healthcare patients are, by contrast, at considerable mercy to a system of nurses, doctors, administrators, facilities and agencies. This necessitates a high level of trust that these parties will conduct themselves appropriately and in the best interests of the patient. In light of this necessity, governments have seen it fit in recent years to explicitly establish rights specific to patients. In contexts such as South Australia, this has helped to…. [read more]

Legalization of Marijuana Ease Patient Term Paper


Using the information from the Marijuana Policy Project one can easily conclude that legalizing marijuana will ease patient suffering.

Marijuana Policy Project (

It is well recognized that Marinol's oral route of administration hampers its effectiveness because of slow absorption and patients' desire for more control over dosing." [Pp. 205, 206]"


As advances in medical science continue to extend the life of seriously ill patients, the choice to continue treatment often falls to the patient to decide. The effects of treatment can be debilitating. Those who have chronic pain can also become worn down and decide to give up the fight for life. Many find relief in the use of marijuana, but have to worry about the legal risks they are taking each…. [read more]

Improving Patient Safety Through Nursing Education Reforms Essay

… ADN-prepared nurses are expected to care for individuals and members of a family, while the scope of practice for BSN-prepared nurses includes aggregates and community groups as well. The level of responsibility differs, with ADN-prepared nurses typically tasked with providing care for a specified period, within a structured healthcare setting, and according to well-defined policies and procedures. By comparison, BSN-prepared nurses assume responsibility for patients from admission to discharge in both structured and unstructured settings and may be required to make independent nursing care decisions. ADN-prepared nurses are expected to be able to read and understand the research literature, then advocate for improved quality of care based on the evidence. BSN-prepared nurses, on the other hand, are not only expected to read and understand the…. [read more]

Medical Assessment Initial Patient Analysis Essay

… 2. Cognition -- inability to communicate seems to be in psychological distress and not knowing place, tremors suggest cerebral or chemical event.

Areas of Concern- Primary concerns are the symptoms that indicate blood sugar (diabetes issues) or potential stroke event. Because of the appearance of patient, first steps would be to evaluate with a fasting glucose test and other indicators of diabetic concern. As cardiovascular disease increases in the aging population, older people are more likely to experience a stroke. In fact, age is the single most important risk factor for strokes. However, despite the statistics, it is not inevitable and identification and modifying risk factors in older people, combined with carative advocacy from nurses, can help reduce incidence of stroke. Risk factors are clinically…. [read more]

Role of Advocacy and Professional Nursing Thesis

… Role of Advocacy and Professional Nursing

Patient advocacy has been a concept in nursing since Florence Nightingale. Although it is an accepted component of the profession of nursing, the concept of advocacy's ambiguous nature has resulted in a variety of definitions causing confusion. Despite the confusion, the catalyst for advocacy is the same -- protecting patients against risks of vulnerabilities. There are specialized instances when advocacy goes even one step further, such as with victim care. However, to facilitate advocacy, nurses need to be empowered. Without empowerment, nurses often turn to informal power structures to perform patient advocacy. Although advocacy is an important part of the nursing profession, until the concept is clearly defined, there will continue to be confusion regarding the role of advocacy…. [read more]

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