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Patient Safety Culture Article Review

… Patient Safety Culture

Patient safety in hospitals has been given a great deal of attention by the scholarly community. Kohn, Corrigan, & Donaldson (2000) in their study found that nearly one hundred thousand people die each year because of errors made by hospital staff (Kohn, Corrigan, & Donaldson, 2000). In addition, Stelfox, Palmisani, Scurlock, Orav and Bates (2006) and Vira et al. (2006) in their respective study found that researchers have used both qualitative and quantitative techniques to investigate the difficulties faced by the medical staff whilst providing a safe and secure hospital environment.

In an earlier study, Lee (1996) found that with regards to patient safety culture (PSC) the point-of-views, actions and activities, along with ability of the organizational workforce determines the level of…. [read more]

Patient Falls and Nursing PICO Research Paper

… Managerial commitment is vital to help keep staff motivated and to ensure a commitment to a common culture. Finally, rounding is a significant step to improving patient care and should be a hospital wide mandate, not simply used for critical or surgical care patients (Olrich, et al., 2012).

Evidence-Based Practice Analysis -- Research data clearly shows that if a hospital unit requires hourly round then there is a clear improvement in patient safety, as well as addressing needs that typically result in call lights. Typically, the hourly round regime includes identification and addressing each patients pain level, position, comfort, offering toilteting assistance, checking equipment and providing updated information on the patient's condition. The rounding programs helps to reduce patient falls, pressure ulcers, and call light…. [read more]

Current Issues in Quality and Safety Term Paper

… ¶ … Quality and Safety

Safety health and quality healthcare delivery have been the emphasis of the healthcare professionals in the last few decades. With importance been laid on the quality and safety in the healthcare delivery, healthcare organizations are continuously embracing science of safety, and quality in healthcare delivery. While there is no universal agreed definition of healthcare quality, however, the major framework of quality healthcare delivery incorporates the following dimensions:

Effectiveness of treatments and healthcare delivery based on the best practice and scientific knowledge.

Reducing wait that could lead to the harmful delay.

Ability to avoid injury to patients




Appropriateness of means of healthcare delivery.

By following these rules, the healthcare providers could effectively enhance quality of healthcare delivery. On…. [read more]

Workplace Demands Influences Patient Safety Essay

… This can specify minimum efficiency levels for healthcare specialists. likewise it can assist to form the companies where they work, and the devices (medicines and gadgets) they make use of expectations for to look after their clients (Lee, 2013). The standards and norms set by the healthcare experts affect the practice, training, as well as education for service providers. Therefore, societies need to become leaders in motivating and requiring renovations in patient safety, by such activities as setting their own efficiency criteria, assembling and interacting with members about safety, including focus on patient safety in training programs, and working together throughout disciplines. The activities of huge buyers of healthcare and healthcare insurance, along with activities by specific customers, likewise can influence the habits of healthcare…. [read more]

Osteomyelitis in the Diabetic Patient Article

… He ignored the lesion believing it was only a minor injury. No consultation or treatment was carried out. Within three weeks, the leg swelling and a high grade fever raised concerns and prompted him to seek medical attention.

A physical examination confirmed bone tenderness and tissue inflammation. A battery of tests including blood cultures revealed elevated white blood cell counts and an increased ESR. Patient B's CRP test was positive. Finally, a bone x-ray led to an official diagnosis of osteomyelitis. The patient went on to receive several rounds of antibiotic therapy. A solid nursing management plan was instituted to help alleviate pain and remedy the condition. A fairly early diagnosis and swift implementation of the treatment plan played a vital role in his successful…. [read more]

Strategy Patient Care and Hospital Research Paper

… Hence, the mediator, in the given situation, is expected to influence the parties involved to have a discussion which encompasses long-term, permanent solution with maximum financial viability and effectiveness supporting better patient-care which is the core essence of the whole process.


Drazen, E., Feeley, R., Metzer, J., Wolfe, H. (1980).Methods for evaluating costs of automated hospital information systems. Department of Health and Human Services, National Centre for Health Services Research, PHS no. 233-79- 3000

Farlee C. (1981). Systems Evaluation: Problems and challenges. Proceedings, First National Conference on Computer Technology and Nursing Bethesda MD: U.S., DHHS, PHS (NIH Pubn0 83- 2124).

Herbst, K., LittleJohns, P., Rawlins, J., Collinson, M., & Wyatt, C. (1999). Evaluating computerized systems: hardware, software and humanware: experiences from the Northern Province…. [read more]

Kings Daughter the Culture Essay

… To me, the real leaders in this company are the sub-division leaders. These leaders are often given the title of director and are in charge of hundreds of people and patients. The delivery of high quality of care rests upon these leaders' abilities to take objectives and directives and put them into practice. These positions in the organization are high stress and require patience, determination and a commitment to delivering an acceptable level of care.

Inherent within this system is an informal line of communication that supports, as opposed to undermining the more explicit and formal way of doing business. Sharing information and learning results from past experiences is encouraged throughout the model. Many close bonds and friendships are clearly evident throughout the workplace and…. [read more]

Pain Management in Post-Operative Patients Essay

… They stimulate supraspinal condescending inhibitory system that accelerates the hyperpolarization of second order neurons. Opioid receptors have been shown to be unable to influence inflammatory reactions although they appear in vitro in the peripheral nerve terminal. Their inability breads ineffectiveness in management of pain especially so where movement takes place (Hill and Jones, 2007).

Opioids are administered in various ways; intravenously, intramuscularly, subcutaneously; in the transmucosal, epidural, intrathecal or transdermal. Intravenous administration is the more common postoperative administration. A better result in administration of opioids is intrathecal in small doses when the major source of nociceptive stimuli is visceral pain (Hill and Jones, 2007).

Patient controlled analgesia (PCA) maximizes administration of analgesic opioids and reduces the effects of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic differences in specific patients.…. [read more]

Significance of Patient Safety in Relation to Qsen Competencies Capstone Project

… If the medical staff fails to inform patients about these details, the result will be a wrong decision made by the patient. (Rao, 2008)

The QSEN competencies have segment dedicated to patient safety as well. This shows the importance of this issue. It is mandatory for the nurses to have the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude about patient safety. If they fail to fulfil the requirements, they will not get the license or graduation. (Gorski, 2010)

Provision of information to the patient before making medical decision is an important part of patient safety. If the patient is not informed about the options and risks facing him, he will definitely be put in harm's way. So, it is a duty of the medical staff to supply…. [read more]

Nursing Process Improvement and Change Essay

… Most organization are facing challenges when trying to build up productive work atmosphere. However, when technical and social systems are jointly optimized, health care organizations considerably benefit from IT.

The ever-rising abundance of information requires that health care nurses synthesize and make decisions through inter-shift updates. Decisions are founded on the data trends and present information provided through handoffs (Simpson, 2005). To compress information besides making it controllable among the nurses involved, handoff s lead to progressive information loss given that data is not conveyed, misinterpreted or missed. The misinterpretation and omission of crucial information, particularly in handwritten handoffs causes discontinuity of care provision besides impending patients' therapeutic course. These failures come with major safety threats to patients and affects delivery of quality.


Initiating…. [read more]

Patient Identifiers the Importance Term Paper

… Non-compliance with existing patient safety guidelines represented 95.2% of all errors found, which suggests the vast majority of errors were preventable.

Misidentification during Medication Administration

During a study observing nurse-patient interactions in three hospitals in England, close to 7% of nurses failed to ask the patient's name when administering medication in an acute mental health care setting (Duxbury et al., 2010). The failure to positively identify the patient before administering medication violated the patient care guidelines set forth by the Nursing Midwifery Council. This was particularly troubling since two nurses made the medication rounds, with one acting as an observer. Medication errors are the most common source of preventable adverse events, and are believed to have led to the deaths of 1200 patients in England…. [read more]

Quality and Safety Education for Nurses Essay

… There is also need to have a well drafted shift exchange between the incoming lot and the outgoing lot. The outgoing lot needs to wait for the incoming lot until they come and must as well explain to them their activity of the day in details and how far they have reached with a given patient, any special reactions that need to be take care of and the changes in health status if any, be they positive or negative.

It is of high significance and importance for hospitals to have standardizations in every department in order to make the practice of the nurses and doctors therein to be of the required levels. This will ensure there is high reliability in the treatment that each patient…. [read more]

Hospital Falls Fall Prevention Term Paper

… , 2006). However, implementing an intervention strategy to address the environmental conditions and the human conditions that can work to mitigate the risks associated with patient falls.

There have been many attempts to implement an evidence based approach to reduce the instances of falls that have shown to be successful in certain areas. For example, an evidence-based nursing guideline had been locally developed in 1993 to reduce fall incidence rates, creating a thirty percent reduction in the fall rate post-implementation (Semin-Goossens, van der Helm, & Bossuyt, 2003). However, the literature has produced many studies that have shown conflicting outcomes of interventions. Yet, in the studies that found positive outcomes, interventions have indicated that a fall-risk assessment on admission and reassessment after a fall additional supervision…. [read more]

Reducing Blood Culture Contamination Rates in the ED Research Paper

… Reducing Blood Culture Contamination Rates in the ED

Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Issue Project

Problem Statement & Literature Support

At Ford Hospital, the current staff turnover rate is 25% after one year on the unit. In settings where nurse turnover exceeds 12%, the following clinical, organizational, and financial challenges have been noted:

Lower patient care scores on national benchmark data

Lower utilization management rates than national benchmark data

Higher bed per day cost than national benchmark data

Quality patient care as evidenced by patient care quality measures surveys, are correlated to successful clinical outcomes and strong revenue growth from clinical operations (Kaldenberg, Gobeli, 1995). Additionally, quality patient care is further correlated to the employment of a professional and highly competent nursing staff and with…. [read more]

Quality and Patient Safety by Setting Essay

… Quality and Patient Safety

Explain why quality and patient safety are important for Massachusetts General.

Quality and patient safety is a major concern in ensuring the protection of all individuals. This is because, the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005, was created in response to growing concerns about patient safety issues throughout the country. Hence, the government has set up various standards to check the quality and patient safety in numerous hospitals across nation. To achieve this objective, the Department of Health and Human Services has developed the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety (HSOPS). This analyzes the findings of various surveys, to note whether a particular hospital is following all the standards of quality and patient safety. In the case of Massachusetts General…. [read more]

Current Issues in Quality and Safety Term Paper

… ¶ … Quality and Safety

Over the last several years, issues of quality and safety have been continually brought to the forefront surrounding health care services. This is because there have been various attempts to address the underlying problems by: creating numerous reporting systems. These are designed to: track and monitor the different safety, as well as quality issues that arise at a facility. As host of t countries have been embracing this basic approach. The problem with this kind of policy is that it is reactive to: various events that are occurring and it can ignore key problems that could be affecting a health system.

A good example of this can be seen with a study that was conducted by the British Journal of…. [read more]

Historical Significance of Anesthesia Research Paper

… Anesthesia means temporary loss of sensation including pain. It is a Greek word, which literally means "to negate sensation." (Silver, 1957) the main significance of Anesthesia is its ability to provide painless procedures of surgery by causing analgesia, unconsciousness and amnesia in patients, subsequently it also results in undesirable suppression and relaxation of muscles. Combinations of drugs are required in order to achieve these effects quickly and effectively. Until the discovery of anesthesia, performing surgery and tooth extraction was an extremely painful procedure. Therefore, the significance of anesthesia is to relieve anxiety and stress in patients and making them comfortable for the surgery. Pain is an undesirable symptom which tells our body that something is wrong. Over time several efforts has been done to get…. [read more]

U.S. Statistics Indicate That 80 Capstone Project

… The key thrust for performance excellence is to establish a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that builds upon a strong foundation of quality, professionalism and team excellence always.

Researcher's Work Setting and Role

The researcher has been an officer of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)

for 10 years. The researcher has held the equivalent rank of Major since 2001. The

researcher has held positions as a deputy Officer Commanding Quality Assurance and a Flight Commander at an F-16 Air Force Base in Singapore. Currently the researcher is the Senior National Representative of the Republic of Singapore Air Force at the Ogden

Air Logistics Centre (OO-ALC), Hill AFB, Utah. The researcher received his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Advanced…. [read more]

Organizational Culture Nursing Term Paper

… Recent financial struggles in the health sector may be forcing nurses and other providers to become more aware of innovative ways to do tasks in more cost effective ways. While this is being shown to have many patient benefits, it has to be done in a way that is accepted by other employees in order to ensure that individual practices don't weaken the normative standards of the operational culture (Dodek, 2010: 673).

Example of Organization in Change: In reviewing the literature on this topic I found a good example of cultural change within the Strategies for Nurse Managers newsletter of the American Nurses Credentialing Center, which oversees some 371 facilities. They note how St. Luke's Regional Medical Center in Idaho developed a Return to Care…. [read more]

Controlling Violent Health Care Patients Term Paper

… Taking the perspective of the physicians acting as employers, they can well assess the number of risk factors; both the obvious as well as those appear from time to time. Having assessed the nature of the various risk factors, it is for the physicians to develop necessary strategies through the adoption of adequate policies, procedures all aimed at primarily preventing, and in the case of the dispute or conflict having already risen, or ensued, intervening to address and end it effectively (Lipscomb 1999).

One of the most important strategies to be adopted by the physicians as employers should be to keep the line of communication duly open between himself or his management and their employees with a focus on reporting of events as and when…. [read more]

Organisational Cultures Term Paper

… Instead, many of these changes appear to have been made for but for economic reasons (Warne et al., 2002).

When market approaches were introduced in the 1990s, the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) was implemented, as well. The PFI involved the private ownership of public capital assets.

Soon after, the New Labour Party was presented with the immediate and challenging task of dealing with an insolvent NHS. The PFI had changed the structure and organisation of the NHS.

In 1997, NHS Trusts and Health Authorities had a debt of about £1 billion. The internal market, which had been created by the Conservative government in the early 1990s, had failed to bring in the benefits expected from markets, including more consumer-led services, fewer costs, and an improved…. [read more]

VA Patient Fall Reduction Strategies Term Paper

… These two standards are applicable to virtually any change initiative at a health care organization, but they are especially salient for a patient fall-reduction initiative since it affects a broad range of health care providers and support staff members.

The first step in improving the efficacy of the initiatives that the VA implements to reduce patient falls organization-wide is to assign a change agent at each health care facility that will champion the initiative through to completion and monitor its effectiveness thereafter to ensure it is achieving the desired results (Sallie-Dosunmu & Wilson, 2018). Although these individual change agents will have personal responsibility for the oversight of the change initiative, they can and should be assisted by others in its implementation and administration (Sallie-Dosunmu…. [read more]

Ethics Is a Patients Irrational Decision to Refuse Treatment Binding to a Health Care Professional Term Paper

… Philosophy

However, if the patient is irrational or uninformed, it could have profound implications for the health care professionals treating the patient, and they could end up in court if they do not have the proper documentation of consent.

Argument a.

The patient has the right to fee will with their own mind and body.

Religious reasons may be a larger deciding factor to refuse.

One's cultural norm is not the same as another's and there for treatment cannot be forced.

Irrational patients, their guardians, and treatment.

Specific case examples.

Counterargument - Examples of invalid arguments.


Examples to prove the argument valid.

Patient Decisions Not to Treat

The purpose of this paper is to introduce and analyze the topic of patient decisions on the…. [read more]

Transcultural Nursing Model Trans-Cultural Term Paper

… According to the theory, the provision of a supportive holistic environment helps in enhancing the caring process. This is where a nurse should offer patient privacy, safety, and comfort. In order to enhance the quality of nursing, human needs should be addressed. Based on the Maslow's pyramid of human needs there are different levels of the needs, which vary in significance.

Watson classifies the needs into biophysical, psychophysical, and psychosocial needs. The classification places psychosocial needs as the higher. Similar to the Maslow's theory these needs include the need for affiliation, achievement, and self-actualization. The lover order needs include but not limited to the need for food, ventilation, and activity. According to the Watson Caring Model, a human being should be viewed as a person…. [read more]

Cultures Work: That What Is Considered Abnormal Book Report

… ¶ … cultures work: that what is considered abnormal and almost impossible to achieve in one, is considered routine in another. For instance, the description of Foua's birthing procedure was amazing to me -- her strength and the ability that she could break off and continue with 'regular' life as before.

I especially appreciated the amount of knowledge and detail that went into description of the Lee's life. The author's apparent scholarliness and insight in their life as well as empathy is admirable.

I was confused however, by the extent to which relative ethics and beliefs can be taken. Dilemmas can sometimes be caused, as was shown in these chapters, by cultures professing their ways of life to be superior to another. There may be…. [read more]

Quality Improvement for Patient Falls Term Paper

… Nursing-sensitive indicators produced by NDQF are indicators that reflect the quality of nursing care provided to the patient that represents competence, devotion, and level of education / certification of nurse and organization. All indicators are based on empirical evidence. The indicator would be the number of patients falls (ANA)

State the problem and mission in measurable terms; clearly state the unit of analysis.

Explain why your selected nursing indicator is a priority for your organization and support your selection with data.

Identify which quality improvement model best fits your nursing indicator and justify your selection with evidence from the research literature.

Detail the primary measurement that you will be utilizing, and the goal, in comparison to an external source (i.e. scores received by other similar…. [read more]

Business Ethics Our Patient Referral Company Fields Term Paper

… Business Ethics

Our patient referral company fields calls from clients with physical or mental disabilities and refers them to appropriate social workers, therapists, or doctors. The basis of the organization is highly ethical, as we do our best to match client and therapist and do not offer special treatment to any doctors. For the most part, our small office operates without any significant moral or ethical issues. Because we act as a tightly-knit community, we generally treat each other with respect and have created a healthy and diverse corporate culture.

However, I have also noticed some minor flaws in the moral practices of some company employees as well as of the company in general. First, the owners of the company remain distant from the employees.…. [read more]

Practicing Quality Care in Saudi Arabia Book Report

… 804). By acknowledging patients' rights, providers show concern and respect for patients. As Al Momani and Al Korashy (2012) show, "failure of nurses and other health care providers to take into account factors observed and reported by patients as important to their nursing care is inconsistent with the notion of patient-centered care and patient empowerment" (p. 42). Treating each patient in the manner that he or she wishes to be treated is what providing quality care is all about. This means that understanding patient needs and interacting with patients in a way that demonstrates respect for the patient's culture, beliefs, and attitudes is a significant part of health care. Administering to symptoms, ailments and illnesses is only one portion of providing care. Because patients are…. [read more]

Primary Care and Patient Safety Essay

… This phase describes the way the concept is calculated or the way the trend is recognized in the real world. Therefore, a concept analysis involving patient safety in primary care, the determining characteristics are quantifiable and observable. Different medical scholars utilized different tools. Probably the most favored instruments by most scientific studies to determine patient safety is giving a survey to the individuals which contains questions regarding patient safety procedures (Berland, Gundersen And Bentsen, 2012). Most qualitative research utilized interviewing as an effective way of assessment. The interviews mainly provided documenting and confirming patient safety information amongst medical service providers as well as their individual encounters of patient safety occurrences (Kadhim, 2017).
The idea of patient safety in primary care continues to be chosen…. [read more]

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