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Patient Guide to the Worldwide Essay

… Cancer is a diagnosis which has a rapidly advancing universe of potential cures and helps. This means that information can become dated very quickly and new information becomes available almost daily.

Look for links to other sites (which also meet the above criteria) for verification and new information, and do not give out health information unless it is absolutely necessary (NCCAM, 2006)

Suspect Site

The Atkins were provided with several examples of non-credible sites that should be avoided for different reasons. As an example the article at was cited as a bad source of information. This website,, publishes articles from people who may have a little knowledge of the issue, but they are not credentialed professionals. This particular article gives no information about…. [read more]

Patient Perceptions of Maternal HIV Case Study

… For each patient in this study X and Y were known, but the researchers wanted to establish a straight line through the data that minimizes the Sum of the Squares of the vertical distances on a graph of the various points from the line that dissects the points.

Study bias. Participating patients self-selected to complete surveys, and not all survey respondents may have understood the terminology used in the survey in the same way.

Summary of Table 4. The recollection of patients regarding their physicians' practices are shown in Table 4, along with the responses of the physicians. Physician responses reflect their practice standards for recommending testing to women with exhibiting certain attributes or life situations, and also two specific questions that the physicians ask…. [read more]

Patient Guide to the Internet Thesis

… Patient Guide to the Internet

Amy B. is a 25-year-old female. She has been struggling with her weight ever since childhood, and has suffered a number of medical complications throughout her life. The most recent culmination of such problems was a diagnosis of asthma. This is aggravated by a slight allergy to dust and pollen. Amy's physician emphasized the fact that she needs to make a commitment to controlling her weight in order to make handling her asthma in a more proactive way. He also provided her with literature on asthma, its origins, and how it should be handled. In addition, he gave her various documents to help the weight management issue. Although she has an unfortunate relationship with food, Amy is committed to managing…. [read more]

Education of Abbasid Today Term Paper

… These palace schools also prepared children of rulers for higher education. Like the later town and palace schools in Renaissance Europe, they also taught students the arts of formal speaking and conversation, history, tradition, and ethics. The teachers of these schools were called mu'addi, which means "one who refines manners."

Arab women studied, practiced and taught medicine, mysticism, poetry, teaching, and oratory and even took active roles in military conflicts. However, due to false Arab stereotypes, women do not receive much credit for their accomplishments and contributions to Arab history.

In these early mosques, teachers did not follow a specific format or curriculum. Instead, teachers were allowed to teach freely and use a variety of methods of instruction. Some teachers would teach from a text…. [read more]

Graduate Certificate Nursing Education Learning Essay

… For this purposes, researches involving adult learning theories were studied. It was established that Typical adult learning theories encompass the basic concepts of behavioral change and experience. From there, complexities begin to diverge specific theories and concepts in an eclectic barrage of inferences. Furthermore, there are "four invariant stages of cognitive development that are age related" (Merriam & Caffarella, 1999, p. 139). According to the authors, Piaget contends that normal children will reach the final stage of development, which is the stage of formal operations, between the age of twelve and fifteen. According to a literature review by Owen (2002), humanism, personal responsibility orientation, behaviorism, neobehaviorism, critical perspectives, and constructivism are all important facets of, and perspectives on, adult learning theory. The most common treatments…. [read more]

Clinical Education Essay

… (Condlin, nd, p.321) According to Condlin, the central feature of this process and it conscious use "both in theory and practice, of the dynamics of role adjustment." (nd, p.321) This process is reported to generate "a number of epistemological and motivational consequences of enormous importance" and as well, the process of role adjustment additionally "triggers a need to know and justify." (Condlin, nd, p.321)

The New York State Judicial Institute Partners in Justice in their "Colloquium on Developing Collaborations Among Courts, Law School Clinical Programs and the Practicing Bar reports that the earliest forms of clinical legal education was such that "…embraced the dual goals of hands-on training in lawyering skills and provision of access to justice for traditionally unrepresented clients." (Condlin, nd, p.321) In…. [read more]

Patient Centered Medical Homes Term Paper

… Practices of this sort are equipped with an integrated health information technology system. In addition, are supported by an adequate payment arrangement that distinguishes the added value of patient-centered components (Bates, 2010).

In the model of patient centered medical home, the patient is put in the center of the care model where all of the needs and concerns are taken care of. The top priority is to satisfy the patients with quality care and safety. The treatment provided in PCMH are cost-efficient, in addition the physician payments reflects the PCMH's added value. In a PCMH, the patient works together with the family physician in order to ensure the wellness of a patient.

In 1967, the term medical home was made use of by the American…. [read more]

Patient Falls and Nursing PICO Research Paper

… Managerial commitment is vital to help keep staff motivated and to ensure a commitment to a common culture. Finally, rounding is a significant step to improving patient care and should be a hospital wide mandate, not simply used for critical or surgical care patients (Olrich, et al., 2012).

Evidence-Based Practice Analysis -- Research data clearly shows that if a hospital unit requires hourly round then there is a clear improvement in patient safety, as well as addressing needs that typically result in call lights. Typically, the hourly round regime includes identification and addressing each patients pain level, position, comfort, offering toilteting assistance, checking equipment and providing updated information on the patient's condition. The rounding programs helps to reduce patient falls, pressure ulcers, and call light…. [read more]

Patient Essay

… To be safe and thorough, all potentials will be dealt with in nursing plan.

Plan -- The first step in the plan will be to identify conclusively the source of Mr. D's symptoms; 1, 2 or 3 above. To do this, we will begin with test A and proceed as needed:

A. Fasting Plasma Glucose Test, possible oral glucose tolerance test

B. Glycated hemoglobin (A1C) test

C. Cholesterol, Thyroid, Liver Function, Kidney Function, Electrolytes, Clotting time tests

D. Potential CT brain scan

E. Potential MRI scan

F. Electrocardiogram

In this case, we will assume the most optimistic diagnosis for Mr. D. -- Type-2 diabetes that is somewhat out of control. The plan would then be to place Mr. D. On a regime that will control…. [read more]

Nursing Education Does Essay

… The article gave several different evidence-based practices that could be used to further diversity in nursing education.

2. Assess instructional materials given to patients or students. Is it appropriate for a multicultural curriculum/audience? To what extent to instructional materials support inclusiveness. Are materials reflective of diversity? Are materials free of gender, culture, religious and ethnic bias? Can hospital/academic policies be implemented fairly for all learners?

It is difficult to make a blanket statement regarding the appropriateness of nursing material as a whole, but healthcare organizations realize the importance of inclusiveness so most materials do respect that quality of the society. The materials assessed for this question gave specific attention to diverse groups of people, and there was additional material that dealt with specific groups if…. [read more]

Patients Undergoing Mechanical Ventilation Contract Essay

… O., Santiago, C., & Lau, G. (2008). Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Bundled

Strategies: An Evidence-Based Practice. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing Fourth

Quarter, 192-204.

This study analyzed several literatures and aimed at ascertaining whether the use of VAP bundle practices may help reduce pneumonia attacks among patients. Furthermore, the study initiated a descriptive framework for application by clinicians in improving their understanding of VAPB in clinical settings. This group confirmed that, proper implementation of VAPB significantly reduces VAP rates, ventilator stays and mortality rates among patients. Besides, the study recommended that random studies were to be undertaken by researchers to help them examine the effectiveness of VAPB practices in medical facilities.

Hsu, S.P., Liao, C.S., Li, C.Y., & Chiou, A.F. (2010). The effects of different oral care…. [read more]

Patient Rights and Informed Consent Essay

… Expressed in the act is a preference that is stated strongly for honoring the individual patient's instruction on their care. Under the Act the surrogate is required to honor individual instruction of the patient. The individual instruction of the patient can only be voided when the court rules that it be so voided. Because the courts do not have "particular expertise with respect to health-care decision making" it is held in the Act that decisions should be made by the patient, their guardian, surrogate, or agent whenever possible. (Uniform Health Care Decisions Act, 1993) The physician is responsible to ensure that there is no advance health care directive available, which the patient has signed according to Section 7 of the code. When no such document…. [read more]

Non-Compliance in Patients Research Paper

… Patient Noncompliance

Noncompliance in Patients

Advanced Practice Nursing represents a partnership between the patient and service provider. Many times the success of the treatment plan depends on the patient taking responsibility for compliance with certain prescribed actions. Examples of these actions include taking prescribed medication as directed, following a certain diet, or following an exercise regimen. If a patient does not follow the treatment plan, it can jeopardize the outcome of the treatment. Many physicians and other medical practitioners now view patient noncompliance as a breach of the relationship.

The practice of "firing" patients that do not follow recommended advice is becoming more common. This research will explore the practice of terminating patients for lack of compliance to prescribed medical treatments. It will explore the…. [read more]

Education Perspectives: Teacher vs. Administrator Essay

… " He also mentioned that he felt more Christian educators in the public sector were needed. The teacher said her greatest educational influence was her fourth grade teacher, who showed she cared for her by teaching her how to tell time without publicly humiliating her for not mastering this skill before the age of 10. The administrator identified a teacher who was always patient with the rowdy students in school and could "direct our energy toward the educational perspectives."

The teacher said the greatest benefit to being an educator is "watching the light bulbs turn on. I love seeing kids master something that they didn't know or know how to do. Your students are like sponges and they are just waiting for you to let…. [read more]

Education Motivational Education My 7Th Term Paper

… It was painful to watch her at first, but the girl who was her partner was wonderfully patient, and listened with attention as Alice stutteringly told her story. Gradually, as the drone of voices around her continued, Alice began to relax, and appeared to enjoy telling her friend what she had read. For homework I asked them to choose their own piece of reading from a book, magazine or newspaper, and to prepare their opinions on the selected work. Alice came prepared. From then on, she never failed to complete her assignments. A few more weeks of pair work gave her sufficient confidence to venture an answer here and there in the classroom as well. To these answers I of course responded with the above…. [read more]

Education My Role as a Teacher Thesis

… Education

My Role as a Teacher recent personal experience I had as a facilitator of adult learners had me in the situation of teaching new computer software to users from remote locations in a classroom setting. Five adult learners took part in a two-day intensive instruction on how to use and enter data into the software. I created the training, printed a small training manual, and used white boards, Power Point, and the manual to enhance the training, and there were also laptops in the room that the students could use to access the software and get used to it.

The first thing I noticed about the training was the management of the training room. We utilized a meeting room, and it was good for…. [read more]

Patients Education A-Level Outline Answer

… Patient Education

Nurses and educational requirements and patient requests -- For most of history, medical care has been the purview of a select few who held all the information and were even quite reluctant to share it with the individual patient. That seemed to change after World War II, when advances in programs to teach patients increased, particularly those that advocate preventative medicine, post-surgical or procedure care, and the level and expectation of patients. In fact, one of the interesting changes in popular culture that certainly has a profound effect upon educational requirements and patient information is that of the number and amount of medical shows in the popular media and motion pictures. On the positive side, individuals are being exposed to more medical terms,…. [read more]

Patient Safety Culture Article Review

… Patient Safety Culture

Patient safety in hospitals has been given a great deal of attention by the scholarly community. Kohn, Corrigan, & Donaldson (2000) in their study found that nearly one hundred thousand people die each year because of errors made by hospital staff (Kohn, Corrigan, & Donaldson, 2000). In addition, Stelfox, Palmisani, Scurlock, Orav and Bates (2006) and Vira et al. (2006) in their respective study found that researchers have used both qualitative and quantitative techniques to investigate the difficulties faced by the medical staff whilst providing a safe and secure hospital environment.

In an earlier study, Lee (1996) found that with regards to patient safety culture (PSC) the point-of-views, actions and activities, along with ability of the organizational workforce determines the level of…. [read more]

Education Project Proposal (Nursing) Term Paper

… References

Barbara A. Nilsen: Week by Week: Plans for Observing and Recording Young Children: Delmar Learning, January 1997

Evelyn A. Petersen: Practical Guide to Early Childhood Planning, Methods and Materials, A: The What, Why and How of Lesson Plans: Allyn & Bacon, November 1995

Linda M. Bambara & Tim Knoster: Designing Positive Behavior Support Plans: Amer Assn Mental Retardation: January 1998

Barbara Stevens Barnum: Teaching Nursing in the Era of Managed Care: Springer Publication Company, March 1999

Paul A. Lotke: Postoperative Infections in Orthopedic Surgery: Prevention and Treatment: Amer Academy of Orthopedic, December 1992

F. Michael, M.D. Ferrante & Timothy R., M.D: Postoperative Pain Management: Churchill Livingstone, December 1992

Maria Severin & Karl Ulrich Bartz Schmidt: Diagnosis and Treatment of Postoperative Complications: Springer Verlag, April…. [read more]

Patient Education Decrease Anxiety Undergoing Essay

… It is important that the nurses explore the sources given in this source to know the main reasons associated with elevated levels of anxiety and stress before the noninvasive cardiac procedures.

Seers, K (ed.). Evidenced-based Nursing. BMJ Publishing Group Ltd. & the RCN Publishing Company Ltd., UK.

This quarterly published nursing source of knowledge is equipped with information for the nurses to handle patients undergoing noninvasive cardiac procedures. The most important point that the nurses can find out through this important source are the points of education and initial knowledge that is to be provided to the patients to make sure that they feel comfortable and assured with the knowledge being provided. Secondly it is important that the nurses find the main reasons that are…. [read more]

Patient Education Brochure Patient Privacy Essay

… Greater ability to perform chart checks, rapid access to patient data, increases documentation accuracy, see another physician's patients more easily, increases consistency of health maintenance, decreases time to review past records, increases opportunity for research, decreases redundant data entry, decreases time for health maintenance, increases physician efficiency, reduces clinical errors, bill for services more accurately, increased physician-patient interaction (Aaronson, J.D.O., Chop, W.M.D., Frey, D.M.D., and Murphy-Cullen, C., PhD., 2009, p. 135).

In making the transition from paper records to electronic medical records, our office is here to assist you and will answer any questions you may have regarding the process. Remember, that during this transition and beyond, our patient's health and privacy are our main concerns.


Aaronson, J., D.O., Chop, W., M.D., Frey, R.,…. [read more]

Patient Confidentiality Case Study

… Patient Confidentiality

To determine whether or not a physician displaying graphic photos of a patient who attempted suicide is a breach of that patient's confidentiality, one has to examine the particular circumstances surrounding the display of the photos. First, it is important to examine the context. As described, the scenario is a physician showing a group of approximately 15 people graphic photos of a patient. There is absolutely nothing in the scenario to suggest that the physician is showing these pictures in the context of getting help for the patient; they are not being used to diagnose her condition, to elicit information about treatment, or even being shared with the police as part of a police investigation into a violent incident. Instead, it appears that…. [read more]

Patient Internet Evaluation Guide Term Paper

… Does the information concur?


What is the first impression of the website? What were your first thoughts on opening the website? If graphics are used, are they relevant to the web site, and are they appropriate? Or could they put the reader off exploring the site? How is the web page laid out? Does the page look well organized? Are the titles, headings and subjects easy to identify? Many people what to find relevant information as quickly as possible and want to be sign posted to the appropriate section of the website.

Can the reader find information easily?


Information is completely useless if the person who needs that information is unable to either read or understand it. Web designers need to identify their…. [read more]

Keeping Patients Waiting? Term Paper

… There is a strong relationship between the availability of the doctor and the way that appointments are scheduled. The doctor knows, and must teach his or her assistants, that some appointments take longer than others. A new patient, for example, takes longer to deal with in most cases than a well-baby checkup, and an emergency that shows up suddenly might also take some time. Because of the way that the doctor in this particular case schedules appointments, those that show up with emergencies can be seen when they come in, and most of the patients that have arrived for their appointments do not have to be re-scheduled or made to wait very long. Occasionally, this does happen, but it is a rare occurrence, and this…. [read more]

Changes in Nursing Education: Need to Adapt Essay

… "Learner-centered teachers do not employ a single teaching method. This approach emphasizes a variety of different types of methods that shifts the role of the instructors from givers of information to facilitating student learning. Traditionally instructors focused on what they did, and not on what the students are learning. This emphasis on what instructors do often leads to students who are passive learners and who did not take responsibility for their own learning" (Learner-centered teaching, 2013, U.S. Sciences). Both teachers and students must take responsibility for the learning process.


Learner-centered teaching. (2013). U.S. Sciences. Retrieved from:

Q3. A good teacher is aware of different learning styles and presents the material using a variety of strategies, not simply relying upon one or the other.…. [read more]

Andragogy Malcolm Knowles' Theory Term Paper

… Because of the experiential format of clinical coursework, where students primarily learn from their mistakes, the student will only get as much out of the course as she puts in. That is, a student who is poorly prepared for clinical coursework will commit mistakes at the basic level, out of which she will derive only basic lessons in the practice of nursing. Such a student will receive what amounts to remedial education from the clinical component of the course. A student who is prepared to the minimum level expected by the coursework, however, will commit mistakes at the relatively advanced level, and will derive more advanced lessons from her participation in the clinical component.

The Necessary Climate for Clinical Teaching or Learning

Clinical coursework is…. [read more]

Montaigne: Education: Term Paper

… Montaigne: Education

Education: "Of the Education of Children" Michel de Montaigne 1579-1580 (

What is the necessity of education in relation to the human experience? According to Montaigne, what is the goal of education? What is the main attribute of an educated person? For Montaigne, what are the lessons of history? How do they relate to the building of individual character? What does this suggest about the role/importance of education generally? Many schools talk about educating "the world child" as thought it were a radically new idea. What would Montaigne say to this?

According to Michel de Montaigne in his essay "Of the Education of Children," "the greatest and most important difficulty of human science is the education of children," the act of passing on…. [read more]

What a Higher Education Thesis

… Higher Education

What Higher Education Means to Me

I am writing this personal essay to your good office with the hope of securing a scholarship opportunity. My name is (state name), 48-year-old, and currently residing in (address).

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I must say that it was the most earth-shattering experience I have ever had. This experience made me realize a good number of things. Firstly, I was faced with my mortality; that this precious life I have can be taken away from me. I am a wife and mother of two children. I also have two grandchildren who I love very dearly. At that point in my life, there was no way that I would ever want to…. [read more]

Secondary Education Research Proposal

… Secondary Education

Having a bachelor's degree in Business Management provided me with a career and a living, but it did not provide me with a calling or a passion. For as long as I can remember I have loved children, and ever since my children started school I have worked as a paraprofessional in both standard and special education classes so I can be close to them and other children who need and can use what I have to offer in the way of help, guidance, and care. For more than five years I have had students who I have worked with tell me that they have gotten something positive from the help that I have provided to them, and this rewards me in a…. [read more]

Education Nursing Reforms Essay

… It is important for those within the nurse profession to understand that this process is a very natural one, that is applied with success in all endeavors of life. Understanding this individual power helps correct Smith & Crookes' (2011)notion that nurses feel overwhelmed and unable to fulfill or excel in all the functions. Since Boyer's process is so natural, any intentional modification to these steps risks disturbing the natural patterns of learning and growing.

Instead of focusing on the negative, more positive aspects of learning need to be incorporated to help ease this often overwhelming self-empowering talent that arises when new ideas are discovered and the mind is tempered to new strengths and tolerances. The dependence upon ignorance for learning also should ease those nurses…. [read more]

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