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American Government and Politics Today Essay

… Government

Why did the Framers of the Constitution create a bicameral legislature? Was part of the reason for a two-house legislature the idea that it would be more difficult to pass legislation, therefore serving as a check on a runaway legislature? What impact does this have today? Is it easy for Congress to agree on legislation?

There are three main reasons.

The primary reason was an issue of chronological precedent. At the same time as the American colonists had revolted against British regulation in the Revolutionary War, they silently drew a lot of their ideas about government from their colonial understanding as British citizens. In addition, the British Parliament had two houses -- an upper chamber, the House of Lords, packed with representatives of the…. [read more]

Outsourcing of Government Functions a US Study Term Paper

… Government Outsourcing

The Outsourcing of Government Functions: a U.S. Study

Outsourcing of government functions is one of the most highly controversial practices of the 21st century. There are several prevailing positions regarding the outsourcing of government contracts to private companies. Valid arguments exist for increasing government outsourcing and for limiting future outsourcing as well. Regardless of which side one happens to be one, once thing is certain, outsourcing is a trend that is likely to continue in the future, particularly in the face of the global economy and advances in communication that make it easier than it was in the past.

By March of 2007, the number of government contractors rose to 7.5 million, which is currently four times the size of the federal workforce…. [read more]

Government Regulations and Hospice Capstone Project

… 74 of the final rule.

Additionally the rules allow two hospices to collaborate to provide services to each other either core services or specialized services.

Impact of rules on Hospice services

The impact of these new regulations is bound to increase the pressure on hospice centers to bring their services up to par. However, according to a study, the changing policies, and the deregulation of the health services sector has made the offering of health services a commodity offering in competitive market where hospices compete with each other. (Ward & Gordon, 2006-2007, p. 3) This study indicates that pushing the hospices to participate in the competitive environment will encourage the care centers to leave their ideals of helping patients at large and encourage them instead…. [read more]

Forensic Psychologist's Legal Responsibilities and Rights Research Paper

… Legal Rights and Responsibilities in Forensic Psychology

The forensic field has expanded and broadened during the last fifty years or so. Since forensic psychology differs from conventional psychology, special attention has been given in developing ethical and legal rights and responsibilities. This paper summarizes the legal rights and responsibilities of a forensic psychologist in light of the guidelines developed and published by American Psychological Association.

Discussion of rights and responsibilities of forensic psychologists

Duties of a forensic psychologist


The forensic professionals should practice truthfulness and honesty in their fieldwork of forensic psychology and shouldn't misrepresent information regardless.

Being impartial and fair

While offering professional advice and opinion, the forensic scientists should be impartial, fair and unbiased. Due to the gravity of the situation, they…. [read more]

Can Government Ever Be Effectively Limited Term Paper

… Limited Government

Oxford philosopher, journalist and refugee from communism Anthony de Jasay once commented that "Constitutions are the chastity belts on government promiscuity." The problem, according to the Jasay, is that: "Government always has the key (a 21st corollary to that observation might be that they lost it and Ben Bernanke found the key later on) ("Domesticating the leviathan," 2007)." The founding fathers of the United States drafted the most explicit self - limiting written constitution in human history. Throughout the 20th century and now ten years into a war on terrorism and Al-Qaeda, this question is more poignant than ever. One need only walk into an airport and wince while a government rent-a-cop body searches everyone. There is no question of innocence, guilt or…. [read more]

Strategic Issues in Business Term Paper

… Strategic Issues in Business

New Zealand is located at the Southeast of Australia, and the overall landmass of New Zealand is about 2,102 km. The country has two main islands in the north and in the southern part of the country, and there are other smaller islands scattered across the country. New Zealand is an open economy, and the country is one of the freest capital economies. Compared to other advanced economy, New Zealand has high standard of living with the GDP per capita income slightly above $30.000. New Zealand is ranked as one of the most peaceful country in the world.

The objective of this paper is conduct STEEPL analysis on New Zealand to evaluate its suitability for international business.

STEEPL model refers to…. [read more]

Human Rights Should Australia Essay

… Reasons for a Bill of Rights in Australia

The main reason for an effective bill of rights in Australia is evident as powers are vested in the government without respecting the supremacy of the constitution. Some of the predicaments witnessed in Australia are the forceful acts upon witnesses, who are ordered to provide information as witnesses without their consent. They are forced to give evidence regardless of whether it incriminates them or not. Many of the Australians are detained for long durations of time, and there are harsh provisions for the mentally ill, who have to be detained for several months to ascertain their situation and proof they are mentally ill. In specific states, the Attorney General is mandated to detain offenders who have served…. [read more]

EU Law Research Proposal

… Lisbon Treaty: Democratization and State Sovereignty

The objective of this research is to analyze the extent to which the Lisbon Treaty changes the balance of power between democracy and state sovereignty. This work will examine why the Lisbon Treaty adopted this particular approach and will assess the prospects for success upon the basis of this point.

The research questions in this study are the following:

(1) What impact will the Lisbon Treaty have upon countries whose governments are formed upon the basis of democracy?

(2) Will the Lisbon Treaty effectuate the superiority of EU law over laws of individual countries?

The methodology of this study is qualitative in nature and therefore interpretive and will be in the form of a review of literature in this…. [read more]

Cohousing: A Model for Australia Essay

… On the other hand, new models have developed in the United States, which have reduced risks, costs, and resident involvement (McCamant & Charles, 1994).

Developers have shown an increased interest in financing and building cohouses both speculatively and in partnership with prospective residents (Durrett, 2005). In addition, residents are forming their own cohousing communities in current neighborhoods through creating communal facilities, taking down fences, and assuming responsibility for general maintenance and management. In the recent decade, the percentage of communities opting to retrofit or tear down existing barriers such as fences to create a community space has tripled. For future prospects, McCamant and Charles (1994) wrote:

"The cohousing concept is as much a process for developing housing as it is a new housing type…The cohousing…. [read more]

Legal Nurse Consultant Term Paper

… Legal Nurse Consultant Business Plan

First form a good plan, Franklin, (1868 (1996) stresses. Then, for an individual to help ensure his/her businesses' success, according to Franklin, (1868 (1996), he/she needs to: "make the execution of that same plan his sole study and business." The objective of the study, to make a business plan or a feasibility study for establishing a Legal Nurse Consultant's Office begins with Franklin's contention: forming a good plan.

The following lists details related to attaining the goal of attaining a good plan:

To study the history of the legal nurse consultant profession: their educational requirements and licensure to be able to practice;

To look carefully into the trend of the profession in terms of future demands for this profession;

To…. [read more]

Legal Issues With the Use of Open Source Software in Government and EU Public Service Term Paper

… EU Open Source Software

Legal Implications for European Union Governments

The Use of Open Source Software in Government and EU Public Service

Current EU Software Policy: Any Directives, Regulations, Whitepapers and Official Documents Detailing the Current Official Position of the European Union on Software.

Free and Open Source Software vs. Proprietary Software

Legal Case Study - Brazil (i.e. what the Brazilians have done and are doing about open source legal issues during and after implementation of software)

How ill E.U. Governments be affected if following the Brazilian example and its effect on E.U. Intellectual property policy?

How will E.U. intellectual property law and new proposed software patent directive affect Open source legality in the EU?

Legal cases that set precedents for intellectual property concern in…. [read more]

Legal Issues and Legal Structure of Starting My Own Gym Term Paper

… Legal Issues and Legal Structure of Starting and Operating Anyname Fitness Center, LP

There are some interesting dynamics at work in determining the feasibility of creating any new enterprise in the current economic climate, but these issues are particularly pronounced as they relate to the establishment of a public gymnasium or other fitness-related business. On the one hand, fitness awareness has significantly increased through the American demographic, but on the other hand, the nation is faced with a virtual epidemic in obesity due in large part to the increasingly sedentary lifestyle that characterizes modern society. Despite these latter constraints, it is apparent that there are numerous examples of well-operated fitness-related facilities that are enjoying healthy profits, making the creation of such a facility a timely…. [read more]

Education Advocacy Issues Massive Institutional Research Paper

… • Developing a strong democracy through a truly innovative and progressive curriculum that will empower the students and assist more of them in moving on to higher education. This curriculum will emphasize civics and active participation of citizens in political and economic life, as well as the history and contemporary struggles of the poor, minorities and the working class.

• Changes in pedagogy that will move-away from the teacher-centered to the student-centered classroom and more active participation of students and parents in the learning process, as well as the school administration and the development of the curriculum.

• Seek more state, federal and private funding for improved textbooks and other learning resources, computers, school supplies and laboratory equipment.

States paid about 50% of the budgets…. [read more]

Cannibalism at Sea: Legal Issues Term Paper

… Finally -- and here is where the contractual argument completely falls -- legal contracts must be legal. They cannot involve matters such as dealing illegal drugs or contracting someone to arrange a murderous 'hit' on someone else. Agreeing to give up your life to be cannibalized when necessary as part of your duties as a cabin boy is clearly an illegal matter for both the person agreeing to the suicidal measure and the other party extracting such consent.

In a specific 1884 case of cannibalism at sea, Dudley and Stephens, the men accused of killing the cabin boy Brooks argued: "that if the men had not fed upon the body of the boy they would probably not have survived to be so picked up and…. [read more]

Latin American Terrorism Issues Research Paper

… United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC)

This group of terrorist is relatively weak and less active. Very few activities have been reported by this group. It has more than 32000 members dismissed. Thus, it remains inactive as a formal group. Despite of its less activities, many old members of AUC are engaged in criminal activities mostly drug trafficking, in newly emerging criminal organizations (known as BACRIM, BandasCriminalesEmergentes). This newly emerging group has more than 3500 and less than 6000 members. To cope with this situation, Colombian government has taken multiple steps and made new laws. These laws are being implemented properly in order to generate peace in the region. One of the unique and most effective laws made in this context is the thorough and…. [read more]

Inter-Parliamentary Union and Its Role in Enhancing International Law Term Paper

… Inter-Parliamentary Union and Its Role in Enhancing International Law

Legal Status of the Inter-Parliamentary Union

The Development of the International Institutions

The Public International Unions

The Private International Unions

Historical background of the IPU

Brief Overview of the IPU Statutes (Assemblies and Committees, Members,

Functions, Goals and Activities)

The Relationship between the IPU and the United Nations

Beneficial Cooperation between the IPU and the United Nations (Common

Goals, Agenda and Concerns)

The Importance of the Recognition of the IPU Contribution

The Role the IPU Played in Implementing Decisions taken by the Assembly of the United Nations and the Implementation of the Millennium Development


The UN as a Framework of International Machinery for the Peaceful

Settlement of Disputes

What Role can the IPU Play in…. [read more]

Identify Unethical Issues for Company Essay

… Business Ethics Issues

A Company's Scandal in India

Telecom rights are a valuable asset that is typically strictly controlled by national governments. Currently, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has been engaged in investigating and prosecuting the unauthorized sale of telecommunications licenses in connection with the illegal practice of bribery in the selling of licenses to entities that were not rightfully eligible for those licenses (Sahota, 2012). Major companies whose stock value rose upon the issuance of those licenses immediately sold off their stocks instead of pursuing any business plan based on those licenses (Sahota, 2012).

The practice is highly unethical because it allows the individuals involved to profit in the process of causing significant harm to other stakeholders: the shareholders of the companies…. [read more]

Public Private Comparator Public Sector Term Paper

… As one can see, a variety of factors affect the public-private partnership. Not all countries treat public-private partnerships in the same way. They have different agencies for administering public-private partnerships, different ways of dividing risk and different ways of defining the public-private partnership. There are many differences in the types of transactions, payment methods, and rules that govern the public-private partnership. In order to understand the public sector comparator, one must first understand the various factors that influence the public-private partnership in its many forms.

The PPP in the UK, Australia, USA, Germany, and in Korea

The UK. In the UK several debates, such as the use of public sector comparators, the initiation process of PPPs, choice of discount rate, and cost of capital between…. [read more]

Politics Sayre's Model of Decision Making Holds Term Paper

… Politics

Sayre's Model of Decision Making holds that a bureau leader in charge of decisions will seek to balance a number of different influences. Interactions among these different actors will be required in order to make a decision. In the Sayre Model, the nine different actors are Congress, political parties, the President, other bureaus, courts, the media, career staff and interest groups. In order to successfully implement of a policy, Sayre argues, the needs of all of these different constituent groups must be met (McCarthy & Aronson, 2001). The bureau leader in this model is the focal point of the issue.

When issues arise, their final implementation will come from a government bureau, and it is the head of this bureau who acts as conduit…. [read more]

Sustainable Development - A Global Term Paper

… "

The heart of good governance is popular participation, transparency, and public accountability (Dhanapala, 2001). Strong laws to protect the environment, for instance, are forged as a result of a sustained political process, a process that involves solid efforts throughout civil society. Enlightened leaders in government require this popular participation to adopt laws and policies to meet genuine human needs, just as the groups in society that are advocating such reforms must also depend upon official authorities to enforce such reforms.

According to Dhanapala (2001): "In this light, NGOs can be a catalyst of what is truly good about globalization. Though they are elected by no one and lack legal authority themselves to govern, they play a crucial role in helping the state to identify…. [read more]

Australian Bill of Rights Maintaining Term Paper

… Humans should be allowed to fail without so much guilt and regret. Zero tolerance of human rights abuses seems and appears to be in everyone's best interests, but that is impossible.

Reason # 3: It may give too many rights.

It is important to become aware when too much of a good thing begins to display the effect of diminishing returns. Although, wisdom seems to have currently prevailed, installing rights that may become dangerous are misinterpreted is a serious disadvantage to chartering such a proposal. In America, the right to bear arms in many cases has seemed to have backfired. The framers of that constitution are forever being discussed in hypothetical and improvable arguments. While most would agree that a most of the human rights…. [read more]

European Parliament vs. Court of Justice Essay

… ¶ … European Parliament and the European Court of Justice

The European Parliament (EP) and the Council of the European Union are the legislative branches of the European Union. The EP is the directly-elected parliamentary institution of the European Union (EU), and, as such, is the largest trans-national directly-elected institution in the world. As a result, it is one of the most powerful representative legislative bodies in the world, despite the fact that its powers are limited because each member state is sovereign. Moreover, the Treaty of Maastricht divided the European Union into three distinct pillars, a community (EC) pillar, a common foreign and security policy (CFSP) pillar, and a police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters (PJCC) pillar.

The EP's involvement is practically limited…. [read more]

Redefining Health and Safety in Educational Institutions in the Republic of Mauritius Research Proposal

… ¶ … Republic of Mauritius has progressed rapidly in some areas of economic and social development over recent years, there are still areas that have been failed to be addressed sufficiently as this study will demonstrate. This study is qualitative in nature having been conducted through an extension review of literature. Findings in this study include the fact that The Republic of Maritius has implemented health and safety regulations in schools and that this includes an operational food control system for ensuring health protection of consumers and that the food control system has four primary components and specifically those of: (1) food legislation; (2) the administration; (3) the enforcement; and (4) the supporting bodies. (Subratty, Chan, and Kassean, 2008) It is related in the work…. [read more]

U.S. Has Not Signed Term Paper

… This is not the case, as the U.S. will always have the right to remove its support of the treaty.

The treaty protects children legally from many things that the U.S. laws already address. The U.S. should sign the treaty not so much to change or affect its treatment of children but to lend its support and voice for the change of treatment in some of the other nations. The treaty has already prompted legal changes in several countries regarding the mandates that are in the treaty. "The Philippines enacted laws shielding children from sexual exploitation. Sri Lanka raised the age of sexual consent from 12 to 16. India and South Africa have invoked the convention in court decisions involving the welfare of children. A…. [read more]

International Relations International Law Falk Essay

… International Relations

International Law

Falk says his article has "the overall objective of helping to formulate a world order ideology appropriate to human needs and aspirations, given the present historical situation of challenge and opportunity." In brief, what are the main features of his position?

The main features of Falk's position include:

The state system being outdated by a sequence of interconnecting social, cultural, economic, political, technological and ecological tendencies that are likely to end up being very disagreeable and a dangerous structure of overall response or non-response to the issues put forth by the expanding emergency in the state system.

Even though this disturbing result seems likely as of now, it is not unavoidable. There are also positive paths accessible, based upon a confirmation…. [read more]

Walden Two: Human Nature Essay

… " (Skinner, 1948)

Traditional religion is internalized through the means of threat and fear. Non-practicing Catholics who spent childhoods reciting catechism in private schools and disgruntled Christians who were raised on fire and brimstone are common throughout our today's society and prove Frazier's point that traditional faith lacks credence. Frazier is proven correct by the end of the book that W2's methods do raise citizens who are disciplined, loving, and grateful, but it is unclear as to whether or not the way that this is accomplished is rational or not. The simple lack of faith does not prove that Frazier's techniques of "mild shock treatments" described in Chapter Ten are more rational. (Skinner, 1948)


In effect, the modern day social contract is based on…. [read more]

21st Century American 'Democracy Term Paper

… What made these early Americans so different from 21st century ones was (1) the relatively tiny size and homogeneity of their group, and (2) their commitment to a single common cause (Tocqueville). Further, John Winthrop's "A Model of Christian Charity" (1630), originally delivered as a sermon onboard the Arbella bound for the New World, suggests how "every man might have need of the other, and from hence they might all be knit more nearly together in the bonds of brotherly affection" (p. 215). However, as America has expanded over time and space, individual citizens have become more distant from and indifferent toward one another; more spread out geographically, and perhaps too autonomous, to the point of near total self-interest.

Moreover, all of that was accurately…. [read more]

Politics Term Paper

… From 1979 through 1988, Ecuador staggered through a succession of executive-legislative confrontations that created a near permanent crisis atmosphere in the polity. In 1984, President Leon Febres-Cordero tried to physically bar new Congressionally-appointed Supreme Court appointees from taking their seats. "Parliamentary government avoids the problems associated with presidentialism since it mandates a degree of cooperation between the executive and legislature if either are to remain in office, and it also allows for a change in leadership without precipitating a crisis of state."

Presidential systems are said by critics not to offer voters the kind of accountability seen in parliamentary systems. It is easy for either the president or Congress to escape blame by blaming the other. Describing the United States, former Treasury Secretary C. Douglas…. [read more]

Consumption Sustainability Essay

… Keeping in mind that everything will one day be consumed should notify everyone that we are all in this together and we are all responsible for making the world a better place to live.

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Spain and the European Union Term Paper

… Spain and the European Union

Why did Spain join the European Union? What was the criterion that Spain possessed that the European Union found sufficient enough for it to allow Spain's entry into the European Union? In order to answer these questions, an overview of the European Union and its functions and aims has to be studied at the outset. The European Union has recognized that trade is the one method by which the poorer countries of the world would be able to better themselves, and it does all it can to encourage trade and exports between the poor countries of the world. (Europa, the Gateway to the European Union)

The European Union also offers aid to poorer and developing countries all over the world,…. [read more]

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