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Payroll, Productivity and Information Technology: An Analysis Research Paper

… Payroll, Productivity and Information Technology: An Analysis

One of the largest drains on a businesses' bottom line revenue comes in the form of payroll, otherwise known as labor costs. It should then come as no surprise that when a company is faced with a severe budgetary crises or dealing with an external economic environment that closely resembles a combination between a Category 5 hurricane and an F-5 tornado, the first place CFO's look to retain costs is in their labor force. The advent of layoffs concomitantly rises with the decrease in economic activity-either within a specific market sector or in overall economy as a whole, take the current status of the U.S. economy; private sector jobs have been few and far between and as a…. [read more]

Payroll and Productivity Research Proposal

… Payroll vs. Productivity: The Role of Information Technologies (IT)

Project Description

Payroll often costs companies tens of thousands of productive hours per year and tens of thousands of dollars to process, not counting the correction of errors and the more complex tasks of managing tax reporting (Tinsley, 37, 38). There are many opportunities for using IT to increase the productivity of payroll processing within organizations. The rapid growth of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) continues to fuel adoption of payroll processing applications in small and medium business (Roberts, 24, 25). The question fo whether using SaaS-based payroll applications to increase the productivity of small and medium businesses has yet to be empirically validated or refuted however. That is the focus on this proposed research. Small and medium company…. [read more]

Payroll Cost Book Report

… Payroll Cost

In today's increasingly globalized, hyper-competitive world, organizations across all industries are being challenged with the task to eek out more and more profit. This rise in competitiveness for organizations is compounded by current economic challenges being felt in geographic regions all around the world, including the United States and the European Union. For these reasons, companies are under increasing pressures to reduce their payroll costs. This paper will evaluate the range of ways by which payroll costs can be reduced, while taking into account the need to maintain a focus on the achievement of wider corporate goals and plans.

Reducing Payroll Costs:

In many organizations, payroll is one of their largest expenses. In fact, in small businesses, "salaries and wages typically account for…. [read more]

NASA Budgetary Analysis Payroll Forecast Essay

… Expenditure Forecast

After drastically reducing its budget for the operation of its iconic Space Shuttle fleet, from $556 million in fiscal year 2012 to just $70.6 million this year, this major expenditure is scheduled to come off of the books in fiscal year 2014. Perhaps concurrently, NASA's expected budget for its involvement with the International Space Station will increase slightly during each of the next five years, moving from $2.8 billion in fiscal year 2012 to $3.2 billion in fiscal year 2017. Another major expenditure that NASA is planning to absorb during the next five years is the controversial James Webb Space Telescope, which is tentatively expected to launch in 2018. Having garnered negative attention due to a regrettable series of scheduling mishaps and cost…. [read more]

Application Architecture Case Study

… Capital Budgeting Techniques

Business is becoming more global in nature. The internet and technology have expanded boundaries far beyond their geographical limits. As such, business must adapt to these changes by realigning processes in a manner that increases productivity while minimizing error. Payroll systems are no different in this regard. As organizations have offices spread across the United States, unified systems are crucial to the proper functioning of the business. Payroll in particular is very contentious, particularly due to the excessive regulation surrounding it. Penalties regarding inappropriate clocking's, errors in the disbursements of benefits, or underpayment of salary can all be a detriment to the business. For one, it harms moral of the employees, confidence in the organization, and the overall reputation of the business.…. [read more]

Accounting Computer Programs Thesis

… Accounting Computer Programs

Payroll Administration with Quicken

The intent of this paper is to analyze how Quicken, the computer software program, could be used by Payroll Administrators to make their task more automated, accurate and efficient. Intuit's CEO Scott Cook has often stated that he strongly believes product designers of all the applications sold by his company need to accurately reflect the unmet needs of customers, even those in business (Cook, 2002). He created follow-me-home teams of developers who study how consumers and businesses use their software, so he can engrain into his company's culture the insights and intelligence needed to make applications that are useful, meaningful and relevant (Singer, 2007). Part of these research studies indicated that both consumers and businesses were interested in…. [read more]

Accounting Information System Improving Transactional Research Paper

… Employees will also learn on how to improve verification of the actions or activities in relation to the development of the company (Hall, 2011).

Assess whether firms need to be more aggressive or cautious updating or changing AIS applications and processes considering the rapid pace technology is changing.

Firms need to be cautious in updating or changing AIS applications and processes considering the rapid pace of technology in the contemporary world. This is because; updating or changing accounting information system is an evolutionary process. The firms need to evaluate the existing accounting information system to determine areas of deficiencies or deficits thus sufficient information on how to replace or change the current accounting systems. This evolutionary process does not operate effectively with aggressive methodology. The…. [read more]

Keynesian Theory Neoclassical Economists Essay

… Of course, in the current Congress, conservative supporters of minimal government and laissez faire theories are in a position to block all such stimulus measures.

Neoclassical theorists would argue that once wages have fallen sufficiently in this recession and employers are unable to force more gains in productivity, they will have no choice except to hire new workers, although they may choose to do so in low-wage countries like China. There has been little sign that massive new hiring is taking place in the United States or other Western economies, even though the layoffs of hundreds of thousands per month that were common in 2008-09 have not yet been repeated. In fact, productivity gains and declines in real wages have been consistently higher than these…. [read more]

Operations Management and Productivity Essay

… ¶ … Rock Cafe Case Study

Since its founding in 1971, Hard Rock experienced a number of fluid and evolving changes.. The company started out as just a small London cafe, and now has 149 locations in 53 countries; hotels, casinos, live music venues, a rock museum, and an annual Rock concert. Hard Rock also makes a significant amount of their revenue, 48%, from retail merchandise. Hard Rock Cafe is the number one themed restaurant in the world, and is one of the most highly recognized brands. While the restaurant remains American-style cuisine, they have gone from solely burgers and chicken to also include high-end items like lobster tails and stuffed veal chops (

Hard Rock applies operational management decisions and strategic concerns in various…. [read more]

Bailout and Decision-Making Essay

… Bailouts

The casino industry should not receive a bailout. While it is true that the industry employs thousands of Americans, there is no compelling economic case for such a bailout. As of now, the government has no set criteria to determine which industries should receive a bailout, so the issues are being examined on a case-by-case basis. In evaluating the case of the casino industry, it is apparent that several key factors differentiate the casino industry from industries that have been granted bailouts or for which bailouts are being considered. The most obvious factor is that the casino industry is not in peril. One firm, Las Vegas Sands Corp, is possibly on the verge of bankruptcy. However, it is not within the scope of government…. [read more]

Performance Appraisals Thesis

… ¶ … Employees

Performance Appraisals at the Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino

It is now beyond any doubt that the world is changing at a rapid pace and that the people must develop alongside with it. Within the business community, the modifications are various, including elements such as a greater focus on the full satisfaction of the customers' needs and wants, the orientation towards offering services rather than products, the necessity to conduct business operations in an environment-friendly manner or the incremental emphasis placed on the human resource.

Modern day managers strive harder than ever to hire, integrate and retain the best employees the workforce market produces. The contemporaneous employee is motivated, trained and supported in his professional path. The human resource department is generally…. [read more]

Human Resources -- Controlling Benefits A-Level Coursework

… In these ways, ALCOA controls health insurance benefits costs while presenting its options as attractive benefits to attract talent and retain employees. This is wise on ALCOA's part, as its compensation plan directly impacts its strategic goal setting process by freeing up funds for other company goals, attracting certain types of employees, retaining its workforce and attracting a diverse workforce. In aid to a company's strategic goals, a Human Resources Department would develop benefits options that are attractive and supported by the company's budget, clearly and attractively present those benefits to current and prospective employees, implementing those benefits and constantly refining the process so employees can readily access their benefits. The accurate, timely and effective administration of these benefits assists the employer as well as…. [read more]

Start Management Simulation Chapter

… Pop'n Bottles PNB

Quarterly Management Report

Financial Ratios and Discussion


You can see that income to sales has fallen, this is because sales have fallen and thus cost is larger share of income.

This is #1 variable to fix; if we increase sales, that will be higher relative to income.

Result of this being so low?

= Our credit rating fell to 3 from

-So did everyone elses' except T3

-Why didn't theirs fall? Higher INCOME

= Fix this = #1 challenge.

= Increase sales. See above, talked about all time up till now.


This is why we have increased current cash in order to invest in SALES FORCE: MORE SALES PEOPLE


and also, now…. [read more]

Report of Solution to IT Problems of Coach, Inc Case Study

… ¶ … it solutions to Coach, Inc.

Coach, Inc. prides itself on establishing one of the world's most recognizable brands. Through its high end products, Coach, Inc. has captured an elite section of the market space and has grown in both size and reputation since its founding in Manhattan. With this growth comes expansion and infiltration into international market spaces, the need for coordinating across borders without any flaws manifests itself as a tantamount priority (OLBETER, 2004). In order to ensure this process is as effective and efficient as possible it is imperative the appropriate telecommunication system is in place.

All businesses experience some level of "growing pains" and Coach, Inc. is no different. In it's quest to become the largest high-end retailer in the…. [read more]

Economic Recession, Its Impact Essay

… Besides that, an organization must pay due care and attention to all its employees both in lower and higher hierarchy. The works of Frederick Herzberg complements that of Maslow, Herzberg sets out that to truly motivate an employee you need to make them feel fulfilled at the work place. According to Herzberg, to motivate workers you need to create a series of 'satisfiers' which are quite different from high pay. For instance, if the workers are in the Toyota manufacturing industry, they should be given due care and attention that is providing good working conditions, good medical conditions, clean environment and the likes.

In 1959, Frederick Herzberg developed the two factor theory of motivation. His research showed that certain factors were the true motivators. Hygiene…. [read more]

Kudler's System Integrity Validation Essay

… Audit productivity software in CAAT

The Kudler's system of integrity and validation will use audit productivity software in fraud detection, which are data patterns not consistent with the normal routine of accounting, this can be achieved through evaluating the financial statements given then comparing such statements with non-financial information available from the records like accounting ratio to confirm whether they are consistent with one another or not. Audit productivity software will also detect information that are not verifiable that had been fixed in the records given to conceal fraudulent activity (Lovata, 2000 p 60-68).

Data management by providing the system designed with electronic connectivity which will give the company's auditor access to input additional files into a centralized data repository system,

The audit productivity software…. [read more]

Project Management Term Paper

… According to its corporate profile, Keppel Offshore & Marine, integrating the experience and expertise of Keppel FELS, Keppel Shipyard, Keppel Singmarine and Keppel yards overseas, was established in 2002 (About Us 2004). Keppel Shipyard Benoi is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Corporation, one of the largest offshore and marine groups in the world. The company enjoys a strategic network of 16 yards serving regions including Asia Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Caspian Sea, Middle East and the North Sea (About Us 2004). The Keppel Shipyard (Benoi) specifications are set forth in the table below.

Yard Size

350,000 sq m


1,163 m


No. 1 drydock

300,000 dwt

350m x 60m

No. 2 drydock

170,000 dwt

300m x 60m

Mooring Quay

No. 1 quay

Length…. [read more]

Fargo Publishing Company One Issue Essay

… Fargo Publishing Company

One issue that Fargo Publishing Company is having is in its payroll system. Currently, the Human Resources department is given each of the department's time cards to enter in manually. In doing so, the Human Resources department is making a handful of errors. This costs the Human Resources department and the production departmental supervisor time, and not catching an error could potentially cost the company money.

In order to eliminate this issue, Fargo should consider upgrading its time reporting system. Integrating an electronic time reporting system eliminates Human Resources from the situation, leaving less room for errors. If the department supervisors are able to review the time information reported by each individual employee they oversee, they will be able to better know…. [read more]

Financial Ratios From Income Statements Assessment

… 9

Based on these calculations from the departmental income statements, the 310-room hotel in Costa Mesa, California seems to be a productive hospitality establishment that is experiencing ongoing success and profitability. The hotel's first indicator of productivity is its average percentage of labor costs for rooms and F&B departments, whose ratios are within the normal ranges of 18 and 22% and 35 and 44% respectively. Secondly, since it is a full-service hotel, the establishment's percentage of cost of food sold is an indicator of profitability that fall within the range of 35 to 45%. The third indicator of its profitability is cost of beverage sold percentage, which fall within the normal range of 20 to 25%.

The success and productivity of this hotel is evident…. [read more]

Daycare and Productivity Dissertation

… ¶ … approved by August 15th, 2012

IRB Application and Review -- completed and approved by August 15th, 201

completed and approved by November 30, 2012

On-site Childcare: An in-depth look at the effects on employee performances

Concept Paper

Requirements for the Degree of Jeff Keith

Prescott Valley, Arizona

Issues with Childcare and the Workplace

Employer Benefits of Providing on-site Child Care

Benefits to Employees

Annotated Bibliography

Slightly over 60% of women with a child or children under the age of 5 work outside the home and rely on some form of child care (Child Care Options for Working Parents, 2012). In the majority of the existing literature connecting parental employment and child care, the main concern is the affordability of care and the suppleness…. [read more]

Real Cause of Unemployment Is Productivity Term Paper

… ¶ … real cause of unemployment is productivity, not offshoring (Nussbaum, 2004). According to the article, one percentage point of productivity growth can eliminate approximately 1.3 million jobs a year and with our annual growth rate of productivity of over three percent versus. An expected two to two and a half percent, it's no wonder we're losing jobs. Nussbaum takes a very positive view on productivity, citing benefits of lower inflation, higher profits, rising stocks and higher housing prices. He believes that this generation in wealth will eventually lead to significant employment generation in the United States. Today, there's little evidence to support the accuracy of Nussbaum's analysis, but the future may prove that the author is correct.

Unemployment occurs when the supply of labor…. [read more]

Onboarding Best Practices Essay

… Culture is a wide category that ensures that employees get a sense of organizational customs and values, both informal and formal. Connection as a distinct level of onboarding practice refers to the crucial interpersonal links and data networks that newly hired employees in an organization must set up. The four C's (Compliance, Clarification, Culture and Connection), are the building blocks of triumphant onboarding practices in any organization. Wanberg (2012) states that it is crucial to keep onboarding activities distinct from when they take place and the agents engaged. This is because most activities could potentially be experienced at any time and delivered in different ways (Hernandez, 2009). Effective onboarding strategies consist of three different categories; practices that offer information, welcomes and guide the new employees.…. [read more]

Kudler Fine Foods: Problem Statement Essay

… Marketing by means of promoting communicate messages through media in one way. Due to their existing business, Kudler Fine Foods already have their potential customers. This will cause them little cost for promoting communicate messages and advertising to their clients (Marketing Case Study, 2008). KFF management also has an opportunity to improve its current operations by delegating the business responsibilities among more staff. Building an effective management team is crucial to any business expansion effort (Pearce and Robinson, 2009, p. 106). This can be achieved by an increase in the technological competence of the entire organization through a new Web site design, launch of ecommerce site, improved tracking and inventory systems (Don Hudson, 2010). This in return can lead to lower payroll for the employees.…. [read more]

Managerial Accounting Total Variable Costs Essay

… The first is that the firm could increase volumes so that the average fixed cost per unit is under $3. The second is that the firm could sell at a higher price, if that will maximize profit (even though a higher price implies lower volume).

4. Using the first scenario, if we calculate the number of workers to be laid off by dividing the loss for the two situations by the daily wage per worker, the number of workers to be laid off is:

($400,000) / (80) = 5000 workers

Given the lower number of workers now working at the company, if we assume output to be the same, the productivity is as follows:

200,000 / 45,000 = 4.44

5. The change in workers is…. [read more]

International Technology Management Research Proposal

… International Technology Management

Oasis Bicycles Case Analysis

Oasis Bicycles is faced with the dilemma of many globally-based manufacturers, which is how to scale across multiple manufacturing locations located in regions that have cost and customer-based advantages, while staying integrated as a company. Manufacturing centers in the Netherlands, China, Taiwan and potentially in the U.S. underscore the need for a telecommunication network that can integrate supply chain, order management, manufacturing and service-based processes while at the same time giving the company advantage of manufacturing in specific locations. In addition to the need for global distributed order management system and set of processes to ensure that when a bicycle is ordered in one geography its parts are sourced, its manufacturing scheduled and its delivery defined by the…. [read more]

Wellness Programs Research Proposal

… Wellness Programs

In recent years a great deal of attention has been given to the idea of promoting wellness in our society. Throughout the country many people are overweight and suffering from diseases that are caused by obesity. Obesity and illness are two factors that reduce productivity in the workplace and in society as a whole. In addition these issues also cost companies a great deal of money (Harding, 2009). In fact,

"Healthcare costs comprise approximately 1.4 trillion dollars or 15% of the Gross Domestic Product (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 2005). In 2002, businesses paid an average of $6,300 per employee or an amount in excess of 42% of payroll expenses for medical benefits (United States Chamber of Commerce, 2004). Lack of employee…. [read more]

Job Redesign Term Paper

… ¶ … job design and redesign for an accounting position. For an accounting position, the main responsibilities involved are related to financial reporting, accounting operations, accounts payable, payroll (payments). Usually, an accounting department consists of a general director, a supervisor, and accountants. Below the case of a media company will be considered. The accounting department consists of a director or head of department, and several clerks that manage the general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, fixed asset, and cost accounting. Each task is carried out by an accountant. For instance, the general ledger contains a page for each account in use by the company. The media company utilized all of the following accounts for the transactions made: Cash, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Notes Payable, Capital…. [read more]

Acquiring Leadership Skills the Multicratic Essay

… A collaborative relationship also makes way for shared decision making that provides higher confidence and satisfaction.

Taking time to reflect on a day's work can enable me to evaluate my own performance and areas for improvement. Reflection can help me determine my own strengths and weaknesses and enable goal setting. This would help me to build collaboration with others that is communication rich and help me stay accountable for the delivery of care to patients and the value I can add to society.

Practical nurses have a responsibility of leadership to transform for change by inspiring followers and creating a sense of commitment to find purpose in relation to the profession. The responsibility of leadership involves the delivery of patient care with integrity to provide…. [read more]

Dual Career Couple Term Paper

… Dual Career Couple

Human Resource Management Strategies for Assisting Dual Career Couples

Given that 40% of the total workforce is comprised of dual career couples with many of them having children, the need for Human Resource Departments to provide services that both alleviate time conflicts and also promote a healthy lifestyle balance is critical. For small companies in particular, the challenge of retaining dual career couples is compounded by the need for first retaining top talent when larger organizations with a broader range of family care services, in addition to staying competitive in their markets while giving employees flexibility in taking care of their families.

While smaller companies may find competing on benefits alone will be difficult, the one advantage they do have is flexibility…. [read more]

What Are the Causes of Contraction 2001-2003 and Expansion 2003-2005 of the US Economy? Term Paper

… Economics

Causes of Contraction (2001-2003) and Expansion (2003-2005) of the Economy

Perhaps there is no more important question than the future, none that affects more deeply our private destinies and those of our children." (Heilbroner & Thurow, 1982) This report is about capitalism and the causes of contraction and expansion in our economy. The economy seems to currently be churning out good numbers -- but does that mean the economy is okay? The overall economic health of the United States is sending mixed messages even though all seems better than a few years ago. Consider the contrast of Investment Business Journal's message that new manufacturing orders are on the rise and new home sales are up because of low interest rates at the same time…. [read more]

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