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Sir Gawain and the Green Term Paper

… According to some historians of the period and also literary critics the period marked a time when the role of women was changing in a manner that the society was unaccustomed to. Women were taking control of households, fiefdoms, and even whole kingdoms as a necessary aspect of the crusade period and its wake. According to MClain changing gender roles were an absolutely crucial aspect of the literature of the period:

Courtly literature, the larger category into which Arthurian literature falls, began with the troubadour poetry of twelfth-century France and continued to be popular throughout the Middle Ages. The medieval period was a time of massive confusion and change in thinking about gender. The period's misogyny has been amply documented - women, as St. Jerome…. [read more]

Sir Gawain Comparing Term Paper

… However, what differentiated Sir Gawain from the archetypal knight is that he also maintained a human side in him, a characteristic that showed that despite his honorable stature, he is also susceptible to other threats to his honor. This threat includes temptations in committing adultery or unmanly conduct towards a woman. This has been shown in his unwise decision to decline the lady's help to protect him against the Green Knight by using a magical sash. His insistence to stick to his chivalrous values had only led to danger in his life, and created a flaw in his character, portraying him as prideful to the point of being arrogant: "the man began to muse, and mainly he thought It was a pearl for his plight,…. [read more]

Sir Francis Bacon and "Help Lord Research Paper

… Sir Francis Bacon and "Help Lord"

Sir Francis Bacon -- Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) was a true renaissance man who lived in England. He served as the Attorney General and Lord Chancellor of England, as well as writing prolifically on philosophy, political science, and literature. Besides a great deal of poetry and prose, Bacon established a deductive method in the sciences that focused on specific inquiry. That is, epistemological observation and notation lead one to more appropriate conclusions. Despite a hugely successful career, Bacon was disgraced in 1621 after being convicted of 23 counts of corruption and sentenced to a huge fine and time in the Tower of London. While he only spent a few days incarcerated, he was banned from holding further office and…. [read more]

Pearl Poet's Sir Gawain Term Paper

… This errant theorist was named Guest and was a historian of English rhythms. He claimed that Huchoun of the Awle Ryale was the poet responsible for Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. His primary argument was that in a blank space in the original manuscript of Sir Gawayne and the Grene Knight, a hand of the fifteenth century has scribbled the name Hugo de, but this seems like little evidence, especially when one examines the style of the poetry. The Cottonian manuscript bears little resemblance to the other works of Huchoun. It does contain the deer, boar, and fix hunting scene in Gawain. However, this scene was probably borrowed and does not lend evidence to authorship.

The author of the poem of Erkenwald is closer…. [read more]

Pearl-Poet Indeed, Few Figures Term Paper

… By employing this technique, Chaucer is able to make his stories come alive and enables the premise of The Canterbury Tales, in which the stories are supposed to be told by different characters traveling to Canterbury on a religious pilgrimage, and thus enable his seemingly awkward premise for the stories to function in a vibrant and intriguing fashion never feels stilted or cliched. Indeed, by using this unique technique he is able to enrich both the characters and the stories as each narrative is not only enriched by the voice that he takes on for it, but it is also enriched by its context amidst other stories that differ from it. In this way, both the stories and their continguous context serve to form a…. [read more]

Sir Gawain Towards the End Term Paper

… "

Gawain is referring to the fact that he broke the covenant he made with the Green Knight and that he would bear the shame of that broken contract forever, his lack of honor would forever be a part of him.

Initially, Sir Gawain accepts the Green Knight's challenge, though he tells King Arthur "I am the weakest, I wot, and the feeblest of wit, and it will be the less loss of my life if ye seek sooth." If what Gawain tells King Arthur is true, then the Knights of the Round Table truly were men among men, with a sense of honor above even their own lives. Gawain states that he is the least of the King Arthur's knights, yet even the Green…. [read more]

Dual Hunts in Sir Gawain Term Paper

… While it was a sport to some, it was also connected with temptation, wooing and seduction. In the last part "relation between temptation and hunt is likely to be formed. We are now in a position to see host and hostess working as a team....The equation between hunting and wooing is...a well-established source of metaphors and conceits in courtly writing..." (Burrow 86)

In medieval times, foxes were considered the basest and most despicable of all creatures and they were rarely given a place in literature. By the hunt of the fox, the poet was trying to convey his views on the behavior of Gawain who was otherwise a noble knight. Gawain fears death and therefore fails to keep his part of the deal, thus acting…. [read more]

Sir Walter Raleigh Research Paper

… Sir Walter Raleigh has long been considered as one of the greatest British explorers of his time and is probably best-remembered as a close friend and ally to Queen Elizabeth II. Raleigh was also a poet and historian and wrote extensively about his adventures and explorations in the New World, some of which has been turned in myth and legend. According to Charles Kingsley, the author of Sir Walter Raleigh and His Times (2004), the spelling of Raleigh's surname was originally "Ralegh" and that he signed many official court documents as "Ralegh" and never spelled his name any other way. The "Sir" which comes before his first name is the result of being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1584; thus, his full given name…. [read more]

Beowulf Roland Sir Gawain Arthur Machiavelli Term Paper

… Beowulf, Roland, Sir Gawain, Arthur, Machiavelli

The aspects of morality as demonstrated by Sir Gawain

Chivalry refers to the moral code that was an intrinsic part of the world of Sir Gawain and King Arthur's court. Chivalric ethics and their moral code also plays an essential part in showing the difference between the higher values of a civilized Christian world as opposed to the " fallen" natural world. In the poetic narrative of the Sir Gawain and the Green Knight we are presented with the efforts to maintain these higher moral values, as exemplified in the Chivalric code, through the test that Gawain has to undergo. This moral code is seen in the way that Sir Gawain responds to the various moral tests the he…. [read more]

Chivalry in Sir Gawain Term Paper

… She tell him she wants something to remember him by, as this is his last day at the castle. Gawain has nothing to give her and that prompts her to offer him her green silk sash. He refuses to accept it until she tells him that whoever wears it cannot be killed. Of course, this appeals to Gawain's basic desire to live and he accepts the sash along with the lady's wishes not to tell her husband. She kisses him three times that morning and the day comes to an end as the two previous days, with the lord of the castle exchanging his catch of the day with what Gawain gained during the day. As promised, Gawain gives the lord three kisses as the…. [read more]

Life of Sir Walter Raleigh Term Paper

… His ability to be diplomatic and administrate were called upon and his success gained his release from prison (A Short Biography of Sir Walter Raleigh (

While he was free from jail he was still barred from court because the queen had not gotten over her anger at his marriage. He instead sat in Parliament and it was during this time he became famous for his association with the School of Night association.

His political aspirations were renewed and he climbed to the position of governor in 1600. Unfortunately he still had his previous political enemies and this turn of events only fueled the fire. There were attempts at successions and many of Raleigh's offices and monopolies were lost to the strength of his enemies…. [read more]

Renaissance Poet Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Elder Term Paper

… ¶ … Renaissance poet Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Elder and his poem Who list his wealth and ease retain discussing the euphemisms and meanings behind the use of his language bring forth possible theories as to the reasoning of his writing at such an unsteady political time.

Who list his wealth and ease retain

Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Elder's poem Who list his wealth and ease retain was written at a time when the political regime of England sat on a tenuous grip the only person that mattered in politics was the King, namely King Henry Tudor the eighth.

Wyatt's poem is split into five sections, the first sets the seen that a man who knows and lists his wealth will surely retain it as…. [read more]

Works of Sir Walter Scott Term Paper

… (Mackenzie, 2009)

Waverley is another piece of Scott's work that demonstrates and establishes his writing style. This is yet another piece of writing that exemplifies Scott's position as a true storyteller. He had a great ability to create and sustain a large cast of characters that were vivid and varied in of themselves. He developed these characters in their own right, and he developed them amongst intensely descriptive settings. The style of Scott's writing showed that he often created settings that were exciting, turbulent, and historical. (EUL, 2014)

His writing style included the inclusion of dialogue. The style of dialogue helped attract his readers. Using dialogue was definitely a strength of Scott's and a characteristic of his style. He was able to use regional or…. [read more]

Christian Themes in Everyman, Beowulf Essay

… Christian Themes in Everyman, "Beowulf," and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"

Good works and responsibility are common Christian themes in Everyman, "Beowulf," and "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight." In Everyman, the importance of Good Deeds is emphasized when Good Deeds is the only "character" allowed to enter into heaven with Everyman. Good Deeds even tells Everyman that he will be a "good friend at need" (Everyman 854). In "Beowulf," we see the importance of good deeds with Beowulf's loyalty. In "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight," Gawain is loyal and responsible until the very end of his tale. These medieval tales explore meaning through Christian beliefs and traditions. Each of these men illustrate that the things that matter the most are our actions…. [read more]

Orientalism as Defined by Burton in the Arabian Nights Research Proposal

… ¶ … Burton's translation of The Arabian Nights (TAN) backed by a deep knowledge of Islam contributes to the Orientalist project and to the past and present knowledge of the Orient as it has been shaped by different disciplines such as anthropology, history and literature. It will trace the evolution of The Arabian Nights and its translation by Burton followed by an analysis applied to the representations of Oriental elements as revealed in its social and religious practices. I will argue that the stereotypes in TAN as well as the annotations that refer to Arabic-Islamic culture are related directly to Burton's intellectual vision, a vision of a British empire that takes pride in having the highest number of Muslim subjects bowed under its supremacy.

Beginning…. [read more]

Early British Literature Term Paper

… ¶ … British Lit

Legends, tales about heroes and their supernatural thrilling adventures have always attracted people regardless of the age. Heroes originate in the mists of time and myths. Morton W. Bloomfield states that "the original hero in early literature was probably based on a king who died for his people, the warrior who defeated the tribe's enemies...These men...were celebrated in song and story and...presented again to the people so that they could participate in their magic" (Bloomfield, p 30).

This outlook of the people who regarded the hero as the savior of his own kind dominates the early medieval epics such as Beowulf and The Song of Roland.

Beowulf is the largest and most famous Anglo-Saxon heroic poem and due to its large…. [read more]

Knighthood Medieval Knighthood or Chivalry Term Paper

… Knighthood

Medieval Knighthood

Knighthood or chivalry has a very interesting and tumultuous history, which begins in feudalism and continues in the Medieval Age. In England, evidences of chivalry appear only after the Norman Conquest. In the beginning, the term "knighthood" was merely used to indicate the investment of arms of a young man after his training was over. For the first two centuries, chivalry continued to denote proficiency in the art of fighting on horseback. It is only later that this merely social role of the knights was rounded with a specific ideology, which soon become a code of honor. With the spread of Christendom, there appeared different orders of knights, each with their characteristic goals and ideals.

Thus, first of all, a knight had…. [read more]

Courtly Love Is Expressed Essay

… This was profoundly European following Christian courtly 'civilized' manners rather than Lady Blakely auspiciously and publicly persuing Gawain.

Today, all perceptions of knights have disappeared. We no longer believe in perfect people and morals, at best may be seen as behaving in a natural way. To many indeed, morals are satisfying the normal lusts of love and approaching t in a direct, above-board manner.

The two categories of medieval love have long disappeared in European culture, in general, and even in courts in particular. The whole vestige of courts in fact has largely disappeared. On the one hand, women it is expected marry for love rather than to serve their husband. On the other hand, therefore, love has usurped a far more open role with…. [read more]

Medieval, Modernist and Post Essay

… Leading figures such as Kerouac and Ginsburg would latch onto the deconstructionist impulses of the modernist movement and utilize them to invade the literary tradition with slang, obscenity and exceedingly edgy content.

For instance, in Ginsburg's America, the author merges literature, colloquialism and stream-of-consciousness styling to register a highly controversial sentiment. Ginsburg addresses his subject head on, writing; "America when I was seven momma took me to Communist Cell meetings they sold us garbanzos a handful per ticket a ticket costs a nickel and the speeches were free everybody was angelic and sentimental about the workers it was all so sincere you have no idea what a good thing the party was in 1935" (p. 221)

This approach is emblematic of the Beat movement, combining…. [read more]

English Literature (Chaucer and Shakespeare) the Images Term Paper

… English literature (Chaucer & Shakespeare)

The Images of Ideal Faith and Love: A Comparative Analysis of Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales ("Pardoner's Tale") and William Shakespeare's Love Sonnets (Sonnets 18, 116 and 130)

Fifteenth to sixteenth century- English literature is characterized by the expression of radical idealism, whether this idealism pertains to social issues or human emotions. Geoffrey Chaucer, who was well-known for his work "The Canterbury Tales," exemplified the English poet of his period (14th-15th centuries), demonstrating through his famous work his ideals on religion and expression of faith. On a relatively similar vein, English playwright William Shakespeare (16th-17th centuries) reflected the same belief of idealism, this time in the form of expressing human emotions, most popularly evoked in his (love) sonnets (Sonnets 18, 116…. [read more]

Elizabethan Love Poetry Is Laden With Themes Essay

… Elizabethan love poetry is laden with themes related to morality, such as in relation to sexual relations. Many Elizabethan poems also address morality in the general context of ethics and social grace. Morality is sometimes referred to in a political context as well. William Shakespeare's Sonnet #29 is one such poem that addresses morality within the context of politics and social norms. Sonnet #29 displays the poet's remarkable ability to convey moral meaning without being pedantic. Moreover, the sonnet reveals a secular set of morals. Alternatively, a set of religious Christian morals is addressed in Mary Sidney Herbert, Countess of Pembroke's Psalm 51. Simply calling her poems psalms reveals Herbert's religiosity. The poem also reads like a guilt-ridden confessional and therefore has a different tone…. [read more]

How English Literature Has Evolved and Changed From Medieval Times to Romantic Era Term Paper

… English Literature

When surveying the chronological evolution of English literature over the centuries, one can readily trace the development of a style that shifts over time from a concern with collective endeavor to increasingly individualized forms of expression, which would culminate in the Romantic Movement. Whereas secular texts of the medieval period such as the Canterbury Tales were complicated works, filled with multiple characters and narrators, the Renaissance began to pave the way towards the exploration of singular consciousnesses. It was in the Romantic period, however, that poets ultimately sought out new ways of capturing something of the essence of man's inherent nature through the exploration of highly subjective modes of being. In this essay, we will trace the development of this strain through three…. [read more]

Renaissance Art an Analysis Research Paper

… Hilliard indicated, however, one of the necessary components of the miniature-portraiture, which was the fact that it should use as little shading as possible. Chiaroscuro in such a small frame would take away from the overall visual effect of the miniature. With such a focus on minute detail, the use of light and shade had to be as minimal as the size of the work itself. Rather, just as the poet had to focus his sights and limit himself to the aspect of the subject as it appeared in objective reality, Hilliard insisted that the artist show "the grace in countenance…and these stolen glances which suddenly like lightning pass" (Strong 23). The painter's eye, therefore, had to be as adept at catching the subtle nuances…. [read more]

Workplace Environment Exist Within Different Term Paper

… ¶ … workplace environment exist within different types of literature. What will be examined here are themes that are apparent within three types of literature including a poem, a fictional story, and an essay. The poem to be examined will be "Saturday's Child" by Countee Cullen. The story to be examined will be "The Boy and the Bank Officer" by Philip Ross. Finally, the essay will be in regards to corporate culture.

In the poem "Saturday's Child" the most apparent theme within it has to do with contrasting the different circumstances in relation to material wealth that people are often placed in through birth. This comparison is readily made from the beginning, when the narrator states that certain people are "teethed on a silver spoon,"…. [read more]

Full Metal Jacket Movie Review

… Full Metal Jacket

Certainly in terms of historical events in recent American history that had an impact on American society and on U.S. foreign policy, the Vietnam War ranks stands out. In nearly every community in American there are Vietnam veterans and they all have war stories to share but the most poignant and the saddest stories are based on the way the returning troops were treated when they got home. I chose this movie to critique because it is fairly realistic regarding what the U.S. troops endured in Vietnam, and also because it has a lot of humor and levity, to lighten the theme a bit.

Is it a classic movie? It probably won't stand the test of time like some other films from…. [read more]

Shape and to Create Essay

… William the Conquerer was a rule who made it clear that he was to be treated as one more powerful and more popular than the pope, and that even the pope's envoys needed to enter England with the permission of William and that same permission was needed in order for members of the papal group to publish.

While these moves might appear incredibly controlling, William was one of the people who was able to push England into being an ideal European nation, a nation that was simply better organized and more powerful. And part of these achievements were connected to the fact that he took power away from the papacy and some of their more archaic tendencies for ruling and controlling -- old fashioned regimes…. [read more]

Faerie Queen Edmund Spenser Opens Essay

… The Redcross Knight symbolizes the new social order of Protestant faith. Furthermore, the Redcross Knight represents "a gentleman or noble person in vertuous and gentle discipline" because he is dedicated to his Christian faith. Because the Knight pursues faith independently of the clergy, he represents the genuine Protestant connection between an individual believer and God. If Spenser's work to be framed not according to the Aristotelian twelve virtues but to the Christian trio of Faith, Hope, and Chastity, then the Redcrosse Knight would be the emblem of Faith. He therefore reappears throughout The Faerie Queen, because he is a "noble person in vertuous and gentle discipline."

As one of the core Christian virtues, Chastity becomes important in Book Three of The Faerie Queen. Chastity is…. [read more]

Compare Two Poem Essay

… Herrick and Marlowe Poems

The muse of poetry has undergone many forms since humans began writing and keeping records. As a form, poetry predates literacy -- it is believed to have been orally recited or sung. Poetry was a way to remember oral history, story (epic poetry), genealogy, law, customs, and culture. It is often closely related to religious and musical traditions, and many of the poems that survive from the ancient world are a form of recorded cultural information about the people of the past. Their poems are often prayers or stories about their lives, their wars, politics, gods, and a way to organize the mythos of their society. Within poetry, then, it is easy to see the development of numerous genres that give…. [read more]

Human Suffering Term Paper

… The poem ends with uncertainty, and implies the continuous subjection of the speaker to his father's abuse, bringing once again the uncertainty that the speaker felt at the initial part of the story: "You beat time on my head

With a palm caked hard by dirt / Then waltzed me off to bed..." Evidently, human suffering through physical abuse is effectively illustrated in "My Papa's Waltz" through imagery and symbolism.

Lastly, the play "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare is an effective narrative of the life of Prince Hamlet as he experiences emotional turmoil because of his father's death. The play displays human suffering because Shakespeare uses Hamlet's character as torn between avenging for his father's murder and implicating his mother and stepfather, his immediate family, in…. [read more]

Robert Hayden Term Paper

… The poem starts with the description of the poet about a "tremendous fish" that she had caught, and noted the lack of 'stubbornness' on the fish's part: "He didn't fight/He hadn't fought at all." These lines can be explained later, after the poet had finished describing the physical and sorry appearance of the "tremendous fish." We us readers will later learn that the fish had actually been into the same situation he was in now (that of being caught in a hook) and this was illustrated in Bishop's surprise when she saw that "... from his lower lip... hung five old pieces of fish- line... with all their five big hooks / grown firmly in his mouth." These lines in the poem illustrate that the…. [read more]

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