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Marijuana Should Be Legalized Term Paper

… The discussion that is focused on fear, emotion and what we cannot do needs to be replaced by a discussion based on facts, evidence and unlocking the power of what is possible. We can have a better policy, and that starts by making sure that more people are educated about the true nature of the issue, and why they should care. You do not have to be a smoker to care about personal freedom or about efficient use of tax dollars -- those are base issues all reasonable people can agree on. So when the topic comes up, you must take the only reasonable position and advocate for the end of marijuana prohibition.


Chaloupka, F. & Laixuthai, A. (1997). Do youths substitute alcohol and…. [read more]

Medical Marijuana to a Great Degree Term Paper

… Medical Marijuana

To a great degree, drug policy in America has long been irrational, based more on fear than evidence. Drugs are targeted when someone perceives that they are a problem, and once they are listed as a controlled substance, the listing becomes a self-perpetuating phenomenon. All evidence to the contrary is dismissed. Marijuana is listed as a controlled substance and has been demonized as a pernicious evil ever since. Growing evidence of the health effects of marijuana for people suffering from certain maladies has not been sufficient to change federal policies, and the irrationality grows as some states have adopted laws allowing for the medical use of marijuana even as the federal government has refused to do so and has sought to criminalize the…. [read more]

People Who Use Medical Marijuana Favor Legalization Research Paper

… ¶ … legalization of marijuana for medicinal use is a controversial topic in American society. Several states have enacted laws allowing the sale and consumption of marijuana for medicinal purposes, but so far, only one state is actually considering allowing recreational marijuana consumption as well. One of the reasons that the medicinal use of marijuana is controversial is that the processes and regulations for qualifying as a medical user are state-controlled and subject to widespread abuse, such as where physicians routinely dispense prescriptions without rigorous limitation by medical criteria. As a result, the legal medicinal use of marijuana is contributing to the reduction of social constraints to recreational use. In some states, recreational users can obtain a valid license designating them patients with medicinal marijuana…. [read more]

Marijuana Legalization John S.) Term Paper

… Marijuana Legalization

John S.)

Why Marijuana Should be Legalized

Cultural Argument in Favor of Legalization

Marijuana is becoming more accepted in Western society, and it should become fully accepted. That is, marijuana should be legalized. Marijuana offers many benefits that completely dwarf the dangers. Marijuana offers uses across a broad range of categories from industrial uses, to medical uses, and recreational uses. It appears, however, that marijuana is illegal because of the simple fact that "a majority of Americans find marijuana morally offensive" ( 2007). This is an unacceptable reason for the criminalization of such a valuable drug that is less dangerous than countless other drugs currently available to the public, including alcohol, poisons, and even over the counter painkillers.

The morality of marijuana must…. [read more]

Legalization of Marijuana Term Paper

… While opponents of marijuana say that marijuana has harmful side effects, there has been no proof for these theories.

For example, some claim that marijuana leads to violence, crime, memory damage, and damage to the immune system, but they have no proof of these theories. The government should not rely on theories without a solid basis. Contrary to common opinion, there has not been a single reported death due to an overdose of marijuana. This shows that smoking weed cannot kill a person. Therefore, the same government that allows Americans to ease the stresses of modern life with Xanax, Tylenol PM, Lotto and alcohol immediately should put an end to the anti-marijuana project and legalize the drug.


Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). (March 30, 1998).…. [read more]

Medical Cannabis as of November Term Paper

… Moreover, California has had medical marijuana available for a long enough time to yield longitudinal studies of the social effects of medical marijuana. Jocelyn Elders, the former United States Surgeon General, issued an editorial as early as 2004 that noted that after medical marijuana laws were passed in California, teen marijuana use actually decreased. A similar statement was issued by Earlywine, who cited statistical evidence related to the effects of medical marijuana legalization in the state of California. According to Earlywine, "Nine years after the passage of the nation's first state medical marijuana law, California's Prop. 215, a considerable body of data shows that no state with a medical marijuana law has experienced an increase in youth marijuana use since their law's enactment." Therefore, evidence…. [read more]

Marijuana Legalization the Reason Term Paper

… Also there is proof that the government may also benefit to the extent of eight billion dollars from edification and healing programs. Another benefit would be that the drug lords who gain a lot of money in the form of profits for these drugs like nearly twenty billion dollars. Even the relation between the U.S. And Latin American Countries can be improved by legalizing these drugs. (Marijuana - Legalize or Not)

It can be said that it won't be too long before which Marijuana will be legalized, as seven states have already made the usage of the drug legal, which include California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. (Sager, 31). A lot of experts are in favor of legalizing the drug, one of who is the…. [read more]

Legalization of Marijuana Thesis

… Legalization of Marijuana

Illegal substances have been subjected to various debates from the public, as society has condemned their use and the fact that they are becoming more and more common among people of all ages. In the struggle to stop the widespread of drugs around the world, certain individuals fail from detecting the difference between substances which can be categorized as drugs and substances which cannot. Cannabis, for example, is frequently identified as being a dangerous substance, with people comparing it to high-risk drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

However, unlike high-risk drugs, Marijuana has a larger number of supporters, most probably because of the fact that its effects have come to be appreciated over the years.

Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenneger, himself, has claimed…. [read more]

Marijuana Alcohol Prohibition, Enforced Through a Landmark Term Paper

… Marijuana

Alcohol prohibition, enforced through a landmark Constitutional Amendment ratified in 1919, lasted over a decade. Not enforced through Constitutional Amendment but by a series of legislation targeting a blanket group of narcotics, the prohibition of marijuana in the United States has lasted nearly a hundred years. Unfortunately, neither American lawmakers nor the voting public learned from the mistakes made with the passing of prohibition laws. Although alcohol consumption in America dropped significantly by 1921, within a few years after the 18th Amendment was passed, per-capita drinking levels rose and a thriving black market permitted the flow of libations around the nation (Thornton). Moreover, Prohibition did not end the moral degeneracy that temperance advocates had hoped for; rather, by pushing alcohol production, sales, and consumption…. [read more]

Legalization Debate Term Paper

… Legalization Debate on Marijuana

There is currently a great deal of debate concerning a relaxation of the laws surrounding drug use, and in particular the use of marijuana. Many individuals, some of them in positions of great power, have spoken out in favor of legalizing dangerous drugs such as marijuana. Examples of this push towards legalization include activist groups such as NORML and many prominent public figures such as President Readan's former Secretary of State, George Shultz, who is quotes as saying, "that 'Legalization would destroy dealer profits and remove their incentive to get young people addicted.' [or] former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders' [who made a] call for a study to legalize drugs." (Maginnis) Protagonists of legalization claim that legalization or the relaxation of laws…. [read more]

Medical Marijuana Is Something to Consider Bill Term Paper

… Medical Marijuana Is Something to Consider

Bill Number CA 345657686

This bill will legalize the use of marijuana in its natural form for those that meet the criteria set forth. Patients who have a documented disorder or illness that creates chronic pain, and other methods of relief have failed, as well as those who are undergoing chemotherapy treatments and AIDS treatments will be allowed to become certified by their physician to carry a medical marijuana card. This card will allow the patient to grow and possess marijuana in quantities not larger than one ounce at a time for the purpose of personal use to alleviate their symptoms.

Imagine going through chemotherapy and coming home to be so sick to your stomach you could not function.…. [read more]

Legalization of Drugs Term Paper

… Legalization of Drugs

Ever since the 1960s when college students began to smoke marijuana, the issue of illegal drugs has been debated. Some people claim, for example, that marijuana -- which has no potential for addiction -- would never have been made illegal, if organized crime had not needed something illegal to "push" after prohibition was repealed. It would certainly seem that the controversy has gone on long enough and that most everything about it has already been said. If not legalized, illegal drugs should at least be de-criminalized.

In "Four Points about Drug Decriminalization," Douglas Husak points out that many people, while they are against drugs, do not want to see drug users punished or imprisoned. He is in favor of decriminalization, which he…. [read more]

Marihuana Legalization Essay

… Marijuana

The recent election resulted in a change to the discussion about marijuana, when Washington and Colorado voted to legalize the plant (Smith, 2012). It is time to take this debate nationwide, and address the falsehoods that have led to the futile prohibition of marijuana and the horrible failure that is the war on drugs. I believe the marijuana should be legalized. There are several reasons that I believe this, and put together they form a very strong case. Legalization in this case refers to the legal possession and sale of marijuana, and importation as well, either by consumers is small amounts or by businesses in large amounts. My argument extends to all drugs, but I will focus only of marijuana for the present paper.…. [read more]

Marijuana Should Be Legalized Research Paper

… ¶ … marijuana should be legalized for medical use in the United States. Fourteen U.S. states have already approved the use of marijuana in treating a variety of medical conditions. Studies indicate that marijuana is beneficial in treating many different medical conditions, from HIV / AIDS to Alzheimer's disease, and harmful side effects that plague many other prescription drugs are at a minimum. Because of this and other compelling evidence, marijuana should be legalized for medical use in America.

The legalization of marijuana for medical use has been contentious for decades. More and more studies indicate it has many beneficial aspects, and the risks are not as great as many might think. Marijuana can lesson the pain of many severe illnesses, and it has been…. [read more]

Legalization of Marijuana Term Paper

… While alcohol abuse causes serious problems for society, its prohibition made criminals of those who manufactured, transported, sold, or consumed alcohol. It did not reduce problems from alcohol consumption and caused new and serious ones. Perhaps our country should consider regulating marijuana as we do alcohol. We can look on the label of any alcoholic drink and see the content of alcohol, we restrict its sale by age, and we enforce rules about driving under the influence.

Until marijuana became easily available on the Internet, those who used it had to go to people who were acknowledged criminals and commit a criminal act themselves to purchase the drug. They committed another crime when they smoked it, and a third if they shared it with a…. [read more]

Is Medical Marijuana a Crime or a Contravention on Our Civil Liberties? Term Paper

… ¶ … medical marijuana a crime or a contravention on our civil liberties?

Are the Federal Laws against Medical Marijuana Constitutional?

There is not a shred of scientific evidence that smoked marijuana is useful or needed. -- U.S. Drug Czar, General Barry McCaffrey, August 16, 1996

Marijuana is the safest therapeutically active substance known to man... safer than many foods we commonly consume. -- DEA Judge Francis L. Young, September 6, 1988

The epigraphs above are illustrative of the differing opinions concerning the use of medical marijuana in the United States today. While the debate over medical marijuana continues to rage and national trends suggesting that the majority of Americans favor its legalization, the U.S. Supreme Court has recently held that federal law as codified…. [read more]

Ethics of Legalizing Marijuana Essay

… For example standards of justification, moral principles or truth are sometimes said to be relative to language, culture, or biological makeup (Swoyer, 2010)."

This definition readily applies to the question as to whether or not marijuana should be legalized, principally because of the tenuous nature of the topic itself, which is largely colored through the opinion of the individual subject who is considering it. Quite simply, relativism can easily be used to justify both legalization as well as prohibitionist viewpoints of the legality of this drug, simply by concocting circumstances in which either of those stances are "true" for the subjects portrayed in them. On the one hand, it would be completely plausible for relativism to endorse the notion that marijuana should remain prohibited due…. [read more]

Editorial on Legalization of Marijuana Article

… Legalizing Marijuana

In this era of spiraling medical costs, if there is a product that has never caused any deaths, has proven benefits, and is inexpensive, it should not only be legal, but should be aggressively pursued by governmental agencies to aid in the health care crisis. Would you be interested in a substance that could alleviate nausea and vomiting for most cancer and chemotherapy patients? How about a way to stimulate hunger so that AIDS and other immune-suppressed individuals can eat again? How about this same substance that could lower pressure on the eye and treat glaucoma? How about chronic migraines, back pain, or even nausea and vomiting cased with hepatitis? and, would you be excited if you knew that preliminary studies show that…. [read more]

Legalize Marijuana Now! Today Research Paper

… It is reasonable to suggest that many of the warnings against marijuana use have some basis in reality; after all, clinicians caution against smoking anything because of the damage the practice can do the lungs and the rest of the cardiovascular system, and there is clearly a need for additional research in this area. Despite this paucity of timely and relevant scientific research, though, countless empirical observations over the years confirm that marijuana use is less harmful than tobacco or alcohol, two deadly drugs that remain readily available across the country and which are heavily taxed as justification for their continued sales. It is therefore also reasonable to conclude that this same rationale could easily be applied to the much less harmful substance of marijuana.…. [read more]

Risks in Legalizing Marijuana Research Paper

… Risk of Legalizing Marijuana

On November 2, 2010, the California voters will have the opportunity to become the first state in the United States to legalize the sale and possession of marijuana. The California Secretary of State, Debra Bowen, declared that petitions gathered by the legalization backers totaled 694,248 signatures, which were over 161,000 more than needed.

What are the consequences behind the legalization? What are the issues being faced from the political, social, and law enforcement standpoint as well as the potential for abuse? This paper will examine the facts behind the legalization of marijuana and the possible outcome. This paper will attempt to show that legalization of marijuana does nothing in the way of benefitting society as a whole.

California is set to…. [read more]

Drug Legalization of Drugs Term Paper

… Drug Legalization

Legalization of drugs

Legalization of Drugs of Abuse

The legalization of drugs of abuse has been an ongoing controversy in the United States for quite some time following the development of a widespread belief in the failure of the current prohibition regulations. It is not one that has found any significant resolution with strong arguments being made on both sides. There have been arguments made for the medicinal use of some drugs such as marijuana in the treatment of persons with severe and life threatening illnesses. Yet this is only part of the debate. While some proponents of prohibition claim that there will be a significant increase in drug use as the result of legalization, there are many reasons to doubt that a…. [read more]

Criminalisation, Legalization and the Mixed Essay

… Symbolic politics as mentioned by Himmelstein, may help in dissecting society's perception of marijuana and perhaps offer a way to alter said perception. "As with the other two concepts, "symbolic politics" may prove useful in understanding drug ideology as well as drug controls" (Himmelstein, 1983, p. 18).

Furthermore, looking into politics and policy, one of the main reasons the United States had and continues to have such a difficult time with legalization of marijuana is because of the personal interests and agendas of politicians. Bulman-Pozen writes:

State officials often further their interests and effectively oppose federal policy when they participate in the same statutory scheme as federal actors instead of operating in a separate, autonomous sphere. At the same time, state officials frequently rely on…. [read more]

Letter to Senator Bill Nelson on HR 2835 Medical Marijuana Term Paper

… Medicinal Marijuana

A Humanitarian Medical Bill: H.R. 2835: Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act

To Senator Bill Nelson:

The disconnect between our federal marijuana policy and emergent data on the substance is problematic and senseless. Every year, countless individuals are incarcerated or plunged into legal difficulty and financial debt for the use of cannabis, a substance with few proven negative medical consequences, with no connection to acts of real criminality and even with the demonstration of several curative, medicinal or therapeutic properties. This disconnect would invoke the honorable Democratic representative, Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts to introduce H.R. 2835: Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act to the 111th United States Senate. This legislative package represents a major step forward for the United States, which maintains an embarrassingly…. [read more]

Adolescent Substance Use Screening Instruments Term Paper

… " (Zoccolillo et al., 1999) Thus, the AAOD student is at a clear disadvantage in terms of successfully completing a high-school diploma and moving on to a career-oriented post-secondary education.

Additionally, high school is generally also a milieu in which the adolescent learns other non-academic life skills, including mature means of relating to peers and supervisors, responsible treatment of deadlines and priorities, and the perspective-broadening value of sports and other extracurricular interests.

Absenteeism limits the opportunities for acquiring such skills, and even while attending, the AAOD student in all likelihood will not maximize the chance to participate in meaningful relationships and activities. Playing sports while drunk or stoned, or both, obviously also risks serious injury for the student and his or her teammates.

At its…. [read more]

Legalize Medical Marijuana Essay

… Marijuana

One of the more controversial issues in American politics today is the issue of marijuana legalization. There are many forms that this can take, ranging from decriminalization to medical legalization to recreational legalization. If the recreational debate is focused around issues like individual rights, the medical debate should be more straightforward, focused specifically on issues of medical efficacy. All drugs that are given approval by the FDA for medical use go through screening processes to test for safety and efficacy, so marijuana for medical purposes would have to do the same to be legalized at the federal level.. This paper will examine some of the arguments for and against the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. Ultimately, there are many health benefits that go…. [read more]

Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Term Paper

… ¶ … Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational use of marijuana. What if Marijuana were legal in all of U.S.A. This paper's purpose is to provide an account of the arguments in favor of widespread legalization. In this sense, focus falls sequentially on what is truly known about the herb and its effects, the basis for its initial outlawing, federal policies vs. state liberties, the impact on a personal level for citizens involved with marijuana consumption, and a comparative interpretation between U.S. And Netherlands policy.

There is an abundance of scientific studies regarding use of marijuana available, yet whichever conclusions are reached, most researchers insist that further clinical enquiry is necessary. There never seems to be convincing evidence of marijuana causing addiction, or being a…. [read more]

Drug Policy American Research Paper

… The United States has spent a great deal of money on all phases of the "war" to try and make sure that drugs do not come into the county, or, at least, that they do not come into the country in the amounts that they have. Douglas Husak offers some figures associated with the war on drugs.

In 2000 the United States spent 40 billion dollars on prisons and jails.

By 2000 approximately 460,000 drug offenders were incarcerated.

About 58% of all federal inmates are incarcerated for drug offences.

Prison terms, for drug offences have increased from an average of sixty-two months to an average of seventy-four months from 1984 to 1999.

From 1980 to 1997, the number of non-violent offenders in state prisons tripled.…. [read more]

Drug Legalization Is a Highly Term Paper

… Research shows that overtly oppressive drug laws have led to an undesirable explosion in the prison population as drug dealers are out behind bars on minor charges. This is resulting in over-crowding of prisons and causing psychological and physical damages to inmates. A comprehensive study proves that, "alcohol and tobacco are highly addictive and kill massive numbers of people, while neither of these effects have been demonstrated in marijuana use" (Nordberg, 2000). Another study takes into account the problems associated with stricter drug laws as they maintain that prison inmates are also used as low-wage workers who are forced to work under sub-human conditions and suffer at the hands of oppressive corporate giants. For this reason, they feel that prison should be turned into an…. [read more]

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