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Performance Management Plan - 1600 Essay

… And the feedback provided by employees regarding the overall performance of the organization can better enable the service to meet its stated growth and profitability goals.

When implementing any new performance management system, there initially may be a 'rocky start.' It is important to get all organizational members 'on board' to ensure overall compliance with its objectives. "Starting at the top and getting the commitment of upper management to make performance management a priority is a prerequisite for success" (Pulakos 2004:22). Once again, this statement is even more valid for small organizations, given that if everyone is not 'on board,' the dissent and discontent can be palpable on a daily basis. The rather disparate nature of the employee base (employees work in the field, rather…. [read more]

Performance Management: Action Plans and Coaching Thesis

… Performance Management: Action Plans and Coaching

The overall goal of performance management is to create an organization where all of the organization's components, including its human resources, are working together to meet the same goals. The objectives of this management technique include, but are not limited to "identification and prioritization of desired results, establishing means to measure progress toward those results, setting standards for assessing how well results were achieved, tracking and measuring progress toward results, exchanging ongoing feedback among those participants working to achieve results, periodically reviewing progress, reinforcing activities that achieve results and intervening to improve progress where needed" (McNamara 1999).

Talent acquisition

For example, in the realm of talent acquisition, a HR recruiter might note that the organization has prioritized expanding its…. [read more]

Justifications and Action Plan Net Neutrality Research Paper

… ¶ … Justifications & Action Plan

Net neutrality is the principle that internet users should be in control of what content they view and what applications they use on the internet. Net neutrality is also about equal access to the internet. The concept of net neutrality began in 1999 when the technology company, Cisco, developed and introduced to the market a brand new kind of router (Ganley & Allgrove, 2006). This router was unique because it permitted network operators to inspect data packets as they flowed through networks (Ganley & Allgrove, 2006). The ability to inspect the data packets also meant that operators had the capacity to grant or deny access to the network based on preference. Although the internet remains open, large cable and…. [read more]

Performance-Based Standards Essay

… This is a plan that will be used for internal accreditation before the external accreditation process takes place.


The level of standards met

Authority Accrediting






Program and activity


Administration and Management


The levels of accrediting the standards met will be in three; Good, average, below average.

Authority accrediting will be the officer or the management personnel in charge

Comments will be the possible improvements needed as seen by the officer.

Fulfilling the requirements of each function

Care; the best way to get each individual within prison the healthcare needed is through establishing a private healthcare facility within the correction facility. There is ned also to establish extensive links with community organizations like the human service agencies, churches,…. [read more]

Performance Evaluation Methods for Instructors Essay

… As compared to the traditional evaluation method, this evaluation technique requires more subjective judgment because they usually incorporate fewer questions. In this case, instructors need to decide how to grade students since there are no clear right and wrong answers ("Performance Based Assessment," 2010). Actually, this method has been criticized that it could be harmful and will not improve schooling.

The third alternative to the traditional performance evaluation method in the classroom is 360 degree feedback. This appraisal method that has mainly been used in the workplace can be used by instructors since the process of learning needs to be collaborative between instructors and their students. The 360 degree feedback could be helpful in evaluating student performance since it provides feedback that enables the learning…. [read more]

Desert Communication Operational Change Action Essay

… To achieve collaboration Desert needs set goals that are common for all the call center groups. Collaboration in teams is possible in the presence of shared goals. Collaboration is through team building activities involving workshops, seminars, and conferences. In addition, this plan deems it fit that the training exercises also include communication and interpersonal skills activities. This is because studies show that collaboration improves with effective communication and high interpersonal skills (Thacker & Holl, 2008). Desert's call center representatives require training on communicating with consumers and team leaders, listening skills, and learning the importance of feedback (Thacker & Holl, 2008). In addition, team building and interpersonal skill activities reduce conflict and improve conflict management.

To reduce conflict among the teams, the action plan uses interpersonal…. [read more]

Sustainable Marketing Plan Marketing Plan

… This is because market fluctuations can determine significant price increases on the coffee market, leading to increased acquisition costs. This also leads to reduced profits for the company. However, the managers cannot establish higher prices for the company's products because customers are no likely to afford them. Organic products are usually quite expensive. Therefore, the company considers it is better to introduce average prices for its products.

The price of the company's products is established in accordance with production costs. This allows the company to determine the profits that it can register. These prices must also be established in accordance with competitors' prices. The average price for the type of coffee produced by the company is $10.99 per 500 g.

Promotional Strategy

The company is…. [read more]

Management XYZ Action Plan: 89 Research Proposal

… Management

XYZ action plan:

89% of XYZ employees felt there were few, if any, opportunities to improve their skills

Solutions (from least to most expensive):

Improve the quality of feedback given to employees -- make sure feedback is specific and detailed in nature. Phrase feedback in terms of concrete actions employees can take, rather than use vague generalities on performance reviews. Refer employees to specific skills enhancement programs or opportunities rather than merely criticize them

Start a 'brown bag lunch' mentoring program of more and less experienced employees, where volunteer mentors meet with younger workers to give advice to them

Create formal professional associations with regular meetings, events, and seminars for specific departments within the company, such as IT, HR, and so forth

Increase the…. [read more]

Performance Management I Question Essay

… PERFORMANCE Management i

Question 1.Explain the key elements in a performance management process, and discuss why a well designed performance management system is important for both the employee and the organization.

In the current scenario, functions of Human Resource Management have undergone a major change. It has given extreme importance to operational strategies that enable flourishing execution of the key business strategies. In other words we can say that, HR and business strategies complement each other. Now, the major role of HR is to facilitate and improve performance of their employees by providing them a good work environment and maximum opportunities to participate in decision making process. The role of HR has shifted from an evaluator to a catalyst and enabler.

Performance Management Process

Performance…. [read more]

Performance Appraisal Causes Term Paper

… It is partly the participation of employees that improves their motivation and understanding of corporate objectives thereby increasing their job performance. Such participation also helps employees in accepting the appraisals and its objectives. This is because of the fact that the employee participation improves communication between superior and subordinates making the goals clearer (Gehrman, 1984; Gibb, 1985; Locke et. al., 1981). In the 80s and 90s, several studies were conducted in this regard and it was found that in order for the job performance to improve, an employee should participate in the process of performance appraisal. One such study aimed to determine the connection between increased work ethic, job performance, and effectiveness of performance measurement and performance appraisal. Buch and Spangler (1990) who studied one…. [read more]

Performance Improvement Analysis A-Level Coursework

… Human Resources -- Performance Improvement Analysis

The analysis is focused on a 32-year-old female Registered Nurse (here called XX) working in the Telemetry unit of an acute care hospital. XX has been employed by the acute care hospital for approximately 3 years total and in the Telemetry unit for six months. XX is a native of Jamaica and has a thick accent that is sometimes hard to understand. The nature of our work relationship is that we are colleagues in this unit, having worked together for the past six months, essentially 40 hours per work week. The specific performance problem requiring assessment is XX's repetitive failure to attend to patients who are toileting. The most recent incident involved an 88-year-old female patient who suffers from…. [read more]

Performance Essay

… All employees will receive regular training in customer service.

f. Linkages to other functional HR processes, compensation, training, staffing, HRIS, etc.

An effective PMP system is interrelated with all aspects of the organization in that performance in one division, effects performance in all areas of the organization. In this way, PMP is crucial to success of the organization and has to be worked at carefully in order to ascertain that the interest of the employers is in liaison with that of employees. All of the divisions are interrelated and all aspects of the PMP are interrelated too. Careful selection of employee in the first place (the crux of the HR process) endeavors to match employee with organization. Compensations, training, and staffing, as well as all…. [read more]

Performance Analysis and Intervention Research Paper

… This may also be contributing to the above performance issues. Therefore it is necessary to address them now instead of waiting to see if the above solutions actually work.

To improve morale, get outside the box on this predicament. It is financially impossible to retain all the perks currently available to the employees. To make the employees feel that they have a contributing voice in their own perks, take a vote to determine which perks are the most desired by the overall group. Once the most important perk has been identified, assure the employees that the perk that they deem the most important will not be eliminated. This process should achieve a higher level of morale because it makes the employee feel empowered with regard…. [read more]

Performance Improvement Project Area to Be Targeted Term Paper

… performance improvement PROJECT

Area to be targeted

Tasks and activities

Expected commencement dates

Expected results



Employees will need to work in coordination with other employees

Employees will share research findings with other departments team spirit must always be present

Interdependency is critical

Interaction with senior management needs to be improved better coordination among employees better coordination between departments more support for organizational strategies better use of research greater motivation

Details of what a performance improvement project is:

Performance Improvement plan is needed when an organization seeks to improve organizational/departmental or employee performance and wants to achieve some specific goals with its help. In a systems thinking organization, each department of the organization is seen as part of the bigger whole and not treated…. [read more]

Action Plan for Middle School Students Term Paper

… ¶ … Middle School Students and High School Admissions Counseling

Action Plan for Middle School Admissions Counseling

Graduating middle school students are faced with some important decisions as they progress through their early academic careers and enter high school, and the decisions they make during this period in their lives may well affect their academic performance and professional careers later in life (Barrow, 2001). High school admissions counselors are in an excellent position to help these young learners make the right choice early on, but because resources are by definition scarce, many public high school admissions counselors are faced with some profound challenges in trying to deliver timely and effective guidance to these students because of the dynamic nature of the workforce and the changing…. [read more]

Action Plans and Learning Goals Assessment

… Skill 2: Building Teamwork

Broad Goal: To enhance my team building and team management skills

SMART Goal: To develop the skills necessary to create, manage, and build efficient and productive teams. This I seek to accomplish within a time frame of nine months.

Strategies and Action Plans:

To begin with, to enhance the efficiency of the teams I manage, I will seek to not only understand the personalities of various teams which I may find myself managing, but also make use of such an understanding to further enhance the productivity of the concerned teams, i.e. In the assignment of tasks and duties. As Buckingham (2005) observes, "managers will succeed only when they can identify and deploy the differences among people, challenging each employee to excel…. [read more]

Action Planning Essay

… Action Planning

Situational Background- Stevens Heath Center is a smaller sized (200 bed) hospital in a suburb of a mid-sized American city. For various reasons, not all disclosed to employees, Stevens merged with the larger, Rainier Health Systems who operate a 3 tier hospital campus, several clinics and outpatient facilities, and have a total of 1500 beds available. Previously, Rainer was considered a huge mega-hospital and strong competitor of Stevens. It is now six months since the merger, and a decision was made to redesign patient care delivery. The administration decided that instead of so many specialized workers, a universal worker would be more efficient. This universal worker would have the skills to offer numerous support services. However, at times this model has failed in…. [read more]

Performance Management Colbran Institute Case Study

… Performance Management

An Overview and Analysis of Key Performance Management Practices and Their Application to a Case Study

Performance management can be specifically defined as "an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout the year, in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the organization" (Regents 2007). In broader terms, performance management can be defined as the set of practices and perspectives that are utilized within an organization in order to determine the degree of efficacy with which each individual within the organization accomplishes their expected tasks and responsibilities, and to actively bring about an improvement in this efficacy inasmuch as is possible. In the Cobran Medical Institute case study at hand, performance management practices and policies are rather…. [read more]

Performance Gap Policing Term Paper

… In reality, all of these factors need to be considered to narrow the performance gap that exists.

The internal thinking of many agencies can be changed to be quality oriented rather than quantity oriented, which it currently exists as in many agencies (De Vries & Van Der Zijl, 2003). Police quality is a concept that is closely connected to organizations and community members, thus one can not simply consider one without considering the other. Many agencies or individual officers too often focus on the quantity of work they provide, such as the number of arrests or calls completed successful. Their needs to be a shift of focus so that more officers are encouraged to deliver quality over quantity if the performance gap is to be…. [read more]

Performance-Enhancing Drugs and Sports Research Paper

… Those who are in the professional level and win get more lucrative contracts and are then offered highly profitable endorsement deals (Freudenrich 2). Michael Jordan was a basketball player for the Chicago Bulls but his streak on the court led to many such deals so that even some twenty years after retirement he still pulls in millions of dollars a year through Nike shoes and other endorsements. In winning, there is a great deal of money to be made which is another source of pressure for athletes.

The steroid controversy is far from over but there are becoming more stern restrictions against the use of performance-enhancing drugs in competitive sports. One of the sporting world's most famous names and indeed the most famous bicyclist in…. [read more]

Real World Opportunity for Improvement Essay

… This strategy is useful because if implemented it is directly addressing the specific problems of parental involvement that were presented in the SIP. This strategy appears to be directly aligned with the problems in this school.

-Teacher, principal.

Time, committee, student identification monitoring system.

6 months, preliminary,

12 months, moderate

2-year full program

Strategy 3

Another method to increase parental involvement deals with daily report cards. This strategy is useful because it establishes a daily means of contact with the parent, child and school to complete the communications loop.

This strategy will identify students who need daily contact with teacher and parents. A report card is used to communicate student performance.

Teacher, parent, students.

Report cards

This strategy can be implemented immediately.

Professional Development

While…. [read more]

Customer Service Website Marketing Plan Term Paper

… Customer Service Website Marketing Plan

The intent of this marketing plan is to provide a framework for migrating customers from personal service to web-based self-service to both reduce costs while increasing the level of responsiveness and generating higher levels of loyalty from customers. Web-based self-service has proven to be a viable alternative vs. large-scale expansion of call centers, freeing up technical support and services personnel to work on more complex customer problems. Providing customers with multiple avenues to gain support over the Internet through a web-based self-service site on a 24/7 basis, regardless of their location globally, has major competitive advantages long-term.

While much third party research has been completed on the benefits of web self-service what is critical in the launch of this specific…. [read more]

concise Analysis of New Employee Action Plan Research Paper

… An inclusive climate is a vital hallmark of diversity.

Limitations of Supervising Union Employees

Union membership can present significant challenges to human resource management, especially from a supervisory perspective. One challenge that may be faced relates to the resolution of employee grievances (Stredwick, 2014). In the absence of a union, employees can easily talk to their supervisor or manager about common HR concerns such as compensation, disciplinary action, working conditions, transfer, or promotion. They can do so even when they are fresh in the organisation. In a unionised environment, however, the processes for managing employee grievances tends to be governed by collective bargaining agreements specified in the labour union contract. This may present a challenge to supervisors in the sense that supervisors may have little…. [read more]

What I Am Learning Essay

… Performance Plan

The AccuVision report I received identified my major area for improvement as Initiative. The report defines initiative as the willingness to take action, make decisions, and defend points-of-view when interacting with others. It also stated that my performance was acceptable in dealing with performance difficulties experienced by team members. The three areas in which, I need to improve include determining when to resolve an issue myself or to refer the issue to higher management, taking action to deal with operating problems, and defending my own views and opinions when challenged by others. The following development plan is focused on improving my performance in expressing and defending my point-of-view and identifying and resolving operational issues.

Development Plan: Defending My Opinions

I plan to take…. [read more]

Executive Stock Option Plans Essay

… , 2009). Many firms have abused this practice and repriced repeatedly. Estimates suggest that executives' pay is often increased by an average of nearly $500,000 each with every occurrence of backdating. There has been a slow and steady decline in stock repricings since 1998. Accounting rules now demand that companies take a substantial charge against their earning if they place new exercise prices on stock options that already exist. The one loophole is that if the existing stock is canceled completely, new ones can be issued at the lower price within six months penalty free (Hamilton & Wise, 2008).

To illustrate the value of reprising to executives, we can examine computer-chip maker PMC-Sierra Inc. In March 2000, the company stock prices reached $245 share. It…. [read more]

Cp-2 Project Performance Report Schedule Essay

… 67








Estimate at Completion

The estimate at completion (EAC) of the project on 10/01/08 was $4,999,031. This is based on the schedule that was predicting project completion of January 2nd of 2009. Thus this figure did not account for any of the crash costs that would be necessary to accelerate the schedule to meet the desired grand opening date.

Control Plan

There were many resources available that could help to crash the project at this point. The easiest way to determine how to crash the schedule was to first examine the critical path. The resources that were associated with the critical path could be compared to see if there were more max units available as well as the…. [read more]

Strategic Management Plan Anheuser-Busch Inbev Essay

… This area of the action or implementation plan is tangential to the first recommendation in this analysis, showing how important it for Anheuser-Busch Inbev Division to completely commit to quality. This is an investment in the brand of each best-selling beer in that it will protect them from degradation other, potentially conflicting priorities. Trimming suppliers who are not high quality enough will also serve to send a very clear message into the industry: Anheuser-Busch Inbev Division is not messing around about quality and will do whatever it takes to keep quality and performance high. This is a tremendous selling point to attract only the best distribution and reseller partners throughout North America including Canada and Mexico.

4. The quality metrics will be published in every…. [read more]

Performance of the Company Annual Essay

… The importance of ergonomics is worsened by U.S.'s aging workforce as well as the increase in demand for productivity as well as output both of which have translated to the need for longer working hours. Ergonomics has also been indicated to have an impact on the long-term health issues like disability as well as early retirement. It therefore becomes clear that whether the aim is to provide a healthy and safe user working environment or if it is to improve the corporation's bottom line or if it is both, all organizations can reap the benefits that are associated with effective ergonomic practices.

Ergonomics, which is the science as well as technology of effectively fitting the environment and the activities of individuals to their abilities, needs…. [read more]

Organizational Strategic Plan Review Essay

… More noticeably, a weakness in the plan comes immediately into view in noting the massive lack of funding that the school has in place to set forth its academic improvement goals. While this facet of the plan is likely one that is universal across the state of Florida, and across the country for that matter, the plan itself does little to spell out the budgetary plans of the school, focusing not clearly enough on how funds will be utilized and distributed, but too much on the fact that funding is lacking and budgetary cuts must be made in many areas of the school system.

Recommendations for Modification

Currently, the Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Center ranks 191/1943 in Florida Elementary School rankings in FCAT…. [read more]

Sustainable Marketing LED Bulb Marketing Plan

… The desired outcome includes three primary factors. The bulbs must provide a return on investment to the firms' investors, treat its employees with dignity, and provide a more sustainable alternative to competing product lines at a reasonable price.

A successful marketing campaign will significantly benefit the three groups typically included in the concept of the triple bottom line; people, planet, and profits. Each group can be thought of independently in regards to their gains offered from LED. Consumers can by achieve gains by not having to change light bulbs nearly as often, experience a better quality of light, as well as benefit financially from the reduction in power consumption of the life time of the product. The planet benefits from a direct reduction in anthropogenic…. [read more]

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