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Performance Appraisals Kudler Foods Essay

… This will be based upon the evaluation of the store manager, customer surveys, and also the subordinates on their specific specialty food 'team.' Allowing lower-level employees to have input into the evaluations of upper-level managers will be valuable because it will demonstrate to employees that their opinion matters.

Upper-level department and store managers will be evaluated on overall store profitability, performance of lower-level employees (including department managers, specialty managers, and entry-level employees), appearance of the store, customer satisfaction, leadership and vision. Their performance will also be compared against the performance of other individuals of similar status at various Kudler locations.

In terms of weighing the different components of the performance of each level of employees, while all employees' competencies will be evaluated equally, different weight…. [read more]

Performance Appraisals Jeffrey Spence's 2011 Article Review

… "Rating Leniency and Halo in Multisource Feedback Ratings: Testing Cultural Assumptions of Power Distance and Individualism-Collectivism" also discusses the concept of performance appraisal in employees and relates to how discrimination can negatively affect conditions in particular companies. The article puts across the idea that subordinates are predisposed to express compassion in regard to their peers and their superiors while superiors are generally reluctant to do so.

Cultural values have an influential effect on relationships at the workplace as individuals are inclined to favor people that they identify with and tend to express reluctance to assist people that they consider to be different from them. This article uses multisource feedback with the purpose of finding out more in regard to the individuals who are being examined.…. [read more]

Performance Appraisals Within Most Organizations Essay

… However, since there are often specialized jobs within an organization (e.g. technical skills, managerial skills, higher level analysis skills, etc.), by necessity there will be some jobs that are evaluated differently. Note, it is the functional area or position that will be evaluated with specific dimensions, not the individual. Just because individuals have different skill sets, learning modes, and personality types does not mean they would be evaluated individually -- that would be biased and give favoritism to some. Instead, if it is the job function that is specified, then the rubric becomes observable behavior of that individual in a specific function. Common rating methods include, but are not limited to: graphic scales, essays, and management by objectives (Culbert, 2009). Graphic sales are rubrics that…. [read more]

Performance Appraisal Term Paper

… Performance Appraisal

The main problem with the Darby performance appraisal is that it allows for highly subjective judgments in terms of what constitutes, for example, high or low job knowledge or motivational capabilities. A critical supervisor might rate an excellent employee as average, while a less critical supervisor might rate all employees except for the most substandard individuals as average.

Asking specific questions would result in a more finely tuned assessment device, such as asking 'how often has this employee been absent from work' or 'has this employee embarked upon professional development or educational initiatives' rather than if he or she has good attendance as a general impression in the eyes of the manager. Rating employees about specific tasks on a scale of 'often to…. [read more]

Process and Standard for Performance Appraisals Essay

… ¶ … Standard for Performance Appraisals

Performance management is a systematic process of continually monitoring employee performances to set expectations for employee within a workplace. On the other hand, performance appraisal is a developing capacity to perform periodical rating performances in order to reward employee performances. Managing employee performances is an integral part of the performances appraisal, and performances management is as important as managing organizational financial resources. In a contemporary business environment, setting performances goals and expectations is critical to enhance organizational objectives. Legal and regulatory requirements are critical to guide effective performances planning. In the United States, legal issues guiding the process and performance standard vary from state-to-state. Nevertheless, principle of equity and fairness is a fundamental aspect of performance appraisal principle. (Rao,…. [read more]

Performance Appraisal Term Paper

… Because a 360 degree feedback method was utilized, there was an expectation that more employees would feel that the performance appraisals adequately reflected their abilities, skills and performance during the season. As the results show however, this is not the case.

A majority of respondents suggested that the feedback offered was far too subjective in nature, and because each of the individuals replying were 'group ranked' and their performance was measured by individuals within their group, they felt it was possible that other members of the group downplayed their achievements and focused on their weaknesses in order to make themselves appear more competent in their own evaluations.

This is a distinct possibility. To remedy the situation and provide more objective feedback for employees in the…. [read more]

Performance Appraisal Mistakes Essay

… I am sure they would have had more input because they would have wanted to offer a little bit of advice and make the assessment more professional because they would have taken the review more serious than their own boss did. Sure this benefits people who know they excel in their tasks, however, each employee could always use some sort of feedback and challenges to be working on to be an even more valuable quality within the company. However, I am sure that there was a lot of intimidation from several of my female bosses because of my willingness and determination to make things happen and flow smoothly when I was left in charge by the other manager. Yet, the employee that needs feedback because…. [read more]

Job Analysis and Performance Appraisal Essay

… 130). Thus according to the authors, this particular method of job analysis is most appropriate for those jobs that happen to be repetitive. It is also important to note that this particular approach to job analysis could have been disruptive were I to conduct the same on-site. As a matter of fact, it could affect the way a news reporter does his or her work and by extension, the validity of the information gathered in the job analysis undertaking. It should also be noted that there are some cognitive activities I may have missed by virtue of making use of this job analysis method. The job analysis results could also have been tainted by journalists who were completing tasks inappropriately.

Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisals in…. [read more]

Performance Appraisal Causes Term Paper

… It is partly the participation of employees that improves their motivation and understanding of corporate objectives thereby increasing their job performance. Such participation also helps employees in accepting the appraisals and its objectives. This is because of the fact that the employee participation improves communication between superior and subordinates making the goals clearer (Gehrman, 1984; Gibb, 1985; Locke et. al., 1981). In the 80s and 90s, several studies were conducted in this regard and it was found that in order for the job performance to improve, an employee should participate in the process of performance appraisal. One such study aimed to determine the connection between increased work ethic, job performance, and effectiveness of performance measurement and performance appraisal. Buch and Spangler (1990) who studied one…. [read more]

Performance Appraisals This Analysis Term Paper

… There are to different ways that a 360-degree evaluation system can influence peer performance that were identified. The first is that when employees simply know that they are being evaluated by their peer group then increases the chances that they will be more engaged in group activities and participate fully in the tasks at hand (Wiley & Gardner, 2009). If you know that you are being evaluated on your performance at all times then this provides a strong incentive for you put your best foot forth. However, in some cases this can actually be counterproductive. Some employees might feel an increased amount of stress or anxiety from being constantly evaluated and actually perform worse than they would have otherwise.

The way that a peer evaluation…. [read more]

Performance Appraisals Describe Two Different Essay

… We have evaluation from (a) employees themselves (b) manager (c) customers. This provides different facets of the situation and can support existence of weak performance if there is one. The employees may have one perspective of a certain employee's performance. This may also be (from at least one worker) biased, but employer's evaluation can make up for this. If either of these two are biased or lacking data, customers fill in the missing gap. It needs an objective evaluator, however, to review the accumulated data in order to formulate conclusions.

Pay Systems

Is it important for companies to have a structured, formalized pay system as opposed to a subjective method of supervisors determining individual pay increases? Why or why not?

I think it is important…. [read more]

Performance Appraisals Term Paper

… This type of input can also be valuable because sometimes employees act differently around their peers and customers than they do when the boss is around, so a more accurate view of reality can be obtained. On the other hand, coworkers and customers are not necessarily privy to the bigger picture in terms of the company's goals, and they may not even know what, exactly, an employee's duties are supposed to be. Also, personal perceptions can cloud evaluations from coworkers and customers, and an employee could be penalized for having a bad day rather than being judged on the whole of his or her work.

When workers perform self-evaluations, it's a great opportunity to see how the employee sees his or her own role in…. [read more]

Performance Appraisal System Term Paper

… Performance Appraisal System

The modern day staff member is the most important organizational asset within the contemporaneous business community. It has in essence evolved from the force operating the machines into the force able to generate organizational value. The staff members are the ones who handle the manufacturing processes to create high quality products which generate consumer satisfaction and revenues sustainability.

The importance of the staff members is crucial within all categories of economic agents, but even more so important within service providing companies, in which the final business success depends on the skills of the staff members, their commitment levels and the nature of the interaction between the employees and the organizational customers. In such a context, economic agents continually seek new means in…. [read more]

Performance Management Performance Appraisal Is a Vehicle Term Paper

… Performance Management

Performance appraisal is a vehicle to validate and refine organizational actions such as training and performance and to provide feedback to employees with an eye on improving future performance (Billikopf). Most employees, according to Billikopf, want to know how well they are performing. However, actual implementation of performance appraisals may be less than desirable. The evaluations may be biased and cause concerns over compensation fairness. Further, they don't always provide the frequency of feedback and validation that employees need to continually improve. This paper discusses these issues and makes recommendations for eliminating the obstacles to effectively using performance appraisals in an organization.

One of the largest problems in performance reviews is evaluator bias (Losyk, 2002). According to Losyk, positive and negative biases come…. [read more]

Performance Appraisal Consider These Methods Term Paper

… Performance Appraisal

Consider these methods for performance appraisal: trait methods, behavioral methods, and results methods. Then select an industry or organization that has many occupational positions within it. Give an example of a job title for which each of the above methods would be an appropriate performance appraisal method. Explain your answer.

Trait methods of performance appraisal stress character traits when evaluating overall employee quality. For example, is the employee punctual, caring and compassionate when dealing with the public, and willing to show the initiative when beginning new products at work? Adjectives crucial to work performance are listed, given a certain weight on a scale (such as 1-10), and the employee is assessed to the degree which they embody these qualities. The problem with such…. [read more]

Performance Appraisals When Choosing to Evaluate Employees Research Proposal

… Performance Appraisals

When choosing to evaluate employees, employers can choose between person-based and performance-based methods. Of these methods, perf0rmanced-based evaluations are far more job related. In this scenario, a manager evaluates his or her employees based on a previous set of criteria. Person-based evaluation methods, on the other hand, compare employees to one another "or against some absolute standard" (266). This system can cause so much trouble, though, that it is hardly used. Although it is certainly cheaper to the employer, and even allows management to express and consider some of their personal feelings about employees during evaluation, it comes with many inherent difficulties. Often, because management compares employees against one another, an individual worker's personality and psychological competence and situations are discussed. This begins…. [read more]

Performance Appraisal: Reliability it Has Been Observed Term Paper

… Performance Appraisal: Reliability

It has been observed that sometimes, the most important aspect of success is simply showing up, or being at the right place at the right time. As cliched as this saying may sound to many employer's ears, the importance of reliability when evaluating the quality of an employee must not be underestimated. The ability of an employee to do his or her work on time and to be there at a designated hour is vital in ensuring the success of an organization. Even the most brilliant employee, if erratic, will win few accolades from a client. The perfect advertising campaign for a new toy if developed too late will mean little if the toy's competitors have already secured the traditional seasonal Christmas…. [read more]

Performance Appraisal" to the Average Employee Term Paper

… ¶ … performance appraisal" to the average employee, and a look of dread may appear on his/her face. Too often, an evaluation is more for the employer than it is for the employee. The manager has not been trained to offer both positive and constructive feedback and to elicit input from the individual being appraised. Also, sometimes the evaluations are all open ended -- what was an example of how this employee proved him/herself (answer -- positive attitude with customers) -- so that there is no way to see how someone improved with each evaluation.

Performance appraisals are defined as formal, structured systems that compare compares employee performance to established standards. Assessment of job performance is shared with the employees being appraised through one of…. [read more]

Performance Appraisals Thesis

… ¶ … Employees

Performance Appraisals at the Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino

It is now beyond any doubt that the world is changing at a rapid pace and that the people must develop alongside with it. Within the business community, the modifications are various, including elements such as a greater focus on the full satisfaction of the customers' needs and wants, the orientation towards offering services rather than products, the necessity to conduct business operations in an environment-friendly manner or the incremental emphasis placed on the human resource.

Modern day managers strive harder than ever to hire, integrate and retain the best employees the workforce market produces. The contemporaneous employee is motivated, trained and supported in his professional path. The human resource department is generally…. [read more]

Performance Appraisal Role-Play Essay

… This disconnect clearly defeats the purpose of the performance appraisal process.

Denise brings up the fact that she doesn't know how to do her job because she has never had any training, she doesn't get feedback on her performance and she has not had a performance appraisal in 2 years. Employee's cannot be expected to perform to a certain level without knowing what they are expected to do, receive training on how to do it properly, and know when they are or are not doing well (Pardue, 1999). Denise is responsible for her performance as well and she should have brought her lack of training and job knowledge to Robert's attention well before 2 years on the job.

Robert and Denise are both insensitive to…. [read more]

Performance Evaluation Methods for Instructors Essay

… As compared to the traditional evaluation method, this evaluation technique requires more subjective judgment because they usually incorporate fewer questions. In this case, instructors need to decide how to grade students since there are no clear right and wrong answers ("Performance Based Assessment," 2010). Actually, this method has been criticized that it could be harmful and will not improve schooling.

The third alternative to the traditional performance evaluation method in the classroom is 360 degree feedback. This appraisal method that has mainly been used in the workplace can be used by instructors since the process of learning needs to be collaborative between instructors and their students. The 360 degree feedback could be helpful in evaluating student performance since it provides feedback that enables the learning…. [read more]

Performance Appraisals Human Resource Term Paper

… Performance Appraisals

Human Resource Performance Appraisals

From an employee's perspective, even a negative performance appraisal has its valuable side. It can let the employee know that his or her performance is lacking in key areas, and the employee can seek to redress these areas of deficiency, so his or her job will not be in jeopardy in the future. Even the employee feels that the review is unfair; there are usually ways to appeal the negative appraisal. Also, if the employee's perceptions as to what constitutes excellence and the organization's standards are at odds (for example, if the employee has great creative talent in an organization that values standardization) then it might be better for the employee to find work elsewhere. A positive performance review,…. [read more]

Performance Appraisal Assumptions Essay

… Business Management -- Performance Appraisal Concepts

Response B

Modern personnel management strongly emphasizes the counseling and development role of supervisors within the framework of their supervisory responsibilities (Russell-Whalling, 2008). This approach to business management and personnel management is preferable to the more traditional approach that is primarily (if not exclusively) focused on the much narrower evaluation function of the performance appraisal concept.

More specifically, the modern approach is considerably more conducive to high performance throughout the organization because it incorporates the supervisory functions of counseling and helping subordinates improve their individual performance level (Daft, 2005). Conversely, the traditional model largely ignores the role of the supervisor as a motivator of performance improvement except through the age-old dynamic of carrot-and-stick system. Within that traditional approach, good…. [read more]

Performance Reviews How Is Performance Appraisals Term Paper

… Performance Reviews

How is performance appraisals conducted in this organization?

Microsoft uses a rating system to rank its employees within work teams when conducting performance appraisals. According to one Microsoft employee's blog on the performance appraisal process, Microsoft grades or ranks all of its employees on a curve. "Your rating is based on your ladder level expectations and relative to the performance of your peer group...Woe unto you if you're a super-star in a super-super-star peer group" ("Microsoft's 3.0 (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Curve," 2005, Mini-Microsoft Blog) in other words, employees are not simply evaluated on an individual basis, they are also ranked in relation to their peers, which means that even an excellent employee might receive an average…. [read more]

Performance Evaluation Essay

… Performance Evaluation

Explain three points of concern with the given company's current evaluation form.

The three points of concern with the company evaluation form include: the way constructive criticism is provided, the role of managers in the process and how this is influencing the engineer on the project. The combination of these factors has created an adversarial environment during the evaluation.

Define the most commonly-used sets of criteria which should be evaluated in a performance evaluation.

The most common sets of criteria that should be used during any kind of performance evaluation include: the ability of the person to work with other people, their performance on the job and their capabilities of adjusting to a host of problems. These different elements are important, because they…. [read more]

Employee Attitudes to Performance Appraisal in Company Xy Limited Literature Review

… Employee Attitudes to Performance Appraisal in Company XY Limited

The Literature Review section is constructed in a means in which it introduces the reader to the topic of performance appraisal systems and to various dimensions of the issue, such as their definition and history, their applicability within the modern day business climate, but also their flaws. The information onto which the chapter is constructed is collected from a wide array of sources, including mostly books and journal articles, but also internet articles. The first two categories of sources are characterized by the fact that they are peer reviewed and they as such integrate reliable information. A limitation which is however observed is constituted by the fact that the specialized journals and the books could deal…. [read more]

Rater Errors in Performance Appraisal Thesis

… Rater Errors in Performance Appraisal

Errors in performance appraisals: Why they occur and how to mitigate their effects

When selecting the criteria used in performance appraisals, supervisors must often strike a delicate balance between objective and subjective measurements. On one hand, if candidates are solely measured in terms of their numerical productivity for the organization, employees will no doubt protest that this is unfair, given that objective criteria fails to take into consideration the impact of the external market environment and the effects of other workers upon departmental output and efforts. However, subjective performance appraisals can be affected by the unconscious or conscious human biases of the rater. It is critical that performance appraisals are accurate, given that "inaccurate performance appraisals can (a) diminish the…. [read more]

Politics of Performance Appraisal Term Paper

… Human Resources

Performance Appraisal

In your opinion, and from a Human Resource Manager perspective, what are the objectives of employee performance evaluation?

The objectives of an employee performance evaluation should be to honestly evaluate the employee to motivate them and give them areas where they shine, and where they need to improve. It should be an honest appraisal of their work and their work habits. However, as this conversation clearly indicates, that is not always the case. Often politics, personal feelings, and general day-to-day operations creep into the appraisal, creating problems instead of solutions.

As one of the managers notes, some appraisals are completed as a way to get rid of an employee by moving them through the ranks of the company so they do…. [read more]

Job Performance Appraisals Term Paper

… Behavior can be quantifiable and is witnessed by more than one person, ensuring that a fair evaluation of the behavior is possible. On the other hand, perceptions of employees' behavior can be subjective, and the employee's intentions may not be the same as what was perceived by others. Being judged on such a subjective basis could lead to unfair and inaccurate appraisals.

Results are very effective in helping employers evaluate their employees. Results are measurable criteria decided upon beforehand, and they can be clear demonstrations of how well an employee is doing in his or her job. However, it is rare that a single employee is responsible for meeting, or not meeting, an organization's goals. Results are usually the product of many factors, so a…. [read more]

Performance Management Colbran Institute Case Study

… Performance Management

An Overview and Analysis of Key Performance Management Practices and Their Application to a Case Study

Performance management can be specifically defined as "an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout the year, in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the organization" (Regents 2007). In broader terms, performance management can be defined as the set of practices and perspectives that are utilized within an organization in order to determine the degree of efficacy with which each individual within the organization accomplishes their expected tasks and responsibilities, and to actively bring about an improvement in this efficacy inasmuch as is possible. In the Cobran Medical Institute case study at hand, performance management practices and policies are rather…. [read more]

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