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Performance Management I Question Essay

… PERFORMANCE Management i

Question 1.Explain the key elements in a performance management process, and discuss why a well designed performance management system is important for both the employee and the organization.

In the current scenario, functions of Human Resource Management have undergone a major change. It has given extreme importance to operational strategies that enable flourishing execution of the key business strategies. In other words we can say that, HR and business strategies complement each other. Now, the major role of HR is to facilitate and improve performance of their employees by providing them a good work environment and maximum opportunities to participate in decision making process. The role of HR has shifted from an evaluator to a catalyst and enabler.

Performance Management Process

Performance…. [read more]

Performance Management Plan - 1600 Essay

… And the feedback provided by employees regarding the overall performance of the organization can better enable the service to meet its stated growth and profitability goals.

When implementing any new performance management system, there initially may be a 'rocky start.' It is important to get all organizational members 'on board' to ensure overall compliance with its objectives. "Starting at the top and getting the commitment of upper management to make performance management a priority is a prerequisite for success" (Pulakos 2004:22). Once again, this statement is even more valid for small organizations, given that if everyone is not 'on board,' the dissent and discontent can be palpable on a daily basis. The rather disparate nature of the employee base (employees work in the field, rather…. [read more]

Organizational Performance Management Emergency Medical Essay

… Leadership would be charged with information analysis, process development, human resource development, and strategic planning. To properly gauge an organization's performance, leaders will have to collect data that they will use in making strategic decisions. The leaders will then have to ensure that their employees are well informed in regards to what the data actually means, and advise the employees on how to interpret the results. The goal for this process is maximizing patient care.

When the employees are involved in the processes that are currently taking place within the organization, it would allow for an easy buy-in by the employees. This is because they will readily understand and accept the changes been proposed. As they understand what the organization is intending to achieve, it…. [read more]

Organization Behavior "Performance Management Essay

… In order to fill the gap between training and development needs and the organizational requirements, the Management must institute an effective people performance management system for all categories of its workforce (Boselie, Dietz, & Boon 2005).

Goal Setting:

Managers are assigned different short-term and long-term targets which they have to achieve through their subordinates within specified deadlines and allocated resources. In order to accomplish these targets in an effective and efficient fashion, the managers need to get the work done through their subordinates in a well-organized fashion. The Performance Management model by Michael Armstrong gives a special focus on goal setting for the achievement of organizational objectives in a cost-efficient way. Armstrong believes that managers can divide their big targets into small targets and assign…. [read more]

Job Performance Training Performance Management Essay

… Regular observation of employees while working and taking the time to recognize them for their good performance boosts the confidence of the members, though it is also advisable to give necessary correction in any mistake made.

Two-way communications between the employer and the employee is essential and so it should be effectively established. Failure to establish this communication might lead to the creation of dissent, ill -- will and a wide range information void is created. Managers should communicate the effectiveness and involvement of activities to their employees in order to avoid such from occurring. Communication gives the employee a sense of belonging and recognizes the organization as his family of trustees.

Employee relations can be ensured through participating employees in the organizations dealings. This…. [read more]

Active Performance Management Proposal: Case Case Study

… Active performance management is becoming a crucial part of business in today's vulnerable economic environment

It is clear that the literature exposes a number of benefits involved with an active performance management approach. However, there are a number of challenges within identifying issues related to performance management "as they are occurring" (Schwartz 2011). The essential challenge within most modern firms is how to address specific issues in a positive manner that will increase overall productivity (Schwartz 2011). There are a number of environmental changes that occur within the process of implementing such a vastly different managerial strategy. Some recent reports have been claiming that using active performance management is not as beneficial as others may claim. In fact, Ferri (2010) illustrates that in many situations,…. [read more]

Performance Management Colbran Institute Case Study

… Performance Management

An Overview and Analysis of Key Performance Management Practices and Their Application to a Case Study

Performance management can be specifically defined as "an ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout the year, in support of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the organization" (Regents 2007). In broader terms, performance management can be defined as the set of practices and perspectives that are utilized within an organization in order to determine the degree of efficacy with which each individual within the organization accomplishes their expected tasks and responsibilities, and to actively bring about an improvement in this efficacy inasmuch as is possible. In the Cobran Medical Institute case study at hand, performance management practices and policies are rather…. [read more]

Performance Management Human Resource Performance Management System Term Paper

… Performance Management

Human Resource Performance Management System at British American Tobacco

BAT's performance management strategy and philosophy

British American Tobacco is committed to personal growth and development and the international corporation implements a human resource performance management system. The first points on the HR performance management agenda refer to creating a safe and pleasant environment where BAT employees can activate. The personnel's performance is measured with the aid of the Lost Workday Case Incident Rate, or the LWCIR, which has been decreasing during the past years, falling from 4.9 to 4.2. BAT aspires to a rate between 0.1-0.2, the rate withheld by the strongest and most competitive companies (BAT 2006 Annual Report).

The policies implemented eliminate discriminations based on any criteria and promote a friendly…. [read more]

Performance Management Systems Essay

… But even then the use of the BSC was "not quite as effective in cascading these [values] to all management levels" (Nankervis & Compton 2006: 88).

The fact that organizations have vision and mission statements is not entirely surprising: however, merely expressing a vision in words does not necessarily mean that it is communicated to all members of the organization in a meaningful fashion throughout the appraisal process. Job descriptions are often inconsistently linked to organizational values. Once again, this means that performance reviews tend to be overly individualistic and do not really give employees a sense of how their job fits into the larger organization. Since salary reviews and discussions of promotional possibilities are often separated from the performance review process, this further lessens…. [read more]

Performance Management Systems: Balanced Scorecard Essay

… Armstrong (2008) points directly such more qualitative approaches as being particularly adaptive to the nuances of individual companies. This approach to performance management requires direct consideration of the organizational culture into which such a system is being implemented. According to Armstrong, any performance management system must be tailored to meet the conditions of its particularly operational context. Armstrong describes this context as being largely centered on organizational culture, going on to define organizational culture as "the pattern of shared beliefs, norms and values in an organization that shape the way people act and interact and strongly influence the ways in which things get done. From the performance management viewpoint one of the most important manifestations of organizational culture is management style." (Armstrong, p. 35)

In…. [read more]

Performance Management a Comparison Case Essay

… Cokins (2009, p. 59) found that many performance management strategies had either weak theoretical foundations, or "do not take full advantage of existing theories of work motivation." Buchner continues to say that most performance management systems assume to take the black-box approach to the employee motivation, because this approach assumes that with regardless of an individual specific motivation, the end results will still be that same (Cokins, 2009).

Planning is the first important tool used by this company to carry out performance management. The company first has to set goals with all the stakeholders and the employees. The employees are made aware of the performance expectations and goals they are to achieve within a specified period of time. This gives the workers a direction to…. [read more]

Performance Management: Action Plans and Coaching Thesis

… Performance Management: Action Plans and Coaching

The overall goal of performance management is to create an organization where all of the organization's components, including its human resources, are working together to meet the same goals. The objectives of this management technique include, but are not limited to "identification and prioritization of desired results, establishing means to measure progress toward those results, setting standards for assessing how well results were achieved, tracking and measuring progress toward results, exchanging ongoing feedback among those participants working to achieve results, periodically reviewing progress, reinforcing activities that achieve results and intervening to improve progress where needed" (McNamara 1999).

Talent acquisition

For example, in the realm of talent acquisition, a HR recruiter might note that the organization has prioritized expanding its…. [read more]

Performance Management Research Paper

… Performance management is the process with which an organization's managers and employees collaborate to plan, assess and appraise the work objectives of an employee and his/her general contribution to the organization. As compared to the annual performance analysis, performance management is the ongoing process of establishing objectives and evaluating progress. Furthermore, performance management involves providing continual coaching and response that are geared toward ensuring employees accomplish their career goals and objectives.

Therefore, the most essential goal of performance management is to encourage and advance the effectiveness of employees ("Performance Management," n.d.). The reason for choosing this human resource topic is because of its importance in improving employee effectiveness in an organization. In addition, I've chosen this topic because my company is revamping its performance management…. [read more]

Performance Management Through the Lens Essay

… The optimal performance evaluation will be objective, consistent, job related, and well-documented (Van Bogaert, n.d.). Concerning the latter point, Keys did receive a poor performance evaluation in 2006, despite meeting all performance expectations, and was placed on a program of performance improvement (Keys v. Humana, 2012). Around the same time close to a dozen African-American managers were also placed on performance management, but no Caucasian managers were given a poor evaluation. These performance appraisals eventually triggered resignations and terminations of exclusively African-American employees. Keys responded by filing an internal complaint and the resulting investigation went nowhere. In 2007, Keys requested and received a favorable interim performance appraisal, but the 2006 appraisal was later used to terminate her employment. The appeals court held that these allegations,…. [read more]

Performance Management System Term Paper

… ¶ … Performance Management System within Sun Microsystems Limited Ensure High Organisational Performance?

Whenever we try to understand the possible responses of an organisation to the application of a management system to the organisation, one has to first study the organisation and its historic culture. In the case of Sun Microsystems the first step that we will take is the study of its top manager currently. The new head of UL operation is Trudy Norris-Grey and in the earlier assignment, was a Vice-President at Oracle UK. This is due to Leslie Stretch being promoted to handle an international role at the head office. It is well-known that UK has been one of the most successful regions for Sun Microsystems at the time when the company…. [read more]

Organizational Success, Performance Management Essay

… In a world of cutting back, doing more with less, reward and recognition are critically important to boost morale and create goodwill between workers and managers. The employees' awareness towards the transparency of a reward practice depends on two characteristics which refer to the communication and difficulty. "The need for a transparent system involves the preferences towards having a clear communication of how the reward are distributed and offered and also the concerns on the understanding of the methodologies, measures and targets used while introducing any rewards. The employees need to understand the connection between the company's business objectives, how they contribute, and how they are rewarded. Perceived uncertainty decreases the effectiveness of incentive compensation" (Zaidi & Abbas, 2011).

The attainment of organizational goals necessitates…. [read more]

Human Resources Management: Health Services Essay

… " (BTEC Higher National -- H2, nd, p.2) The third stated strategy for quality achievement is that of establish quality systems including "ISO 9000 series, Investors in People, charter Mark, Business Excellence Model, European Quality Mark and other specialist standards." (BTEC Higher National -- H2, nd, p.2)The work of Kabene, et al. (2006) examines the health care system from a global perspective and the importance of human resources management (HRM) in the initiative to improve patient health care outcomes and delivery of health care services. Kabene et al. states that there is an increased level of attention focused on human resources management and that specifically "human resources are one of three principle health system inputs, with the other two major inputs being physical capital and…. [read more]

Management Control Essay

… These involve seamless integration and top-notch performance from all our divisions. It is in this way that connectivity to strategic initiatives in all departments of the company from Finance to HR is integrated and working well. Goals for all departments must be SMART (specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic, and time-bound) with standards and weights accorded to goals as well as measurable outcome, with the brunt of our objective of these goals, outcome, and activity focused on inter and intra-communication. To that end, each division must have his specific goals outlined in specific terms. They must be measurable and acceptable not only to the ends of the specific division but to the ends of the organization as a whole. They must be realistic fulfilling the division's sub-goal…. [read more]

Performance Management Total Quality Management -TQM Endeavors Term Paper

… Performance Management

Total quality management -TQM endeavors to produce an organizational culture that promotes constant development in everything by everyone at all times, and necessitates changes in organizational processes, priorities relating to strategies, individual beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. (Pun; Lau, 2003, p. 316) to decide the quality performance on projects, all companies use conventional hard measurements like cost, schedule and safety. Some other soft methods like customer contentment, guidance, employee participation, and cooperation; training, flexibility, awareness, etc. are used by the top companies. Most consider the requirement for clear work procedures and the interactive processes of planning, communication, and teamwork among all parties are main aspects in project achievement. (Quality Performance Measurements of the EPC Process: Current Practices)

An efficient measurement system combines proposal, arranges…. [read more]

Police Management Performance Management: Comparison Term Paper

… Police Management

Performance Management:

Comparison of Management of Police in the U.S., England & Wales

The purpose of this work is to examine performance management in the U.S., England and Wales and describe how an organization can be maintained within a framework of specific targets in ensuring best value and to describe the methods utilized in England and Wales in terms of structure and then to compare that with performance management systems in the U.S.

Performance management is stated to be "the government's way of determining whether it is providing a quality product at a reasonable cost." (NCPP 2004) However, there are different approaches that may be taken in performance management. There is what is referred to as the "top-down" approach as well as the…. [read more]

Appraisal Process and Performance Management Term Paper

… ¶ … Performance Management

Employees will receive absolutely no raises, and performance management is eliminated throughout the economic crises. Therefore employee wages will remain the same, regardless of position held; no performance reviews are given; and there will be no adjustments of missions, goals, and duties during this period.

This is obviously the worst of the three strategies, because of a vast number of reasons. First of all, one need to consider that a performance management system is not formed of a single element, an annual evaluation that each employee undertakes. It involves a larger volume of human resource practices, including a clear job definition, as well as the employee defining the requirements for each individual in terms of what is expected from him or…. [read more]

Performance Management and Appraisal at Apple, Inc Term Paper

… Performance Management Appraisal at Apple

Performance Management Appraisals at Apple

In this paper, we are going to be studying the performance evaluation procedures that are used by Apple. This will be accomplished by focusing on: conducting an in depth evaluation of the employee procedures that are utilized by the firm. Once this takes place, is when we can provide specific insights to show how this is helping the company to adapt with a host of transformations.

Over the last several years, the issue of performance management has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because a number of firms are realizing that hiring and motivating employees will help to give them a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Evidence of this can be seen…. [read more]

Relationship Between Performance Management and Organizational Goals Essay

… An individual employee contributes to organizational productivity and success if these performance measures are based on organizational goals. Therefore, performance management initiatives are largely ineffective if they are not based on organizational goals. Despite the clarity of the relationship between the two concepts, the link can rapidly grow unwieldy. The challenge in this relationship is that it is likely to trigger personal land mines, especially if individual employees believe or feel that they are being judged too harshly. Therefore, the organization's management needs to adopt suitable measures that prevent the occurrence of such incidents.

Drivers of Alignment:

According to the findings of a research, providing individual employees with line of sight usually enhances their attitude and increases the chances of retention (Albuijan & Liu, n.d.).…. [read more]

Diversity Management Essay

… Diversity concerns are on the rise and so are diversity related lawsuits. This has become a major concern since full spectrum diversity became a popular adage. Discrimination related to age, race and gender is one thing that companies need to remove completely in order to avoid possible legal problems. But diversity issues are complex and organizations may not always be prepared to handle every situation that arises. This is because in their efforts to eliminate discrimination, companies may inadvertently become guilty of reverse discrimination. Reverse discrimination needs to be taken into consideration just as seriously. But most importantly, organizations cannot be expected to be complacent when it comes to diversity.

They need to understand that new kind of challenges can surface anytime and new and…. [read more]

Talent Management Strategy Essay

… Included in the factors affecting work performance are: (1) physical; and (2) environmental factors. Physical factors include the need for the layout of the workplace to provide communication flow that is efficient but with "minimal disruption." (Profiles Research Institute, 2009, p.3) The workplace should be "ergonomically correct" so that fatigue and distractions are reduced as well as are injury and errors. Environmental factors include the factors of temperature, air quality, lighting conditions, excessive noise, and traffic.

Factors Affecting the New Hire 'Good Fit'

Factors that result in a new hire not being a good fit for the organization are reported to include: (1) capabilities inadequate; (2) poor fit to the job; (3) fuzzy goals and accountabilities; (4) poor relationship with manager; (5) poor relationship with…. [read more]

Performance Management at the NIM Essay

… The death stage refers to the end stage where organizational performance decline to the extent of inability to maintain its normal productivity and market competitiveness. On the other hand, entrepreneurial stage is characterized by the need for effective leadership, collectivity (delegation), formalization (beginning of organizational decline in productivity) and elaboration stage requires organizational revitalization (Hopkins, Hopkins, & Mallette, 2005).

From the case study, it seems that the case excludes the maturity stage and growth stage. The analysis does not consider the growth stages undergone by the campus. The analysis also does not consider the maturity stage of the organization. This has significant impacts on the performance and the growth of the company. Growth stage provides management of the campus with insights into the nature of…. [read more]

Performance Review Term Paper

… Up to this end, the feedback on job performance of this generation can be done on regular basis. This also applies to the generation Y (United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund, n.d.).

The statement "the biggest payoff of these social network style tools may prove to be better performance by the boss" justifies the time and cost of implementing the social media performance review tools because the use of web based and mobile-based technologies has taken performance review to the next level. It has literally transformed the performance appraisal process. The social media tools have proved to be handy in the sense that it helps in satisfying dissatisfied employees who are not happy with the duration it takes to get feedback on their performances. The…. [read more]

Performance Evaluation Critique Essay

… At first sight, this would appear to be a quantitative research question requiring a quantitative research answer. The ability of a Likert scale to be reduced to a numerical value that can be placed within numerical categories would make it appear to be a suitable quantitative research method for the research question being asked.


The disgruntlement caused by the EPR is evidence that it was not acceptable to either the branch managers or the employees. It is certainly not acceptable to the CEO in its original form. This is the problem being addressed by this case analysis. The Human Resources department needs to find a way to make the EPR acceptable to upper management, the branch managers, and the employees. In order to do…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior: Motivation and Performance Management Research Paper

… In these networking groups, as Inskeep points out, employees share experiences and single out their individual weak points. This is critical as it is in identifying their individual weak points that employees can strategize on how to eliminate such weaknesses and improve their performance. In the end, the organization benefits by having a more efficient and motivated workforce.

Section 2

Dr. Peter Drucker's Statement: "You cannot motivate employees, employees must motivate themselves."

Meaning of the Statement in Regard to Motivation Theory

When it comes to employee motivation, the best results are achieved not by promising incentives or cracking the whip, but by taking deliberate steps to stimulate self-motivation on the part of employees. Self-motivation promotes not only self-confidence, but also composure and collectedness in employees…. [read more]

Management Strategy the Document Capstone Project

… The businesses which are successful always manage to find a strategic fit between the firm and the environment it operates in while formulating a strategy. The strategic management plan should also be based on a consumer perspective. It must be aligned with the vision of the organization and must build on the strengths and avoid the weaknesses. It should also aim to minimize the threats and optimize the opportunities.

Long-term management planning is based on the principle that what happened in the past will repeat. Sticking rigidly to a plan can be harmful to a company as it is not necessary that what happened in the past will repeat in future. Strategic Management Plans must be flexible enough in order to change and react to…. [read more]

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