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Personal Leadership Development Plan Essay

… Personal Leadership Development Plan

As a managerial leader, I have many strong suits. I am a detached and rational decision-maker, which manifests itself in a number of key strengths. I have scored highly, for example, in setting goals and objectives and in presenting ideas. This speaks to the clarity with which I see the organization and its mission. I can translate that mission to goals and explain my ideas easily. I can organize the teams and power bases required to meet the objectives.

My rational nature ensures that I am adaptive. Change does not bother me and I score well in managing time and stress. These are both traits of highly rational leaders. Many of the points on which I score at moderate-to-high levels also…. [read more]

Personal Leadership Plan Essay

… Aside from a passion for helping those in need, I am also organized and good at prioritizing what needs to be accomplished during the day. At the end of the day, I will get the greatest satisfaction from knowing that I made a difference in someone else's life in a positive way. Numerous opportunities for career advancement is also a factor as well (Lu, While, & Barnball, 2007).

Core Values

The nursing profession is more than just a career. The nurse must have certain professional core values, which remain a central part of their daily experience. The nursing profession has many core values, such as compassion, integrity, and accountability that form the central basis of their work. These core values change according to the institution…. [read more]

Personal Leadership Development Plan Term Paper

… Leadership Development

Personal Leadership Development Plan.

Leadership development paper: A plan for action

Leadership development paper: A plan for action

Assess your practice for leadership attributes

My ultimate goal is to become a nurse on an (ICU) intensive care unit. Working on an ICU requires tremendous strength of character and decisiveness on the part of the nurse. The nurse must think quickly, give clear directives, and communicate a sense of confidence to the patient. In my current work as a nurse on a telemetry unit, I must also show confidence and give clear directions when dealing with patients with critical illnesses.

Summarize your strengths and areas for growth

I would describe myself as a compassionate person and a good listener, both of which are essential…. [read more]

Personal Professional Development Plan Term Paper

… Personal Professional Development Plan

My interest in nursing has been piqued since an early age. Throughout my school career, I enjoyed the physical sciences more than other study directions. I am therefore delighted to take part in the study direction of nursing, hoping to make this my career and my advancement for the future. For this future, I have several short- and long-term goals, aimed at helping me reach my ultimate goal.. It is my intention to strive for my highest goals, although I also have back-up plans should these prove to be initially unsuccessful. My motto is never to lose hope and always to look forward to the goals I can achieve with what I have at my disposal.

My ultimate goal is to…. [read more]

Leadership Plan Personal Leadership Development Term Paper

… Leadership Plan

Personal Leadership Development Plan

Personal Development and Theoretical Underpinnings

Throughout the self-reflection and investigation that has taken place during this course, I have developed an increasing awareness of my particular leadership strengths, weaknesses, and styles such that I am able to more concretely and with greater certainty outline a plan for the development of my own leadership potential. The fact that my preferred types of power being expert knowledge and referent power, and with a strong disinclination for coercion, combined with my strong team building skills and my ability to compromise and collaborate as a means of resolving conflicts, fits much of the theoretical criteria for transformational leadership (Bass & Riggio 2006). My personal leadership development plan is to adjust my attitudes and…. [read more]

Personal Leadership Plan Complete Essay

… Each leader has several competencies that can be improved in accordance with their current situation and objectives they want to reach. In my case, the areas I want to develop better competencies in are represented by conflict management, networking, constructive feedback, vision, and time management.

Conflict Management

I am currently not good at resolving conflicts between others. This is probably because I do not want to give credit to one side in the detriment of the other. This delays my involvement in conflict resolution. In order to improve this competency I intend to take conflict management training courses, and to benefit from the knowledge and experience of other leaders with such issues. I also intend to identify conflicts between people and develop strategies in order…. [read more]

Leadership Development Plan Term Paper

… Personal Leadership Development Plan

During this course, I have gained immense insight into my own leadership capabilities. I have learned my preferred leadership styles and those I avoid using. I have learned about my strengths and about my weaknesses. It is important that I continue to grow and develop as a leader, especially in my need to reconcile caring for people with caring for my organization's uniformity of purpose, and my ability to persist towards a real solution in times of conflict.

In order to facilitate that growth, I propose the leadership development plan below, based on my goals, self-assessments, and feedback from people who know me well. This plan is not just a one-time task or assignment, but an expression of my values that…. [read more]

Personal Responsibility and Accomplishing College Essay

… This takes high motivation and effort, especially in times of high stress and high exhaustion.

I always found that I do not very well when I have too much free time. It gets me into trouble because it has a tendency to distract me from learning and instead motivates me to focusing on more pleasurable activities. On the other hand, too much stress is also a factor that has a negative impact on my studying activities. In other words, I do not very well having too much time or too much stress. Instead, it seems that pressure is a good motivator to keep on focusing on learning in order to accomplish good academic results.

Preliminary plan to practice personal responsibility in my college education:

1.…. [read more]

Personal Success Plan Ultimate Essay

… Although I have shown poise and leadership in the circumstances that suite my preferences well, I also realize that maintaining a positive attitude and behavior during times that less than ideal can be a key step in my professional development. This may include simply trying to make the best out of a situation that seems dull or boring. However, many situations are only boring on the surface and if you take the time to dig beneath the surface then more interesting facets of the situation can be discovered.

I also realize the need to also further develop my communication skills. Although I generally do not have too much trouble communicating with a wide range of people, there are a few personalities that have been known…. [read more]

Personal Health Plan Essay

… Stay Committed

Targets which get reached have been the ones that have been strong, well-defined, and in which the person has been genuinely and totally dedicated. Devoid of that dedication, attempting to attain objectives has been like catching Jell-O -- you think that perhaps you have it, there is however truly absolutely nothing to hold on to.

Saying No

An additional reason lots of people do not reach their set goals has been that they cannot say no -- to everybody else. Agreeing or saying yes has been a routine we aren't even conscious of. I must begin Thinking about saying 'no' before I think 'yes' (not vice versa). With the addition of the term 'no' to my own vocabulary, I open vistas of time,…. [read more]

Personal Bankruptcy the Context Essay

… Another potential implication is stigma, although it is suggested by some researchers that the stigma has been lost somewhat over the past few decades, thus in part resulting in increased filings of personal bankruptcy (Athreya, 2004). Furthermore, Bankruptcy may lead to increased likelihood of mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Ganzini et al. (1990) demonstrated how individuals are significantly more at risk for the development of anxiety or depression after a catastrophic financial loss than are demographically matched controls. Extreme debt has also been linked to increased likelihood of suicide. Meltzer et al. (2011) showed that factors such as source of debts, number of debts, and reasons for debts are significant correlates of suicidal ideation.


As the economy continues to weaken, bankruptcy rates…. [read more]

Personal Success Characteristics Admission Essay

… Personal Success Characteristics

One of the characteristics that I think attributes to my professional success is my ability to learn quickly. I also have the ability to adapt well in new situations, which I think is due in large part to the fact that I am pretty fearless when it comes to new situations. I have never been afraid of being rejected because I feel that if you don't put yourself out there, one is -- in a way -- rejecting one's own self. I've always believed that you can't get ahead if you don't try, so I continuously strive to put myself out there and accept new challenges with fervor. I did this all throughout my professional career (thus far) and I honestly believe…. [read more]

Extracurricular Activities I Always Enjoy My Summer Essay

… Extracurricular Activities

I always enjoy my summer vacations in roaming around with friends and spending time with family. I have a big family of nine uncles and around forty cousins; in fact it is one of the biggest families in Monterrey. So being with my family and friends had always been a pleasure to spend time. We often plan in vacations to visit some beautiful and peaceful place so that we all can have a good gathering and enjoyment. However, this time I had some other plans to carry so I did not join my family on their trip to South Padre island. I just visited them on two weekends and tried my best to have maximum enjoyment.

South Padre Island is a resort town…. [read more]

Personal Development Careers Essay

… My mine main area of improvement was in the ability to write both clearly and in a concise manner. I also wanted to develop my ability to summarize relevant information in a succinct manner. Through my personal and career development, I have however, made significant strides in regards to many of these aspects. I continue to make progress by utilizing various grammar and punctuation tools available both online and in person. The use of personal feedback has also proved invaluable in critiquing my grammar. All of the above mentioned techniques have aided immensely in my development.

Another opportunity that had a very profound impact on my development was that of the transition into the tourism and travel industry. This skill is very useful in navigating…. [read more]

Personal Development Plan Essay

… Personal development planning has also helped me in overcoming the stress and pressures which most of the students face while they are in the middle of completing their educational career. Since I have a clear direction in mind, my whole attention and focus is towards completing my post-graduation program with high grades.

I find studying books and making academic projects more enjoyable than before.

I am now more aware of the techniques which can help me in overcoming my academic weaknesses, like confidence while presenting academic projects; achieving high grades as a compensation for low grades in previous semesters, attending seminars and extra-curricular events and activities, and the like.

I am now aware of my competition in my own university and other competing universities. I…. [read more]

Employee Training and Career Development Term Paper

… Employee Training and Career Development

Employee training involves learning done by an employee. It seeks a permanent change in the employees that lead to the improvement of their job performance. Employee training involves changing how an employee works, their attitude towards work, the people they work with and towards the organization.

Career development is an approach used to marry the employee's goals with the needs of the business. Career development purposes to enhance an employee's job performance enable someone to take advantage of future job opportunities. It fulfills the company's goals for an effective and dynamic workforce. This involves the managers, the human resource department and the employee himself. The company structures the career progress of its members.

Role of training in an organizational development…. [read more]

Personal Portfolio Research Proposal

… Personal Portfolio


From an academic perspective, my BA in Administration and current Master Degree I am pursuing in Human Resources Management are clear indications that I am interested in both working with individuals and in being able to strategize and lead them according to the business vision I have. As a general manager at a company, I also aim to be able to look after managerial details, but also delegate when necessary and better learn how to set up appropriate mechanisms of control and feedback.

In my opinion, the employees I work to would recognize some of the skills I have listed below and would have similar evaluations on my competences. As a general manager, I have always encouraged an open communication environment, one…. [read more]

Dental Assistance (Dental Surgery) Essay

… Efficient management principles results in smart economic reasoning and outcomes, and, therefore, I am (as said before) a proponent of lean management since lean organization in all aspects of my work tie in to my not only improving my brand name and teaching as well as dentistry and volunteer work, but to also improving my own organization. I have learned that humans affect quality; that it applies to all products and services; that quality is a total life-cycle consideration; that total quality system involves the entire company-wide operating work structure; that to ensure optimum quality I have to be a facilitator of change not a cop; and that I need to strive for continuous commitment. In other words, never to relax and fall into lethargy…. [read more]

Personal Statement My Qualifications for a Master Admission Essay

… Personal Statement

My Qualifications for a Master of Business Program

Based on the experience I have gathered so far, I am confident that I posses the necessary qualifications to successfully undertake a Master of Business program. More specifically, thanks to my current position and related responsibilities, I have over time developed various skills which could come in handy as I pursue this particular program.

To begin with, I am convinced that on the basis of my work experience, I already have sound understanding of contemporary management practices. Having been in charge of Finance, Marketing, Management and Human Resources, my working knowledge of management duties is particularly comprehensive. With 10 staff members under my direct supervision, I am responsible for the preparation of weekly roasters and…. [read more]

Futpro Business Plan Business Plan

… Newsletter and Leaflets: Fut Pro-Soccer also reaches the potential customers by sending them newsletters and leaflets.

Social Media: Social media is also used as an effective means of communicating with the existing and potential customers. The company profiles on face book and twitter are used for providing the customers with updates about the events and achievements of the company. Moreover, the videos of players and testimonials are also uploaded in YouTube to create a positive brand image and position the company as a differentiated football coaching entity.

Press Releases: Fut Pro-is also using press releases to provide information to the existing and potential customers about the achievements of their schools and coaching style. Along with that, the news about the achievements of the company also…. [read more]

Personal Development Goals in 5 Years Research Proposal

… Personal Development/Goals in 5 yrs

Personal Development Plan


My final years of college and my currently working within the educational system have opened my eyes to several future possibilities. These ideas could include becoming more involved in the lives of the youth communities by becoming their teacher, their mentor and the liaison that helps them make the transition from children to young adults. This could materialize in actually becoming a teacher. However, since I have no education and experience related to children and teenagers, I have decided to open such a facility and run it from the business standpoint.

But since I believe that education begins long before the adolescence years, I tend to be more focused on creating learning and socializing facilities for…. [read more]

Personal Development Portfolio PDP Research Paper

… Personal Development Portfolio (PDP) is a structured and yet a supported process that is undertaken by a person in order deeply reflects upon their personal performance, learning and achievements. This is in order to plan effectively for their personal progress, educational as well as career development (HEA, 2011).The PDP is to aid me in embracing a full range of techniques to the process learning that entails the connecting of planning (My goals and objectives learning process as well as my achievements) while helping me in doing and aligning my actions to my intentions. The PDP also is beneficial to me in the recording of my thoughts, experiences and ideas so as to understand the process and results of my learning. It is to act as…. [read more]

Health at Age 19 Term Paper

… Health

At age 19, I am a healthy female human being. However, that state of health might not last unless I make an effort throughout my life to maintain a good diet and lifestyle. This paper will outline my current health and lifestyle practices, and project into the future as well. Categories included are diet (present and prospectively), weight training activities, cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory activities, nutritional supplementation, stress management activities, spiritual activities, and social habits. However, the paper will be organized chronologically according to the decades of my life. The paper will conclude with a personal eulogy, or how I want to be remembered upon my death.

My teens have been characterized by a lack of attention paid to diet and lifestyle and I have…. [read more]

Personal Reflections and Vision- Looking Back Essay

… Personal Reflections and Vision- Looking Back

One of my key values today is efficacy. I like to get things done and I am highly result-oriented. However, based on previous experiences I acknowledge the fact that in the race for the result I often tend to move fast and not wait for my teammates. I believe that being a leader in the working field is an important accomplishment and I realize that a lot of work is needed in this direction. Nevertheless, I realize that being a leader implies so much more than dedicating all the attention to myself. As others have made me understand, I should try to be a better listener. I rely highly upon myself, but I should also open myself more in…. [read more]

Personal Philosophy of Education Term Paper

… According to B.F. Skinner, "to effectively respond to the world around us, we must see, hear, smell, taste or feel it."

Education provides the outlet for achieving that interaction of stimuli. Learning should be a hands-on experience where children not only observe but also actually experience something.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau created one of the most significant books on education, Emile. Drawing from a broad spectrum of traditions including botany, music and philosophy, his thinking influenced subsequent generations of educational thinkers.

Like Rousseau, I believe that education should be a blend of doing, observing and thinking by using all the senses, abilities and cognitive thoughts we have to create a storehouse of knowledge. Education is the instrument that provides us with the essential power to do that.…. [read more]

Personal Leadership Style Term Paper

… Carson's emphasis on honesty, self-honesty in particular. Her iteration of the quip "to thine own self be true" relates to humanistic leadership in a direct manner, reflecting both transformational and servant leadership. This emphasis on the character of the leader as it relates to her style reminds me of trait theories of leadership. Balancing "soft" traits like empathy and compassion with "harder" traits like persuasiveness, decisiveness, and goal-orientation, an effective leader will demonstrate an ability to get the job done. Goals should never be sacrificed; the members of the group do not always need to like the leader personally, so long as harmony is preserved. "To thine own self be true," because a leader can't please everyone.

From the theories taught in class, I can…. [read more]

Marketing Plan the Potential Audiences Marketing Plan

… Marketing Plan

The potential audiences for the Firenze include all smartphone and tablet users in North America and Brazil, specifically those who need to have a tablet device capable of supporting content creation and consumption. Apple has found that the iPad is used over 60% of the time for content consumption, or reading, video viewing and photography (Apple Investor Relations, 2012). The Firenze is designed to appeal to this very large potential audience of customers through its build-to-order strategy (Franke, Schreier, 2010). Apple has not been able to attain this level of manufacturing agility even in their laptops and low-end systems (Garfinkel, 2009). Figure 1, Global Smartphone and Tablet PC Demographics shows the distribution of audience by demographic segment.

Figure 1: Global Smartphone and Tablet…. [read more]

Business Plan for a Financial Business Plan

… Therefore, CleanDivision will have to set new international strategies while setting up its business in new geographical locations.

B4: Management Structure:

The ownership of the CleanDivision business is in the hands of both the partners. Michael Kothakota is the majority shareholder in the firm with 51% shares whereas Mike Programmer is the second major shareholder with 49% shares. The Management functions for the firm will be performed by both the partners. Planning and decision making, leading, staffing, organizing, and controlling of the firm's business will be done by the partners with mutual understanding, experience held, and the analysis of the present situation. The major shareholder, Mr. Michael Kothakota is a Certified Divorce Financial analyst and has gained experience with more than 60 attorneys. He also…. [read more]

Personal Essay

… The smartphone allows viewing the map directions which help me in finding my destinations and saves a lot of time because now I do not have to ask people for directions as everything is on my fingertips. The world has changed now and now it has become virtual. It is not possible to meet everyone in person. People are busy with their schedules and often are unable to take out time from the work to meet personally or professionally. Skype and other messengers have made things easy as now business conferences can also be held online.

How would I ensure that I maintained a work / life balance?

In the previous answer I mentioned that technology has made life pretty simple. However that is not…. [read more]

Personal Goal Statement Degree: PhD Education Technology Term Paper

… Personal Goal Statement

Degree: PhD Education Technology

Specialization: Instructional and specialization design

Personal/Professional Goals

For the past ten years I have had the privilege of working in the field of computer science. My most rewarding experiences have been as an educator writing user manuals for both laypersons and specialists and as an instructor teaching students of a variety of ability levels, from high school students to undergraduates who desire to enter a technical field. My ultimate professional ambition is use my technological expertise and passion for teaching to design instructional technology materials and curriculum. This will involve using asynchronous web-based and synchronous delivery platforms to create educational material for students who are unable to attend college a traditional classroom setting or who wish to enhance…. [read more]

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