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Nursing Metaparadigm Term Paper

… Nursing Philosophy and Metaparadigm

The concept of nursing in a modern world goes far beyond simply bandaging up wounds and conducting doctors' orders. The contemporary nurse follows a unique philosophy of care, one which is heavily influenced by the four nursing paradigms. This modern nursing philosophy is guided by principles governing how nurses focus on the art of nursing itself, the flexible concept of health, the uniqueness of autonomous persons, and the interrelated elements of a care environment that is supposed to promote recovery and better future health. Together, these are all related in how a nurse responds and strategizes for care in the wide variety of settings seen within the larger philosophy of nursing.

The practice of nursing goes far beyond what it was…. [read more]

Nursing Metaparadigms and Practice-Specific Concepts Research Paper

… The argument can be made that all of the foregoing modes involve developing an effective therapeutic relationship and that the better the relationship the better the clinical outcomes. For instance, according to Masters, "The nurse using Leininger's theory plans and makes decisions with clients with respect to these three modes of action. All three care modalities require coparticipation of the nurse and client working together to identify, plan, implement, and evaluate nursing care with respect to the cultural congruence of the care" (2012, p. 69).

In increasingly multicultural treatment settings, Leininger's three basic modalities provide a valuable framework wherein nursing professionals can explore the potential effects of cross-cultural differences on the therapeutic relationship. In this regard, Masters points out that, "Leininger developed the sunrise model,…. [read more]

Nurse Health Habits Effect Hospital Environment Research Paper

… Nursing

This study has the following limitations; the chosen location, the chosen industries, the population, environmental factors and several uncontrollable variables; which are briefly outlined below. The chosen location is Houston, Texas United States. Since the hypothesis is the measurement of nurses' health habits, the population is near 120 RNs, all are females, 85% of them are Caucasians, with their ages ranging between 22 to 47-year. Another limiting factor is the collection of the needed data all at once. Still, another limiting factor is the chosen location as the study cannot be carried out across different locations due to the short time frame allocated to the study.

Major Generalizations of the study

There is an assumption that nurses'…. [read more]

Nurse-Patient Relations the Main Focus Essay

… Theories

One theorist, Hildegard Peplau (1952), described nursing as "A healing interpersonal procedure done by nurses through facilitating growth and increase amongst patients." Peplau regarded the relations that are between nurse and patient as being very beneficial to the nurse and the patient as well (LaSala, 2007). Her theory is look upon as a developmental model utilized for nursing, by reason of her concept of the patient passing going through four developmental stages in sequence to accomplish health. Hildegard Peplau functioned inside mental health nursing and, even though her work communicates mainly in the direction of this kind of nursing, concepts which shape her model can be utilized inside overall nursing. Truth-seekers Peplau and McMahon are both alike in the technique they use in conceptualizing…. [read more]

Nursing Philosophy a Philosophy Essay

… Nursing Philosophy

A Philosophy of Nursing

Like every profession, nursing is both a commonly shared calling and a very personal one. Every nurse shares certain professional standards with all of his or her colleagues, has in common a large number of experiences, has been educated and certified through similar processes. but, despite these many concurrent aspects of the lives of all nurses, the drive that each nurse feels to enter the profession and -- even more -- to stay in it decade after decade reflects very personal goals and values. This paper explores my personal nursing philosophy. This philosophy is an amalgam of my education and training, my personal ethics and values that sustain me not only within the profession but as an individual in…. [read more]

Philosophy of Nursing Essay

… Philosophy of Nursing Personal Statement

A personal nursing philosophy needs to incorporate all four aspects of the nursing metaparadigm: nurse, person, environment and health. In the process of developing my philosophy of nursing in the form of a personal statement, I began to realize that there was one concept that seemed to keep reoccurring throughout all of the nursing philosophies and theories we have studied: the concept of caring. Caring effects the individual, the health care environment, health and illness, and nursing as a whole. There are very few definitions of nursing which do not include the word or the concept of caring. This is because caring is such an extremely central part of why nurses do what they do. Therefore, I have decided to…. [read more]

Personal Nursing Philosophy Essay

… There are literally thousands of environmental factors which directly and indirectly affect human health, from "the air we breathe, the climate or weather we experience, the food we eat, the water we drink;" every aspect of the environment in which we live affects the human body's proper functioning in one way or another. Sudden changes or imbalances in a person's physical environment will affect the individual greatly because diverse environmental factors affect the distribution, severity, diversity and persistence of diseases process and other health effects. For example, in developed countries, malaria kills one million people every year, and people that live in the most polluted cities are lost because of chronic exposure to pollution. Thus environmental matter and nurses are directly involved in providing a…. [read more]

Personal Nursing Philosophy Conceptual Research Paper

… Personal Nursing Philosophy

Conceptual Background of my Nursing Philosophy

The history of nursing includes foundational shifts of perspective that were, at least in the past, largely functions of the limitations of the discipline in the pre-scientific era of medicine. In fact, at the time that Florence Nightingale pioneered the practice of insisting on a hygienic carative environment, she was unaware of the clinical value of that approach in terms of antisepsis (Reid, 2009; Taylor, Lillis, & LeMone, 2005). Her motivational influence was simply to ensure that patients were treated with dignity. Until the age of modern medicine after the acceptance of Joseph Lister's Germ Theory of bacterial infection and disease, and later, antibiotics, nurses provided more in terms comfort, compassion, and dignity for their patients…. [read more]

Nursing Since Florence Nightingale's Selfless Service Term Paper

… Nursing

Since Florence Nightingale's selfless service to those suffering in hospitals, nursing has been recognized as not only a profession, but also a calling. This is what nursing is for me. I have always felt that, more than other professions, nursing provides the professional with the opportunity to connect with other human beings on multiple levels. On the clinical level, nursing provides the opportunity for learning about the miracle that is the human body. On the non-physical level, the nurse has the opportunity to understand the client not only on the level of medical need, but also on the psychological and even spiritual level. These levels all work together in promoting the healing process. For this reason, I also believe that it is vitally important…. [read more]

Nursing Across Theories Essay

… Nursing plays a vital role in contemporary theories. The objectives of nursing in the theories are to assist the patient to achieve as much independence as possible to promote better health outcomes when the patient is living at home. Nursing is applied differently from one theory to another in the focus of the theory. Where one theory focuses on caring, one focuses on independence, and still, one focuses on self-care. In all the theories careful evaluation is needed to determine what the patient needs and any deficits that need to be addressed. After evaluation, the nurse can provide guidance, support, and teaching to assist the patient to develop their own self-care agency. Continued evaluation is important to determine changes as they arise and offer teaching…. [read more]

Nursing Definition and Philosophy Term Paper

… Nursing

Nurses specialize in various areas, hail from diverse backgrounds, and work in a wide range of settings. A definition of nursing that encompasses all these various factors must be as multifaceted and meaningful as the profession itself. Official definitions of nursing can aide in clarifying career goals and in shaping a personal vision. Through textbook definitions that concretely define the profession, I have solidified my decision to pursue nursing as a career. I was drawn to the following definition because it succinctly reflects many of the facets of my future career: "Nursing is the use of clinical judgment in the provision of care to enable people to improve, maintain, or recover health, to cope with health problems, and to achieve the best possible quality…. [read more]

Philosophy of Nursing Has Undergone Many Changes Essay

… Philosophy of nursing has undergone many changes since its early beginnings. Nurses are known for their desire to help and serve humanity by helping to alleviate their suffering. Selflessness and a commitment to others is a key characteristic of the nurse, who often works long hours to help those in need. These basic tenets of the nursing profession have not changed, but the role of the nurse in relation to others in the healthcare profession is continually evolving. The following will examine my personal philosophy of nursing and will help to define what nursing means to me.

Personal Philosophy

My definition of the nurse is that of a caregiver and technician. The nurse must possess key technical skills, as well as people skills. The nurse…. [read more]

Personal Nursing Philosophy Introduction Believe Term Paper

… I believe that the environment can be successfully used to improve health care.

Health is a forceful physical, mental and social phenomenon that surfaces from human-environment interactions. Health is assessed by a person's subjective feelings of well being and by bio-behavioral measures and standards. Health needs can be determined within a developmental context and are met through health promotion, risk reduction, and illness and symptom management. Health and illness are coexistent, and reflect the quality of the person-environment interaction.

Genetics, education, economics, living environment, work, and personal life-style choices all determine a person's health. While individuals are largely responsible for their own health, I believe that health care providers share the responsibility of maintaining health with the community. Therefore, as a nurse, it is my…. [read more]

Personal Philosophy of Nursing Research Paper

… Philosophy of Nursing


My professional and personal interest in health contributes to my perspective that health should be a prominent issue in every person's life. This concept is fundamental to my philosophy of nursing. Health should always have some part of our attention. Mental health, emotional health, and physical health are interconnected; no one aspect of health is more important than the others. My life experience and my professional experience has proven to me be repeatedly and very clearly the necessity for strong health. I am aware of the significance of health professionals and the potential the health industry has to affect great change on individual, societies, and the world. The paper illustrates my philosophy and predictions for the field of nursing.

When people…. [read more]

Philosophy of Nursing Leadership Today Creative Writing

… 32).

Fortunately, these learning these transcultural needs in healthcare settings can be facilitated through mentors and older colleagues who can provide the empirical observations and anecdotal accounts that help inform best practices today. Mentors and seasoned practitioners can help newcomers "learn the ropes" and understand what transcultural nursing skills are most salient in a given healthcare setting (Wilson & Sanner, 2010). From a personal perspective, my supervisor has played an important role as my selfless mentor. After she hired me, my supervisor always encouraged me to go back to school and finish my higher education. Indeed, she follows up with me about my progress in school and has offered help with any assignments I may have to this day, and her assistance has been inspirational…. [read more]

Personal Philosophy of Education Essay

… The demands and the accountability of our profession are great and because of this I firmly believe that nursing education must be a partnership between the learner and the educator. Learning is not merely a passive activity in which nurses only listen, observe, and learn. Each of us must actively practice what he or she learns through hands-on involvement. To be successful, the theoretical knowledge and the practical experience have to go hand in hand.

Therefore, competency in nursing is more than just memorizing facts to get an "A" on a test or reproducing a skill to demonstrate it to absolute perfection. Being a nurse requires learning the underlying principles, analyzing them, and then, applying the principles to many different clients with similar problems but…. [read more]

Nursing Philosophy Term Paper

… Nursing Philosophy


In addition to the extensive existence of ecological imperils in our neighborhood, apprehensions concerning health risks has augmented amid the common people along with the media and private-public institutions. The telemetry and medsurg nursing education presently has got to train highly-skilled healthcare nurses to avert, acknowledge, deal with, and take care of cardiac-related diseases. Major health institutions have acknowledged the requirement for enhancements in nursing-education so as to improve the attitude of nursing professionals (Burgess, 1993). Having known and acknowledged the biologic, mental, and social dissimilarities amid children, adults and ethnicities, there is a requirement for clearly explaining the aims and objectives of my career and profession. Mentioned below are a few of the nurse's underlying values, which I have developed over…. [read more]

Nursing Ethical Compassion Essay

… This confers with the ANA's call for such healthcare practitioners as myself to "examine the conflicts arising between their own personal and professional values, the values and interests of others who are responsible for patient care and health care decisions, as well as those of the patients. Nurses strive to resolve conflicts in ways that ensure patient safety, guard the patient's best interests and preserve the profession integrity of the nurse." (ANA, 2.2)

For me, the most important step in navigating conflict and contending with cultural values that differ from my own is establishing an open and communicative relationship with the patient. I consider it of absolute importance to establish a relationship of trust. This is the only way to help a patient understand and…. [read more]

Personal Advanced Nursing Practice Framework Term Paper

… Personal Advanced Nursing Practice Framework

Nursing paradigm of cultural dialogue and change

Like so many nurses today, I find myself practicing in a culturally diverse environment. Earlier theories of nursing tended to view the patient in the abstract, as an autonomous individual to be helped by the nurse. However, some models, such as Dorothy Orem's, gradually took a broader view of the nursing process as a way to correct patient's self-care deficits. Gradually, systems theories such as that of Betty Neuman's began to incorporate a more expansive view of the patient's environment into the concept of nursing. Nursing theories also came to include how to address the client's family and social context, particularly in systems-based framework like Neuman's. But only Madeline Leininger's philosophy of transcultural…. [read more]

Nursing Theory Essay

… As being pointed out by social theory. "Some burn nurses provide post-burn education to schools and industry as patients return to pre-burn activities. This level of care is consistent with the educative-development system." (Habel, 2010 p 1).

7. "All nursing theories are developed in space and time, and are not value free. Select one nursing theorist and explain the factors that influenced development of the theory (history, scientific paradigm, and personal experiences -- mentoring, education, practice, other)." (Question, 2014, p1).

Health promotion theory was developed in 1982 with the aim of educating clients on behaviors that affect their heaths. Typically, drug abuse, and smoking are part of social behaviors that may affect health of an individual. Smoking is number one health problem globally, which may…. [read more]

Nursing the Greatest Challenges Essay

… Reference

Manley, K. (2007). A conceptual framework for advanced practice: an action research project operationalizing an advanced practitioner/consultant nurse role. Journal of Clinical Nursing 6(3): 179-190.

QUESTION 3: According to the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC, 2012), the benefits of Magnet Designation include the ability to attract and retain top talent, yielding positive patient care outcomes. Moreover, Magnet Designation yields a collaborative organizational culture conducive to effective healthcare leadership, advanced standards, advanced practice, and financial success (ANCC, 2012). Magnet Designation is "a primary competence indicator" used by reputable organizations that evaluate the quality of healthcare service delivery (ANCC, 2012).

The nature of the nursing profession demands attention paid to effective credentialing and assessment methods. One of the criteria of Magnet Designation is the development of…. [read more]

Nursing Shortages and High Nurse Essay

… Increase Wages/Salary

This is the direct way of retaining the current nursing staff as well as attracting more aspiring and experienced nurses towards the hospital employment. This helps reducing nurse shortage and enables hospitals in providing improved patient care. In addition, high pay scale for nurses also allows enhancing and expanding the nurse education due to the constant supply of nurses in present as well as future. Therefore, nurse manager should discuss the issue with senior management if he/she observes nurse staff members resigning due to salary issue.

2. Nurse Unionization

Allowing nurses to make a union and disclose their concerns helps nurse managers and leaders knowing the issues of nurses through collective voice. This helps in solving their issues and lowering the nurse shortage…. [read more]

Nursing Theorists Research Paper

… Orem's theory of 'Self-Care Deficit' specifies when intervention from nursing is a requirement due to the limitations of the patient to participate in self-care that is effective in nature. The priorities in this case study are those of: (1) pain reduction; (2) developmental self-requisites; and (3) universal self-requisites. This case involves the investigation of functional patterns including: (1) activities and exercise (not being met as the patient is bedridden and elderly); (2) nutrition and metabolism (bedridden and cannot prepare meals that are well balanced; and (3) sleep and rest (poor sleep due to ongoing pain); (4) elimination (constipation due to inactivity; and (5) coping and tolerance to stress (inability to patient to cope with their disability. (Iglesias et al.) The requiremens of the nursing professional…. [read more]

Nursing Professional Boundaries Essay

… Role Development and Role Boundaries

The nurse leaders draw professionals from the best utilizing the most appropriate management theories to develop an individual management style and performance. In addition, the nurse leader will act with the assumption that nurses and other professionals wish to attain competence, which if they receive the motivation, they will achieve it, in addition to higher performance levels (Huey, 1994). Advanced nursing practice is applicable to various specialized sectors of clinical nursing, nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners. Another role development option for nurses includes nursing administration and education roles. However, in role development, it is also to keep in mind the professional working limits in order to achieve quality healthcare services.

Dynamic Professional Boundaries

The past century has witnessed the growth and…. [read more]

Nursing Metaparadigm Is a Declaration Term Paper

… d.). As receivers of nursing care, nursing clients have an agreement with the harmonic environment.


The third concept of the nursing metaparadigm is health, which is a dynamic process that incorporates the combination of well-being and illness and is described as the awareness of the nursing client throughout his/her life span. This perspective focuses on the whole nature of the recipient of care based on the physical, aesthetic, social, and moral realms since health is not only contextual but also relational. Wellness or well-being is viewed as lived experience of similarity between a person's possibilities and realities and is centered on caring and feeling cared for. On the other hand, illness is described as lived experience of any dysfunction or loss that can be…. [read more]

Nurse Eduactor Strategic Plan Essay

… Education is always a 'two-way street:' a student learns from professionals but can also learn from teaching others.

While I did complete a curriculum development course, I still feel that my knowledge of learning theory and different learning types and styles is lacking. Within the next year, I will strive to more specifically learn about different pedagogical strategies and different learning theories, such as the concept of multiple intelligences and multicultural approaches to learning. Over the course of my current framework of experiences, I have grown appreciative of the fact that not all people are the same, and an instructional strategy that works well with one student or patient may not be universally applicable. I feel that I am cognizant of how I learn on…. [read more]

Theory Application and My Philosophy Term Paper

… Philosophy of Nursing with an Emphasis on Labor & Delivery

Theory, Application, & My Philosophy

This paper is an insight into some philosophies of nursing with an emphasis on the process of Labor and Delivery. I believe the research was thorough and is well supported because I attempted to use relevant materials from several nursing theorists. I relied heavily on the Internet and other nursing journals and from other professional domains. The main objective of this report was to consider nursing, the future of nursing and the impact that I will have in the healthcare spectrum over the course of my career. I tried to identify my values and beliefs regarding the established metaparadigms and metatheories of nursing and the more succinct processes involved in…. [read more]

Nursing Theories Essay

… Part of the strength of King's theory is that it was influenced by theories outside of the nursing discipline, most notably systems theory. "She developed a general systems framework and a theory of goal attainment where the framework refers to the three interacting systems - individual or personal, group or interpersonal, and society or social, while the theory of goal attainment pertains to the importance of interaction, perception, communication, transaction, self, role, stress, growth and development, time, and personal space" (Key concepts, 2013, Goal attainment theory). King's theory acknowledges that human beings participate in a series of different life spheres, and all of these must be taken into consideration when giving advice to the patient. Although not an explicitly multicultural theory, King's approach will serve…. [read more]

Nursing Values Personal Essay

… To be entrusted with this responsibility, one must have a strong sense of the overarching moral constructs that inform our society. Such morals, as the responsibility not to bring harm on others, are true in the healthcare context and beyond. But in healthcare especially, morals must be seen as the blueprint for all decisions and actions.

Ethics are typically defined more contextually. Where morals are constant and universal, and values are deeply personal, ethics are likely to be institutional. This means that any number of nursing associations or given healthcare contexts will provide their own carefully constructed ethical codes of behavior to which one is expected to adhere. In fact, because the ethical code will typically come from an employing organization, there may be occasions…. [read more]

Personal Philosophy What Is Nursing Essay

… Feedback from many of my friends, family members and colleagues at past jobs helped me identify a handful of characteristics which I do possess and are essential for nursing. Knowing that knowledge of the profession was another important element, I examined I possessed adequate medicinal and healthcare knowledge to become a nurse. According to the feedback I received, I am a person who embodies all the characteristics that come under human dignity, and thus being considerate, empathetic and caring lead me to opt for field nursing in a for-profit hospice organization where caring in terms of empathy is the core requirement for nursing.

Essence of Nursing

T here are various forms of nursing, namely field nursing (treating patients at homes, nursing homes etc. And not…. [read more]

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