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Personal Leadership Journal Enter 1-2 Brief Paragraphs Term Paper

… Personal Leadership Journal

Enter 1-2 brief paragraphs about your Most Effective Leader, select 1-2 examples of leadership that person provided, and reflect on what you could learn for developing your own leadership style.

I was once working as a sales agent for a cable provider company and my job was to sign contract with clients. My supervisor was a highly efficient person. He was able to concentrate on numerous issues at the same time and he was always open to talk to the agents and resolve our problems. In addition, he would always let us know we did a good job and encouraged us to increase our efforts even more. He was good with sales and he was good with people - two absolutely compulsory…. [read more]

Portrait of a Lady and the Objectification of Character Term Paper

… Portrait of a Lady and the Objectification of Character

This story begins with the main character in the book, Isabel arriving at Gardencourt from America. Ralph, another main character in this book realizes that Isabel is destitute and talks his father into leaving Isabel some of his fortune in the amount of 70,000 pounds. This however, only begins the troubles for Isabel. Madame Merle, a wealthy woman herself sees that she can benefit from Isabel's money and introduces Isabel to Osmond.

Statement of Thesis

Isabel, a bright young woman with ideas of her own and unfortunately having inherited a great sum, becomes an object or a thing in the work entitled "Portrait of a Lady" and at the workings of others becomes endangered of losing…. [read more]

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Essay

… Portrait of Artist

Although told from the perspective of a young white male, Joyce Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is based on feminist principles. Dedalus actively breaks free from the confines of restrictive social norms, including those related to sexuality and sexual identity. The structure of the novel is itself liberating and liberalizing: a stream of consciousness that is a far cry from the rigid, linear hierarchies of patriarchy. At the same time, Joyce's novel also conforms to gender stereotypes. For example, Dedalus idolizes and romanticizes female beauty. His childhood socialization was strongly gender segregated as he recalls how "the wide playgrounds were swarming with boys," (chapter 1). Dedalus's internalizations of his parents' voices also highlight the strict gender norms that…. [read more]

Portrait of the Artist Essay

… Separation of church and state is an established part of the governance of many countries but still those in positions of religious authority try to influence the political positions of their parishioners and this violation of their position is what Joyce is most angry about. Other characters like Dante feel that it is acceptable for the priest to do this because the religious shapes the morals and from there the legislation of a people because everything goes back to God.

As an adult, Stephen has decided that he is no longer interested in becoming part of the Catholic Church. He has become disenfranchised with the religious world as he has with most established authorities in the world. Joyce writes of Stephen, "On Sunday mornings as…. [read more]

Personal Portrait Creative Writing

… Personal Portrait

First, this is an interesting exercise and one that is sure to give a better understanding of self. My life has progressed much like many others for the most part, but there have been detours down which development past something was difficult. As happens with most lives, the path was not linear. However, I can see, after conducting some study on both theorists, that the ideas of both Erikson and Kohlberg have validity. The basic idea of both is that there are stages through which one must pass as they go through life. Although similarities do exist between different individuals, the way one becomes an individual (and not just another one of the cattle following the herd) is to progress at their own…. [read more]

Personal Portrait Term Paper

… Personal Portrait

The course of development is determined by the interaction of the body (genetic biological programming), mind (psychological), and cultural (ethos) influences" (Harder, 3).

Lawrence Kohlberg believed that moral development arrives in stages, just as other elements of personality do. His stages are the pre-conventional, the conventional, and post-conventional. Using Piaget's constructivist example, Kohlberg professed that people progress through these stages as they grow, that no one functions at their best all the time, but that each stage provides a step toward a higher, more comprehensive development (Kohlberg, p. 570).

From birth to 18 months I was nurtured by my parents, my older brother and my sister. I was the spoiled baby boy in my family. In the Spanish culture, men are treated as…. [read more]

Portrait of the Warrior in Two Films Film Review

… Portrait of the Warrior in Two Films

Film is a good medium for cultural and political representation. Images and dialogue shape the audience's viewpoint concerning who they are. Without question, film is a signifying system that one can analyze for patterns of meaning and representation. One perspective analyzes film as an Orientalizing "system of signification that represents non-Western cultures to Western recipients in the course of Western imperialism" (Chow 2009, 169). Here the idea is to analyze how the film manipulates its images ideologically to portray a culture. In a different example, Jenny Kwok Wah Loh has concluded that Chinese films tend to represent the domination of insiders over outsiders (Loh 1991, 173). She writes, "The Chinese notion of human relationships is dramatized in the…. [read more]

Personal Statement Marcy, a Sixth Term Paper

… I had always known that I would pursue a career in psychology. That much was certain from the time I was nine or ten and I found one of my parent's old psych textbooks from their college days. I remember being overwhelmed by the mysteries of the human brain, a remarkably small organ that even the most deft and brilliant scientists cannot yet comprehend. I read as much as I could on psychology throughout grade school and naturally proceeded to major in psychology in college. However, it wasn't until I began working with kids with special needs that I realized my desired area of specialization in the field. As I recall, my high school counselors assisted me tremendously in narrowing my focus for the future.…. [read more]

Self-Portrait With Straw Hat Journal Essay

… In the spring portrait, the blueness of my eyes match the somber background; in summer my eyes are in contrast with the rest of the painting. The compositions are similar in terms of my positioning in the canvas; my expression and mood are similar, although the yellowness of the summer suggests greater activity. This mirroring is deliberate, so I may see the changes within myself from season to season. I also constructed the paintings with a similar profile view, with the same cheek turned to the gazer.

Of course, summertime has many moods as a season, and there may be different shades of light and darkness within the ebbs and flows of the summer season. This can be seen in the impressionistic background inspired by…. [read more]

Close Reading of a Passage From Portrait of a Lady Henry James Term Paper

… Portrait Lady

Flat Mirrors and Telling Reflections in Henry James' Portrait of a Lady

Much of Henry James' skill as a novelist is found in the insight he provides into the human psyche and the stark honesty with which his characters are portrayed (Edel). This is especially true of the central characters in his novels, those who are most fully fleshed out and seen in multiple contexts and relationships. Isabel, the protagonist of James' novel Portrait of a Lady, is one of the most fully fleshed and complex characters in James' canon, and provides an excellent means for examining his conception of how human value is defined, how people perceive themselves, and how people are perceived by others (Edel). In her discussion with Madame Merle,…. [read more]

James Joyce, Portrait Essay

… ..mind and body," "aware of nothing that is in the world" give the reader a feeling of man's happenstance with the spiritual world. Joyce appears to be giving this situation as the first main sin that Stephen generates in a long sequence of perturbing carnal living that he goes through during the course of the novel (noticing the beauty of the woman who lies out on the beach) and therefore produces it as an epiphany to contribute the reader the feeling that Stephen is slowly starting to realize what the world has to compromise against what the church has to bring.

This sounds very familiar with the prodigal son in the bible who also turned away from God for a season very much like Stephen.…. [read more]

Portrait of the Artist Term Paper

… He is becoming conscious of social etiquette and standards of behavior, especially those he will need in order to fit in at Clongowes. Stephen's young personality struggles to reconcile the known comforts of his parents and home with the harsher reality of Catholic School.

Because Stephen is acutely uncomfortable at school, he constantly dreams about returning home for the Christmas break. However, when he does return home he is surprised by the discordant conversations and events that take place. While at school he develops an immature awareness of the geo-political world. Studying geography reminds him of the enormity of the universe and this catapults young Stephen into thoughts of God, which make him feel exhausted. Plus, "it pained him that he did not know well…. [read more]

Epistemological Analysis of a Personal Essay

… I, therefore, acknowledge the value of my research. The experience I got from the museum entails counterfactual reflections, which facilitated learning from experience (Noraka & Nishiguchi, 2001).

Notably, formulation of counterfactuals regarding experience empirically connect with enhanced prospective performance and understanding of various tasks and occurrences. I learnt that counterfactual conditionals offer clues to causal connections. Counterfactual thought get incorporated into the empirical thoughts of human beings (Feldman, 2003). Such considerations highlight the complexity of avoiding skepticism given that beliefs regarding counterfactuals get included in the general knowledge of the surrounding environment. From the visit, understanding of the black American's history links to understanding and interpretation of the events and experiences of black people. The knowing and learning of the black history filters all other…. [read more]

Personal Statement of Purpose for Speech-Language Pathology Essay

… Personal Statement of Purpose for Speech-Language Pathology

If you believe -- as I do -- that education is a journey, then I have been on a journey of a lifetime in my quest to become a speech-language pathologist.

And if you believe -- as I do -- that education is a matter of painting a portrait rather than filling in a paint-by-number sketch, then you will understand why I am still in awe of the canvas, the oils and what I have left to learn -- and create.

And if you believe -- as I do -- that people are drawn to a career path not only because of their personality but because of deeper forces of nature, then you will understand why my deep…. [read more]

Portrait of a Schizophrenic the Movie Canvas Term Paper

… Portrait of a Schizophrenic

The movie Canvas (Rolnick & Greco, 2008) was an unexpected diversion from the norm of movies regarding people with mental illness. Most of the movies of this genre often focus mainly on the person with the illness and the effect this situation has on family members is merely subtext. Canvas put a different spin on the genre. In this movie the mother's schizophrenia is seen through the eyes of her family, husband and son, and her neighbors and friends. Their coping mechanism, some dysfunctional some not, are exposed as a realistic portrayal of how real families cope with this situation, of a loved one, a primary caregiver such as a mother, who becomes affected by schizophrenia. Yet this is no real…. [read more]

Spirituality in Nursing Research Paper

… Personally, I believe in Christ's compassion, tenderness and protection. It gives me the strength to not only carry on, but also reach out and help others in their time of need.

This foundation helped me overcome my own pain enough to be emotionally and spiritually available when it was needed most in my life. My sister was diagnosed and struggled through terminal ____ cancer for ____ years. Never have I witnessed such bravery. I am proud that I could be there to love and help her more comfortably cope with her illness. I knew that despite our attempts to control the situation, ultimately God would decide how the story should end and that no matter what my sister would be okay, even if she were…. [read more]

Art the Portrait of Joseph Term Paper

… In the portrait, Kahlo is represented as a woman, with recently shorn hair, dressed in man's clothing. The portrait was painted immediately after Kahlo's divorce from her philandering husband, and can be seen as a renouncement of the traditional gender role and a rejection of the role her husband previously held in her life. In fact, Kahlo makes this clear, by incorporating a lyric about love and hair in a portrait of her with cropped hair. However, given Kahlo's rejection of traditional gender roles, as depicted by her shorn hair and men's clothing, it is difficult to determine her group identity from this work.

Joseph Cornell's Bebe Marie is a doll in a box covered with twigs. At first glance, the image is disturbing and…. [read more]

Team Leadership Personal Team Leadership Portrait Essay

… Team Leadership

Personal Team Leadership Portrait

The most important thing in team leadership, for me, is understanding the different personalities I deal with in my team. Firstly then, I base all my decisions upon both the voiced and apparent needs and concerns of my team. I strive to keep a channel of open communication with my team members, encouraging to visit me with questions, problems, concerns, or even just a friendly chat. I like to get to know my team members not only as workers functioning under me, but also as human beings. In this way, I can work to bring out the best in them and their work, and consequently my work. I also understand that some team members will be uncomfortable visiting my…. [read more]

Portrait of the Historical Jesus Thesis

… ¶ … search for the historical Jesus: An elusive quest

Jesus was a historical figure and teacher much like the philosopher Socrates. Jesus used methods of oral interrogation and preaching, rather than writing, to spread his word. Regardless of one's personal, theological beliefs, there is compelling evidence outside the New Testament and in pagan and non-Christian Jewish writings that the teachings of a real person named Jesus elicited a great deal of controversy. Historian Robert E. Van Voorst writes that the fact that even hostile non- Christians "uniformly" speak of Jesus as a historical figure provides particularly compelling evidence as to the fact that a man named Jesus lived and taught in the ancient Middle East (Van Voorst 217). After looking at the evidence, however,…. [read more]

Blurring the Gap Between Fiction Term Paper

… Wright also uses his own experiences to explain the working of the tough society.

At the age of twelve, before I had had one full year of formal schooling, I had a conception of life that no experience would ever erase, a predilection for what was real that no argument could ever gainsay, a sense of the world that was mine and mine alone, a notion as to what life meant that no education could ever alter, a conviction that the meaning of living came only when one was struggling to wring a meaning out of meaningless suffering." [Wright, Chapter 3, pg. 100]

Williams in The Glass Menagerie (1999) has used delicate imagery and impressive analogies to drive home his observations. The delicate Laura is…. [read more]

Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies Essay

… Scorsese's Journey Through Film

Scorsese's Personal Journey in Film

The documentary A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese through American Movies is an impressive exploration of American cinematic history. It encompasses both recognized classics and lesser known works from many genres such as the silent film, the gangster film, the musical, the western, and the melodrama. This lends it depth. Scorsese's selection does not show the genesis of the genres so much as the important stages in their development. Since Scorsese is a notable director, his articulate interpretations of these films hold weight. Most valuable is his utilization of clips to suggest not so much a grand narrative as strands of different simultaneous narratives on film-making. This is where his categorization of directors into storyteller, illusionist,…. [read more]

Study of a Major Irish Author James Joyce Essay

… Joyce

Gender plays a prominent role in the fiction of James Joyce, especially with regards to the protagonists' identity construction and deconstruction. As Sheldon puts it, "the action of Joycean narrative shows masculinity being overwhelmed by femininity to open up alternative possibilities," (457). These alternative possibilities are not gender bending nor are they transsexual. However, the alternative possibilities are related to the subversion of social norms related to sexuality and gender. Central characters in Joycean narratives are not necessarily androgynous and yet they fuse elements of male and female identity and sexuality. In fact, gender ambiguity parallels Joyce's unconventional plot structures and narrative formats. "The equivocality of Joyce's plots participates in the same bifurcation that permeates his genders," (Sheldon 457). Genders and plots are more…. [read more]

Vincent Van Gogh Research Proposal


INTRODUCTION had a hard struggle with myself...."

Vincent van Gogh (Van Goh's Letters, 2009)

The Painter

The Painter" sold only one of his paintings, now worth millions of dollars, during his lifetime. "The Painter," Vincent van Gogh, frequently depicted people in hard times, Linda Yoffe (1995) notes in "Vincent, Theo, painting and self-esteem." Today, considered one of the greatest Dutch painters and draftsmen after Rembrandt, van Gogh's art significantly influenced Expressionism in modern art. Van Gogh, born in 1853, began painting seriously in 1880, Arthur Max (2004), an Associated Press writer, reports in "Van Gogh letter refers to family tragedy." Theo, van Gogh's younger brother, supported "The Painter" for much of his life.

Study Design and Significance

As this descriptive qualitative…. [read more]

Art Currently on Loan Term Paper

… He is leaving town on some unknown journey. Given that the subject of the painting is likely to be "one of these prosperous bankers or merchants who were eager to have their likenesses immortalized by Memling," the man might be off to make a business deal in a neighboring town. Regardless of where he is actually headed, it does not appear to be a hard journey or even one that has not been undertaken before. The man looks peaceful, calm, and slightly contemplative, and barely concerned. He has a strong sense of presence and confidence. This is not a poor peasant in feudal medieval Europe. After all, this is wealthy Bruges.

The foreground and focal point is consumed by the man's visage. The eye is…. [read more]

Visual Arts Andy Warhol's "Self-Portrait 1986" Versus Term Paper

… Visual Arts

Andy Warhol's "Self-Portrait 1986" versus "Self-Portrait" by Chuck Close: A visit to the Columbus Museum of Art.

In this paper I plan to compare two original paintings currently housed in the Columbus Museum of Art in Columbus Ohio. I have chosen two self-portrait as my subjects, each from American Artists of the 20th Century. The first painting I will discuss is Self-Portrait by Chuck Close. The second is "Self-Portrait 1986" by Andy Warhol. As I will demonstrate in this paper, these paintings and the men who made them are as different from each other as night from day, but still tend to represent a similar school in art. The men even come from similar backgrounds, but turn out their art for very different…. [read more]

Fra Filippo Lippi's Portrait of a Woman With a Man at a Casement Research Paper

… Fra Filippo Lippi's Portrait of a Woman with a Man at a Casement

The purpose of the present paper is to discuss a very interesting piece of art, namely, Fra Filippo Lippi's "Portrait of a woman with a man at a Casement." We will begin by the analysis of the formal qualities of the painting such as the composition, the color, line, texture, proportion, balance, contrast and rhythm. We will then discuss how the work fits a certain stylistic category. We will demonstrate that the painting reflects the social and cultural trends of the period in which it was created.

" the paintings of Filippo Lippi are frequently characterised by two features: an interest in minimising the divide between world and image and the presence…. [read more]

concise Analysis of The Portrait for a Lady Book Report

… Gilbert, who is also an American in Diaspora, is portrayed as Madame Merle's accomplice. Gilbert and Merle have a daughter together. Madam Merle, however, denies that she is the child's mother, since the child was made out of an extra-marital relationship (Megan Pryor).

The Conclusion

The final part of the story does not clarify whether Isabel will go back to Rome since she fears that her husband is going to make Pansy marry Warburton by force, or if she will go back and snatch Pansy from Gilbert (Megan Pryor). Therefore, by the time the novel ends, James has examined and probed every ethical, psychological and moral factor of the main situation. The readers have also heard the opinions of several people regarding that subject. Therefore,…. [read more]

Education Diversity Term Paper

… Education Diversity

I define diversity as simply the quality of difference that is observed in different things and people. Diversity in a social context is code word for people of color such as blacks and Latinos. Diversity is always to be encouraged in many educational contexts although I think it is mostly misunderstood by students and teachers alike. To me diversity, is simply a word that highlights the amount of similarity or lack of similarity in two distinct objects. The word has been charged in recent years with a potency to increase inter-racial harmony and understanding. Diversity is the opposite of equality.

I am diverse in many ways. My diversity is a product of my physical, emotional and mental capabilities and effusions. My culture is…. [read more]

E.E. Cummings's "She Being Brand/-new Poem

… Because Williams relies on an individual's personal experiences to convey emotion in the poem, do personal perspectives enhance the impact of the narrator's apology or is the message diminished?

"Proletariat Portrait" not only forces the individual to picture the proletariat woman's inconvenience, but also forces the reader to think of the poem in political terms. Through the description of the proletariat woman, the reader is forced to sympathize with the woman not only because she is poor as is demonstrated through the description of her ripped stockings and the substandard quality of her shoes, but also because of her social class. Moreover, Williams raises the question: Is the nail in her shoe the only thing that is causing the proletariat woman pain? What else can…. [read more]

Malcolm X: Director Spike Lee Essay

… It also implies that there could be no real basis for a black-white relationship other than lust and curiosity (Bell, 1993). In the beach scene, Malcolm tells Sophia, "I wish your mother and father could see us now." The relationship is clearly about defying society's rules; there is no real affection between the couple.

In one of the final scenes of the first part of the film, Malcolm and a friend are shown breaking and entering. Lee makes the scene comic by showing Malcolm vainly struggling to pull a ring off the finger of a man slumbering next to his wife. There is almost a sweetness about Washington's Malcolm in this scene and we nearly forget that we are witnessing a crime. The "profoundly flawed"…. [read more]

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