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Personal Responsibility Essay

… The sole reason of this success is prioritizing, planning, time management and motivation to follow the planning for studies which in a nutshell is personal responsibility (Springston, 2010).

Student Success Strategies Plan

There are various strategies that could help students achieve higher grades and excel in their academic life. The first strategy that could prove to be useful is establishing specific, realistic and measurable goals. Many would argue that goal setting is one step which students achieve successfully but they never follow them. The solution for this is that the students must write down the goals set on stick notes and pasted them at places which they frequently pass through so that they remember what they have to achieve. Continuously reevaluate the goals and modifying…. [read more]

Students' Adjustments and Skills Essay

… However, most of the students are not used to this practice but likes to work alone. Such students face problems at universities because of their non-social behavior. University learning programs for the first year students help them to learn how to work efficiently with teams. It is highly important for students to develop skills of working with others because the university studies are full of team projects and therefore it is better to get used to it sooner. (Wingate 2006)


The SSK12 years of education are the most important period of students' life. These are the future deciding years of the person's life. One follows the same practices throughout life that are learnt during this period. Therefore, students must start working on improving their…. [read more]

Personal Responsibility and Accomplishing College Essay

… This takes high motivation and effort, especially in times of high stress and high exhaustion.

I always found that I do not very well when I have too much free time. It gets me into trouble because it has a tendency to distract me from learning and instead motivates me to focusing on more pleasurable activities. On the other hand, too much stress is also a factor that has a negative impact on my studying activities. In other words, I do not very well having too much time or too much stress. Instead, it seems that pressure is a good motivator to keep on focusing on learning in order to accomplish good academic results.

Preliminary plan to practice personal responsibility in my college education:

1.…. [read more]

Personal Responsibility and Academic Success Essay

… As I have already noted in the introductory section, personal responsibility has largely got to do with being accountable for one's actions. Personally responsible people know that if they turn out to be failures in life; they have themselves to blame. On the other hand, such individuals are aware of the benefits that come with winning. Based on their tendency to take full responsibility for both their failures and successes, personally responsible students set valid educational goals and in a way, this is what motivates them to perform even better in their academics. Hence in basic terms, given the tendency of personally responsible students to set achievable life, career and educational goals and objectives; such students are more likely than not to succeed in their…. [read more]

Personal Philosophy of Education Essay

… The society also owes the educator a certain level of support. I also regard parents as an important part of the learning community. This is more so the case given the supportive role they play in ensuring that kids attend school and are equipped with all the necessary tools of instruction. Learning cannot be said to be optimal without the much needed support of parents.

Every teacher has his or her own approach to teaching. I would want to ensure that my students fully identify with my instructional approach. I would hate a situation whereby students view me largely as an authoritative figure. Instead, my desire is to be viewed as a moderator in the learning process. This way, learners will identify the important role…. [read more]

Personal Responsibility Being a Student Essay

… Science has proven that exercise has been proven to have many benefits for both physical and mental health of human beings. It can also seriously reduce the amount of stress that people feel because of the pressures in their lives. The human body creates negative chemicals such as cortisol when the person is stressed out and this furthers the negative feelings in the body (Scott 2012). Exercising helps this because it counters the negative hormones. Part of the reason that this works is that when the body performs physical exertion, it releases endorphins throughout the body which fight the bad chemicals created by the stressing (Mayo Clinic 2012). Endorphins are a chemical which is pleasurable and when a person feels good or happy, they feel…. [read more]

Personal Responsibility Is an Obligation Thesis

… They think college is all about getting a job, having the diploma on the wall, or having something great to put on a resume. While all these are important aspects to college, the most fundamental part of is learning. Learning the material and building a superior skill set should be the highest priority and the other aspects should be subsidiary considerations. Personal responsibility in this situation is proactively making sure that understand all of the material while also doing so within time and other organizational constraints.

By applying my personal interpretation of what personal responsibility means, as well as my concept of what success in college is all about, I have developed an outline of how I can meet my goals in this environment. Basically,…. [read more]

College Student Development Term Paper

… College Student Development: Bridging the Gap Between Recruitment and Retention

The transition from high school to college can be a rocky one for many young learners, and the unacceptably high attrition rate for newly enrolled college students in the United States is testament to this. Some student development initiatives, though, have been shown to help ease this transition and to provide college students with the support and resources they need to survive the transition and succeed in their academic endeavors. To this end, this paper provides a discussion of how to bridge the gap between recruitment and retention, including strategies and theories used by today's college student services professionals to make this transition for their students seamless. An examination of how educators can effectively pass…. [read more]

College Admission and Financial Aid for Illegal Term Paper

… College Admission and Financial Aid for Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigration is one of the most controversial topics in modern society. Some people advocate severely punishing illegal immigrants, increased border patrols, and greater restrictions on legal immigration. On the other hand, some people believe that America should open up its borders, allow larger numbers of legal immigrants per year, and extend the rights of American citizenship to immigrants, without regard to their legal status. Regardless of one's position on the issue, the fact remains that an increasing number of illegal immigrants have been graduating from American high schools each year. In fact, approximately 65,000 illegal immigrants graduate each year. (Barbassa, 2006). Not surprisingly, this has resulted in an increasing number of illegal immigrants applying to American…. [read more]

Personal Experiences or Circumstances, Tell Us Essay

… ¶ … personal experiences or circumstances, tell us something about yourself not already or sufficiently communicated in your application that distinguishes you as a potential scholarship candidate.

Some information about me) I am the first generation of immigrant. I lived in China until I was 21. I am the first college student in my family. My major is Business Economics. I have deep interest in a wide variety of disciplines: history, geography, math, computers, physics and so on. I love to play basketball, soccer, and pool. I enjoy singing karaoke.

The future I see in front of me is one that I know will require a high level of work, a commitment to excelling at my studies, and a determination to overcome any obstacle in…. [read more]

Personal and Organizational Ethics Essay

… The actions have also led to changes in the way policy makers define and describe the parameters of the mortgage market. Politicians after the fall of the housing market and the legal battles that ensued from wrongful foreclosures resulted to setting up laws for the market and reforming entities like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The reaction of the society, legal, and political facets to the unethical practices by Bank of America and other lending institutions indicate several aspects of business ethics.

This case supports a principle of business ethics that people are only willing to deal with a business with clear ethical values and who acts honestly even when contrarly to the market practices. A business's ethical values will create trust with clients and…. [read more]

Personal Responsibility Essay

… Personal Responsibility

Generally, personal responsibility means simply recognizing the obligations that fall on us and undertaking objectively reasonable approaches to meeting those obligations. Situations calling for the acceptance of personal responsibility include obligations to others, obligations to society more broadly, as well as obligations to one's self. The opportunity to meet our obligations by conducting ourselves responsibly arise in various different contexts; but in principle, a person demonstrates personal responsibility by being honest about the objective circumstances and by being logical and honest about the foreseeable implications of all possible responses to those objective circumstances.

Personal Responsibility in Different Contexts

Situations calling for personal responsibility include circumstances where our choices of action (or non-action) have specific consequences to others as well as to ourselves. In…. [read more]

Personal Responsibility: Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography

… The article is written for the lay person, but is well-written without being lecturing. Material from the Brookings Institute is certainly credible, it is a think tank with over 100 years of experience and often used in scholarly and governmental research.

Wilson, S. And Dobson, M. (2009). Goal Setting: How to Create an Action Plan and Achieve Your Goals. New York: American Management Association.

It is one thing for book after book to reiterate, "set goals," "measure," "work out a goal program," and it is quite another to offer practical advice on how to set reasonable goals, the steps to making those goals, and techniques to help achieve the goals -- all while being human at the same time. Wilson and Dobson, business consultants, designed…. [read more]

Personal Responsibility for College Students Essay

… Personal Responsibility in College

The Significance of Personal Responsibility in College

Academic success in college is, naturally, largely a function of academic aptitude and talent. But there are other factors that may be even more important than innate intellectual ability. Consider that the vast majority of college students who are neither at the very top not at the very bottom of the range of academic ability (Gordon, Habley, & Grites, 2008). Those in the top few percentiles are so naturally gifted as students that they may not necessarily have to be particularly responsible to achieve success. Some of them may, in fact, be considerably irresponsible, yet their ability allows them to get away with it. The bottom few percentile may have too little natural intellectual…. [read more]

Founded in 1866 Research Paper

… com). Your starting salary may also be affected by your place of employment. The top paying cities for Information Technology are Washington D.C., New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Boston which Washington D.C.'s median salary being the highest and reaching over $83,000 all the way to Atlanta, the lowest paying city, at just over $70,000. Nevertheless, jobs in both technology and business are not limited to those seven specific cities. These job and career opportunities are available all over the country and abroad alike. That $23,000 tuition bill isn't looking so bad now, is it?

For all of the reasons we mentioned above and so many more. Davenport University offers opportunities to succeed in the future careers of technology and business through integrating…. [read more]

Personal Responsibility Is a Hallmark Research Paper

… Being surrounded by good friends can help enhance one's sense of personal responsibility, as the more we start to care about other people, the less likely we are to make selfish decisions. We become responsible for the happiness and well-being of others, as well as ourselves.

Personal responsibility does not necessarily mean never having fun. Rather, it means making sure that we know our limits, and act sensibly. As Haskins (2009) points out, "personal responsibility means taking all necessary measures to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections," (p. 1). Students need to start exploring their sexuality during college years, and behavior in sexual relationships can and should be responsible and mature behavior that respects the self and others. When it comes to money management, students…. [read more]

Personal Development Plan Essay

… Personal development planning has also helped me in overcoming the stress and pressures which most of the students face while they are in the middle of completing their educational career. Since I have a clear direction in mind, my whole attention and focus is towards completing my post-graduation program with high grades.

I find studying books and making academic projects more enjoyable than before.

I am now more aware of the techniques which can help me in overcoming my academic weaknesses, like confidence while presenting academic projects; achieving high grades as a compensation for low grades in previous semesters, attending seminars and extra-curricular events and activities, and the like.

I am now aware of my competition in my own university and other competing universities. I…. [read more]

Personal Statement We Never Know Term Paper

… Personal Statement

We never know how we will react in the face of a major tragedy until one befalls us and takes us by surprise. When the elderly woman slipped and fell, losing consciousness as she hit the concrete sidewalk, I gasped. Initially paralyzed, I forced myself to recall my high school first aid training. Barely aware of what I was doing, I resuscitated her and called for an ambulance. Weeks later I checked up on the woman, and she was doing alright. This incident led me to believe in myself and realize that I indeed have a knack for working in the field of health care. My experience putting basic first aid training into practice was the deciding factor for my becoming a physician's…. [read more]

Classroom Incivility in Community College Classrooms Student Research Paper

… Classroom Incivility in Community College Classrooms

Student incivility in class is an issue in education in general and on community college campuses in particular. At the grade school level, student conduct problems are most likely to be related to issues with the social development of individual students. At the high school level, student conduct problems may reflect both individual developmental issues as well as peer-group dynamics and adolescent rebelliousness. Because grade school and high school students are minors, parents and administrators have much greater authority for responding to conduct issues, including involving parents and guardians. That is not necessarily the case when classroom conduct issues present themselves beyond high school, largely because most college students are adults and no longer as subject to external authority…. [read more]

Personal Development Ethics Essay

… I was envious of my cousins who had very nice stationery. When my cousins' came to visit I showed off the box to them. My older cousins asked me where I took it from and I told them my father had bought it for me. They did not believe me and checked the underside where a name was written so one whispered to the other that it was stolen. Their whispers and words embarrassed me so much that I vowed never to steal again or lie again. In my work place I am one of the most hardworking and helpful employee. My head acknowledges and praises my thoroughness and my endless hard work. I help out everyone and offer my ideas which have made me…. [read more]

Personal Statement I Am Already Term Paper

… I have always been interested in the immigration and naturalization field, and I feel that because my family immigrated to this country, I have a special and unique understanding of the issues that constantly face immigrants to the United States. I know the hardships and prejudice many immigrants face, and I think this will help me be more compassionate and considerate in my eventual role as a director. I feel that it takes a special person to understand the needs of the people while fulfilling managerial responsibilities, and I believe I have the sympathetic nature to fill both roles equally well. I feel this perspective can only help me in my choice of careers by giving me a perspective that many others in public service…. [read more]

Personal Nursing Philosophy Introduction Believe Term Paper

… I believe that the environment can be successfully used to improve health care.

Health is a forceful physical, mental and social phenomenon that surfaces from human-environment interactions. Health is assessed by a person's subjective feelings of well being and by bio-behavioral measures and standards. Health needs can be determined within a developmental context and are met through health promotion, risk reduction, and illness and symptom management. Health and illness are coexistent, and reflect the quality of the person-environment interaction.

Genetics, education, economics, living environment, work, and personal life-style choices all determine a person's health. While individuals are largely responsible for their own health, I believe that health care providers share the responsibility of maintaining health with the community. Therefore, as a nurse, it is my…. [read more]

Personal Improvement Objectives the World Essay

… I understand this will require me to lobby within the political milieu in order to help implement better educational curricula vis-a-vis nursing training and nursing practice (Week Two Nursing Journal).

Delivering patient-centered care is the goal that drives me, but I know I can't achieve that goal without furthering my own education (getting my PhD), and in the process, I believe I can inspire others to put pressure on the nursing training field so nursing emerging from their training will be more well prepared to tackle today's health challenges on a global level.

I am well aware of my professional weaknesses, and those include: a) the need to learn to delegate responsibility to others (without delegation employees cannot realize their full value to the field…. [read more]

Personal and Professional Goals Term Paper

… Personal and Professional Goals: Higher Education and Adult Learning Program

One of my most exciting and enriching educational experiences of recent date has been my work as a volunteer instructor of adults studying to prepare to take the GED. Many of these students had become soured to education at an early age, hence their reason for not completing high school. But I found that most of these adult learners had returned to the classroom with a new sense of inspiring focus and commitment. In my own recent experiences, online learning as an adult student has enabled me to further my own education within my relatively compressed time frame as the mother of four children.

The hunger of adult learners for the types of educational opportunities…. [read more]

Student Survival Guide Term Paper

… Student Survival Guide

As an online student, it is important to realize that there are certain strategies that need to be incorporated in order to specifically cultivate the responsibilities that will lead to successful study. For this reason, a Student Survival Guide is vital to help such a student keep on track not only with the study material, time management and work ethic, but also with ethical issues such as upholding academic honesty. To create a student guide, five areas are considered in terms of actions to achieve success in the overall study program. These areas include: Conducting Successful Library and Internet Searches, Upholding Academic Honesty, Developing Effective Study Skills, Managing Time Wisely, and Setting and Achieving Goals. Each of these is considered in turn,…. [read more]

Personal Statement the Art Term Paper

… I felt, as a Student Ambassador at Purdue University, it had been my responsibility to create awareness and show them the path to community rights and so I worked to ensure that such awareness was reached.

Similarly, after graduation in June 2001, I worked as a volunteer for the American Civil Liberties Union where I was responsible for extracting pertinent information about civil liberty violation cases. I realized in the process of completing my duties that by interacting with clients, analyzing their cases and by making them aware of their legal rights I was participating in a certain aspect of public service. I enjoyed this position because it allowed me the freedom to apply my legal knowledge and I could directly advise and guide people…. [read more]

College What Are the Institutions Case Study

… ¶ … College Case Study

What are the institutions values, mission, and vision statements, and are they easily accessible for external communities?

Like any other academic institution, Readers State College is faced with a difficult task when it is asked to identify its goals. Baldridge et al. (2000) point out that while most organizations have specific, stated goals that help them form their decision making process, universities have a much more difficult task, as they must deal with "vague, ambiguous goals" (p. 128). Thus, specific goals are difficult to pinpoint when considering Readers State College, so values cannot be derived from goals in a linear fashion. Instead, the values of Readers State College are derived from its many characteristics, including client services, problem technology, professionalism,…. [read more]

Personal Statement My Intended Major Is Business Term Paper

… Personal Statement

My intended major is business administration. My volunteer and work experience as well as my education have inspired me and taught me many valuable lessons. Most importantly, I have learned that business needs to do far more than just running operations efficiently to become successfully. I have realized that businesses should also include elements of personal happiness, social responsibility and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

I was a volunteer for Chinatown Teen Post from 1999-2001. This is a non-profit organization focusing on the unique problems Chinese teens confront in their community. As part of my volunteer work, I served as an assent supervisor for Chinatown Teen Post's summer job program for two years. Just like any manager, I had to assign and manage…. [read more]

Personal Philosophy of Education Term Paper

… According to B.F. Skinner, "to effectively respond to the world around us, we must see, hear, smell, taste or feel it."

Education provides the outlet for achieving that interaction of stimuli. Learning should be a hands-on experience where children not only observe but also actually experience something.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau created one of the most significant books on education, Emile. Drawing from a broad spectrum of traditions including botany, music and philosophy, his thinking influenced subsequent generations of educational thinkers.

Like Rousseau, I believe that education should be a blend of doing, observing and thinking by using all the senses, abilities and cognitive thoughts we have to create a storehouse of knowledge. Education is the instrument that provides us with the essential power to do that.…. [read more]

Personal Statement Term Paper

… My parents had recently divorced and, therefore, my father remained in China. This separation was very painful for me. To make matters worse, I did not speak English and was not familiar with American culture. Despite these obstacles, I assimilated very quickly, learning a new language and making many new friends.

Just as soon as I was beginning to feel settled down, my mother moved my brother and I to Los Angeles where she had found work. At this point, my mother decided that she could not take care of us and placed us in the care of a guardian. While a very strong woman, my mother was not educated and had to work long hours to support us financially. Her hard work and dedication…. [read more]

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