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Personal Leadership Statement Essay

… At work, I have tried to act with integrity and honesty to inspire my colleagues to work in the same way. At home, I have always tried to inspire my daughters to value education. I hope to achieve this further by working towards my PhD even after ten years of professional experience. I hope to instill in my daughters the desire for continuous learning and development. My eldest daughter is now in medical college and I hope that all my daughters pursue higher education in a similar way and continue to do so.

During the pursuit of my doctorate degree I have become much more active in the community. I see this as evidence of the positive role that the doctorate program at the University…. [read more]

Personal Ethics Statement I Think Essay

… Another issue I may face is that at times I become so focused on the good motives of an action that I don't see problems with my methods involved and may unintentionally inflict pain and discomfort on others. I also run the risk of becoming autocratic; discounting the views of others because I believe so strongly in my own. Another weakness is the temptation to excuse or exempt myself from the rules if I believe the end is just. My tendency to hold myself to a standard of perfection may drive me to exhaustion.

I believe my personal ethics will help me determine a course of action in all situations that is just and equitable for all concerned as long as I take the time…. [read more]

Personal Development Plan Essay

… Personal development planning has also helped me in overcoming the stress and pressures which most of the students face while they are in the middle of completing their educational career. Since I have a clear direction in mind, my whole attention and focus is towards completing my post-graduation program with high grades.

I find studying books and making academic projects more enjoyable than before.

I am now more aware of the techniques which can help me in overcoming my academic weaknesses, like confidence while presenting academic projects; achieving high grades as a compensation for low grades in previous semesters, attending seminars and extra-curricular events and activities, and the like.

I am now aware of my competition in my own university and other competing universities. I…. [read more]

Personal Statement for Me, Pursuing Graduate Education Application Essay

… Personal Statement

For me, pursuing graduate education is the first step on a path that will lead to a great teaching career, although it represents a divergence from the path that I have been following thus far. I always want to be the best at whatever I try. A lifetime pursuit of a professional sports career has cultivated my competitive nature. As such, I have a strong drive to succeed. For a long time, however, my sports career has simply been a distraction from my real goals. I believe the time has come for me to channel my goals into action and the best way to start is with a graduate degree from your fine institution.

Teaching is my passion. It is a career that…. [read more]

Life There Are Many Great Assessment

… ¶ … Life

There are many great mysteries related to human existence. Many people ponder why we are here and what the meaning of life is. From what I have seen of the world, it seems that the meaning of life is in being as kind as possible to those around us, to create something or do something so that life is more enjoyable or that there is less suffering. In his series of lectures about the secular saint, Francis Ambrosio (2011) explains what that term refers to and also which human beings from history have encompassed the principles of the secular saint. A person who is a secular saint is one who has been able to lead a meaningful life, by this I mean…. [read more]

Personal Statement Essay

… From observing the restaurant industry behind the scenes I have gained an understanding of the different legal requirements of operating a business and dealing with regulations and red tape. I know the importance of being a strong advocate for a cause, whether that cause is the restaurant's reputation or a customer's right to good service, depending on the circumstances.

I am working as a waitress to support my studies. Unfortunately, because I was not fluent in English at the time, I was not able to attend university in my late teens, but now that I have been able to take academic classes, I am even more grateful for the opportunity to gain knowledge. I love the feeling of my mind growing more logical and agile.…. [read more]

Personal Assessment Written Change Plan Essay

… Gilley, Godek, & Gilley (2009) refer to the "organizational immune system that defends the status quo and resists change," (p. 4). Robbins & Judge (2011) identify several methods that can be used to overcome resistance to change. These include education, communication, participation, building support and commitment, implementing change fairly, manipulation, selecting people who accept change, and coercion (slide 6). During my personal process of change, I drew on several of these helpful resources. For example, I attended a weekend seminar related to the issue I wanted to address and also purchased books. This showed an interest in educating myself about the logic behind the change. In an organizational environment, leaders can also take advantage of the wealth of books and seminars available to suit their…. [read more]

Women's Choice Lead a Celebate Thesis

… There are few exceptional cases in which women are given the main role or which place the female biblical presence in a positive light, however they fail to compensate the male domination of the biblical text, especially seeing that today's society is rather reluctant to see the woman above her condition of worldly flesh. For instance, Mary Magdalene and The Virgin Mary are representative figures for expressing the sanctity of women in the Bible. Nonetheless, the modern society fails to perceive them and to acknowledge their contribution to the spiritual heritage of the world; rather, the society today tends to regard them still only in their capacity of women serving Jesus, God or their men.

The above could be seen as one of the reasons…. [read more]

Personal Development Careers Essay

… My mine main area of improvement was in the ability to write both clearly and in a concise manner. I also wanted to develop my ability to summarize relevant information in a succinct manner. Through my personal and career development, I have however, made significant strides in regards to many of these aspects. I continue to make progress by utilizing various grammar and punctuation tools available both online and in person. The use of personal feedback has also proved invaluable in critiquing my grammar. All of the above mentioned techniques have aided immensely in my development.

Another opportunity that had a very profound impact on my development was that of the transition into the tourism and travel industry. This skill is very useful in navigating…. [read more]

Personal Reflections in Conflict Resolution Essay

… Personal Reflections in Conflict Resolution

The Critical Importance of Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

In many respects, interpersonal conflict is inevitable in the modern workplace. All of us experience various pressures and difficulties on the job as well as myriad external factors that we cannot help but allow to affect our moods and outlooks and the way we respond to stress. Whereas conflicts of various types and degrees are inevitable, the degree to which they affect our individual performance, that of our teams and business units and, ultimately, our organization differ tremendously based on how well we implement strategies to resolve conflicts after they occur.

In principle, the difference between employees and teams that overcome conflicts in the workplace and those who do not seems…. [read more]

Personal Success Plan Ultimate Essay

… Although I have shown poise and leadership in the circumstances that suite my preferences well, I also realize that maintaining a positive attitude and behavior during times that less than ideal can be a key step in my professional development. This may include simply trying to make the best out of a situation that seems dull or boring. However, many situations are only boring on the surface and if you take the time to dig beneath the surface then more interesting facets of the situation can be discovered.

I also realize the need to also further develop my communication skills. Although I generally do not have too much trouble communicating with a wide range of people, there are a few personalities that have been known…. [read more]

Personal Essay

… The smartphone allows viewing the map directions which help me in finding my destinations and saves a lot of time because now I do not have to ask people for directions as everything is on my fingertips. The world has changed now and now it has become virtual. It is not possible to meet everyone in person. People are busy with their schedules and often are unable to take out time from the work to meet personally or professionally. Skype and other messengers have made things easy as now business conferences can also be held online.

How would I ensure that I maintained a work / life balance?

In the previous answer I mentioned that technology has made life pretty simple. However that is not…. [read more]

Personal Action Plan: Observing People Essay

… Superficially, I could see things that led me to the conclusion that some of the people were socially conscious. There were luxury cars in the parking lot, and none of the cars parked there was old unless it was antique. The people who were not dressed in sports clothing were wearing nice clothing and the women were wearing a significant amount of expensive jewelry.

One of the types of social inequality that I observed, from what I was able to see, was disparity in employment. There were brown skinned (African-American and Hispanic) employees of the club, but they all seemed to be there in service capacities. The employees that had direct interaction with club members were all white. This includes the girl at the front…. [read more]

Ethics Statement I Base Essay

… This brings me to responsibility, another cornerstone of my ethical philosophy. As adults, we have the burden of responsibility, and we owe this burden to a lot of people. It is easy to say that that one is responsible, but there are times when difficult choices must be made with respect to responsibility and that is where the strength in one's own ethical philosophy comes into play. I believe that we each need to accept the responsibility that is afforded to us, even when it is inconvenient to do so. This is because our society has set an unwritten rule in place that tells us that responsibility is something that adults embrace and do not shy away from. Being able to rise to the challenges…. [read more]

Personal Financial Situation the Management Essay

… Analyzing the statement I would like to build an investment portfolio to strengthen my assets, as well as eventually derive an income flow in retirement. Reviewing the balance sheet I see that my net worth (assets-liabilities) is $35,000. I have the $20,000 equity in the home, $5,000 left in the bank, and $10,000 equity in an automobile. My plan is to build the investment portfolio by contributing ten percent of my annual income. This will amount to a $400 reduction in my disposable income which I will reflect on the income statement and statement of cash flows. The portfolio will not be tapped until retirement and will provide a stream of cash flows when I stop working.

Building a Small Business

I enjoy the challenging…. [read more]

Personal Statement Mph Essay

… I have had to work out real world problems and case studies with my team and come up with recommendations according to the situation.

My most prized ability is my capacity for leadership. I think, in the next twenty years, leadership will be the most crucial asset to existing health organizations in propelling them to more modern and effective methods of operation. To me, leadership is defined by innovative thinking, willingness to listen to and synthesize the ideas of employees, and compassionate regard for the people being served. I think an MPH will allow me to channel my natural enthusiasm for management while also giving me the solid subject knowledge to enable me to achieve great feats in the healthcare field.

Serving society can come…. [read more]

Personal Goal Statement Research Proposal

… Personal Goal Statement

On a general note, the ultimate goal of the university is to create highly skilled and capable members of the community, which are able to become successfully integrated within the society, from all political, social, economic or technological standpoints. These individuals will be able to make a positive difference in their fields of expertise, contributing to improving the working conditions for the staff members, creating highly specialized and customized marketing campaigns that sustain large corporations in reaching their final objectives. Becoming such an individual is my personal goal. But to achieve this however, I will need the support of your university.

For the immediate future, I plan to complete the MBA program I am currently attending. It will also focus on one…. [read more]

Personal Statement Why I Desire to Pursue Essay

… Personal Statement

Why I desire to pursue a dental education and how a dental degree will contribute to my personal and professional goals

Smile!" it's one of the first instructions we learn to obey as a child. We are told to smile when we meet someone and to smile at the camera. So why do so many people fear the dentist? A dentist is a health professional that helps people have smiles that are white, bright, and above all healthy. Dental health affects every person's overall physical health and self-esteem, often in invisible ways. Untreated gingivitis can cause periodontitis, tooth loss and may even increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Simply looking at a person's mouth and reviewing a patient's dental history can…. [read more]

Personal Goal Statement Degree: PhD Education Technology Term Paper

… Personal Goal Statement

Degree: PhD Education Technology

Specialization: Instructional and specialization design

Personal/Professional Goals

For the past ten years I have had the privilege of working in the field of computer science. My most rewarding experiences have been as an educator writing user manuals for both laypersons and specialists and as an instructor teaching students of a variety of ability levels, from high school students to undergraduates who desire to enter a technical field. My ultimate professional ambition is use my technological expertise and passion for teaching to design instructional technology materials and curriculum. This will involve using asynchronous web-based and synchronous delivery platforms to create educational material for students who are unable to attend college a traditional classroom setting or who wish to enhance…. [read more]

Personal Mission Statement Research Proposal

… Personal Mission Statement

My mission is life reflects my core values as an individual. I strive to achieve success at every step, and seek to improve myself constantly. I want to be a force for good in this world in whatever way I can. To me, this involves not only my personal and professional actions in relation to my circumstances, but it also involves creating circumstances that will allow me to contribute. This proactive approach reflects my commitment to the world. I want to leave this world in better condition than I found it.

This mission is reflected in both my professional and personal objectives. I believe that my role professionally is to help my employer to achieve its strategic goals. To me, this means…. [read more]

Personal Statement as I Was Growing Up Essay

… Personal Statement

As I was growing up, my mother used to tell me, "in the final analysis, what will be most important is how you impacted on the lives of others." I can't think of any other profession that gives an individual an opportunity to significantly impact positively on the lives of others as nursing does. Personally, I strongly believe that an individual does not derive the greatest satisfaction from the perks that come with a particular job. Our greatest satisfaction comes from the difference we make in the lives of others. There is nothing more satisfying than putting a smile on someone's face or lighting up someone's world. I love helping. Given that nursing is largely a helping profession, my desire to be a…. [read more]

Personal Statement Social Work Admission Essay

… Further, I have always ensured that I lend a helping hand not only when I am called upon to but in those instances where my help is clearly needed. For instance, whenever I find a blind or disabled person encountering challenges when trying to accomplish a specific task i.e. crossing the road, I find it within myself to offer assistance even when nobody else seems ready to do so. In offering a helping hand in such a scenario, I am usually driven by the desire to ease the suffering of others. I strongly believe that if everyone actively catered for the well being of others, the world would become a better place to live in. I have also in the past volunteered to serve food…. [read more]

Personal Responsibility and Accomplishing College Essay

… This takes high motivation and effort, especially in times of high stress and high exhaustion.

I always found that I do not very well when I have too much free time. It gets me into trouble because it has a tendency to distract me from learning and instead motivates me to focusing on more pleasurable activities. On the other hand, too much stress is also a factor that has a negative impact on my studying activities. In other words, I do not very well having too much time or too much stress. Instead, it seems that pressure is a good motivator to keep on focusing on learning in order to accomplish good academic results.

Preliminary plan to practice personal responsibility in my college education:

1.…. [read more]

Personal Bankruptcy the Context Essay

… Another potential implication is stigma, although it is suggested by some researchers that the stigma has been lost somewhat over the past few decades, thus in part resulting in increased filings of personal bankruptcy (Athreya, 2004). Furthermore, Bankruptcy may lead to increased likelihood of mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Ganzini et al. (1990) demonstrated how individuals are significantly more at risk for the development of anxiety or depression after a catastrophic financial loss than are demographically matched controls. Extreme debt has also been linked to increased likelihood of suicide. Meltzer et al. (2011) showed that factors such as source of debts, number of debts, and reasons for debts are significant correlates of suicidal ideation.


As the economy continues to weaken, bankruptcy rates…. [read more]

Personal Fitness Grade Course Essay

… To add in to the excitement, my mother and my doctor appreciated me for this success. In fact, I can still recall the first drop in my weight which brought me a very expensive yet advantageous gift from my mother. Well it wasn't a play station, a gadget or a scrumptious delight, but instead a treadmill. Although at first it did appear as a weird present but my mother's joy and the intention associated with the gift made me accept and gradually love it. I used to get tired working out and doing cardio. It requires a lot of commitment and encouragement which takes time to develop. The good part was the remarkable effect of this hard work which I noticed in almost every aspect…. [read more]

Personal Agency Through Several Readings Research Paper

… Personal Agency: The Importance of Having a Multifaceted Identity

To me, it is critical to have a multifaceted identity, instead of one that has been inculcated into me by my family and surrounding society, because I want to be more than the person I was raised to be. I am an immigrant from Mexico, and, to many Americans that identity suggests that I am a disadvantaged member of a lower socioeconomic class. However, I did not come to the United States as a poor immigrant. On the contrary, I grew up in a relatively affluent family, which shared the prevailing social fixation on business. Mexican society perpetuates the notion that wealth is deserved. While it is ostensibly a capitalistic society, it is much more closed…. [read more]

Personal Rules for Success Essay

… This turned out to be a great challenge. For example, identifying my strengths requires confidence and a strong belief in oneself. On the other hand, identifying my weaknesses forces me to be humble and admit making mistakes in my life. Sometimes, this requires a lot of courage.

This class requires a lot of critical thinking skills. And it is a good thing. Doing assignments in this class is a challenge because they always seem especially hard to me. I try to figure out exactly what I need to do, reading the assignments over and over. At the end, however, I straighten things out and have a clear understanding of the assignments. By the end, I am able to have a clear thinking. And because this…. [read more]

Personal Reflections and Vision- Looking Back Essay

… Personal Reflections and Vision- Looking Back

One of my key values today is efficacy. I like to get things done and I am highly result-oriented. However, based on previous experiences I acknowledge the fact that in the race for the result I often tend to move fast and not wait for my teammates. I believe that being a leader in the working field is an important accomplishment and I realize that a lot of work is needed in this direction. Nevertheless, I realize that being a leader implies so much more than dedicating all the attention to myself. As others have made me understand, I should try to be a better listener. I rely highly upon myself, but I should also open myself more in…. [read more]

Life After Death Different Cultures Essay

… Christians firmly believe in the life after death but the actual life of nature is not defined in Christianity. However, Christians have faith that their spiritual experiences of this life help in knowing how will be their eternal life.

According to most of the Christian's faith, the Jesus Christ was the savior of humanity (Meyer, 1997). He died and was again given life in order to bring the salvation from sin, due to which he is ascended into heaven. One day he will return, with the aim of judging the deeds of his followers; and will grant a never-ending life to his people.

There are different Christian beliefs orthodox; Protestants, Catholics and other Christians. However, all of these firmly believe on the core concept of…. [read more]

Finacial Statements Personal Financial Term Paper

… Finacial Statements

Personal financial statement is the full listing of all assets owned and the liabilities owed. There are several benefits of preparing personal financial statements, among which are estimating your net worth and thus being able to determine whether you are meeting your personal financial goals and what could be done to improve your personal financial budgeting. Here is the recapitulation of my financial statements.

Personal Financial Statement

Home Phone



Cash in Banks

Taxes payable

Marketable Securities

Other liabilities:

Cash Value Life Insurance

Tuition and Fees

Room & Board

Books and Supply

Transportation & Personal expenses

Total Assets

Total Liabilities

Sources of Annual Income


Other Incomes

Net Worth

What can be inferred from this statement? As just a student of Junior…. [read more]

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