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Integrating Total Quality Environmental Management Term Paper

… Environmental management includes recycling and remanufacturing of parts and products (Anthony, 2002). Disassembly and recycling of reusable parts help the cause of environment protection, reduces the cost of usage of a fresh component, and avoids disposal costs. Material Resource Planning (MRP), an assembly-oriented scheduling system, does not support the process of disassembly. Uncertainty of quality, quantity and timing of recovery of reusable parts makes production planning difficult. To incorporate product recovery planning in MRP, use of reverse bill of material for every retrieved component or product is recommended. Concepts used in planning probabilistic demands for end items are used in structuring the bill of material.

Closed loop system is a widely used environment practice by many companies. This system requires new material only on non-receipt…. [read more]

Academic Autobiography Term Paper

… Academic Autobiography

For the past ten years I have worked in a psychiatric division of a local hospital where I have worked with dual diagnosis patients. Every day I find myself using something I learned from my college education when working with these patients. Whether it is a theory from a Psychology and Play course or a method of organizing and conducting group counseling sessions, it is clear that without my higher education I would not be able to succeed on a daily basis in my current employment environment.

My undergraduate education, in which I pursued and successfully earned my bachelor degree, gave me the diverse and all-encompassing education I needed to succeed as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation counselor. As I look back on…. [read more]

Mcdonald's Corporation How Recent Economic Trends Essay

… McDonald's Corporation

How recent economic trends are influencing the business

The recent global financial crisis that hit America the hardest affected almost all industries and sectors, including the fast food industry. However, looking at the financial performance of McDonald's the company only suffered slight decrease of revenue in 2007, but recovered the following year and has continued to show a positive growth. This means that strategies adopted by the company were successful. This section will examine these strategies and the role of the role human resource management plays in helping the company achieve its business goals.

McDonald's marketing strategy

As stated in the first part of this paper, McDonald's is the biggest fast-food restaurant, with over 30,000 restaurants in 119 countries. The company serves about…. [read more]

Adoption as Well as Diffusion of Enum Term Paper

… ¶ … adoption as well as diffusion of ENUM technology, a technological innovation at the center stage of the "one number for all." This is done via a comparative study of ENUM trials in various countries. The rate of adoption of the technology by end users is done using both the theory of reasoned action and diffusion of innovation (Kautz and Pries-Heje, 1995).In this paper; we present a strategic approach for the adoption process as well as the diffusion of the ENUM technology. In this paper, we discuss the concept of diffusion of innovation in relation to the concept of "one number for all," a technological innovation that is a global scheme to simplify communication by giving everyone a single contact number, through which they…. [read more]

Motivation Is a Central Principle Term Paper

… ¶ … motivation is a central principle within the science of psychology. When people fail and succeed, especially in the workplace, their tendencies and actions give a clear description of their personality and character. Some people fail and give up on their attempts, taking the perspective that is always easier to prevent themselves from failure again rather than keep trying. While conversely, others may fail and try harder, motivating themselves to succeed through failures. Both of these types of feedback signs are found in empirical studies, however, little application has been found in how to use this data in interpreting workplace relationships and the motivational tactics of management.

This specific study looks into the distinction between promotion vs. prevention focused individuals, and how motivational tactics…. [read more]

Management Responsibility Practice Research Paper

… Management Responsibility/Practice

I think that many managers are surprised by environmental changes because the changes happen gradually. Managers often fail to take the time to analyze the external environment, so changes that have been occurring do not register with the managers until those changes are significant and having an impact on the business. By this point, the adaptation process is more difficult. There are always going to be some changes that are too difficult to anticipate, the terror attacks on 9/11 being one of those. The possibility of such an attack was very remote, so a manager would not have had cause to anticipate the attack. Moreover, it is less the attack itself than the impact of the attacks on business that can be anticipated.…. [read more]

Management Skill and Competencies Term Paper

… Management Skills & Competencies

Skills and Competency Grid for the 21st Century Manager

The purpose of this work is to first create a skills and competency grid for the 21st Century manager based on the topics of the forces of change affecting management processes and people. The difference between efficiency and effectiveness as it relates to management. The use of management functions such as planning, leading organizing and controlling. Further this work will compare and contrast the similarities and differences in precisely how different types of managers perform the major functions and analyze the impacts of management on informational, interpersonal and decisional roles. This work will evaluate the lifecycles of the organization and its influence on management practices as well as assess the interdependence of…. [read more]

Business Plan for an Imaginary Software Company Business Plan

… ¶ … business plan for an imaginary software company, Techno soft which aims to enter South Asian market as a part of its international business expansion strategy. The paper is divided into different sections. The first section presents an ample introduction to the company; its location, products, mission, vision, and strategy, the source of competitive advantage, and the nature of business opportunity which it wishes to avail in the new market. The second section presents environmental and industry analysis of the firm using different tools; like PEST Analysis, Five Forces of Competition, CAGE Model, and future outlook. The third section is dedicated for the marketing plan of the company which describes the company's target market and marketing mix strategies.

The fourth section presents an organizational…. [read more]

Adults Who Were Bullied Research Paper

… Are sensitive, cry easily, and may be shy and lacking in self-esteem.

Are usually chosen last or left out, but do not encourage the attack.

Are often anxious and easily upset, have few or no friends.

Are bullied repeatedly, but sometimes use money or toys as bribes for protection.

Children who are provocative victims:

Are quick tempered and prone to fight back, but are often pesky and repeatedly irritate others.

Provoke bullies -- egg them on, and, in some cases look like they are bullies themselves, but always lose in the end.

Are clumsy, restless, with little locus of control (The Bully/Victim Characteristics Chart, 2001; (Frisen, Jonsson and Persson, 2007).

It is interesting to note that academically, the results of bully characteristics often indicate contrary…. [read more]

Application of Human Rights on Artificial Intelligence Term Paper

… ¶ … Technological Changes & Advancements Affect the Law

by altering the cost of violating and enforcing existing legal rules; (2) by altering the underlying facts that justify legal rules; and (3) by changing the underlying facts implicitly assumed by the law, making existing legal concepts and categories obsolete, even meaningless. The legal system can choose to ignore such changes. Alternatively, it may selectively alter its rules legislatively or via judicial interpretation.

David Friedman in Does Technology Require New Law?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most controversial and interesting topics in the modern human repituar and within the issue are countless social, emotional, and legal discussions. As artificial intelligence becomes more and more like human intelligence, capable of creating lasting relationships, expressing human emotion…. [read more]

Existence of an Individual Term Paper

… ¶ … existence of an individual which determine the destiny and future course of life. The choices one makes come to define the road ahead. They can be a mirror image of the personal background or the result of external pressures. My choice to pursue doctoral studies at UC Santa Cruz is part of the former category. Indeed, in most cases, the passion for a certain area of study remains so often a mere hobby or aspirations. However, there are also few lucky persons, among which I dare to include myself, which have had the possibility to follow up on their passion and dream of transforming the subject of their strongest preoccupation into the field of a lifetime job. From this point-of-view, I see the…. [read more]

Stress Management in the Caregiver Research Paper

… A study published by the Nuffield Trust (Williams et al. 1998) highlighted what had long been a subject of interest in the caregiver media: the levels of stress, sickness, absenteeism and burnout among professional caregivers. This report, from an authoritative and reputable organisation, brought together much of the prevailing evidence about the alarming state of the government funded workforce, which, despite a growing independent sector, is still responsible for giving over 90% of health caregiver. The report states that 'for the sake of good management and from simple compassion, both we and the Government should view these findings with due alarm, and accept shared responsibility for working quickly together to develop a program for action.

Studies highlighting stress and burnout in professional caregivers continue to…. [read more]

Adolescent Suicide Epidemiological Approach Term Paper

… Adolescent suicide is now responsible for more deaths in people between ages 15 to 19 than cardiovascular disease or cancer (Blackman, 1996). Teen suicide has more than tripled since the 1960's (Santrock, 2003). Despite this alarming increased suicide rate, depression in this age group is largely under-diagnosed and can lead to serious difficulties in school, work, and personal adjustment, which may continue into adulthood. How prevalent are mood disorders and when should an adolescent with changes in mood be considered clinically depressed? Brown (1996) gives the reason why depression is often overlooked in adolescents is that it is a time of emotional turmoil, mood swings, gloomy thoughts, and heightened sensitivity. Adolescence is often a time of rebellion and experimentation. Blackman (1996), observed that the "challenge…. [read more]

Characteristics of Asperger Syndrome and Coping Strategies Research Paper

… Asperger Syndrome

Asperger's Disorder -- also referred to as Asperger syndrome (AS) -- is essentially a "…chronic neurodevelopmental disorder" that limits the afflicted person's ability to have normal social interaction and communication, according to an article in the journal, European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (Woodbury-Smith, et al., 2009, p. 2). While AS is not associated with the problems resulting from intellectual disability, Woodbury-Smith emphasizes that AS is viewed as a "severe social disability" and in some cases there are "associated mental health and other medical problems" that can (and do) persist throughout life (p. 2).

The authors of this article point to some of the difficulties that result from AS, including the fact that diagnosis of AS is frequently delayed and that causes additional problems…. [read more]

Worldcom Mci Research Proposal

… Worldcom-Mci

Case Analysis - WORLDCOM-MCI

The age of the internet - the age of the multinational corporations - the age of record high profits and bankruptcies

The modern global context is filled with examples of greed, deceit and manipulation. And more sadly, these affect the business communities, the organizations we trust to provide our commodities, services, jobs or the organizations in which we invest our life savings. One may tend to believe they have witnessed all these in the case of Enron's fraud and bankruptcy, but it may not be entirely true. While Enron was indeed one of the largest bankruptcies of the twenty-first century, it was only the second - the largest was that of telecommunication's giant WorldCom.

Founded in 1983 as a regional…. [read more]

Prison Reduction of Prison Population Essay

… According to the criminologists, this extra attention towards the community correction will decrease the inmate population for a short period but later this problem will come in front as a giant monster with which the state government will not be able cope up. Almost 67% of the freed criminals are re-arrested and 52% of them are re-incarcerated. They further proposed a plan that the spending of government on the rehabilitation center should be within a limit.

Release of Older criminals:

Another idea that the criminologists put forwarded was to release the old age criminals. According to a report of the American Civil Liberties Union, United States spent almost $16billion of economy each year on the elderly prisoners. By releasing these older criminals, the government will…. [read more]

Teaching Adults by Griff Foley Thesis

… Teaching Adults by Griff Foley

How does Foley's perspective on teaching compare with your own understanding of teaching adults?

In the past, most of the articles and papers and books that were written about teaching were about young children, or teenagers - perhaps some people up to college age. That is not the same thing as adult learners, because many of them learn things quite differently than young children, and they often have to work harder to remember the same things. The issue of formal classroom learning is one that has been misunderstood for many years. There are individuals who study it and discuss how significant it is, and there are others that see it issues with it as some kind of made-up problem that…. [read more]

Marital Counseling Term Paper

… Conflicts in Marital Counseling

Although conflict constitutes "an inevitable, natural process in important romantic relationships and can contribute positively to the relationship's creation and stability," when a husband and a wife do not resolve conflicting issues, frustration, disaffection, and dissolution frequently result. (Peterson, 1983; Wood & Duck, 1995, Duck, 1988; Bray & Jouriles, 1995; Kayser, 1993; cited by Pistole & Arricale, 2003) "The inability to manage conflict effectively (e.g., to reach satisfactory resolution) harms the relationship." (Gottman, 1994a; Gottman & Levenson, 1992; cited by Pistole & Arricale, 2003)

To Change or Not to Change?

Specific concerns that may regularly be raised in a marital counseling setting, research suggests, evolve from two sorts of issues that may have ultimately lead the husband and wife to seek…. [read more]

Cultural Diversity Issue of Non-American Term Paper

… Some of the early supposition was that in this field a successful leader was born with qualities enabling him or her to be a good leader. Keeping this in mind, the general notion was that back in the 1940's and early 1950's characteristics, such as, intelligence, persistence, self-confidence, alertness and preference for control separated born-leaders from non-leaders. In response to this belief, various types of thinking and contrasting theories of leadership arose later, which supported the notion that a leader's behavior, instead of their traits, is what defined one's ability to be a good leader.

The way today's organizations function, it is important for the leader to have a desirable impact on the organizational goals, the facilitative, democratic and coaching styles are positive while the…. [read more]

Kodak and Fujifilm, and Leadership Assessment Essay

… 606) points out, Kodak was amongst those businesses that were adversely affected in the face of advancing technology." As a result, the company, as DePamphilis further points out, had to file for bankruptcy in 2012.

It is important to note that from the onset, one of Kodak's primary objectives as it sought to further enhance the growth of its business was "maintaining the lead in technological developments" (Hill and Jones, 2007, p. 482). One of the things the company was so good at was product innovation. Some of its initial breakthroughs were simply breathtaking. This explains the reason as to why the company was largely successful in revolutionalizing the digital photography market. When it came to embracing digital photography, however, Kodak was relatively slow to…. [read more]

Knowledge Concerning Ethical Issues Involved in Counseling Research Paper

… ¶ … knowledge concerning ethical issues involved in counseling teenagers with alcoholism, including informed consent contents in psychotherapeutic settings, dual relationships and psychological testing considerations in personnel selection in organizational settings. In addition, the paper examines the rules governing sexual intimacy with clients and former clients as well as the value of personal psychotherapy as a requirement of a graduate training program. A discussion concerning deception in research is followed by an analysis of special concerns and particular benefits of an outpatient setting. Finally, a description of the relevant minimum HIPAA requirements is followed by a discussion concerning how psychologists become involved with fraudulent practices and an evaluation of professional responsibilities. A summary of the research and important findings are provided in the conclusion.

Ethical…. [read more]

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Diagnosis Research Paper

… Pre-drug treatment assessment

It has been noted that many doctors make wrong diagnosis when it comes to ADHD. As an aid to the diagnosis stage, doctors and other certified mental physicians should have a pre-drug treatment assessment in order to confirm that they have this disorder. These tests should include a full mental healthiness and social assessment in order to see the kind of relationships that the children have created with other children of their ages. It is common to order for a full physical and history examination that includes an assessment of the history of undue breathlessness, exercise syncope, and other cardiovascular symptoms that may be present. Electrocardiograms become necessary when there is a history of severe heart disease, sudden death in family members…. [read more]

Nature of Leadership Essay

… Charismatic theory has enjoyed considerable support from a number of studies using a wide variety of methods and samples.

Innovative, enthusiastic, extraordinary, confident, and trustworthy words describe a charismatic leader. As noted the path-goal theory was instrumental in the creation of the charismatic theory, a theory inspired by the ideas of a sociologist, Max Weber. Behaviors associated with this theory are fundamental to solving problems in an organization that are associated with a crisis. Leaders develop a vision and enforce the act, therefore gaining the respect and admiration of superiors and subordinates.

Charismatic leaders have followers who share their vision and willing exhibit hard work on their behalf. Charismatic leaders can capture the attention of followers, make them listen and inspire them to achieve.

Robert…. [read more]

Human Resources What Balance of Intrinsic Term Paper

… Human Resources

What balance of intrinsic and extrinsic compensation is likely to exist in a company that successfully pursues a lowest cost strategy? Why?

A company that pursues a lowest cost strategy tries to keep the price of the good or service it provides at the lowest price point possible. Increasing the volume of sales is how it derives its revenue, rather than maintaining a reputation for individuation or quality. To keep prices low the company must keep input costs low. Wages are a significant input cost. One example of such a lowest cost strategy company is McDonald's. Workers are often employed part-time at the minimum wage. There is a company-engineered high level of workforce turnover. Extrinsic and intrinsic motivators are kept at a minimum,…. [read more]

African-American Male Students in Community-Centered After-School Programs Literature Review

… African-American Male Students in Community-Centered After-School Programs

It is said that the teenage years are the most critical when it comes to determining how a person enters adulthood and who they will be as adults. African-American males are of teens that are left out and therefore do not get the whole experience on how to face challenges and life that awaits upon reaching adulthood. This work is to look at the behavior of African-American male youths and how that behavior can shape after school programs that can make their future brighter.

Teenage years of an individual are the most critical and substantial years that determines how the person would be in their adulthood. Therefore, in terms of growth and development of a child, these years…. [read more]

Ethical Response to Diversity Term Paper

… Literature review on Workforce Diversity

Consistent with the discoveries of the exploratory study by Adler (2005) established that diversity can enhance execution and recruitment from a more extensive difference in age and ethnicity give the firm a wider talent pool. Furthermore, expanding diversity stretches the thickness of points-of-view and ideas accessible to organizations in settling on decisions and that cultural diversity, individual personality, professional and educational background can affect the depth and range of data utilization.

Studies on Workforce Diversity Programs indicated that fifty-three percent of respondents lacked written programs or policies incorporating the concept of employee diversity in their organizations. However, only seven percent of the respondents demonstrated that their associations were examined including the approach or program. Concerning organizational practices that were incorporated…. [read more]

Advanced Clinical Practice With Individuals Critique Term Paper

… ¶ … Clinical Practice with Individuals Critique of Practice

Behavioral change theories and designs mainly allow an individual to adapt and change a negative or damaging habit into a positive and healthier one. All behavioral change theories help the researcher to categorize the changes that individuals go through and the behavioral change designs help the individual to have basic guideline form where they can start to initiate the change themselves. The main aspects in the behavioral changes theories are internal factors like the confidence, behavior, attitude and beliefs of the individual and the external factors like the social structure, family and environment that surrounds the individual (Maurer, 1996).

Purpose of the Paper

In this paper we will analyze the behavioral changes that a teenager, 19-year-old…. [read more]

Conflict Resolution Strategies in the Workplace Term Paper

… Management - Conflict Resolution


Professional business objectives requires intellectual, philosophical, procedural, and administrative approaches to achieving goals. Therefore, many business decisions and operations benefit from input by team members whose efforts and expertise are dedicated to specific areas.

Conflict is an inevitable component of negotiation among groups of individuals dedicated to accomplishing a common goal or achieving a shared objective. In many respects, conflict is beneficial because it allows the group to consider wider perspectives than normally available to each member of the group individually. In the business environment, effective conflict resolution strategies are necessary to minimize any disruptive or destructive effects caused by conflict within the team.

When managed and resolved appropriately, conflict often generates team productivity rather than…. [read more]

Nature of Leadership Term Paper

… Nature of Leadership

What are the arguments for and against making a distinction between leaders and managers? What is your definition of leadership?

Defining leadership is a challenging enterprise and there remains a lack of a universally agreed upon definition in the organizational behavior literature (Yukl, 2005). Organizational leaders and managers frequently share some common types of general responsibilities that make an absolute distinction between the two difficult in some settings, but there are some fundamental differences involved as well that can be used to differentiate their overall roles. Certainly, in some cases, leaders will perform these types of managerial tasks and in others, managers will perform some of the tasks of the leader and in yet other settings, the leader and manager may be…. [read more]

Equal Pay and Compensation Discrimination Term Paper

… Equal Pay and Compensation Discrimination

According to Gender

Equal Pay Act of 1963

Pregnancy Discrimination

According to Race

According to Social Networks

According to Age

According to Corporate Culture

According to Performance and Rewards

The 2001 State labor legislation included several significant developments in employment standards (Nelson 2002). These were an increase in the minimum wage rates, child labor measures, employment in the entertainment industry, limits to child labor and employment discrimination on the basis of genetic information or other reasons. Occupational safety and health, employment and training, labor relations, employee background clearance, economic development local living wage ordinances were not covered. A ban on female workers being paid less than male employees by the same employer for the same work was excluded. Instead, the…. [read more]

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